B Type Blood Group Diet

Blood Type B Cancer Diet Checklist
• Eat small to moderate portions of high-quality, lean, organic meat several times a week. These are easily digested by Blood Type B. • If you are not used to eating dairy products, introduce them gradually, after you have been on the Blood Type B Diet for several weeks. Begin with cultured dairy products, such as yogurt and kefir, which are more easily tolerated than fresh dairy product. • Including regular portions of richly oiled cold-water fish. • Avoid foods that contain disease-promoting lectins. For Blood Type B, these include Chicken, Corn, Buckwheat, Lentils, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds and Tomatoes. • Eat lots of highly beneficial fruits and vegetables, especially those high in fibre and antioxidants. • Don’t under eat or skip meals. Use snacks that are appropriate for your blood type between meals if you get hungry. Avoid low-calorie diets. Remember, food deprivation is a huge stressor and raises cortisol levels. • Drink green tea every day. Limit sugar, caffeine and alcohol. These are some short term “fixes” that ultimately increase stress.

Week 1
Blood Type Diet and Supplements. • Eliminate your most harmful AVOID food-chicken, corn and buckwheat. These foods seriously interfere with proper metabolism. • Include your most important HIGHLY BENIFICIAL foods at least 3 times this weeks. These include Lamb, Seafood and Cultured dairy. Try to consume.

grounded or minced up Apricot seeds in Pineapple Juice. • Plan to exercise at least 4 days this week. If you don’t have suspected or cancer problems and want to use the power of the Apricot seed as a preventative not to get Cancer. For example. If you have suspected or cancer problems. • Take 6 times a day. . • Keep a journal detailing time. rate. 1-2 Days: Yoga or T’ai Chi. You may want to drink this specially formulated “Membrane Fluidizer Cocktail” every day. • If you’re a Coffee drinker. 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed oil. Say 1 heap teaspoon. begin to wean yourself by cutting your daily consumption in half. • Take 6 to 7 Apricot seeds once a day. have a handful of walnuts as a snack or eat yogurt mixed with berries for lunch.• Incorporate at least one HIGHLY BENIFICIAL food into your daily diet. • * Week 1 Success Strategy * The Blood Group B Health Cocktails Apricot seeds are the ultimate Cancer killer from my view as it has been giving me unbelievable results. substituting green tea. for 45 minutes each day. The reason I use Pineapple Juice is cause Pineapple or Papaya Juices are the best to use when wanting to soften up the cells in your body to receive the vitamins much easier. With 10 drops of vitamin A + E solution mixed in the drinks 3 times a day before meals. My favourite is Madura Green Tea which is readily available through any supermarkets in Australia. 2-3 Days: Aerobic activity. distance. activity. weight used and number of repetitions for each exercise. • Flaxseed oil is also a potent cancer fighter to build up your immune system. grounded or minced up in Pineapple Juice. Exercise Regimen. spaced out about 2_ hours. Blend well and drink.

• Begin to eliminate the next level of AVIOD foods-seeds.1 Tablespoon high-quality Lecithin granules. Beans and Legumes that have negative lectin activity. has been the most thoroughly studied for it’s antistress effects. continue to cut your Coffee intake. • Initially. • If you’re a heavy Coffee drinker. Take advantage of b Blood Type B’s natural ability to relive stress through Meditation or Guided Imagery. Week 2 Blood Type Diet and Supplements. Of all the Meditation Techniques. 1-2 Days: Yoga or T’ai Chi. • Continue to exercise at least 4 days this week. Yogurt or Seafood. Allowed in frequently. replacing it with Green Tea. • Eat at least 2 to 3 HIGHLY BENIFICIAL animal proteins every day-such as Lamb. Blend well and drink. 2-3 Days: Aerobic activity. * Week 2 Success Strategy * Cut Your Stress With Meditation High stress levels will undermine immune system health. Evidence indicates that Cortisol decreases during Meditation especially for long term practitioners and remains somewhat lower after Meditation. . Week 3 Blood Type Diet and Supplements. it is best to avoid foods on the list NEUTRAL. for 45 minutes each day. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes every day to Meditate. 6-8 ounces of your favourite fruit juice.M. • Continue to incorporate HIGHLY BENIFICIAL foods into your daily diet. “T. Exercise Regimen.” or Transcendental Meditation.

