Event ROI Methodology

Dr. Elling Hamso Managing Partner

+47 90 12 24 18 elling.hamso@eventroi.org Linkedin: ellinghamso | Twitter: ehamso |Facebook: ellinghamso www.eventroi.org

The Cleaning Franchise Story

”what exactly do you know that participants should do differently after the event in order to make more money?”

”we have different categories of participants”

”why don’t they do that already?”

The Principle of Value Creation To influence participants

to DO someting which adds value to stakeholders
at the lowest possible cost

ROI Objectives ROI Objective

ImpactObjective ROI Objectives

Behaviour Objectives ROI Objective

Learning Objectives ROI Objective

SatisfactionROI Objective and Learning Environment

Target Audience Objectives

ROI Pyramid

Impact Behaviour Learning

Level 5 Level 4

Level 3
Level 2 Level 1 Level 0

Information | Skills | Attitudes | Relationships

Satisfaction and Learning Environment Target Audience

ROI Methodology
developed during 30 years
30.000 trained practitioners 22 disciplines, incl. meetings 54 countries 50 books

Down Hall, London 5 - 9 September 2011


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