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romeo and juliet Drama Notes

romeo and juliet Drama Notes

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Published by: francoise91 on Oct 06, 2008
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Romeo and Juliet Lighting: they have used dull and flashing lights to create to create a violent atmosphere

. for example at beginning of the when two different families are find they have a glooming red mixed with shaped plashing lights. Also they used low light at the end of the play to make an assumption to the play. Also the light was used direct the audience to a new scene. The setting: the story was originally base in the city of Verona and was played on n in-the-round stage where the audience was around the whole stage. Felt that the producer did this because he wanted to bring the essence that Shakespeare had on his theatre to our modern viewer. The audience felt par of the of the play and also this type of stage creates quite an intimate atmosphere, and is good for drama that needs audience involvement. Music: orchestra music was the main genre of music on the play and was used create an atmosphere of some scenes such as the party scene and as well as scene where Romeo sees Juliet who he thinks is dead and poisons himself. Friar Lawrence arrives to late to save Romeo. Then Juliet wakes to find Romeo dead and kills herself with his dagger. Costumes: the role that the costumes have played on the entire was extraordinary. Rather than using the style of clothes worn at the Elizabethan erea where Shakespeare first set the story. It was the period when wealthy people worn clothes made from luxurious materials such as silk ; instead the type of costume used in the whole event was 21st century casual clothes which applied to the audience Males characters were wearing a shirt and a trousers and female a blouse and a skirt . The director used three different colours for costumes so that divide the three group that existed in that community could be identified. The character who where part of the Capulet's family were wearing red to top, the ones in the Montague's family in white top and the neutral characters such Paris wasn't part both families was wearing a purple top was set in to see the originality in which the costumes. I believe that the director did this because wanted the audience to easily understand the role played by characters and made the whole event really simple. One production I have seen during my course that ..........was Romeo and Juliet during the evening of January 17th, 2007 and were performed at Glenmoor school by the B.O.A.T (brownsea open area theatre). The story behind the event was the story about boy (Romeo) and a girl (Juliet), from families who hated each other bitterly, fell in love, but everything went wrong for them and they killed themselves rather than be parted. Most of the play takes place in 'fair Verona' an attractive little city in the north of Italy. The actions moved quickly from one scene to another. From the city streets to the hall of old Capulet's house, then to the orchard below Juliet's balcony, to Friar Lawrences' lonely cell and finally to the vault where the Capulets and the Montagues view their dead children. Finally the play originally written by William Shakespeare during the Elizabethan erea. Characters:
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Tybalt, nephew of Lady Capulet played by Paul Mole. Romeo, son of Montague son play by Matt Wellman. I acknowledge that the director has well cast this character he was the main character and an important role in play. Casting Matt Wellman Romeo add a new and modern spirit the character. The play his part really well because he used good control of volume and has well interpret the body language and facial expression required to play that role. Romeo is first introduced to us as a sad, melancholic, apathetic youth. At this movement the actor used good control of facial expression , body language and and movement to convey the mood of the character. When he meets Juliet fall instantly in love. From this point on, Romeo no longer is melancholic, but dynamic and courageous, risking his life at the Capulet's house to be near Juliet and later breaking a banishment order which threatens death for him, to see his Juliet again. Romeo transform into a thoughtful man, unwilling to provoke fighting. At this point Matt Wellman added a new dimension to entire play shifting his facial expression, body language and movements to convey the the situation the character was in.

The nurse to Juliet played by Dawn Hollington. Although Matt Wellman was the main character and played an important role in production, casting Dawn Hollington to play the part of the Nurse to Juliet most the most impressive. Not mainly because she was a stereotypical bawdy old lady who revels in sex and sympathises with young lovers as been described by Shakespeare; because her character was very charismatic,and the way she projected her voice, gestures, which were very expressive and full of humour creating a 21th century humourious atmosphere, this allowed me to interact with the character in the play.

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