YOUR THUMB SPEAKS STUDY OF THUMB: Thumb reading is an essential phase in palmistry which lucidly individualizes your personality. Thumb reading characterizes the nature and temperament of a subject concerned, comprehensively studying the type and division of hand. We invite all hand readers and non readers which are sure to follow hand reading after knowing the role played by thumb in their daily life. Thumb is the support system of a man’s individuality. Let us analyze. DIVISION OF THUMB: It is the representative of the world three greatest ideas possessed by man on this earth. WILL: It is manifested by the upper portion of the thumb. The larger the part, the greater the will power possessed by the subject. LOGIC: It is the representation of the middle part of the thumb. The quality is increased or decreased according to the proportion of the length. ????? LOVE: Now do not disappoint your innocent hearts if your lover is indifferent towards you. Know all you want to know about his/her love from a simple study of hand. Study the lowest phalange carefully. The longer the part, greater the intensity of love possessed. CLASSES OF THUMB: Following are the types of thumbs which can distinguish your qualities. CHECK OUT YOUR FLEXIBILITY THE SUPPLE JOINTED: This is the versatile and flexible thumb giving space to new ideas and views distinctly manifesting the traditionalist in an individual. People with this hand are liable to change and adopt according to the circumstances faced in life. This thumb provides the bearer with a learning possibilities and skill.

• • • • •

They are broad minded Open to change Non conventional Impulsive If, however, the line of head slopes upwards, their reflexive attitude takes over the impulsive and sensual.

• • • • • Do not be too open with demands with this hand type. They are lonely souls rarely making friends. THE CLUBBED HAND: This thumb is in a shape of a club. Remember the subject may grant no least liberty in the expense of ideas and money. This is a generous and extravagant person. Such thumb type take time before making a decision. People possessing this type of thumb are animalistic in nature and thought system. They lack will power. This is not a hand of a niggard. They can harm or murder out of callousness. HE WILL READILY AGREE TO YOUR DEMANDS IF URGED ACCORDINGLY. IF YOUR PARTNER IS A SUPPLE JOINTED THAN DO NOT WASTE TIME TO ASK FOR A FAVOR OR A GIFT. They lack premeditation and depth.• Denotative of generosity of mind. rigid in idea and thinking. He/she is reflective in nature. The longer the nail phalange is the greater is the will power to resist. THE FIRM JOINTED HAND: This is an obdurate personality unlikely to change." Marriage Line Character: . They are difficult to mould. If the third phalange is longer than others they are most likely to commit crime out of passion and sensuality. • • • • They bear brutality of Elementary type. Thus thumb distinctly manifests the words of D’Arpentigny: "the thumb individualizes the man.

nearer to the heart line. the earlier the marriage 6. Width and Depth . Longer line : Longer the relationship 2. Gradual slope towards Heart line : Spouse will die after lingering illness 4. Sloping towards the Heart line : Death of the partner 3.Length: 1. The proximity to the heart line indicates the age of marriage. Curving upwards : Subject could remain single 5. Nearst the midpoint between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line : Late marriage Marriage Line Color.

2. Sometimes a second marriage between the two is indicated 3. Medical science believes that most of the diseases can be anticipated by examining the abnormality in color and structure of nails. Long nails with a tinge of blue on the surface indicate weak constitution of health. Broken but overlaying fragments : Seperation followed by reunion. Broken : Seperation or divorce 2. Too many lines crossing the palm all over : A wife leading her husband for evil purposes Welcome to health palmistry. However the line shoudn't be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection. SHORT NAILS .1. We make it much simpler for you. Deep colour : Better the relationship. Now know your health by a single glance of your nails. Moderately deep furrow : Indicates a legal union Marriage Line Malformation: 1. Here are few tips: LONG NAILS • • Are susceptible to lung and chest diseases.

