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(Practical Quantum Physics for the Average Man.)

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If you are. a choice way of thought and a way of being. You worry and fret because you believe that you must prove something to yourself and the world. If you have "faith" in something other than your waking self-you begin the process of thinking magically. he wasn't going for greatness he was going for joy.indeed it can do that. But if you live in an overall space of joy. Faith in a power of that can indeed move mountains. Each of you has a purpose upon the planet. Life is not meant to be such a struggle. WHY? Why can't you just play? Why can't you just live filled with some joy?????? When you are in joy. Faith that you are loved. then you are seeking. It has been said that faith can move mountains . You failed. Since your world is formed through your thoughts/beliefs/ emotionschanging those thoughts leads to a change in your life. reward yourself for trying. Many of you are afraid that if you live for joy instead of accomplishment that you will flit through life-that nothing will happen.The Samantha Riordan Channels Introduction 3/26/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Introduction To our readers: we are a number of entities channelled through the individual entity that we call Samantha. We do not give background on ourselves for we wish the channelled information to stand on its own merit. Yes. and abundant place. and worthwhile. really tested. and are still living then you still have a purpose. you are tested. If you're reading this information. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning feeling filled with grace. it is what gives you deepest joy. If you think a slightly different thought or looks at something just once in a new way. If you are faced with a something a difficult problem you always have the choice to approach it magically. life is to accomplish something. Our "purpose" is to plant seeds. How do you know what your purpose is? Basically. When you awaken and ~4~ . Ask yourself how you would be different if you stopped living to be good and starting living for joy or in joy. magical things happen. But faith in what??? Faith that the universe is a good. that we may possibly provide a bit of light unto your path. safe. You need to do this because you need to protect yourself from the bad in yourself and the bad in others. but it more powerful then that FAITH can move more than mountains it can change lives. In your world. you move through the trials easily. Really. in spite of what you have heard otherwise. May All Be Well With Each Of YouThe magical life is a decision. Magic is the ability to change consciousness. What does failure matter? NO. The mantra of the new age movement is that "you create your own reality". You worry and fret because you are afraid that you aren't good enough. it is our wish too. You need to be vigilant and watch everything. The truth is that when Einstein was working eighty hours a week. we have done our "jobs". Things get healed etc.

We are saying that the way to truly be a parent is to "teach" them how to follow their highest selves and the best way to do that is to do it yourself. When you are in misery it is because you are not "on purpose". what is your purpose. Each of you has a different purpose and a different joy. the list is endless however. It is said. Within your dreams are your purpose. Now.follow that joy. There is a perfect "plan b" if you will. and some people love to create new things. what works for one person will not work for another. That is all for now. whatever it is that is your purpose. ~5~ . some people love to raise "wonderful" children. When you follow your heart's desires. Some people love to organize. your beliefs are interfering with your purpose. ultimately you know this deep in your heart. When you are in that place of joy. We are not saying that you neglect your children. Since each person's purpose is different and there can be no "right" or wrong. Magical doors will open for you. It is senseless to be or do otherwise. that when you follow your dreams. Following that joy is what is needed to fulfill your purpose. the universe follows you. you fulfill that within yourself. Judgments are not needed. follow it and your life will work. you are filled with a kind of light. to attempt to fulfill their potential. even if you spend only three minutes a day with your children. your deepest impulses. the joy of doing what you are meant to do. some people love to heal. Your path in life is to fulfill that purpose and create joy within yourself. The lessons those three minutes would give them would be to follow their joy. they will walk away learning more than if you had been with them all day. and within those dreams joy.

and people who don't believe in god. and Do. all of your skills. the way of balance. and it has super suits for 75 % off and YOU WANT intuitively to buy them. DO. Thirdly. RESPOND to what the universe "tells" you to do. actively look at yourself and what needs to be done and what more. Second. and sit in their apartments/homes meditating and waiting for the universe to "create" for them. It may take a few months before your boss "sees" and recognizes the new you. Possibly it would be better to show up at work on time? Or maybe to dress better or maybe XXXX.. DO. If you want a car-is it really a car you want or is prestige what you want? Is it a car you want or is adventure you want? Is it a car you want or is to impress your neighbours and your boss are work? What you want. Think of what you want. If you get a strong impulse to suddenly go shopping at the new Mall. Evaluate whether this is indeed a true impulse and NOT something you feel you should do or NOT something you feel guilty about and then ACT. "do nothing" and wait for the universe to "happen". and never really evaluate. and DO. you DO meditate. You also have to work with the universe.m. mystics traditionally meditate. Next you might have a feeling as you are walking through this mall to buy a cuckoo clock. if it is outward. is a SYMBOL for something inside. if it is a car that you are wishing for and you wish for that car to gain prestige with your boss. Fourth. You need to trust. cuckoos at 6 a. TRUST. and you go there and there is a great clothing shop. but more importantly think of the WHY you want it. Ask the universe for advice here. People who believe in the Christian god learn to let go and let god. the universe. that is the way that it was intended. whatever give you a mind if NOT to use it? Why did you get intuition if there wasn't a place for it? So how do you manifest in reality? What is the proper balance. Many "new" new age people. Why did "god". You need to use all of yourself. Rationalists DO. Buy the clock. to put it more plainly. because you ARE what you do. Even if you do buy the suits and the cuckoo clock. You have to ACT. evaluate if the symbol is actually a good fit with what you want. You need to mediate. Actively meditate. and then go to work. Now there is a better way. you STILL have to wear the suits more then. If at this time you ~6~ . so they quit their jobs because they hate them. What is the best way to create XXXX FEELING in my life? It will answer you and show you the path. and actively look at WHY you want something. a beautiful cuckoo clock. ask yourself if that is ACTUALLY a good way to create prestige with your boss. the magical way. learn that they create their reality and need to "trust". become aware of the want. never LET go of anything. once and wake up when the cuckoo. and show up at work on time. how do you create what you wish to create? First of all. maybe you need to keep better time. You need to evaluate and let go.The Samantha Riordan Channels The Keys to Manifesting Money and Abundance Section 1: 3/23/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved The Keys to Manifesting Money and Abundance There are in your world two big problems.

get "frustrated". As you can see. When you are OUT of balance. try. Well. If you react when you are upset. As well. then you may have to start the process all over again. It is there for a reason. and see during the time of patience. I am a victim of my circumstances. This brings us to the fifth step. And balance for one person is not the same as balance for another. Learn to love and accept every situation that you face. Resistance and fear is pain. and concepts to guide you. let us say. and things flow well with you. That. The following are ideas. you are at peace. It is a balance between the two sides of who you are. In "reality". so the universe created an environment where you have to find a NEW job where the BOSS will respect you. if at this time you quit. the situation you are in the midst of as one of your own creation. For example. Fighting or resisting a situation only causes more and more pain. Once you see the lesson behind what you have created. learn the lesson and the situation disappears. in essence. to think or rethink an issue or problem in your life. you might say to yourself. that you wear the suits to work for an ENTIRE week and your boss doesn't notice. Many times it is much better to simply step back from a situation and find that center self. It is important to empower yourself as well as work with the universe. but each of you has a center. For example. thoughts. Your boss might think that you had to go to a funeral for a week. the problem goes away and what you want is "THERE" for you. a core self. in the above situation where the individual mediated upon gaining his bosses respect and then was fired. so you go back to wearing T-Shirts and Blue jeans. When you operate from this sense of self you are in balance. Let us say you want your boss to respect you. Try to meditate upon why you may have created the situation that you are facing. think back to the times you felt the same way. than to face why you do not currently have self-respect or self-esteem. learn the reason. there is the possibility that what will happen will be the reverse of what you requested. But as we said before many times. When you act "in balance" you create more "balance" in your life. Accept that you do create your own reality and have power in a circumstance in spite of the fact that it may seem otherwise. It is easier to keep the problems than face the solution. it is easier to simply say I can't solve this problem. The boss needs to time to get accustomed to the new you. is a personal thing. It is important to let go as well as to evaluate. Possibly that individual needs to reflect on why he was in an environment that didn't respect him. 1) When faced with an overwhelming problem. things worked out ~7~ . before you act. maybe you could not EVER have gotten that boss to respect you. In other words possibly it is easier to take the disrespect from the above example boss. thought or belief and it may be easier to hold onto the problem than face the solutions. EMPOWER YOURSELF. or even that you were applying for other jobs. both sides of the brain are needed and necessary. upon his request YOU GET FIRED. "that sure didn't work". Then realize each and every time the problem brought a gift. then RIGHT after you mediate. than to face the situation head on through acceptance. and we use that term loosely. You meditate and meditate upon this. Balance. you are unhappy or upset. then you create more upset. For you DO create your own reality. Did he respect himself? Did he take a secondary job because he wanted the money and had no love for what he was doing? Related to this idea. is that for every problem or belief that you are facing within yourself there is a reason that initially you needed that idea.

When you react because of anger." automatically assume the worst (either about someone or about the future. ~8~ . Watch the drama. if you expect excellence you’re going to get a lot more of it. not your fearfulness. To be a victim is simply an attitude. All or nothing thinking-you either win or see a single even as a never. Imagine yourself in an I Love Lucy comedy-and the errors around me as some past author’s jokes.. needed insight into the problem. The more powerful you feel. It is your circle of influence. You don't expect to find the answers so you aren't open to them. 2) Don't get caught up in the short term time frame. You can be happy in any circumstance if you let yourself.) e. They may hate you momentarily. and oughts. Black colour glasses-you see one negative thing and it colors your whole vision of reality. frustration. Jumping to conclusions. Circumstances don’t matter. Imagine your situation as an episode on television. I feel this way. Plato describes comedy as a group of errors. and depression all stem from feeling powerless. impatience. The more powerless you feel. many times. therefore it is. You are only as powerless as you choose to be in ANY situation. a. 8) Power ultimately comes from within. laugh. You also tune out answers. d. Overgeneralization .ending pattern. 7) Anger. Also. In extreme versions you "label" yourself or others. 9) Emotion stems from belief. Emotional reasoning. Nothing in between. 10) Strive for excellence in yourself and those around you. For example "I'm a loser. you create even more anger and frustration in those around you. 5) Remember. But what a difference your attitude makes! 6) Change always has and always will exist. 4) Your emotions are your own .for the best for everyone involved. but remember you are ultimately doing them a favour by making them grow. the faster that feeling increases. just your perception of and reactions to them. Shoulds. This will help you keep your cool and look at the problem with your mind. Imagine yourself as the star of the script. the faster your circle of influence increases. This provides emotional distance from the problem and. b. Resistance causes pain. you get what you expect. musts. Depression usually stems from inaccurate and exaggerated beliefs. you are never the victim of any circumstance unless you choose to be. 3) Imagine yourself in a comedy.they are only as dependent on circumstances as you allow them to be. Anger causes pain. Change is the only certainty of existence. Punish yourself to motivate yourself and judge yourself when you don’t come assume your feelings are fact. f. frustration etc. and find compassion for the individuals who caused the errors. To be a winner is also just an attitude. This helps me to distance myself.