• Eliminate all AVOID foods. 2-3 Days: Aerobic activity. Walking. Biking or Swimming. choose HIGHLY BENIFICIAL foods to replace NEUTRAL foods whenever possible. focusing on HIGHLY BENIFICIAL foods. • Avoid the sight and smell of offensive foods. Exercise Regimen. . • Take Ginger Rhizome as a supplement. • Evaluate the first 3 weeks and make adjustments. 1-2 Days: Yoga or T’ai Chi. it Dehydrates). Add one day of unstructured exercise. choose Lamb over Beef or Blueberries over an Apple. Exercise Regimen. • Take Apricot seeds. combat Nausea with these strategies: • Drink plenty of water and non acidic juices (No Caffeine. • Completely wean yourself from Coffee and substitute Green Tea. * Week 3 Success Strategy * If you’re undergoing Chemotherapy. • Exercise to reduce Stress. • Continue to exercise at least 4 days this week. referring to your journal. which can promote Nausea. For example. Week 4 Blood Type Diet and Supplements. • Evaluate your progress.• When you plan your meals for week 3. • Continue at the week 3 level. • Avoid being around smokers. • Continue at the week 3 level. for 45 minutes each day. • Drink little or no liquids with meals. • Completely wean yourself from Coffee and substitute Green Tea. Make adjustments to improve your performance.

). Cabbage – Indole 3 Carbinol acts as an Aromatase Inhibitor. Overall. You may need to increase your intake of vitamin B12 or take Melatonin supplement.C. Brussels Sprouts – Indole 3 Carbinol acts as an Aromatase Inhibitor.C. Cherry – Inhibits Toxins ( O. Broccoli – Protects against polyamines. Walnuts – Inhibits Toxins ( O. Blueberry – Inhibits Toxins ( O.D. which improve intestinal health and prevent Cancer. Guava – Source of the Antioxidant Lycopene. Elderberry – Inhibits Toxins ( O. Blood Type B Cancer Fighting Super Foods Yogurt – Cultured dairy promotes intestinal health. Domestic Mushrooms – Lechin stimulates cell differentiation. ). Kefir – Cultured dairy promotes intestinal health. Onion – Inhibits polyamine production. Watermelon – Source of the Antioxidant Lycopene. Circadian Rhythm important for control of Cortisol Levels can be difficult for seniors. ). elderly people tend to have more problems with interrupted sleep and Insomnia. Garlic – Inhibits Polyamine production.D.C. Richly Oiled Cold Water Fish – Source of Omega 3 fatty acids. . Grape Juice – Aromatase Inhibitor. Jackfruit – Lectin agglutinates T Antigen. Flax ( Linseed ) Oil – Alpha Linolenic Acid may help prevent metastasis of Breast Cancer Cells. ). Ghee ( Clarified Butter ) – Contains short chain fatty acids.D. Red Grapefruit – Source of the Antioxidant Lycopene. Cauliflower – Indole 3 Carbinol acts as an Aromatase Inhibitor.* Week 4 Success Strategy * Sleep Like A Baby Maintaining a regular sleep cycle is crucial to the reduction of Stress and the maintenance of a healthy immune system.C.D. Dill Weed – Inhibits Polyamine production.

