Un'it 2 Tense consolldatlon: futu re tii me

BacSk: ~onil:.a.sts: will, gai12g to', pl:'\esent

~ Will is normany ,knQIWI1.aS thep'~dj,C![iw fl,.lJtiur~, l!!d describes known faers, a

orwhat W( s:uppose iSETIIlle,. I'll boe ,"'toe: hom'f: this ,mening. The ,mmpan:lwi!1 :make a profi:t next year. Thiscan alsotske the form oO,f~,n as,slll'mpitiarn: 'rbllt ~llh,eJim at tbe aCNJT., This means I!:hat I suppose it is Jim.

Will is: alsousedto elii:pressan ,jmmedisre decisjQn~ I'll' itaie th.'i~one.

Oe,ci$10n:s apre~$,~dwid~gQin,gto :r~{:erro a mOffdisr:a::ntpoint Other uses of wiJl~nrJ dJaJh,re in U n~t:S1. ] ;~ nd 1.2.
,]. Be going


me fueure,


il1l[eliu,ilOii:lS Dr

plans" A'[


ilWlfo,meiiir: 5:p~aklii.lg ,tht' 'of:

"l8!l4s have already been made. I"m ,goingt.(,ll wa~:t D,ere u,lllil Ca'rolgeu; ba:.ck. Going lois alsa used ~o die:5'Crihe 1111vene whose cause is p:rese'llt 001" e ,evi.demll:" l.ook at r.hoa!':r~ellt's,pin:g m/alL t D~dsiol:ilisexpressed withgoi.ng to tl~fer '00 a more distanTi pai.Wl1i'.irt the furure, Other 'iUsesoEwiN and shall are in Units, '] t MId ~2, 4 Present conr~i:n'UG.us d.e.-sc!l"~!b,e:sfi.x~cl: O1rl":imlg,emeit'J!~:s:!.~$p~ci~]lys'odill 1l"ld.tr.dJv~~ a arr1ulg~mems, A time reference is us:yaUy inel udf't:i.
;, COll1l,trasts between gO£Hg

and.'lh"ili' malf 'be a. matter ofspeakertp,refellience.

~n lWOiUMi no~ ,s'e:em:irnal:pp.mlPri,,~e .i,f,g,Qmg to was

used, passiMy beeauserhe sense o:fd~~ ,a'Us~ is 1P~~'~otin the


1. This describes

eve;[u wh.ich win 'be hOlll',pen]ng .ailtaru,mr-e point. Com:eroun,d in tb1flmornin:g .. .1~ll,b"e::fUhntittg threkitt!;'ii';n.

2 h call also dlescribeevl!ms which are going, il:QI happen, :a.nf'W~Y.rarcffi1!e1ithan , ,eve.nltS whic:bw,c: dloose t'l) make haf'lJtn. 1 WOi'J'l'! b'Oth-er to.{rx a time' llJl,s,ee yO'~ b«a.u.s,e rtJ. he ,caili~:g intiQ the ,f)ffi~!eanYW;:;IJ .~e'lJt!Tairimes nex.t w'eek,


