The HASSLES of Driving:

POWEROIL is an engine treatment formula that helps prevent engine wear and tear, eliminates smoke belching, ensures a passing smoke emission test result, increases engine performance, guarantees absolutely no overheating/engine knocking even without radiator water and engine oil. At the same time it saves you a lot of money by changing your engine oil every 30,000 kms instead of every 5,000 kms and most important of all, saves fuel consumption from 20% up to 50%! Furthermore, it is the only known product in the world that boasts of the latest advances in tribology combined with nanotechnology & the only product in the world known to cure flood-submerged engines!

Powerful Benefits
Treatment for Flood-submerged, water-exposed engines: Engines exposed to flood have water retention even after oil change and engine flushing. This makes your car drivable but UNSAFE. The residual water in the engine can’t be eliminated by any mechanic unless they use Poweroil. This ensures that water won’t do any damage in the engine. Performance Coating against Overheating: Normally, Ceramic Coatings cost PhP25,000 minimum & Molybdenum Coatings cost PhP50,000 minimum! Poweroil costs only PhP2,800 (Philippine Price) and out-performs all types of racing performance coatings for it has the highest threshold for friction and heat, thereby guaranteeing no engine stoppage!!! Metal Shield against Heat Absorption: Metal surfaces, as do other forms of matter, expand after absorbing heat and for the engine, this spells cracking of the cylinder block leading to engine breakdown and engine stoppage. Poweroil forms a protective shield AROUND, WITHIN & IN BETWEEN the atomic spaces of metal that even the highest temperature could not penetrate it, thereby protecting all the metal parts of the engine from destruction via heat! Yes this makes our product the only product in the world with nanotechnology! Power Provider: Metal surfaces in contact with each other are inhibited by friction and this is the reason why we use lubricants. The viscosity of Poweroil is unlike anything else in the world that it allows metal parts to move freely smoothly and faster! Plus, since the metal parts absorb no heat at all, the combustion is beyond par! These two factors make the engine perform better increasing the power by at least 25%! Even a Kia Pride properly treated with Poweroil could outrace an untreated Honda Civic in acceleration! Other engine oils, oil additives and engine treatment formula stop at a maximum of 80psi while Poweroil won’t stop even at a torque of 221psi and over!!! Fuel Saver: Since the engine does not have a hard time moving and since there is better combustion, fuel economy is at its best! Experience at least 20% to a maximum of 50% savings in fuel whenever you use Poweroil! Engine Oil Life Extender: Carbon deposits, sludge & contaminants make the engine oil less lubricating, thereby making the consumers change oil every 5,000 kms. Poweroil efficiently handles this problem by altering the viscosity of the engine oil to a most efficient level that changing oil for those using our engine treatment formula is recommended at least every 30,000kms! In fact, in the Philippines, Tritran Bus Company certified that because of our product, they now change every 48,000kms! Even BBL Bus Company does the same practice because of our product! Worry-Free Driving: Poweroil offers maintenance-free driving for you wont have to check the level of engine oil or radiator water! Poweroil is the only product in the world that could make a vehicle run without oil and water! So even if you’re driving to the provinces, you won’t have to worry about an exploding radiator hose or a leaking oil gasket, because even if you run out of water or oil, we guarantee no engine stoppage! Therefore, you could still go home! Nothing could be more comfortable than this! If safety and comfort could be bought, then buy Poweroil!!!

Note: High Tech Engen Poweroil is marketed in some countries under a different brand name as requested by the companies under contract with us who got franchise rights.

In the Philippines, POWEROIL was formerly marketed as Power For Infinity!
GENERAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Specific Gravity, 60°F Appearance Flash Point, (ASTM D-92) °F Fire Point, (ASTM 1190) °F Viscosity, @ 40 °C (ASTM D-445), SUS Odor Non-Volatile, WT % Copper Corrosion Test Total Base Number (TBN), KOH/g TYPICAL RESULTS 1.05-1.10 Opaque Brown >230 >250 137 Mild Petroleum Odor 39 1A 320

