An Actual' treasury detJartment reoarf describinn a world wide network of child kidnappers iOlJolve·d in Satanism and sexual exploitation

of ehildren:~ See h·ow the CIA has covered it all up under National Security.
if ~" .

YOU MUST READ THISH Your Own Children are at stake!!

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100,000 Children a Year
The figu·res are estimates.
appalling: thousands

But tile! few known Facts are
no VIle

are murdered

the number

of missing


is rising


is k.eeping


KI\VANLS \ />.(~G~lIN~

Ca"'/""l.-J ('0111 GMt\" TUKll"K

drove her daughter Ma r ian B;l(SOn to school in Inverness, FiJ. "Sec YOLl tonight." Karhclecn c:lllcd




l:i:.30 ~.M. on j:1fiU:1ry 7. 1980, Karh el ee n Mancil

about 25 miles [rom the school. She

h:lJ joinetl
Sheib ;.!nJ

(he swcll;n~

ran ks of

children simply labeled
and K:J(herine
I I, I]

Lyon, ;lg'es


to J suburban





.1. ;IUUlI Sl anurl Tomassi, W. Va_•• \Ib..:.i"K : lU/ri/79 AKt'": 1 .. 2_ DaTJi,I Marrus Tumussi, W. VtI., .\I;.u;,,~: iiJI617'J Ilg("; 2: 3. [1.1'111' [JaWI! IViM, /'<1. .. Mi..uillg: 8/j178 "j:~; Ii: 4. Milllh~", Lmrrrnce Cdo., Miliiug: J1!7/8/ AKI': 6; 5. Alir;ull Vun Tilson, R.i.,






Missing: J127181 Ag':

-s= I;



as che petite. blue-eyed J 6-ye.J.-<JIJ stepped Cram car. .. Hut she JiJ not see M.Jri:ln that


;. shopping

No one remembers sc:eing MariJO .J(cer ihe left her mot her 's ca r, -..' The: Jay ::fcer her JisapPCJrJnce, he. purse was iounJ In :l tr;nh CJn 00 .1-.1." ~.,·I~~ ...... ........ 1"'...... _
q, ..........


Or (he next. Or the next,

center on M::lrch :25; 1975. and were never seen ;lgJin. !n c:uly October 1980, two-year-old 8rantly Ba rlow vanished [rom her fronc yard. The list goe's on. Probably (he mOH publicized missing-child case of bee hJS been that of six-year-old Eun P:HZ, On



''''''''II U


........... .:IoII~. .

M:ly 15, [979. Eran

(or the tint school-bus stop and has nor been seen since. Methodical searches

walked alone time: to his MJnh:lttJn

Yet no single

U.S. agency


cerns i[self exclusively with missing children 00 a national 5c:11c. Autoh':lI'IJguns :lnu silverware traced JnJ r ccovered more: e:lsily than children, "Our priorities :W~mixed up," says Ken Wooden, director of the: Namobiles,

with bloodhounJs,

helicopters, psy-

be registered,

chics, and phalanxes of police ha ve failcJ to turn up any clues.

These arc not isolated cases, Everyone close to the mi~sing-chiIJ problem agrees rh:!( it is a huge one-and growing. Statisrics, however, are tough [0 come by. Boundaries between runaways. parental kidnap victims and children stolen by strangers (end (0 blur, The best estimates are that about a million American youngS[l~rs leave home each ycar. with 90 percent returning in two weeks. Ap-

rional Coalition for Children's Justice. "If someone steals a car, he can be traced and c:lught because we have :I computer system for tracing
stolen cars, But children apparently aren't that important to us." Each missing-child case has its own poign:lnt drama arid irony. In

July 1976. l2-yt::lr-old Dee Scofield
Jj~appc:ln:J while running an er-



thus unaccounted

children are for. AJJ another

Florida shopping center. Two Jays later, a classmate reponeuly S:lW Dee looking om a v :10



Tamara Farrow Budc, Milln., Missing: 21-1181 Age: 5: 7. )(1mi~ Muri« DIJ.M, ,\I" .. Millin!!:: 2122[81 '~!if: 5; 8. R1'l11l Nicol. ll urtuu, Texas, Missmg: 9/6/81 J; 9. Kristi« Michrlle Morns, Ala., ,\li,.,iJlg: 5/15/81 Age: 5; 10. Rcv.:ccu Ruth Chipps, NJ .. Musing: 9fJ Jf78. (~gr: 4; . ~jnJow,' desperately farming the 25.000 to 100,000 stolen by divorced ward "help" aver and aver with her or separated pJrents, and the: total lips. Dee Scofield has never been becomes signifioOl. "Kids who just disappear present a big problem. that people hJU better start opening their eyes to," says' Oct. Sgt. Dick Ruffino of the Bc:r~cn











County, New [cr scy, Sheriff's Ofhcc.

.. :.~~<,~. ~


October 18, 1981, Jimmy . RDger>, 14, left hi, Hanson. MJ5S., home for a fricm.l's house. He may have hitched :l ride. He h:15 not 61




had been' ta ken. On the morning Jftcr Chrism);!., 197·4> 13-ye:lr-oIJ 1 :Jnna Hanson went (0 J {ricnc..!'s house. A short rime titer, DDrcen Hanson drove dous impediment. We need :l cenby [Q pick up her {.laughter; Jolnn:! tr;ljizcd. national c1e:Jringhouse WZI!i II 'r there. Doreen imml'di:!ldy with intorm.:lrion about which chilWen! to the police, hut they Oren arc missing :lOJ how they can wouJdn 'r search lor ::'4 hours. be identified." When police did lill.dly ~gin In But most cases f:ll! [0 local police. inves(igJ[ion, it WJS too btc. [anagainst whom some parents otrnissna', body was found J[rer several iOg" children raise a lit:lny of commonths, :lnel evidence inJic;Jtecl she pbiocs. BcC;)usc so many children had been m urdered on December ::6. do run :lW:lY from home, police P:lr!:ms :11$0 compbin bincriy Gbd most missing k ids runaways, abour Ihe Fill's refusal to help find And unless [he child is very young missing children, The Fur becomes or cvidenccaffoul pby exists, police
involved in

been seen or heard from since, ~ChilJ sn:u(hing, kiJnapping: and the ugly things that happen [0 these kiJs are so horrcnJous [be people refusc to deal with them," expbins SC;ln P;J(Z, f:lther o( miss. ing Etan, ~Trying to handle cases like ours on a locJllc:vcl is a tremen-

J,,(~ occurs when the chilJ is not ;J rUllaw;Jy JnJ (Quill possibly h:.lvc been hciocd if iml1lcui:He Jet ion




--"':1IIiIiii"'_;~·'" ~

t;. ~--~
13 . 14


11. ShallnDlI E. N.Y .• Mwillg: 1/11/82 tigt': / / .. 12• .H ichrtl« Ler Oy1tsfr:r, C41ij., Mlisint;: 10122181 Agt': 10; 13. Ta17lda L\'l1JI Half, WI·'1l.. Jli.uill!;: 11112/30 .-l.~..: Y; 14. Taj NarbtJlme, MiJ.U., Milling: 31j Jl8! Agl': 9; IS. EiLJlI Patz; .v.r; MWlIIg: 5/_5/79 A~~ . ,




commonly will nor acr on a mis~jng-' only when there's proof of J kid. chilcl report for 24 hours. Thc reanapping-such as 01 ransom nore-esort: :;hc:cr work volume. A surfeit of . or evidence that the child WJS taken violent crime:>--fTIos( with injured across stare lines. Victims and plenty of evidence-. "The first-rime clisappc:lrJnce of takes priority OVer the "maybe" J minor should be prima fJcic cyicrime of:t miHing youngster. dence that J kidnJpping hJS tJkcn The h<:.1rt-rending tragedy. of place," SJ ys John ClinbCJles, whose 6~

,\\ .....



/l)u.I)OO CHiLDJl..EN


Kyle disappeared six years Jgo. "The Fill could then bcccme irnmediarcly involved.und [here might be a chance of finding some of these


We need help."

And answers. Parents always ask the incvitablet Why? Wiry would someone stra] a "child? Why my child? There: arc many answers, yet no

answers. A million couples a ye::H divorce in the United $t;1((:S, and ffi;Jny of these cases result in child snatchings, For love, hare, spite or rcvengc, one parent steals :I chiiJ from the other.
In December 1974, Gloria Ycrkovich said good-by to her fouryear-old joanna as [he: girl left [0 spend the weekend with her fathcr. She didn't want [Q go, bur

school, grow up and lead J more or less normal life. Whc:n J srrangcr steals a child. anything can happen. P::trents of missing children hope: that their child will end up in a loving, caring family, perhaps through blackmar k ct adoption. The cruel [ruth is that a missing child stands ;1 f;lir chance of being murdered, Each YC:lr an cst imarcd 2500 children in the United SGHeS disappear and later are found murdered, While the abduction and murder of a chilJ is a senseless, psychotic act, m:lny children arc used for much more calculated reasons, SilyS Ken Wooden, "Kids arc constantly bc:ing sought for [he: lucrative childprostitution business. Most police departments and public officials aren't doing anything

about it." If fear



16. Sabrina Rayndl Drake, Okla .• Missing: 81J5180 Ag«: 6; 17. Tommy (L1nJa.u) Perlstein, N.Y .• Missinv: 12/26181 t\g~; 9; lB. Airman Wrwr"t- Buuou, Fla., Afming: 1171S0 Ag(": 16; 19. JalllCS W. Rogm,iHass.• Milling: lrJfl81S1 ilgr: 14. order had said she muse. JOJ.nnJ never returned. The separation that WJS to last J. weekend has stretched to 7Yl ye:lfS. Despicable as parental kidnapping is, these: children m:ly be more





pening missing child is the: parents'
o n , fr us-

what hapto a

prtrnary crnoti
tration is the

a court



fortunate [han others. Ar least there's J. chance they will go [0

ten, little: more is done once local police exhaust all leads. Tclcprinred missing-child repom [rom one city do not carry a high prioriry in another. Verbal descriptions alone a re of [en useless, . Out of desperation, parents turn [0 posting fliers and driving by 6J


by children,





[r equented


totally helpless



a toll-free number (&0to be used by children searching for their p3fenrs or parents trying to identify missing children. Another organization is SEARCH, which publishes The National RunQtlJfJylMi!.Jing PeuD/1S Report. a magazine containing photos. descriplions and personal Jat:l that can help idcntify the missing. The report is distributed about c:very th fee momhs to ll.OOO agencies and individuals in law enforcement, security, medicine and social service, SEARCH', address is ~60 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs. N. J. 0763J.. (All correspondence should include a scamped.selfaddressed envelope.) Phone: zormaintains

Box In. New ?1hz, N.Y. 12561. It

feding," says Stan PJt7.. "There's just nothing marc we C.11l do." In the past few years, however, various groups have been formcuu~~lly by parents or relatives of missing children-i-to advise and comfort distraught p3rents. One such organization is ChilJ Find.Inc .•

arc no! likdy to oycrnight. At prcsent, hope is J parent's most sustaining WC:l pon. For some Iamilics, that hope: docs no! CCJse even J(ter J chilJ\ boJy is (OllOJ. Says Doreen Hanson: "After our daughter's remains were discoverc<.l. We still kept scarching.:H le:ls{ in our minds, For weeks aftcr. [ would see a girl on the: street who resembled my But such efforts

solve the problem



and I would hope in my

that it WJS [annu. NNo one on the outside on undersrand the trauma taking place in ;l family that has ;l child missing. The frustration. the not knowing, (he agony :Ire beyond explanation,"

children contact

if you

h av« in/ormation


1-17. auuaa


Find. Inc.


No. 18.

D"I: Scofield AWOJ"l'nI:SI Pru{nco (81J-839-5025 or 81J681-<1357); No. 19. Hamon, MiJIS., Polic» Dept. (617-294-8081).


01 this article, see page 199

for intormahon on reprints

r------- The following organizations in the missing-child
, ,.

are also interested problem:


Find Me Inc., P.O. Hox 16n. LIGr:mgc. Ga. 30J..P; N:nion~1 Coalition for Children's Juslice. I2I~ Evergreen RJ .• Yardley, Pa, 19067: Dec
Scofield Awareness Program, Inc., .H ,8 Il:1y Court Avc .. Tampa. Fb. 33611; Family and Friends of Mining Persons and Violent Crime Victims, P.O. Box 11+H. Seanle, W;\~h. 91:l11 [


." -c IfO

__ '.



source: NATIONAL





4 6


4 18

3 3


3 15 7 14


This is a small fraction of the missing children in the U.S.A. The statistics illustrate the high percentage of missing children in June, october and December, the months when three of the major satanic Holidays occur.

February 2 March 21 CANDLEMASS EQUINOX The Catholic Festival virgin Mary. of the

The sun crosses the celestial equator and the length of day and night are approximately equal. Major Celtic festival celebrated with bonfires and fertility rites ceremonies. One of the most important dates in satanism. TWO times a year the sun has no apparent Northward or Southward motion. Feast of the Sun God. When the sun crosses the equator. witches celebrate the dead.

April 30


June 22


August 1 September October 31 December 22 21




Dear Ted, I was listening you mentioned Customs to Part :;: of the Ted Gunderson te~ephone interview, and when

the US Customs report about The Finders, I entered US

Report and Finders into the Google Search Engine

and that Is how I found the web page about Tne Finders. I then sent an e·mail to: <> he/she had any more Information In a few mlnutau, more info. David Parsons Denver, CO Ted Gunderson Interview I received on the Finders. stated that he/she didn't have any and asked himfher if

a reply which Part 1 [2233k

1 Part 2 [3115k]·tortl.lre.comfBaviforemblaze.htm! Part 3 httpl! Part 4 Part 5 http!

The Finders httpllwww.gemiI1iwalker·ink.netlHeIlFlnders.html Gemlniwalker_llIk (c)2002 all rights reserved Post ran an Interesting national significance. story that did The artlete

On February 7th of 1987, the Washington not at first seem to have any particularly concerned ~iscovered commune a ca~;,eof possible in the Washington called the Finders, kidnapping described

and child abuse. and material in a court document as a "cult" that

area that they say points to a 19605 style

conducted searched eontact


and used children

"In rltua!s,"

DC police who

the NClrtheast Washington sneets. n.aked children


linked to the group removed and photog raphlc to be "cull rituals," of a child in chains. into a far·

large plastic Some showed bloodletting Customs reacnlng various

ba!Js filled with color slides, photograpi1s

Involved In what appeared


of animals and one photograph


said their links to the DC area led authorities


that Ineludes The Finders - a group of about 40 people allege is led by a man named Marlon Pettie - and their

that court documents Washington warehouse

homes, iincluding the duplex apartment

In Glover Park, the Northeast

and a 90 acre farm in rural Madison County, VA. ultimately provide the follow·

It was the US memorandum written years. describing

and World Report that would

up to the Finders story, noting that there Is a certain Customs Service ti1lat was written at the time of the original investigation, ages 7 years to 2 both of

by Ramc>n J. Martinez, SpecIal Agent, United States Customs Service,
two ~ldult white males and six minor children The adult males were Michael Houlihan children were covered and Douglas Ammerman,

of Washington, child abuse.The of the children questioning

I)C who had been arrested the previous day on charges
were not wearing underpants and all of the ehlldren evasive under

with Insect bites, were very dirty, most had not

been bathed In !nany days. and slated

The men were somewhat

only that they Were the children's of telephones, television

teacl1ers and were The children and and toilets,

en route to Mex;ico to establish were unaware of the functions

a school for brlUlant cttlldren.

stated that they were not allowed

to live indoors and were only given food as

a reward.
A Detective Bra1tlley had Initiated an investigation provided Informant ·'Finders." by the Tallahassee operating Police Department regarding had given him Information on the two addresses during December of 1986. An at 1307

the cult, known as the located children at 3918/:3920 W

various businesses

out of a warehouse

4th Street, N.E., and weffe supposed

to be housing

sr., N.W.
The information Involving be involved. Cursory examln;dlon obtaining trading Impregnation of documents members revealed purposes. detailed Instructions The Instructions purchasing for the was specific in describing "blood rituals" and sexual orgies

cl1l!drEln, and an as yet unsolved

murder In which

the Finders might

chlldr'~n for unspecified of female


of the community, messages believed


and kh:If1lapplng.

There were telex terminal

using Mel account

numbers between

a computer

to be in the same room, and

others located

a.cro s s the country

and In foreign iocations,
and adult

were plct.Jres

of nude children

Finders, as well as evidence to activities In

of high-tech

mOl1ey transfers. "Pentagon Break-in," and references

There was a file called

Moscow, Hong t~on9, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, Nortlt Korea, Africa, London, GermarlY. ~Europe" and the Bahamas. There was also a, tile labeled "Palestlnlan.~ One such telex :.pecifically documents terrorism, identified ex!)lo!;ives, ordered the purchase of two children in high-tech transfers to in Hong Other In

Kong to be arranged through a contact Interests numerous propertles under the control

In the Chinese Embassy there.


United Kingdom,

of the Finders, a keen interest

and the evasion of law enforcement. that appeared to broadcast via computer different

There was also a! set of Instructions an advisory to the participants jurisdictions and instructions

to keep the children

moving through

on how to avoid police detection. and children dressed in

A photo album e.ontalned a series of photos of adults white sheets participating execution dlsembowelmel1it, the children. discovery skinnIng In

blood ritual.

The ritual centered

around the

of at least two goats.

The photos portrayed

the execution,

and dismemberment

of the goats at the hands of

This Included the removal of tlte testes of a male goat. the

of a. h~male goat's Nwomb"

and the "baby g<oats-Inside head to one of tl'le children.

U,e womb, and the presentation

of the gDat's

There was also a large amount of data collected o rga n izati ons. The warehouse The organlzatiolt residential contained

on various child care

a large library, two kitchens, to produce

a sauna, hot tub and a center. to a There appeared

'vldeo room: The video room seemed to be set up as an indoctrination had the ability Its own videos. be training areas for the children area of the warehouse,

and what appeared to be an altar set upln Many Jars of urine and feces were located

in this area.
Group leader Metrlon Pettie spoke In an Interview In Washington Official and In Sleamshovel Press In people

1998, noting thait In World War II he kept house mainly for intelligence


people passing through. reports officers which have been completely who wrote them and by a well

US Cust'l)ms investigation


by the investigating


respected ,Investigator irrefutable

who personally

knows these Customs officials


evldE!nCe that

i.A case of obvious child abuselcl1ild perpetrators

r1eglectJabuse involving cult ritualistic

child pedophile

sexual arrested

pomograpl1ylSatanic were caught directly !:ning sentences were obtained

abuse wherein


In the act by law enforcement,
of decades In prison. for the "Finders" cult office


the basis of irre1futable evidence whick typically z.seareb irrefutable

at the sc ene, and faced serious charges

warrants pictures,

in Wasnington, whlcll provided evidence

DC and a compl,ete search was enacted

by law enforcement

movies and documents

of such abuselneglect

and access to the confidential arrest reports on the "Flnderscult from the arrests In Tallahassee (suggesting which occurred only a day earlier In and of itself.) vellr high level connections of the "Finders" to US lr1telllgence

3.AII Investigation enforcement

cult by the FBI, US CU!$toms and local law Department security on the maUer;' coven c:ult was turned

ordered stopped by the US Justice

grounds of "national security" and the matter of the "Finders" over to the Central Intelligence since the "FlndElrs" operation Agency as an "lnterrral Agency.

Is and has Deen a domestiC and international

of the Central Intelligence

4.Any and all investIgation evidence was suppressed

of the "Flnders

was immediately



and denied. and the abused children who had been arrested

were released

back to the adullt perpetrators procure and produce.

"ln the ac t" and



resumed Its ongoing covert operation

of the ··Flnders~ cult which

Is used to

The story of the Finders cult is the story of the development be used to entr21p politicians, officials;

of child!assets


diplomats; to wealthy


and law enforcement operatives nature.

to sell child/victims

perverts to raise money for covert to be professional mind control personality,


to train some of the child/victims

and assassins of a totally cold, multiple

To date only onH media outlet nas dared publlsh anything about this (US
News). In the last few yea rs there have been more -smoking Intelligence agencies traffic In children, guns" proving that US Some of agencies. Importation,

sell them and abuse them.

these covert op.aratlons have been tied to long term and massive and distribution of narcotics into the US by the same iintelilgence

1. Why Johnr1y I~an't Come Home •••Noreen Gosch, The Jo!1nny Gosch

Foundation) West Des Moines, (c)2000 httpllwww.amaZQ n.comJeXeC/obldOS/ASINI0970519508Igemlnlwalkerlnk/002. 0987448-1865661) 2. The Pedophocracy, Dave McGowan Return to Home Page Return to Table of Contents Next page httpJlwww.astroIOgytorthepeople.comlpedophOcracy.htm Return to Home Flage httpllwww.gemlnlwalker-Ink.netllndex.htmi Return to Table of Contents http/lwww.gemlnlwalker-lnk.netlHelicontents.html email .••gemlnlwalker<>


"The Finders" is a CIA Front established in the 1960's. Members are specially trained Government Kidnappers with top clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexual abusing them, sometimes involving them in satanic orgies, bloody rituals and murder of other children with the slaughter of animals. The Finders are known sexual degenerates who use a fleet of unmarked cars to grab targeted children from parks and schoolyards. Many times using their own child members as decoys, they lure the innocent children away from the crowd close to their vans. The adults inside grab the children, drug them and transport them to a series of safe houses where they await their ill fated end. They are then used in ceremonies. The children are either murdered and sacrificed for body parts, or they are sold as sex slaves, auctioned off at various locations in the northern hemisphere. In the past they have been auctioned off near Las vegas, Nevada and Toronto, canada, Lincoln, Nebraska, Michigan and Houston, Texas. Marion David pettie, the leader of the cult is an identified pedophile, homosexual and CIA officer. His son was a former employee of a CIA proprietary firm, Air America, which was notoriouS for smuggling drugs, destined for the united States out of the Golden Triangle into saigon during the viet Narn war.

The Treasury Department Report on the




ONLY ,~. 'tCJ"~iLU(::~


.- .... Pi

D,M.._"...... ,
, ;'.'& &..I'I-;'-'D I 1: ...... 11

0,........ ,."


021287 II 700 ·~~:~'~-'~'-'~~'-W_~I~I.~I--~~~~----~~------------~--~------------~--------------------------------

..... ~ ..... LO ", .. 01 '0 "_~

~: ne c


0 ., ......... ....., ·0............... '..... ·

__ ·-


o··,.. ~

O~·e. .....

r.:1 ~_. L.:5J


as s Ls t a nce



This office was contacted by th~ Tal1ah!ssee ,Police Department on febr'JAry ,S, 19 a., who r e que s t ad olSsist&,nce:in attempting to ioentify t-:JO a~'Jlt males and six" children, all taken .into cus tody the , prevlo'Js cay. The men, ~~re~ted ~nd cha:ged with multiple co~nts of child a.buse, were being'very ev e s Lv e .... ith policli ,in' the que s t Lcns • ~ing asked of them ,.purscant tJ:le childr~n and. their cOl"ldition. ' This Agent contacted. 55/"', :aob Harrold,' Me/Reston, Virginia,' and re.q'Jested t@lephone. nu.mbers and nernes of police persor.s in area. police ~epartrnents in an att~~pt to follow-~p on t~o leads which ..... a Virginia e re license number and that the chilc!:ren had co.nme'nted livi1'l9 in a Washington, D.C., com.-nune.




Subsequently, this office received a telephone call f~orn the' Washington. D.C. Hetropoliten ~olice Deper~~ent inquiring ~o~t the men ~nd chil~=en. This office put· the MPD And the T?D in contact with each other .


.. ""IIIL.t:

""'''0''-'0 n, ..




~ ~E:SD:G:P


Resident Agen~

Fredric: D.







Office of En!orcement
.,..,., \,1

'C_'"' .. ,..,, __.... ~..



OO s; R'
(I:> ...

'T (S

TOfTHEH'E,t.SURV C\..S'O .... :Ii l",vlc:;t; s







• . -:}/ !::

n Thursday I February 5, 1987 thls office was contacted via'b~'lephone by sergeant, JoAnn VanMETER of the Tallahassee Police Departrnentt ' -uvenile Division. Sgt. VanMETER reguested assistance in identifying wo adult males and six minor children ages 7 years-to 2 years •. ' ~he adult males ~ere tentatively identified by TPD as'MichaeiHOULIHAN nd Douglas ]ll1MEPJ1.~N,o t.h of Washington b D.C. who were arres,ted the previous day on charges of child abuse.