'~'M'tni . lhc 'wee. "k at from a (I. ByiJU! end oft'A month."u!.e and prc$~:licperFecu Pr~~cn.l:'5 fl~gbt.tp Jj(i about" ttl :lIlQ he Or.e:c[ I This has bod.edinner. WiJiyO'lli .f~'fl1·· rhtu (gal .e is also us<.l(.. Mary is M . "'H'm oj.o U nirs 1] :lind l2 £'0'1' uses cxprl'!s.rl !~nfivr! m. 'W(.1 £he.. ':5 tlu..bflgQi. is AU~.(!/f.emems.Uhawhe'e~ 'Warkii\t~j'ar~'h'iffi'l'rff.h::ndlll'li' rcf~:!"ences u"e th (I. 0.~il1.$imp~. be to die next moment.? l 4 h can aka be used refer re lilted crr.!' "-'Ilt limpll~wb. .nu.at 6.b. time which we look b.!! is dbou~'!~ sear.l.r.c'v..ture c.lrlll.f} rs. imple and I us forms: and refers 'EO.I arr.la.HUff: point.rs time I 'l/ haw /im1hetl this book.th-'polin.·'l" g'Q O.I.bc'f' :'c.. See al:. be d.iirel itl t J. rh..(!. This means th:u ] asseme you have no~ h"Hlrd the news. pIa.fnow. . P.et llli! re.j .rse.!! -:~a..p.2 II: can a] b€ used to C=Xp-f-eSS lin assumptle» on the part gf ~h€:speaker.lnsta:lidf prll.~.of '"'O~. p' 's~nt Slimp-I-.. ~~"u Od'l(:r W. 1. An. '(Ot.l:nsome cenrexrs fu.cri.: t'h OIl hoiid4Y .NdI!H~'S tire to Msemble i~ tbe haU at 9.!'ar.~ /:$ .imp. Yo'" WtJ"t! ~~.tld'yo.~oref~rs [0 scheduled rimes.n ~u ure ti.ntinuous also sounds more p'o1~te[han 7J. W h. It's ali 8 ~ .!tu. [j. '~mph __'i.k a. ':rom re.0.due to.f. VIZ w.7.. sla.'l'S·to the shop1later? If you-go. 11'2two y(!o.obligation. wis hC!s o:f the spet:l:l!ter."e'.lelio'f1I oOf rh.0.inPariSli"l:S summer: IfO CO!L1t1.20. !Hive heard ~eU}!l.intj£Ct.u get mt!5Q'me pota toes.cn the com..sc:d. The b'ana 'Will be per/ormirJg li'C. op 1"llion... til .d '~o d~s.U.tngem~nu .iJ on Y"-sllay ~l!xt.~ of reHgning.'.t "imple 15 used m t'ef~rro fuuJr.fr).u:se'.resent . I'll Christmlts .(JJu(t .~time i.nd plarrs.~'k t&"" p. 2 Bft ab'Out the . 3 P[1esent impl.'ly:s of 1 referrinG to the fl.m. WI](1" 'We g.ldevents wlilid~ de no!: .e evelu nilS.It!. ill.rf week I ha~ 'm. Fu[ure :perf. -FreSCfllE p(:r'roe'~ can • lse be lIIsed.e1'~ 'W. to be T~'IIis used to describe form-.fJim ofbo~h refer J t'hi. Y(!'4 'Si01il-rly" c •.ad a rest. we ~l'l' h.~ Is I~rt.

