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Unethical BMW employees slow down the success of BMW

BMW is a premium car brand and BMW cars desirable by people who have passion for cars. Owning and driving a premium car has many advantages. Reliability, durability, functionality and quality are the most important values of a premium car. An owner of a BMW car would e pect that in case of a failure BMW employees are fully committed and equipped to solve the issue on a professional and respectful way. The real performance of a company and its employees can be measured at its best when issues occur. This article proves that BMW is focused to market, manufacture and deliver cars but is not organized to provide premium services. However BMW wants owners and drivers to believe BMW provides premium services, this isn t really the case!. This article elaborate the root cause of disappointing way BMW tries to avoid responsibility with regards to after sales services.

First class service

BMW claims that BMW provides first class services. What this claim really means is not defined by BMW. "We are committed to providing you with first#class service that delivers best#in#class care for your vehicle, and an uncompromising driving e$perience.%& 's a BMW car owner you would e$pect that when you order your new BMW and tick the options of available options, that the whole package is guaranteed to get first class service as described with the fancy words which describe the commitment of BMW services. This article proves that BMW '( after sales and legal departments don t contribute to the success story of BMW automotive, and employees of these departments behave disrespectful, arrogant and ignore sincere customer complaints. BMW Employee basic principles To put the behavior of the service departments of BMW '( in conte$t in this paragraph the BMW basic principles which are valid for every employee of the BMW group are copied. BMW '( claims that) "*uring the ne$t decade we aim to secure our position as the world s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles. +or this reason all of our strategies , including our corporate culture , are conceived on a long#term basis and are constantly target#oriented.-rror) .eference source not found&

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The basic principles of the BMW (roup form the basis of this long#term and target#oriented action1.
!ustomer orientation "4ur customers decide whether or not our company is successful. 4ur customers are at the centre of all of our actions and the results of our actions must be 5udged from a perspective of their benefit to the customer.& "ea# performance "We aim to be the best. -ach of us has to rise to this challenge, meaning that each employee must be prepared to achieve a high degree of efficiency. We aspire to belong to an elite, but without being arrogant, because it is the company and its products that count the most , and nothing else.& Responsibility "-ach BMW (roup employee bears personal responsibility for the success of the company. This also applies within a team, where each individual must be aware of his or her responsibility. 6n this respect we are fully aware that we all work together in achieving corporate goals. +or this reason we also work together in the interests of the company.& $ffectiveness "4nly sustainable and effective results are of benefit to the company. When assessing management, it is only the effect of performance on results that counts.& Adaptability "6n order to achieve continuous success we must adapt 7uickly and fle$ibly to new demands. Therefore, we regard change as a chance and the ability to adapt as the prere7uisite for making use of this chance.& %issent "6n the search for the best solution everyone has the duty to bring to light any disagreement. The solutions found are then resolutely implemented by all involved.& Respect, trust, fairness "We treat one another with respect. Management is based on mutual trust, trust is based on calculability and fairness.& $mployees "Business enterprises are made by people. -mployees are our strongest factor of success. 8onse7uently, personnel decisions belong to the most crucial decisions.& &eading by e ample "-very e$ecutive has an e$emplary function.& 'ustainability "We regard sustainability as a lasting and positive contribution towards the economic success of the company. This is the basis of our ecological and social responsibility.& 'ociety "We consider awareness of social responsibility an inseparable part of our corporate self#conception.& (ndependence "We secure the BMW (roup s entrepreneurial independence through sustainable and profitable growth.&

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BMW Customer experience The e$periences with customer services to is still being measured9 with an independent survey amongst BMW customers who have contacted BMW customer services. The front desk of BMW '( customer services is outsourced to (::0, so this company is also measured and involved in the survey. Reason to contact BMW customer services

Willingness of BMW employees to help

Friendliness of BMW employees

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Disrespectful employees The most important element of being successful within after sales services is to treat customers with respect. 6n 0AB of the occasions BMW employees are acting with disrespect towards customers. However the BMW company basic principles do contain multiple statements how to deal with customers, BMW employees ignore these principles structurally. -mployees of the following departments of BMW '( do behave demonstrably disrespectful towards customers with re7uests for support) ?roduct management automobiles and after salesC 8ustomer relationsC <egal departmentC Board of management.