,:c:'~-i·X~~··_·;· '






'he police had received an anonymous telephone- call relative two ~~ll~ressed white men wearing suits and ties in Myers Park,. (Tallahassee), apparently watching six dirty and unkemptchi1dren' in the' playground .re a. HCULIHAN and AMMEPJ1}l.N were near a 1980 -Blue Dodge van,-bearing 'irgini a license number XHW-S57 the inside' of which was ·later.described as foul-smelling filled with maps, ~ooks, letters, with a mattress -: t u ated to the rear of the v an which appeared as if it were used as a i .ed , and the overall appearance of the van gave the impression that all eight ,persons were living in it.

were covered with insect bites, were very dirty~-most of le- children were not wearing unQerwear and all the Children had not· Jeen bathed~n many days; .

'he c~ildren

fhe men were: arrested and charged wi th multiple counts ,of chi,ld.abuse en d lccges in the Leon County Jail. .Once in custody the -men were' somewhat ev as i ve in their answers to the police regarding the .children and . 3tated only that they both were the children's teachers and that all were enroute to Mexico to establish a school for brilliant children. rhe children tentatively were identified as Mary HOULIHAN, white female, ege 7; Max LIVINGSTON, white male age 6: Benjamin FRANKLIN,_white mare, age 4; HoneyBee EVANS, white female, age 3; B.B., white male; age 2; and John Paul HOULIHAN, ~hite male, age 2. The children initially indica~ed that they lived in tents in a commune in the Washington, D'.C., area and ~ere going to Mexico to go to a school for smart kids.


~his office contacted the Office of the RAC/DC. and spoke with SS/A, Bob Harrold. This agent reguested telephone numbers andnarnes of police persons in area departments .that might be, aware 'of saic activities described by the children .and to fo11,ow-up on the. leads ~hich wereth: Virginia license number and a check on the men's names w~th local law enforcement.





- dim


OEFAR' u.... 11H.

:0 ,Vl.,.OioC.S S["'\I~C[



, 3'




'one A short time later this,office was contacted of' the washington, D ,C _ Metropolitan police

by Detecti~e~ .Jim Bradley Department "Bradley




that the case here in Tallaha:see. appeared t<;.~e strongly , a case, he was currently worxlng ,In the WashlP9~Qn, D.C. area.





stated that the actions of the two men in custody'i_n·T'9.f~~a:~see relative the children just might give his caseenough};p:r6baElecause for search warrants 'to search premises occupied by c; cult-·'le'd t h e FINDERS. ". Thi 5 agent directed Braoley to telephone TPD and,:"dis directly any' activities forthcoming relative the

At this time it.' was determined found,to exist and therefore, of additional information.

.: that there was no Customs:vi·tions· closed pe' receipt this case is being



~' •



Create a permanent ORR/TEeS record:


]l.J1MER}1AN Douglas Edward; • F - 2 3 B - a tt'a ch e d L :', -: ' _..~ "-.,







': :-CHIR':" ... :.. " ~. '~';;'",CTR" :.~ ;; '-:<. "-:"',
·····,FBA '; ~. '_.-.


NCIC: Negative

" .'.' " ...









HOWELL, Ja~es Michael
tCF-23B attached)




ti ve


~ 'tEes:


': CTR : Nega,ti ve ~ FB}I,' : "

eMIR: ..

"F'INDERS" (CF-23a attached)


CTR. :. . FE.:": 'PAIRS:·

" .. "




To from

Resident Special

~gent ~gent~

in Charge



Customs cooperation/interest Tallahassee/Washington HPO

in child


• " •


On Thursday, a call from

2/5/87, the duty agent, SS/A Bo~ Harrold, receive'd SSjA Walter Krietlow, uses, Tallahasse~, Florida. 55/), Krietlow was seeking assitance in contacting an appropriate local police' agency to- coordinate a child abuse investigation in with the Tallahassee Police Departmen~. ,SS/)'·

xrietlow further requested assistance jn checking so~e names, addresses and a vehicle through the Customs chrld.po~nog',aphY Unit e e c a base, and stated there was some susplcion'ol.tlie subjects being involved in supplying children, for. t~e , production of child pornography. Further, he was informed' by the Tallahass~e Police Department that the child~en may h~ve been encoute to Mexico from the Washington, D.C. area. The possibility of ·customs interest in the investigation due,to possible violations of the Child protection ~ct of 1984, and the alleged nexus ~i~h the u.s./Mexican aord~r were ~iscu$sed and ag(~ed upori. SS/A Rrietlow related the following ,background information.· SS/~. Krietlo~.was Gontacted by. the' Talla~asse~ Polic~ Dep~~tmen~ foc a~sistance in irlen~ifying six chi 1 d r e n' and t· 0 . j u Its' t a ken i n t;' c us t"ody in the '1' a 11 a has see w a~e~; U.S~ ~u~toms ~as ~on~a~t~d because the police officers involved suspected' the ad~lts of being .involved-in c h.iLd pornograp~i,and knew·~heCustoms S~rvice· to hav~ a network of child pornography in~esti9ators, and of the existan~e of the Child pornography and Protection Unit. SS/A Kriet10w stated· the two aduls were well dressed whit~ males. They, had custody of six white children (boys and girls), ages three to six years. The children were observed ,to be poorly d re ss e d , bruisedr dirty, and behaving like animal~ in,a public park in Tallahassee. The police were notified by a ccncerned~citiz~n and all eight p e r s o n s .... ere taken into custody. The··subjects ' .... living ere out of a ~hite 1979 Dodge van, Virginia license no. X 13W 557. II P 0 n be in g t a ken in t 0 c us to d y, the ad u 1 t w hi't e ma l"es refused to coope~ate/ one of v h o m produced a ~bu.siness~ card './ith a name on one side and:; statement on the other. , The statement indicat~d that the ~eacer knew his constitutional rights to remain silent and that he intended to do so. Upon i n t e rvie win 9 the chi 1 d r e n ~ the pol ice 0, f fie e r s f 0 u n d t hat the y c 0 U 1 d not a d e qua t e 1'y 'i den tiE Y ,t h-e m s e 1 v, S 0 r the ire u s t 0 d ian s • e Fur~her, they stated they were ~n[oute to H~xico to attend a, school for ·smart kids.' SS/A Krietlow was f~rther advised the children were unaware of the function and purpose of ' telephones, televisions and toilets, ~nd that the children had ~tated they were not allowed to live indoors and were only given food as a re\Jard.



After receiving the request from Tallahassee, SS/A Harrold con t act e d J:\ e w h i 1 e I was 0 n 0 f fie i alb us i n e s S', ate us tom s Eeaaquarters. Be requested that I conduct computer checks on che customs Child pornogr~phy unit'data base The checks were to be conducted on the names, addresses, and a vehicle provided by SS/A Rrietlow. A~ter conduc~ing the computer check~, I made direct contact with SS/K Krietlow to inform him that all' the checks were negative. At that'time I was informed by 5S/A Krietlow that the Tallahassee police had discovered large quantities of records, to include computer discs and a U.S. passport in the van. From some of theSe records the police had obtained tentative identification of the two adults, and partial identification of the children. Furthemore, the two Washington, D.C. addresses had'been discovere~ through these documents, one of which was verified t~rough thevehiel~ , reg i s t r a ti 0 n . I a d vis e d S S / A K r i e t I 0 v ,1 w' a s lea v i n 9, \';" " Headquarters and he would be receiving a- response toth.e remainder of his request from SS/A Harrold. I then left as stated and proceeded to conduct other business. in the District.
A short

time later, at approximately 11:30 a.m., S5/A Harrold contacted me by radio, and advised me that a Detective Jim Bra~ley of the washington~ D~C. Metropolitan Police Department (KPD) was. interested in ~he informatio~ provided by ss/i ' F:rietlo ....... in contact ,' ·as with Tallahassee, and .... uld o very probably be conducting search warrants in the area,later in the " day. He also informed'me th~t U.S. Cu~toms was invited to parti~ipate due·tothe continuing' possibility of'v{olation~ of law enforced by the customs Service. ~s I was already i~. Wash ington, I termina ted my' other business and p r o c eeded .to ~ake contact with Detective Bradley, Intelligence Division, MPD. Upon con~ictingDetective Bradley, i learned th~t h~ had in i t i ate dan' in v est i gat ion 0 nth e· t'w add res s e s pro 'I ide d by the 0 Tallahassee police Dept. during December of 1986. An informant had given him infor~ation regarding a CUlt, known as the "Finders. ~perating various businesses'out df a ~arehouse 10 cat e d at 1 3 07 4 t h St., N. E ., and we res u pp 0 sed to be h O_U,S n 9 ~ i chi 1 d r e nat 391 B / 3920 W St., N. W • The in for mat ion was "s p e c i fie in describing "blood rituals· ,and sexual orgies involving children, and an as yet unsolved murder in which the Pinders may be involved. With the information p~ovided by the informant, Detective Bradley was able, to match some of the children in Tallahassee with names of children known alleged to be in the custody of ,the Finders. Furthermore~ Bradley .... as able to match the tentative ID of the adults with known 'members of the Finders. I st'ood' by while Bradley c o n s u Le e d 'with AOSA Barry Benner and warrants for the two premises. I advised acting RAe SS/A Tim Holloran of my intention to accompany MPD on the execution of the warrants, received his permission, and was joined by SS/A sarrold.· 5S/A Harrold accompa~iea the ~eam which went to 1307 4th St, and I went .t o 3918/20 W st. During the execlltion



..... arrant
I ')



1-1 St.,

I was


able to observe and access the en~ire building. I saw large quantities of children'S clothing and toys .. The clothing consisting of diapers and clothes in the toddler to'pre-school range. No c n i Ld r e n .... ere found on the premises .. There were s~veral subjects on the premises. Only one .... deemed as to be connected with the Finders. The rest were renting living space from this individual. Be was identified as'Stuart Hiles SILVERSTONE, DOB/061941, O.S. Passport No~ 010958991. SILVERSTONE was located in a room eguipped with several computers, printers, ana numerous documents. cursory examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for'unspecified purposes. The instr.llctions included the impregnation of female members of the community k now n asP i n d e r S,P u r c has i n 9 chi 1 d t: en, t r a din 9 " and . kidnapping. There were telex messages using Her accoun~' numbers between a computer terminal b e Ld e ved to be.:.:,;10c~,;,ed •. .i·n the same room, and others located across the. country 'and">'in .. ' foreign locations. One such telex speci£icallyordered·the. purchase of two children in Bong Kong to b e.iar r e n q e d .. :through a eon t act in the Chi n e seE mba s s y the r e • An o.t her. tel e x .e x pre sse d an interest in "bank se6recy' situations. Otherdocuments identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties ~nder the control of the Finders, a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and th~ evasion of law enforcement •. Also found in the 'computer' ~oom· was a detailed summary of the events surrounding the arrest and taking into custody of the two adults and Six children in Tall a has see,' P lor ida 0 n .the pre v i 0 us n i 9 h t .. The r ewe rea 1 so. a set.of in~tructions 'whic~'appeared to be broadcast via a: . computer net~ork which a~vised participan~s to mpie -the chi 1 d r en- and k e e p the m m 0 v i n 9 t h r0 1.l 9 h d iff ere n t j uri s die 't ion s , and instructiobs on how to iveid police attention~ . One of the re$idents was identified as a Chinese_National. Due to the telex discovered referencing the Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong, he was fully identified for futUre reference:. W~NG/Gengxin, DOB/092747, POB/Tianjin, Peopl~"s Republic of China Passport No.' 324999, entered the O.S. on Ja.nuary 22, 198'7, ad mit ted u n til Dec em b e r 31, 19 8 7 • E e is in the U_ S ;-' sa' a graduate student in the Anatomy Department of Georgetown university. Bis Visa was issued on November 10, 1986, in· London, England, number 00143. During the course of the evening, I contacted Sector 4 to initiate a TEes check on SILVERSTONE, and initiate an archives check on him for the last four years. I also contacted SS/A Holloran to keep him adVised of the proceedings and asked for and received permission to contact SS/A John Sullivan of the CPPU to guery some names through the CPPO data base. SS/A Holloran told me he would call Southeast Region Beadquarters to keep them posted on the proceedings as well. I later contacted SS/A Sullivan for the stated purpose, and in the discussion that followed, I gave him some background en the purpose of the reques~. I advised him that the information was not for dissemination at Beadquarters, that Region was being notified,


and that Region would probably contact Headquarters later if Jeemed necessary. SS/A Sullivan assured me that the information would go no further until officia\ notification was made by Region. No positive matches were obtained from the CPPC data base. I was later' joined at the W Striet addiess by SS/A' Rarrold_ SS/~ Earrold advised me that there were ~xtremely large quantities of ~ocuments and computer equipment at the warehouse, and that HPD was pbsting officers i'nside the building there and sealing the building until morning, in ~hich ~ second warrant for that premises would be obtained and executed. SS/A Earrolo also advised me that the neWS media' had been notified and had been waiting for the execution of the warrant at the 4th Street a d d r e s s . . Detective Bradley later' stated that the HPD public Information Officer had been contacted by a Tallahassee reporter. When it became apparent the PIO had no information on the search w~rrants, t~e reporter con t'ilted 1 0 cal me d ia 're pre sen tat i v e san d a c h e e k 0 f pub 1 ie' '. c r e c or d s containing the affida...,its for the s e a r c h warrants'· dis~}osed the locations and purpose of the warrants. 'D~tecti¥e Bradr~y surmised that someone on the Tallahassee police Depa~tment was the original source of information for the press. I advised SS/A Eolloran of the involvement of the press, and he s~ated that he would, in turn, relay the inf6rmation to Region. SS/A Harrold and I assisted in the transport of the,evidence seized pursuant to the warrant· and cleared MPD after, the,pres~' left the area. On Friday, 2/6/87, 'I metnetective' Bradley at th'e warehouse'on" .,l t h street, N. E .' I a u 1 y advised. m ya c tin 9 9 r o_ u p supervisor, 55/')..Don Bludworth; I'was 'again granted'unlimited access to , t~e premises. I ~asable to observe numerous documents which described explicit sexual conduct between. the members of the community ~nown as finders. I also saw a large c6llection of photographs of unidentified persons. some of the photosraph~, were nudes, believed to be of members'of Pinders. There were numerous photos of children, some nude, at least one of which was a photo of a child 'on display· and, appearing to accent the child's genitals. 1 was only able to examine a ~ery small amount of the photos a~ this time. However, one of the , officers presented me with a photo album for my review.The album contained a series ·of phctos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a "blood ritual." The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats. The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. this included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat's 'womb' and the, "baby goats· inside the womb, and the presentation of a goats head to one of the children. Further inspection of the premises discl~sed relating to activit,ies of the organization of the ~orld. Locations I observed are as G e rm a I\Y, the Bah amas, J a pan, I:l 0 n 9 K 0 n g, Mal Rica, and ·Europe." There was also a file numerous files if} different parts follows: London, a y S i a A f ric a, cos t a identified as '


.. ' . ".

'palestinian.· other files were identified by member name or = p r o j e c t;" name. The projects, appearing t.o be operated for commercial purposes under front names for the Finders. Theie was one file entitled ·Pent.agon Break-In,' and oth~rs which referred to members operating in foralsn countkies. Not observed by me but related by an HPD officer, were intelligence files on private familfes not related to the Finders. Th.e process undertaken appears to have been a systmatic response to local newspaper advertisement~ for babysitters, tutors, etc. ~ member of the Finders would respond' and gather as much information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family. The use to which thi3 information was to be put is still unknown. Thera ~a5 also a large amount oE 03td collected on various child care organizations. The warehouse cont.ained a large library, two kitchens, .asauna, hot _ tub , and a • v i d eo roo m . • T h ~ v ide 0 r 0 q; m e d·t 0 .~ e .·S ~ t s up as an indoctrinatil;)n center. It al:ooapFeared",thn.t ...the o r 9 ani z a tiD n had the cap a b i 1 i t y top r 0 c:l u c e its 0 '.... =v 1.d~6S::". n , There. \.Iete "."hat appeared to be training· areas, for chi"fdr·en and what ,appeared to be an altar set up in a .re s i d e n tLa L area of the warehouse. Han1 ja.Is of urine and E!c~s ~ar~located in t~is a=~a.
! should



also mention that dish antennas. '






I jiscl.lssed ·the course .of action tai;e!Lby HPD '.Iit.h Jetective Bradley. He stated he"was;only interested in making the child abuse case(s) •. I was assured that all of the evidence would 'be available toU.·S~' customs· in furtherance of any investigative/criminal action pursued. MPD. personnel w~re to begin around the ~loc~ review a~d sorting of the eVidehce until completed. customs will have .access aft;er this accom?lished. This will include several U.S. passports discovered during the search.


upon leaving the 4th Street premises, !. encountered a news media repreEentative and was asked the reaso~ behind 0;5. customs involv~~ent in the investigation. I advised the rep 0 r t e r t hat leo u 1 d not dis C U s san y t h i n 9 and r e £ err e d. h ~ r to· t~e R~C/DC .. I left immediately ther~after. There is no further information available at this time. It should take three to five days for all the .informetion to be sorted, reviewed, logged by the HPD. I will maintain con~act with Det~ctive Brad~ey until the evidence is again acceSSible.
Resp~ctfully submitted,


.-, \ v

MartineZ ~ge~t, uses


~, 'La ....CClloJ COOL


u .....r t o ~':'...1"(.S [\,JS'O~!f~""'Ct

OF 7HE 7;;EA.Su~y






O··~"':·'.-IP..f'OC>"1 c. ~uo ...r

.0 I.... "'_A~,

o ...r t










... cll''IoII



,~oc,....... COOt.

[KJ '.......'",;,.
'0, "(101\1 "0

Do- .......... ,_~




'0:. O}- AE..-oA.T



Os.... ...·' ...,


On Thursday I Pe-bruary a s s i s t e d .theWashington,

5;·~.987 i







. ,-~-' "(


concerned with international trafficking in' Children, high tech transfer to the Uriited K~ngdom, and international transfer of currency.

e x p l o i tation"of children' \.'a~ rants, nUID'e reus d o cume n ts

(MPD) with't~ose?rchwarrants'

in~ol~{rig th~poSsible ~~xual' ..• 'During the .course' of the search"
we r

" Senior' S~e~lal Agent Barr'old and D.C~ Met:-opolitan Po Li ce Departme'rit" e discovered
whi ch appeared



~AC/VA Beach

11 ahassee


"~·'." .... Z':'lC-I1' ,'. ~.





. ~. -r





ROUNTREE, Resident








r ~t





_.j~.~. ~ .... ~. ~..


..... t s Ct,..~'O~ r






On March 31, 1987, I contacted Detective James Bradley of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). i.was to meet with Detective. Bradley to review the documents.sefzed(. pursuant to two search warrants executed In·February·~987. )he meeting was to.take place on April 2 or 3. 1987.. . On April 2, 1987, I arrived at approximately 9:.00 a.~. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke to -a·:thirdparty who was'willing to discuss the'case \Jithme on a strictly '''offthe record'" basis. I was advised 'that all the passport data had been tuined over to the state Department for their in~estigation. The state Denartment in turn, advised MPD that all travel and use of the pa~sports by the holders of the passports was w{thin the law and no action wo~ld be taken.· This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North V i etnaa f ron the Lat.e 1950's to mid 1970's. The individual further advised me ofciTcumsta~6eswhich indicated that the investigation into the activity of the FINDERS had become a.CIA internal matter. The MPD .report has been. . classified secret and ,\Jasnot available'for review~ 1 was advised that the FBI had wit~drawn fro~ the investigation several weeks 'prior and that. the FEI Foreign Coun t e'r Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the PEl Washingt~n Fiefd Office of anything that had transpired. . No further be taken. information will be available. No further action will

No action to be taken on the basis of this. report.




FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret.)
Box 18000-259
Voice: (310)364-2280,






Fax: (702)791-2906



1 filed formal complaints on six occasions with the FBI demanding an investigation of the FINDERS and the international trafficking of children who have been kidnapped or obtained through subterfuge (orphanages; and on occasion the agency known as the Child Protective services) but the FBI refused to contact me. I have received two complaints from airline employees that airplanes containing several hundred children were flown to paris, France from Denver Colorado and Los Angeles, California. Two hundred and ten children were reportedly on the manifest of the Denver plane. In addition Paul Bonacci told me about children who were auctioned off in the early 1980's outside Las vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada. These children were auctioned off in their underwear with a number on a card around their necks, some for $50,000. each (see the Franklin Cover up Investigation). One hundred and ninety one children assigned to the Child protective services in Florida are missing with no indication of their whereabouts. One hundred thousand children disappear each year in America (Readers Digest, July 1982).



News Articles on the 'FINDERS'

Through a glass, very darkly
Cops, spies and a very odd investigation
volves allegations :.hat the Enders are somehow linked to th e Central Intcilimysterious group ge~.c.:: Agency. Customs Service dccuFinders keep growing menis reve al that in 1937, when CU5t0r.1S curicuscr. agents soug:ll to examine the evidence In early r-e aruary 1987, 3.I: anonygathered by Washi.."lglon, D.C., police, rnous upster in Tallahassee, F1a:, wade they were told that the Finders investigaa phone ca ll to police, Two .. :.'.well- . tier; "had become a CIA internal mardressed mer." seemed to be "su;n:rvi~'~, Iter," T:le police report on the case bad ing" SIX disheveled and hungry caildrcn: . in a local park, the caller said, The 'COPS'I' went after the case like ::lloodhounds-: at least :1: first, The two me;". were iden-.

• us NTIYS

T;-:e r.~::J.~y u:'.;}:LS\· ..·c_~cd JUC:\~lO:-;." .ibc c : l ....C Finder:; C~~::: no .....h~·..c Dc~· ~:~~tl~ Rc~',. (=r.;jr~ic Rose of :-~o~;!', '-.-:Irolin::, ':~",:rr,;,n ",I the; ~1()\f~C /\(:. r..i:l:s:ra:~on Corr.rnin ee, ;J;,j FiQr~J:J'~ Rep. Torr. :...ewis, a R,-c,;l.:~I::;:'i1, rno r e

ha n a lime exercised.






