Update : 29th Aug, 2011 This is to inform that the matter relating to land acquisition in Noida Extension came

up for hearing before the Hon'ble High Court on 29.8.2011 before the larger bench consisting of Hon'ble Mr. Justices Ashok Bhushan, S.U.Khan and V.K. Shukla. The Hon'ble larger bench after considering the submissions issued the following directions:1. The interested persons like the flat-buyers and the builders may file their reply/ affidavit within ten days. It has also been ordered that there is no necessity of formal impleadment. However, they would be permitted to intervene in the matter and in view thereof this direction for filing reply/ affidavit has been issued. 2. The State Government and NOIDA have also been directed to file reply in those petitions in which they have not filed reply within 10 days. 3. It has also been clarified by the Hon'ble Court that any matter which is filed after 29.8.2011 would not be included in the present batch of the matters. 4. The advocate for the petitioner tried to assail the reference made by division bench consisting of Hon'ble Mr. Justices Amitabh Lala and Ashok Srivastav vide order dated 26.7.2011. The Hon'ble Court rejected such plea and said that in view of the directions issued by the Hon'ble Chief Justice and further in view of the constitution of the larger bench, this bench would be justified in hearing the entire matter. 5. The Hon'ble Court also directed the State Government and NOIDA to file a detailed chart/ list giving the details of notifications and villages etc. and also the details about the status of the matter. 6. The Hon'ble Court while reacting to the submission made on behalf of NOIDA that out of about 1400 tenure holders, more than 1200 have settled the dispute, observed that "let the state indicate all these facts in the counter affidavit" The matter stood adjourned to 12.9.2011 for next hearing

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