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Dr DoCarmosss Realism

Dr DoCarmosss Realism

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Published by: Coeli Ann on Sep 04, 2011
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(DoCarmos) Dr.

DoCarmo's Notes on REALISM and NATURALISM Realism • Realism tries hard (just like its name suggests) to present the world as it really is • realist literature, unlike much of the "romantic" writing that preceded it, never feels overblown, the way a fairy tale or a parable or a dream might. • rarely sentimental or emotional • reads like a plain and sensible account of whatever action it's describing. • fill their works with details drawn from everyday life, or "facts," about history, about politics, about business and finance, about geographical places. • realists fill their literature with facts to bolster the reader's feeling that, yes, this place I'm reading about is just like the everyday world I live in. • don't write about extraordinary people in fantastic situations. • write about plain, normal, everyday folks dealing with the trials and travails of plain, normal, everyday life. • subcategory of American realism, in fact, called "local color," which tries hard to convey the reality of particular places in the U.S. • Realism generally celebrates the individual. Docarmos, Bruce. "Realism and Naturalism." Bucks County Community College. 4 July 2010. Web. 28 Apr. 2011. <http://www.bucks.edu/~docarmos/RealismNaturalism.html>.

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