;0 do w::h

:his Finders orgar.:;:;3 tior: :;:1G lUIT,e: rheir backs or. t hcsc cl.ildr en? T:l;:'·.'s wha: all ,he evicence points to," savs
Lewis. "And th eres

lot of evide r.c e , I


he case is almost new, but matters

SCVe:1 'lear; old surrounding a known as the curiouser and

tified as rr:en:oe:-s of :he F!.nde:s.·,2"bex were ch;]:gec With chi.d aouse ill :'JOO-' da, In WJ..StllngtoD, J.c., pciicc ace. U.S. Customs Service agen:.> raided a' duplex apartment building and a warehouse connected to the group. Among the evidence seized: detailed instruc-, lions on obtaining chil d r en for unknown graphs pUf?OSeS and of nude children. seve r al iphctoAccording to a

can tell yoi: this: We ve 20t a to: of 0<=0' pie scrambling, and tri;lt wouldr.': be i:a;;,?ening if there '.>>3,5r.o:hing here." Perhaps. But the Finders say the r e :s nothing there - at least nothing illegal. The Finders have never been involved in C:llid abuse, pornography, Sa tanisrn, animal slaughter or a:1;i'thing cf the kind, says the group's k3d::~, Muior. David c. Pettie. Pettie, too, says the group has never been con . necicd [0 the C1A. In an in:er.;ewwit~ U.S, News, Pettie described t'r:e Fir.cers as a ·:OITI~ mun al, holistic-living and ieJrning arrangement. T;'It group nurr.bers same 20 mernbc rs. Petr:c SCiVS; the'" do :rce:lanc:: journalism, r;se:lrch
and "competitor inte!ljg~nce" fa r a variety of mostly fcrelgrL cllel';~s_

Customs Service memorandum ob- , rained by U.S. News, one photo appeered "to accent the. child's genitals." The rr.ore the police learned about the r s, the' more b iz arr e they seemed: There were suggestions of child abuse, Satanisrn, dealing in pornography and ritualistic anima! slaughter. None of t:,e alleg ations was ever pr ove d, however. The child abuse char ges agJinst the ;-wo rn e n in Tallahassee were dropped: al! six of the childrcn Were eventually rClur;l~d to their rncthers, t::o"Jg.h in ~he case of two, conditions were attached by J court. Ir, February 1987, D. C police sei.ze ~vjdcr:ce. W::lshington. D.C., be g an b:JcKir:c been classified secret. Ever. :lOW, 1':1;1,,· awav from the Finders investiga:ior.~ The' group's ?iJct:C::s, the ?o:ic~ said, hassee police complain about the hanwe;= eccentric - nat illegal. d!i:1g of the Finders invesrigu.ion by C.c. Questions. Today, things appear '.e- colice. "-:-;'<::'1 droD~ed this case." on c have changed yet again. The Justice DeTallahassee i~vestig3lOr says, "like a hot reck." D.C. police will not cornmen: on partment has begun a new investigation into the Finders anc into rae I!TGL:O'S the matter. As for the CL~ ranking owactivities, It is reviewing th: 19'87 cials describe alle zauons about links Jeinvestigation into the zrouo :0 de.ermine rwe e n the inle:.Lge:lce <1gency and :~e Finders <15 "h05"'·" - perhaps the rc-: whether that .:::robe w;:' ~j~sed improper 5\,;,: J[ J simple mix-llp W:(:, D.C. police. lv. Justice cfic.a.s will not ei abora: e. except to Si.lY.he invesugcuon is "ongoing" T:1~ onlv cor.necuon, accordinc to t;,e and tna: it involves "unresolved mJtL~:-S" C!..-'I.: A' firm provided in relation to the Finders. :~:lin;ng ;0 CLA officers 0.:50' emclovc d One 0: th e unresolved cuesnor.s 1:1~ severai rr.c rncc rs of :he Finders,

The Finders work Eo: no fore ign Pettie sa/so Tne ir :j~. plex, in a res.centiai Northwest Wash:r:gton neigr.Clorhood, is decorated with gleba; maps ar.d bu lietin beards. Reside:1lS of Culpeper. Va., 90 minutes lrom Was!1:n;;lOr.. say the Fin(Jc~.) have Oflcratcu an office there, :00, [rom time to rime,
Tnat office contained compute, ter-minals :lnd clocks rene:::tir.g dif-

ferent time zones around the world. CL:.. officials 5Jy they referred all mutters concern ing the Finders arid :!1e police investigation to rhc FBI's Foreigr. Courueriruclligencc Division. :'SI olf'icials will 1101
co rn rae nt.
SO:,JiC:S 5:1)"


e nfcr cc me nt

scmcof the Finders are listed in .he F3I's classifie c cnunrerin~ell;~ence :-des. None 0; th.s [JZ~:i Peui~. He: ~J>'" the CLA's inte r e s: i:; ,he Finders mJY
stern fr orn










for l.~:: ~~ef\:;)' ar.d


his son worxec to; a C:"'.l., prop,ic",! fir:n. Air America. Ove rail, S<JVS Pettie. "we're ;;. zero s~:',;;-:ty [hrea·:. Vihe;,

don't don't

do much of anything, J"C explain, pecp.e start rumors
To j\,;cge
:'~Dm l~C





some of th~ rumc.s awful.y ,orog time.





By GOR;)JN Wr.:';_;;1 f_"'iJ ?~ 'ATIl~ .o\.\~ '\L!,_~;..'ic....:.

C ..... "'·


,. o cult t accused

of abuse

Justice orotes
::'~. ?aul ,~A Rcc~:;'''';~~
..... t;

liTlks to Finders
A J\J.-s;uce D~~;j;7~.-::l-=n~spec: ..d : for-c::..= is u,ve::;;::;Sa'Ct.rlg' ·..I;he~he.:'" ;,0" C:A csed a :."'; called Ihe Find er s as a {r-o:'H ar~l.."' ..:.:..1~icn to pr-ovic e cornputer tr:ll • .,,,,, :0 intelfig enc e
.!I5!!n(~ in Th e


19SC>~ (or ce ;5 !ISO

tr""':rir..g to

c e-er-t-tin I: .... e ~.":.~:- CIA - in an h ~:":-: ~~:Ort to hi d e i.~'~l~~~l .... il..' the Find.· e;-s irno ede c !oc.ll Law ~n[orce:ment probes o( ::.,_~ 'Nashington·a.rc.a cornmunal 5r-OLl~ ::hlld abuse in :0:'"
t~S~ .

"Tbe centr-al q'J::s~an b ein g ask.::d ~,J,"~ an as;SOCt3 (ion .L"".-:! :':~d tt trv to shu.: down their' (stare aac local offi::i.als': ~"":\'es1:~garions of c:"'.!ld aouse fo:" pur;:>cse:s cf prCHt~::..-;s: lJt1.e or rnor-e of its operations!" saic J senior Feder-al iaw enror cernem ::J~ir:ial farr'.iliJ.:" ·... ..he crcce, . r;:h A s~::icr erA o;:'::iai ye:i[erday derried ~uttrre at;~:"'.::: was :n.. olved is: Did li~-I': CIA u.-:f.h o'tis gr-cuc '.V1(h t~c Finders.J:" ~~.ed re i~-n?c:d!:

police probe, o( ;~< ::,.:1[. -MQs~ day, we ~,,-?~c:-our share of unusua: quesaoas. bur this on e is clear eff tne ..... ·al:,- a CL-\ .ipo) rcld The Washi..g'";' 7itne s. ~A.J1y claim ~!':.a.( ....e co srructed jusace in this case is nuts," the spokesman said. "11'1 :3(;[.'· no s..l..Ic.. re ..ding (rom a ' prepared statement, "\Io~ cooperated!h law en{crc~r.1-e;H allt.honries ...... hen cuesrions aro s e in 15187:" .A Washi.n;;::tcn ~~::-;tPUl~T· c.omp.ny th~[ ",,,_ieyed Find er s m erncer-s saic it ~:-:!i:1~-:::I C[A per senriel. but :he (i."i11',; ;.r,:sLd!!n~denied u was awned. ':Jj' :::: _:;_r,dcrs, He sat d he was unaware Jr anv use of rh e t.-:Jining for COVJ:i. ~r.:~i\"ttie5. Justice De?ar-~~~' offici.:>i. has" declin e d to cis cc ss wnar. if -L'1Y· :.h irtg , l:".eLr ;:J roce ,":-J s uncovered, "we a.C"1! ... till i., t~Q' -eviev procr:.:a:i." e s e aior- off~C:::J.1 s,a::!. 'The Firtd e rs; j !;::"oup rhar has d......,ndlc:d rrcr.l J~O'.':;"';O rn ernber-s to ic·""'Ct" rnan a d:':::·.~ ,7;J:-: f r-on r -p ag e ..

$ "'"


t ~


sec CIA, PQ~~





Stolen Children

of youngsters

are abducted by strangers-e- and only a few are ever found

.as anyone seen Ke v in CoUins7 Kevin i510yu.rsoldand.Hc-ct6 inches tall. wilh brown hair.

sit ion. When he vanished without a trace .fler basketbal] pract ice at St. Agnes School in San Francisco on Feb, 10, the assumption .... ,,~ t hat he had been abduclo1. and the city responded wit h .. II the shocked, if shorr-Iived.auerui vcnc;5suchoull1lgc::; pro-

gr~n eyo lnd • cheerful dispo-

voke. While Ss n Francisco police ccnducted
rnassi v c, round-the-clock search (or the missing boy. volunteers distributed more than IOO.OCQ !'Iiers carrying his picture. the school offered for information lesding 10 his return 1nd Mayor Dianne Feinsleln posted s n .ddilionBI r e ....ard o{S5.COJ. Ke"'W·5 par e nt s, rneanwhjle, offered the only thing they could. a public sppeal tc his abductor that ~merllLn the more "'TCT1ch· ing for lhc self-conrr ol it must have r equir ed, "W~ Me not interested in seeking justice or punishment," David And Ann Collins (In local TV. '''We arc only interested in his safe return. We love our son a nd we need him." A month has passed Without A hint of the boy's whereabouts. Pn:d.oI..CJl")'" C".n>dty. Of the approx im.a.ld y 1,8 million children ....ho arc reported missing t:ach year, 90 10 95 percent are likely 10 be n.:n~W&)·s or youngste rs abduct ed by " r-o-rcnl involved in i custody fight. By wideIy '·MYIIIF; e-s uma t cs .• nywhere from 6,OCQ to 50.000 mis.s ing children lilt:" like Kevin Collins , presumed to be victims o(~stl1lnger abducuon," a crime of predatory cruelty u sua ily committed by pedophiles, pornog~~ph~r>, b iack-rna r kct-baby peddlers or childless psychotics bidding desperately for par cnt hood. Only .I few CJ.5-C'> arc: solved. Even fewer stranger·.bduClc-d children are r ec over ed oliv<::. Though Ihey constitute the smalle;S1 par· IjOI1 of the missing-children phenomenon, t he y c a n be w-:ighted at 10 times their number (or Inc ernouonal havoc Ihey lc......c in their ws ke. Noreen Gosch, of West Des Moine-:;, low •. whose 12.yu.r~ld =11. Joh .. Dn.d. "anl~hed from his paper route on [he morning of Sept. S, 1982. recalls the sheer "physjcal pain" of the vigil. "Our ncans hun, our stornschs h urt, We thought of him being tortured or rnurder ed." she ~ys. Eighleen months later NC'fceli ~tdl holds whrs pc r cd con ve r sa11,,,,, u,·lIh her son'~ [11.:lur.: to sl«! her. '-<"If for ruhl,,· I"I~, .boul hllTl: ··Johnn),.






1"C"!l-("111~1~-r:..,.~· )lIIU

<he nj ur m ur .... ",,~hi be .. hve Alllr {HIJ IkJl"id (,,,I/ill':


.. Ll

..... --:---

llul J"

I .. 1",-, k rn rw

'w" Dr,

1/01 j"',~r.cud ill PIJIIil/wfmI.


if~'if .~fc

II ••. i


hearts h u rt; Our stom aclis hu rt, "says Norcen Gosch "We thoug lit

"0ur .




{or ..

II _taM__

lured or m urdcrcd."
.g to

ing number of the rniss ir.g turn out (0 be runaways. police often avoid v ous action uruil 24 10 ~g hour> have ~! enoug h for &.n abductor [0


have escaped to another jurisdiction,


the search is apt to get low priority. Richard RuffIno. supervisor of the missing·p<:l>0ns bureau of the Bagen County (NJ_) Sh<:rill, Department (lind himself a kidnapping victim when he we nine), u)"S lhat ovcrburdencd police depart ~nLS "will pta y Ihe "percentages irtncy have (0. Up 10 "lie nine, I

--.nO I'm doing something about this, Until recent yon it ""1..1 one of the 10:ond ...ry shocks for paren ts of stolen children that they were alone in their crisis--and often nigbtms.rishly thwarted by foot-dragging police departrnects.jurisdictioeal tangles and an Fl31l!.::l..llblelorntcrJ ~\,InJ= there ",'as clear evidence of an abduction. But things began to change about five yean 880, when the disa ppcan.n~ of six-year-old Etan Patz from M ...n!uttan's Soho neighborhood brought the considerable force of the New York. media into play, Since then. interest in the subject has sno .... !_l~_ ~ Flute pdut: counteract what they regard as law-enforcement ci8wdling. sclfhelp organizations-c-scme of them founded by parents of victims----have 'prong up 10 provide inform ..llion and educational progl"J.JIU and lobby for 1ti~er !.aM ~ ...bductors; some communities have begun to fingerprint children Mcj leach them how top ro [eel. th ernselv es I..g.A.irut po t en cia! abductor; (page 80), On the national level, rhe 0= of Adam WLlsh added ID the growing


also forced the FBI to change its po!k:icthq now enter cases .na- 2-' boun on (he alde!c:nnimtLioncomesintopl.l.y.. ASSumption that the child ius-been transFaI..: letIo:k: On the whole, police dread ported IcrOSS ~tc Iines.) Last month a such cases, Kidn.appings children are Senate subcommittee began hearing lotidistressingly to commit and notorious. many 00 a bill to strengthen the '82 .a. by Iy difficult to ><.llye:.a stranger or .I ragudy providing funds for a national resource cenfamiliar neighborhood figure !Alb • child ter on missing children, buttressed by. tollinto accompanying him on some ruse, withIree hot line. "Millions 0( children remain a.( out attracting tbe suspicions ol~-byo risk, vulnerable to exploieation, abuse and . The trail, if there is one, soon goes cold and the police investigation sinh under a. murder," said Sen, Arlen Specter, the bill', leeds, Sa.~ Jay cosponsor, as the hca.rin gs opened. "I t is crushing number or f~ Ho well, a consul tant to the Justice Departimperative the feden.! gcvernrnent J.$surne 1 mere z;;:jye role." ment on missing- and exploited-children's But in spi re of increased legislative activcues: 'me abduction or.a child is often .. ity, Ihe la w-enforccrneat drart remains erfriendly encounter leaving no cvidrnco: behind to suggest the: nature of the droappcarn. tic a.nd confused. Bees lIY: Ihe overw helm-

can' conceive of any agency ·(hlll wouldn't go all out, immediately, for.a m~n& child, But when it gets into the age of the so-called runaway woe. perhaps more of on individu-


public sws r cncs.s. Adam. six. dinppc..arcd [r orn • Scars store in Hollywood, FLa_. on july 27,1981; IWO weeks later his severed head Will found in ... canal 100 miles I"""Y. Lo~[ October. ICIer NnC aired. "Adam," a two-hour d rs rn .. nz.s tion of the In.giC usc, (he network showed pict urcs arid d~ta on 55 miasing children, AI .l result, lJi of the children hne since ken found. (The program ...-ill be r cbr os dcas t nell month, ....ith "1 new C1..3-C:l appended.) jl ""!u lhe .ngu;,he-d (cUlmony of Adam', ftlber, John W.llh, before IWO Senate s u bco mrn it tccr (hlt helped lead 10 the Miuiog CbJidrcn', Act of 1982, w hich al10""" IOC.I.I poiic e and pa r cnt s ap[X1lling \0 the ['Ul to log lOCI 1 as.o into the bu-· r c aus Natlo,,..1 Crime l nfor rnat ion Center (NClC) computer. (Public pressure ha~ N[W5W[[IUMARCI! 19, In.c

Tht MorfJ, ..,It~rr their son dilap~ry-J:

-ru: lIi{;lt/ma~

...... 1, __



liqiim wjlll chillint: Hllic1m"r-ss'



The Simple Ru1es of Safety
Dr. Srock', bible on child-r ea ring doesn't mention it , and parents usually avoid it entirely or never venture beyond the old a x iorn: "Don't talk to strangers." In (3CI. child psychclogisrs agree that next to KJ. the most difficult subject [or pArents 10 discuss children i is 'Kidnapping. Bu; the need for a more sophisticated approach to the possibilit y of child abduction seems clear, Experts believe th.u the best way to talk (0 youngsters .. bout the problem without i~lilling undue fear is to give them "sirnple, direct m<:sugc::s" delivered straight(orwardly and ges red 10 individual .. ge Ic>..els, "This should be like telling your child 10 finish all his vegetables," ~uggClts ~ity of California, Riverside. To demonstraie whit can be done in a potentially' dangerous situation. parenls can engage children in role playing or make: a game exercises in precaution. But adults should

~transer is someone thaI he or you d '1 know or don't I::now vcry well, "O~~stranger.; arc people Who want kids to 0


with them or want to give th!n


a candy or a puppy, or Want to take their picture, Tell your child i!lIt ilbe

Dr. C. Tomlinson
develop mental

Keasey, • professor of
al the Univer-


giving children postsbduction de"It', the fire-drill syndrome," says Nancy McBride, in instructor at the Adam Wilih Child Resource Center in Plantation, Fla. "You teach kids what to do but not what would happen 10 them if they are caught in • fire, .. ~ Most important, children need 10 know that they have rights where adults are co nccrn cd, thaI the stranger who [owen over them doesn't necessarily h..... the authority 10 ldl them what to e do. Ken Lanning [be FBI's Behavioral Science Unit calls this "assertiveness Ironing for kids=-tcaching children tha: they have the right to s.ay 'no' ." Many tips provided by


meets Any bad ~tI"ln&crs he should tell you about them, Mlny experts offer even stronger advice: they s.ay children should avoid ,(rangers entirely. • Tel! your child Ihat it ~ unusual for adults to ask e~il,drt:n for help or for dir ecuons and that It IS best to ignore them. If a stranger calls your child 10 I car, be shouldn't go near it. Ifhe is followed by an
automobile or on foot, he should run


missing-children or ganizalions and law-enforcement agencies seem obvious. But authorities stress that parents wilt often convey incomplete information. 11 is

common, for example, for children to know their horne- phone number but not their area code; they may have their street address down cold, but where that is. they

if asked

just as easjly say Minneapolis, M assach USo!ItS or M ilWBUI:cc.

To help increase


child's awareness of porenlial danger, parents should consider these general rules: • Make sure your child knows his full name, address (including stare) and telephone number (includ-

home, to the nearest public place or yell. "Helpl" Children should not run and hide in a deserted place, .• ' • Keep a copy oC your child's tingirprinu and be able to 100lc denial records, Take photographs every year (four limes annually for children under two). • Don't buy items with your child's name an them. such IU T shirts or lunch OOxt:S.. Children will respond more readily 10 I. stranger if they .. 0: addressed by narne, • Instruct your child never 10 answer the door when homo: 1I0ne or tell Anyone over the' phone that he is home alone. • Outline what your child should do if he becomes separated from you. If separated while shopping. the child should not 1001:: for you but go immediately to the nearest checkout counter And a cierI.: for assistance. Tell him never to go to the parking lot. • Never lave a child unattended in a car. Advise him (0 walk and pl .. y with other children if you are not around. • Be sure your child's school or day-care center will not release him to anyone but you or someone d~ignated by you. Set a code word with your child to be used M a signal ir you send an unfamiliar adult 10 pick him up, • Tell your child that no one has the right to (ouch him or make him red uncomfortable or ask him (0 keep a secret from you. Often, spurred on by tragic incidents in

ing area code) and how
reach th<: operator


or make

a long-Distance call. • Teach your child that

Police in a Mossaciwsetts class: Knowing whom (0 call ance, It is unique in law enforcement." The nightmare can begin with chilling suddenness; Adarn Walsh vanished during tho: cight minutes in which his mother says she left him s ione in the toy deps rtrnent ofa Llor!; while she shopped for a l.!.mp ne.t.rby.· A security guard remembered 1 h r owir- g a r owd y g roup of cider boys au I of the 110re a ud s dmiu e d ~iJ.·ye!lr-old Adam . might h sve been among them. Beyond thAl, rher e 'nS nothing but "8 guo: r ecollccuons of Wllne5S~. including I IO.yosr·old who unof seeing Adam with II man .,.,ilh a blue van. Two weeks

their own areas, parents are orgllniring outside the home es well. Ancr a threemonth-old infant girl was abducted (rom a day-care center in Grand Prairie, Texas, last September, the city council passed were searchtraced his the trailer par k, and police have since followed leads in 21 states and Canada. 8uI RU~:>l:lI is still missing. lind Ruth Mon says she tries. at this s t age, to keep her wcering down 10




later fi~hcrmcn found Adllm'~ head in a canal near Vero Beach. Two'lInd-.-haJf-yar-oJd Russell Mort

department and a bloodhound ing for him. The bloodhound scent 10 11 road leading out

or on May 5, 1962. some lime between 12:10 p.m., when his mother sent him 10 play ovtsidc their 1 railer in a Whc.atfield. N. Y., mobile-homes court, and 12:25 p.m .. when she poked her heAd out the door to check an him. Br 5 p.rn. Hound 50e people, plus the police, I he volurneer fire

.. fh ree \I rnes a week." Kevin Collins linish<:d baskr:lbaH ruet icc 8'; San Frllnchco's 51. A g"n School 1.16


on Feb, 10. Then he and some schoolroward s t ruck driven b)ll'il.ul
(9, t91<1

nlln~s headed


-------_ .. -. '-~ SPECIAL REPORT
route. Kevin sometimes look horne. Ther e have been scores DC li~--wmo: Cram P'Y' chics who in; often called in on miHlng. person cases, One look them (0 an abandoned brewery. where they searched all 35 vall. There were three ~ight;ngs in the. Sacramento Ue.l: one ..... oman ssw I child reo sembling Kevin scared in I frozen-yogurt shop between twa men; mother uw him with two men in an old Chevrolet sedan


'Y ....,'+; Q


abductioll of a



child is often Q friendly encounter leaving 110 evideuce behind. It is unique in fa w enforcement. "



loaded with camping gc.lJ'. Police Actu.a!ly tracked the car down=-none too swiftly,
Kevin', pArents cornplaincd=-out the child


ill Iowa: Record keep/ftC

wu not Kevin. Meanwhile, David and Ann Collins tit at home, with their eight othc:t children, waiting for neWL The CIUl be excruciatin g. AlmO$t Ii"e y~!"S and thousands of dashed hopes after ·their son Ean Pau disappeared On his .....y to his Man}u.tUn school one spring morning, San and Julie PIU are in thcnpr, trying to regain some perspective: on thor lives, The once ubiquitous posters aC have disappeared, public interest has long check out leads (more thA.a !,OClO the past in year alone, including one that took lh.:mas far AS Isnd),lhere has never been a real clue
to hiS fate. "Don't think we're bricks, - S1y$ since subsided, and although the police ~till

stringent d.&y-care-ccntc.r RgUtarioru that are !he model for state legislstion, now pending. In ~t Lake City, where Arthur Gary Bishop is on trial. charged with the murder of five boys, ages <4 to ]3. elementary schools lave launched ... program called "You're in Charge:" to teach children about street ufdy and the ploy:s or would-be abductors •.

