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Licence Project Report

Licence Project Report

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SUBMITTED BY: Prakriti (CS/08/8065)

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I the student of B.Tech Computer science & Engineering(5th semester),hereby state that i have implemented this project on “DRIVING LICENCE SYSTEM” entirely on my own. However I have used some authentic websites for analyzing the various prospects including the work that has been done in this field and this topic prior to this.

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5. TABLE OF CONTENTS Company profile Introduction to C#. 2. 5-7 7-17 18 19-26 27 Page 3 . 4. 1.INDEX SR NO. 3.NET Project Screen shots Reference PAGE NO.

To carry out all such activities that are commensurate with the IT vision of the Chandigarh Administration as outlined in IT Policy. generate jobs in IT as outlined in the IT Mission of the Chandigarh Administration. To promote e-Governance. 3. The Chairperson of the Society is the Adviser to the Administrator. Objectives : 1. Software Exports. Page 4 . To promote application of Information Technology in the Union Territory of Chandigarh in accordance with the IT Policy of Chandigarh Administration. 2. create IT Infrastructure. Chandigarh Administration for implementing the various plans of the Administration to promote the IT industry in Chandigarh.COMPANY PROFILE About Spic Centre of Excellence: The Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh (SPIC) has been set up under the aegis of the Department of Information Technology.

Chandigarh. SPIC and Microsoft have jointly set up a Centre of Excellence at Punjab Engineering College. VB and SQL 2000.4. Chandigarh. The Centre of Excellence is being used as a centre for the development of skills for the emerging software industry in Page 5 . solutions and inter operability with other platforms at this Centre. To provide consultancy services and impart training in various disciplines of Information Technology. Under the aegis of Department of IT. the students and employees of Chandigarh Administration on its new technologies/products for bench marking and demonstrating an array of Microsoft products. MCSD. Microsoft is carrying out training for the faculty. 5. The centre is offering various courses like MCSE. MCDBA. To facilitate the establishment and functioning of data processing computer centre. Introduction to organization: SPIC and Microsoft have jointly set up a Centre of Excellence at Punjab Engineering College.

developing a library software for the Chandigarh College of Architecture and also developing website of Chandigarh Administration which includes all public interacting departments of Chandigarh Administration. including executives from private companies. High-end training is carried out for the executives as per their requirement. some government projects like an accounting package for the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee.the UT. Software engineers deployed by the Department of Information Technology and Microsoft are working on various e-governance projects. Page 6 . The Center also provides organized short-term courses for corporate executives.

database access presented as ADO. Visual Basic. So the first thing you notice here is that the . if you want to write a line to the console.NET Framework is a large set of class libraries that can be used for many programming languages. threading manipulation.NET Framework: A Framework is a set of class libraries that provide the developers with the common system functions and services that can be used by a programming language. The . For example. Page 7 .NET Framework Class Library is written by Microsoft and it's very easy to use.NET . But the . you will use a method called Write Line() of the Console class and pass to the method a string that you want to be written to the console. like Microsoft's C#. I/O. You have classes for almost everything you will need to do.NET and Enterprise Services functionality. The .INTRODUCTION TO C#. Managed C++ and more. XML handling. such as: text manipulation. GUI controls for Windows and Web applications.NET Framework extends this concept.NET Framework class libraries can be used for more than one programming language (we will understand this more when I get to CTS and CLS).

NET Module) that contains Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code. So if you use Visual Basic.NET: When you write an Application in C# the compiler doesn't generate a binary file (like traditional compilers) but rather it generates a file (for now you can call this file a .NET generics type as an incomplete type.and this is also the case for Managed C++ or any other . This hierarchy is: Programs Statements Page 8 .NET compiler will generate MSIL. in that you express your ideas in code.C#. When the incomplete type is concretized. but some things are not as clear as you would like. C# compiles a .NET Compliant Languages later). plus metadata (which we will discuss in the article on the Assemblies). C# without .NET. .NET.NET generics is like this sentence.NET creates a brand-new type. the underlying foundation upon which all programming languages are built is pretty much the same. the VB. There is a hierarchy that all languages follow. BASIC BUILDING BLOCK: While the specific rules of a programming language differ from one language to another. and does this without requiring the developer to do anything in particular language (more about . too -.