erbs of dlluki. t 4 SbaJJ The use of. What ~.a.r :1) Come on.:F_oim qr sepa Qri ilg~.fm1. a shan lI:.~~f!JgJI on my yachr. (you do) this SaI!IJf.g/l!iU )IQU wo'rk 'lhi! week d[er Ch'risrmas? 1ll.language.r firs[ pt'lI"son in future Rfell'fnC.1. (be} hack ~n an !hour. I dO:ltbt whether .ng can be foUQwod by will if there is futlliJ!:"'e' r'e'f. relax] brackets ~nlro..~l!'IefaU)reonsidered to be restricted in Britl sh English dilld po. ~bw.ill!. c) Helen l:n f)Wh~t do you dl!runkrQ]l..wro by eitha present or futlH.e before munch. . For some speakers.ru b~~ 'n ha_ve_ een as~eep.Owerfurure referenc~s 1 Hope This ean be' follo.oSiI:. (~ea"e).llU:oven.an. v These im:lude: think].nn~· be.o tea'llle. Hurry up! The train is j.the breken window? words 1I.mdeil'~mll'led.:~ to go O!JI:? By the end .}O :s:o~JmJe.erence. Or we·lImiss/we'ILh.bl~ I .:. n· M.en helinrill hi"·'': bee.e ~s G.: oor..•. sl)I1..s dJinJkirilg of visiting you.[. i) Dcin'·'[ phone after ~Loo.come/I"m itt it c.nry .!?:rl!l:il!"le_"l:wmJrere.irlt. 1 hap.url. ( be' the postman .ir. too I. ...• By [he time you get baek Ha. dfJarz >it rain . expecl aoU.edwill 'W.etenses.iU.e tJ\ail1 witt be late.e'!' o h) Win you be worrkin.~siMy dedi Hi ng 'n use. getilll.sbaJ. 1hope: u'W~n'~ rain.iji'rul!l ar.a~e missed the pb!n... 2 Other verbs fonawed by .(js :g9~iJIg:m si!(1)' ~.r aho.b. i) Iy 'the l'i me Jean . See U nlils 1'1 and 12 for 1lSf'S in expressing obligarion.) ~n It'WenlEy four hom's· time b) "There's someone ~l ~h{.l..e-oful're. 'c) d) e) f) <That . due fiQ $!.expect th.five next mom:h so h."'''' . II'5 (I'oJ).i:n~ j 3 j.. heliwe. ".u.ets back.[I. Ie) I have to be back.."U be:doingJJiDUI~1l do ~nfj've y.~k we (decide) what 10 do.l fo.lli seitable tense.••.e'. ChOOSie' the most appro'piI"lan~ a) lack L.!! it.vs' tim..day e en~ng'?Woufd you I.ill.a1{inll.rip' 1: ..pming.te. can be used ro 'to des.1 Dg on the P011i r of happ C'n~'I1g. at 3. ."! J USl.IJ is W1s~dl in formam speech and in written .e-. b) Quick" h ere comes a poll ice ca:r!W~1I: MU we sa:vhre Vole gOiillg rosa)!' ~bou[ iiilld Andrew . b 2 flu: I[he verb ~n a..crilbd!'som~~h.' d !:!~ke. d} Don't be so impati~llt! jUAA.erfehe l .!t.b!m i1lgljllSt Q. 1.stijus.

.a·s oon as:you s .i'!!ny :&ood. 0.wi~{~.. he A} win b@' eaving.. (tim: be:):lon:g before Doct".dyyet.~ 'week U lmIe-xt " .st[he' k~}r! How " back-. ow 'I. B)i. send me the resules .scalcularo~. .i.one.e•.sn:d Ithe· red bunon .lthink 1 (faint).~'!. b) .3i~s~".ch!: gOit rickets for :the ma'ocih. C"(uuinuano[J for each se'!'!!teflU'.•.00. w e) is fi[]]Jishi ngn~~:t ea!f.ll have beenread}~in 3i millut~. '. ibeaJ.oll!llmade. . " 'me .••••••• . hJ.mith is here. It':S~'ery hot lin hfre . B.(I dlo)~ i). bUl:i r A} is gloi:n.iiilg. mot-ice. the. e).eaviog~ c) will have 'Ieft~ l c) Everyone SJ!}fS 1I::h. c) am not iiile~dingit. win be noticinG..ty A) are G.1\) hear <l!l'lylhli:ng. j) .. b'on .lf..~r.c. b) Can you. B) is l.c) win the Cup.y? Have vou d!ec:idedly.aJ..? is) are hearing anyth:i.al!e a).a'~ this y~.elL? 3 ChoQse the most apI:~i!"OlPn..e) ir's arriv-lF:lg ...oing lIOwin the Cup. .'Olll ilny good.g to be r.i.. clinc. I've prt. Wail fo:t me here untiru " e We >1£ieon . AiI'. c) Idon't go. 'g) I'm SlO:!'li'y d. I A) am nor 'gomlng I'EOneedit.give) Ann for her birthda. nobcdy d A.00. :s) I'm not gO. c) win be readyi il~.('.although Aj ffili arrives ar 6..hilllg the deal. 18).. e) Acco:rd:i. _ "~ next. dD1~ government .)wili.ng 'toO the l:aIEC':S'[ fOI'e[3sr. . B) is noticing:. Marlin -for he'~pbut A) it won'l: do you .. j) What . 8) won'r harve Leen needing it.recli.} will.s _ Th is ~im.ng? c) will have heard aything? i) You 'can try ... u ••••"' g) '""!P'e~o. . c) il! won'/t be _ doing .lofli1a[ .BJnelfisnr ~f r~a. d) I dOB"flee] like vis~~mg_y relatives ~hisyear so 1\) ID won't go.e) d) e) f) ~) B}' this time ne!i:1year.eadyin a l11inu'te.11. Paula's fl-i. 4 COlnipiet~ each senreaee will:h i!!! suitable word or phrase re'ferring: eo [uDlre time.t·s due at .T Ci.. B) i't's not doing y'oQUany :&.g) It. rniml!ll!e .asking.c't what 'Carol.eE in now? . 8) arewinn~ng the Cup. b} l't's riO use pbon~ng Bob at ~heoffice. ill h~l\re:been finished next year.Don·itwo~ry .an p.gh't: is bound '[0 be ~ate..mnru:'1 A} will be finmshed next }'.r S.000..resignoo. " -:.. y f) You can borrow I~h.::e. en Wedllesday~"'~ning:?lJve r " .d:HJut ie nl~s:ta_key. o.