. vinced


are eon-

these measures can make a diff.:r· cnce. '·Wt:. need 10 make children comfort-

Stan. "We' re gettin g counseling and I !hink some kind of therapy is needed in a situation such as ours, What makes it more difficult than .. mugging or I. homicidc is there: is no resolution. We have no evidence he is dead and no evidence he: is alive, The first week W( couldn't est, we didn't think .... could sure in May it will be five yd.J"S is something when it started would
have vive one month without him.11u.t

garage sales, auctions,;:.e breakfasts, even horse ,hOM, and wid lOO,OC'() candy bars with wrappers carry;n! his picture and the: legend "Help Find Johnny Gosch"-all to raise around SW,ro1, most of which hu gone to private-detective agencies, They hI. ve conducted 200 "abduction aware. ness" progrsma for schools, PTA's and service 0 r & aniz.J. tions, On altcm.a te Frida y nights they meet with 20 or 3Osupponers to discuss possible leads in the cue. They send OUI :I. monthly newsletter and, with tho: helu of two piz.u clu.ins and several other bus;. .nesses, tbey have blanketed the country with I million niC'J"S ~Dg information on Johnny, WI t', tho: kind of drort you have to make," explains Noreen, "You're just one of a thousand good .. ·~c..t!s:Cuting thend~wideineviubi)' has brought up some stn.nge fish. The Gosches have received a.rowtd 700 crank calls since Johnny's disappearance, Most unnerving was .. September 1983 call from a

able about reporting situericns vhen someone has approached them or tooched them inAppropriudy," :..:.ys JAy Howell a fanner Senate investigator now serving as
a consultant 10 Ihe Justice Department 011 rnissirig and exploited children. ulfwccan e;ct that single message across to America, we will see a mushrooming in the investigation of these cases." if Ici.s!ation now be-

(are Congress is passed, a natiorW hot line be established to assist in missingchildren cases. Until then, parcnta interested in finding out about !0C:ll1 programs should 011 Child Find Inc.', toll-Iree numwill ber {800-4J.1·!{x)5) school or police. or contact their local

It is a.l wa)'l ineonceivable, the more $0 because it on begin, ..s Sun Patz S-!)I$ 0{ Et~J1's disappearance, "with a very ordinary occurrence. He is tatc:--vo::ry late coming home from scbool," John David Gosch lIill hun't come home from the paper route he went out on in West Des Moinc:s., Iowa, on Sunday morning, Sept. 5, 1982, although his
dachshund, Gretchen, only living thing," his mother believes, "that $AW wha.t Cherie KtnrudJ (jcrrground),/{1mii:p RQ~ outcomt happcnc;d to Johnny.t' Tbere were no other direct witnesses to the man who said, "I've got Johnny. He's alivt event, but as private detectives pieced it lind you're neva going 10 get him bad .. together. the boy may hive been seiz ed by Mrs. Gosch. never." The Chicago detective one oft WQ men who approached him, 000: in agency now working rOf the family s..ays • blue sedan and one 00 fool. '" grew IJIl there hJlve: also been hundre-ds of wellwatching 'The Fill Story' with EIrem Zirnb ..lis! Jr. blazing ICrcXi the screen u he meaning but crrcneovs reports. One seemingly near miss ha s tormeru ed solved all these kidn.pp;ngs." Nor= Gosch uys. "II W!S har d [or us to reali:tc .... e the Gosches. According to Noreen, urly wouldn", '3,,=L an 41UW«:( soon." l..t year. t ccn-s g e bay approached a worn· ~ an lesving II convenience store ill t SourhNoreen .lId her liu,b.r"j, John, h~"c JOne about .I! lliul i, :,um.llly fl'h'lhlc.ltl wevre rn C'il'j "",J urgendy ~ait.l, "My 1'l1n1~ j" . ,. (CI'IIlI,,,IJ ..d on /",,(' Ii 5j fwd the 'IlSW".- r he mse lves. They hllvc hd,J mini:.ture:

mIX Sodan.:




Nt!:.!::l F1NKE GP.£WBEP.C "';1~ HOLLY MORRIS in .nod t.. ...... ~.




the ~i;r;.th·sr8d~ ba~ketb.all coach,

lift horne. But Kevin never got to the truck. par k ed only a block aWIY. arid neit hcr nc-<.1

any idea what

Fonte n .. nor the other children nAYC h appericd to him. One: witclaimed la hA'C seen him 15 minutes

ls t cr ~t. bU5 IIOp, I block to ihe south. Two or her Wi!OdSCS 1-l'y (hey sa w him IS minutes Afttr lila, on A corner two block nor t h ~t""di"g nc.". ma n and 1 large ultc:1o:. dop;. Suice .h e n , sca r c her, h ave qU<:.!iolicU e r uuru; 2.fXX) p<:Q[1k ..... o liv( !lIons the hu' h



A Stranger Comes Home
St cve n St a ync r hiS come home. in a 1980 Stcycn's parents Ind l h e rue d ra cc lcbr at ed t hc blessed r et ur n of a boy who had bce n k id na ppcd ~, seven in Merced. Caijf_, and escaped 10 Jrcedorn seven years later, with a 1.1100 on his arm
wo y. In

• ily dCI1l\H.lilCd hirn into h~lr·\4·rllo"f. c.Pli.oi.,. II had l>q;uII rO Dccc mbcr 1972, when I'~rncil and a male campanian got Steven ill I 0 I heIr CJr on rhe [1r~lot I htt In ey were

but ot herwise seerningly und.m.lged. As he laid the story then, he bore no grudge Against rhe abductor he had learned (0 all "Dad"----48·yar-oid Kenneth Parndl-who he SAid had never 5e.Xually abused him and had enrolled him in various schools around the state, Even Dis·
trier Attorney Joe Allen. who eventually won a kidnapp,ng conviction .gainst Parnell .• cknowiedged: "The two developed a close relaricnship. Apparently the man

drive him home and a~k his make I church donation, Instead, Parnell got out and pretended to phone Mn. Stayner, then said he had gotten her permission 10


fl<"l'0I1"1 famdy hi~tor)' 10 In~""'~r ordi. nnr y quesf ions school chum~ askc-d about h,~ life. lie gOI Chrislmas prcscnu and hinhdJY gifts, made friends and went 10 s.chool-lho~gh he was repeatedly in !roubl: for !.<:!lmg fires and fighting, At times be auendcd some of the vcry ~mc s.c~OQ1s thal his ramily had sent



!hel'l 10 In s.c.arch of their missing sao, but app-arclltly no one had looked hard enough al the .stayner photograph to realiz.e thll "Dennis Parnell"



..... kind to him." as It was something lih that, and it was nothing like that. Recently, alter some counseling sessions with Gary Hewitt of the Center [or Missing Children, Steven gave

k ecp Steven overnight, He learned Ihal Steven had been punished by his flliher the day before and played on it, telling Sicven Later that his parents didn't wan! him ... [ won-





Agrest. According to Sleven. Parnell-e-e 0'IJUl wbose own (at her deserted him at five And who once served time for molesting an eight-yearold boy-s-became both his daytime father and his nighttime sexual abuser, Parnell sodomized him on their first day together, threatened him with beatings, con vineed him he WI!.SO 't wanted at home a.!ld graduNEWSWEEK'S

dercd if it was true," reo c.ills Steven. "for the firlt lO days I cried And said I wanted to go horne. But shortly after that ! began to play in his house, It was also (euhe'didn't like to see me cry," Parnell, says SIc'
ven, had a terrible

~:On Valentinc's Day ]980, Pamdl brought home I fresh CJ.plive-a fiveyear-old boy named Timmy White-aod began taunting Sleven that he we growing too old. TImmy kept crying and l$king to go home. pain. fully reminding Sleven of his own fi~l days

with Parnell.

With Timmy: 'Do or die'
whip would

sec Timmy suffer," he
die chance-s-and horne: [or I also doing

~I couldn't

says. "It was my do-or. maybe get some
had been

Iern per and would

him when he was an gacd. A week after the abduction, Parnell uid he had court papers 10 change Sleven's name: to Dennis, and he asked the bay to call him Dad. U! had hopes some day my parents would want
me back," says Steven. "1 used to have fantasy thoughts offamiiy life, but llS time went on t he y dimmed and dimmed." OJ..u=Ataoou! rb e !g.:

be coming something positive,

congratulations." Sixteen days after Timmy kidnapped. Steven brought

him to A UKiAh. Calif., police station, and was himself reclaimed. (pamdl was subsequently tried and convicted of kidnapping charges. Currently he is imprisoned at Soledad, and will be eligible for parole
in September 198~.) But the homecoming ILOS been a troubled one, as SIe.Y~n evokes it in a stream of anguished. contradictory r eflections, "1 returned almost a grown rnsn, and yet my parents saw me .. I fi~t as their seven-year-old," he says. "After they stopped trying 10 teach me the [undarnentals all over again it got kiter ... Why doesn't my dad hug me anyenor e? I &UCS~ seven years c hariged him. 100. We used 10 go 10 the lake fishing. He just sits in the house. Everything has changed .. , Sometimes I blame myr.<:I{. ! don't know sometimes if I should have come horne, Would I have been better oliirJ didn't?" His parents ~ay "absolutely nOI," though last YClIr they ordered him out of t h e hOU5C twice afler quarrels. "Smail »r gurneru s get out of hind," he says. "We're All cmoticnnlly ~tralllcd. I JOII'I cry-irl seven yean [ built a wa ll around m vs clf. If! could. I might not be able to 'I~p." At 18, he il planning 10 go off t o 3 JlflliOf co.le ge, a rid worried t h s t hi; dep art ur e woll UP"! hi. puent, .. nul ILl a ,c"n\c, Ihc hoy the Sllyn~r~ lovr never ,.. ",~ "illll<: ...... botl1e, " y .

of nine. he began 10 r calize "rbings weren't righlmy parents wouldn't have
hired .l guy 10 pick me: off the str eet." Afraid of being beaten, he made no 3{. tempt 10 run aw! y e'en when Parnell wa.s OUI of the house working. But he would SC!I nne W5 pa pc rs and TV 10 see if his parents were seeking him. 'Td ask myself, 'Mom s nd Dod, where the hell arc you?' It somehow reinforced the Iie that ParodI told me they didn't w a n t me." Ocsprlc the (()mllHI! fear and sc xu a l e busc, SiCven sctt le d inlO a scmbl.nC"t of family life a,
runcll'~ ,on l!e c r e e t c d ~

S'n"" hi, p arrnt s: . Win'. doe-vn 'r Do d Ir.·(· .u e?'





John David GQl.Ch-ric .. se h<lr me. Ildyl" s [}dor{ I~~ w orn s n could CO .nything, t wo men 'rr<Hcd fr orn Hound the COrner. 1·..,~lcd t he boy's arm behind his back and . dr'~cJ him OIT. She followed them 10 an ,,,JIlor.cnl complex, then called the police, ·.ho d.srnis scd the incident probably 1 r.mily pr obicrn. Seven me-n hd31a she fCC' cgniL..--d Joh nnys face in A galkry of rniss ing childre n shown lit the end of the "Adam" dJ01llJdiulion on N!JC, 1nJ 511<" word to gOI the Goschcs .. DUIl~ Su:lt: T11C derecrive 19~cy is now conccnr rat in g irs IoCIrch in the .ra th~1 'ightlnF:. !Jul the G05Chc::s .re bitter .. 1 the inddfercnl police rc::spons.c.. 'InC [eding of coming th~[ close Ind not geHing him just rum ~ knife through me," uys Noreen ..The r,mily's rcl'lioru with tbe West Des Moines plie:: 1-O~n:-d short I)' aIkr Johnny', disspI'·... ~r._no: s nd deteriorated into name-call ... ir.g as the weeks s nd months wore on .. AI one point the Gosches threatened a S l:i million d .. mage suit against the city. "rt became our burden to prove Johnny WI!..'; in danger," Noreen complains, The relations with police are almost unavoidably rancorous in missing-children

are often sus ... pects. It is another insu i: added to their IllJury,



along with whisperings about their competence. I,
!'vhn)' ort m ad c lnd int e investigation their p1SL Noreen GC5-:h had 10 produce her tint husbands doth certificate when rumors circulated that he we alive and h ..d lIlxlUC100 Johnny. Where: there .were no .nlwcn., Jul'e P a tz iold "Senate lubct:lmrniuec in 1981, people "made up their awn_~ BLaming the vic ... tirns, apparently. ultific:s some pcrvcr= public need,
pUCTlIBI COmp;:lencc. 10 submit 10 lic.JeICC10(






T7u Pacus: 1'lIfndn:


tholiMlnd INds

rnisintcrpret it 10 mean the FBI was ~Iways obliged to become involved ... Some federal VAnishes, chances arc be has run a wa.y. or succumbed to enticement, owing to trouble at horne, "'What to be recognized," says

agents, moreover. believe that when a child

case, The


they often are tna mugging
families of victims

About the Ibductol'l thoru.c)vcs. r ela ... tively lillie is blown because there has bee n so liule o:xlrdination of invesiigarive datll from around the country. The FBI Academy's Bduvioral Science Unit broadly caregorizes them as: • The psycbodc: Usw.lly 1I owotnll.n who has lost A baby or cannot conceive :and steals II
child 10 fill the maternal void.

under ... standably want an all-out effort, but what they encounter Ill: the routine, scrnetimes enigmatic, processes of the law, Despite the massive hunt for her son, Ruth Man is stil! furious Ihat polio: only searched under the 186 trailers in her mobile-horne pan: and never got W~rT3.n~ to=rchin>id~ the ...


ion} Science U nit in Quan tiro, V a., "is that
it's r-dativdy an: to have a family with Mr. and Mrs, All ... America and-e-bcorn-e-the kid's gone, By and large, in most of these cases, there's sorn e thin g Ihere, .. Indeed.jhe parents. because of the staristics, are often the fim suspects ""hOlIl child disappears, It is one of the many insults lidded to Ihc:irinjury---e.long with the whisperings of friends and total strangers about

Ken Lanning of'the FBI Ac:ad=y's



e~lth:)ugh they did lear apart her own. Once, she recalls, she even bawled out the federal lawmen .. "When I sur! praying to
the FEl.

• The profiteer; A criminal exploiter whc sells babies to pornographers or adoption rings. Another type under this heading is the I.:.idnappicg for n.ruom, but flU' fewer 01 those have occurred in recent years, • The pedophile Perhaps the largest cate gory .. Often an otherwise respectable cernmunity member who abducts .. child pri
rnarily for sexual purposes, A pedophile may abduct ,. child for only a day or a rc:v. hours or he IDly Iry 10 Keep him indefinitely_nd murder him when he demands tc be WI ken ho me, • The "serial" killer: The best blown case ir recent history was in Atlanta when29 youn] blac~gc::$ 7 10 27-werc: abducted anc killed. W3yne Williams we convicted Io: t h e mu rd ers 0( two of. he cider viet irns . The FBI h15 a consider able fi1cofm a nua i' and other materials on child seduction tha have purportedly been produced by and fo

then I'll believe you make no mis-

kes," she told L11 agent .. Typically, the :amilics vent "displaced anger," says Ga.ry H<:I\;II, executive director of the Center for Mi5.Sin& Children in RochestC1",N.Y., which
victims and their relatives, "11k<" in


!l'ffcring I!. desrh, th~ ~o through denilll, a n g er, gri cf--bu I then: is no funcral. no fu !lend director 10 I a kc C3 n:ofthcir needs."
i'L",'. I....ocn..l: In any case, the problem i~ not SO much the 10011 police. department, ..... hich rns y kttp !net: of a case for years, but the. difficulty of gei!ing the sa me cc gr ce of interest from other departments. Unfortun a re ly, mi~ing children fall .1 ... mast immcrliaLcly Into t hc jurisdict ional no man's land=--e crcss state lines and buruucrocin--Ihal is one of t he wc:a'_~1 e.rcas 01 the just icc system. II would seem Ih~,al rloce (Of t he rnl to slep in, but tlie bur csu ii not required to do so and the onus inY~lig'liom s ull f..lIs on Io::oi police. The Justice Dcp.nmenl it se lf lobbied YI~orolo<ly Against t hc m''-'lng-ch.tdr<f1 act be-c r use II fcared the n c.....i!w wou id i hr uvt



And some authorities corr ooo



bur ex u Inl0 Ihe Bnd rorer,IS

frcc·flre .. nd thai

zOne r"rCI1I~

t,c!""ccn wCluld 1I'"lsh t.J/h fo ufH'r1 ..n: Fu.-1inr.: 1It'.·!a .."


rate the unit's categorizations .. "Ther e H, people out there looking for surro g ar e chil dren, there arc people who ~tC11 kids 10 sel them, there arc: people who ",ant 10 exploi them sexually or kill them," Tacorn: detective Roger Price ..."ll'~sad but Irile." Price: is working on I tragic Cil5C of hi own at the moment. A liule over a year a"", :a Tacoma man namc-d Stanley GUIJro went strolling in A neighborhood park will his I we-year-old son. W~llae(', And cnco un t er ed 11 c ouple with a small blond girl. Whil .Ihe children pl a ycd IO&~lhcr. Ih.: a d u}t s tr uc k up. (riendlycon'Cr..alion.nd. rr<"" eri t l y. ih e 1WO ruen went ol1"lu h ave e ~UIC'bccr , leaving t hc toddlers iwHh the "",,",UII 01, ! he "'"Y bllck. Guidro,'s Cump:lll""

in suffering a death, [parents] feel QIlger and grief-but there
is no funeral director

"L ike

take care of their needs,"
tory. Most than I.I'C overextended. The Center for Milling Children, for example, operates all l ihocstriag:; since WI June it !u.s spall j uu SlO. OCXJ, raised fro m loan s, donsuoru and .. benefit J1Uly. '~I: problem is blUCf than any o{ us,' Ul}"i Child Find founder Gloria Ycrk:ovich. "We refer an d refer and ref er ... The principal burden still rests with the police, ..nd il it; .. rnc:uurcofthe fuzziness of the law-enfcrccmcnt dfon that there arc 5li11no rciisble 1taUilio on child abduction . . TIle figure that i3 most 01\= bC1I'd is !-D,iXXJ IOOlil'O('mktrT M'Ol"k jind KCTiIl tD abductiom .. yev:, number. argues the Center for Mi.uillg Children's Gary the main educational clon is aimed .It Hewitt. is "DO( CY= .. best guess.. Thc nurntc:a.ching children to be me re self-possessed, bers csme oet of the uy," Based on his own even aggressive, with &£lul.tstrangers who r~ Hewirt 1.1)'1, I more accurate estiepproach them. It is I. notion that many ma ie is 6,OXJ to 8,(0). parenu find heretical. and some worry that P I.J't of the problem. cleuiy, is that most it v.ill ro.ah:thdrchildren needlessly fc.ufu.L police-departmeat records don't distinBut others believe it is the ks.s.e::r evil. "I'd guish betweea run.a ....... 1and abductions or Y ntha have Mqhn a little: p&aIloid th.:an adull and juveeile missing persons, In most have to kkntify her body in the morgue,' cases, a ~ child is iiroply missing. For ")'1 Joha Wahh. referring to the: daughter activists in the field. md in ~ absence of 'Who was born alta Adam was killed. clarifying evidence, that conundrum underThe sdf·bdp groups have bc:come: I. vigscores tbe: importaace of fuoding the naorous force not only in educational protional resource center and clearinghouse grams but lobbying for legislauon and 111.. proposed in the pending Missing Children's tional oetworbofinformstion that have led Assistance Act. Besides coordinating speto the ro:ovcry of milling children, The: cific local !bta, it could furnish vital inferSociety for Young Victims, based in Newmarion "psuems" 00. typical abductors, port, R.I_circulAtcs phcios of the children typical vioinu or places 11ld circumstances and assists polio: and parents in the searchin which abductions lappen, es. In the wake of the murders of five cbilMomcun Nodo::: Meanwhile:., for some dren, 5.a.ll Lake Gty', SLAM (Society's parents, the: 00 miuing children are all League Ap.inst Child Molestation) helped too precise, Ruth MOrl still f&nwiu:s th.u push through .. new ,ute is.w-billcd AS the her sen, RlWdl,las somehow, :ni..-,.eu!ous· country's lougbest---tiat mandates minily, landed with loving foster parents, The mum, indeterminate prison terms for perPatzes still cling to the hope that Elan j~ sons convicted of lidnapping or sexually alive. aIteruvc),<;::I!.n. At the Gosches' horne abusing a child under I". "We're just shoutin West Des Moines. Johnny's room reo ing ~ litlk louder out here," says Dorothy main~ &5 he left it, except for his bed. upor WilliMns, head of Salt Lake City's chapter which sits a suit= packed with his clothof en iJd find. ing. ready to go It J. moment's notice shoulc The AdAm WaJsh Child Resource Cenhe be found. ter, headed by Ad!.1Tl's rather, John, fingerThe bed also holds greeting cards anc prints yO<.!n~ children and monitors courtpresents mc:::::.nt or their son for every holi f room lri1~ of sexual molesters, Child Find day since hi.. disappearance. The marks 0 il~l{, the: eldest (1980) .nd perhaps largest their grief are everywhere, yet Ihe)' I<.eep i of the: self-help groups, puu out an annus] muted. "Sometimes it', LOugh-oh, is it dil directory o{ miuing children, with month. ficuh Ior us," Noreen. "But we 1001<. Iy supplements, in Connecticut and New vow never 10 forge! ..... the victim is. Th ho Jersey the directories are distributed victim is Johnny," uatcwide ill the: oublic schools, and the:


Kc<pinC hop« alive: Th« CaUi,u/amlJ]
t urned


toot: oiT in another direction snd be reto lh c pari: to retrieve hU son, but the wocaan snd the children were gone, has not been found. His father, stricken wi th gull C. too Ie a.n overdose of llecpin8 pills two daY' LHer and b1.d to be hos piufu..c:d. Leaving Wallace with a Hanger mAy Ia ve been & careless act, but DO parent is alwaY' on gu.ud. Guidroz: thought he was doling with I. .... olesoeae f&mily group; h Detecti ve Price thluh it IDA Y have 1>=1 J. preplanned J. bd ucriou.. Sevea-week-old Cherie Kennedy wu stolen from her mother', :lJ1D.3 in I. Ft. Worth O\ltpatic:nt clinic Last MJ.y by. "woman in ..... .. wbo asked hite iL~e could show lM h&.by to "the other' nurses,' Sa months later, on a tip (rom ber Lister, {ede:-lll Ilg=U arrestee! .. woman named LInda Gomct, and recovered the KCI:.:1edy baby. GOlDa. described by relativd 15 -" ve:r"j ~c.k person' who wanted • child of her own 1:.0 l:wiIy that she used to ~utr pillows under her blouse wd pretend she .... pregnsru, is scheduled to be tried u for kidnapping nut mooch. Di-rmod Pa.rc::oa; Parents of old er kidrup victim, often beau tbemselves bitterly for ~uing their children to be too submissive to adults. "If I ha.d taught him to lerum. he might be alive !lOW," uY' John W11~h in NBC, "Adam" docu-drama, It is & scntirneru t hat has been echoed in alrnost precisely rhose words by the others. Yet, as the: Guidroz. s nd Kennedy cases demcns tr are, parcnll themselves can be disarmed jUH long enough to be victimi:u:d. And it would (&I<.ean uncommonly lkn. child--or .II vcry ~I.:i((ish one-W run
screarning from an encounter with a




organiution Yet

is "i~ing

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Sclf-Ive lp g roups counset parents _gainsl i he lleer.ling g uil ts Ihal dest rcy so many of t heir m.lrri"ges after 3 child di~ppean. But

tion by next year. groups
(or .11 their crron~. the self·lvll'. Me b:ardy sble 10 Cover ihc tun~AI',S'IA

_"hSU!AN ACRCT;.N, )OI1N M«.'ORI-lIC)(..n



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The Franklin Credit Union Scandal out of Nebraska

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AUTOWEEKEND De Ville still distinctive; '39 Buick a Special treat



\Power broker served drugs, sex at parties bugged for blackmail
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rnilll&ry ofrrCtr~, bu~~e<i lh< J.Il ....rinWli ;:J conwoolnis. ,"uULo.. p"",,,.l,.d cccstne. biackrn.oile<i ~mi1 • ..00' a<o> .nd >penl UP to 12o,()O(I • "''''Hh LloI:l ~~( yrD.ltirul~~, ~.;JinK ~ (n.nJ.>, ''''l U4inIAO<L" >JUl ro~(>td., Th<;~' D,C, pO'W'<r brour


linked II> • oomo • ., ...roll~li.!lil;JC~ f'0.D4 Olrn:r.t!) in"'_n~uj<l<', b) In. AI40TU4Y'l 01· It.) dianu trJcllJd~ H'f"C'r.J ~p 1I0~mcnl iJlj ~lnns 0(f",j.,J. rom W. LOr, :."j • hrc&d,






I L~QI1 ~C ...:llon OJ..! l.h4i ~.,-uo.n, .....


