Introduction of Hotel Industry


Hotel is defined by British law as “ A Shelter provided, he is in position to pay for it and is in position to be received”.

We all know the fact that people need accumulation, food and drink while away from their home. As transport and social need take developed from orient civilization through modern times. So the industry has responded to meet those needs.

Towards the 18 century the number as the traveler is created more rapidly through merchandised wagons as a form as transport and the use of house carrying for the nobility. To eaten for this need, nature of house as various design were constructed. These houses provide charge of houses, accommodation, food and drink for travelers.

Hotel Industry and Tourism:-

Hotel are the vital and essential part of the tourism industry

without an adequate

development as hotel resources all the national scenery, all the climatic virtue and all

The sporting and recreational facilities will not able to sustain a good volume of Tourist trade. Economically tourist bring foreign currency site our land as the spread, it here as paying for food, drinking water as the goods in shop, it has its our sociology aspects. Conrad hot ties, as American has stress the satisfaction. He gives in the knowledge that


hotel development has made it massive for people to get know such other is differentiated. Tourism promote in traditionally understood. Hotel are the most important essential destination. It facilitates the country to provide it wishes to build up tourism. In the promotion of tourism, tourism is a recent phenomenon, if business travel is include in tourism as it is business travel is included in tourism as it is some definition it is of comparatively recent in nature or origin. Tourist is the necessary pre-condition as tourism mechanization has made travel, position for a significant portal population as the developed countries at least and thus tourism has become a matter as a interest cancers to Government and the Governed a life. Tourism in modern, sense has its presence historically but it will be arranged that the difference between the 18 Century and earlier/ The more recent time is not merely a matter as degree, but that the moral as 1850 for example difference structure, from the world as 1750 in tourism as in everything.

Tourism needs variety and India with its most dimension and variety after to energy class its visitors, something not sound creature from the snake chromes the Histological from the system as sock dancers to big game hills. If has been slightly said, “No hotels No Tourism” the hotel industry is so closely linked to the tourism that it is responsible for 50% as the foreign exchange from tourism thus hotels make a contribution towards tourism trade and enterprises.



The name ‘Hotel’ was derived from a Latin word called “Hospitium’s”. The earlier hospitality involved accommodation these come to be known as “bins” which booked after by in keeps.

In Britain these were called “Entertainment House”. As people began mostly from place to place the hotel industry began growing. In New York “City Hotel” was the first hotel to house an elevate thus the trend changed from on ordinary husband establishment to a more organized booking system.

Present Trends:-

The trend is the industry in classification closely under the basis of advancement in technology, marketing and sales, financial and the development is food and cuisine trends. The hotel industry is now concentrating as a segmentation as the market by contain certain types as customers which focuses as settle that enter exclusively for them, the concept as budget have is an upcoming one in India. The hotelier would like to offer a reasonable amount of good facilities after condition price and attention is a home way from home situation.

Today the hotel includes is making a reasonable program in both public and private sectors. Independent chains are “The Taj”. The top has gives a new look to the


hotel ring in India. Deluxe hotel might home attached very high degree of efficiency is international standard in catering services exposure training a “The Bristol hotel company” is one of the largest owner and operates as hotel in north American. The company currently operate 101 hotels containing approximately 28,800 room in 22 states, the district as Columbia and Canada, the South West and is the Pacific require as the United States. Bristol proportion are predominately full service hotels that operate in the upscale and mid price with food and Beverage segment as the lodging industry. During 1997, the company acquired the servicing interest in Holiday in and the assets as 4 other hotels. Hotel rooms accounted for 75% as 1997 services. Food and beverage 18% management fees 1% and other 0%. I had a chance to train in one of the properties The Bristol, Gurgaon, where I under went training for 2 months and worked in operational department, with a motive to study operational aspects for the Bristol, Gurgaon.



The Objective is to study the total operational aspects as different department as a hotel.


The main objective as project is to analyze the report comes the entire spontaneous as a model hotel emphasizing on following area:a) Purpose, role and function as each department b) Departmental hierarchy and inter department co-ordination c) Key System and procedure adopted for different activities in each department


With evolution to study information was social from following sources. A) Primary Source B) Secondary Source A) Primary Source:- The Primary data was collected during solution traditional in various departments and the interview with hotel personnel. B) Secondary Source:- The data was collected from several books, Journals, Magazines, Newspaper brochures etc.



Different hotels home different way as permanent their operation. Hotel industry is very service based industry and lot of variations is made as per guest satisfaction.


The study does not consider the financial and technical aspects as the hotel

Due to time lapse between collection of data and presentation certain facts and signs might have cleared.

• •

The lack as information due to considerably in certain departments. Size as the report.



Gurgaon with a standard urban area at about 50 And resident population as about 0.23 million (1997 figures), is an upcoming industrial, commercial and residential township, 25 kms, south as New Delhi. The sloating population as the tour is about 10,000 per day. The tour is broadly divided into 3 major Geographical areas:-

1) Old township Consisting as the old city, the main bazaar, Railway Station etc. 2) New township coming up on the other side as NH8, being developed by Haryana Urban development Authority (HUDA) and a host as private colonizers such DLF, UNITECH, ANSALS etc. 3) Industrial estate area including the largest industry in the area i.e Maruthi Udyog Ltd. A joint venture car manufacturing unit as Govt of India and Suzuki Motor Co; Japan.

About 30 kms from the center as New Delhi and a fast developing city, Gurgaon is perhaps the most important as all Haryana tours. Originally it was named Guru Gram. Till independence, Gurgaon was a scarily backward tour, but a fact that it raises to the occasion. Now there area number as big, industries like ATLUS IS THE MARUTI AUTOMOBILE factory.

These area few others places worth seeing, like Sulatanpur National Park and on Old Mosque.


Gurgaon is perhaps the fastest developing city in Northern India, and it’s prominently to New Delhi helps.

Real Estate is booking here with new buildings coming up faster than you can count them, and even officers are being relocates from congested and contaminated New Delhi. Another plus for this city is its proximity to the New Delhi is International Airport which is just 15 kms away.

A number as good hotels dot the city as Gurgaon. The best place to stay are 32 nd Milestone which a bar,discotheque, go-karting and hi-tech games for kids and tennis. The Bristol is a 5 star Hotel with on excellent confectionery. The heritage village lies on the Delhi-Jaipur highway before Jaipur.

* Ushering a revolution in Shopping and Entertainment:-

a) City Centre: City center has emerged as shopping leisure and entertainment destination. The mall provides automated parking systems for one thousand cars on surface and basement. A sound security system is functional sound the clock, elevation and escalators facilitate customer movement. The entrance to city center has a specially designed samp for mechanism used by physically challenged persons. The mall has been provided with


100% power backup in all areas such shops, cinema, restaurants, basements or common areas such as corridors and parking lists. b) D T Cinemas:- The Growing glory of city center is, of course, D T Cinemas. State-as –the art projection systems from Christie, the U.S. based company, has made watching movies an enjoyable experience. The three screen multiplex spread ones 48,000 consent upto 1000 people, D T Cinema not only bring much awaited such to the city but also invite cinema starts for lunch and promotion of their films. The digital talkies film festival 2003 was present at the multiple towards the end of April 2003 which show cased 30 films including internationally acclaimed films. c) Mega Mall:- An International quality entertainment mall. The three stories Mega Mall consisting as a outlets on the lower ground floor. 39 on the upper ground floor, 40 on the first floor and 64 on the second floor, is nearly completion. Mega mall shall be home to brands such as Gyans,fashion Boulevard, Panna Sarees, Zakis shomekr furnishing etc. d) Grand Mall:- It is the first retail mall to be seen on Gurgaon-Meharanchi Road near its junction with Gurgaon Faridabad road next to Bristol Hotel .