EXTREME PRESSURE/WEAR PERFORMANCE Falex E.P. (ASTM D 3233) 4 Balls E.P., ASTM D 2596, weld point, Kgf. 4 Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, scar diam., mm (40 Kg, 1299 rpm, 75°C, 1 hr), 10% in 10W30 Motor Oil CORROSION RESISTANCE Rust Test Rating, ASTM D 1 743, rating Salt Fog, ASTM B 1 1 7, hours to failure, 1 mil d.f.t. OXIDATION RESISTANCE Bearing Life, ASTM D 3527, hours Bomb Oxidation, ASTM D 942 psi drop after 1,000 hours EMULSION STABILITY De-ionized Water 300 ppm Hard Water

3500 mm 800 0.36 PASS >300 100 9.0 GOOD GOOD




Gasoline, Diesel or Propane Engines

(First Application) (Subsequent Applications) Other Applications Hydraulic Systems Gear Boxes Manual Transmissions Automatic Transmissions Transfer Cases Differentials (except posi-trac) Power Shift 4-Stroke with Wet Clutch Power Steering Units

6% 3%

59.15 ml/liter 29.57 ml/liter

5% 5% 5% 1% 5% 5% 3% 3% 5%

44.36 ml/liter 44.36 ml/liter 44.36 ml/liter 9.76 ml/liter 44.36 ml/liter 44.36 ml/liter 29.57 ml/liter 29.57 ml/liter 44.36 ml/liter

Poweroil is a powerful extreme-pressure and anti-wear oil additive based on the synergism of phosphate ester and calcium carbonate chemistry. Phosphate esters in the lubrication industry have been known to possess mild extreme pressure characteristics, and calcium carbonate complexes have been traditionally used to impart added anti-wear properties to oil formulations. The two chemistries have been developed in a unique formulation designed to provide a highly effective extreme- pressure and anti-wear protection unsurpassed by any conventional additive motor oils. Poweroil is formulated to provide complete metal to metal protection in engines, hydraulic systems, gear boxes and numerous industrial applications without the side effects of corrosion and early depletion of alkaline reserves common in other chlorinated and fluorinated additives. While competitors often deplete the alkaline reserve, Poweroil actually improves oil alkalinity. Poweroil is an environmentally sound, high-pressure oil additive free of chlorinated and fluorinated materials that safely extend the life of your oil. Reduces Friction even under the most extreme pressure. Extends the life of your engine. Cleans everything from carbon deposits to the most severe in sludge build-up. Safely doubles the miles and time between oil changes.

Poweroil provides far more protection than competition, for example:
Extreme Pressure Enhances lubrication and anti-wear properties in and motor oil. Anti-Wear Agents Alkaline Booster Neutralizes acid and boosts the depleted motor oil alkaline reserves. Corrosion Inhibitor Protects engine parts from the corrosive effects found in motor oil. Anti-Oxidant Minimizes sludge formation due to unsaturated decomposition products. Detergent Cleans internal engine parts, minimizes sludge and sticking. Dispersant Keeps the metallics in oil suspended. Prevents the accumulation of sludge. Minimizes Oil filter clogging.


Viscosity Classification
ISO VG 150W SAE Gear Viscosity 90W SAE Viscosity 40W

137 (Monark Testing)/ 137.1 (Petronas of Malaysia Testing)

1) It forms strong Multi-molecular magnetic oil film onto the metal surface of metal moving parts such as vehicle engines, compressors and generators, which reduces friction and cures overheating by preventing metal expansion due to heat by inhibiting heat absorption by the metal. It contains a signature Intra-metal Technology that promotes subatomic level penetration of the formula into the metal spaces and grooves for stronger binding and thus, longer efficacy. It contains Polar Hydrocarbon, which is an excellent solvent of the gums in oil at high temperature levels. It contains Thermal Stabilizers, which keep engine temperature within ideal range. It contains engine oil Viscosity Modifiers, which alters the viscosity of oil for better handling and functioning.


3) 4) 5)

Scientific Description: It is composed of various thermaesthesia catalysts that extend the usefulness of petroleum oil and improve its lubricating properties. It has a polymorphous substance that makes it antioxidant, thus maintaining the viscosity of the oil. It inhibits corrosion by neutralizing corrosive materials. It acts as detergent to maintain engine cleanliness and keep fine carbon particles suspended in the circulating oil. Poweroil is not only capable of building a thick protective film between rubbing surfaces, but it also converts the very fine metal oxide particles of oil into electronegative substances that fill-in microscopic roughness of the rubbing surfaces of the engine. Thus, even in the case of oil depletion or accidental loss, the engine can still keep on running for long hours and even days.