"moni! the "'le\lS ;d:;,-rul~ in hurr.droJ, ~J cr~il·u.rd VOIlchtn o!-;.cncd Dr Th. W",,]",i.n(jlilll 'I'im.o, _ .nd iJenliiied b~' rr.ole pr.,.JJ""u .nd =<1 Oper.llW"S _ . .ore iWv.trn 1l\C111 o rrici.1 ls, ! b.;u.o;4 U.s. mlutarv ojfiCJ:rS, MiT,.o.=~l1, law· yer .. t>.onJ<er~, "",,,,:-=lOruo.l lidu, mc.d.La r~=uti\ ....&Del





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"iv.criti'Y"'~""""",rr.lLL.u"~. "r·~ 'Hmac, "dIlf"djnj'l.;. lh.._ pe n¢ru .....00 said, rtu:r IDOto:


r,.~l~:!'t~l~nr,g'~ c.-a~~~~ "id ~






'down rn..J..JoLr'L.d court sc rn e f.,.1 «ham hll~ '''!l'ohl c.uu.d.< ,M build.r ine d.c:.JIo,. Rtf><'rW> p..c~ lnta In\! cocrrs ....ot f.I~ oiilW booed. .vc\><olt. • ..Lo. of I he .00<1100 ~~w oJ; ~U'CII:5.~i(lIl o(.tu:.t·
s CO'I!tfl(rence.1. .re e ll k)'c:ci up

~ ....00 """ill "" • July 3, 1988, t:>J.r include>:! f""" ,."..\e' p""'I:t~ItI, -H< ju>1 ,.o.nlN ~o. 10 'now JUIl how dir"nried ~niUI he W&~:· w;..l ~h..I: jX:raon. ~.~")~ wf'len we wen: o;(rollioi ilH,,"'Jgh 11'1< ',l/)Ut.: House AI 1 o'Clocll m 1M mornin1;, .... """'. believers" iUl' lIffi<:; .. lU on ine !DUf bYI ",..:cd 001 III ':>e t>I:ned rr:.r rear 11 ",ouill dJm"~' hi! said :1 ',lfll! cleared t~ a \.IJ'Jlormto ~rr;1


RNC calls scan dal a "rr'" 'agI·,C' situ ation'

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N .. t;~!l4! C~rul·I-:.lH.~ CNlrmln I...o.e A r.-. IOf, "H"$ or. ?,--'IIO[I.ili ~iru.;niDh. Ln • [rl..ii~ i~[·.atil.J,'" if pco?l~ t.aV'lr: UJ t e~ \D pr~tiluIC5,Ih. C,OP ,poI<.<:.>' woffilin 'It.I~Ll. "SUL<:'l nC! :~.u-.t1. dud far people ir. the (."uot ~mment ;1\.111', dllfC1"('f11 1h.:.1 fur the • .., rn" JC<! on Hu: ,(~ec;: H~r,
.d"..,r to f e s i~r.ed "",,",kdgin~



;...bor DeP."r(J1lenl


.ncndinG Mr, $Pu.""'?art!;'; l>o<1y~ard.


sre <;rENe:::. page A7

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no ru.iDn [;)1 GIe.J.rill~;: Qui lof offic< ccceuse th.-y hOro.Q!iC,u~l9rOSli[U""sl," >LId GoodmM.,' ,;p<l",,'Worn.u1 for

t:Ji ... bett. I),:,k y e s tc r d a Y st i«: a cI.., Th~ 1"lIne.:> &•.u he

see GOP. page A 7

-~~------. -"I

..., 0.; '-




I.. t:: Y d I .:J e rv ICE:: S J t"". '- • Public Railltiol\$ . lobbYing txeclJtive Bldg .. Suite 300


.521 So, 14lh
Lincoln, NE 68508

" ... , .' .JOI1!,.~.~~ilml'

Phone; (1\02)

At lomall UI LlIw

(qUi) 477,4487


NebraSK& Department of Social Service. Douglas County Attorney Omaha Poliee O~partm.nt Nebraska Foeter Care Revi.w Board 7 MAY 1991 Nebraska state· Attornty General NlbrDlka Legislature Health and Welfare Committee Nebraska Judiciary Committee Douglas County Sheriff'~ office u.s. Attorney for State .of Nebraska NebrASKa Leader,hip Conference Dr. Bev.rly Mead, Creighton University Dr. Judi.nne Oen.enNGer~.r Dr. Lilly Stoller, Immanuel Medical Center Jucse Patrick Mullen/Douglas Co. Dist Crt


Nebra.ka nevi.ed stGtutes 28-711 impose specific duties, with criminal thelia who fail to follow the mandates of the law, upon all individuals having "reAsonable cau •• to believe that a child haa been subj~ct8d to abule or neglect •••• " I believe that under this law I have an obligation to provide infornetion I have raeeived from an individual named Paul Bonacci to the proper authorities for appropriate action. Further, Mr. aonaec~ himself hal. a. he ha. in the past when he fir,t provided information to public official., made it clear to Me that he a110 want. to comply ~ith all of the child abUie law. of th. state'of Nebraska. The information haa com. to me as a relult of agreeing to act as attorney for Hr. Bonacci in conjunction with lndictmsnta issued .qa~nst him by the Douglas Cou~ty Franklin Grand Jury for allegedly lying to the Grand Jury about c8rtain.aapec~. of child abuse !\g find .it.h.r witn ••sed or be.n & victim of. Mr. Bonacci hi. betn di&gno ••d by at l.ast two court appointed p.ychiatrista •• havin9 m~ltipl. personality .yndrom. or di •••• ociativ. behavlo~ ayndrome, which ia a form 0: mental illne •• but which i. net insanity. A third leqi.latively ordered pSlchiatri.t nationally rscoqnized for h@r .p.cializin9 in mult~ple personality syndrome hAa al~o


~xarninea rh;



As I understand it f~om all of them, they have ~~ncluded that the ailment Mr. eonacci suffe~s ~s a direct consequence of v.r~ serious trauma caused by child abuse over a prolonged perl.od ot time. Another character~stic.the Court ordered psychiatrist Mead of Omaha and Le9~slat~vely ordered nationally reco9nizad psychiatriet Dr. Densen-Gerber h~ve ".. '. ..""ident.Hied lUI '" characteristic 0: this t"..PD syndrome is. t.ha t the individual ch&racteriBtically tells the truth about th~ abu.e. At least the truth so tar as t~e¥ know it or ~erceiv. or understand it. The records of the th2rd psychiatr~st are 58.led by Judge Mullen, b~t !presume law enforcement or proper inv •• tiqative authoriti~. would have the ability to obtain th ••• rliliultawhich I a.m not at liberty to discuss here.. 1& per Judg. Mullan'. order. . ~. ..

of. the •• hi9h1y competant p8ychiatrists mention.a have repeatadly exuined this young man and concluded that they believe his co~~lex tale of abuse is Q~sentially accurcte Gnd that .thi. ind~v~duall PAul Bonacci, is reporting what he .xper~enced, Both


However, each of them have also r.peatedly emphasized the fact that BECAUSE or T~E MULTIPLE PERSONALITl FACTOR the true story ot abuse and individuals involved in the abuse CAN ONLY BE UNDeRSTOOD IF ONE PIECES TOGETHER OR CREATDS A COMPOSITE

N.edl ••• to say! this was not dene at the time ot the Grand Jury inv.atig~tlon and the purpose of this letter i. NOT TO OEhL WITH Mft. BONACCI'S CnIHlNAL INDICTMENTS OR AN~ G~D





It is the purpose of this letter, howevert to now provide, as per the above cited Neb~a5ka law, intor~ation from Mr. Bonacei which ha. been obtained rel~tive to child abuse of the p•• t--invclvinq not only Mr. SonAcc1 but 4 hoat of othera--which information IS THE COMPOSI~E OF UIS STORY OF CHILD ABUSn AS PRESENTED BY THE VARIOUS PERSONALITIES. Thi. i. the first time this com~o.ite haa been available and is being provided ·to authorit~e. immediately upon transcription.

Mr. Bonacci has Igr.aQ that he wants to compl~ with Nebraska law and want. tllis information presented for .l.nvestigation nnd examination &. required by law. Further, he wants it made available 10 that the situation can be corrected so that
other. do not .xperienca wh~t he has been a victim of. For the prctectic~ of other individuals identified in the transcript. provided with th.i..latter, ! have t&ken the liberty of obliterating the nam•• of certain individual.




rilK for th.~~ l~fe.

whoa" n4111<1, J::)ecause <;4 national aJ.:.tcotion, woula bQ iJnmC!.dlatl!ly rllco9niu.ble dl1d would. gut those individuals

•• _.



However, there is no intant to keep this information from law enforcement. Q~it.the contrery.· every intent to ..• hare thi. information along with •.wealth of other .. information received from ~ir. Bonacci. In the int.:-est of protecting other., however; we ~ould provide this information only under controlled circumstances to authorities specifleally conductin9 the investigations AS required by


Again, as .tated, the purpose of this latter and this tran.cript-of many hours of ta~es which reflect the gradual piecinq to~et;her ot the 50n~ecl. abuse story ViA the diffe.r!lnt il Giznply to cOl1lply with Nebraaka Child Abuse lA"'"

Thera i. a second packn99 of tapes which are being

trllnlcribed at tbill tune. Th« lnClnGint they ~vaila.blCJ, provide them to the proper authod .. i •• fer further t inveatigation.


Paul Bonacci has instructed ma that h. do •• not want to .". thetae abu ••• occur to others. 'rowllrd. that .nei, and. of course in compliance with Neb.ra.k.&law, h. 1••1. thia inform .. tion .hould. qo to the proper law enforc.m.nt authorities and. any other proper entit.ies who can in •topping child abuse activlty. In accordanc. with theae .instructions, I i.lTI thl. information available to you And will provide whatever other assiatanc. 0 information ~ou req\JG.t.


way pouible

Mr. Bonacci would cooperate wi including turthe.t' medical or usa of other acientific to s or . for detarmininq and verifyins e. storiet. .


John W.

Oe CAmp,

Mr. Ted Gunderson wrote to Nebraska Attorney General Don Stenberg on January 3, 1992, alerting him to possible misconduct by various law enforcement agencies in the state of Nebraska.
Mr. Stenberg responded January 28, 1992. These letters in their entirety are included in this report. Also included are copies of letters to the FBI, copies of letters to the U.S. Attorney General, and their responses .




:,"J~S:.;ii:,-:S .:.~.: ::-"e;:.~'::IC:"';S
.'. J~J·5171

January 3, 1992

., ' '.

.' -

' Honorable Don Stenberg State Capitol, Room 2115 P,O. Box 98920
Lincoln, NE 68509-4906 Dear Mr, Stenberg:

! have been asked by the Nebraska Leadership Conference to work as a consultant on the Franklin Credit Union investigaticn. During my review of the 'case I noted
the £0 1I0w1::g: .


Pornographic material has been seized as follows, with no known !ollow-\Jp
investigation: a) b) , c) d) FBI raid on Franklin Credit Union November 4, 1988.

Omaha Police Department arrest

Ot Peter

Citron in February 1990.

Sarpy County Sherifts Office raid on residence: of Mike Heavrin. Omaha Police Department Burke.'

of Walter Carlson and Joe .
the Senate Franklin Credit


Committee inve5tigation files without the permission or knowledge of Senator Loran Schmit. It was later learned that a number of items are missing. Alisha Owen's first attorney, Pam Vuchetich. provided privileged attorney .. client information to the FBI. She also failed to file a timely appeal in Miss Owen's convicdcn on bad eheek charges. Ms. Vuchetleh has reportedly been romantically involved with an FBI agent, . The Nebraska Leadership Conference has developed information that the FBI 'has Dot only leaked information to Omaha TV stations, but asked for and received money for this. Larry King and others were never subpoenaed [0 the Douglas Count)' Grand Although this was an apparent judgment decision, King and others should have been subpcenaed,

During the summer of 1990 the FBI reviewed





Soci~t)' 01 Former



01 the r-ec:eral Bureau o1lnvestiQilion

January 3, 1992
Pilge 2


Don Stenberg


6. 7. Numerous individuals Identified as perpetrators by law enforcement officers. Instead

have never been interviewed

of conducting follow-up in: ervi ews, law enforcement officer$, the FBI, have attempted to ciscredit and harass the victims (claims made by pJisha Owen. Paul Bonacci and Troy Boner. Boner advises that the FBI, U.S. Attorney's Ron Lahners and Tom Thalkin threatened him that "if 11 didn't recant his testimony they'd bring him up en perjury charges e and send him to jail").



Paul Bonacci has new information about the Johnny Gosch kidnapping case in Des Moines, Iowa, yet law enforcement officers refuse to interview him or to consider further investigation of the matter. Parents of the victim advise that based on their interview with Bonacci they are confident heIs telling the

9. .

In February 1990 Robert Fenner, General Counsel rOf the National Credit Union Association, was advised by the FBI not to cooperate with [he Fra.nklln Credit Committee's investigator, Gary Caradori. On March 9, 1990 the FEI attempted phone call from Boner to her. to entrap Owen by taping an arranged

10. 11.

A deposition by former Omaha Chief of Pollee Robert Wadman during the Owen trial.


12. . Wadman

says she was involVl':d with. him.
the above matters.


oath c!aiming,he was not carrying


gun during the period


I hope you will look into

Ted L. Gunderson

ee: Mr. Ed Weaver

Mr. John Morrow



®ffin of tlie Anon1ft1 Cfhnzrnl
l' \~ ST,,"" eA~'TOl mI.JII ..DIN<I
,,!NCOI..N. N •• RA$Iol .... U5Q,·auo

(40'1·r1·nll , F.u ('021 H'·l191

ArrOPlNI'I' alN 11\AL.



0100\1"'" ...rrQJII .. ,,., 0'''''''''''1.,.
Security Blvd. Consulting

L.. STE ....!!N a"... I :sz S"'M l3'IJIooIMINOfl'l




Santa Monica,

Suite 422

2210 Wilshire

and Inv9ltiqatior.s CA


Dear Mr. Gundersonl
The At'torr .• y General' 5 Office received and review~d letter of January 3, 1992, reqardinq your irnpres5icns con,ultant on the Franklin Credit Union inve!ti9a~lon.

your a.

Many of the issues and alleQation~ you rai!e have either baen o!ddressed, ar& zumoz , or ar!l 80 vague and nebulas all to defy r••olu~ion by diliq.nt investigation. Nlverthalal8, 1.
to OmahCl t.v.

we dasira

to comment

as followst

We note the allegation that the FBI sold information etations, Please provide all of the information and lead~ you have available on this particular a.lle9'~tion. Wewill then review and follow up

&1 necessAry:

2. We also note the allQqa~lon8 ragard1nq new in'formation on the Johnny Gosch kidnappinq case. PleaJilA provide All. details on this that are available to you. We would particularly like to know .... hen Mr. senace ; initially disclosed this new information ~nd to whomand wheth.r there ia any written record ot the sarna in either a Paul Bonacci or a transcribed record of hil remarks or interview. It also would be helpful were you to provide us with nama., addresses and rank of any law enforcement. officiAl!: who refu!lad to interview him or to con.ider the information. We are Assuming, Mr .. GundQrson, that in the ~rQpar&tion of your letter ot January j, 1991, you have done more than I~ply par=ot un~ub.tantiateci al1ega~ions made to you orally or which you may have picked up in WTieten mat8riAl ravie~d, end!ore, have intorrnation to b&~k ~p your concern.. H.~e.1 the
above raquaata.
I..JAy .... J.!(JrIol_



.~ ... '"

0.,.1(1 T. l,...stlft
.610111. alM~ ~_II ill..,... A. CllaMt6tl 0 .. 1.,.1 ~. CCM ..l-atb ••

...,'" I., Ilil Jam ..... f!1"~llh


""fll,.~ I. "'VI<:~"'''''
.~ I kl"~ ~o~-.lII"", ~0f\1I

","fI., ...

' ....


,. N<lld



\.~,,\."'. ~,Ill


',I .. O

u .... ",lor,



&~ ...

A. Mil .. "

H.IIOI"I • C:. ,. .... OJ !<eM.III ~. "1yn4 J." I. ,._~ -.i.",.. H. ~.,.. 0 ::s~.. rr


J~,,"'.'fIoI~Mn • ..-, w.IoS Tt ... I11.. ..........


AltOl\U WNI~ ~.I. WMtlMlo'.oIIoi~lrbllt U ..... l. ·....mUd

P4q8 .. 2-

January 28, 1992

Ted L. Gunderson

We will keep cQxtain other m4tter~ undQr advisernant. In tha meantime though, you ~re encouraged to send us any ApecifA.c r substantiating materia':' available one or more of the other items m.ntione

2 .. 2993 .. 3


2 210

w~SJ1It,. "1'1 51J1u~ '22

• $e<un~ COl'1slJi~Ir'iand Soil'll" MO!'IICi. CA 9Q&01 • J I' " ~i \


March 10, 1992

Attorn.y G&neral


Con St.nb.r9
General Bld9·

attic. of the Attorney StAt. ot Nebr •• k.
211S Stat. CApitOl



D.a: Mr. Stenb.rQ,
Thank you for your re.ponle to my latter. Your reference to my ·~pr'8.icn.~ indicate. to m. that you do not place much ~portanc. on th. i ••ue. outlinld by mI. Reg~rdlels, I hope you will review the rwpor~ with fair ~inded professional and. raaponaihl. jud~8m.nt.
'citizens in Hebraska wno are either victim. or who hav. •• en enough throu9h tim. to prove that there may be 4 con'piracy of .ort. to cov.r up & •• •• ri of indisputably di_irocetull .c~ndalou. crima •. d.,.rve

Ther. i.


hiqh llvel of frustration and animosity huildinq

AmOng conc.rn.d



not want to addr ••a their concerns, bu~ you mu.~ aqrae that they the attention aueh allegations require without being flippantly

~ It il because ot their ~ruatraticna th.~ I w •• hirBc &. & con.ult.nt by tne NebrAska Lead.rship Conf.r.nce. As you can ... by my r••un8 I am RQr. ~han

qualified to invesei9&ta this matter. I expect your lev.l Qf prof ••• ionalism predi.posea your otfic. to do the .sm..


Encl. (11)

eel Senator Lotan Schm1t

John DeCamp Gov.r~or Ban Nelson



oi Former ~p-eClill A~.,,!~t:o; of



reder.j Bureau of Investliatlon

v\ l



March 10, 1992

PQrnog.ap~ic ~t.rial wa •• oi%80 with no known tollow up inve8tigation: a) FBI raid en rrLnklin credit Union 11/4/88 b) amah. Pol~co o.~~ent Arr ••t ot Peter Ci~ron in P8bru~ 1990 C) Sarpy COunty Sherif!'. ot!i~. raid r.aidence ot Hik. aSAvrln d) omaha pol~c. D.F~~ent inve.tiqation of Walter Carlson and Joe

Since writing you January 3, 1992 I hav. learned about A raid in the .pring ot 1'3a9 by the Douql!l.B County Sneri:U'. OUice At the hQl%l.fl f Bob And.reaen o &t Ralston, Nebraska. The ~~a Police Department, ~.brA8k4 ~tat. Police and Dou;la. COunty Sherif!'. attic. have pornogr4phic pictur •• , t&kan during this raid, of Troy Boner, Oanny ~in9 and others (t~l. intormation La frca a reliable source). Why wasn't this u•• d to discredit Boner at the Ali.h. Owen impo~antlYI why i. thil b.inq lqnor.d1 triall HQr.

Immediately prior to tha FBI Larry Xinq raid, ~9 r~Ted pornoqrapnic !roal hi. hom. and office and plac8d it i.D the trunlc. hi. ot a~tomcbil.. RMg&rdlsas, the FBI did confiseate a porno movie containin9 -local children-, Why haven't .fforts ~n made to id.ntify the children? PEDB CI'l"BON

Two counts of .exual assault on a child were fil~ Again.t Citron on February 23, 1990. Be pleaded -no contest- in Douglas county District. Court, A vast quantity of pornographic eat.rial wa. confiscated when h. w •• arraatad. Since h. plead no contest, non. ot tt was .ver introduced into evid.nce. Wha.t happened to the ma1:.l:'ia17 No one .eems to MC"toI. In addition to the porno;raphic material Citron h&d computer disc. which contained the names of all hi. vict~ yith their .ddr ••••• and date. they
were &.bused•

W&lter Carbon and .1041 Burke were amonq thirt_n eDen arraltad in omaha in connection with & lut;1e pornoqraphy/pedophile ca.e. Joe Burke had. library of 2.000 video. ~d 10,000 photos which war. confiac.ted. Convicted in December ot 1985, carl.on WAS parol.a in February of 1989. What happened to



thi. IU.t.r i.17

Ow_n waa taped on video durin9 a tQ~l int.rvi~ while .h. w •• incarcerated. The purpo.e of the interview WAe to turni.n dat.iled intormation known ~Q her conc.rninq kiddie pornoqr~phio activity by L&zry Xin91 Peter C~tron, Lnd other.. ~hi. Loterview w•• plAyed CD n.c.mbor 16, 1989 in the pr •• encQ ot Judq. D•• con ~ona., Harold La Crande, Nabra.ka Stat. ~&trol, oicx Roth. Dou91aa County Sh.ri!!'. ettic. and Bill Bowland, Nebr •• k& Attorney G4nerAl'a ott~ce. A~i.ha


Ona of the j~rora in the AlilhA owsn trial decided to chQck OQt the much v&untea •.curity .y.ta= ot the Twin :ownr.. Th. proae=u~ion triad to prove that it would have been impo.eibls to gain entrance as easily a. the kid a had .aid they did. So ~nannounc.d, the juror Wtint to the Towers and found no gu&rd at the door. He opened the door, went in And proceeded Unhindered to the



COincidentally, Alar. Baar had .o~e probl~ with a B8curity gu4rd &t th. complained to Basr About &11 t~e traffic B~.r ~A8 ~ettin9. ~h. quaxd .ub.&quently began videotAFing arrival. and departures at Ba8r'g apartment. The FBI picked up the :ape the fir.t pa--t of Karch 1990 &nd it w&. nevar aeen aqain.

Tcwer. who

It you are intare.ted, detailed documentation of the &boV9 information &nd the identity ot the mora than victim. in the 'rLnklin investiq4tion are available through Senator Schmit'. ottice. A r •• ponaib:a a9.ncy .hould r.view the above •• i~ed porno;raphic ~t.ri41 &nQ attempt to mAtch the pictur •• wLth the victim. of the rrLnklin 041e.


I Am confldent Lnd inCident.

you have the contact. to cccument And con~Lrm relating to .eiz.d pronoqraphic m4t.ri.l.




2. Kat.rial reviewed his

was mi •• inq

from Senator Senator Schmit

Schmit'. o[fi=. af~.r was not in hia oftice

PBI a9.nt. at the t~.


J. Pam Vuchetich provided privileqed attorney - cli.nt into~tion PBr, failed to file .. tu-ly appeal tpr All.ah. OW.n a.nd .::.portltCtly r~tic&!ly involved with an FBI ag.nt.

to the blNn

on ~ch 9. 1990 the PEl And Nabr~.ka state Patrol .oaxch&d Ali.ha Ow.n'. cell. Th.y were lOOking ter & r&d fila -Ali.h. Owec VIp· (very important paper.) Pri.on otficL&l ••• ked that Ln inventory be made of all Lrtlcl •• t&ken. Whan the Lrticl •• were rat~n.d •• veral were ml •• ing and .~ply had been .cr&tch~ otf the li.t. Apparently, throuqh error the FBI returned .iqht l.tter. po.tmarud ..tter X&rch 9, 1990. (Did the 7BI illeqally int.rcept ~hi. mail?) At the t~ at the raid Mi •• OWen told the inve.tiQ&tor. that the red file h&~ be.n ;iv.n to ner .ttcrn.y P&m Vucnetich tor •• t.;. The L,ve.ti;.~Qr. contacted Mr •• Vuch.ticb the next day and .he VOluntarily gav. tham the til. without the parmi.aion of Xl •• o...n. AttQr ~i•• ~~ d~~~ ••• d Mr., Vuchet~ch her refused to r.turn evidence to Mise Owen. Amonq peraon&l not. fro= Jet: Hubbell to Mia. Owen.


attorney, Krm.
this z4teria1

Vuchetich va. a


Hubbell in~roduced Hi •• OWen to tormer Chlet of Police Roc.rt ~4dman. a~ll taati!ied a~ the ~riAl thAt he didn't know Owen. This nete ~uld have refuted Hub~ll·. te.tLmony.

~ •• Vuchetich W& •• ~8equantly charged with two count. of violating attorney - c11.n~ privilege. &nd one count of net !ilinQ & t~ely appeal M~ •• OW8n'B behalf. Two week. later 4 ?BI agent appeared before ~he bar a&sociation on her behalf and the charges WQre dxopped.· The bar a.soei.tian fil •• have been ..... led. MBS. VUcm:;I!CH' S !N¥oL':/tXESl' wuw IE1i P'HI
From December



1989 t.o April 1990 Mr •• Vuc:hetich .pent more thUL l,166 (177 phon. c~ll.) t&lkin~ to .~on. at ~h. ?BI otfic •.

on April ~5. 1990, Ali.h&'a parent. approached by Kr., Vuch.tich ~ho at that time waa Mi •• OWen'. attorney. Mr •. Vuchetich ~dvia.d that the TBt •• ked her to approAch Kia. OWen and have her claLm that & journ&li~t, Kika cas.y, had qan. to Ki •• OW.n and qiv.n her ••v.n hour. of. t ••t~ny to mamoriz.. XL •• Owen ~&. claim that thi. ca •• invclved A .c.nario mad. to up by Ca.ey to create material ter • TV =ovi •. Vuch.tich told tham it Ali.h. would t.ll the VBl th4t thi. wa. trus, then they could help Ali.h. and the ~lot would be AOd everybody eould go h~. She re!ua.d.

Mrs. Vuchetich poB.~le


involvement with


rSI Agent i. not

to th ••• allegation •• the Nebraska

Documentation for the above i. available Committee And tbe Near.aka Stat. Bar.

4. The Nebra.ka ~4der.hip Conf.r.nce dev.lop.d Lntormation that the FBI haa not only la.ked Lnt.crmatioD to Omaha TV at.tiona, but a.ked for and recaived mon.y in .XChL~q.for in!o~tion.