Giving up on them creates lack and emptiness... The wardrobe works for awhile. 13) I am what I think I am. but unless you change it. A boss is a symbol for authority etc. the third (and often ignored point) is the symbol. but that doesn't make it so. A friend is your version of comfort. Imagine yourself seeing it for the first time. If you don't. Redefine the question. people don't want to look at their beliefs because that means they are wrong. 16) You may not want to know how to solve a problem-the problem could be easier to bear than the answer. Problems can be created simply because people need dramas or challenges. If you don't (as a manager) provide challenges. look at the beliefs behind them. they know too much to see what's in front of them. A mate is a symbol for what you want to be or what you think love should be. look at the emotions you find within yourself. Your vision and your dreams are ultimately the same thing-or they should be. Never give up on these dreams/visions. Whereas. Vision inspires both yourself and those around you. you're stuck. with enough faith. 21) If you can't understand or see something in a different way. The longer I fight problems the longer I fight the resolution. and change. When you look long enough. 20) The first cause may not be the real cause of a problem. Many times what you need to do to rid yourself of the problem is to change the belief. research it. Use the Zen concept of Beginning Mind. a genius) when they are away from us. People only define me as much as I let them. Fighting is success alone. Redefine the problem in different terms. not linear. challenges lead to growth. Every problem exists for a reason. 17) When looking at a problem. 12) Realize your relationships are many times symbols. ~9~ . in an ever present cycle. you outgrow beliefs like a child outgrows clothes. Someone can only be wonderful (an expert. Finally seeing something from the inside out. Attempt to see the person beyond the symbol. only successfully confronting and acknowledging brings change. Many times there are three points to a relationship between two people. People rarely see diamonds in their mists. the reverse of it can help you to begin seeing it differently. This is the problem of experts. A doesn't necessarily lead to B. B doesn't necessarily lead to C. it will make itself known. A could lead to B and B to A. 14) Problems ALWAYS exist. Instead. 15) You ultimately know within yourself what the answer to a problem is. In essence. The difference between a drama and a challenge is a drama constantly recreates itself in the endless cycle. Causes themselves are many times circular. a belief is rather like a change of clothes. 18) Lots of times.11) Use vision. You can call a diamond a chair. they will create dramas. No more and no less. Fixing the problem may mean letting go of the benefit in the first place. Problems are gifts or presents to be opened. 19) Boredom is dangerous. teaches you something. it will harm you. Fighting them or ignoring them doesn’t work.

It is important to concentrate on what you want. That visibility often brings as much pain as pleasure. Worrying about something doesn't fix it and often interferes in the solution process.. g) You can never give money as a gift. if you are poor. What you focus on you ultimately get. d) Money is a fantasy . c) Money establishes priorities. instead of what you don't want. and elegance. concentrate on the present.. 27) Success is more difficult and involves more pressure than failure.22) The simple always rules over the complex. if you're wealthy $10 might buy a glass of wine at a fine restaurant. beauty. all of life and death itself is simply a process.. Many times people sabotage themselves for this very reason. Simplicity is elegance. the more successful you have to continue to be. life is also a process. but what you really desire is respect from your peers.. Make It Simple. Perhaps you want a Cadillac. h) No one ever received money as a gift. energy. For instance. 29) The Laws of Money a) Money is a combination of time. the more successful you are. The more successful you are.. 25) Life is a lesson-LEARN. simplicity is grace. 26) Stress only exists in the future and in the past. and different viewpoints (belief systems). e) Money is a nightmare . simplicity is beauty. the more debt you have and the more times people want to sue you". Attempt to place yourself in the other person's shoes/moccasins/boots/ etc. Also. k) Money is relative to what you create with it. A friend of Samantha once said "The more successful you are. not the end..when you are afraid you don’t have enough money it becomes a nightmare. the Here and Now. The process is important.. If it's too complex it won't work. But. ~ 10 ~ . and risk.ask yourself if what you want is an object. j) Money is relative to circumstance.. 24) If all else fails and you've tried EVERYTHING. Spending a million dollars on a yacht is much different than investing in a company. After all.. there is just ignorance. anger. Then imagine what it would take to create that outcome. Imagine yourself in a philosophy class and debate the other person’s viewpoint. If you feel stressed. leave it alone for a while. If you can create any combination of the three you will create money. i) There are worlds and existences without money.. b) Do It! Money will follow when you are doing the right thing. f) You can never give away money. $10 could mean food for three days. 28) There is no good or evil. People respond to grace. 23) Imagine the best case outcome or scenario in the situation. the more visible you become.

l) You are the source of your money. You make it. If you change yourself, you change your earning potential. m) Making money is a creative act, like making art. It goes through the same stages. -Idea Stage: brimming with thoughts and ideas -Building Phase: putting ideas into action -Manifesting Stage: beginning to see actual fruition of thoughts and plans. -Completion: seeing the finalization of ideas -End/new beginning: you realize a need to create again, what you have done is no longer enough and you need to leave what you’ve done in the past behind. n) You’ll never make money is you need it. Need causes individuals to act out of fear and desperation. When this happens, you create worse circumstances for yourself. o) Your net worth is not physical assets minus physical liabilities. It is your skill, knowledge, attitude, education, and experience. When you receive money remember you are receiving it for experience and knowledge. Even in debt you could have a large net worth if you have skills, education etc., in some sense, you can even take this net worth to the bank. p) A friend of Samantha’s said that every once in awhile she enjoys being broke, you discover what's really essential, you redefine who you are and step closer to your essence. 30) You are not the outcome of a situation. You are what you try to do in any given circumstance. As Abe Lincoln said: "When you win the war you are a saint, when you lose the war you are a sinner". What matters is what you think you did-how well you thought you did a job, not the outcome. 31) The more you concentrate on the outcome, the more control you lose. You make what you do "not count" and other people's opinions and external wants that you "can't control" more important than your own work. You lose your internal psychological support system. You give external events power over what should be the "internal events" of your life. 32) You are what you imagine, believe, think, feel, and do. If you imagine you're an actress and "act" once a day on that belief, then indeed you are an actress. Eventually, you will in some sense have your talent recognized, but the recognition doesn't come first. The belief, thinking, and actions do. If you only pursue the recognition, you lose power in the situation. You give your identity to others. Others who may or may not be reliable. 33) The only things you can take with you are love and knowledge. These are the things of ultimate value. Everything else is just dust in the wind. 34) People who have near death experiences report that they realize there is nothing to fear. Basically, if there is nothing to fear in death, what is there to fear about life? Gives you a new perspective doesn't it? 35) Love is something you feel. It transforms you and it happens to you. It can happen with another person, it can 'not'; but basically it is something you feel, something that changes and reforms you.

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The Samantha Riordan Channels


Section 2: 3/24/96
(C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved

Wizardry You create your own reality. It is a simple yet radical statement. You create everything in your universe, everything that you encounter, and everything that you "face". What you believe manifests itself into your reality. You are fired, YOU created that. You are the victim of a brutal crime; yes we are here to tell you that you created that as well. You are the victim of childhood abuse, you created that situation. Someone who you deeply loved, has recently died, you created that as well - you and the person who died. You are suffering from a life-threatening disease you created that as well. You live in the slums, are down and out, broke, and can't buy food for your children, you created that as well. Your reality is created by you, through your beliefs, ALWAYS, it is that simple, and that complicated. That is the "answer" to the problems and issues that plague you. Change your beliefs, learn the lesson you need to learn, and you change your reality. Why do people watch the same movie over and over and over again? BECAUSE they enjoy it, because they learn something from it. Recently in your society, the idea of victimization was brought to every television set in the nation. A bomb blew up a federal centre. This effected many people very deeply including Samantha. She was upset about this for days imagining what would happen if that was her daughter in that wreckage. For a few days, she kept thinking to herself "my problems are very little compared to losing my little girl. I truly have what's important". Now, weren't those children awful victims of what happened to them? Little innocent children who were literally blown up while playing in faith and hope. How could anybody possibly believe in a good safe abundant world after watching that on television for literally days on end? We told her to "see" beyond the tragedy. All deaths have meaning, and these deaths have more meaning than most. The Federal building in Oklahoma City was blown up. On some level, that was all known about beforehand. The participants, the people who blew the building up, were filled with rage because they felt so powerless towards the world. And the people in the federal building itself were out of touch with the world itself; they lived very isolated and insular existences. They didn't "see" the world and how that world affected them. Many of them believed that bad things happen only to bad people. By having what happened there, they were made to open up themselves and participate in the world. And what about those children? The ones that died. They of course knew ahead of time (some even consciously and some unconsciously) that it would happen, and chose on some level to participate in that. For whatever reason, they decided to leave this world then. Each child had a different reason for leaving, but did indeed choose to leave. Your federal government is a very strong believer in victimization, and indeed that is what the authors of the situation wished to change, in their very "perverted" manner. They want less governmental control, they want to control their lives more, and they feel victims because they can't. They blame the government for their problems. In essence, victims attacked victims and the tragedy occurred, and with it the

~ 12 ~

belief in even more victims. This is the most difficult for many to believe, that indeed innocent children would decide to leave this world. That they wouldn't choose to live. But, indeed children choose many times to "leave" situations. That doesn't mean that the parents are "bad", or that there was some great lack in the child's life; but whatever they had to learn here or whatever they came to do, they completed. Sometimes small children are "ahead" of their times, they come here to help their parents, or they come here to simply "briefly" experience life on a certain level of existence. They are so advanced, so ahead of themselves that they have so few lessons to learn, that they simply "leave". It is time for them to "go early". Instead of asking why did such an awful thing happen? Tell yourself when you die, that you will meet up with one of those children and ask why they choose to leave at that time? There is so much in a question. Your questions reflect your beliefs; your questions ASSUME something about what reality is. By telling yourself that when you meet up with one of those children, when you die, you are assuming that THERE was a reason for their death; you are assuming that there is life after death, and finally you are assuming that you and those children created the reality that they were in. By asking "why did that awful thing happen, you are assuming that those children were victims, that victimization is a normal everyday issue of life. Now, we are NOT saying that you shouldn't help the families of those children. We are not saying that those families didn't lose something deeply precious. We are NOT saying that compassion is not needed, for compassion is an expression of love, and love is desperately needed in your world. However, PITY is not needed, for pity is an expression of a belief in victimhood. For by believing in victimhood the situation worsens. To handle the grief of that situation, to handle the pain that those at the Oklahoma bombing felt, saying that they were victims ONLY makes the situation worse. At the root of all emotions is love; at the root of all existence is the overwhelming force of love. That is the single unifying force that your physicists are looking to find. When you express grief, you are expressing love. You are expressing love for yourself for what you have lost. If you feel emotions to the end of emotions, you will finally feel peace or you will be confronted by a belief that desperately needs to change. However, when in the midst of painful emotions, to tell yourself that you created the situation that caused it; many times doesn't help. Instead, say to yourself you are learning something, that all you see right now are the trees. Later, when you have felt the pain, you will "see" the WHY behind the circumstances, you will see the forest. You will see the lessons behind the circumstances. You will "see" the reason. Now there are four basic kinds of beliefs or belief systems that you encounter in your everyday life. These are the beliefs that create the realities that you live in. The first types are Religious and Societal beliefs. They can be exemplified by things like "you will go to hell for that". That is "WRONG". God says..... The bible says...... Religious beliefs are deeply held beliefs that you cause you to "fit" into your society. These are beliefs that are instilled as a child and given to you to benefit society. They give you a moral structure to work within. Many times as well they give you faith in something beyond yourself. These are also beliefs that define the "world" reality. Your world is created by mass held beliefs. Where Texas is for example, what is happening in Africa? Now, people who do not watch the news, to some extent, leave these beliefs behind. The second kinds of beliefs are those "given" to you as a child. Your Family beliefs. Each family has a group of belief systems that they are raised with. You choose the family you are born into, for the beliefs that they have. Family dramas exist because they are "beliefs" fighting or working