The Bristol Hotel (Government Approved) 5 Star Deluxe.

Address:- Adjacent to DLF Enhance phase-1 Gurgaon-122002, Haryana (India)

• • • • • • • • •

Telephone:- 91-124-6356030 E-Mail:- Contact @ the Bristol Website:- WWW the Bristol Ownership:- Bright stat hotels pvt. Ltd. Managing Director: Mr. Mandeep S. Kakar General Manager:- Mr. Digvijay Singh Directors (Sales & Marketing):- Mr. Yogesh Kochhar Manager (Sales & Marketing):- Mr. Rajiv Duggal Access:0 15 kms from Railway Station, close to bus stand (DLF Phase 1)

Location Advantage: (City Hotel) situated in Delhi new business address ‘DLP’ the only 5-star deluxe property in Haryana

Air conditional:- Centrally Air conditional Rooms:- 80 Double:- 75 Visitors:- 5 (Double A/C:- 75, suit A/C:-5)

FIT Tariff:- (in US $) Room Type USD (SGL/DBL)


$ 185/$210 10

Executive Club Business Suites Presidential Suite Penthouse Floor

$ 250/ $280 $ 300 $1300 $ 2000

Groups Tariff:* Off Season Period:* Off Season Discount:* Taste applicable:* Banquet Facilities:-

On Application May to September 30-40% Expenditure tax 10% Hall:- 5

Maximum capacity in theatre style:- Largest 2000 Smallest 25 Restaurant :-3 Bar:-1 Cuisine:- Multi Cuisine

* Room Facilities: E-mail and internet connection in rooms for demand, CD players on demand soft bar, • Other Facilities:- Business center, separate executive floor, executive lodge, Banquet and concern facilities, beauty parlour shopping ascade, gols • • • Services: Doctor or call, laundry, Money changer,banking safe deposit. Credit Card:- A MEX, BOB, VISA, MASTER ETC. Member:- (6047) FHRA 1, HNRAN 1, 1 ATO, TAA 1


Accommodation:There is a gallery of quest rooms. Each is enjoyed as an individual experience so that wishes you return you will be releasing in new surrounding. Each room is tastefully appointed like fine residence featuring 18th century stylish surrounding marble bathroom ventures, original artwork ROOM FEATURES:Special Sutures for Suits:-. 1) Personnel bar (Presidential & Mexican) 2) Personnel Jacuzzi (Presidential & Mexican) 3) Personnel roof top garden (presidential) 4) Common Sutures • • • • • • • • • Air Conditional Bed side console to control AC/lights/TV and World time display Video on demand DVD on demand Internet on TV Brand Band Interest access-upto 10 mbps Mini bar 24 hr room service


Facilities:a) RIVIERA SPA The Health Club

State of the art health club specializes in being unique, offering holistic (Body and Mind) health through a blend of ancient Indian science of Yoga and Modern suitness Principles The SPA offers a full range of best available cardio vascular equipments which include treatment, steppers recumbent cycle and many more. It also offers separate source stem room,multi-control, whirlpool Jacuzzi Areas for meson women various kinds of aquatic. Indian and Swedish messenger by expert masseurs are also available to trivigor the body. The surrounding greener,landscape poolside visible from the health club makes it a delight for both body and mind.

b) Roof top Swimming Pool. A delight to beholding the open to sky “swimming Pool” on the source sloor is probably the best located pool in the town. A water fall at ones the ends is surrounding greener makes the poolside a delight for both the water and the sun surroundings



Introduction:The front office as a hotel is an operating Unit and is the most suitable department as the hotel and fundamental reasons for hotel existence. It is responsible for the star hotel rooms through systematic methods as resevation surround by requisition and allotting rooms to the guests. It holds good prime atmosphere is view of the basic nature as a hotel that is to sell rooms and revenue collected from the sale of rooms contribute more than 50% of total hotel sales. If has complements role as image of the hotel. It is the first and the last point contact as every guest. The staff at front should have pleasing personalities to eater to the guest information service. The front desk after form as the guest request consisting or requesting issue. Foreign guest use the front desk to exchange currency. Find a translate as request other special assignment is addition it may also be a base operation during an energy such as fire or guest injury.

* Basic activities as Front Office
a) To sell room, register guest assign room b) To maintain a minute invertors as room c) To keep the accounting records as guests and front office transaction


d) To provide mail key, the telephone information and protective service to the guest. e) To integrate promote and co-operative with other departments to maintain the standard as the hotel. So that the total activities contributes to the ultimate satisfaction as the guest. f) Provide information to the guest g) Maintain guest accounts as maintain credit limits.

The front office is divided into following section the Bristol hotel: 1) Preservation:- This section is never center as the department where all request for reservation are received and processed. 2) Reception:- This section as responsible for receiving the guest. It is also responsible for the registration as guest at the time as this arrival. Mostly status insist that guest should registered hosiery. This is the rule to protest both the hotel and the guest. 3) Cabby:- This section is located immediately upon the entry into the hotel and it is the important because it is the first and the last essence contact of a guest with the hotel. It is here that the guest is received and tubes to the reception to be registered. Handling as guest language and the guest problems along in the section. 4) Information:-a) Maintain guest alphabetical index book b) Receive message for the guest


c) Handle guest packages and encasements d) Handle parity e) Provide information to the guest. 5) Front Office Cashier:- This section is responsible for posting as guest charges and guest folio (Bills) accurately and time so as the properly settle guest A/C and received payments before departure Expresses should include room food and beverage and other sources. These charges and recorded up to the last time as the cashier desk. This section is responsible for exchanging foreign currency. 6) Night Auditor:- The responsible as this section is to complete and order swell revenue transaction and reconcile the revenue statement of all outlets with the F.O accounting machine with a view to prepare a duty reporting the duty business. 7) Bell Desk:- It is responsible for baggage handle t the time of guest departure or arrived or during to stay. They are also responsible for handling guest mail message newspaper etc. They also do miscellaneous job like recounting getting medicines or theater tickets for guest etc. 8) Telephones:- This section handles all is country and put going local calls, trunk call for both guest and hotel management. 9) Travel Desk:- This section arranges for a airport transport as the guest. The hires cars, coaches organize towards precede air or rail tickets, confirm tickets etc.



Front Office Manager

Assistant Front office Manager

Reservation Manager




Bell Captain Bell Boy


Request For Room

Space on Reservation Chart



Offer alternative Yes


Enter Details Reservation Form Enter In Dairy

Alternative Accepted

Update Reservation Chart Confirmation Filling




• Qualities:-

Qualities and attributes as front office Staff:

1) Sales Man:- They motivates the guest to spread more as the hotel facilities. 2) Problems Solvers:- Guest in variably approach Front Office for the help incase they hence problem or a complaint. A staff has to be diplomats and resources to solve the problem at the shortest possible time. 3) Reference Point:- Guest into wants information or wants to pass all information use front office for this purpose. 4) Co-Ordination:- Since they are reference point the F.O staff are request to co-ordinate with other departments airlines travel assignment with city tours to guide the guest a personalized services. 5) Image Building:- as on extension to these solve role F.O staff can definitely generate a good image for the establishment in their manner of dressed, communicates personnel conduct and efficiency.

