Analysis of a typical distribution substation of Srilanka

This paper analyses the behavior of a typical power system of Srilanka with respect to factors such as short circuit capabilities, normal load flow capabilities and protection functionality. Aspects such as earth grid requirements and ratings of the substation components will be analysed.

1. Introduction
The structure of a 132/33 kV Distribution substation of Srilanka is always a typical arrangement and the changes from one substation to another is almost non-existent. Thus this study will analyse power system parameters such as continuous load flow, short circuits, surge protection and earthing and use these data to critically observe the coordination of the power distribution center system as a whole.

2. Methodology
2.1 Key Assumptions Transformer rating : 31.5 MVA, Z=0.1, vector group Dy1, solidly earthed – 2 bays 132 kV Line Bays – 4 33 kV Feeders – Normal feeders– 6, generator feeders – 2 132-33 Bus section bay - one each in HV and MV side. Transformer Delta side earthed using zig-zag earthing transformer 2.2 Case Studies Transient analysis will be conducted on three unique scenarios for all possible inputs. (I) Load flow analysis (II) Short circuit analysis (III) Insulation coordination analysis 2.3 Data Typical data such as average fault level for srilanka and nominal CT and VT ratios will be used for the calculation. 2.4 Simulation A comprehensive simulation will be conducted using power system software Etap. Mathematical modeling will be by Matlab.

3. Results
Maximum fault levels with and without generation feeders in 132-33 kV sides, maximum possible earth fault current, surge response, Circuit breaker breaking, making and continuous current ratings, Optimum CT/VT placement and sizing requirements. Protection coordination with respect to line, busbar transformer and feeder protection will be derived. These values will be compared with existing values to critically analyze existing designs and their installed capabilities.


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