Micha.l McJ:.night at. WOW-TV .eportedly told Albh .. OowtInthAt h. bouqht the taped C&radori i.nt.ervi ...... ot Owen, 'I'royBoner and Dan XiZlQ trom th. 7BI. B. i. the only r.port.r who ha. tb••• t&pe_. Thay wer. initially furnished to the ~BI by the Franklin Senate Inve.tig4tive D::laJ:nitt... alao raport:edly told thi. to Donna Owen, Dan Uld st~ph&ni. Crub4r and other member. ot Concern~ ~a:.nta Group. n~. are available through th. Gruber ••

is. L.a.rry 1Ung ,Ju.ry •


ware never

.ub)104!lna.oo t


DouQl ... COunty


be verified trom a review ot rscorda. Others who were not betore the Grand Jury include Peter Citron, Alic. X~ng, Jeff -Hubbl.,· and KilulC& •• y ~ the ~r.on who I . according- to t.he GrAnd Jury, i. rltsponsible fer the c4.refully cra!~ed hOAX. HO\oi CAll ~he Grand Ju.ry blame thil acenario on Caaey ~d not have him ~eltity? Is it because they didn't w.nt hi. te.timony en record? Alan BAer was subpoenaed but never appeared. can sub~n4ed Kost ot the vict~ did not appear before the Grand Jury including- Rod, Tony &nd O'Oell tven. who we:. known by the police to be clole AasoeiAtas ot LarryXinq. Wouldn't & Grand Jury nOrmAlly be inter •• ted in the victio. ot & crima, particularly when their t •• timony would be perticent to the investigation? =hi. intor.m&tion C~ be verified throug~ court recorda.


6. Numerou. individuals identified aa perpetrators interviewed by lAW entorcamen~ officer •• have never been

int.rviQ~d. Th. Grand Jury decided thAt thi. individuAl mention.d by numeroua vict~/vitn ••• e. waa a fictitious charActer. In tact h. WAg the lame indi7iduAl identified by .av.r~l witne& •• a Be -~ing'. Borses' who was named A. beLnq in attendance &t .Atanic rituala on aaveral oecaaiona.

L4rry the ~~G WAS never


namea CAn be obtAined copie. of whioh &ra in your

from a review po ••••• ion.

ot the 'r~~in


•• Fil•• ,

7. In.tead particulArly ot conductinq follow-up the VBI, hev •• tt~pt.d interview., law enforc~nt to discrad~t and har ••• ottic.r., the vict~.

were made by Ali.ha Ow.n, Paul BonAcci and Troy Bonar. Bonllr that the rBI, 0.5. Attorn.y'. Ron L&hner. and Tom Thalkin threatened hLD that "it h. didn't racant hi. t ••t~ny they'd brin~ him up on perjury oharg •• and .end him to jAilW (thi. i. exactly what hAppenBd to Ki.a owen). Bon.r' _ taped int.r-vi_ .1.. available tOl:' r.view. Lis .. and Tracy Wabb were &mQnq the firat viccLm. to claim they w.r. a.xually mcl •• t.d. P' int.,rviewa by the !'Illand S.bra.k& Stat. Patrol, Ll.A stated .h. ~&a unwillln9 to t •• ~ify. ~h. alleqaticn. made by the Webb girl., •• ~ll a. the l5-year old patient at Richard ~ounq Bo.pital, would be corrobor&t~, ev.n expanded upon, by numerou. childr.n wbo &lao cl • .Lm.d to be victima of ~9 ana others. A witn••• for tb. proa4cution at the OWen perjury trial. ~tev. Bolburq admitted und.r cro •• examination that when ~he ~Bl interviewed him h. falt intUnidated and ~h&t 411 the Grand ~ury·. queation. A.~d of him werg d •• i~n.d to Owan. The ••



shavn.tta reputedly

Mocr., Dan•• Christoph.r J n... 'i. u.d H.!..k. l'!olJr. " •• b.. n int~dAt.d by law enforcement o~!icer •.


h... e v

The report. of f •• lin9 int~idatod were co~n among vict~/~ita ••••• who ~r. Lnt.rroqatad by OPO, NSP, and rBI. A... :~.ultaome ~ict~/witn ••••• refu.ed to t •• tily.

'-.; I



on D.c~r tha PQ.ter
.'. I


relial::lility polygraph te.t. admini.tered
'I,.., o&rd, Md beqan to qu •• tion the children'. B and credibility ev.n though ene ot t~am had pa •• ed tour
by the stat. patrol.


•• ot the


and the St&t.





Other n~. CQmaI.itt_. a"

can 0. obtained

trom the Franklin



Paul eon ace i hae n_ in!oncation &bout the Johnny lc:id.n&ppinq ca •• He in ••• I~a. yet law en!crc~.nt otficer:. r.ta •• to .intllniaw him or to con.~.r tu~h.r inv•• tiqation ot th. m&ttar. Parent. at the victim ~i •• 'th&t b •• ed on their int.~18w with BonAcci they are confident h. i. telling the truth.
in D••


Ooc~ntation concerning thi. along with tran.cript. of int.rview. with Mr. aonacoi were turn~.h.d to you by Mr. John W. DeCamp on 5/7/91. (s•• ~tt.ched l.ttar.) Thi. information ali·neie.,

was &lao !urn1.shad to the !ollowinq


and .. k& Oepartment o~ Social Service. 00u91&. County Attorn.y omaha Polic. O.p~nt Nebr •• x. 70.t.r C&r. Review Board Nebra.ka Le9i.latur. a.alth and Welfare COmmittee Nebraaka Le9i.lature JudiciArY COmmitt •• Douql&. County Sheritt'. ottic. tr.S. Attorney for Stat. ot lfabra..ka Hebra.ka Leader.hip cont.rence Dr. Bev.rly Head, Craigbton Onivar.ity Dr. Judi.nne Den •• n-Gerb.r Dr. Lilly Stroller, Immanuel Medical Center Judqa Patrick Mullen/Douq14~ County Di.trict Court In an.war to your que.tion •• 1. Mr. Bonacci dlaclo.ed this intcrmation to private invw.tiqator Roy on 1/19/91. 2. Hi. tran.crihed Lnt.rview wa. !urni.he4 to you on 5/7/91. J. Th.ra h~ 0..0 no r••pon •• ~rcm any ot the aqenci •• , Lncludin9 yours. Alt.r the infOrmAtion wa. developed by Hr. St.phan. there W•• I d.1AY \l11ti~Mr. and Mr.~ c::o.chcould trav.l from De. Meine. to Linooln and diacu •• the matter with Bonacai. 4. The •• rale •• ed the tcllowinq .t&ta=.nt Aftar their int.rYiew ", Bonaceil - Bcnacci'. It~t~nt. were credible. ~ a. ha. infcrm.tion about details af th~ ca •• that hAve never be.n public.


6~ 7.

dBvelopeC oy Mr. st&ph.~B ~aicate a child .ax ring ot plLnn8d and carried out tha AbductLon ot thai: aon. BonAcci clA~ h. p&rticip&t~ in the 4bdu~ion ot JOhnny who was tak.n for child pornography. Nor.. n,'a moth.r, laid th&~ Sonacci know. w5om. iocraaible thing. about the c•• e·, Mr •• atated W8r. photos tLken of Johr.ny prior to the lc.idnappi:lq. w. X:l:lOW b4tcau•• a WOQl,IJl raf;Ort.d it to polic.. W.' r. convinced Bonacci .aw thoae Fhotea. a. accurately QQscribed thQ lOCAtion which i. not tar !r~ our ho~. B. de.cribed ~y thing. about the photo. which ~8 have never talked &bout,_ :nfQ~tion
tour ~~

~t. Garry Scott wno i. in charqe ot the invQ8tigation tor the Waat Des ~oin •• police .aid the !~ily hAl .h&rad aome ot the information with inv •• tigator.. He laid police have no plans tor int.rviewing Bonacci. ·~e are aware ot what'. qoing on, We'r. not going to r.-inv.nt the wheal. This haa b •• n in~.sti9ated in Nebraska. Wh.n things ne.d inv •• ti9atino her., th.y will be inv •• tiqated.-

The &beve



in the Lincoln

star in Karch


Bonacci claim. that during his 5th ~r.da y.a: at cart.r Lake School, h. met & man named ~ilio ~hil. At a p&Ik neax carter LaXa. Th.ra was a 13 year old boy name B---- with him, ~ho told Paul that xmilio kidnapped younq boy. and sold them to ~n for u.e in kiddi. porn, anuff fi~, or tor perso~ .exual use. ~~lio told m. how much fun I could hAve 90in9 with him and 8----.· ~ilio told »On&cci that he could 9.t rich and then .howed him a bag with a lot of money in it. described aa Mexican with. alight accent. Be wa. Lbout srg., with a mustache and a beArd. a. had brown .y••, black, curly ahort hair and a tattoo of & nakad lady on hi. lett~. a. had •• car from 4 knite wound under the tattoo, Bonacci later ~nt with Xmilio to De. Hoin •• in of 1982 wh.n he waa 15. Bonacci cl~ he was pre ••nt when ~illo &bducted & pAperboy, Johnny eosch. zmilio was 190 pounds Paul Bonacci va. later to ... ZmL110 in C&1ifornia while on & trip tor Larry Xino in 1984. ~lio tried to qet him to qo with him to h.~p

kid •• 0 they could be .old near La. Veq •• fer $5,000 to man ~ho woul~ u•• th~ La ••x .lavea. R••• w hL= onee in '86 but not .Lnc. then. haa b&.a no contact with Iowa or Nabra.ka authoritie ••

Hr. &onacei



=attar by either

( ...



can be confirmed from & review ot intormation Ln your til ••'. letter at 5/7/91) and an i.ntalrvi_ Mr. And x.r ••


9. In Pabruary 1990 Robert 7.nner, GenerAl COunael for the National Onion A •• ociatioQ, w •• advia.d by tb. TBI not to cooperate ~ith the ~rAnklin Cr.dit Committee'. inveati;ator, Gary C4radori.


DOCVHEN'l'AT! Thi. in~orm&tion fi~••.
can b. document~ !rom the

ON senate ~r&nklln Committ ••

10. On X&reh



9, 1990 the FBI a~tempt.4 call from ·&coer to her.

to entrAp


by tapin9




On Karch 9, the rBI Arr~qed tor Scner to phone OWen from o!~ice to try to entrap her while tapin9 the conversation. The t&pe waa played in court. ow.n kept t.lling Boner ~o ju.t -tell the truth- but the media r.por-c. =aci. it .ound 11k •. Boner ."' tailing tn.. to Owen. .... t




the tApe has been altered. The tape


C&l1 btl verifi.d by eX&Jllin.ation ot the tape by an expert. at the office ot the Senate Laqi.l ... tive eo=m1tt ...

11. A depo.ition by former during the OWen trial. OI::Iail.a Chi.f of Police Ro~-t Wadman di.appe&.red DOCjJHENTATIQN
by Attorney Jerry Spence taken frCXll Rokwlrt w.. dma.n in • 1.980 l • ..,.uit h.a.d bean introduced into evidence by the d.:hnaa. It wa. i=pcrtant becau.e it proved th.t W.dman had lled &bout not carryinq .. 9UD 1973. Wh.n the jury requ •• ted that avidence during de2iberation., a 40 w ... mad. ot the ! Room. 'l'heavidence had d.i •• ppear.-d and w .. not availabl •• A depo.ition


School record. to:; Dan Xinljj'r. _ introd4c.d ... avid.enca in the trial. 'rM recorda .howed that XinQ wa. enrol1.d in schOOl at CrancTiew, T.~&. tor 16 week. during the ~a.ll ot 1983. Ouring thi. 16 w_k ped.od he m.1•• ed a w .. k. plu. the holiday.. Out ot 16 ..,..ka h. wa. only in .chocl ter 5 week.. When the jury requ.etad the.e record. du.r~9 de~~raticn it 101•• J...un.c. that they !lad di.&p~artld. Thia can' ba doclWoentttd tree. now reappeared the incident. Inv •• tlg&tiv. Committ ... r.v! ..... ot court r.-cord... It the recora. have can be verifieg through the Franklln S.n&t.







he w•• not



s.y •• he




carrying .. qun



One of the counta on which .ho .... h.r .. qu.rl. ino; W .. man d
t •• ti!

'73. Attorney Jerry $ 101.8 conn.cticn with •. Ct&h l .. w.uit. to which Wadman repli.o .y••

indicted tor perjury concerned Wadman iad: that h. had not carried a qun .inee taking a depo.iticn trom W.dman in liSO in Re ... ked Wadman i.t he were carry in'il • o;un W .. dm4n lied to the Qr&nd JUry!


adO be documented d.po.ition.

by reviewing






In &ddi~ior. to ~h. above! have learned th4t the Laqi.lative COmmit~&e gave video~aped int.rvi.wa of Troy Boner, Ali.hA ~n and Dan Xing toth. tSl &na Nebra8Xa State Patrol. Th. ~BI .ynop.i=~ the intar?i.w. in a 43 page document. Th. purpo •• of the aynop.L. was to bri.t j~dge. and the At~arney ~n.ral'. attica. I have been informed thAt there was ~n!orcation in the aynopsi8 thAt WAS not in the tape. Troy Boner'. tape, which had been in the control of the Grand Jury. I hav6 1n!o~d ~~At the tApe cla~. that everything Boner .aid that corroborat.d deleted. In one instance w •• no break in the was different !rom the previous .can •• the wa. h.r tape FBI, wa. played to altered. ~ •• Owen .tatement. were y.t Bon.r'. shirt

I hav.·be.n in!armed that in the .pring Larry ~h. Xid, Can ~in91 & fat man from ~.vid BU9h •• , Aliah. OWen and a 10- to Anq.l.a. The boy cr1ed durinq tha trip did not make the r.turn trip to Omah&.

ot 1964 Troy Boner, L&rry XLn~, & Fr.nch ra.~a~r&nt. & pilot lJ-year-old boy =ad. ~ trlp to Lo. from Omaha to Le. Angel... Tha ~y

Troy Boner and Danny Xinq were never poly~r.phed a. reported by the Lincoln Star &nd the OmAha World-H.rald. Non. of ~h. kid. war. &xcept Lis. Webb. And .he pa ••• d. Paul Bonacci i. willing ~o take ene. Hi.s Owen was polygraphed &nd pa •• ed. XaX.n ormin.ton, Gary Caradori' ••• Ioci.ta, took a polygraph t •• t. wanted to refute the charg •• that caradori hAd .cripted or led the She pasaed. She


®ffirt of 1i1.e Attnmeu <ienmrl


NE8RASKA 58509-8920 14021H~ ·268< (402) .71·2682
FAX (402)471·3297

K ST. FAX IJ02) 471-4725


December 141





Ted L. Gunderson International Sec~rity Consulting and Investigations 2210 Wilshire Blvd.

Santa Monical RE:




Franklin Credit Union

Dear Mr. Gunderson: The Attorney General's Office received and reviewed the latest material sent regarding the Franklin Credit Union investigation and the Alicia Owen's case. Thank you for sending the information. We note the updated information consisted of certain affidavits purportedly signed by jurors who served in the Alicia Owen's case. We note these issues were addressed by Judge Raymond J. Case, in response to a new trial motion filed by Alicia Owen's legal counsel. An order was entered by the court! a copy of which we enclose for your reference, although I suspect you are already aware of the doclli~ent. Perusal of the Judge's Order indicates the Motion for New Trial was overruled. At that stage, legal counsel for Alicia OWen had the option of pursuing the matter further by appealing the case, in which event the matter would be reviewed and reconsidered by either the Nebraska. Court of Appeals or the Nebraska Supreme Court. So the issues raised by the affidavits have already been addres sed by the trial court and could, depending upon timely filing of appeal, be further cons idered. Consequently, opportunity existed within the scope of the litigation to address the affidavits. please understand, Mr. Gundersonl that we are not unmindful of the problems of child abuse both sexual and physical and our people, as they work on cases, have been instructed to watch for any indication of cults or clandestine groups or organizations that traffic in children for sexual purposes.

Javla K. Ar:erburn ~, Jay Banel J ..... ,," Srown

Ci3"C T. Bydal!,k

Lauria Sm!t~ Camp elaine At. Cnaoman Delor", N. Co<r8arbee

Dale A. Come, Jam". A. '::Iworlh Lynne Fl. fritz Roye. N. Harper ""III lam l. ;-Iowlanrl Marllyn Hulcnin~on Kimberly A. ~I"in

Donald JO'''D''


A. Kohtz p, Loudon

Marla C. Pawol Kanneth W. Payne
N. Paladla Jan E. Rempe James H. Soaar~ Mark D. St arr Paul


R. Thompson

E, LOYr.l13


' O. Mar~ln-Price :"lnn A. Me~.sorl Hara~d 1, M03f'1er i=redric:o: F_ Naia

Barry Waid Terri M. We.~' Alton~a Whllaker Melanie J. wnil:amof.·ManIZiOS Linda I... , W\ilard



Ted L. Gunderson December 14, 1992 Page -2We certainly intend to follow up on any information called to our attention which is specific and reliable enough to constitute .suitable leads.

Gener~ 2-4231-3



. ....



Ccpies of the above deeumems were forwarded ~ • • • • • •

1m to:

William Barr, U.S. Anorney General, WashingtOn, D.C. Judae Willfam Sessions. Director, F.B.t, WashiDgtou, D.C. ROD Labners. U.S. Attorney, Omaha, Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson, Uncoln, Nebraska F.BJ., Omaha, Nebraska F .B.t. Los Angeles, California



\Vils,'lre BIv d • SUite .l22 • 5.inia MOl'lica:CA QC40J • )1013'4.5171

Ah0 ASSOCIATES • lnternaticnal Security Consult!ni and rnves~:iat;cr:~


..... ~



M4rch 11, 1992




01rec~cr of F.B.I.




Dear Judqe Se.sionll The enc10led report cont&ins information which indic~ta. that o~ Justice Statut •.

FBI per.onnel have beln in violation of the Obst.uction

This r.port also contAins information concerning the Johnny ea •• in Oa. Moine., Iowa. ~h.r. appear. ~o be an orqaniz.d kidnappinq rinq op.%atini in thi. country within the jurisdiction of the FBI that il not receivinq the proper attention. I would appreciate your chaokinq into thl. mat.tlr. kidnAppinq


·Ted L.

Gund..r.on Priv.t~ Inv•• t1qator

TI..G/ •• j



cc, Fax - OMAHA, NE



• N~

- NE




....d., SlJi~422


~ SClnta Monica. c...\90~O).



_ _onsuJrjr,€

and InveStiia:ions

... 4




March 11, 1992

'lOth and· Conatitution AVenue Wa.hington, O.C. 20330 Deal:' Mr. Barr: Ju.tica Statute,

Mr. William. &arr U. S. O.par~Qnt of Ju!tice


The .nclo••d report containa info~~t1on which indicate. that FBI personnel have been in violation ot the Obetructicn of

Thi. report al.o contain. info~Aticn concerning the Johnny kidnappin9 ca.a in De. Moina., !OWA. There to be an organized kicinat='pin9 inq opara.tinq in thi& country r within the ju%idic~!on of the FBI that is not receiving th. prop.r attention. I would Appreci4tB your check1nq into this matter. .

Cordially, Ted L. Gunder.on Privata Inv•• tigatcr
Enc:l. (1)



S.n&tor Schmidt - HE Attorney John a.Camp - Nt Gov.nor Ban ».l.on - HE

FBI - La. lng-al •• , CA

1"BI -




5-x:Jery of F'orme-r Special .Agents of the federal Bureau of lnvestiqar[on.




U.S. Departm' Crirninal Division


APR 20 leo~

Mr. Tad L. Gunderson T.d L. Gunderson ~nd Associates Intarn~tlonal Security ConsUlting and InvestigAtions 2210 Wilshire Boulevard Suite ":Z2 Santa Konica, calitornia 90403 Dear Mr. Gun~ar.on:

~h. l.ttar and enclosuras that you recently .. nt to AttornQY Barr have baan referred to thia ottica.

Your litter alleq •• that p.r50nnel ot the F.deral ct Investigation (FBI) have obstructed juatiel and .tat.a that you hay. FBI. intormation concerning kidna~p1nQ within the juri.41ction ot 'the Havinq r.viewld your enClosure., howev.~t there i. no .vld.nce ot misconduct by FBI p8racnnel that would ju.tity your chari. 0: obat~uction ot justice.
it to your local ott1c. ot the FBI.

It you have any new .viden~e about kidnapping, pleD •• provide Sincerely,




~11() Wd~we Brvd

• SUitt 422 • ~nfil ""tonica. CA Q040J • 211J!IH·H71


lnter:ia~jonal Sec,

" _,Jl"\s'Jltlni and InvestiiatlorlS





May .. 6. 1992 2 Mr. Robert S. Mueller. III


Attorney General U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division DC 20530

WuhLniton, Re:

Your letter dated April 20, 1992

Dear Mr. Mueller:
Thank you for reviewini


the material I sent you Marcil 11. 1992.

I did not state tbat FBI personnel were in violation of the Obstruction of Justlee statute. 1 only advised that there was an indication of this. I thought you would want to .at least check into the matter. I am sony to learn you do nOl feel It deserves further attepdon.

T have enclosed the book

Till! Franklin Cover-up, by former Nebraska State Senator John W. DeCamp. Your attention is directed to Chapter 14, -COVerup Phase [II: The FBI." which makes additional allegations of FBI

and possible violations of the Ob$tru~on

or Justice



Ted L Gundcnon n.o:te



IV,ember, '5ociery of Forme. Speclal Agei\t~ d the Federal BUfe!lU of Investigation



2210 Wilshire e1Yd.• Suite 422 ~ $.anta Monli:I, CA 9040) • )10180""1


• InternatIonal ~urtty

COr.~U~t1ili lnvt5t1ii:lcns and

• ./' • ' •..•




U.S. O~ Ju.~ie. P.O. 8o~ 1229 D1S O•• ~&, NI. .1101 Ola~ M~. Lahn.~'1 Ju.t'c. statut.•• ~on l'h~.r.

Th. ~cl0.~ ~.,o~t eon~.ln.inio~~.tiQn wn~cn 1ndieat •• that the F&I p.~on~.1 h.v. b..n in violation aT the Ob.trueticM o~
1n4o~~t1Qn conc.rnin9 the Jo~nny kidn.ppin9 e••• in D•• Moin •• , lowa. Th.r. ~pe.r. to b•• n cr8anlz~ kldnlpp1n, ~in, oper.tinv in this ccunt~y within tn. J~i.dictlon of th. FBI th.t 1. not r.c.ivin, the lII.ttaor.

Tht. r.port .1so ~cnt.ln.

proper ~tt.ntion.


would & you~ cnwckinv intc


T.d l~ BUMd.rson ~iy.t. !~v ••
TL.B/dn. ir'lt: 1. (U P'8l -~. U .•• Dept ~



~ Ce&ha, HI .

ArI,., •• ,

acv .... a.n N.'.en, NI ncl'"

CA ~U.tlC.f W••h1n;tO~t



23, 1992


Omaha, NE 58102

215 North Street

Agent In Charge

Deo.r Sir:

11, 19921 I wrote to Wil1i~ Barr U.S. Department of in an effort to draw his a~tention to the Obstruction ot Justice Statute which I believe is being Violated in the State of Nebraska and what appears to be an organized kidnapping ring

On ~rch

operating within this nation.
On January

J, 1992 I wrote to Nebraska Attorney General Don Stenberg alerting h~ to possible misconduct by various law enforcement agencies in the State of Nebraska. Hr. Stenberq responded on January 28, 1992 through one of his assistants and the documents enclosed are in response to Mr. Stenberg's latter. I am sending copies to you because the evidence clearly ShOWB that there is a problem in Nebraska and a national problem that must be cleaned up if the citizens of this count=y are to enjoy ·justice and safety. As a leader in your community I felt sure that you would want to be informed.. If you have questions earliest convenience. or ccmments please contact me at your






Ted ~. Gunder~on Privata Investigator






Documentation of Coverup by FBI Chapter 14 of the book The Franklin Coverup by Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp

(For a copy of this book, send $9.70. check or money order, to A W.T. Inc., P.O. Box 85461, Lincoln, NE 68501. The book contains numerous references to President George Bush.)





! ..

c cvsa-u ....