1) Personal Growing:- They should have high sense as personnel growing, uniform should be neat and cleanly presses. Hair should be well groomed. It is presumable for to tie and hair up in a bus.


Nail should be manipulates soft colleague is preferable to heavy perfumes. Jeweler should be restricted. It short the F.O staff must be seen at their best at all times. 2) Personal Hygiene:- This is important to F.O Personal as there are constantly expose to the hotel guest clean appearance help to object guest image not only for themselves but as the establishment as well. 3) Self Considerence:- This is necessary to F.O person meet guest as different countries, status and culture. They should be comfortable and feel at least in dealing with their people. 4) Communication Shell:- It must be correct and clear. It is perforate that F.o no more than one language it helps is communication with guest who do not understand or cannot speak English or local language. 5) A really Smell: This is very necessary guest like to be handled by changes staff. This smiles being cheer to the guester put then at last. 6) Quick Decision maintains ability:- Guest after approach the F.O with problems and request. F.O staff must be able to decide quickly a course as action that satisfactory the guest and at the same time keeping the interest as the organization online.


*Duties and Responsibilities as staff in the Bristol Hotel:

Front Office Manager:1) Participate in the selection of F.O personal 2) Trains, cross strains and retain all F.O personal 3) Schedule the F.O staff 4) Supervises work locates during shifts 5) Maintain working relationship and communication with all departments. 6) Maintain master key control 7) Resolve guest problem quickly, efficiently and curiously. 8) Works with in the allotted budget for the F.O 9) Receives information from the previous shift manager passes on important details to the coming Manager. Cabby Manger:1) Important the duty as front manager 2) Takes ones the duty as the F.O Manager 3) Dealing with complaint which come to him directly and ensure those which the receptionist cannot handle 4) Dealing with V.P.O (Visitor Period out) 5) Co-coordinating with airport representative 6) Responsible for useful or security as the staff or the guest 7) Responsible for Transport service


8) He has to keep record as guest A/C which has recorded is house limits and loses that the needful is done. 9) Welcoming guest special V.I.P and can also do people relations.

Front desk Assistant, Personnel:-

1) Register guest and assign room accommodate 2) Special requests wherever possible. 3) Organize for reservation 4) Understand room status and room status hierarchy 5) No room location types as room available and room stage 6) Uses suggestive selling technique to sell room and to remote alter services as the hotel 7) Files Rooms Keys 8) Knows how to use F.O requirement 9) Process guest checkout 10) Coordinates guest rooms maintenance work with the engineering and maintenance department 11) Knows all safety and emergency procedure. He is aware as accident prevention policies


Reservation Assistants:-

1) Process reservation made by mail, telephone or control reservation network case 2) Process reservation from the sales office other hotel department and travel agent 3) Knows the types as rooms available as well as there location and layout 4) Knows the selling status, rates and benefits as well package plans 5) Determines room rates based on the selling tables as the hotel 6) Under the hotel policy an generate reservation and no shares 7) Assist in pre registration activities with appropriate

Front Office Cashiers:1) Operates, front office posting equipments 2) Obtain the house bank/slat and keeps it balance 3) Completes cashier pre-shift supply check list 4) Complete guest check out procedure 5) Postal charges to guest Accounts 6) Handles paid out (H.P.O) 7) Completes guest check out procedure 8) Settles guest Accounts 9) Posts non-guest ledger payments 10) Balances departmental totals at the close of the shift


GRE (Guest Relation Executive) Duties:1) Answers Letters of inquiry, regarding rates and availability. 2) Trains new guest services department personal 3) Maintains a thorough knowledge as the room rack, location, types of rooms, sack operation, package plans and discounts. 4) Maintain details knowledge about hotels services and hours of operation 5) Knows all safety precaution and understands energy procedures and how to act upon then understands accident preservation policies 6) Knows cask handling procedures 7) Develops and maintain all aspect as the hotel, reservation system.


Front – Office Layout of Front Office Department: Left Luggage Telephone Baggage Front Office Manager Reservation Operator Room Safety Locker Cashier Reception Registration or


Bell Desk


Travel Desk Lounge GRE


Reports Generated in Front-Office:1) Night Clerk Report 2) Room rack List 3) In house Guest directory 4) List of expected departure 5) Special services list 6) Room status report 7) House-Keeping discrepancy in room rack 8) Complimentary room list 9) Bills on hotel List 10) Currency exchange register

Stationery Used at Front Desk:1) Registration Card 2) Reservation form 3) Key Tray 4) Last and found slip 5) Scanty baggage form 6) V.I.P amenities vouchers 7) Key card 8) ‘C’ form


9) Message slip

Types Of Rooms available in the Bristol Hotel:-

Each hotel has variety as rooms to sort the needs as the guests. Hotel guest room can be classified in number of using. 1) No. Of size of bed in rooms 2) Decorate the room size on the view 3) Accommodation for a particular type as guest e.g. residential suite for V.I.P A reservation form room mould be made using the following terminology 1) Single Room 2) Double Room 3) Twins Room 4) Tamed Room. 5) Award Room 6) Holly Twins Rooms 7) Parlors 8) Studio Room 9) Suite Room 10) Tent House suite Room 11) Cabin Room 12) Lanai Room


Types of Plans:-

1) European Plans:- A plan is which only room rate is charged 2) Continental Plans:- Room rate and continental between is charged. It is also called as reservation plans 3) Modified American Plan:- Roommate/FT much or denies is charged. It is also called as house board order- pension 4) American Plan:- Room rate and between the lunch and dinner also. It is also called well board as in pension or all include plans.

Front Office Equipments:1) Room slots 2) Mail, message and key racks 3) Reservation racks 4) Information racks 5) Folio types 6) Account posting machine 7) Voucher racks 8) Cash register 9) Support devices 10) A/C in permits 11) Magnetic strip recorder 12) Time stamp devices


13) CC TV 14) Telephone

Co-Ordination with Other Departments:-

1) Form: Receiving as arrivals departure receiving names of VIPs For working telephones bills to the FOM cashier

2 ) House Keeping:- the guest room telephones are checked by the departments. Guest complaints are rotates through the telephone exchange 2) Food and Beverage:- Persons wanted to reserve table in the restaurant do so through the telephone, department. Details about various sections being hold into the hotel in surround to telephone departments by funds departments should also know timing of various outlets and also reference. 3) Accounts Departments:- the bills include for guest calls are founded to F.O which are later send to the accounts departments. The accounts and telephone department works include coordination to simulate the monthly or quarterly bills sent by departments, and check these bill for correction. All personal trunk calls made by the staff for which bills are made by telephone operator are handled by the accounts department also handles telephone exchange budget.