~ 13 ~

It is a set of belief systems that allows you to cope better within the world. What he is really saying is that based upon studied. If the IRS sends you out a "nasty" letter. moment to moment decision. There is tremendous freedom when you choose to live magically. Rage ~ 14 ~ . For example. By having other belief systems you can literally break the laws of physics. By focusing on what they wish to see. that you will die in three months time. They are based upon facts. Scientists would learn much by studying miracles. One way to "cure" disease is to look more at what is healthy instead of so much at what 'doesn't' work. but by many. If your boss treats you badly. magical thinking was taught and practiced. and NOT move easily into the family realm. many times since you do create reality. chemistry. Many times the "aberrant" is ignored. Science is the measurement of large groups of "tested” beliefs. If you are having a fight with your mate. If you are dealing with something on a deep atomic nature. and on a deeper level. and feel it in your bones and cellular structure. Many marriages could be saved and the divorce rate would go down tremendously. it is because you have chosen to be audited. they create the data that they are interpreting from. it is because you have CHOSEN to have that mate fight with you. This takes conscious work and practice. large groups of people. The average persons studied died within three months. magical living. etc. and on. The list goes on. that since you create your own reality. many times the scientist creates a test for what they are looking for. the more that nature is affected by beliefs. Many within each family will accept those beliefs. Finally many times scientists only study "trouble" areas. and on. and NOT considering them "flukes". if someone is miraculously cured. let us say that you go to a doctor and that doctor tells you that you have an awful disease. is a conscious. An average of "tests" taken. They spend so much time concentrating on the problems that they "ignore" the well. are Scientific or Factual beliefs. there are belief systems at work. they interpret the data differently. if your mates stopped blaming each other for their problems.. If the words. at what is being scientifically seen. they are "proven". The deeper you go into nature. We would also like to add here. and yells at you unfairly. when they had your particular problem.themselves out from generation to generation. or looking at something at a cellular structural level. and we have much information on those. and scientific knowledge is the mid section of those tests. Now. This is what is called reality creation. First of all. becoming a wizard if you will. and circumstances. For example. when you truly believe that. you can no longer be angry at that boss. or they ignore it and consider it a "fluke" of nature. Other's will "fight" those beliefs. When you consciously create your reality. science etc. They don't look into that. In every group of tests there exist those that "break" the expected response of those tests." were never again uttered. who accept our belief system.. you can NEVER again be a victim of any circumstances. How to cure cancer for example. operate differently and operate more successfully. What they are is a medium of beliefs. Not by all scientists. The first and foremost basic belief is that you create your own reality. We want you to know to be aware of these factual beliefs. The fourth kinds of beliefs are the ones that you decide on yourself and create your reality around. you will "see" the world differently. because they are as "wrong" as the other beliefs. because you created that situation. you become a magical person. biology. and what they "wish" to see. But that is for a later time. The third kind of beliefs. But. by changing your belief systems. and many have. In many ancient societies. and move easily within the family realm. "you promised me. For example. and teaches you to operate extremely well in all levels of life within the world. and laws of physics.

if you are NOT cynical... Your society worships anger.”. “I own the energy of this place. Then look at the world around you.. Now. rage exists because of a belief in victimization. ~ 15 ~ . you can never again "rage" against circumstances. well. or your power as a wizard. and victimization. because even though rage is an expression of self-love. Then. If you do not get mad. and accepted in your society. This is not healthy for anyone. and not strong. if you accept the challenge of becoming a wizard. for a few minutes. for one week say to yourself.. IN order to release to be a wizard in the world. "everything in my life is a dream". look into your beliefs. say to yourself.. and your television shows worship rage.and victimization is expected. and rage is painful.. you are naive. and ask yourself why you created those situations? That is what these teachings are meant to teach each and every one of you. If you wish to feel your energy. That is all for now. and feel the energy "hit" you back.

you cannot afford to hate yourself. you needed them.The Samantha Riordan Channels Acceptance Section 3: 3/25/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Acceptance One of the key problems in accepting that you create your own reality is accepting that reality. you need to look at why you are still holding those beliefs. those beliefs existed. that is the key. In essence. the more you hate yourself. we tell you that instead you should LOVE whatever it is you create. It is much easier to be a victim of a circumstance. you needed to have those beliefs in order to "live" easily within your family structure. you are making yourself sicker. So too. Accepting a situation. You also cannot afford to be a victim of the disease. It is assumed in your world. So. Now. let’s say. But. ~ 16 ~ . probably no longer suit you when you are 35. The more that you fight those beliefs. The clothes that you wore as a five year old child no longer fit you. the force of life itself wants you be happy. In our terms. the beliefs that you held when you were a five year old child. and NOT hating yourself for it. resisting a situation. when you were a child. “I created that? What is wrong with me?” It is much easier to say to yourself. Those beliefs were created within your psyche to help you. because in your self-hatred. and he is a XXXX awful individual!” You are then taken "out of the loop" per say. In order to change your abundance situation. and then you don't blame yourself for what is "wrong" in your life. the more you fight a belief system. and you must let go of the benefit before you can let go of a belief that no longer fits you. And. the more energy that you add to them. possibly you need to look at the fact that you may lose acceptance in your family. If you hold family beliefs. the irony is that the more you fight a situation. Possibly to change your lack of abundance. So. and they are interfering with your abundance. love those beliefs of that 5 year old child. The universal force. So. when you are twenty year old. If you are sick with cancer. and to love yourself. you need to change the beliefs from when you are 20 to 35. If you reject them and reject yourself. because then you can elicit sympathy. those beliefs will fight back. The universe is a good. at one time. Beliefs are rather like clothes. usually because of a belief system that you have. accepting a problem as a gift to be opened. Now. All beliefs initially existed to benefit you. because then you give away your power to change the disease. the style of clothes you wore when you are twenty. “I got fired!” you say to yourself. “My boss fired me. that fighting is a healthy response to a situation. abundant place. and the more of what you're fighting is brought into the situation. The more that you hate yourself the more energy you add to the "negative" situation. no matter what happens in your life. is the only way of moving through it. no longer fit you when you are twenty. fighting a situation. and the more a situation worsens. those beliefs initially existed to give you some benefit. because at one time. why do you create the problems in the reality that you have? Again. simply adds more and more negativity to it. and the more a situation worsens. those beliefs existed for a reason. to find harmony.

Her illness went away. and you begin the process of change. "incurable" illness. she could at least end up in a better place. When initially she had tremendous pain.” And. Samantha did this through acceptance of her disease. In her rage. when she was ill. she always heard simply won't. “I realize that I could have an ill child. sure enough. She yelled at herself. and angry at her fate. She told herself that she didn't know why she was sick. that there is a lesson. She was mostly angry at herself for having this disease in her reality. though she forgot the illness. she ended up on the floor with water spilt all over her. and she would get better. she could ask her mate to help her to the bed . However. Somehow. because of her illness. Samantha is truly active at the age of 33. Her doctors told her that she would spend the rest of her life disabled. But. She was angry at the world. She realized that if she simply accepted her pain. you have faith that there is a forest. she would have asked her mate to get her the water in the first place. That was the turning point in the disease. and refusing to accept the fact that she couldn't walk easily. She saw it as a challenge. and the tree becomes even more looming. and she realized that through acceptance. you are looking at the tree. in the meantime. that there is a reason. she fought it "tooth" and "nail". her daughter is healthy. They also told her when she was pregnant. she and I will get through this. a medical miracle. As we have said before. but now she needed us and she was "forced" to accept what she heard. and said to herself. She was "gifted" with accepting us into her life. she had gotten up. When you hate yourself. she simply took it as an opportunity to read her favourite mystery novels. because we taught her a way out. I also KNOW that I will learn from this illness. but I KNOW that somehow that won't happen . I realize that I could possibly get sick. couldn't make it back to her bed. and unable to walk or move from her bed by the time she was 24. Initially. if you will. and extremely bright. Eventually. ~ 17 ~ .that was a vastly better place than her kitchen floor. and became angry. that she might very possibly have a brain damaged child. there is the forest and there is the tree. she opened herself up enough to listen to us. If she accepted her pain. she learned to enjoy lying in bed. a gift. she would treat herself the best that she could. and now.Samantha had a dangerous. As well. Her turning point was lying on the floor in her kitchen one night in horrible pain. being determined to get a drink. angry at her mate. and is rarely ill. when you accept yourself. but she would find out.

Not the dream that your family wishes to give you. His purpose was a combination of "to save and to bring beauty". in that each of you has. and a place where there is a longing that craves fulfillment. Your purpose is a verb. as he called it. because romance brings nostalgia. John needs to see that he IS beauty. because they teach you about loving life. when you do NOT believe in yourself when you're filled with doubts. and through these dreams you will realize fulfillment. to organize. You are NOT equal. it is REALLY who you are. Your purpose is what you do that brings lightness and joy to yourself. to teach. ignore that purpose. Many of you define themselves by where they live. You are your heart's deepest desire. What is your life purpose? First of all. Whatever the dream that you hold deep within yourself. John’s deepest self wasn't "to organize". John told Samantha one night. a dream. is your deepest dream. you are your dreams. or what you believe society to be. John grew up in household where his father was a big executive. You get off course and do something out of fear. lightness to your being? Is it to create. and he does SAVE. what kind of clothes they wear. to think. and what their net worth is. Because. Maybe you love to cook. you bring it to those around you. and all you need to do then is walk through them. Samantha has a friend. By looking into himself. what kind of care they drive. he had a different heart’s desire. in order to fulfill. Life purpose is also a noun. to feel. all things were beautiful. whom we shall call John. that his dream was to take pieces of junk. or even more. each of you are equal. to xxx. to. when he was drunk.The Samantha Riordan Channels Purpose Section 4: 3/27/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Purpose Life purpose is both a noun and a verb. or the dream of it would not harm him so. Maybe you wish to create a shop filled with romantic old clothing. John always had tremendous joy tinkering. you "forget" your purpose. and should. He must believe in it.. or lack of possessions. and by being true to himself. if you can just see them. where he was truly miserable. in that you are here to follow your purpose. and is that not how it should be? Now. you love to teach small children. and becoming an executive. and bring them back to life. There is in each of you are a heart's desire. and again as you bring it yourself. to build. Now. This deep heart's desire is REALLY who you are. like his father. to learn. and peace. and it is how you call upon the magic within your life.. for he already is it. all things had value. what you really are. different abilities. He must see this in himself in order to DO it. because to cook is to bring love. and by following those dreams you open the doors of the universe. to listen.. it is a verb? What is it that you do that fills you up inside? Literally what do you do that brings a spring to your step. or your possessions. to heal.. Life purpose is something you do. You attempt to control the ~ 18 ~ . However. Not the dream that was given to you by society. to bring peace. But. his father "forced" him into following in his footsteps. you are NOT your money. You are NOT your roles. and each of you must learn to find ways to best fulfill that purpose. Maybe.

Unless you find a way to fulfill those dreams. in that purpose and THEN GET OUT OF THE WAY in order for it to succeed. an opportunity presents itself to follow your purpose. not your parenting. who despite drought or flood. is that you will never feel happy. and drive yourself even crazier with CAN"T. You need to have faith in that dream. NOTHING will work. the deepest reason. you will never be fulfilled. during each and every day. There is always much reason why this could harm. And you life will never work otherwise. When. and more. There is always a good rational reason to NOT following your purpose. ~ 19 ~ . simply opens up. you are like the flower in the season. when instead you desperately need to strive for the noun. or your dream. You will constantly strive for more. not your work life. You drive yourself crazy with shoulds. or hurt you. and feel excitement to simply see the stars unless YOU GO FOR your dreams. When you are on purpose. you need to ALLOW yourself to do that. Everything will feel gray and somewhat empty. you will never tingle with joy at the mornings arrival. You are fulfilling yourself. and more. and that desperate part of yourself. NOT your marriage.environment around you. and you are filled with bloom. the most important reason. But. or not good enoughs. and the verb. The underlying purpose of your being.