Sweet Bread. Also foods with components that enhance the Metabolic. Liver. Squirrel. Goose. Turtle. Eggs. Quail. Horse. Meat. Pheasant. Liver (Calf / Chicken / Pig ). Squab. Mutton. Cornish Hen. Heart ( Beef ). Also Foods that normally have no blood type effect but can interferer with health when consumed regularly. Partridge. Chicken. Neutral:Beef. Buffalo. Licorice Tea Food Values Highly Beneficial – Foods that are known to have specific disease fighting qualities for your blood type. Guinea Hen.Inhibits Polyamine production.Tarragon – Inhibits Polyamine production. Avoid:All commercially processed meats. Rabbit. Blood Type B: Meats / Poultry Portion serves – 4 to 6 oz ( Men ) / 2 to 5 oz Women and Children African 3 to 6 oz 4 to 7 oz Caucasian 2 to 6 oz 4 to 7 oz Asian 2 to 5 oz 4 to 7 oz Secretor Non-Secretor Meat Highly Beneficial:Goat. Venison. Immune or structural health of your blood type. Turmeric . Turkey. Lamb. Pork. Duck. Ostrich. Ham. Avoid – Foods with components that are harmful to your blood type. Weight Reducing Foods Green Vegetables. Neutral – Foods that normally have no direct blood type effect but supply a variety of nutrients necessary for a healthful diet. . Grouse. Veal. Poussin. Bacon.

Carp. Whitefish. Salomon ( Smoked ). Chub. Bullhead. Perch ( Ocean ). Orange Roughy. Snails (Helix Pomatia / Escargot ). Lobster. Herring (Fresh / Pickled /Smoked ). Drum. Yellowtail. Pompano. Sailfish. Hake. Flounder. Crab. Cod. Scrod. Frog. Parrot Fish. Bluefish. Catfish. Pollock. Weakfish. Mussel. Porgy.. Sucker. Sardines. Salomon. Tilapia. Butterfish. Cusk. Perch ( Silver/White/Yellow ). Mullet. Salmon Roe. Oysters. Trout ( All ). Gray Sole. Conch. Mahi Mahi. Neutral:Abalone. Tuna. Eels. Haddock. Swordfish. Shad. Tilefish. Avoid:Anchovy. Shrimp. Mackerel. Scallop. Snapper. Muskel-lunge. Bass ( All ). Harvest Fish. Scup. Sunfish.Blood Type B: Fish / Seafood Portion serves – 4 to 6 oz ( Men ) / 2 to 5 oz Women and Children African 4 to 6 oz 4 to 7 oz Caucasian 3 to 5 oz 4 to 6 oz Asian 3 to 5 oz 4 to 6 oz Secretor Non-Secretor Seafood Highly Beneficial:Caviar ( Sturgeon ). Smelt. Monkfish. Octopus. Red Rosefish. Grouper. Barracuda. Albacore ( Tuna ). Croakers. Blood Type B: Eggs Portion serves – 1 Egg African 2 to 4 5 to 6 Caucasian 3 to 4 5 to 6 Asian 3 to 4 5 to 6 Secretor Non-Secretor . Beluga. Squid ( Calamari ). Shark. Sturgeon. Clams. Opaleye Fish. Pickerel.

Whey. Gouda Cheese. Ghee ( Clarified Butter ). Feta Cheese. Edam Cheese. Provolone Cheese. Eggs ( Duck/Goose/Quail ). Cream Cheese. Egg ( Chicken ). Yoghurt. Monterey Cheese. Butter. Kefir. Emmenthal Cheese. . Quark Cheese. Half & Half. Buttermilk. Blue Cheese. Swiss Cheese . String Cheese. Kefir. Goats Cheese. Casein Cheese. Jarlsberg Cheese. Mozzarella Cheese. Ricotta Cheese. Paneer Cheese. Ice Cream. Milk ( Full Cream/Skim/Trim ). Highly Beneficial:Cottage Cheese. Neufchatel Cheese. Camembert Cheese. Avoid:American Cheese. Cheddar Cheese. Goats Milk. Gruyere Cheese. Sour Cream. Sherbert Cheese.Blood Type B: Milk and Yogurt Portion serves – 4 to 6 oz ( Men ) / 2 to 5 oz Women and Children African 3 to 5 1 to 3 Caucasian 3 to 4 2 to 4 Asian 3 to 4 1 to 3 Secretor Non-Secretor Blood Type B: Cheese Portion serves – 3 oz ( Men ) / 2 oz Women and Children African 3 to 4 1 to 4 Caucasian 3 to 5 1 to 4 Asian 3 to 4 1 to 4 Secretor Non-Secretor Dairy & Eggs Type B’s are the only blood group that can adequately consume dairy products due to the antigen containing the same sugar that is present in milk. Farmer Cheese. Parmesan Cheese. Colby Cheese. Munster Cheese. Neutral:Brie Cheese.

