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GMO and Leaky Gut Syndrome

GMO and Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Published by Natasha
Learn what GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are, why they exist, and how they can affect our health.
Learn what GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are, why they exist, and how they can affect our health.

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Published by: Natasha on Sep 05, 2011
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GMO and Leaky Gut Syndrome GMO are genetically modified organisms that have been genetically altered

to change an organisms DNA. This strange science began in 1973 when the first genetically modified bacteria was discovered. Since this time, GMO techniques have been used for medical and biological research, pharmaceutical drug production, experimental medicine and agriculture. How do they do it? Well, GMO typically involves attaching genes to a virus or physically inserting the DNA from a different species into the nucleus of a host cell. The purpose behind GMO is to add new genetic material into an organism to assist in pest resistance, herbicides, harsh environmental conditions, longer product shelf-life and increased perceived nutritional value. GMO isn’t exactly new, and what might surprise most people is that our agricultural industry is taking full advantage of genetically modified crops (crops grown specifically to resist pesticides and commercial herbicides). The USDA has reported that nearly 86% of corn, 90% of soybeans and 93% of upland cotton are genetically modified. Additionally, nearly 90% of the world’s GMO crops are found in resource-poor developing countries. Aside from crops, pharmaceutical drugs have also entered the GMO market. Since bacteria were the first organisms to be modified, they are now used to produce the protein insulin to treat diabetes, produce clogging factors for haemophilia treatment as well as human growth hormone for various forms of dwarfism. Can GMO negatively affect us? Interestingly enough, European consumers demand freedom of choice between GM and non-GM foods. Thus, the European Union have had to ensure measures to separate genetically modified crops from conventional or organic crops. The United States have not felt the need to do this because these separation measures are very expensive and to date there are no verified safety reasons to use them. Scary right? Some environmental groups have even claimed that genetically modified organisms can show detrimental effects to the human body. One such negative side-effect is the introduction of new allergens into our foods. For example, because 90% of soybeans are genetically modified they can enter our blood stream and produce a systemic immune response (see leaky gut syndrome below for more info). Another negative side affect is even scarier. Non-human clinical trials have shown that genetically modified organisms can actually become part of our digestive track! How you ask? Well, the genetic material that was artificially transferred into the genetic code of a soy bean also gets transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside the human gut. These new genetically altered bacteria continue to flourish in the intestinal track, causing recurring inflammation and immune responses in our bodies. Thus, it is a never ending cycle of chronic digestive problems. The really upsetting part is even if you stop eating genetically altered foods now, there may still be traces of genetically engineered proteins that are continuously producing inside our digestive tracks.

What are the consequences if these genetically engineered organisms survive and reproduce inside our human tissues? Take for example genetically altered plants that have been modified with an antibiotic for bacterial resistance. If this plant’s genetic material mixes and transfers with our own, this could result in a greater resistance to antibiotic treatment. There are some Bt toxins that are reaching the bloodstreams of 93% of women and in turn 80% of their unborn babies. This is because they are consuming genetically modified meat, dairy, and eggs from livestock that are fed genetically engineered corn. Eventually, our intestines could be nothing more than pesticide factories! Other animal studies have shown that genetically modified food can travel to other organs in the body, and yes, even a fetus. How does this relate to Leaky Gut Syndrome? If all the above isn’t scary enough, factor in the confirmed fact that our human small and large intestine is responsible for 80% of our immune system. Our intestinal track is lined with mucous which helps to separate pathogenic material from our bloodstreams. Our gut knows to only allow nutrients, well-digested fats, proteins and starches to enter our bloodstream while keeping large molecules, microbes, and toxins out for subsequent elimination. But, when our intestinal lining becomes inflamed from foreign irritants and pathogenic microbes overload, the lining gets damaged. A damaged intestinal lining prevents it from absorbing nutrients and producing necessary enzymes and secretions for healthy digestion and absorption. Without this barrier, we are allowing large molecules and pathogens to escape into our bloodstreams. Our immune system then produces antibodies to fight off these escaped molecules and dangerous toxins. This explains the growing number of soy and corn allergies today. What can you do? Education is key and simply understanding that the vast majority of corn, soy beans, milk, meat, etc is genetically modified will help you to make more informed choices on what to eat. Try and purchase only organic fruits and vegetables, purchase beef that is 100% grass fed, abstain from processed or prepared food, and seek products that are specifically labelled non-GM or GMO-free. By understanding what GMO and knowing where they are predominantly found, you are helping to keep your body healthy and in free of genetically altered DNA material. For more information on your digestive health, please visit http://www.ultimatefloracriticalcare.com

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