The "no" triggers the protective mechanism. Sure enough. the NO cancels out the yes. Learning to sense and change energies is what creates life itself. let us say that you are craving a Porsche. You long for that red Porsche. If you think mostly "good" thoughts. they will take longer to materialize. the more energy you have to command. You trust that it will occur. Energy moves. the pinnacle if you will and manifest. the more positive you are. The universe protects you. and in fact the only "reality" is that everything is in constant flux. imagine yourself on a spiral. Energy is in a process of constant spiralling motion. even from yourself. In order manifest something quickly. you longed for it. everything is energy. However. Now. Look back at the time that you successfully brought something into creation. many times when you wish for something. because you "raise" you level l on the spiral. would you want those thoughts to manifest each and every one? We think not. It maybe simple things like a piece of clothing that you wished for. and the more energy you command. soon "it was there". First of all. Think in your mind of a spirit. the more thoughts are needed to manifest something. think about what you think about each and every day. The first order of becoming a wizard is to clean up your thought processes. and faster.The Samantha Riordan Channels Manifesting Thoughts Section 5: 3/28/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Manifesting Thoughts Once upon a time. For example. and so it takes many more thoughts to reach the top of the spiral. the NO places you lower on the spiral. and then you know. However. Nothing is ever fluid. it was possible to think something. So. you will manifest faster. At the base of a spiral are those who think primarily negative thoughts. The more you clear your negative. what do you do in the time between the "Click". the key to "touching" upon the universe is to think positively. And then you just let it be. and second of all. If you think "bad" thoughts. and with each limiting belief you clean out there is significantly more power. and forms of energy. DNA structures exist in spirals and so do energy forms. what you have attempted to manifest will quickly come into being. and that thing would exist by the end of the thought. and there would be considerable more murder and mayhem. This is a built-in protective universal mechanism. so the faster it is to manifest what you are thinking. and faster into that spiral and at some point you will reach a "pinnacle" of creation. You wished for it. Now. So. the more negative you are. You need to clean out whatever limiting belief you hold. and the time before physical manifestation? You WAIT patiently and optimistically. However. you will feel like "click". We have looked at your thoughts. if indeed there was instantaneous thought changes. Now. the more energy you move. if you place a "no thought" next to a yes thought two things happen. You need to work on cleaning out the negative beliefs within your mind space. the higher up the spiral you begin. You want to ~ 20 ~ . imagine yourself moving faster. You believe that it will happen. you think of all the reason you cannot have it. so it takes longer to create the yes.

and picture yourself driving fast down a country highway. Sure enough that thought will "disappear" in understanding. It is actually possible to become a Samantha level. So please will you now help me to see things more limitlessly. but I have since learned that the universe is limitless. sure enough it will lovingly disappear and you will suddenly find yourself believing something else. There is a show. in the lane. You have sent out a "STRONG" no. simply place the next preferable thought next it. you are driving in your run-down jalopy. is a bright red Porsche with the perfect looking member of the opposite sex. It is time NOW to change those beliefs. As well. you CAN'T have the Porsche next to you. and very soon you will begin to see the process of what you wish for begin to manifest. in order to gain what you want. and now you have to recreate the positive energy. and limiting belief for me. for example. when the next day you are driving next to one. I understand that you are operating from the mistaken belief that the universe is filled with limits. and the fact that you believe in scarcity. Suddenly. of your negative thoughts as small children. That is a belief that I learned so that I would fit into society. in that you can manifest anything faster. here is the negative thought that you can never have enough money to buy that red Porsche. fast. the more trouble you will have manifesting anything. and who you were. and you will feel lighter. and again you begin a downward spiral. but first. here again. the part of yourself that choose that belief before you can let it go. Say to that thought. And the main character is Samantha. and that you are now a negative. the MORE "advanced" you are spiritually. The more lovingly you let go of those thoughts. After you lovingly let go of the old belief through acceptance. if many mass murderers could manifest things quickly. and then feeling frustrated with having yet another thought. Now. the faster you can manifest. So. and you acknowledge it's "purpose" and give that energy "another" job. Your feeling that you aren't good enough. Thank you for being my friend. you think of all the reasons. The more malicious your thought processes. and sure enough the process will be complete. The next day as you meditate upon this red Porsche. and sure enough you will move "up" the spiral. You think. and then disliking yourself for having that negative thought. and sure enough right next to you. you must examine your negative beliefs when they come into your life. Cleaning out your thoughts is NOT like taking out the trash. there’s that ugly problem of having a negative thought. next to you. on the air that Samantha loves. an old show called Bewitched. and then appreciate the LOVER. it will appear. If you DO NOT lovingly let go of a thought." You think I will never have that much freedom. So. Now. Small innocent children who do not understand. Once you love the belief. Think if you will. You have to understand why you lovingly choose to believe in scarcity. This means freedom to you. Now in the Porsche problems from above. the faster you go up the spiral. cleaning out your thoughts is a loving process that is filled with tremendous self-acceptance for who you are. you have sent out the negative spiral concept so that you are LOWER upon the spiral. Samantha can think something. Start thinking instead. "I WILL never have that much money. it ~ 21 ~ . the very thing you have meditated upon the night before. well how healthy would that be for the population. The feeling that you do NOT have that much freedom in your life. and sure enough. the universe has indeed sent you a message. you think an entire downward spiral of negative thoughts. first you must reach a point where you control the negative limiting thoughts that move through your mind. The universe is telling you that THIS is WHAT IS INTERFERING with you getting your Porsche. you need to realize that there is a connection between you not having the Porsche.

They command "pieces" of energy that make up what "YOU" are. and NOT LET you go. If you fight it.will fight you back. every time you change your energy. and you attract something different to yourself. because the energy grouping changes. You want to change a situation. ~ 22 ~ . it will come back like a serpent in your garden. You change a belief and you literally become another person. Beliefs are rather like entities of energy within their own right. and literally live another life. change the energy within the situation.

each of you is rather like a broadcast station. go outside your door. place your hand six inches from the tree and what do you feel. It is the base force of nature itself. or to somebody. It is "understood" by your psychologist. Your scientists are only "seeing" one part of entropy. If you broadcast. It is possible to sense and feel this energy if you open your "senses". a new one will occur. from one being to another. The most basic energy is the energy of love. is based upon the consciousness of love. So if you wish for someone to love. If you wish to avoid a bad situation. This consciousness is a creative open-ended energy. as we see it. do not attempt to protect yourself from it. They do not look long enough to see the "re-creation" aspect of what they term as entropy. if you have not mentally and emotionally come to grips with that abusive situation. and this creates a "new" energy. the creative force. what your purpose is. entropy. If you broadcast unresolved pain. For example. is the RE-CREATION. You can sense and feel this underlying energy in everything around you. and the TRANSFERENCE of energy from one life system to another. Your beliefs are rather like an energy system within themselves. That consciousness. shut your eyes. you draw upon yourselves more pain. in that you broadcast out an energy system. it exists in every living thing. Each particle of energy has a consciousness of its own. that a woman who is raised with an abusive father will probably marry an abusive husband. and what you encounter in your life "responds" to this broadcast. that are part of you. ~ 23 ~ . Everything around you is an energy structure. they believe in entropy. to get you to resolve those unresolved issues. There exists a constant transference of energy from one form to another. you broadcast that to the universe consciously.The Samantha Riordan Channels Energy Section 6: 3/29/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Energy Each of you is an energy. the more your energy "melds" into that other person's energy. The closer you are to something. is change itself. and move towards a tree. you create fearful incident in your life. like all consciousness. if your beliefs do NOT impede the process. and sure enough. yet it is still separate in the sense that it is your hand. ENERGY. if you still have an underlying anger for that abusive father. Your scientists believe that everything naturally falls apart. and change the belief systems that created it. However. You are "broadcasting" the underlying pain and the underlying issue in your psyche. the decay. it will appear. fearful energy. Think about how you have created it in the first place. what you believe. and broadcast what remains unresolved in your life. Rather like your hand is a part of you. A person who grew up with an alcoholic. and sure enough someone to love will appear. ALL life is fluid and the only "static" thing. and more unresolved incidents. So for example. and so the list goes on. if you will. if you will. You live what you learn. but also separate unto themselves. In our "reality" you live what you believe. will probably become an alcoholic. Now. if you never understood the abusive father.

Then you realize that you must write songs. literally. endlessly expanding. What separates the housewife from the rock star? BELIEFS and PURPOSE. There is a constant and endless trade-off like this. The universe is open-ended. that is because you do not understands the "laws" governing energy and the energy system. For example. is that everything in your reality. There is a probable you that goes to lunch. you literally create your reality each and every moment you are alive. and you are that housewife. you would. With each step you move closer and closer and closer to becoming the rock star. The closer you get to her reality. maybe as a housewife. These are probable realities. The most basic law of energy understanding. In the meantime. A husband who you have chosen. to "switch" realities. Your broadcasting energy is what keeps you in the "reality" that you are currently in. or become something else. women.In your lifetime. a huge numbers of "yous" that took the "other" road. As soon as you conceive of the idea of being a rock star. if you DO become the rock star.expanding with each and every thought. this can never happen. and as rock star. So. and seamlessly done. the closer she comes to yours. YOU are a rock star. the list can go on and on and on into infinity. well. you do not wear sexy clothes. There is a probable you that meets the love of your life at that lunch and there is the probably you that does not. For example. You begin to "see" how you create the situations in your life. The implications of this philosophy are endless and so radically different from what is currently considered reality that it ~ 24 ~ . And since the universe is ever. These energy systems are referred to in any number of ancient religious texts. So. The next step in what you believe to be evolution is the study of these systems. the rock star who is ALSO you. become the housewife. and another you that doesn't. you use very little of your actual brain power. And then. However. and reflects your beliefs about men. and each and every decision that you are faced with creates. sure enough in some reality. and sex. If you desperately want to become a rock star. a probable person who is a housewife. You begin to buy sexier clothing. by changing your beliefs and having a deeper understanding of yourself. and wash his clothes. there are probable you that enjoys the lunch and a probably you that doesn't. Since you can switch from one reality to another. you begin by looking at the beliefs that separate you from that reality. the rest becomes relatively easier. may be thinking a great deal about being a housewife. Once you accept that. Many systems of "magic" or ancient practices have studied energy systems. The universe is constantly. if NOT impossible to happen in your broadcast version of reality. he wishes you to cook his dinner. you realize that you husband DOES not wish you to be a rock star. let us say that you are a housewife who wishes to be a rock star. Let us explain bit more on how this occurs. since you can literally become one person from another. and the rock star self will Either MELD with you. because that housewife is you. Let us say that you receive a phone call from a friend of yours. you must "deal" with what you husband is thinking. The "next" science if you will is the study of energy. There are endless ones of you and those endless ones of you are being more and more open-ended each and every day. If on the other hand. love. Then. what exactly is a probable reality? A probable reality is created each and every day you make another decision. when you are undergoing changes to become the rock star. it is possible. and the most advanced studied of energy is through the occult. inviting you to lunch. you think to yourself. you have created. so you begin to take guitar lessons. There is after all. for there is a probable reality where you make the "other" decision. then you being the downward spiral of making it more difficult. The list is endless and that is ONE simple decision. or at least another probable self will.

the more different forms of self you are dealing with. just to suddenly "figure" it out? You have switched realities there as well. let us say that you are like Samantha who has part of her belief in what we say. and surely enough. How many times have you struggled with a problem. and coping with. and learn this by comparing histories with your family.. For example. how when you are caught between two or three or even four belief systems you "seem" to become different people. How many times do you remember something one way. another "Samantha" takes her place. Yet how many times have you woken up one morning and felt radically different then you did the night before? You have "switched" realities. ~ 25 ~ . if you wish to look for it. think to yourselves if you astounding. at different times. They are both her. That is all for now. and when she does believe it. wondrous things happen to her. you are someone else? Think on it. how your energy changes. and becomes "rational".. or suddenly.. and you do NOT see it. you CAN feel it. but indeed that is how it is done. It is seamless. in your everyday life. only to remember it another way some other day. The more differing beliefs you have. in spite of NOT seeing it. and then the next day or the next hour she begins to "rethink" all of that. and yet they are both different. But. How many times have the mate you have chosen to live with suddenly become someone else..

