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Importance of OnlineMarketing
 Size of Internet  What is Online Marketing  Importance  What / How to Measure

Web Analytics : An Overview
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Importance  Data Collection Model  Competitive Analysis  Log Vs Page tagging  Tools & Market Share  Call Center Case Study [General Discussion]

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Without any sleep.7 billion.  There are about 150 web addresses per person in the world. How it matters to me ? | 4 .Some Interesting Facts  There are more addresses than there are people on Earth. you’d be kept busy for 31.9% percent of total time spent online in India was spent on Google Sites. The current global population stands at more than 6.000 years.  If you spent just one minute reading every website in existence.  28.

What is On-Line Marketing ? ―Marketing your products using Internet ― E-Mail Marketing Viral Marketing Affiliate Marketing Banner Marketing SEM Marketing Organic Paid Shall I Continue with my Traditional Marketing | 5 .

On-Line Marketing Importance Hey I want to answer it... I wake up early in the morning and check my Paypal | 6 .

What to track ? Offline Brand Awareness Offline Marketing Activity Word of Mouth Brand Awareness Phone Call New Repeat Customer Customer Purchase .

online communities. wikis or any other collaborative Internet form of media for marketing.How marketers are using Social Media to grew there business? “ Social media marketing is a term that describes the act of using social networks. blogs. sales. public relations and customer service.” [Wiki] .

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Sample Metrics for any OnlineCampaign Email SEO Affiliate Links Social Media Paid Search .

| 11 | Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2009 | . web analytics has been seen as a pretty dry affair that involves trawling through masses of data.What is web Analytics & its Importance? “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”  monitoring how visitors are using different pages and features on your website. Companies took major decisions on it so analytics = business intelligence. But now it is a lot different – the software has become less complex and businesses have become more adept at using it.  Historically.

Data Collection Model User.Centric Network .Centric Web.Centric Log File Page Tagging Web Beacons Packet Sniffing | 12 .

Competitive Analysis Tools | 13 .

You cannot analysis historical data 2.e 404. page tagging is a client side solution 1. or even gigabytes. If we change the vendor we need to change the script tag on all the pages. and recompressing them. It contain an information for all failed visit by the user or page error. Its vendor Independent 6. And while it is true that page tagging solutions provide information about screen resolution that is normally unavailable to log analyzers 2. connection speed. Medium-sized Web sites can generate tens of megabytes of log files each day. it doesn’t gives us failed visit information. DOC) Page Tagging Advantage In page tagging we place a code usually JavaScript on each page of the site and is sometimes referred to as client-side data collection. It cannot Track nonHTML Page(i. Firewall on the client side can stop the script processing. It record for search engine spider visit 3.) This approach saves quite a bit of time and disk space when compared to analyzing uncompressed log files. Page tagging give us the information on browser versions. but this tends to be a very slow process. Most log file analyzers are capable of decompressing log files.e PDF. 401 Error) its good.It doesn’t give us the real time data.) Page Tagging Disadvantage 1. It doesn't record search engine spider visit. 4. (i. 6.People are sometimes concerned about log-file-based solutions due to the size of the log files. Analyzing the data. Suppose we are using the Net tracker this time and if we change the vendor then we need to change the code also. 4. Log file can track non-HTML page also (i.Log File vs Page Tagging Log File Advantages Log File is a server side solution 1. It provide information almost Real time Log File Disadvantage 1. screen resolution. (Net Tracker overcomes this limitation by reading directly from compressed log files Without having to decompress them first.e PDF. of log files each day. platform versions. No Firewall Issue 5. 2. Every time a tagged page is opened by a visitor’s browser the script is processed and visitor information collected. DOC) 7. 5. | 14 . 3. Analysis of Historical Data is Possible 2. while large Web sites can generate hundreds of megabytes.The good news is that log files compress very nicely—typically with over a 90% Compression ratio.

Web analytics tools & Market Share | 15 | Course Title .

Use of Google Analytics 2009 results Change since 2008 We use Google Analytics exclusively 23% +9% + We use Google Analytics but not exclusively 57% +5% We do not use Google Analytics 20% -14% | 16 .

Main analytics tool used (other than GA) 42% 6% 19% 6% 7% | 17 .

Questions ? Call Center Case Study General Discussion .

Social Media Marketing for branding .Social Media Marketing for Traffic A defined Strategy How to Measure Social Media Efforts? Social Media Industry Report .Topics we will Cover Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing [3 hrs] Over view of Social Media Marketing Social Media Tricks .

e. page level metrics. why they are important .Roadmap to Insights h) Qualitative Web Analytics i) 2 Analysis Case studies . examples of common KPIs along with an explanation of what makes them great metrics for understanding the success of our objectives. campaign metrics. visitor metrics. b) Ad-Hoc Analysis : Process of Ad-hoc analysis c) Using Statistical techniques in web analytics d) Reporting : Best practices for reporting data to client e) Multi variant Testing / A/B testing f) Behavioral Targeting g) Insights from Web Analytics point-of-view . key terms and how they are used b) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). c) How to develop KPIs that is aligned with our business objectives d) What is JavaScript tagging & Log file tagging e) Process of Tracking the website f) Campaign analysis (External and Internal) g) Internal Site Search 2.g Traffic metric. Overview of Web Analytics [4hrs] a) Key concepts including analytics. Data Interpretation : [4 hrs] a) Understanding metrics ..

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