Safflower. Wheat Germ. Peanut.Blood Type B: Oils Portion serves – 1 Tablespoon African Caucasian 5 to 8 5 to 8 3 to 7 3 to 7 Three times a week. Coconut. Castor. Canola. Soy. . Corn. Walnut. Sesame. Asian 5 to 8 3 to 6 Secretor Non-Secretor Oils & Fats Highly Beneficial:Olive Oil. Sunflower. Cod Liver Oil. Avoid:Borage Seed. Linseed ( Flaxseed ) Oil. Evening Primrose. Neutral:Almond. Black Currant Seed. Cotton Seed.

Asian 5 to 7 3 to 5 Secretor Non-Secretor . Filbert ( hazelnut ). Flax (Linseed). Peanuts. Beechnut. Almond Cheese. Walnuts (Walnut) Avoid:Cashews. Butternut. Asian 4 to 7 5 to 7 Secretor Non-Secretor Nuts & Seeds Highly Beneficial:Walnuts ( Black ). Sesame Seed. Litchi. Sunflower Butter. Sesame Butter ( Tahini ). Blood Type B: Beans and Legumes Portion serve – 1 Cup ( Cooked ) African Caucasian 5 to 7 5 to 7 3 to 5 3 to 5 Times per week. Chestnuts. Pumpkin Seeds. Brazil Nuts. Poppy Seeds. Pistachio.Blood Type B: Nuts and Seeds Portion serves – Whole ( hand full ). Hickory. Neutral:Almonds. Macadamia. Pignolia ( Pine Nut ). Nut Butters ( 2 Tablespoons ) African Caucasian 4 to 7 4 to 7 5 to 7 5 to 7 Times per week. Almond Milk. Almond Butter. Peacan. Peanut Butter. Sunflower Seeds. Hickory Nuts.

Fin Crisps. White Bean. Cream Of Rice.Beans & Legumes Highly Beneficial:Kidney Beans. Rice Flour. Spinach Pasta. Starches & Pastas Highly Beneficial:Brown Rice Bread. Lima Beans. Rice ( Basmati/Brown/White ). Ideal Flat Bread. Essene Bread (Manna ). Jicama Beans. Tamarind Bean. Navy Beans. Pea ( Green/Pod/Snow ). Pumpernickel Bread. Spelt Flour / Products 100%. Tofu. Neutral:Beans ( Green/Snap/String ). Grape Nuts. Quinoa. Millet. Quinoa. Garbanzo ( Chickpea ). Starches & Pastas Portion – 1 dry cup . Gluten-free Bread. Rice Flour. Plain Flour. Spelt ( Whole ). Tempeh. Spelt. Lentils (All). . Black Beans.Grains or Pasta / 1 Muffin / 2 slices of Bread African Caucasian 5 to 7 5 to 9 3 to 5 3 to 5 Times per week. Sprouted Grain. Oat Bran. Avoid:Adzuki Beans. Pinto Beans. Granola. Rice Milk. Oat Flour. Rice ( Puffed ). Black-Eyed Peas. Blood Type B: Grains. Fava ( Broad Beans). Soy Flour / Products. Semolina Pasta. Self-raising Flour. Soy Cheese. Mung Bean ( Sprouts ). Neutral:Barley. Copper Beans. Rice Cakes. Soy Milk. Graham Flour. Farina. Familia. Rice Bran. Asian 5 to 9 3 to 5 Secretor Non-Secretor Grains. Wheat ( Semolina ). Oat Bran Muffins. Northern Bean. Wheat ( Refined-Unbleached ). Ezekiel 4:9 Bread. Oatmeal. Hi-protein Bread. Wasa Bread. Miso. Soy Bean. Rice ( Whole ). Srouted-wheat. Cannellini Beans. Wheat ( White Flour ).

