SUPPLIES -BOX Cigar box, gift box, shoe box, etc.

-PAINT I used Goldenʼs Micaceous Iron Oxide, but any black craft paint is fine. -GLUE any craft glue plus HOT GLUE for securing some elements and making spider webs -GLITTER I used Martha Stewart glitter in black and red -PLASTIC SPIDERS I got a bag of plastic “spider rings” at Michaels for $2.00 -CARD STOCK -TWIG snip a twig from a tree or bush -RHINESTONES small red rhinestones or color of your choice -FOAM ADHESIVE SQUARES -BLACK PEN -TEMPLATES

This is an easy project to just use what you have on hand!

STEPS 1) Download and print the clip art templates onto cardstock. You may need to re-size them to fit your box. Clip out and trim the shapes. Edge cutouts with black ink.

2)Paint your box and let dry

3) Glue the background onto the inside of your box 4) Cut out bat wing shapes and glitter (one large bat shape in black, one medium shape in black, and a small bat shape in red)

5)Snip the “ring” part off three plastic spiders and glitter with black glitter.

6)“Prune” your twig to fit your box and glitter with black glitter.

5)Adhere your glittered twig to the inside of your box with hot glue. 6)Drape the “tendrils” of hot glue around your twig to make webs. 7)Glue medium bat wing shape to back of “Little Witch” girl 8)Put a foam square onto the back of your “Little Witch” girl and place her onto the background.

9) Glue red glittered bat onto her hand ( you can cut down a foam square if you would like the bat to stand out)

10)Glue the cut out “frame” shape to the outside lip of the box. Let dry 11) Add two tiny red rhinestones to your black glittered bat for eyes and glue the bat to the top of the frame 12) Glue the spiders to the frame as in the example


You can either stand your shadow box on a shelf or adhere a hanger to the back if you want to display it on a wall or your front door.