Modes of Reservation:1) Letters


2) Tele.Exe- Cable fuse, E-mail etc 3) Telegrams 4) Telephone 5) Personal

Sources Of Reservation:1) Airlines 2) Travel Agent 3) Free individual Traveler (FIT) 4) Company 5) Central Reservation Office


Key and Key Control:-

Types Of Keys:1) Room Keys:- Different keys are issued to energy guest for their rooms 2) Have a heavy key (key tab) tab discussion guest from taking it away 3) Bells bay should take the key from the guest at the time of check out 4) Guest normally the key at reception counts is they are going out as the hotel Section Key:-

a) Issued to room alter dents b) Open locks of rooms of only one section/floor c) Does not open double lock rooms d) Room attendants carry their key is a key bundle, tied around their waiter so that they don’t loose it Floor Master Key:1)Used by H/K separation 2) Open all rooms on the floor 3) Does not open double locked rooms

General Master Key:a) Normally used by Deputy House Keeper b) Also issued to night duty house keeper


c) It can open all rooms on only floor as the hotel except the double locked room

Grand master key:1) opens doors of all rooms of the hotel, even the double locked rooms 2) Issued to the executive general manager and duty manager (extreme case must be taken is opening a double locked room is only in case of emergency)


The House keeping department of energy hotel has demanding workload. Maintain clean attractive rooms is essential to satisfactory. Guest but housekeeping section must be performed efficiently. Accurate but flexible schedule is important and close communication between the housekeeping department and front desk is important.

The Executive House Keeper:He/She is one of the the business and most important department head of the hotel Typically this demanding position is filled by some one who has advanced through the ranks from one housekeeping position to another. An executive housekeeper has over all responsibility for the housekeeping staff including the training of new employers. A typical housekeeper purchase and maintain furnishing equipments and suppliers. Other duties include directly certain decoration and upon projects.

Co-Ordination with Other Departments:1) Front Office:For selling rooms efficiently there must be a constant exchange as information between the two departments with prompt exchange as information there is less likelihood as mal function arising between the two departments 2) Engineering and Maintenance:The sell relatable to rooms should be reported as early in the day as possible. It is a good relation in there it is more likely the problem will be deal with promptly.


3) Food and Beverage Service:Co-operation here mainly deals with the lines while the keepers need to home sufficient stock to meet the demands of the restaurant. The restaurant manages must ensure that the lines is not misused. 4) Security:Co-Operative is concerned with prevention of fire, theft, safe responding etc, These must be security needed at the floors in such a situation coordination is important. 5) Personnel:This department plays an important role in recruitment as staff and distribution as salary.

Organization:It is the executive housekeeper responsibility to enforce the lines of command. Each explains can only handle the responsibility to report to an he must be gives the authority. The purpose of the organization structure is to demonstrate reporting line accountability, indication on order path guidelines to new records.








Organizational Hierarchy of the Bristol Hotel Executive House Keeper

Deputy House Keeper

Florist Asst. Florist Helper

Desk Co ordination

Florist Supervisor Lines Keeper

Lines Keeper Helper

Room boys Polishers & Cleaners

Public area staff Tailors Clock banquets hall Helpers Chamber maid Boys Gardner Valet

Supervisor in House Keeping:a) Desk Supervisors 1) All queries complaints and request as the quest to be attracted and to be directed according 2) It is a center of communication with others department room service department etc 3) Issue and control of keys and pages 4) Maintain records on cleaning suppliers function ate 5) Takes care of flower arrangements sent to various outlets


6) Taking reports of V.I.P arrivals, V.I.P in house expected departure expected occupancy and arrivals of the hotel.

Floor Supervisor:-

1) Supervisors of guest rooms and allotted coordinators 2) Releasing checkout rooms as soon as possible 3) Taking room as red slip (RIS) 4) Making maintenance job list and follow ups 5) Ensuring that rooms are ready with special care for V.I.P arrivals 6) Special request for long staying guest to be attended. 7) Checking of floor patron 8) Intending as supplier 9) Responsible for equipments used in floor pantry

Public Area’s Supervisor:1) Daily supervision of cleaning public areas 2) Allocation as duties for public area as cleaning to the house men in various shifts and areas 3) Making maintenance complaints and follow up 4) Planning periodic cleaning schedule 5) Co-coordinating with contract cleanness 6) Check and control equipment like vacuum cleaner shopping machine etc


7) Entity banquet halls, restaurant are ready in time. Laundry:All the rated lines is sent out of hotel, is there is no in house laundry. Laundry is on contract basis. Laundry services must be efficient.

Laundry Process:1) Laundry call is taken by desk coordination entered is register as guest staff call for laundry collections 2) laundry boy is paged and given message as laundry to be collected from rooms 3) It laundry is not collected by the boy collects laundry from the guest and also checks the occupying sometimes. 4_ He controls the occupancy in the occupancy slip and also writes laundry. 4) Occupancy gives by laundry boy to be cross checked by the floor boy cleans the room.

Laundry and valet service slip:This slip is placed in all the rooms this is sealed by the guest, it consists of items and prices for laundry dry cleaning and only ironing duties and responsibilities of housekeeping staff.


Control desk attend:This member of the staff is stationed at the central desk which is the center as the department. She handles all telephones calls. She also prepare the missing reports and under report chart she fills in the discrepancy report and sends it to front office.

Lines Uniform room attendant:This person is responsible for issuing out lines uniform to the F & B outlets and for the cleanliness and up here as the lines room. She also gives outlines for the rooms and public area she keeps a strict count of all items.

Room boys/Public area attendants:They are the staff members who are actively involved in housekeeping work. They are responsible for cleaning rooms and public area including lobby, restaurant elevators, banquets halls etc. They also have to take a physical check as the occupancy of each room which is entered in the discrepancy report.

Laundry Equipments:1) Stream, Press 2) Washing machine 3) Flat press 4) Hydro extracts 5) Seizers 6) Tumbler (dryer)


7) Calendar 8) Folding machine 9) Dry cleaning machine

Following detergents and chemicals are used for washing and cleaning the lines. 1) Water 2) Detergents 3) Detergents with enzyme action 4) Soap is used as meting agent 5) Anionic 6) cationic 7) No-anionic 8) Fabric brighter 9) Alkalis 10) Antichlor 11) Sours 12) Starches 13) Bleaches 14) Fabric softness


Basic functions or cycle as operation as laundry:-

1) Collecting soiled lines 2) Transporting soiled lines to laundry 3) Sorting 4) Washing 5) Extraction 6) Finishing 7) Drying 8) Ironing 9) Storing 10) Transporting lines to respective areas.

Lines Room:- It is a central storage point for clean lines received from the laundry. It should be close to laundry for effective circumstances. It the laundry is off premises, the lines room should be near main entrance. It should be away from kitchen areas, as lines absorbs food smell easily.

Exchanged of Lines:1) Directly exchanged over the counter 2) Listed and bundled taken to lines room 3) Dispatched through a lines chute


4) Collected frequency from corridors

Activities of Lines Room:1) Collection of soiled lines 2) Counting and sorting 3) Dispatching to laundry 4) Receiving deli verities from laundry 5) Checking of lines 6) Storage 7) Distribution to units 8) Stock taking is maintaining records 9) Repairs and alternations 10) Uniform section

Guest room suppliers and amenities:- Guest supplier are items which are provided for the guest to make their stay as comparable as possible.