if you set out to attract specific things. and create what is actually needed. maybe you were initially denied the child in order to create an intimate relationship with the universe. who NEEDS to be a mother. and when you set out to "prove" an identity. You NEED this child to prove your womanhood. IN other words. and see the simple in the complex. what you send out. It is taking what seems to be a simple need. It is said that the "rich are different”. When you set out to "prove" value. One problem with traditional science is that is it looking for exactness. Instead. it works in “wholeness". If you are this mother who longs for a child. There are no opposites. however. It means that an attractor. there is an underlying belief that you are nothing. there is from our vantage point. attractors if you will. and complexity moves into simplicity. will GO BEYOND what you think or consider NEEDED. or to create progeny. when your belief creates value. It sees the complex in the complex. The universe will always respond to an attractor. again there is the underlying belief that you cannot have it. and creating the complex out of it. Preciseness in that sense is not how the universe works. It is taking the simple. they ARE different in that they have realized to some extent about money. it works in patterns. For example. you will find that it will elude you. will find that he can't find a woman like that. It is the universe's way of opening you up to limitlessness. or you have a deep longing for family. So. or a signal. The signal you broadcast through your beliefs creates. When you limit your identity. This is the universe's way of having you expand upon your identity. let us say that you are a woman who is desperate for a child. or attracts. concludes it is simple. as we have said before the universe is EXTREMELY fluid. The universe may look at this attractor and see first of all that you NEED it. for deep intimate connections. the universe will many times modify the message. If you need to prove your womanhood. and therefore. simplicity moves into complexity. NEEDS a child. you will find that it will be very difficult to achieve these things. no matter how hard she tries. your science looks and only sees the simple in the complex. A woman who longs to be a mother. Now. However. there can be no black without ~ 26 ~ . will find that she can't have children. A man who learns that love is having a woman cook his food. and create what it considers to be "better" then what you wish to attract. When you set out to "prove" something. It is necessary to look beyond the simple and see the complex. many rich people have an inbred security when it comes to money. for each opposite contains within itself the "opposite". it will interpret what you wish to attract differently. and looking for the deep complex reasoning underneath. A woman who NEEDS a successful career will find that she can't seem to make a success of it. you are actually longing to have deep intimate connections. maybe you need to reassess what is womanhood.The Samantha Riordan Channels Identity Section 7: 3/30/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved IDENTITY Most all of your problems are related to identity. it is looking to measure what is one looking at. and mistakenly. and when you need something. concludes that there is no simplicity in something. This means that an attractor looks deeper into your longing then you would expect.

Try looking for the forest even through. 'death" in one system of self. you are encountering the beliefs that are preventing you from having the job. Try to look beyond just what is in the mirror. there are only relationships. and no white without black. that doesn't follow its patterns. When you are facing the difficulty. if you wish to be rich and then suddenly lose your job. because they "see" the pattern. and can live or die or move into any of the other yous. Even the relationship with yourself is but a mirror of your beliefs. try to look at the difficulty and "see" the seed of it. To "see" beyond the trees is the most simple act in the world. and all relationships. everything is in relation to something else. The black creates the white. It means that what you are. they are part of each other. Once you can see the relationship between the two. and each of those cells within you is filled with creativity. and regenerating themselves naturally and seamlessly. There are huge limitations by only looking into linearity. Try to see what the universe is teaching you. or looking for the problems. Try instead doing. There is no death. try to see the seeds of richness in the "brokenness". even to objects. To be simple in your world is the most complex thing you can be. and you receive the opposite. many times. you are encountering the seed of being rich. is what your current pattern is. but your cells are changing and dying. seeing the solution. ~ 27 ~ . If you want to be a mother and are barren. there is only regeneration into another pattern. try to see the motherhood in barrenness. each and every moment. To see the pattern instead of the linearity. yet is filled with complexity. Black is the seed of white and white is the seed of black. and the white creates the black. Yet when you look into the mirror you see yourself. and in fact. Each of you has tremendous abilities.white. see the opposite for example. There are huge limitation in expecting what happened yesterday to be the same tomorrow and to defining security in that manner. it is the ability to see complexity. looking for the problems. your consciousness stays away from anything that isn't' linear. The energy of the universe creates in patterns. this allows for endless open free will. you are encountering the relationship between the opposite. and "see" yourself. and you are encountering what it is in you that NEEDS being rich. The pattern of energy. See the beginning of it. If you are broke. and see what the gift or the seed of richness is in it. think of the problems circularity. each of you has gifts. Instead of looking directly into the problems. The one "creates" the other. It doesn't like to look or think of things that it cannot easily predict. You need to work through the opposite before you can create the direct desire. and what you really see are your limitations. There are no opposites. are mirrors or reflections of yourself. When you ask for something. means only life in another system or pattern of self. For example. then they are no longer opposite. And since everything is ultimately connected. and thinking of that problem head on. into another organization of energy. and each of you can touch the highest levels of human potentiality. Your cells KNOW how to recreate themselves in the pattern that is you. all you see is the tree in front of you.

it is giving the other person tremendous space. You begin to sense energy and the tremendous simple and complex structures of energy that exist.The Samantha Riordan Channels Non-Attachment Section 8: 3/29/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Non-Attachment Seeing things from the point of view of from the forest instead of from the trees. will always come back. LONG after you have outgrown it. in the sense that you die and move forward to more advanced stages or of growth. NOTHING can stay static. there is a belief in your society that in order to love someone. you believe that is the way it has to be. or expected reaction. For all things that are given tremendous non. and see and experience many trees. and that you look at things from the LONG view instead of the short view. Insecurity is putting static upon something that cannot be static. and its beautiful patterns underneath everything. it is much wiser to look at the forest. You're frightened of the self-hatred that may occur because of it.attachment. what mostly you want to be. when you begin to "see" the motion. Nonattachment is the truest form of love. it is the letting go of the thing you love so that it can. Instead. because you believe you must. you are frightened within yourself that you cannot handle it. or even hold onto a love. because you do NOT need to make something "fit" into a preconceived idea of what it should be. and will some point lose everything. and will come back to you. and caring for it. It is seeing that everything is simply a matter of energy. You must be attached to something to truly appreciate it. Since everything is energy. Now. but realizing that you can at anytime lose it. we tell you that TRUE love is love in freedom. ~ 28 ~ . It is loving your car. that you have faith in the universe to take care of you. Samantha has a friend who is on the verge of losing her home. Many of you HOLD onto to a lifestyle. When you begin to "see" the fluidity of everything around you. This is not the typical. if you are facing losing your house. What exactly does that mean? It means first of all. Instead. in order to be responsible you must have an attachment to them. even more. tell yourself that the universe has something much more in store for you. and enjoying the moment that you drive it. are you not going to lose your home anyway. you begin to open up. This is the reaction of non-attachment. hold onto a possession. and energy is in constant every changing motion. so do you become part of the energy. You must hold onto to something . Nonattachment lets you "see" more. You must worry and fret and think of them constantly-for that is love. Trying to make something that exists today be the same tomorrow is the same as killing it. This is holding onto the tree so tightly in the forest and concentrating upon that tree. what it needs to be. and she is excited because she believes it will be a great adventure. and as you sense and "see" more energy. You are what you are aware of. and therefore become more. when you die? matter what. Change is only frightening because you're frightened of loss. For example. ask yourself. guides you to a place of non-attachment. and that all energy has to be transferred. All pain is directly related to non-attachment.

Let us say that you no longer wish the role of the heart member of the family. accept. In the human body there are many points of energy. Through these points of energy you relate to the other. ~ 29 ~ . its energy is endless and opening. That other person is attempting to manipulate your energy. and to cope with the emotional side of that family. a shut-down in that particular part of your energy system. there is a loss of energy. That family member will automatically expect you to assume the role of the heart. the forehead. and "open" your heart because that is what is expected of you. your brain area. and the grounding place between your legs. there is the other. Another person may be the throat. there is you. let us say. when you meet up with a member of the family. or "fix" their pain. or the communicator of the family. There will be a tension. to feel the deep emotions of that family. you are looking for validation. Another person may be the head of the family. Your belief systems create places where the energy forms patterns. Those that do share roles are usually very close. and you attempt to "take" the brain energy from each person that you encounter. above the belly button. Now. Most people view energy as limited. There is the belief that you are separate from the other. There is a belief that others are separate from you. they believe that only through pleasing others. Most people in your culture are starved for energy. and there is the relationship between you and the other.The Samantha Riordan Channels Body Energy Section 9: 4/02/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Body Energy We will take a "break" if you will tonight. to the universe it means that you can feel that energy. and that pattern is you. one person in the family may be the heart of the family. but first you must sense it. The relationship is the transfer of energy that takes place between you and another. You feel pain in. For when there is pain. They exist at the top of the head. Many times. But. is to find a way to satisfy your own energy. and complete their loss of energy. can they connect. to talk about your relationships with others. as the "heart". to encounter and touch upon the endless energy that the universe has to offer. but seven primary ones. That expectation enters into your energy and you can accept. Now in a family. their patterns and your pattern "merge" to create another third pattern. the universe has endless energy and the key to ending power struggles. When you encounter another. You encounter a member of the family and you will automatically feel a tightening of the heart muscles when you see this person. Within these points of energy exists your belief systems. There are many ways to resist. They are constantly trying to get energy from each other. there is an overall pattern of energy. You are expected. below the belly button. and that your energy needs become satisfied. and the seven basic patterns form one "big" pattern. or refuse that expectation. In our version of reality. this is where your power struggles ensue. maybe you will have difficulty breathing. various members of family "share" these roles. the throat. or refuse the energy that expectation places upon you. This third pattern is the relationship between the two of you. The universe is ever expanding. and let us say that you are usually the "heart" of the family. or change this energy. the heart. For example.

you feel fear. when it comes to energy. When you deny yourself. energy is power. You attract individuals with beliefs similar to yours. you must NOT abandon yourself. For whatever reason. You are able to finally love. it is because you are for some reason hurting yourself. of anything. unless you yourself decide to limit it. you contract. No one can betray you. and be non-attached to the outcome of what another does. No one can reject you. Opposites do not attract. or you have taken it upon yourself. If you are starved for energy. This then. or attracted there. Your society believes that resources are limited. or want so much from people. and not opening yourself up to the endless of supply of energy that exists. and you stop looking for it there. Contracting energy with its destructive power and is based upon fear. and fear of that contraction. We are mirrors of each other. all contracting energy is an illusion. If you are in pain. unless you have harmed yourself. fear of rejecting yourself. or someone else. Your anger is your problem. No one can abandon. is one of the lessons of your life. you become needy. Now. you can choose love. or energy expansion. this takes tremendous faith. you may justify and rationalize from here to eternity. When you "open" up. when in reality death is a major expansion. In order to counter abandonment. energy is love. what if you are born into a situation where you are abused. most fear or energy contraction stems from self-rejection. only similar. similar hurts and betrayals. All fear represents one basic thing. The fear of death is a fear of deep contraction. when you deny your energy. You will find that you no longer need. it means that you are trying in some way to glean some sort of energy from them. and creates. All ~ 30 ~ . It is that belief that creates the limitations on energy. When you DO open to the universe. individuals with similar pain. energy wise. Relationships are mirrors of the psyche. it is a place where you need to open your energy to that of the universe instead of trying to glean that particular energy from somewhere. you must stop abusing yourself. through attractors we attract similar energies. because the universe is ever expanding. The fear of loss. Energy is money. and creates our existences on the most profound level. you feel pain. is actually a fear that you will not be able to cope. unless you reject yourself first. When it comes to energy there are basically two forms: Expanding energy that is also known as love. when you deny that very life-force within you. or you can choose fear. you will not be able to go on. You are no longer attached to getting energy from others. you become desperate. you have learned to reject yourself. if you feel someone has used and abused you. you unless you abandon yourself first. and you then crave energy to "fill" yourself up. Ask yourself where you have used and abused yourself? Ask yourself where and when you sold yourself out. No one can harm you. unless you have betrayed yourself first. Your society’s worship of money is actually a deep wish for energy. If you find yourself really angry with another person. At each and every moment. or are currently harming yourself. energy is what fuels us. All fear. and you are not succeeding is getting whatever it is that you wish for. Finding the source of energy will release you from that need. you will see that nothing is limited. Trying to glean energy from another can satisfy you only so long. In order to counter abuse. that energy is limited.However. you will find that your relationships will change dramatically. that everything is limited. When you deny yourself. You may justify this anger. Rather like being born from the womb is a major expansion. the belief that there is something wrong with you. Nothing ever happens in your life that you have not drawn. or energy contraction. Either you were born with this belief. but the truth is that the problem lies within you. What if you are born into a situation where you are abandoned.

all fear is an illusion. It is now seen. To that loving energy. All fear is illusion. and the way that a cell cannot be separate from the body. and like that cell in your body. and from that center comes everything. to the very force of ever expansion. opening of the universe. do you think that as a member of that universe. but before the first explosion. love is the force that moves the galaxies and star systems forward to create even more galaxies and star systems. the way a leaf cannot be truly separate from the tree. But. If your universe. Again. And. for you would be disobeying the very laws upon which you yourself stem. you can be harmed. That is true. your pattern is somehow related to the all that is. and it is ever expanding. it is not real in our terms. the part of you that is part of those very star systems.fear is based upon a lack of belief. that at first there was a central explosion. that each leaf on a tree contains a pattern similar to the one within the tree itself. ~ 31 ~ . you can never be separate. is ever-expanding. Think on that. like that leaf on a tree. When you are separate. it is NOT real. Each cell of your body contains a pattern that is a part of you. that you can "rebel" against it. you can actually contract? You cannot. or considered. you deny your connection to that force and feel fear. and ever since there has been an ever expanding. Your scientists believe in the big bang. that you are stronger then it? That you can contract. You believe that you are separate. because the universe is ever-expanding. before the big bang was the consciousness that created that big bang. It is rejection of yourself and your purpose. you are PART of the universe. when the star system themselves are ever expanding? Your fear is illusion. the very thing that created you. It is an illusion. Do you think that if there is a consciousness that created that. and when you are separate you can be hurt. or a rejection the self. Love is the force that moves the expansion. By denying that energy.