!-I .... SE Ill: THE ~'l


.. UP


t ir



In a deposition u.l:cn October 13, 1989. John Stevens Berry, .counsel for lhc franklin commirtee, wu grilHng OPD Chief when it was first reported.

office in early 1989. O'Han, woo kep: W.dman·$ picture on !\U Qesk, 'thr-~tencd, "You ~ wilh Bob WiQIT.ul, )'01.1f••• with the FBl!~ There wu a hint or trouble (rom the Bureau alreAdy in Lhc ~ummer of 1995. as OPD Officer 1.1 Carmear.; reccuecied in a memo 10 Deputy Cruef Charlie Pa.rter, dated December 20. 19&8, A fellow officer had just reminded Carmean of I meeling .back In iuiy or when:

Wadman about the lack of OPD fo!Jow-up on the ctli1d abuse In exasperation. Wadman replied:
The lough thing with this. Mr. Berry, ts thai we hive the FBI wlto eonal.lcu IJI inVe$li,ation and b;uic~ly U)I$ !he sam.e thie,s ~ ..... have uid. If !.he FBI. an: !hey now e linked 10 tl1i I cover·up in some Should the Jusliec : o.:putrnellt be inv~lig2.ted ;p.s $Omehow Of anochcr usistin: i.e this "eever-up?" '

WadmaJ) said it, but in this case iI'S true, The Jus,ice Departmenlo ;acting !hrough the FBl and the U ,5, Attorney's Office in Omaha. emerges from the record of the Franklin investigadens not so much as .. Party to the cover-up, but as its cocrdiaa-

Kinl invcsliiltion had beea in tocuaa ... hh I redt~ a~ricy !hit was 1.150 lrwestilwnl KiDI. To !he baI of Officer Berney's recoUecdon, U. Cioodricn S&id th.a1 the f¢dCrai ilgc:ncy III&S t1Jncernc.d that OW' cnild potnoJrlphyf abuse investla:lJion mi,hllumpcrthtir ~vc:s;igluon, Oftil;e1' Berney told me aJthO'Jgh be wuc't :urt, il ""IS either di~ctly or he (Berney) lO( !he: ~toa tit" we Wl:rt: to eiiher "slow do .... or bacl:; oir i.a our irlvuusariol'l n $0 u not to impc.dc lhe reder.{ cue.
Uld sulcd tlu.I

Lt. (Bill) Goodrich




me Urry



tor, Rigging grand juries, hamssment

of witnesses. incitement

[n 1988 and 1989. according to testimony 10 the Legis1ature's Franklin commiuee, the FEI claimed to be in~reited in Frank. lin money issues. bUI nOI child abuse. Dennis Carison of the Review Board testified to Ute Fran.klirl cornrniuee, Attorney General William Howland. that U.S, Attorney 10m Thalken said "that!he federal ll.llhorities were invcsligaling Mr_ King, ..• But he i.aid ~iaH)' their investigation wu confined to the mo~y iuuc:s. wd they were not specifically investigating Illegatioeu of child .bQIC ." .. . Howla . d's part-time invesngator, V14hou11$, told the Frank· n lin committee that it was his impression the FBI had information on private charter 1liihu. !omething Gary C.1ndori would conciting state A~i$ta;H

to perjury and tampering wiUl e"idence-(eden.l personnel were seen. to. apply all of !.hose !6::finiques in the Franklin case.








In a case full of reported trips aeress state lines for ~ltlW . exploitation purposes, invotvi.tJg prominenl persons from the national political parties, where was the Ft4er.J.I BIJr"'...atJof investigation? (I wu nJ1IJ'l.ini illteriCn:oce. and worse, Maybe Sewor SctuNt and I 8~ the mcs.sage in its pW'"..s[ form, when we met with Omaha FB[ hue! Nick O'Hara in

firm in a dramatic 1111)'. , , Moreover. as &dven.ised in a MiY 12, 1990 ankle in tht World·Herald, the FBI ha.d bc:cn loolcing at FtUklin sinc( 1987, for over a )leat before it wu clo.sed! The. FBI men co~d( hardly hive been unawue of the Fnnklin ambiuec:. nol j(

mention; the bedroom in the new addition. and !he <:videno. shows !hac they were not, II Wil$ reported in the Lineal" )rx'rM ul:



whol!: thinS. they ~


lit: THI "'II

in December 1988. IS· sumr.wized by Jerry Lowe: for the: Fn.nI:lin commJrtec. that "a.n ex-employee who is nOl identified ~id that when FCU Inul down. FBI ~gents immediately begin ~lcing questions fCiatding child pornography, dru&s and the
of La:ry King.

wriu letten ~thc jvd~ .wnl for 1could let oot of pr11t'O. ,4.nd il&lid in this dc.a.I I IIo'OWd bavc to .. y !hit Gary CsrIderi IJ:Id Mike Casey czrrie to me, me, tet Chi. __h:lole thin, ap. !hey told' me what eo s.ay, we II'< scripts. we 'Were promised 1l1OhClIry' vzlue.s. And J ....ould be,t&lten em 01. .




Camdori's DOtesof M~h 14, 1990 record that on the d:a.y of the federal age'nts' raid, he was told by a member of.the .. ' ' .On !une 21. !990. ~1lN and Alvin Owen told the FrankJi.n accounling firm that was ·auditing Franklin, that commiaee &bOut dar incioenr. malm.1 WIJ w:en out of the cn:.dil \lniOCl, inclIJdillS "idcQs &rid photograpns depicting Soelualacu. 1 wu told thll if friedncns· or any of !he other people woricin, for the CPA firm unt was conUlcled by tM 8Ovenll1lCfll ..... Ol.Ild uy Ulytilinl. tJlaIlhf:y would 1IoLlIQm~i· cllIy lose Cheir jobs. Thlt evidence .... snever made available to the Franklin a committee, nor its existence puhlkly acknowledged by the FBI. All warnnts concerning the raid were scaled by U.S. Magistrate Rl~hard Kopf.

a 'Ille .mounl of pornognpnic



!.hat the FBI ....&Ilted AIi3iu 10

My concern it that Pam (;~ to U3 UId uid sa,. thb, to ~p ie.

SEHATOJ. Ly,..CJI: You testified tI-.a1 yOW' tru3band w&5lkr:?

SitUnl in the lima raom, I n::membet.

S£HATOl LY",CfI! You heW

her say !hat? ... DId sbe 1;11 you who in '.be FBI rMdc thai cical. made thiic oiTlCZ'tD ile:r1
DoNNA. OWl.t.:

Mickey Mea ••••
Mott- .... !.here 4nybod)' u


S~NA.TOl LyNCH: Wu Mickey else wilh !hi. Mickey Moa1

DoN"''' Ow!.N: He PankonOll,



dO$Cly ."il.h Ride Cuiveranc:i John

The Douglas County gnna jury proclaimed on July 2J~ 1990, thlt the allegations aJ'Idevidence of FranKlin-linked child abuse were a "carefully cn!ted hoax." Its report implied that the perp<:traton were Alisha Owen. journalist Michael Casey. and the late Gary Candori, According to testimony of Alisha

StNATOt. Lyp.~CM: Olay. Well. for the ftlConI, do Y,OU reo mcmbocr the rille at ""hfeh time line told you about the FB[ deal \When 101.1rhusband was present?

O..... and her patenu before !he Franklin committee. the FBI en had this line already in March of !99O, befor« tlt~ [ran.d jury
, tV~1I

:t(Jn~d Jirrilll.

Alisha le5tificd to the Franklin commiuee on June II, 1990, before promuliation of the grand jury report. f.hal her former lawyer Ptm Vucheuch had come 10 see her in the spring, pvi na: I proposal
~m :.he fB I m.c if I rca..,wj !flY story then nochin, would b.apprdI to me, I ~kI PQssibly let OUI a (priliQn Ind no ch&rJcs wOIoIid CVCf bI; brtIua:hl ".ital me. Such lIS, if r !U' l1Iy 5tmy. they .ou1.:in'l cl!.ar;t me: w.ith petj\lry. liw:y .. Q\IIdc't charJe me: wicli lyilll, they .... 1.110Just drop !he 0

This wculd luve been on iue3d.1y. !be!il:V1:. i~ April ~, chen it WQ\Ild l'uIve been Tu~)', Apri12.!1. 1990. h would hue .n--4ha1 was broo.!;ht \.Ip Ihc:n. but II was also broulht up ~iet, in Man:h. B_use itl th.1 lime, i ailed Senltor L.abcd.% and i uJ.d, do ~ realize thai dliJ U ,",MI is hlppeninS a.nd t want to C&il )'OIl tN, because I think when all Mid and dono it'. no( to just be this man MiG C-y, they .... soma to Ny that CiIltY Candoti w.s in lin it and that membcts of !.he lelubtive tommiClZ "'eT'e in on it•.... nd,lIe .... u w:ry ~ c.nci &he il'lll'fledi· ····.iely went 10 let Se1tal(lf Schmit and Ztalked wilt! him about it also. And thai would ha~c been in MI:dl.
DoNN ... ~l'4:

If Tuesday




SCHMTT:. [ t'I:ICall that.






covo,·UII' 'MAst III! THI '11 ba:k me.



m.aclc me w.:c it beck, The~ t!o.rute1'oed

In order for the FBI 10 claim thllt all of the Franklin committee'~ e.... icenee was a hon, they had 10 btu!: one or more of the witnesses Cancon had Uped. Troy Boner and Danny King ~anted; what'happened with Troy shows the ha.'Id of the FBI. On thc:eveningofJuly 11,1990, the day her husband ~hedto his 9eath• Sandie Candori reeei...ed several phone calls from Troy Boner, She wrote: up ~t nolCS on the calls: !need to preface this wrilina by uplaining tlu.t in the course of the FrankJin Credit Uruon invwigltion, many calls IiIC~ received at our home (rom Troy Boner, I wu familiu- with the individual's voice and can be IOO~ U1U,u !.hI! ! did. in fact, receive the telephone aUs from him. In the culy c\'ening or Wcdne.sdl)' , July II, 1990, 5e\'Cnl
telephone calls w~ rceci.,cd II our home identir),in, himselr as -r~)':' Dirrerent swered the telephone and took ttl( menage either ulking to ether visitOl'S at our home come to the ~elr:p!H)nc, In any evear, If

sc: Troy, you shoUld teil JOmcone. , , . Do you want me to call SerulO!' Schmit? You need. 10 come 001 with the:: m1Ul once lnd fOf alL Troy, what h&.:i
ill: You doli'! undmWKI, they thr-..attned me. They nu.dc .me we it back. I was se (At this point I fell I na::dcd IOmeo!'Ie else to bear !.hi, se t uked. Troy to lieU what he h.:l·jllS~ told me to out $01'1, SWl.}


Troy, 1 W&nt!tO\.!

talk to


G&I")"s l~yeat

old s.-on,


tell him, :driZht?

Ye.ah,. SUnI. Su ....: Yw. man wh.1! do you ..... ut1 1. :liong ~ith :he ten to 15 other ~ple
room~ard follo'Olls:

in O\Ir lI.i,,::heni

of llH: p&nil;~ wln~ I;an mUI

b)' In individual indiViduals antrem him, I was Of in no shape 10 ncceuary I car:! 10 the: f.. ct !ha! .l



of the converullOll




need to do 11fOt' m1 Dad. man.
m:! told him I would try


, , Okay . , '

I lot back on

''Troy" called (or me during lhat evening. Later in the e... nin;, Troy again called and I ""1$ able 10 e go the telephone. It should be noted that I did not initiate the:: e... 1. nor did I kroo ......... nat. !f al\)1hing. he wanted 10 1 spe.ak 10 me about. The fgllowing is a synQpsi' of the c:onvcl"$;1lion: SC: This IS SUldie Candoti. say? , .. Troy,



be at [phone number] bUI

KlJ"en IOrrnistonj. He said he'd only for I s~n tUnc. He :said be
thaI effeet.


to be "on the move- er somethinllo

do you


He further salcd. "I'Il &0 to :l.1I)'0M who'll listtft. I'll 10 without my I_yet. I'm gOMa come clc.a.n," He then asked ir! would !aU: with nil mother. Sbe wamccl to lMIt, 1 said, '"Of course ." troy'! mother's voice WiIS familiar. She had t3lled O'J.f
hOU$.Cscveraltimcs follcwinl: forGa.ry., .• TroY'ilnoc.ller~la1ecilhc .

TI: Fml. YOII have 10 be c~rlli.

sc: Troy, i.IW is tbe leal! of m)' worries, How are YOll' , sc: What IJ'C you sayin, Troy? What an: you lryin, me.

Tl: ! am so sony, I 1m so soti)'. He snouldn', have died.

u:!1 ..

n: Gary wasn't lying. He didt! 't lell me what to S-3}'. %at I lold him was the truth. (He spoke rapidly as if fighting

PoilU. BONn: M!1. Candan. I am $0 sorry, I'm 110 iorry. Th~ is such I trll;cdy, 1 k!)Cw $Omclhinl happened to Troy, He lot 50 sared just before he chanled his story. They wert IhreaI:ninl nirn. I knew he shoUllin'! I\&ve 'backed IWIY fromthc trUth. • . . ' Troy then ,01 back ~R the le~phOnc Me! ! repc.atc4ly !.Si:ed that he would premise me thllt he would tome t."ltouli'l tor me, fer G&ry. and for A.J. He wd, "I promise. , , 117





tomorrow ....

To anyone who willli:ItCn

.• ' the FE!. 1.'Ie

newS--IllYonc ... . The neAt day I did nO( hear anything on the television or
the I"2dio and 1 reaHy felt that Troy i1ad probably bac:k:erl IWII)'. That cvenin, he called me again. He said, "Sandie. 1 tried. I tned. I went to Mickey Mort and ..... '... (FBI agmts). They laoghed at me. They said they spent 100 much time: and money on this cue now for me to change my story. 1 also wem to Frank Brown [Channel 7 iVi Out he said he didn't want to tUc oil statement because of my Grand Jury

5ute Scwon L.oran Schmit of Bellwood and Bcrnk l.....Ibcd% of Omaha said Troy .&net !old blwnl liet wben !: sa,jd he: did not come to Schmil's oftiee luc \IrU.k aM. wne he said he c!idrl', recanl wi'W he tokl. 00u;1u CowIty JlVl jW")'. , .. Schmit said u k.zst eight peq».e 1Io"t~ in !til effie last w~i: when Boeer, ill esseeee, hi. 1"CCaIl(&tio. uxi Rid tlW wlut he. had oriJitWly told ~ Vil.l ttl

Six of the ~ight appeued &11 prcu con{~ including four-Sclunit. Sen. Labedz. Candori



The next day, Sandie Caradori arrived at [he offices of her husband's firm for the first time since his death, to lind two

R.l. Nebc and Jody GiniDa, UI &DOrney wOo worb iz Schmit's office:-:-wbo said !hey board &oocr'. COm.znetl~ directly, , , . The at tbc: JRIS <XMIlC3Ql;;C 1'1Iunday We Boner .....s in Sdunit's offiCI: bocb 16 IDd July n, ihc day of Dndori's funct:LI.


FBI agents aJrudy there, with a subpoena for aU of Caraeorp's records. Mrs, Candori recalled:

I was extremely upset because li'le liming !;cruinly left much be de~in:.d. !opened the dosed door and eoted two FBI


security dlreercr. Joe Hebin the ortic:e. I said, "I don'! think: I need 10 introduce my~lr. What are you doing here? I C&fI't bl:licve this_ 'The smaller individual stammered a bit and loolced at Kan:n iind said, "'1I'bo •. , who il IhisT -She's Guy's widow." He then halfway stood up and extended his hand as if to shake mine and upressed hisl~ir sympathy. 1h: whole ordeal was extremely unprofessional. He then looked over hiJ shoulder at the oilier agent. gave: him a smitt:. and :s~k hisnea.d. He identified himsclfas Mid:eY.Mou. , , . I then utcd them ~ly wbclher Troy Boner had tried [0 .1peU: 'IIi1th them !XI t.~ pnv iOlU day, Mr. Mott said. "I an' t -confinn or de:!,. dut," I indiau:d that I did deserve an answer, Mr. MoU then wid. "Yeah, he came to the office but we ca,n'1 ... ute OUt time w1th him. He hu 1051 all credibility ."


Ormiston. and


TIley wen: all snlcd

Under pressure, Boner ru.s.serted that what be loki OU) Candor; was not true. His new Iawye1', Muc DelmaD. iMistccl thal his client iuJri lied to Candori. A specialist in child abuse cases when he worked in"the Douglas County Auomcy's Office, Delman was now better known (or defending pomogrr phers, Since Boner ,lias penniless. many people in Omaha wondered if Alan Baer or anOther plaon had liven him the money to hire Delman. .




On Sept. 25, 1990, 3 federal grand jury returned findings almost identical to those,of the: Douglas County jw-y:
There is no credible evideta for US to beUeve that funds Of indi'llduals cenoected with ~ Frutklin Commwity"federal C~it U!'Iion 'NCR involved ~ the lexual exploitation of minors, the i"tc:sl£te tr&I:t5ponmoa of minor!, the illtenW:e tnnoIporu.tion of m.ioon for ~xual PlUrpoICS or thI: rraffidr:inl in controlled subna.noe:a,

AU or the big shots namo::I in the Can.doli investigll:ion were
dared: 1"hett is no credib~
. promiricnt indh'ldual!

Troy Boner did a~mpt

to come clean. He weru not only


the FBI office. but to SeMIOI' Sduni,'s-and then pretended he: had not. The World·HeraJd reported July 27, 1990:

evidence for ua to believe thai any in me Omaha oommuniry wen: inlit


. .;-




"HASI lIb TH! '11

vol ...ed in any ring of organiz:d aC'Oviryto se.nally exploit
minors. mi~ in lnte~u:e commeree purpose. or to traffic in controUcd substances. for

Alisha Owen WLS indicted again, on eight eounu of perjury. The FBI. as Boner said. hal:! threatened Boner into recanting

his videotaped statement. which enabled the Douglas jury to return itJ "carefully crafted hoax" verdict. and set the pauern for the federal gn.nd jury. Federal officiai:; ill cnuge of the laner, in particular Auinant U.S. Attorney Thomas Thalken.
artejnpted to terrorize Aliaha Owen into recanting


In testimony to the Franklin committee on JIIOC 21. 19"90. Owen told about her experience with the fcdcr.t.l grand jury. in an exchange with committee counsel.
(hI'! your

cqc IlU I zoo c&fC' 'The 'IIt'bo}c froat b}lllt .. cap. And !here is & bIlI"'Y'1D4 UJctI: ~ II aD opec door 1M) I CUI bear whaL', roin, on in 1M lWl-r bec:a.we it', ju.Ila thcR it 00 8OCI%Id bcricr. i bard Mr. 'Tb&Ii::a ~. cdly and n::pc:audly In. W!:rf dWupo:.tN~ I eocsiQc dis-l 1'tOOJIdD':talk to .nybody'like ~,dilrespectful~, , sayin, thing. ~7'. ~ ad OV'ef, if w u:p then: and she doesn" tell 1hc: !n:Ii1 I'm to clI&rfC ~ w'i!:b ~, Ova' and over I:ftd mer I.Dd ;m:r apia. 1 have nee heard the ~ pc1jwy ao many tirrcI ill my mtirt lI(e tnan tha! dly .. , . He 1ff'&J sarine thls 10 my utOmeY. $.Iyina !'m roin. til put bet on the stand and. if she I1~D·t. ,OU know, if she doesn't tcU tbc II"Inh 4'm rotal to ~ Ia with




P=iurY ..

Now, I do not want



wnat questions




Henry ROSdItha.i confinncd

her 1CCOWIt:

llkec:i and whit answers you gave. But you told me earlier life hasll't been ~y and the ..... O~ three days of jury

yotlr life were in front of !he county srand jury. Wv. the
feder:ol ptld

man: pleasant experience


Well, now I have





lonlcr--thc the county

werst three d;!ys of my life were IIQt in fronlof ,rand jury but they 'Iller: in front DCIhc (edenl

Well. 1 doa't know Tom Tbalkm .... , He cam: 11% me lie .. lin.le ~y bear •. , • ADd be l\.d J. nnl« about two inches from my nos.e mel kepc: yellin, about perjury. AJKI ! dkln't cven know what he. wu about. Over.:llld over ..bout this and that and this and tlw. I said. Ie! mil: leU you.


sr;and jury .... Imaginc if you Wl:~ ..... ken up at 5:00 in Ihe morning, o told to take 3 shower JIlO gel dressed, You were not lold where you ..... gOing. I mean, if ~ombody came 10 your ere
home at .5:00. did not lell you wnere you wert ~oing, !hey had the luthan,y to drag you out of bed. After you lot cressed you wen: then laken out.Side your home and wnpped in chains I1Id (lri Yen 110'0 hoY"" 10 another <:it)'. all-you
still oot lold ..... cre you an: going and ....hit is actually h , happeniDs. Offil:Wly )'01.1 are nOi told. :rbc!I OI)(;C,..OII get to lhi$ ocher city, YOI.L'I1: p!.Il intO lin Kn.iJ casc. mean, ! e JCCtI kc:nncb look nicer th&n

if you think you have SOC Arly evidcnt;:C of pe:]1II1' when:he', done, please cl'laric her. jlLSt pleue do that And thaI'levery time there lII'U a f'CICaI. yellin, lbouc pc:jury •••. This was before the e\l~ even started,

Long before TIuJktn's. behavior in dealing with Owen, his name had surfaced in Gary Caradori's invcstigation, 11 an
alleged pedophile: who frequented adult book stores in Council



Blurb. Iowa. Moreover, a confidential. informant told Dnadon, Thalk.en wu key to the coyer-up in progresS. In,;). FdJNary 22, 1990 repon, Dndori tranSCribed all interview with this confidential infOrm&nL


wh=re I was held. And Ihe minUtc~ bdore 9:00, :yQo.I MIll. ii....a wbpocna t~!linl ~II Wi you have.o tesiify III 9:00 cn ill front of 2',rand jur:y. No ...., thai-I mc:an ltat in itself is suspect. Oby, Especiaily if you JIl: the witness. ! might be able to understand it if you ate the perpetntor. ' .. . I am in I room a.nd it's .. cage. okay. it'_it mil)' is ..


" ilc&nl7 I

oc A~ the fedt:nJ people still puainl me down. mc&lIlhe)' want me. off thU ~.

n.~ ,/011

Well, they <:Ior!'t want anybody to ret 100 c:losc to it..• , Thu !billl li ""'., igcr dw1 N~b b .. , , '(04.f ~ one of those dominoes Ir· fall 1 think it coWd ~ :0 the Wl\iu: tiOUSl: &Dd bKk 14.f~l. That' il'sjust almost ~Ius.

COY!IIl·U .. '''''An

1111 TIo!I!


.oc VIba.I haw
oc: Tha1k;~n.



tiU.! they'~ doing [sic] to de

10 try


to squash ttlil cue'?


CI: Well. their ..:z in the t-.oie is the a.ssi~Wlt ~!ltor. Yeah. And the term

\IIU •

year ago. fingtf in the di'c.

Ros.enth&.l wu Alisha's



second la..... yer. H~ succeeded


mela Vuchetieh, who had conveyed 10 A!isha the FBI's offer of a deal. from VUt;hetich's friend Mickey Mott.ln her Frankl in

ccmmlnee testimony of June 11. 1990, Owen reported another incident involvins Vuchetich and :he FBI, which appeared to
be an attcmpt 10 Clllft some evidence of the "carefully crafted He caUed

t DCY'tI' tho\JJhr-it!!eYe!' c..a~ or) ~ the FEll be se, you mo", dcYit'IU &I to try ux1 do llkc t.h&.c. .. • So I &.Skeel him, why IR y04.l doin, this? And ~ he wid. Ali3Ila. I'm ~. 1 don't koow 'Jrh&t to 110. 1.C1l me ,..iw to do. And then he ukt:d me. Q1X)tC. unquote, cIo ),OU think wc'rt ioine 1.0;01 il1y money? Atr;i 1-1 Moppcc1 foe a ~ ancI ! .ald, 1 don't give" Uout 1111)' money. you know, jl.lS% leU tbc .tn.'tII. 'Thou's whll I, q~~,~. E.%cuse my F~neh. But I just-just ~l1lhe truth. He said, ",tlat should I do? And J, jw.l tell the truth. And he i:~ tryinl to make these !c.adin, sUlICmclltl, Alisha. what should! do? And that'J when I rc.aJi:cd at thaI point in lime thaI whoever wu li~eninl "'&5 prnbably I,ll' mfOTtcmcn(. tt'yinl ~ do cnnp-;linC sw:menU ••.. And

hoax": me ln Ih~ afternoon ana I gOI on the phone .... Pam Iud told me that Troy Iud recanted his statemcnl about Danny,
Sbe never lold me he ~31111ed his statement 100tlt me. And They had Troy call me in the beginning of Mareh.

you know, maybe I all this evidence,
you know,






dumb. out
I hid

after I go< off !he phone. I tried II) pt &hold Pam. Well. Pam is sittinl down in !be FBI's office with them m&k.inC tha1 call. Tried to gd hold or Pam. P'1m is nO( arouncl. So I wu up$et enough and ! 'NU lIIomed cnoultt ! possibly $Omebody was lininl there with. lUll that 1 Q,J1cd Oary. And 1 thousht. oby, if .:1ybody is ,Oinl 10 be &hIe to do Lnything or know anythin&, 011')' will know or he'U be able
to find OIIt.