Placement of Guest Supplies:1) DND cards 2) Please clean my room card 3) Collect my laundry card 4) Safety locket facitility chart 5) Fire exit map


In the Wardrobe:1) Hangars 2) Laundry bags 3) Laundry list 4) Extra pillows and blankets

Near the luggage rack:1) Flask 2) Drinking glasses 3) Paper napkin 4) Coasters

On the chest of dressers (credenza):1) Candle stand 2) Candle match box

Inside the using table drawer:1) Break fast card 2) Hotel service directory 3) Writing solder 4) Business man kit On top of curetting table:1) Bud case


2) Room service card or men’s card 3) Ashtray and match box

On the bed side table:1) T.V remote 2) Telephone 3) Scribbling pencil 4) Pen or pencil 5) Telephone directory

Inside the bathrooms:- On the vanity counter:- Tray with soap, shampoo, bubble bath, talcum powder, shaving kits, moisturizes.

Near the bath tab:1) Shower cap 2) Soap 3) Talcum 4) Foam 5) Moisturizer 6) Body scrubber


Water Closet area:1) Toilet roll 2) W.C. Band

Guest room Amenities:1) Stationery 2) Post cards 3) Pens 4) Laundry bags 5) Utility bags 6) Packets as coffee or tea 7) Sugar and powered etc 8) Chocolates or mints provided with turn down service

Bathroom Amenities:1) Facial soap 2) Bath soap or shower gel 3) Shampoo 4) Moisturizer 5) Shower cap 6) Shoe mitt or shoe shine knit 7) Shoe hors 8) Sewing kit


9) Collogue or after Shane

Register maintained in the departments:1) Room occupying sale:- All room occupancy reports are necessary so that the house keeper can anticipate the level of work load so as to provide necessary staff 2) Log book:- It is the most important register because it is in this register the instructions to the staff as next shift are written. The supervisor at the beginning as any shift for instruction refer to this log book by the staff as this previous shifts. 3) Lost and found register:- This book consists of all the information, regarding the lost item such as the colour, the lost item name, place sound by, time etc. the lost item is received in the register and banded over to the security departments. 4) Carpet shampoo register:- In energy hotel the carpets are shampooed at regular interval in order to maintain and to improve their life. The dates are maintained in these register which makes it convenient for the staff to distribute their work accordingly. 5) Complaint register:- the desk controller handles this register. All the complaints or requirements, which have to be looked into, are written down long with the time. The desk controls inform the floor supervisors to look into these requirements.



Restaurant is a commercial establishment committed to the sale as F and B. It is major revenue producing area in a hotel. The quality and standard of any service area be it is restaurant bar or banquet depends upon the type quality and standard to service gives. Thus food and beverage service department is important only from the revenue generation aspect but also because it generate good will for the hotel.

Section of F & B Service outlets:-

1) 24 hours coffee shop:-( Palmyra) Serving a combination as national and international cuisine, the new expresses both light snacks and complete meals. A well laid dinner buffet after wide variety as choice as satisfy all needs A choice of soap panes the way for the repast to follow. The buffet consists as a salad bar consisting as 8-9 varieties as veg and non-veg salad, cold cuts and exotic veg. Salads, Main Course:- They offer a wide choice to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, 3-4 non veg main course 6 vegetarians speculate, rice noodles, and variety of Indian and continental breads served on the table. As fabulous choice of desires on the table. A fabulous choice helps you to round off the meal patrons. Symptoms is content and variety, the basset at Palmyra satisfies both the government and the governed with a line bund “Southern Ivory” in attendance


Lines: Size of Napkin 18*18 Napkin sold cardinals caps, Rate as napkin Rs. 20 Rate as tablecloth Rs. 360 Rate as printed fabrics Rs. 357.5 Rate as green leaf fabric Rs 3570

Software Package/boiling systems shows software Non-smoking section:- 3,7,10,11,12,22,32

Indian Specialty restaurant:-They offers wide delight of Indian cuisine. Authentic food From the budget mountains of North west frontier to the singer licking delicates from the of Hyderabad. Awide selection of Kababs and curries await the waiter and gourmand Timing: 8.30 am to 11 am 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm 6.30 pm to 11 pm

Covers:- 75

Line music in the restaurant creates the right for you to enjoy your meal, All is all, a perfect “mantra” for a perfect dust.


Chinese Specialty Restaurant (the sick route) Tracing the route used by the trader in ancient china. The cuisine at the sick route imbibes various spices. Services and cooking technique particular to the various regions that the route posses through. A good way, to taste the food on offer with a minimum as fast and very quick meal. For a leisurely meal, the vast menu offers an insight into normally all kinds as oriented cuisine that can be hard. Exotic sea food cooked with equally exotic recipes a variety as poultry and meat items, choice for vegetarian and a number of samples in rice, noodles, and chop-sue. Special desserts prepared on order with rounds as Jasmine Tea will help you in settling Down as superlative meal.

Course : 85 Timings:- 9 am to 10.30 pm Bar Services:- It is another out let for the good and beverage area where the alcoholic beverages are offered. Here the order you the drink is taken by the bar tender. He should have a sound knowledge of various drinks . In the Bristol hotel bar facilities available into two types:1) Hunter bar:- Hunter bar offers a wide variety of spirits and contribute for the guest choice. Offering a view of the neighboring green areas the bar offers the perfect obstacles to unwind after a hectic day. The attendance spins out some fast tunes to set the mood for any energy.

Timings:- 12 pm to 11 pm


Maximum Sale :- Rs 25000 to 28000 Happy Hours: - 5 pm to 8 pm (complimentary snacks)

Peppers (Pub) An exciting nightclub with a mexian theme servicing a variety of detectable cuisines along with a Island bar offering international drinks and cocktails, Equipped with state as the art sound system and computer controlled lighting, the clubs wood rows dance floor the target in town, will gives you ample space to chill out and swing to the melodious tissues and pulsating beats provided by our dynamic D J else, takes up to causing at the pool tables or simply enjoy watching line sporting and music action on the giant video screen.

Hunter Bar: Wash basin Freeze Bar Glass Storage Bar Counter Bar Equipments Ice Machine


Bar stools


Room Services:- It is a facility offered to the guest staying in the hotel rooms. They may place their order physically. The staff must be efficient to serve duck hot food. It works 24 hrs.

Organisational Hierarchy of a Restaurant
Restaurant Manager Hostess / Receptionist  Sommelier  Tranchem  Maitre D’hotel  Chef de rang  Commi de rang  Commi de Brassen  Supervisor  Head Waiter  Apprentice  Trainees

Hierarchy of Room Service:Food & Beverage Manager

Room Service Manager

Order taker




List of rules maintained in room service departments:1) Memo file 2) Budget file 3) Captains analysis 4) Manger report 5) Miscellaneous (hotel Manual/future reference) 6) catering and room statement 7) Daily cover statement 8) Liner exchange format 9) T.D.H reports (entitled guest complimentary) 10) Guest history maintenance 11) Liquor requirements 12) Captains and order takers list 13) Packed order 14) Training site (all training schedule)

Delivery Steward (daily check list)
1) Check set up is as per standards picture display 2) Look for red tag to check for delay in preparation and gives priority 3) Look for any visual defects 4) Knock and amounts your departments 5) It serve order to the guest as per the standards 6) If the order is delayed apologies


7) Enter clearance in the steward card remarks column Banquets:- they are special functions organized for professional social state occasion. Banquets are the service for these occasions. Banquets are organized for more than 15 people.