Lubricant Properties:
Some of the most important properties necessary for satisfactory lubricant performances are:  Low volatility under operating conditions. Volatility characteristics are essentially inherent in the choice of base oil for a particular type of service and cannot be improved by the use of additive materials. Although Poweroil has nothing to do with the volatility of a base oil, it has the highest threshold for heat which regulates the operating conditions and as such controls indirectly the volatility by delaying it.  Satisfactory flow characteristics in the temperature range of use. Flow characteristics largely depend on the choice of base oil; however, there can be improved modifiers. The former improve low temperature flow properties, while the latter enhance high temperature viscosity characteristics. Poweroil, which also contains viscosity modifiers, are to a large degree capable of withstanding high temperature.  Superior stability or ability to maintain desirable characteristics for a reasonable period use. While these characteristics depend to some extent on the base materials, which enhance base fluid properties in this area. Lubricant stability is affected by the environment in which it operates. Such factors as temperature, oxidation potential and contamination with water, unburned fuel fragments and corrosive acids limit the useful life of a lubricant. This is then where additives have made a major contribution in improving the performance characteristics and extending the useful life of lubricants and as far as additives are concerned, the most efficient with the most number of beneficial property improvements done is Poweroil.

Compatibility with other materials in the system. Compatibility of lubricants with seals, bearings, clutch plates, etc. may also be partially associated with base oil. However, additive chemistry can have a major influence on such characteristics. Additives can be classified as materials that impart new properties to or enhance existing properties of the lubricant or fuel into which they are incorporated.

Poweroil is practically compatible to all materials concerned having high efficacy even at extreme conditions.


Monark Oil Analysis Interpretation: Oil change interval is recommended always at every 5,000 kms because oil viscosity deteriorates by 50% beyond this kilometer reading.
Since Power Formulations Inc. claims that their product, Power For Infinity, can lengthen a regular engine oil life up to AT LEAST 30,000 kms, we have tested all types of engine oil, oil additives and engine treatments, but the furthest that all existing brands could go is 15,000 kms of no change oil. After testing a fresh sample of Power For Infinity straight from the bottle, we noted the viscosity to be 137. We then started using and testing Power For Infinity in a 7-year old Kia Pregio Diesel van. The van was used for 14 straight months and that is equivalent to more than 30,000 kms of no change oil. We subjected again the product to tests and We were surprised to discover that the viscosity was still very high. This surely is a breakthrough finding! Power For Infinity is recommended beyond measure.

I. Nissan
Nissan Test 1
Nissan Dealer: Core Automotive Resources Inc., Pasong Tamo, Makati City Certification by: Mr. Salmineo P. Espinosa, Service Manager Test Unit: 1990 Nissan Sentra (166,506 kms mileage) A. Compression Test Before Power For Infinity: Cylinder No. 1: 135 psi Cylinder No. 2: 132 psi Cylinder No. 3: 147 psi Cylinder No. 4: 130 psi B. Compression Test After Power For Infinity: Cylinder No. 1: 189 psi Cylinder No. 2: 190 psi Cylinder No. 3: 195 psi Cylinder No. 4: 210 psi C. Analysis of Test Result: 1) Compression pressure increases by an average of 37.9% on all cylinders. This means that Power For Infinity is an excellent and effective engine oil conditioner. Drastic increase in compression pressure indicates corresponding increase in fuel mileage and reduction of exhaust emission pollutants. 2) Level of performance at idling becomes smoother due to almost equal cylinder compression pressure. 3) Quick and responsive acceleration because of increased engine power and torque. 4) Reduced engine noise and vibration due to efficient lubricity. D. Conclusion: Dilution of 250 ml Power For Infinity to 4 liters of engine oil makes the oil film thicker, thus giving the following advantages: 1) Enhances cylinder wall and piston rings sealing capacity thereby eliminates blow-by gases as indicated by test result; 2) Extends a longer change oil interval due to elimination of gases leaking to the crankcase that contaminates engine oil; 3) Increases fuel savings due to increase power and frictionless moving parts; 4) Eliminates noise and vibration through efficient lubrication

Nissan Test 2:

Nissan Dealer: Core Automotive Resources Inc., Pasong Tamo, Makati City Certification by: Mr. Salmineo P. Espinosa, Service Manager Test Unit: 1990 Nissan Maxima (120,350 kms mileage) A. Gas Compression Test Before Power For Infinity: 141 psi After Power For Infinity: 196 psi under 15 minutes only of running % increase in Compression: 71.94% B. Carbon Monoxide Test Before Power For Infinity: 3.7% carbom monoxide emission After Power For Infinity: 1.9% of carbon monoxide emission % drop in carbon monoxide: 51.35%