Taro. Couscous. Dandelion Greens. Shallots. Barley Flour. Durum Wheat Flour. Wheat Germ. Globe Artichokes. Parsley. Mangetouts. Buckwheat Noodles. Cabbage ( Chinese/Red/White ). Teff. Sorghum. Kamut.Avoid:Amaranth. Asian Unlimited Unlimited Secretor Non-Secretor Vegetables. Soba Noodles ( 100% Buckwheat ). Carrot. Mung Bean Sprouts. Grits. Rocket. Water Chestnut. Yam. Daikon Radish. Radicchio. Pepper ( All ). Swiss Chard. Kale. Rice ( Wild ). Swedes. Horseradish. Collard. Bean ( Green/Snap/String ). Popcorn. Tofu. Mesclun Salad Mix. Onions ( All ). Tapioca. Endive. . prepared ( Cooked or Raw ) African Unlimited Unlimited Times per Caucasian Unlimited Unlimited day. Sweet Corn. Fennel. Chervil. Lettuce ( Butterhead / Cos / Iceburge / Webb ). Cornmeal. Wheat Bran. Beet ( Greens ). Artichokes (Jerusalem ). Gluten Flour. Asparagus. Barley. Cucumbers. Rutabaga. Buckwheat. Oyster Plant. Okra. Broad Beans. Avoid:Aloe. Mushrooms ( Abalone / Cultivated / Enoki /Maitake / / Porcini / Portobello / Tree Ear ). Turnip. Asparagus Pea. Rye ( Whole ). Couscous. Wholewheat Flour. Rye Flour / Products. Scallion. Wild Rice. Potato. Olives ( Black/Green/Greek/Spanish ). Wheat Hole. Cauliflower. Squash ( All ). Pumpkin. Poi. Fiddlehead Fern. Watercress. Chicory. Bok Choy. Tempeh. Radish Sprouts. Neutral:Alfalfa Sprouts. Capsicum. Escarole. Seaweed. Leek. Brussel Sprouts. Arugula. Kohlrabi. Rappini ( Broccoli Rabe ). Avocado. Cabbage Juice. Tomato. Soy Products Highly Beneficial:Aubergines. Broccoli. Pea ( Green / Pod / Snow ). Celeriac. Sprouts. Buckwheat Flour. Parsnip. Mushrooms ( Shiitake/Silver Dollar ). Pickle ( In Brine Or Vinegar). Bamboo Shoots. Bulgar Flour. Carrot Juice. Garlic. Blood Type B: Vegetables Portion – 1 cup. Rhubarb. Mustard Greens. Spinach. Celery.Beetroots. Courgettes ( Zucchini ). Sweet Potatoes. Yucca.

