I find this offensive. 1. I find a file on Scribd I want to download 2.

Scribs asks me to login, I choose Facebook login to be quick at it, almost ba lk when I see all the access Scribds gets to my Facebook but "what the heck", I do it. 3. When I click the Download link Scribd asks me to pay them or upload some file s in exchange for 24 hour download rights. All in all, not really unfair but 2 major objections: 1. Not telling me this before I login is a deception and it angers me. 2. Forceing people to share is not the way to go, will not work and will make pe ople more proprietary thinking, not less. Can't be bothered to vent more, let's hope Scribd will accept this as my upload :) gunnar.grimsson@gmail.com P.S: I will of course go now and revoke Scribs rights to my Facebook account. I would not have done so if they had been more sensible about this.

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