Banquet Hierarchy:Banquet Manager Banquet supervisors




Asst. Waiter


Conference and Banquet Facilities In the Bristol Hotel Name 1) The regent park sky s to have 2) Pool side 3) the regent 4) the Monarch 5) The Bristol club 6) Sovereign conference 7) Victoria 8) Edmonton Hall 120-175 150-450 Situated on the 2nd floor ideas for reminars Turn hallo on the 1st floor Capable of accommodating up to 450 people uses combined. Situated on the ground floor one of the finest Banquet Hall in the city Huge lawn on the ground floor ideal for having cert. Capacity (Page) 75-150 Remarks Located on the 5th floor units beautiful view as DLF scrapes an ideal place cocktail portion. Situated on the south floor Conference room on 3rd floor Conference room on 3rd floor Lounge on 3rd floor Situated on 3rd floor ideal for small portion and

150-200 15-30 20-40 25-40 40-60

9) The ball room


10) the Hyde Park con



F & B Production Departments in the Bristol Hotel:A kitchen is an enclosed spaced in which edible raw materials are cleaned processes and cooked called chel means kitchen.

The proportion area is the principle area as F & B departments is normally has several functions. This is the second revenue generating departments as hotel after front office. KITCHEN ORGANIZATION:Refers to how people work within the kitchen food slow. Essential organization is critical to any business.

Executive Chef:His work into…………

1) Organize the kitchen 2) Compiles the mess 3) Order the food stuff 4) Show the required persist 5) To engage the staff 6) To supervise the kitchen

PRINCIPLES OF FOOD PRODUCTION:1) Planning of work and its distribution


2) Minimum time lapse between proportion and service 3) Adhesive to standards 4) Proper storage and recycling of food

Production Flow Chart in Bristol Hotel:Main Planning





Processing Cooking Serving --------------------Holding Stewarding


Food and Beverage Department of Bristol Hotel Hierarchy Executive Chef

Soups Chef Ches-de-partie

I Commis

II Commis

III Commis System And procedures: Followed in Bristol Hotel:1) One indent is issued by kitchen executive to get raw materials from the stores. 2) All the raw material which are in good conditions are brought to the kitchen 3) The raw material are cleared and processed to obtain cooked food 4) All the mis-in-place required for particular dish is done well in advance. 5) The KOT is made is triplicate first to the kitchen, 2nd to cashier, 3rd in book

Department Under the Main Kitchen at Bristol Hotel:Depending on the nations and types of more performed food and beverage production is divided.


Gardle Manager:That area under the main kitchen where cold cuts, sawyer, salads are prepared.

Butchery:- This section is involved with meat processing. It is skinned is required then cut into various cuts. These are either supplied directly or packed and labeled with the data and stored in deep freezer.

Pantry:- This section of kitchen involve in the production of fruits, pattern, juices shakes, Ice cream, tea, coffee etc, in addition chip corn slakes are also disposed from the pantry.

Bakery:- This section prepares all the baked items such as French roll, missiles, and Danish party, cakes etc, all these items are sold at the pastry shop. It attributes to a fair amount of revenue to food and beverage sales.

Indian:- It caters to the preparation of all Indian dishes. This section is responsible for the supply of dishes to the Indian specialty restaurant, which has an important place in the hotel.

South Indian:- This is usually an extension to main kitchen where all south Indian specialization are prepared.


Continental:- Continental cuisine is important keeping in view demands of foreign well as owing to its increasing population to prepare continental dishes like French trees fried fish etc.

Chinese:- Kitchen where dishes are prepared in schezwan, shunting style for e.g. Waiter soup, lung fang soup. Suimai etc. cold salad dressing Soya sauce vinegar seasome seed oil.

KITCHEN LAYOUT OF BRISTOL HOTEL GURGAON:The layout of commercial kitchen must be planned around and efficient and systematic flow of goods from receipt of goods where a kitchen is built it is designed to achieve a maximum efficiency of time, labour.

The Various factors are:-

1) The type of menu 2) The type of establishment 3) The type and method of service 4) The size, shape and location of food service and position of kitchen.


Food & Beverage Production Layout of the Bristol Hotel Dry Storage Entrance Vegetable storage area Refrige ra-tor

Walk In

Tandor W or ki ng Ta bl e W or ki ng Ta bl e W or ki ng Ta bl e W or ki ng Ta bl e W orki ng Tab -le

Gas rang es Indian Kitchen Pantry

Gas rang es G ridl

Refr iger ator Ice crea Wash Basin

South Indian Gas Kitchen rang es

Chinese Gas Kitchen rang es Gril ler

Equipment Storage Area

Entrance to Dish Restaurant Washi ng Area


FOOD FLOW:- The usual flow of food through as establishment is:-

• • • •

Goods enter the store, where they are checked. They are stored either in dryer, cool storage or freezer. The food is cooked The food either need or served right away.


There is only one break shift in the kitchen which starts from 11.00 hrs to 15.30 hrs and then 1900 to 24 hrs. The day in the kitchen starts with the store pickup and then the mise en place for the day.

The food cost % budget for various kitchen outlets are given below:• • • • • Bakery – 25.50 Banquets- 17.99 Palmyra café- 28.00 Room service – 26.00 Saffron Restaurant-26.00


Purchase Of Ingredients:- Purchase requisition form is used to communicate with the purchase department. The chefs complete the list, a day is advance indicating the requirements

Storage:- The correct temperature ventilation and humidity must be maintained for all stock. The main idea of storing food is to ensure that and adequate supply of food for immediate needs as the establishments is available are stored for different period of time and at different temperature to pressure their whole sameness till requires for preparation and service. Food store in the Bristol Hotel is situated at easy accessible area, which is convenient for staff as well as suppliers. There are 2 type of storage:1) Dry storage for nor perishable commodities like cereals, pulses sugar, legumes, rice spices conned food, fats and oils. 2) Low temperature storage for semi perishable and perishable food. 3) Stores:- (Supply of Raw materials) Requisition slips are sent to stores indicate the amount to be issued. This is done in coordination with the store issuing the items the person in receipt of goods is responsible for this safe transfer to kitchen.

KITCHEN EQUIPMENT:Kitchen equipments and food are necessary to enable various and specialized task to be performed smoothly in a specific period times. Therefore its important to have knowledge of care and upkeep of kitchen equipment. While selectively a piece of equipment certain


factors selecting a piece of equipment certain factors have to be kept in mind which are as follows:• • • • • • • • • • • • • Construction of equipment Capacity Price of equipment No. of use of equipment Noise caused by equipment Drainage system Availability of spare parts Fuel supply Maintenance of equipments Weight in relation of movement and capacity of kitchen. Easy to use Over all size in relation to space and work floor. Time construction

KITCHEN EQUIPMENT IN BRISTOL HOTEL, GURGAON 1) Large Equipments:a)Heat Generating:-

• •

Double dryers Microwave ovens


• •

Bain Marice A battery of modular gas ranges with ones back guard and shell, freezer griddle plate and salamander

Solid too ranges

b)Cooling equipments:• • • • • • Water coolers Refrigerators Ice-making machines Walk in coolers Beverage coolers Ice-cream machine

Mechanical Equipments:• • • • • • • • Dish washing equipment Mincing machine Wet grinder Choppers Dough making machine Express coffee machine 50-400 cup capacity Peeling machine handling 5-20 kg root vegetable at a time Blender


• •

Mixer, grinder, beater Bucket for tea/ coffee and water, capacity 25-200 times.