C. Dynamic Test: Results showed smooth and more powerful engine during acceleration.



Hyundai Dealer: Wheels Inc., E. Rodriguez Ave. Q.C. Certification by: Mr. Cesar D. David, Jr. Service Manager Test Unit: 1997 Kia Besta (112,234 kms mileage) A. Compression Test Before Power For Infinity Cylinder No. 1: 400 psi Cylinder No. 2: 320 psi Cylinder No. 3: 420 psi Cylinder No. 4: 320 psi B. Compression Test After Power For Infinity Cylinder No. 1: 400 psi Cylinder No. 2: 380 psi Cylinder No. 3: 420 psi Cylinder No. 4: 400 psi

Service Manager’s Note: Improvement of any of the cylinder’s compression ratio gives better fuel economy since efficiency is beyond par.



National Center for Technical Education and Staff Development, Land and Transportation Training AreTechnical Education and Skills and Development Authority Tested by: Mr. Rodrigo M. Dedase, Land Transportation Officer-inCharge Certification by: Mr. Ricardo J. Mejia, Chief, NCTESD Test Unit: 1993 Nissan Sentra A. Compression Test Before Power For Infinity Cylinder No. 1: Cylinder No. 2: Cylinder No. 3: Cylinder No. 4: 135 psi 160 psi 175 psi 160 psi

B. Compression Test After Power For Infinity Cylinder No. 1: Cylinder No. 2: Cylinder No. 3: Cylinder No. 4: 200 psi 195 psi 205 psi 200 psi

TESDA Note: Roughly, compression pressure has increased by at least 25% per cylinder and this will translate to a large amount of fuel savings and will mean a pollutant-free emission.

IV. Kia Motors

Kia Dealer: Columbian Autocar Corp., West Service Rd. SSH, P’que City Tested by: Mr. Frederick D. Salonga, Service Department Certification by: Mr. Dennis T. Urmatam, Service Manager Test Unit: 1996 Kia Besta

After series of undisclosed tests, Kia Motors reported the following: 1) Reduced engine noise up to 50% especially during start-up 2) Increased fuel efficiency 3) Increased engine performance 4) Eliminated engine overheating 5) Eliminated engine vibration when turning off the engine


LTO Emission Testing Center
Emission Testing Center: ATS Inc. Emission Center Certification by: Mr. Salvic Sulapas, Authorized LTO Inspector A. Jeepney No. 1: Plate No. NYZ-509 Opacimeter reading before Power For Infinity: 4.22K (December 9, 2003/ 3:56pm) Opacimeter reading after Power For Infinity: 1.57K (December 9, 2003/ 4:05pm) Analysis: 62% decrease in harmful emission under 9 minutes B. Jeepney No. 2 Opacimeter reading before Power For Infinity: 8.21K (December 8, 2003/ 3:27pm) Opacimeter reading after Power For Infinity: 2.07K (December 9, 2003/ 4:14pm)

Analysis: 75% decrease in harmful emission under 25 hours, 17 minutes.

VW Philippines Fuel Mileage Actual Test
Test Unit: VW Polo Classic 1997 Data before Power For Infinity application: City Driving: 6.5kms/L Highway Driving: 8kms/L A. Highway Driving Test Drive: October 15, 2004 Stretch: Better Living Paranaque to Pagbilao Quezon to Lucena Quezon (plus went driving around Lucena City for 4 hours) then back to Paranaque Mileage: 40,056kms (When car left) 40,291kms (When car came back) Distance traveled during testing: 235 kms Gas consumed: PhP525

Comparision: Before Power For Infinity: 235kms x 1L/8kms x PhP27.25/L= PhP799 or 8kms/L After Power For Infinity: PhP27.25/L x 235kms/PhP525 = 12.2kms/L PhP799-525/799 x 100%= 34.29% SAVINGS (from 8kms/L before PFI to 12.2kms/L after PFI)
B. City Driving

Mileage: 40,660kms-40,559kms= 101kms 101kms/PhP200 x PhP26.94/L= 13.6kms/L (from 8kms/L before PFI to 13.6kms/L after PFI)