As Robert Frost your poet has said. when one in one mirror looks into another mirror. imagine. but the ~ 32 ~ . represent the road not taken. ask the "other" you the question that you need answered. that there are hundreds of yous. and still fraught with too much pain to see what would have happened if she was still physically with you. So. and there were two roads. request initially. that you go back to them when they are sleeping. if you will. You are much more like the hundreds of infinite selves that occur when you open the cabinet doors. a funhouse. you will actually be able to communicate with them. We recommend initially that you choose a self that is relatively distant from yourself. when they are sleeping. Examine that "others" life. and you believe that is yourself. that is "too" close. is extremely difficult to comprehend. and hundreds of yous for each and every moment of your existence. the closer then become. The more you can envision this other self. Then. the personality. but we believe this is one of the more difficult concepts to "take" in. Go to see them. If you have ever been in a bathroom. Or. an infinity of yous. is that in "fact" there are hundreds of realities. because you see the body. You look into that mirror in the morning as you shave or brush your hair. walk into the other side of the mirror. If the other self is NOT open. "see" that other self in the mirror. Then you will appear to the "other" you. as you would communicate with a friend across a dinner table. You identify yourself with your body. That "mirrors" reality more than the one of just seeing the one view of yourself within the mirror in the morning. They are just as valid to themselves. In other words. I choose the one less traveled. where there are two drug cabinets that are covered by mirrors you know that is it possible to open the cabinet doors. The concept. For Samantha we have "designed" an exercise to help her "touch" these other selves. if you will. We have spoken of this before. If that other self is open. each of these selves. and spirit as being all of one. instead of staying Dallas? What would have happened if my mother had not died as a child? Then envision that "other" self.The Samantha Riordan Channels Probable Realities Section 10: 4/04/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Probable Realities One thing that will help you to understand the concept of non. In our reality you have chosen not only the road less traveled. and maybe if you can manifest this level of "trance". and also put on make-up or shave. that you are in a place of endless mirrors. and then if you can hold yourself into that "deep" encounter. Ask yourself what other probable self you would like to explore? What would have happened if I had married Jeff. if your mother died last year. Most of you view yourself as what you view in the mirror. and that has made all the difference". Now. you may openly be able to reach them. as you are to yourself. as a dream. and see literally hundreds of you. or idea. in a dream state. instead of John? What would have happened if I had taken that job in New York. It is difficult to sense that there is more to you then your body. which are also looking to the mirror in the morning. “I was in a forest.attachment better.

You have chosen the job. It cannot be covered enough. And there is a version of you. we "get back" to non-attachment. for a younger woman. And if you truly do not like what the mirrors is showing you. The next time your boss makes you redo a proposal. and leads to that letting go.attachment. By having faith in yourself. If you are frightened that you husband will leave you. I have to be younger to hold onto my husband. that agrees with you. ~ 33 ~ . Many of you hold attachments. Then. like the cake. for every difficult situation there is the other situation where "things work out for the best". and you constantly check it in the oven. indeed. because if each of you truly understands it. Non-attachment is the faith. realize THAT YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT VERSION OF THAT MATE AT THIS TIME. There is a version of that particular mate. because you think this is how it should be. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT REALITY. Now. that isn't fighting with you. that LETS “what's best” happen. then indeed he will. I have to get that car. I need to have a clean house before my mother-in-law comes to visit. you’re assuming that the others around you are also static. I have to be thinner. You have chosen that version of that particular mate.. however. The next time your significant other gives you hell for not putting your socks in the hamper. and do you NOT practice non. So. the next time that your children are hassling you. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE MATE THAT IS ABUSING YOU. which you most want to become.. who you need to be younger. because you haven't dusted your home. and stay up all night. that it is NOT the outward circumstances that matter. it is the inward circumstances that are real. or abusing you. however. YOU HAVE CHOSEN THAT FIGHT. You might feel the fear and recognize that it is an illusion. Now. well it is time to look into the mirror.more traveled one as well. They are not. If you are involved with a mate. will fall. and change your belief. This requires nonattachment. You can change your energy. and your universe. we have covered this before in other ways. you will never again face any situation with fear. If you are attempting to change your life. and find out why it is there. That means that when that mate is "fighting" with you. You have chosen the husband. If you are baking a cake. So. The internal is ALWAYS before the external. sure enough. that is the mother-in law you will encounter. Looking in that mirror at that illusion and tell it is an illusion and like the wizard it will simply disappear.” Etc. This list is endless. or said in enough ways. your boss will turn from a grouch into the nicest person on the face of the earth. I guess we are putting it out for class review. you assume that you yourselves are static. that isn't with THAT MATE.Why did I choose this mate to hassle me????? Why did I choose this situation? Why did I choose this version of this person? Now. there are hundreds of versions of that mate that you can choose to be with. There is a version of that mate. Can you see. or to view your home with compassion. You choose the you. and the next day. as the hundreds of others within the forest that you cannot see. the cake will fall. I have to get this job. you automatically choose the best possible path for yourself. Why is your mate hassling you? How they have no right to blame me? No . the more you draw it to yourself. where you must have that huge sale every week. and thinner for. The more you hold onto something. If you are terrified of that mother-in law walking through the door. your "life". or even conceive of. with this "new vision" of self. “This is what I want. fearfully. and being scandalized. You are choosing that mother-inlaw coming through the door to inspect your house. I have to make that sale.

You need to maybe stop looking in the mirror for a while. all of her life. begin to feel music in your mind. you break the necessary line to go from one point to another. Then. and sense the patterns of your thoughts. That is all for now. and begin to hum. Within each of you. then a part of that song. ~ 34 ~ . "remember" that sound. and it will "loosen" your tie to reality. when you feel fear. Close your eyes. The music of your soul.. This is sound. It is a truer definition of self. the music of your essence. That is your sound. the music of your heart. or makes you feel NOT so connected to your everyday life. that always makes you feel better. as well.Non-attachment is the interim point between manifesting what you wish into physical reality. and begin to sense what you are beyond your body. If you "break" non-attachment. then what you "see". then what you see in the mirror. there is a sound. We have been with Samantha. an overall vibration of what you are. If there is a song. Each of you needs to "loosen" the ties that bind you to your limited sense of self. or that sound. it corresponds to the pattern of energy which you are. in some form or another .and she still can't seem to quite get "the hang" of this particular lesson. Sense your spirit. which is more you. WE used to channel for her daily.. but makes you feel dreamy. if there is a sound that gives you peace. and at least half of the month we could AGAIN cover non-attachment and "that you create your own reality" etc. sense your thought.. It automatically places you in that dreamy world. is a part of the pattern of who you are. at some point you will "feel" or "hear" something in your head. or a group sounds.

you can choose to be angry. Your emotions stem from your beliefs. Each and every day. Just as you choose your reality. or every. there are any number of paths that you can choose from. you are creating a fearful reality. and your husband forgot to take the change out of his pocket. and give you mate a hug. that happiness is wrong. however. Or. you are SUPPOSED to get mad. of what will occur in the future. If your spouse. You have allowed yourselves to buy into your society's version. If you are happy. You are supposed to fall apart. there are decisions you must make that create your reality. that is simply not true. When you react with fear. you can choose to rejoice in that ticket. If you are hurt. How many of you waste moments of your life cussing at traffic jams? Or. then there is the thought. then there is the emotion. If you are angry. or at the very least a fool. Let us say. buy a few books on tape. you can say that was a gift from the universe. there is the belief. You are making whatever belief that you are acting on stronger. you can choose to rejoice in that situation. and blew up the washer or the dryer. when you lose your possessions. Turn the radio on. due to his careless. you can choose to be unhurt. I guess the universe is telling me it's time to move. you can say. as you are driving. Most of you believe that is the way you SHOULD react to a situation. powerful energy. What about the cop who gave you a ticket. would NOT rejoice at that above situations. Many of you believe that you are victims of your emotions. so do you choose your emotions. If you have to do the laundry for your family. situation you face.” Most of you. and discover other aspects of yourself. and get involved in a novel. that again you realize you create your reality. If you are stuck in a traffic jam that is lasting 90 minutes. you can take these situations through a totally different set of beliefs. you can choose to stay happy. How about. If you wife is driving the car. Change the belief. taking along a small tape recorder.The Samantha Riordan Channels Daily Irritations Section 11: 4/05/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Daily Irritations Each and every day. and finally there is the action. and "spaces" out the fact that the oil gauge is low. You are trapped in a 90 minute traffic jam. being angry at your mate for the smallest of things. and starting to write your own novel. You are supposed to HATE traffic jams. because you are supposed to. Emotions are powerful. you are giving the belief that caused that emotion a very powerful reinforcement in your life. and sing in the car. and respond to them the way a magician would. You can choose to be happy at any. First. “Well. each and every day. If your house burns down. you can choose to be happy in the middle of that traffic jam. If you are given a ticket by a cop. and the emotions will just disappear. because after all you are supposed to be what your possessions are? You react negatively. Rejoice that the traffic jam is giving you so many opportunities to be alone with yourself. and stronger. The person who is happy is crazy. ~ 35 ~ . These decisions are like planting the seeds. causes the dryer to blow up. When you react to something emotionally. take it is an opportunity to find the music of your soul. and blows up the engine in your vehicle. well.