Watermelon. Cantaloupe. Blackberry. Grapefruit ( White ). Grapes ( Black/Green/Purple/Red ). Cranberry. Grapefruit ( Red ). Lime.Blood Type B: Fruits and Fruit Juices Portion – 1 cup African Caucasian 2 to 4 3 to 5 2 to 3 2 to 3 Times per day. Asian 3 to 5 2 to 3 Secretor Non-Secretor Fruits and Juices Highly Beneficial:Banana. Honeydew Melon. Peach. Lychees. Guava. Kiwi Fruit. Blueberries. Neutral:Apples. Raisin. Crenshaw Melon. Star Fruit ( Carambola ). Prune Or With Other Vegetable Juices ( Mentioned In The Vegetable Section ). Horse Radish. Blueberry. ( Green/Purple/Red ). Tomato Juice. Pear. Persian Melon. Raspberry. Sago Palm. Ginseng. Raspberry Leaf. Bitter Mellon. Blackcurrants. Cherry ( All ). Water With Lemon Juice. Coconut. Molasses ( Black Strap ). Pomegranate. Cherry. Breadfruit. Pepper ( Cayenne ). Redcurrants. Spanish Melon. Date. Plantain. Peppermint. Apricot. Mulberry. Quince. Turmeric. Prickly Pear. Rosemary. Spices / Condiments / Sweeteners Highly Beneficial:Dill. Loganberry. Tarragon. Rhubarb. Parsley. Fig ( Dried/Fresh ). Prune. Orange. Jackfruit. Papaya. Apple Cider. Ginger. Muskmelon. Persimmon. Asian Pear. Neutral:- . Licorice Root. Gooseberry. Boysenberries. Strawberry. Canang Melon. Lemon. Dewberry. Christmas Melon. Avoid:Avocado. Tangerine. Kumquat. Casaba Melon. Plums. Rosehip. Pineapple. Elderberry ( Dark / Blue / Purple ). Nectarine. Mangoes. Youngberry.

Corn Syrup. For much more information please refer to Dr. St John’s Wort. Garlic.G. Dandelion. Coltsfoot.. Saffron. White Birch. Herbal Teas and Drinks Highly Beneficial:Ginger. Licorice Root. White Oak Bark. Strawberry Leaf. Lecithin. ( Coriander Leaf ). Pepper ( Pepper Corn / Red Flakes ). Rice Syrup. Gentian. Basil. Slippery Elm. Apple Pectin. Red Clover. Chickweed. Pickle ( All ). Vanilla. Avoid:Aspartame. Raspberry Leaf. Seltzer. Molasses. Fructose. Sugar ( White / Brown ). Carob. Nutmeg. Clove. Senna. Bergamot. Gums ( Acacia / Arabic / Guar ). Thyme. D’Adamo’s book “The Eat Right Diet” for further information ( Publishers Century Books Ltd 1998 ) . Sea Salt. Peppermint. Yeast ( Baker’s Brew’s ). Mulberry. Wintergreen. Elder. Tapioca. Cinnamon. Cornstarch. Ketchup. Thyme. Tamari ( Wheat Free ). Cream Of Tartar. Senna. Black Tea ( Regular / Decaffeinated ). Seaweeds. Caraway. Bay Leaf. Mace.S. Oregano. Coffee ( Regular/Decaffeinated ). M. Burdock. Savory. Corn Silk. Hops. Rhubarb. Worcester Shire Sauce. Carra Geenan. Anise. Cumin. Paprika. Wine ( Red / White ) Avoid:Aloe. Soda ( Club ). Sarsaparilla. Soft Drinks. Barley Malt. Rosehip. Vinegar ( All ). Beer. Parsley. Skullcap. Catnip. Arrowroot. Pepper ( Black / White ). Caper. Juniper.Agar. Echinacea. Cardamom. Honey. Miso. Hawthorn. Rosemary. Chervil. Cilantro. Sage. Chamomile. Mayonnaise. Tamarind. Valerian. Horehound. Tea ( Green ). Fenugreek. Chive. Ginseng. Marjoram. Sage. Chilli Powder. Malto Dextrin. Goldenseal. Yellow Dock. Vervain. Yarrow. Soy Sauce. Coriander. Mullein. Shepherd’s Purse. Dextrose. Spearmint. Stevia. Mint (All ). Neutral:Alfalfa. Dong Quai. Linden. Maple Syrup. Chocolate. Liquor. Mustard ( Dry ). Guarana. Gelatine ( Except Vegetable Sourced ). Susanat.

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