OB-GYNE/Labor Delivery Unit

Baby Scales Medical Equipment for Labor an Delivery Rooms

Baby scales are the integral and most important part of medical equipment and very compulsory equipment in the Labor and Delivery rooms. It can be seen in any pediatric units and clinics. The Baby scales are used to measure the weight of the baby after birth.

An example of womb

Pictures of pregnant woman

Sample of 3D4D ultrasound


Digital weighing scale

Birthing bed

Birthing bed
This birthing bed has been converted into a birthing chair. Women have found this birth position to be very comfortable. The bed also converts into squat-birth positioning and other adaptations to ensure optimal comfort and ease of delivery.

Delivery table

Example picture of OB-GYNES clinic

Hospital room

Delivery room

Newborn baby

Cutting of the umbilical cord

Suctioning of fluids

Weighing time of the baby

Air Purification

EMG/EEG machine