:g) .•. m ean'tleave on Tues:diay .••.. _'_' g) 'the arrival Qf I:he [min has been d:elayed •.' .C'1!: b ments fO~I'Jthw~thl(mmU:LQwOil...·.l':m .if:r..Qose the most "'ppmpri<1~eword.'T" ••" •••• ......••• -".1lit everything will be .."" .ai:the '~l!ld!i... i) There will be a: 'Ce. I .. "" ".nc:h? 'Why dJl)n"r y.Y'f~.•.•..noment/ex.." .e ti me'll he :£1i Im begin s. m ••._ .•. iQ.:ng:kokT h) Diana will be r..u rshd.rown is ".[b.. I .•.ed.. .BY WenlQ!: ~a'l1r :h....me cllle_r.E.I e)Wby donor: you. Th~train w~]1 .••. ju.only posred il:hei~lvit1li:[]ons yesterday j) Good bye flOit' now.s" [~mehwoweeks ~:a[. ....l[ the me.' •• "". _ 11) Let's leave .. b} I'~ sure II:h....~) This book will take me two }'!!':'anto wrjre. .~r. f) I 'm sure Fiona will be here befoceJO:[I1laFter a while..•.•••• ... 6 ClI. i) Ther..•. . By the end ofdle mOl"lld.•.eoei"... come to S~~ us during h.st .. j) By~ flOr ~QiW. . a. SiC! . i.. The: team raeenbees " ._ .•.. ••• " ••• " •• " .. " ".. . " .rs~~ome the end of tJ1emonth.aii:l ..a:cdv wneli1! yOIJ h~ararlf news .•••.As sCIon as "'._.. b) The Pri me a) Idon'U'liJppo._ m.•••.•.. .y IIlnri[ the:mtby~heo.aning stays the same. se d:1I..JlIr~ght . c) Please c.."'..e wi I~.S![i me tOmqrrow r ILbei 11 B OI.. Th....•.utll members" mee... y. .. h'.ait the end of the nextlecture..chwiiitih you Lamer mdle w~k. hilir • _. e •••••••.£ wun't he ]ong.[I the gnd.l. beginni ng as shown.. nnou Iil. " ". " "'0:." ..seyol!I haveheaed dH: news. Mi~~~'t'~~'.•. ".aJ rs' ti me ..•.. YOILII 5 Rewrite each ~e:n~ei!lG:)e...•. r.d.. e: l'iioo~fiti3J".tEl1g ii:mnor:mw.... .rpliJrU'ril !l:nder]inedl. t']! see ...o. d) I should be back bv lhed me/::u .~p~~'~' :hi~-p. .~dri"g sQQI[lIa~i:rMd:r.•__ .••.the new.... .. 0 •• '. c) A new manag'el wiU take Mr Brow n's p]ace in the new :reilLr~ Mit' B. exactiy de you inrtend to do!' \W'ha:!! eXilIcdy are yOlu .•..-~'--~'~i~'i~. In...JU....h) .i) We .s 1I:h<lit •• . o 11 .e Prime Minister beJi. 'You won "I.._ ....%1Je' h'eard . . f) Wh~...eve.. d) ["lirebeen in this company fur three yea.•.rollin two week.••.I won~t bC"l· r~a). in [(notl.. ••• .{!!UifS yet.. 'two' Yf.~ -> •••...ou come to see us WhfTII we ~ .