Space between second and third finger indicate flexibility in adapting to the circumstances. They face problems in their marriage life. They gain prominence in detective studies and study of occultism. . Moons are generally associated with blood circulation. Large moons signify sturdiness in health. Wide space between thumb and first finger is the sign of independence of will power and fearlessness. Tent: Trace of tent anywhere on the phalanges of fingers induces softness in their hearts and sharpens their artistic skills. Very flat nails signify a danger of paralysis.belief in fellow mankind. When form of a shell they conclude paralysis. Wide space between third and fourth finger is the sign of independence of action. inward curve gives a rigid and conventional approach to the bearer. SIGN ON FINGERS: Signs on fingers play an important role in reading the hand. unsteady nature and lack of confidence. If a furrow is found. Smooth fingers are more impulsive than knotty jointed fingers. THE FLAT NAILS LONG AND NARROW NAILS • • • • • • • • THE MOONS OF THE NAILS SPACES BETWEEN THE FINGERS: Outward curve of fingers give broadmindedness and openness to new ideas. This makes a person adaptable to and foreign atmosphere and environment easily. white flecks signify the disruption of the whole nervous system. Indicate spinal fragility. However. Space between first and second finger denote independence of thought.• • • • • • • • Indicate the tendency for a weak heart. The following are the types of figures found on fingers: Javelin: Presence of this sign on the finger indicates high intellectual capacity for learning. Appearance of blue color and disappearance of moons indicate that the disease is in advanced stage. bizarre moon size indicates excessive pressure of blood. Visibility of white spots on the nails concludes fragility in health. Whereas. it is a clear indication of the bearer’s recent confrontation with a nervous disease. Moreover. They might suffer from heart trouble in their old age. Circle: Circle gives openness and innovativeness in thought and nature. They lack strong action orientation. Arch: This sign is connotative of non.

Net: This sign is commonly visible on the fingers of criminals. • They possess a serious temperament. and brutal. The thumb is usually short in this hand type. The inclination of a finger towards any other finger induces the qualities of later in former. They accumulate wealth from unexpected quarters. ARE YOU THE TYPE? • • • • • The hand is. CHECK OUT THE TYPE • • This is the hand of a practical. The hand type and its shape play a vital role in studying the qualities of the individual. . They are advocates of solitude and traditionalism. doctors. It gives a troublesome life. Significance of the shape in dealing with palmistry: We make the study of your hand and others easier. Practical hand is found amongst layers. Rectangle: This sign denote a happy and prosperous life. This hand is found amongst unskilled labor or people performing menial jobs. often superstitious bend of mind.Triangle: They can make good yoga instructors. • • If bearing a well defined strong thumb they can be obstinate in their thought structure. The hand is divided into seven types: THE ELEMENTARY HAND: This hand is found amongst people with animalistic characteristic. Welcome to the self analyses of hand and hand type. logical. scientist and businessmen. rude. Square or practical or useful hand is the sign of a balanced individual. Star: They are happy go lucky types. They are hard working and patient. THE SQUARE HAND: The hand consists of a square shaped palm and wrist with square shaped fingers. with a religious. balanced and materialist person. rough in color and texture The bearer is insensitive. They are violent in temper. Little mental level. The complete view of a hand gives it a square shape.

People possessing philosophic hand have thin and long hand. The wide wrist sway their talent to impulsive quarters whereas. As a rule line of head in this hand slightly slip downwards: if. It is bony and angular. THE HAND OF THINKERS • • • This is the hand of literature lovers and readers. THE CONIC HAND: This is the hand possessed by people having artistic and imaginative quarter in mind. The philosophic temperament collide with their money making strategies thus. They belong to the category of innovators.THE SPATULATE HAND: This type of hand is crooked and irregular in shape. Long. The width at the base of the fingers is more than the width of the wrist or vice versa. pointed and tapering fingers are the sign of this hand type. THIS IS THE HAND TYPE • • • • The spatulate or active nervous hand is the characteristic of people having long lasting strength for work. they rarely accumulate wealth as people with square hand does. The philosophic hand. . wider base of fingers make them practical in life. discoverers and initiators. if utilized in proportion to the qualities mentioned above can provide the world the best thinkers. The knotty joints give them a reflective • nature towards work and study. THE PHILOSOPHIC HAND: This hand type gives a philosophic bent of mind to the bearer. It provides the subject a practical outlook with a streak of imagination. goes straight it gives the bearer a practical disposition.

Their frailty to act and struggle in life mars their fate. It gives emotional and elemental innocence to the subject. changeable and versatile to such an extent that they lack definite purpose in life. The mixed hand provides the bearer ample opportunities if employed with a strong will and determination. BALANCED HAND IN THE BALANCED HAND • • • • The finger type may range from psychic to square.HAND OF AN ARTIST • • • • The bearer is sensitive to nature. they can optimize their talent. art. HAND OF AN IDEALIST • • • The idealist hand is the hand of dreamers. this is the mixture of all hand type and their qualities. They often lack mental disposition for reflection and deep thought If only they possess clear cut strong head line. psychic hand is the least fortunate hand. music. They love to live in their dream world and lack mental power to implement their plans. The epitome of beauty and grace. They are too spiritual and cut away from mankind that they tend to forget they exist in this world. the harder it is the lesser are the imaginative qualities applied by the person concerned. This is the hand of connoisseurs of art and beauty. THE MIXED HAND: As the name suggest. THE PSYCHIC HAND: This is considered the most beautiful and developed hand on mental level but the most unsuccessful in worldly terms. The softer the hand the more artistic the person. Such people are malleable. .

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