you need to look at. what is responsibility? Your mate is not worth the price of the car? Have possessions become more important than love. if you house burns to the ground and lose everything. what you have loved. that emotion. you take more with you. or irritation and unhappiness? Is the irritation worth it? That choice. You are supposed to be upset by them. You look at what you did learn. of any day. when you are cussing at the car in front you. what beliefs you are buying into that are causing you to react that way. because it is essential to the next life. and you expect that you will be upset about them. When you love another person with your heart and soul. and again ARE THEY WORTH IT? At any moment. And when the pleasantness of the after-life vacation is over. you are ignoring the peace of the cloudy romantic day. Ask yourself. what you have learned. and what you have loved. NOTHING else goes with you. maybe it is time for the wife to become more independent and learn about mechanical things? Maybe it is time to show your wife that you love her more than the car? Finally. maybe. in a sense. or given to your descendants. Every possession you have is NOT going with you. Death. you sit back and reflect upon your life. and need to slow down? Maybe. and realize just how little you need. and what you need to learn again. maybe it was time to get one of those new fancy wash machines? Could it be that this is an opportunity to realize that your husband is worth more than the laundry? Or. a washer. When you "die". and what you have learned. what you have learned. So. what about the wife who blows up the car engine? Well. you take two things. you are not seeing the beautiful sunset overhead. is the great equalizer. and many of you spend all of your time walking around concentrating on the everyday irritations. you are being given the message that you need to look at authority better. the little stuff doesn't get to you. and try to "see" the other person's eyes. and not seeing the beauty of the moment. Your house is sold. you realize that EVERYTHING is little stuff. they become part of you. Ask yourself. each and every time you react by being upset. as you become part of them. again is that worth it. as well.maybe the universe is telling you that you are moving too fast in your life. after the usually pleasant reunion of death. is it worth a precious moment of my life? We tell you there is very little that is worth wasting a moment for. When you love each and every moment. and they go with you. You EXPECT to have those irritations. what belief is operating there? Your mate is irresponsible? Then. What about the husband that blew up the washer? Well. maybe this is tremendous opportunity to start over again. creates the seeds of what your life is in the future. and how much freedom there is to living simply? When you truly create your own reality. or the next level of existence for you. Maybe. when you are angry at the cop. Every dollar is going to be given away. and when you are truly a master. because afterwards. What is a traffic jam. Maybe. and do you really want to believe that? You could be angry because you lost the car you loved. ~ 36 ~ . a car. and the love that is underneath daily situations. of back to the schoolroom that is earth. you take two things with you. is the car you? What beliefs are operating here. Well. or dryer mean in regards to that? NOTHING. What you have learned is also a part of you. running on a treadmill. could NOT do either without the lesson your have gleaned. Your car is also sold. you either move on to another schoolroom. and are those beliefs ones that you wish to keep? When you are angry at your mate for blowing up the car. at least temporarily. Life is a precious gift. you can choose peace and happiness. But for each moment you are upset you lose another "precious" moment of life. That the only things that matters are the lessons. and how your have grown.

The exercise for today is to imagine yourself in a totally white room with no windows. and no seeming way out. no doors. ~ 37 ~ . What is it you feel? That. It will show you what you believe about yourself in relation to life. and to death. no seeming way in. my friends. Think on it! May All Be Well With Each of You. What you believe about death is directly related to what you feel about life. is a symbolic version of how you feel about death.

that happens so rarely. The lawyer self is understanding communication in the form of justice. they are STILL bound to fulfill a purpose. when you are re-faced with a "big" decision. he told her that idea made him feel like a very "small pea in a pod". or basic purpose. You may be given a choice that takes longer. then what does your soul matter. that again is how the universe expands. and place them on different paths. there is a self that is a lawyer. as well. If NONE of you need to explore that particular role. IN other words. but it is the over selves’ job to make sure that all selves fulfill purpose. but NOT in exactly the same way. as well as your past selves. there were certain roles that you laid into your psyche to take on. asked her a question this weekend. He told her that probable realities upset him. No one's experience is not needed or "used" as a learning tool for the others. and then Samantha chooses choice X and another Samantha choose choice Y. then you DO NOT play that out. and choice Y. and each self then choose which "play" or 'role" he will fulfill. and you communicate with them so that you learn form each other. IN your dreams for example. When you are faced with choice X. an important purpose to the pattern of life. it is its job to CARE. Take for example. but you are only given choices that move you closer to your purpose. The underlying assumption is that there must be one. Purpose also expands with the universe. It is possible to bring these other selves consciously to mind. This goes against the idea of fate. you play out those decisions in your dreams. but they can fulfill that purpose in any number of ways. First of all. with the different selves. or that particular life. By having all of those others selves exploring with you. he is forgetting purpose. and that before you choose to be born. in that there is purpose. there is endless love. you may have forgotten those roles. To some extent there is fate. You see. It CARES. you are really not given a "bad" choice. you can "save" time. It is possible. The psychologist self is understanding communication in the form of the psyche. or has you face your fears. But as well. The ways to fulfill purpose are endless. or the other. So for a while you may explore one part of your purpose. Samantha. you decided to ~ 38 ~ . and explore the different realities. Both selves have ONE underlying. each and every one of those selves has a purpose to fulfill. It is the over self's (the self containing all the other selves’) responsibility to bring you the fulfillment of each and every self’s purpose. As well. After all. there is a self that is psychologist. your beliefs interfered. whom we call Aurelius. therefore. because they hint to an unloving universe. Each of those selves communicates with you in your dreams. and allow for tremendous free will. but as well. the underlying choices given must in some way help each of them move towards a purpose. There is indeed. you are also given to the fact that each self must fulfill its purpose. Let us say that their purpose is to create/communicate like Samantha.The Samantha Riordan Channels Purpose in Probable Realities Section 12: 4/08/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Purpose in Probable Realities Samantha's mate. when you were born. much more in explore in another fashion. if whatever you do another one of you does the opposite. needless freedom. to contact your future selves. and then realize there is much. But. and therefore protection. Many times you are guided by the over soul.

then the soul goes out. When you do this. you will realize that indeed. you aren't fantasy. There is endless caring freedom. Imagine if you will. and finally give it a gift of some sort of advice. that indeed there is love. go there. to find you a new mate that will fulfill your needs. the self that you wish to be. and desires. Feel that open-endedness. and safety. Talk to it as much as you can. that is again OK. show it that you love it. When you follow your path straight through. the self that you wish to become. that mate decides that they no longer wish to have that particular life. ~ 39 ~ . and because you assume in linear world that there must either be one or the other. that before you were born you picked a mate to have a life with. the self that is happy. finally realize. Feel that endlessness within you. realize that you are another selves perfect future self. or XXXX. in that you are others. and valid. and yet you couldn't interfere with its chosen path. and yet. And. when you are done. There is both validity to whom you are. you realize. no. and there is freedom. Then. but if you should decide to take a long country drive that ends up taking five years. Didn't' you understand its pain and realize how much it needed to learn. is your future self. image that there is one of you that is in pain. you WERE the higher self at that moment. that you were giving that advice. Didn’t you feel love for the other self that you were. and when you touch on infinity. and searches for you. you realize that there are more things that are also wonderful. AT the table. Ask that self for advice. Let us say. smell the place and hear the sounds of the place. your soul is with you. and needs advice. and valued. relax and see the place. that has fulfilled the dreams dearest to your heart. and the one self. Our last exercise was to have you explore your other self. or be white. and freedom. Then imagine if you will that you are sitting at a table of some sort. Well. and lack of importance. that is indeed a wonderful thing. and the other and you will die into some other form of consciousness. When you do this. you do not see that there are many roads and an infinity between zero and one.explore differently. there must either be black. you realize that each thing is deeply wonderful. and importance to whom you are. that there must openly be zero. There is both endless exploration. There is infinity in each and every moment. you also realize that you "GOT through" that self. and it will give you much more understanding then words can. and meet your future self. Then. or one. Try this time to go into the mirror. There is both destiny. a beautiful place. and reach out to their other past self. There are both endless selves. May All Be Well With Each of You.

at least. Now. We are NOT proposing cannibalism here. a different consciousness. or maybe they are just a mass of instincts. In a sense. however. all things kill something to eat. Many of your problems. all things must kill to survive. There are even scientists who propose that animals do NOT have feelings. We are saying that that cat is as alive as you are. and when it is right and when it is wrong to take that life. ~ 40 ~ . A plant that is eaten is "killed". is that create "less" then you are? Maybe they do feel. Even those who practiced cannibalism were willing to give up their life. in all of its aspects. because what was there for them to live for. are we saying that it is "wrong" to kill animals. and live within the realm of consciousness of being "cat". at least acknowledge that a life WAS given up for your dinner. let us say. saved all of her kittens. "dog". When you cook that meat for dinner the next night. and do no individualization. There is "cat". In ancient cultures this is how it was done. NEEDS to be respected. with resources etc. Now. it seems that the instinct to survive would be stronger then the instinct to protect the young. If you choose to eat meat. that animals are not as "good" or valuable as you are. and its processes. There is an underlying belief in your society that animals cannot feel. and thank the spirit of the animal. or "spider". they were poor. they have different consciousness. they were starving. These species are born. again. exist because there is SO little respect for the earth. do you realize that some creature died for that dinner? That a life was given up? Would it not be "respectful'. many were ill with painful disease. their end a meaning. and with much risk and pain to her. there is a consciousness in the earth under your feet. What is life. and when you partake of meat. they had more respect for life then you do. let us talk some more of animal life. But. So. to give thanks to the spirit who gave that life for you. Many of you are very distant from the "reality" of life and death. that all of their reactions are instinctual. Many of them did not have families. many of them die. you are in a sense blending your spirit with the spirit of that being who died. that indeed they have strong feelings. Is that animal as alive as a consciousness as you? Albeit. Now. The cells of a body. To be offered to their god gave. and saw a story of a cat that had run into a fire. or because you are a reasoning being. That all animals are as alive as you are. what we are saying is that life. so even a vegetarian kills. even though it is possible to say that the cat who ran into the fire responded through purely instinctual response. again. That cat can be used as an example that animals do indeed feel.The Samantha Riordan Channels Animal Spirits Section 13: 4/09/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Animal Spirits Last night Samantha was watching CNN. There is "some" justification for that. if you will.. An animal whose life was given would then be "thanked". Most animals have "group" consciousness. the ancients KNEW that taking an animal life is something of value. And. However. There is a consciousness in plants. "remember" the spirit. and it is believed that the spirit of the animal would then become part of the individuals who ate it. How many of you go to the grocery store and buy your meat all nice and neatly packaged. and those natural processes give meaning to life itself. for lack of a better term.

A being would "pop" into physical realty. therefore the fetus may choose to die for whatever reason. as we have stated before. if not all of these races have trouble with "combinations". Rather like some of the quark particles that your scientists are studying. or even come back again. and becomes cat with personality. in that it was fluid. again. the being will begin to individualize. These are combination experiments. half human. This brings us to a related issue. whatever "felt" good was acceptable. each and every day. but the realm of all of life itself. or individual cat. a dog. there were individuals who spent entire lifetimes. and caused the being much pain. briefly wake up and "say" something. many individuals would move from life to death and back. was indeed half human. "asleep". This was the beginning of physical existence. But. A certain percentage of all animals will individuate within their lifetimes. All consciousness has a choice of life or death.They stay within the consciousness of "cat" or "cow". There were many species like that. half bird. the issue of abortion. in a physical body. let us a cat. In early ancient cultures. indeed. many half human. May All Be Well With Each of You ~ 41 ~ . Most. In other early cultures there was also the combination of cultures and genetic DNA. and that purpose is NOT only within the human realm. all consciousness comes into physical life for a specific reason or purpose. Sex was rather like an experiment. the fetus is a life. Life as you understood it was much different. they did not have the "Moral" instinctive understanding that you have today. and half cat. The reasons are as endless as the beings themselves. The sphinx for example. As well. A fetus that is aborted is "killed". each death is designed to have a meaning of a sort. as is the life of a cat. Life started by coming into being. As these early beings came into existence. so it became a taboo to have sex with our "races" if you will. let us say by an owner. or a cow etc. Maybe it only wanted to live a brief physical life. The energy of love that is given to. Samantha's current project her "real" job if you will is to bring one of the cultures into your culture and "fictionalize" it. These being would. and eventually they became oracle of a sort. phoenixes. as is many kinds of life to support life. However. by its owner. Therefore. Within their next lifetime. maybe that consciousness only wishes to be consciousness within the "safety" of a womb. It becomes more then cat. and this continued for a long time. then. This being would literally cross the threshold of death and life and go back and forth between the doorways of the two versions of consciousness. at times. half animal races were created. but not consciousness as you know it. they will expand and become energy. and then pop out. Bearing within a body is a certain kind of consciousness. as another "cat". and experimentation was common. there was much more individuation than there is now. if a being is loved. will help that cat individuate. From our view.