Washing and Storage Equipments:• • • • • • • • Pot rack Put washing units Storage racks Mobile sink with drains Mobile mock table Wall mounting sink with drain Glass washing machine Dish washing machine

Small and Angliary Equipments: • • • • • • • Palate knifes Chef knifes Steel knives Choppers Aluminum utensils Chopper utensils Stainless steel utensils


There area lot as small and large kitchen equipments used in the hotel. In the hotel Bristol, Gurgaon some kitchen equipments are:-




1 Hot cases 2. Microwave ones 3. Ice cream makes 4. Toaster 5. Ice-cube machine 6. Water Coolers

12 03 01 04 01 05


ANCILLARY DEPARTMENT PERSONAL DEPARTMENT Personal Directors Safety Recruitment Secretary Organizational Chart of a typical department:Personal policy Man Power Policy Industrial relation policy Training Manager

Remuneration and Benefits

Appointment Induction Performance appraisal

Account and Statistics

Training & development Company plan

Functions of Personal Department:
1) To give the employees on understanding of the job and responsibilities 2) Appraisal their performance 3) Recruitment and placement of staff and also the discipline maintenance as staff while at work


Man Power Planning:-

Solving problems and guidelines of staff handling transfer

promotion and dismissed as staff.

System and Procedure
a) Recruitment:- It is the process as selecting competent skilled personal with the proper qualities to carry types as job in the market b) Appointments:- A letter as appointment is given to the applicant as soon as his job is confirmed. Documents and dates pertaining to the new candidates are filled and the candidate is gives the job specification and brief. c) Appraisals:- this acts as feed back to the employee performance on the job. Having an update job description and performance targets to does this appraisals must be continuous as they will motivate employees thus resulting is better performance as employees.

Sales and Marketing:Marketing is the destining as making the hotel suit the requirements as potential customers. It is a complete circle is analyzing the demand. Providing a service to satisfy the demand and then going on to sell the service selling not only maximize the profitability as the hotel but also arise customers satisfaction by offering food, accommodation and services, on the whole the hotel industry trends to be more inclined towards selling rates than marketing. The whole hotel industry must become more market-oriented rates than a product oriented. 70

Hierarchy:Sales Executive Secretary Sales Manager

Account Clerk

Sales Personal

Security Department:In a hotel the security departments is responsible for the safety as its resident by maintaining law and orders as hotel playa very active role. It protects the property products assets, reputation. In other words, security is defined as those as will to promote a state as will being relation to an establishment to protect lies and property and to minimize the risk of man made disaster and crime.

Hierarchy at the Bristol Hotel:Chief Security officers Asst. Security officer Floors Floor award clerk Guards Public areas Time Office Public area


ENTRY & EXIT The entry and exit of all items as well as people only to be through the security entrance. All the things are checked by the security and then allowed to be taken inside. Following areas require security:Personal:1) Entrance 2) Guest flood 3) Public area 4) Back gate

Management information system:1) Visitors Pass:- Normally when a visitors enters the hotel he must be directed to security control by the gate guard. After accompanying the requirement of the visitor further action will be taken by the security control.


Engineering and Maintenance Department
It could be wrong to assume that the engineering department is as little significance is a hotel. This is because certain critical area such as plant and machinery, electricity and all guest room. Hobby outlets fixtures rehandeled by this department.


Chief Engineer Assistant Engineer Senior Technicians Pointer Carpenter Technicians Wetsweeper Plumber

Electrical And Audio
Systems and Procedures:The Engineering department performed the following functions:• • • • • Upheep of utilities Responsible for upheep of guest rooms and public areas Responsible for power, water, A.C. Etc.

Air Conditionary

Regular checking of major equipments like refrigerators and deep freezers. Purchase of equipments.


• •

Presence energy by conservation. Setting up of lighting and music systems for special functions.

• Reports Maintained
1) Night shift report 2) Log book 3) Power station 4) Maintenance logbook

The accounts department is any hotel is a prime importance as the management requires information which will indicate whether each department is operating effective and helps to predetermine budgets normally agreed the management.

According usually is considered with recording summarizing and reporting the transacting of the organization.

• Account Payable
a) Settlement of bills. b) Preparation of cheques drafts. c) Payment of Salaries. d) Record of petty cash for purchases. e) Maintainity sends flow register.


• Outlet Cashiers
1) The F.O cashier will take the payment for all the F&B outlets also, so he required to receiving the cheques (2 Copies). 2) Returning one copy with the balance. 3) If the guests sign his bills then both the copies will remain with the Cashier. 4) Entry into restaurant summery. 5) Receiving payment from guests for the accumilation. 6) Prompt settlements for bills. 7) Preparing room sales summery. 8) Posting guest cheques from various outlets into their bills.

• General Cashier
They receives voucher from purchases along with daily receivable report goods and bills of payment. At the month and a total bills of payment. At the month and a total summery is made and the total is postal in general ledger one entry is done for the whole month.


Kitchen stewarding department
This department primarily controls the storage and issue of cutlery, crockery, chiseware and glossure to the restaurant and ketches. The hygiene and sanitation of the ketches usually comes under their department ketches starting is the backbone of the hotel.

• Functions
1) Pot wash is cleaning all utensils used is the ketches. 2) Dish wash is washing all crockery flatware glucose etc. used in the F&B outlets. 3) Cleaning the ketches areas. 4) Maintenance of all EPNs items used is the F&B department. 5) Responsible for regular garbage disposal. 6) Storage and issue of cutlery, crockery and glucose.

* Kitchens area cleaning procedure
The kitchens area floors is thoroughly cleaned several times during the clay. It is usually dust before and after and after the such of Initial timings. First the ketches is sprinkled soap solution. This Spread our the floor with a scrubber. The floor is the out mopped and subsequently dry mopped. At night all worth areas in the kitchens are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


• Registered Maintained
1) Stock is hand registers: This is a record of the amount of crockery, cutlery etc this is available in the store and this figure is adjusted and issue to different outlets. It is also used as a reference to replenish stock.

2) Stock issue register:This register records the issue of several items to each outlet and provide the consolidated figure to adjust with the stocks.

3) Breakage Register:Breakage during handling of chisel and glassware is comer. A report register is maintained to record the breakage.

4) Banquet issue register:This is maintained exclusively for issues of items made by the banquets.

5) Indent register:This is a record for all the materials requisition made by the department.


Kitchens Stewarding Manager


Utility Store Workers Helpers In charge


Pet wash




Pet washers


• Objectives of the kitchens stewarding department are :1) 2) 3) 4) 5) To increase the efficiency of F&B production. To increase the efficiency of F&B service. To keep F&B equipment costs low. To cut down F&B operational good cost. To Ensure smooth operation of employer casteria.