I never once thou,I'lt he could do that because. I man.

know, and I mun. l'm the one lhatever do lO_I, rec;ant about

that told them abo1Jt Troy anc! others. It never

dawned on me mal he wQuld

Dll'ln)'. So we-I got on the phone: and l--ono: tile first things ! asked him "'U. why arc you doing thi$ to Dlllny, he's roc of YOllr bc3t friends. he ... could you do this. what uc: ),011


I called Gary. And Gary !.lid. Alisha. Troy is litting down at 1m: FBI'$ offi~ right no .... So 01:1),. I knew 11'\11 the FBI WLS me one promDtCCi him IQ that tall. ... So Gary tole me !ha! it wu'the: And Gary i&id 10 me II thal time, AIi~h., maybe you should swt wl)l'l!d.erin& why yOUt attorney u spc:~in, SO milch time "With the FB!.



doing? Alld he said. somethin&.

voice-ti1c: FB I And 1 Troy sleepl !.ll\liI4:oo or 5:00 at nigh!. $0 1 •urw! 10 think oh, my 003. !!e'. in Omaha fora weele. it', 3:00. 2;3Q in the Jitemoon. somebody must be It his hoase mwng him de this. And I thought this must be I Ulped phone COI'lvC:l'S.ltion. !wu-I was literaBy sand. I thoughl either they ~t down a lot of monc)' in tront of him or else Ktmebody lw got. gun to his head him say this. 1

Alish •• I'm And his hIS rhis !ape.,His voice i5 jest really seared,

Against Alisha Owen's specific instn.lctions, she reponed. Vuchelich turned over 10 the FBt a file that Alisha m.a.lnainec:l on acquaintances from her past. Vuchetich had suggested she
information. In it were the names of some people • like formee boyfriends, who could be e"p¢Ctcd te be bitter lowani her. _ Allsha Owen told the Fnnklin committee. thai the FBI also di~tiy advised her to teil a iie-!o s.J)' that she iuci lied on Uie

assemble this


videotapes. In


SE~ ...rol SanoOT:


to ~y


'lll'onU, !hey ":lvi~

thai Y"" had Had on tbt tape:!? ALlSHio OWEN: Uh·lluh. SENATOl L.... ECZ: The

... ~ o(


mmtly e\'er)1hinB that

irnpot1.m! thinp ttl&t 1 thouiht he (.O!d me flC'! !hat 1IIt1e:u 1IIo't:nt irKo ttIe Untsti,lticc Lany he ",..., ~ by !he: FBI inC! be told mem


me moe


be told


.bo,n tbe ICXuaJ


Ow!:",: The FBI bad advised me tNt 1 should uy that, no( everytbir.g on the u~ is me, juS! a blwet statement. and . uy no! everythine on ~ upes is true', UId that ! should forEel all.bout the !.Ipc:s lJc;.wuK they !;;!1 come: bad: to hll11 me.

uxI:IO for..h. And then be: ~d he wu lCld by !he FBI. ~.~ ,oinS to 4dviJe )Iou it'. best (M )'OI.t t!w )lOll kcq )'QI.Ir moum dun. And I ttw a,a.I.D. &lid be repeated it . ·so·1 CQlJk! write;t Qowu,

SCHMIT: I "'lnl to inl~mlpt then: beesuse tha! is ~JTI()$I &I; Identical statement th&! we ~eatd in the ~5$ made by Troy, that nO{ everythinil on I.hc lapes 11;~ U'\IC,
That's what they told me to say ... , And thc.rr: wc~ lim~ .... en Irn::y tried to gel ~ to ,;y thll Gary Candori h .... lIJ ....ithholding evidence from them, there "'C:~ rimes ....hen thcy-ti'lcy basically fnllr rammc.d 0&1")' irao the 'lV~nd.

Gary ~ori interviewed a victim-witnes.s named Terry MuJler*, In his d.&i Iy report of April 20, 1990. Candor; W'I"Ote: Funhet thi3 III1i ter reee ived • telephone: all from Sue TompkillS·. ,~tm' of Tetry Mull,:. Brieny. SI.lC u>kl this writa' thaI the FBI and I mo:mtler of the Sale Patt'Oi wen: h&lTUSinl her bro<heT and Iryina: 10 Jet him 1.0 talk about thillis that be


Caradori wrote in his daily notes

or April

20. 1990:

jIm didn't kno .... eout. She stated !.hal net'~ is C!I; • m:mely sand, He \IIUUS to ~n !.he' !rUth. boweYer, M felt cxC'Cmeiy WICCIrn{ortablc wi£h the FBI and Stale P&oocl invcmilton. StM: ,Uted that a PhIllips aM FBI Alent

At &pprc~imlteJy 141 S. this writer reeei ved =. telephone c.ail from Alisha Owen. She talked ;bout tl'ie FBI hinting to her that if she ctanced her nary !h&lll1cy would insull: !blithe)' would" go after" this writer .nd Mike Cue>, for" rlbriCJtin,<Ininve $ti,alion, She informed me thal she

Couttcr wen:


h&nh with her ~.

On May 4, 1990. Candon idced.:
Follo..... this meetinC. !his writef piKed • ~fephcne c.&lI ing to Sue Tompkins. who is HIe sister Dr Teny Mull", She advised me: !hal TetT)' Iw:t retained all lnomer 10 pm!eet him from !he flU. I !Old her thaI I wished him ...,ell and hoped thaI evel'}1hin, wIXted OI.1t for him.

hila nol flori,alea

an)' !'art or any story lind that she wu !Iicking 10 tnc SIOry she told me. and <hat $he wiihed me ",tiL For my own prctecliorl. J tape recorded lM u~leFhone convetulion whkh IUled apFroximately 3(1 minule$.

According to an associate of Caradori, Fr.mldin cornrniuee counsel John Stevens Berry alerted Caradori thaI he should gct a lawyer. since he would likely' be indicted.

Candori's investiganve notes for February 19, 1990 record 3 Department of Social Services social worker who s.c:r=ned families applying for foster tate licenses:
his talk with loanie Gregory,
Appro;.;im:lteiy 1.' yean: '110 she 'tIfU inspectil\l the home of JiIIftIl a,n,d·S.rt:IU'1I Webb (Of I renewal of !heir, Shoe felt the environment was n« ript bel W!IOte • letter 10 DSS in Lino::ol~. She n:cc:ivi!!d ne After 2.eouple of . months. she Itnet' to the Omaha Police ~t regarding same situation with the Wc:bhs. She ... as tbe1l eontacted by !he Fa I. In the: meantime: she: had trieci 1.0 GO

•• •
Alisha w~ not the only witness. the fBI was reported 10 have hiJ11l.S~ or lold to lie. At a fr:mKlin committee session on June: 22. 1990, Senator Labedz related her discussion with


Mote •

fermer FnnKlin employee Noel Seltzer:


re3«lt:n on her own. but evidently tile: ~


THI! ''''''HllL.l,.,. To !hi! wri~'s



letIeT wa.s no( ......ntun tc t."'.e FBI. The FBI illformcd Joule OOlory thaI it ....ould proeably be in I'Iet best in!.er=:tl i{ she ""f"'fOi this in[orrn.ation. ~



&pimt as..

SEN. L'T1'ICR: Ducn:di't iLl. ' CoU4.DOa.:: I fa 00 rca:lfd uxi .. y 1-1 di<tzl'( ....'am: them our data. . . .



in his notes for December




AI approximately ":00 PM ScnalOr' Sdunit urived It 1commince cOIIn$e1) Steve Berry's offie:. dUl"lllg whien _ he ad...ised me that, ....ithin :),e lut 48 hour: :hc rnl .... ~re

Knlriniz:ing StVen.I of his oosines~ suck as his :JJT1blinE in sour.hea.srem Ncbnsh and o!hcr rclalcd m.ancn;.
TNChinei! On hi, own bitter experience wilh the Bureau. Caradori commen~ed 10 the F!"IJU:.lincommittee. on June 22, 1m.

BEHY~ Mr, c.ou.r:r aDd 1. ud roD~1 OQI' Idvicc the ,~ and !be a'!mIJ1ittec 1'IlIetl'lben. bJ.~ lnrtNeald )"011 !Ill.! ~n, 'YtJV ha~ zmm be !timed over- tI) boch tbe gnnd ju:ri:a. feden.! and county, yo.! feel dw ~ your inv=illtive etrcrt hu been sabotarod. !J ti'In-i-I!hIt tile SOUI'tZ of your rninruiOll?
c.4.I.'-001.l: That'l

ri gltt.

CAlAOOl.l: I think 1hc rDoul:l~ Cc.] gnt1d jury is bcina misled infonn.ltion.



CUI _}'oo tell?

I think the)' art bdn! misled tly the inftuence or the Stile Pltrol in ...e'liga~or md Va.riOllJ people in I~ FBI. BuJI .... 00 you !hinJt the FB I and the Slue Patrol are deJiber. : alely mislc.adin, :he grand jury?
C"'UD01!: I do. ~I J cUI'I-yOll know, r have nothinr 10 base it on, You kno ..... the people .. , in jail< en(om:ment say. we checked every lead y01J got, e v cry lead that YOIl

And il's iike, you: know, all the won: ,, most fn.l1~dn& thine in this whole cue, and no sense dwelling on It. hal been thll you produce: a work procuer, not every lead i~:oina to be in gold bur you produce .. WlorX prodUCl &.nd t..'len one of the ;upect~ of your itlve:stigatiotl is the: State Patrol and right aw.y it 3:01::$ to them. goes 10 the FBI MidUld the" they just t.:a.r )'0\1 span, And yuh, it's Oeen r=lly irusCT'alinl, • • • '
that you ~"c: done is nO! ....orth it r.U.rnn ..

nne and u' nothing,

The legislative 'iJlvestigatOf found that the FBI interfered with material even before he get to it. One sft.emoon in late t 989. Caradori &ncI Karen Ormulon spent scvm,l hOUrs at YNR Airlines in Sioux City, IO~r'photocoPYina IU,ht manifests of Larry iGng's charter ftighu. 'AI other airlines. s-.&ffen. bad aJre.tdy confirmcci to Caradori. that Kina: took I.:nden.rc boys md girls with him on charter fHihts. At n.IR.. childre!l's names were listed for !he fiiahts-proof that Kine WIS t:ransponin, children around the count!")' as the Webb girls. A1i.sha Owen, Paul Bonacci, and others had charBed. The owner of YNR made a phO!'le call. and pn:venll:d Cara" don from le2ving with the n:c:ords, &<:Imeo( which had yellow
FBI tabs attached to them. Since thc Franklin committee had


only limited, in-state subpoena power. C&r.aclori requested,the NCUA to subpoena the reeoeds, fUm them over to him, and not mention this to the FBI. NeUA general counsel Raben
Fenner agreed.

Caradori never gOI the records, but someone else :apparently did. Cansdori told II friend. that he JaW Mlme the FBI sticlcers


SI!.N. LYNCH: So !he impteuion ~t ..... u.iked .boY! belli, e left with the gnnd jU.ty WJ.Sn'l an impression thaI !his eemmince or witnesses !hal 'Nt: had or any stMT in Idliition to you. OIJl' coons.el. mbled \IS Wicn information, but chc flCt tha~ information WI: devt!opcd WI we llw'!:d ..... the FBI illl and the police 'department W&:I in fact Ils.ccl by them 10--

from YNR. in I noccbopk ~cd by FBI agent Mictey Mott. The FBI maintained that ~ wu no proof whatSoever tllat King hid tr:msponed children; the Douglas CoJUnry ifIJld jury lamented, IiIlt It W~ a pity charter compmies did ner keep night manifests, so no trips cOl:ld be verified. In a September 25. 1990 letter to Senator Schmit. Ormiston summed up the fEn activities:



which allows the Slate


.. HAS!

fill THE


There must be some Kind of provision

of Nebraska to retain its information so that there is not a probable cover-up when this stuff is turned over to the federal

statement, Rochon described • series of ad3 or eveats whicH be alleged were evioeoce of sexual oeviaoee by SA [Special

level. It is my sincere hope that the federal agencies 'cannot just walk allover the state agencies, especially since we
have given them everything we have


we have


they 1:10 have a lot of manpower. I do feel that the leads turned over to the FBI have effectively been stonewalled as

allowed to see nothing that they have. This in itself has not only prolonged the investigation, but it has also been a major factor in that the FBI does seem to get to our leads since

it pertains

to this investigation.

• ••
the victim-witnesses may commitment to protect former Omaha FBI chief Nick O'Hara's friend Chief Wadman, or Assistant U.S. Attorney Thalken, or higher-ups in Washington. A look at life inside the Bureau, including its Omaha branch, shows why. In August [990, black FB[ agent Donald Rochon settled his suit against the FBI for racial discrimination. A highly decorated veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, Rochon joined the FB[ in the early I 980s. According to the settlement, Rochon, who worked in the Omaha FBI office in 1983 and 1984, will receive more than $1 million over his lifetime, and have his $500,000 in legal expenses paid. In his suit, Rochon charged Omaha FBI personnel with sexual perversion. Some of the details are recorded in a "Motion of the [U.S.) Attorney General for Summary Judgment as to Plaintiffs [Rochon) 'Chicago Claims,' " filed on September 13, 1989 in -Washington, D.C. After his Omaha assignment, Rochon had moved to Chicago, where the harassment continued, The FBI's eagerness to discredit

be based on more than just an


Agent] Dillon and.other SM assigned to the Omaha office. R~ alleged uw he hid "personally ooserved" Dillon "French kissing" SA Agent Terry J. Bohle, a male, at II going-away party for SA Bohle, and that be likewise had "personally witnessed" Dillon "exposing himself in the Omaha office during a regular wort. day to numerous Omaha employees, both male and female." In addition, Rochon said that he had heard feJXII1.'S that Dinan had allowed Bohle to urinate into his mooth and. to "urinate into II beer bottle, [from] which he subsequently drank:" and that Dillon had. been observed "picking out the deodorant block in [the] men's urinal and placing this block in his mouth." Rochon further alleged that Dillon appeared preoccupied with homosexual sex, kept homosexual pornography at his desk, and had frequently spoken in the: office of homosexual acts.

Subhead II of that motion, 'The Sexual Deviance Complaint and Investigation," reads in PaI\:
In response


to his telephonic complaint, a signed sworn was taken from Rochon on July 3, 1984. In his

Another agent backed up' Rochon's account of Dillon's allowing Bohle to urinate into his mouth. In an official response, Dillon protested that SA Bohle only "accidentally" did urinate on him on one occasion. He added that he, Dillon. had not exposed his penis in the office, as Rochon charged, but merely his buttocks, The Bureau defended Dillon's possession of pornographic homosexual literature, as necessary' for his investigation of homosexual prostitution. But Rochon's claims of discrimination and harassment were so well substantiated, that the FBI chose to settle. In October 1983, the FBI announced it had investigated a male prostitution ring in Omaha. Apparently one of the agents on the case was none other than SA Dillon. U.S. Attorney Ron Lahners commented privately at the time, 'This thing is so big and involves 50 many prominent people around this state." The investigation was expected to bring high-level indictments, but never did. One Nebraska insider said recently. "There is no doubt that the pedophile networks investigated in 1983 lapped those of Larry King; in fact King himself was probably looked at at that time." Special agent Dillon, who was investigating homosexual prostitution in those years. was "real close to some priests at





Boys Town," according to a law enforcement sOIJ!CC who knew Dillon then. Years later, Caradori received allegations that some priests associated with Boys Town, in particular Father Pat Henry and Father Fiala, were pedophiles; Father Henry was sent to Bolivia when child abuse scandals surfaced at Boys Town in the mid-1980s. Donald Rochon was a successful agent, part of whose responsibility while in Omaha was to find missing children. He once was commended for finding a kidnapped girl within one da y of be ginning work on the case. Inevitably, as a black agent, he would have developed ties in the black community in north Omaha, where Larry King's pedophilia was notorious. Many . of the boys King used as prostitutes were black, and were recruited from Boys Town, where the alleged pervert SA Dillon seemed to have friends. Would it have been just a matter of time until Rochon found himself investigating SA Dillon, and others in Dillon's clique? One thing was established for certain by Rochon's court documents: Dillon was the ringleader of the harassment operation which drove Rochon from Omaha, and most of the rest of the Omaha FBI office covered up for Dillon.


Letters of Response from the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Departmen'


W.w.inlICIl, D.C. :0:;0

Mr. Ted L. Gunderson Ted L. Gunderson and Associates International Security consulting and Investigations 22~O wilshire Boulevard Suite 422
santa Dear Monica, California 90403

Mr. Gunderson:
latter and book that you recently sent to Assistant General Mueller have been referred to this ottice.

Attorney publio

Section can initiate an it receives specitic that federal criminal laws have been or certain other persons.

instances Where


Tha Public lnteg~ity Section is responsible tor prosecuting officials who are shown to have violated federal criminal


invest.igation only in those and surricient information violated by public ottici~ls

Based upon the information that you have provided, there is net sufficient evidence indicating that such a violation of federal

crimin~l law has been committed.

Thank you tor bringin~ t~is

:3~~~= t=
A..~VV ~

our atteoticn.



William A. Keefer Deputy Chiet' Public Integrity Section Criminal Division

U.S. Department

of JustiC2

W.. il,i..


D. C.



13, 1992

Mr. Ted L. Gunderson Ted L. Gunderson and Associates,




2210 Wilshire

Santa Monica, California



Dear Mr. Gunderson:

This letter will acknowledge receipt of your March 141 to Director William s. Sessions, which haa been forwarded to the Office of Professional Responsibility {OPR' FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ), Washington, D. C.
1992, letter

As you are aware, aPR has the responsibility ot investigating all allegations ot serious misconduct or criminality on the part ot FBI employees. .. aPR has reviewed your letter of March 14, 1992, as well as the enclosed in!o~ation and has determined your allegations lack specif iei ty. S.hould you have information relative to the specific, verifiable acts of serious misconduct or criminal behavior on the part of FBI employees, I would encourage you to provide this info~ation so that it may be reviewed by aPR. Thank you for your interest in providing this information tor review.

Assistant Director! Inspection Division

lbert c. Toohey

DeCamp Legal Services, P.C.
Legal· Public Relations - Lobbying 414 So. 11th Street

Uncoln, NE 68508
Attorneys a t Law
John W. DI~amp John E. Be.tzer Antonio E. Bendezu Steven A. Montag Of Counsel:

Phone: (402) 477-3974 Fax: (402) 477-4487

E-Mail: staff@decamplegaLcom



February 15, 1999

To Whom It Concerns: The trial 011 Februarv 5. 1999 resulted in a million dollar judgement. 1 believe that judgement, completely independent of the Default Judgement in the case because the singular issue was damages. makes it dear that the evidence pre sented was credible and Judge Urbom acted on that basis and to send a message to a number of individuals (both clean and dirty) who were a pan of the Franklin saga. I believe the U.S. Attornev has no choice but to either CHARGE THE WITNESSES WITH PERJURY HAVING TES~D lJl";DEFl OATH IN A FEDERAL COtJRT ON VERY MA TERlAL MA TIERS (From

Murder to Bribery

to Perjury' to the most vile corruption involving young people) OR, THE U.S. ATTORJ'..JEY HAS AN OBLIGATION TO ll'WESTIGATE FURTHER INTO THE F'RJ>J\'KUN SAGA p",~1) REOPEN M....I\·ITERS. This time mere ARE PICTURES. This time RUST'{ NELSON exists and

testified completely contrary to Chief Wadman's testimony under oath to the legislature. This tune Noreen
Gosch validated the credibilirv and storv of Paul Bonacci ... and a lot. lot more. A1 a minimum. some Federal or State authority (Whether it a Judge. Attorney General, Prosecutor, etc.) has an obligation to reopen particularly the Alisha Owen case. If my witnesses in Court on Februarv 5, 1999 are tellina the truth then Alisha Owen is al~. If Alisha Owen is YL~G, as a jury said, then my wnnesses are lving It appears to me to put the U.S. Attorney and Nebraska Anornev General and Judicial'S\'S'li:Iil on tile horns of a dilemma - and failure to act would: to me a~ appear t~ be deliberate obstruction of justice





Respectfully, ( ./











"--.,----- ~ ..w:ne€-iUll~ -----.'."'"
John DeCamp Legal Servi ~

\/ -7-~-----

~.! ~.:==

l ».


~ --....,


-I-- ~
I.' ---.

-.- ....

Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) )
) )

CQ :;: ..

Fr-9 Co·

"1) ,_

'~1 kn

8'. 11'+


.. I~R'j ..J


i' ~.,';"'::·",;I .1 ~: ~_, J.. \wi I '..... \ -_; .... i




On February 27, 1998, I found that default judgment should be entered against the defendant Lawrence E. King in favor of the plaintiff, Paul A. Bonacci. A trial on the issue of the damages due the plaintiff by that defendant was had on February 5, 1999.
Two counts are alleged. against the defendant King in the complaint. Count V alleges a conspiracy with public officers to deprive the plaintiff of his civil rights, designed to continue to subject the' plaintiff to emotional abuse and to prevent him from informing authorities of criminal c cnduct. C ount vm charges battery, false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress, negligence and conspiracy to deprive the plaintiff of civil rights. Between December 1980 and 1988, the complain! alleges, the defendant King continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated s exuai assaults, false imprisonments, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals, forced the plaintiff to "scavenge" for children to be a pan of me defendant King's sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the plaintiff to engage innumerous sexual contacts with the defendant King and others and participate in deviate sexual games and masochistic orgies with other minor children. The defendant King's default has made those allegations true as to him. The issue now is the relief to be granted monetarily. The now uncontradicted evidence is that the plaintiff has suffered much. He has suffered burns, broken. fingers, beatings of the head and face and other indignities by the wrongful actions of the defendant King. In addition to the misery of going through experiences just related over a period of eight years, the plaintiff has suffered the lingering


results to the present time, He is a victim of multiple personality disorder, involving as many as
fourteen distinct personalities aside from his primary personality. He has given up a desired military career and received threats on his life. He suffers from sleeplessness. has bad dreams, has difficulty in holding ajob, is fearful that others are following him, fears getting killed, has depressing flashbacks. and is verbally violent on occasion, all in connection with the multiple personality disorder and caused by the wrongful activities of the defendant King. Almost the defendant King has little remaining financial resources, but a fair judgment to compensate the plaintiff is necessary. For the sixteen years since the abuse of the plaintiff began I conclude that a fair compensation for the damages he bas suffered is $800,000. ,\ punitive award also is justified, but the amount needs to be limited because of the small effect





that such a judgment would have on the defendant King, given his financial condition and his presence now in prison. I deem a punitive award of S200,000 to be adequate. Dated February 1.9, 1999.


FILED _ U .S . DlS1RICT COUR11 ~ .... ~ ,,- n~\ 5 1 ""I]SI81C I r··· ... 11M n .... ' IN THE tJN1TED STATES DISTRICT COURT' \. .. .. ~. FOR THE DISTFJCT OF NEBRASKA 99 FEB 22 ~M 8: \ 5 P AJJl. A. BONACCI, Plaintiff,

) ) )


) )



) )

IT IS ORDERED that the plaintiff shall have judgment against the defendant Lawrence E. King in the amount of Sl ,000,000 and taxable court costs in accordance with the
Me;norandum of Decision of today, together with interest at the rate of
1 oR'!

percent per

Dated February 19, 1999.





·~. . - .

.STEPS MUST BE TAKEN! Government . today. bureaucrats and politicians have refused to

recognize a satanic cult problem exists in the United States The FBI has the responsibility to protect the internal security of America and must take a leading roll in coordinating and investigating this movement. The satanists claim they are a religion. This may be true, but it

does not give them immunity from investigation for kidnapping,
murders and other crimes. Write your national and local politicians, mite the bureaucrats, write your local and state law

enforcement agencies and. most of all, write
AO~ER.:r S;. !VI Vi;; LLt;K
Mr." __ • Director FBI 1. Edgar Hoover Building Washington. DC 20535
~' ]I[

to the FBI:


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