The determined disrespect of BMW employees can be summarized as) ?rovide incorrect or incomplete answers to 7uestions or re7uests. ?ersistent behavior on earlier given incorrect answers. Dtructurally ignore messages and letters with 7uestions or re7uests. 'void responsibilities to solve issues or get assistance forward issued within the BMW organization. 'void to support BMW dealers which aren t educated by BMW '( for the problem area. <eaving reported problems untouched without further assistance to the customer. %0B of the customers is still waiting for an answer, while more than @AB doesn t e$pect an answer anymore. The BMW '( legal department re7uests for a contract to report failures under warranty. The BMW '( legal department approves unethical behavior of BMW employees. BMW dealers aren t able to solve complaints themselves within an acceptable bandwidth. 6n %0B of the occasions a customer contacts BMW '( about a bad performance of the BMW dealer. Maturity of BMW employees Maturity is a psychological term used to indicate how a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. Maturity also encompasses being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act appropriately, according to the situation and the culture of the society one lives in.E@F Maturity of organizations Gpeople, processes and agilityH can be measured against maturity capability matri$E2F. 6n this matri$ the scale starts at maturity level A GimmatureH and ends at level 0 GinnovativeH. However BMW claims to be an innovative company, the evidence of this statement is not available.

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Wechsler, *avid G!I0AH 6D4 !000A9

Based upon the behavior of BMW employees and senior management the right maturity profile can be determined by assessing the available evidence which was collected by the survey and other information received during interaction with BMW employees.

The following responses of BMW employees are used to determine the actual maturity level of BMW employees) .ude and offensive 'void responsibility Jot responsive in communication Jo process to handle problems Jo process for complaints Jo attention of senior management <egal department re7uests for a contract for failures under warranty Maturity level A A A A A A A

Unethical behavior slows down success The behavior of BMW employees on the current scale clearly shows that BMW '( isn t prepared for service re7uests of customers. BMW employees in the after sales departments clearly have a lack of empathy for customers and behave unethical towards customers. 'dditionally poor communication skills and irresponsible behavior show that BMW employees are operating at an immature level. BMW employees have poor social skills but try to act as upper class humans and ignore BMW company principles. The behavior of BMW employees of the legal department GMr. Bernard :ellerH is very annoying and ridiculous, because the legal department asks for a contract for failures which should be handled under warranty delivered by BMW '( as genuine accessories. ;ery bad e$periences with after sales department are bad news for all BMW owners, but also for shareholders because unethical behavior of employees does slow down the success of the company. The customer e$perience won t improve if the board doesn t pick up the complaints and start to implement a decent customer service processes and complaint procedures. With this knowledge it s very sad news that , despite of several warnings3 , Mr. .eithofer still didn t interfere with the common practice the BMW employees at the after sales departments. of

Mr. +rank#?eter 'rndt is also informed about the alarming situation at BMW Dervices. 'pparently he approves the common practice BMW employees at after sales departments too.



Conclusion BMW '( wants customers to believe that BMW provides premium services, but this ambition is undermined by BMW employees in the after sales and legal departments. BMW employees who are part of this investigation showed similar behavior which proves that disrespectful behavior within the BMW after sales organization towards customers is structural and conflicts with the BMW basic principles. 'll BMW employees which are measured in this investigation lack empathy, communication skills and commitment. Dince the foundation to be able to deliver proper services to customers in this respect is missing BMW employees of service departments are not capable of delivering solutions but try to wipe their streets and avoid any possible responsibility. However Mr. .eithofer and Mr. +rank#?eter 'rndt have received several warnings about this behavior, the chair of the board of management and board members haven t interfered and seems to approve this situation. Knethical behavior of BMW employees is damaging the BMW organization and is bad news for customers and shareholders.