VI. Petronas
Petronas Research & Scientific Services SDN BHD, Selangor, Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Test Report by: Mr. Zawiah Ali & Mr. Nor Azah Abdulah, LMIC Data: Power For Infinity is marketed as VX Poweroil in Malaysia by Spartec. The synthetic oil used against Power For Infinity is Petronas’ Mach 5. Viscosity Modifier Test I. Viscosity of Synthetic Engine Oil: 128.7 II. Viscosity of Power For Infinity: 137.1 III. Viscosity of Synthetic oil with Power For Infinity: 130.1 IV. Viscosity of Used oil with Power For Infinity: 137.6 Interpretation As it is, Power For Infinity has better viscosity (137.6) than Petronas’ leading synthetic oil, Mach5 (128.7). When 2L of Mach5 was poured with only 125mL of Power For Infinity, the viscosity improved (from 128.7 to 130.1). Imagine how a little amount of Power For Infinity (6.25%) could improve the viscosity of Mach5. That translates to the fact that Power For Infinity’s secret ingredients are far better than Petronas’ number one synthetic oil. Now after using the synthetic oil with Power For Infinity for several days, Power For Infinity improved the viscosity of the mixture even further bringing the viscosity to 137.6. Petronas officials were astounded by the report that they wanted to strike a deal with Power Formulations Inc. just to get the formula. However, the company declined the offer of Petronas.


5,000km 10,000km s s (1st (2nd 5,000km 5,000kms s) ) PhP2,00 PhP2,000 0 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP4,80 0 (1 bottle of PO) PhP24,0 62** PhP28,8 62 PhP34,37 5* PhP36,37 5 15,000k 20,000k ms ms (3rd (4th 5,000km 5,000km s) s) PhP2,00 PhP2,00 0 0 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 TOTAL 25,000k 30,000k ms (30,000kms ms (6th ) (5th 5,000km 5,000km s) s) PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP12,000 0 0 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 PhP206,250 75* PhP36,3 PhP218,250 75 PhP4,800

Change Oil W/O Poweroil Fuel W/O Poweroil TOTAL Expendit ure W/O Poweroil Change Oil WITH Poweroil Fuel WITH Poweroil TOTAL Expendit ure WITH Poweroil

PhP24,06 2** PhP24,06 2

PhP24,0 62** PhP24,0 62

PhP24,0 62** PhP24,0 62

PhP24,0 62** PhP24,0 62

PhP24,0 PhP144,372 62** PhP24,0 PhP149,172 62


PhP7,51 3

PhP12,31 3

PhP12,3 13

PhP12,3 13

PhP12,3 13

PhP12,3 13


*(every 5,000kms at 8kms/L): Php 55/L x 1L/8kms x 5,000kms= PhP34,375 **PhP34,375 x 30% minimum fuel savings = PhP24,062 or Php 55/L x 1L/11.43kms x 5,000kms= PhP24,062

5,000km 10,000k 15,000k 20,000k 25,000k 30,000k TOTAL s ms ms ms ms ms (30,000k (1st (2nd (3rd (4th (5th (6th ms) 5,000km 5,000km 5,000km 5,000km 5,000km 5,000km s) s) s) s) s) s) PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP2,00 PhP12,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP34,3 75* PhP36,3 75 PhP206, 250 PhP218, 250

Change Oil W/O Poweroil Fuel W/O Poweroil TOTAL Expendi ture W/O Poweroil Change Oil WITH Poweroil Fuel WITH Poweroil TOTAL Expendi ture WITH Poweroil

PhP4,80 0 (1 bottle of PO) PhP17,1 87** PhP20,9 87






PhP4,80 0

PhP17,1 87** PhP17,1 87**

PhP17,1 87** PhP17,1 87**

PhP17,1 87** PhP17,1 87**

PhP17,1 87** PhP17,1 87**

PhP17,1 87** PhP17,1 87**

PhP103, 122 PhP107, 922

PhP14,3 PhP13,5 PhP13,5 PhP13,5 PhP13,5 PhP13,5 PhP110, TOTA 88 00 00 00 00 00 328 L SAVIN GS *(every 5,000kms at 8kms/L): Php 55/L x 1L/8kms x 5,000kms= PhP34,375 **PhP34,375 x 50% minimum fuel savings = PhP17,187 or Php 55/L x 1L/16kms x 5,000kms= PhP17,187


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