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Viewable Media - Product Sheet

Viewable Media - Product Sheet

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Published by Liz Rosenberg

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Published by: Liz Rosenberg on Sep 05, 2011
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As an advertiser, you want an online video campaign that generates the highest impact views in order to drive maximum brand lift and engagements. Viewable Media provides exactly this by delivering guaranteed, highimpact, user-initiated views that are designed to systematically increase pass along and virality. As a result, your campaign produces more Earned Media – social endorsement, the highest impact views available in online video. To drive user-initiated views and Earned Media for your campaign, Viewable Media provides you with planning, activation, and measurement services, available with performance-based pricing.

PLANNING | Data-driven planning to maximize Earned Media

Viewable Media provides you with the data you need to develop a plan that will maximize your content, budget, and Earned Media. With Viewable Media, you get: ‣ A customized media plan based on your goals, audience, and budget optimized to systematically generate Earned Media. ‣ Earned Media Potential™ informed by the world’s largest online video database. ‣ An estimate for the minimum investment you need to reach your goals. ‣ A Share of Choice™ report for your industry to provide a baseline for your brand’s and your competitors’ online video performance.

‣ 275+ million monthly uniques ‣ 300+ video destinations ‣ 375+ million video clips ‣ 1.5+ trillion video views ‣ Years of historical data ‣ Ad Age Top 10 data provider

‣CHOICE IS BETTER ACTIVATION | User-initiated views for the highest quality viewership
Fueled by user-initiated views and Earned Media, Viewable Media launches your online video campaign to new heights. With Viewable Media, you get: ‣ Guaranteed, user-initiated, high-impact views. ‣ Unparalleled results for Earned Media, the highest quality views available. ‣ Inventory proven to drive Earned Media, unavailable from other ad networks. ‣ Trusted, transparent, data-driven results from the largest online video performance database on the planet.
Choice-based views are more e ective than pre-roll impressions. Choice vs. Pre-roll results: ‣ Top of Mind Awareness: + 438% ‣ Total Unaided Awareness: +386% ‣ Aided Awareness: +300% ‣ Online Ad Recall: +359% *Based on The Pool / ASq research

MEASUREMENT | Cross-network, cross-site, paid & Earned Media, all against competitive benchmarks
Powered by the patented Visible Measures platform, Viewable Media gives you maximum clarity and transparency into campaign performance. With Viewable Media, you get: ‣ A post-campaign Share of Choice report, showing campaign impact on your brand and industry. ‣ Mid and post-campaign reports detailing performance metrics like True Reach™, engagement, sentiment, demographics, geographic data, and more.

Earned Media is driven by userinitiated views. For this reason, we do not use the following ad placements: ‣ Auto-Play ‣ Pre, Mid, Post-Roll ‣ Pop-Ups ‣ Floating Ads

Info@viewablemedia.com | 617.482.0222 |143 South St., 5th Floor | Boston, MA 02111 USA © 2011 Visible Measures Corporation. Visible Measures is a registered trademark. Protected by U.S. Patent number 7,356,590

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