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Causative Board Game

Causative Board Game

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Published by: John Doe on Sep 05, 2011
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2 3 4 Your fence is Your friend’s Your room is really ugly. car is as good a mess. as new. 5 Someone did the shopping.

13 The central heating needs fixing. 12 Your hair is too long. 7 You don’t want to do your homework. 8 GO BACK TO NUMBER 4 9 You have just had plastic surgery on your face. 10 Your garden needs digging. 11 FREE 

14 You have some new tattoos.

15 Your eyes need testing.

16 The oil was changed in your car. 17 You have a beautiful make up. 18 GO BACK TO NUMBER 10 19 Your watch has stopped. 20 You have a new piercing.



6 Your car was repaired yesterday.

50 You’ll have a big party and you need food. 49 Your brakes need checking. 48 FREE 47 GO BACK TO NUMBER 27 46 You told someone to do your work. 45 You have a bad tooth. 44 Your shelf is broken. 43 Your coat is as good as new. 38 You need a wedding dress/suit. 39 GO BACK TO NUMBER 31 40 Your jacket was cleaned by the dry cleaner. 41 GO TO NUMBER 47 42 FREE 37 You went to an MRI on Tuesday. 36 Your TV is broken. 35 FREE  34 Your kitchen needs painting. 33 Your teeth need whitening. 32 You have new lips  31 Your windows are broken. 30 Your pizza has just arrived. 29 You have a flat tyre. 28 GO BACK TO NUMBER 20 27 You go to the hairdresser on Tuesdays. 26 Your car needs washing.

21 Your teeth are filled. 22 Your computer is full of viruses. 23 Your nails are ugly. 24 You were on a bloodtest yesterday. 25 FREE 

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