Page 9 . and administering all components within Microsoft SQL Server.Expressions Operands and Operators. managing. they cannot be changed while the program is running. SQL SERVER: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio showing a query. and the Object Explorer pane while connected to a SQL Server database engine instance. You can verbalize this hierarchy like this: “ Programs consist of one or more statements. Statements consist of one or more expressions. We begin our journey into the innards of C# by learning about operands and operators. as shown in the preceding code. you must initialize the constant at the point where you define it in the program. to write a program you must understand operands and operators. ” Therefore. The C# keyword const in front of a data type means that you are defining a constant of that data type. SQL Server Management Studio is a tool included with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later versions for configuring. Expressions consist of one or more operands in conjunction with one or more operators. The tool includes both script editors and graphical tools which work with objects and features of the server. Once these values are initialized. Because it is a constant. the results of the query.

in addition to relational data. Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration was a main features with this edition. XML data being stored is verified against the schema. XML columns can be associated with XSD schemas. It included native support for managing XML data. For this purpose. Specialized indexing methods were made available for XML data. XML is converted to an internal binary data type before being stored in the database. XML data is queried using XQuery. released in October 2005. enabling one Page 10 . it defined an xml data type that could be used either as a data type in database columns or as literals in queries. is the successor to SQL Server 2000.SQL Server 2005: SQL Server 2005 (codenamed Yukon).

NET Framework. SQL CLR was introduced with SQL Server 2005 to let it integrate with the . Data pages are check summed for better error resiliency. but it was not fully supported until the first Service Pack release (SP1).to write SQL code as Managed Code by the CLR. When the data is accessed over web services. T-SQL has been augmented with error handling features (try/catch) and support for recursive queries with CTEs (Common Table Expressions). so scaling out a database onto a cluster is easier. In addition. it also defines a new extension to XQuery. Partitions on tables and indexes are supported natively. syntax and better error recovery systems. For relational data. SQL Server 2005 introduced "MARS" (Multiple Active Results Sets). SQL Server 2005 has also been enhanced with new indexing algorithms. Page 11 . and optimistic concurrency support has been added for better performance. Permissions and access control have been made more granular and the query processor handles concurrent execution of queries in a more efficient way. a method of allowing usage of database connections for multiple purposes. SQL Server 2005 added some extensions to the T-SQL language to allow embedding XQuery queries in T-SQL. SQL Server 2005 introduced Database Mirroring. SQL Server 2005 also allows a database server to be exposed over web services using TDS packets encapsulated within SOAP (protocol) requests. that allows query-based modifications to XML data. called XML DML. results are returned as XML.

Page 12 . Automatic failover requires a witness partner and an operating mode of synchronous (also known as high-safety or full safety).In the initial realease (RTM) of SQL Server 2005. Database mirroring is a high availability option that provides redundancy and failover capabilities at the database level. In order to implement database mirroring in the RTM version. Failover can be performed manually or can be configured for automatic failover. database mirroring was available. you had to apply trace flag 1400 at startup. but unsupported.

I also made the database at the backend to enter the data of applicants.PROJECT My project is on “LICENCE AUTHORITY” using C#.. There are three options in file menu. There are six forms in the whole project and one MDI form.NET and SQL SERVER. The first form is for login for the employees. The database is created in SQL server 2005. First is for new form then the second option is regular in which you can print your regular licence and the third button is close that closes the whole MDI form. Page 13 . The second form is application form.

SCREENSHOTS: 1. Login Screen: Page 14 .

2. Mdi Form: Page 15 .





REGULAR FORM: Page 20 .7.

8. Regular Licence Page 21 .

Update form Page 22 .9.

DATABASE: Page 23 .

com www. DataBase.wikipedia.com www.google. SQL Server And Files By – Sangeeta Grewal Refrences: www.ac.REFERENCE BOOKS: -The Complete Guide To C# Programming By.spidernet.Kamthane -C# Programming By -Balagurusamy -C#.com www.in Page 24 .pec.

google.pec.Kamthane -C# Programming By -Balagurusamy -C#.wikipedia.in Page 25 .-The Complete Guide To C# Programming By. DataBase.ac.com www.spidernet.com www.com www. SQL Server And Files By – Sangeeta Grewal Refrences: www.

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