Honors U.S. History Mr.

Irwin Week 6 Week 5 Vocabulary & Key Terms

Name: Period:

Directions: Give a brief, yet relevant and complete description of each key term, event or name. Include dates where appropriate. General John Burgoyne –

Captain Friedrich von Steuben -

Marquis de Layfayette -

General Charles Cornwallis -

General Henry Clinton -

Treaty of Paris (1783) -

Three Branches of Government -

Checks and Balances -

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Unicameral Legislature -

Bicameral Legislature In plain English, give a description of the goals of the U.S. Constitution, as stated in the preamble –

List the branch of the U.S. government described in each of the three Articles below: • • • Article I Article II Article III -

Federalists -

Antifederalists -

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