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When is the best time to buy a car?

When is the best time to buy a car?

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Published by Robert Bruton
Do you really get better deals at certain times of the year? Well Yes and No!
Do you really get better deals at certain times of the year? Well Yes and No!

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Published by: Robert Bruton on Sep 04, 2011
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When you decide to go out and buy a car, when is the right time?

Do you really get better deals at certain times of the year? Well Yes and No! Year end model closet, Inventory Reduction Sale, July 4th Big Bang Sale, whatever the moniker is for a sale most times you can get the same deal in the automotive business anytime. Let me preface that by saying, new cars sometimes you do have additional rebates that may save you a couple more bucks over one time of the year or the other. For instance when new model year cars roll out, you won’t see rebates on these cars until existing inventory levels are nil. Year end you may receive additional finance incentives or rebates. Most of the year you can pretty much get the same deals throughout the year. Economic catastrophes can change markets as we saw post 9/11 or with the economic tides like the mortgage crisis. So my advice is to keep it simple. Don’t stress over you might have saved $500 a month from now if you wait. If you’re ready to buy a car, get your facts. Research what incentives are available for new cars, interest rates and begin to apply some simple reasoning for your families’ budget. Can we afford the payment, insurance and up keep of the car we are considering. If you’re purchasing a used car, this is an open field. Whatever wives tales you have heard, get them out of your head. Simply figure out what you want to buy, do your homework on the internet, have a financial game plan and don’t compromise that plan. Don’t get caught up in the moment listening to it’s only $75 more per month than you said your budget is when you came in. “Folks $75 is only a couple of bucks a day you can afford a couple of bucks a day, heck we will loan you a couple of bucks a day just so you can drive the car of your dreams” I’m calling bullshit! This will sum up in a nutshell my car buying philosophy: The biggest piece of crap car you will ever drive is the one that you stress over the payment each month; you’re a slave to the car payment! The best car you will ever drive is the one that making the payment is no sweat. You stayed in your budget and you can easily afford the monthly payment. Take emotion out of buying a car! It’s so easy to step into something you can’t afford based on emotion. I promise you the car dealer will love you the day you buy a car, but damn sure won’t be there when you bit off more than your budget can chew. Cars are fun to own and a huge part of our lives. You have to live with a car for years, you better like making the payment or you are in for a long road to hoe. Salesman will play on your emotions; don’t let them in your head. It’s a car not a prom date. It needs to get you from point A to point B, nothing more. YES, we would all like to get from point A to point B in our Ferrari®. In these trying times I am sharing with you tips that will frankly save your ass and save your pocket book some money. So the best time to buy a car is when you’re ready. Arm yourself with information, don’t get caught up in emotion and buy the car that best suits your budget and needs. I’ve driven everything from a Rolls Royce to a Ferrari, I can tell you way cool cars, but my Toyota Camry gets me from my house to my job the same way. If you have specific questions put them on the contact form below I am always happy to give free advice. Twenty five years in the retail car business I like to think I have seen most things you might be going through, so don’t be shy!

Robert Bruton President Bruton Auto

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