__ Ii" j) MM"JI"and Alan's wed..'!. :A ) 'we • re . 3..ear" i"v.foflecast..."" •• "II ".) What. B)Wlbat are w.t'W. pp"opn:ate. lVlARlUED 8 .) 1[·8 going .' IG .ms of Deoide: wbet~er a} You can't lea.wiJI bey.-nl f. II.h d.~Ii~_~"''''.th~p.~moJ'lllOw. ..' A) 'Wihdl.'' Ii ~ •••• ~..have 3.o .. m ~ ~ ..1_ "' "'. .II . h".~~~:.) 'Whall:~o you intend..~!!f!.TJ~ffJ!_~~.A) i'["1lII .~&:.~!.ram ~.II "'.e'n" 011' . WHAT ~~F.fF!.ay? B] What is rout' mother g'oing: to sa)..Ptainsme W(lied inJ c<IJ(pluls. d) Who.sentences a. A)WIt!t.aUI offuel.oll. . . b. your mother s.:!~.e gnUig 'to do :[lo'W? IC:} o..eeach ~eDknceso that it eo'.folilin loomortow. 'time is dle [rain fm" No:tti..a:ooeptable.:~... meetiflg.e b(1oiken rili.is next week~:nd.dii:ng .nga meeflJlllG~ 8) we're g. .. vitaJI breakdtrough UNTn.ngham? LEAVE GO I.ve early.'".~~i.oi..iiU.' " -rav.U are we dloing no..in whredler one iis more h .lrass:ist~toEli dlisprojeclt? e) :5ciell'll:lstsare (Jill WOIUU ABOUT HAVE G the poi nt of mwog 13.e vas ."? d.) According '&Odieweather ..7' Rewril. d to do now? Do iU)[lchange dimeword in al1l!Y w:aty.~-~ ~ ~'I-!'~ ~. (b'Oth' . .t A mor« (fppropri4fj~J me -b)We've run ..~~.!!~_~~!: !!!:fl. ? OODtl~:IlI:t gMy.)md b) IcouM 'be equally acceptable ..

} illI. h) 'Why don'ryoucome wah us? ':II.:o~n:go let up laee. t g) I t's my e]gihteel]!icn Ib. 13) I'm f.mhavirrug a piilrfy.Log&O be a great trip.ow"So CaiUWlJlnd e) m'd H'ke ro A) I' ll g~n: IJIP late. .and see Y01!1.B) I'rn going to get :angry in a minute.B )h's . B) rUbe having ap<t1"l!Y.F.nlng? flo} W.g'? f) I 'v€: go~ !I1othing m d:OIiOmQrr. dle mOi.i nhd:ay nexlL memh SQ A) ~'. D Shut 'Up. i) Wheo you get I!:Q ~heairport A) ~om~()ne win wa:it :far you" D) semeone will be w. . wim you! A) I"mgeull1lgangry lila minute.']J be' a great trip. A)W~aeU Y'OIlJ It:! e d10lng in. g:o.hataJre you doing ]11 we m<:"lTiI1in.a~Tdn~for you.

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