* Working Schedule
• • • Energy ½ hr. Energy 1 hr mapping Energy 4 hr washing whole are


MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM:There are several information collected, processes mentioned is prepared form to the management about various departments operation comprise with post result and finally management information system report is made and submitted to management to exhibit the performance and other details as the hotel’s operation. These reports shall be submitted as per schedule indicated below:-

2) Front Office:-

• • • • • • •

Reservation Guest history card Reservation status board Fare casting report Black book Hotel diary Group information sheet

3) Reception:• • • • Room report Arrival and departure report Room position status Occupying status


• •

Billing details report VIP arrive register

4) Night Auditor:• • • • • • • • Night report Flash report Total rates as the day Total restaurant sales Expected arrival Expected departure In-house guest report Tabulator register

5) Food and beverage Production:Kitchen:• • • • • Standard Receipt Kitchen order ticket Stock inventory report Log book Store requisition report


• • •

Daily inventory report Standard purchase specification Food cost control report

6) Food and Beverages Service:Restaurant:• • • • • • • • Log book Duty rotation sheet Guest comment card Lines exchange register Leave register Attendance sheet Breakage report Guest checks

Room Service:-

• • • •

Log book Lines exchange register Room service stores requisition Morning order request


• • •

Guest complaint file Breakage report Amenity vouchers


Banquets:• • • • • • • Bar:• • • • Daily beverage sales summary Stores requisition report Breakage report Stock inventory report Log book Stock inventory register Daily sales summary Stock requisition book Banquet order form Store inventory book Breakage report

House Keeping:-

• • • • •

Memo book Duty roaster Attendance sheet Room occupancy report List of VIP crew, group etc.


• • • •

Lost and found register Discrepancy report Amenity voucher Statement of the lines stock

Kitchen Stewarding:-

• • • • •

Daily breakage report Purchase record Log book Duty charts Quarterly inventory reports

Engineering and Maintenance:-

• • • • • •

Complaint book Log book Stock inventory record Purchase of spare parts register Night shift report Reports carried out register




• • • • • •

Investigation report Lost and found register Key register Daily attendance sheet Duty roaster Complaint book

Purchase and Stores:-

• • • • • • • • Stores:•

Purchase order Food and beverage indent form General order Log book Bin cards Selectors inward book Empties return book Stock taking register

Stock book


• • Receiving:• •

Invoice book Requisition form file

Daily receiving register Delivery form record

Accounts and finance:-

• • • •

balance sheet bank intimation slip profit and loss account food control sheet

Food and Beverage control:-

• • • • • • •

KOT and B O T Daily beverage sales report Daily food sales report Food and control check list Gross profit Night auditors report Cashiers summary report


Budgeting analysis report


Personal Department:-

• • • • •

Attendance sheet Training sheet Retirement record Legal documents Salaries and wages slip record

Sales and Marketing:• • • Log book Market analysis report Sales summary report


1) Xerox machines which are placed at the Business center are exclusively for the guest service. But these machines are also used by the staff of the hotel for photocopying and the trainees during their training period use these machines for photocopying the annexure and fact files of the hotel, due to this sometimes the staff as the business center sometimes face shortage of paper.

Solutions:- There should be at least one photocopy machine at the disposal of the staff for day to day purpose and the business center staff should see to it that only guests use the Xerox machine and the use of the Xerox should be strictly supervised.

2) The F.O staff occasionally relax in the business center during their breaks, other than the break they are gives between 4.30 to 5.30 pm when the case function for tea or coffee. They drink coffee and eat cookies, which they pick up from the room service department which is located just behind the reservation in the back area. This looks awarded when the guest enters the business center and it mass the reputation of the hotel. 3) Solutions:- The F.O staff should be strictly instructed to use the case and the rest rooms with setting provided to then for releasing during their breaks. The business center staff should be more strict and should not entertain staff in such manners.

4) The white seat corners used to cones the chairs in the banquet halls for the functions which are held, are stained with food stains as the guest home lunch


dinner or sometimes spill tea or coffee. On the chair there by leaving heavy stains and the banquet staff blindly cones the chairs with there sear cones. The Bristol hotel does not an in house laundry. Contract laundry received in hotel after it is cleaned therefore the laundry services are cleared, therefore the laundry services are not efficient and several guest complains about the stains to the banquet staff. This gives about impression about the hotel to the guest.

Solution:- the laundry coming from the contracts should be thoroughly checked in the line room and the Bristol hotel launches staff should be requested to check and clean the stains properly the right, chemical should be use on the stains. This lines or cones are stained it should not be used.

5) The sales and reservation manager takes the reservation simultaneously. This leads to unavailability of rooms, sometimes leading to guest unsatisfied. Solution:- This could be avoided if the reservation handled by one department i.e. by the reservation.

Problem:- Since the restaurant is situated in the open air the food served to the guest doors not remain hot. Solution:- In order to avoid the problem the dishes could be served on a which helps food to remain hot.


6) problem: At the time of a function when it is completely packed. The food is not realized. This makes the guest wait for the food.

Solution:- If one single head steward is guest the responsibility to special the food throughout the banquet function. This problem could be over comed.

7) Problem:- The Chinese section is the center of the main kitchen. When the burner is on high flame the flame spreads throughout and heat is created.

Solution:- In order to over come this problem flame should be taken care as much heat is generated and kitchen should be gives exhaust fan to absorb the heat emitted.

8) Problem:- Since the kitchen is in the view as the guest in open space. The insects are attracted towards the food.

Solution:- In order to avoid this pest control must keep in mind of using various sprays etc. Hence this problem could be overcome by various preservative measures.

Problem:- One of the major problem in the housekeeping department is shortage as lines (bed cones, pillow, covers) the department cannot buy the lines as one cannot increase the budget.


Solution:- This could be avoided if the lines is properly used washing, pressing could be taken career and the house boys also have to be educated not to use lines cover for dusting etc.

9) Problem:- Guest complaining of stains in carpet, bed covers, curtains etc. Solution:- Room to be super cleaned regularly and room to be blocked for preventive maintenance 4 times a year. Carpet shampooing and dry cleaning as all upholds once in a month.


The project I have prepared lists all the operational departments as the “BRISTOL HOTEL”, GURGAON where I underwent training for 2 months. I have made an attempt to compile the various information as different departments, provided solution to the existing problems. I had seen in the hotel. A conclusion may be draws that no department was without a problems.

The project has particularly explained the various function and procedures as different department at the BRISTOL HOTEL.

The Bristol Hotel, Gurgaon is running, reasonably well and has a good share of business and corporate clients, but few as the systems and procedure followed in the hotel need up gradation.

The Bristol hotel staff face competition posed by other 5 star hotel properties in the city. It is the duty as the hotel to have a more satisfied staff. For this the personal department should check the appraised of all employees and give promotions and in certain to all the deserving staff. Bristol being one of the leading hotel as the world, should be aware as the latest trends and should set example for other hotels. The area which where important and emphasized were:-

1) The purpose and systems of each department 2) The department hierarchy 3) The various components as the department


4) The management information system used in each department

The main objective as this study was to analyze the system, procedures functions and the operative aspect of the departments of Bristol Hotel. Thus an in-depth study of this nature into an organizational structure helps to gain knowledge and gives an insight into the working of this complex, yet highly professional and profitable establishment called a “Hotel”.


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