When you are in a creative place in your life.The Samantha Riordan Channels Living In The Moment Section 14: 4/10/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Living In The Moment Many of you spend your lives running around. learn to appreciate the details of the project.. She had to "readdress" the envelopes and readdress the letters. I just want to finish this project and move onto what I really want to do. to do it moment by moment she would have only had to do it once. but in relation to this. Then she had some other work to do on the computer and realized that she had "missed" a number of editing errors. You generally cannot and almost rarely do get things done by the 'beat the clock' scenario. you rush right through it. God. Instead. The problem is that you view time so deterministically and linearly that you do not give yourself the space to live in moment and begin the process of actually getting done the true work that needs to get done.. in order for this to happen and in order for that to happen. where you are thinking and working at high levels. and to listen to and be to open to your intuition. We advise looking at your lives. and that needs to be done. How many times do you get up and think to yourself. you do NOT give yourself the needed space to realize. whereas if she had taken CARE. she addressed it and felt good because she could cross it off her list. there will be jobs that you have no way to initially avoid. Begin the process of getting rid of what you do not like. since this letter had to be copied a number of times. that every morning the very first thing she does is look at that list and will rush through something simply so she can cross it off her list. Instead of ~ 42 ~ . She wrote and QUICKLY edited it. running here running there. A perfect example. She printed it. You create many different ways that interfere with your time. Samantha has this list of things that she needs to get done within XXXX space of time. This does NOT work. It is not the things that will help her and guide her and create for her the life that she is aiming for. if she hadn't RUSHED through the hated thing. For what is one her list is NOT the essential things that she needs to do. Many people are the most efficient when they relax and are doing nothing. She is so determined to get things crossed off that list. One way to increase your efficiently as well as your lifestyle is to learn how to live in the moment and not undertake the project and think to yourself. Today she had to write a very important letter. so that by the end of the day or even by the beginning of the day you exhaust yourself and cannot create what it is in your life that is essential to your well-being. a place in your life where the energy is flowing. etc. This needs to be done. Many creative people are creative when they relax. I have to do this awful XXXX today and thereby avoid it for as long as possible and then when you DO get around to doing it. You need to open yourself up to the universe and begin the process of connecting with higher energy. By creating a list and attempting to live in a mechanistic manner. Samantha HATES editing her work. Part of the reason is that you view yourself as part of a machine.

Now Samantha has a book where time is divided into four sections. By taking things slowly and having faith that what will NEED to get accomplished will GET accomplished you begin the process of slowing down. she had added three very valuable paragraphs and cleaned up some syntax. Samantha could learn to realize that when she edits something. you hurry. Slow down and concentrate on what you need to do in the present moment and then when it is completed go on to the next thing. slow down and do what is in front of you. This part of the societal training pattern is taught to you. They are rushing to get something done quickly because they do not like it. the short term crisis section. To truly be effective in your time. the mind needs space to be creative. It forces her to slow down and read what she is doing. By the time she finished editing it again. and the long term pay-off section. thinking people. The mind needs to open up and accomplish things creatively. what the lesson is in the job. like that above letter she "sees" things in it to change and make the whole letter much better. You do this. Creative people. need to live in the moment to give themselves the mental space. You do this by not believing in your ability to get done the things that need to get done. and while they are doing it they are someplace else altogether thinking of what they need to be doing at dinner that night. NOT living in crisis and living in short term. By not trusting yourself and trusting the universe to help you get the things done that are really beneficial for you to do get done. for example. The underlying problem is that many of you simply do not trust yourselves. Remember as well. Many of you use to it avoid the creative work. Instead the goal is to spend your life looking at and finding way to create long-term happiness and long term benefits and trade-offs to yourselves. by listening ~ 43 ~ . Living in the long term and going for that dream that long term dream. and you have to go back and do ZZZZ again. So you rush. Like Samantha you want to get XXXX crossed off your list. is that you forget that whenever you have to do creative work or thinking work. quality lies in the details. Related to all of this is concentrating in the moment. the short term pay-off section. Samantha needs to learn bit by bit that by doing the necessary evil of editing many times she makes something better then it initially was. Very rarely do you concentrate on what you are doing and remain in the present moment. the problems with doing that.rushing through them begin to find things about the job that make it pleasurable and ask yourself. You do not believe that you will get done what you believe you MUST get done. and needs to be done in a small fraction of the time that most all of you spend on it. in the case of editing. Most of you live in your lives in the short term crisis and the mid-term crisis section. when you slow down you give you self the space and the trust to do things in the moment and when you do things in the moment you do them WELL the first time out. is it busy-ness work. the midterm crisis section. As cogs of sort. Basically you are to view yourselves as machines. Most people spend their lives living in the future and living in the past. you spend so much of your time worrying in the present about getting XXXX done. busy work is just that. the mental freedom to effectively think through a situation. that you don't do ZZZZZ effectively. to effectively create what needs to be done. Or thinking about the fight they had with their spouse. so then you create a self fulfilling prophecy of NOT getting XXXX done. But.

. This upset her tremendously because she had many things on the interminably list of hers.. For example. Following your "time" instincts. Samantha had a very strong feeling that she needs to go and see in friend in the middle of a workday yesterday. START the day by concentrating on your your intuition. you must listen and FOLLOW those instincts. Finally she did go and see the friend. When you awake in the morning. Today she began the process of implementing these ideas. The real way to create what is necessary in your life and shortcut your time besides living in the moment is to trust yourselves enough to listen to what you instincts tell you must be done. You will begin to "see" new awareness and new ways of spending your time effectively. Then of course. It ended up that the friend gave her invaluable insight into many thoughts and ideas that she was struggling with. By seeing that friend Samantha "shortcut" the time it would have taken to get a number of ideas and thoughts into her head. Ideas will flow and let the purpose of that dream run through you.. envisioning your dream and then let the "day" enfolding your mind. You will begin to listen to the natural rhythm of time itself the rhythm that will provide for you. ~ 44 ~ . That is all for now. That of course the frightening thing.

a lost love. Let us say that you are a father. “NO. and related to that a bit about grief. Your MIND stops you from experiencing it. It can withstand whatever needs to be withstood. the heart. not necessarily as deep and profound as the grief of a parent who loses a child.. there is grief. you find that you are angry easily. What. a job.. SHOULD be. In most of your lives there is grief. you might believe. and experienced. You are afraid of the pain that lies within your heart. images of not seeing her run through the yard. it is there. When you feel the pain. loss of a pet. because love is infinite and when you feel the pain it disappears and goes away. pain of what it was like to have that sound in your home comes into your mind. However.. The mind does not want to look at the pain. images of not seeing her in her wedding dress. then there is the block.mind... What is happening is that you are afraid of yourself. You find that you are frightened. and you will "SHUT" off that pain. the simple motion of the child through the home. and you longed for the sound of that child. You are filled with fear. the emptiness of that space within you that no longer has the child. grief moved into.. The mind always tries to "end" the pain... and the biggest reason for that is that you didn't allow yourself to grieved yesterday afternoon when you smelled that perfume. Let us say that you are in grief over lost love. But. When you are mourning. but the grief again of a lost dream. You never move through it. Grief of loved one means the loss of mirror. you are frightened and filled with anxiety. what you are really afraid of is NOT that boss. STOP. loss of a mate. then. If you were the above father. XXXXX. images of not seeing her in her first formal. your mind fills up with images. or a lost XXXX. Images of not seeing that daughter into womanhood. that you are frightened of your own responses. The grief blocks you. Loss of friend. your MIND saying.” The mind prevents the heart from feeling the pain. and giving you another problem to solve. you are afraid of the pain that is in you. Each of you has encountered in your lives losses. DO NOT GO THERE. there is that pain. Because. the more you run from hurt. you find that you are upset over a car in front of you in a traffic jam. The mind is afraid of the pain. you see that your boss wants to see you in his office immediately. an image in your mind of what could have been will bring up tremendous pain. it can withstand any pain that there is. and you have lost a child to death. The reason being. you will block it out. and then the next day when you drive to work.The Samantha Riordan Channels Grief and Living In The Present Section 15: 4/13/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Grief and Living In The Present Mind. the more fear runs a rampage through your life. Let us talk to you a bit of living in the present. you are afraid of yourself and the pain that is within you. You are mourning what COULD be. a dream. When there is loss. So the pain of all of that loss stays with you. You smelled the perfume of that lost love. images of not asking you another question.mind. it opens ~ 45 ~ . that you refuse to allow yourself to experience. immediately.. of self. will lead you back into yourself. is infinitely strong. Many times. keeps you living in the past. holds you down. The more you run from pain. crying out for needing you. and then when you move into your daily life. images of not hearing that voice again. the center.

That feeling. You lose the present.. so you spend your life. which is in the present. that you spend your lives living in the past. that you are afraid of the pain. You do not BELIEVE that you can cope. You are projecting your energy into the future.. How much of your day is spent thinking. By living in the past. instead of running from them. and what your pain will do to you. Instead of doing what this in front of you to do. when someone you loves die. there is only safety within this room. you cannot be happy. in the moment. The mind is afraid of what lies within you. the mind turns on. You die. When you feel the pain. you lose the life force itself. You feel the loss of what that person saw in you. and that love you can enter into this space.. then do you notice that the minute you are TRULY relaxed. that you are separate. Spend time in the room. or projecting your energy in the past. It is only when you live in the MIND that you believe that you are separate. you are worried that XXXX will happen. But. when that person is gone. why you are filled with anxiety. for five minutes or ten minutes. you no longer have the fear. The belief that when someone dies. By stopping that. and why you NOT happy? Imagine. that deep feeling of joy. better? Do you feel as if you were a flower that was beginning to bloom? After you have experienced this feeling of joy. you will ALWAYS feel the presence of them there. only beings and things that you love. It is because you DO NOT ALLOW yourselves the pain. you feel the loss of a dream. the loss of a hope. and future. you ask yourselves why you feel so filled with angst. YYYY won't happen. and die inside. that it is gone. you feel the loss of the mirror..I am so tired I need to rest. the energy that exists within you that BRINGS YOU ALIVE... safe in this place where.the heart.. half-alive.. and lessens the hold of the mind upon you. each and every day. if you will.. a room where you are totally safe... I better do this. instead of using the energy that is simply there ahead of you. That you cannot survive it. is WHAT you CAN feel. You do not trust that abilities lie within each of you to deal with the pain.. to shut off for a while. there is NOT pain. Give it a color that gives you great comfort. This prevents you from living in the moment. At the center of fear is the belief. only things that you love. running around. you STOP being in the here. You lose life itself. and suddenly there is much in your mind that wants TO get out of this place? For this moment simply tell it to go away. that for ten minutes you can be safe. The mind DOES NOT believe in its safety. I should do this.... and then you are prepared to face the larger losses. and you open the heart. You do not trust yourselves to open your hearts.. and when you do that.. what feelings come next????? Do you feel lightness. You do not trust yourselves. and that there is something beyond that you are part of. Notice how relaxed you feel. by living in the future. again. and indeed. you cannot be alive. to PREVENT the pain of the past in the future. a place. a mirror for the self.. or WHAT IF ZZZZ happens. there is NO fear. and the loss of what could have been. and because of that. ~ 46 ~ . is the more natural state of being. When you feel totally safe. and when you grieved the daily losses in daily life.. Nothing can hurt you here. in this space.I have to do this.. both past.. an opening? Does everything suddenly seem brighter. leave. Then.. you SHUT the heart down.I need to do this. or when something is lost. So. where there is NO pain. that you are connected.. What prevents you is the mind that intruded in your space of safety. you stop living. or living in the future. never lets you rest enough to open your heart.. A loved one is a tremendous mirror. When you do that. Give the room furnishing and create. then slowly feel how good it feels to be safe within this place.

Ask yourself. ~ 47 ~ . in the same spot. and you feel at peace. When you live in the moment you DO that. and she notices that everyday there is SOMETHING different in the same woods. and experience that fluidness. Suddenly. literally overnight. and then safety in your daily life. Feel the sensation of waking in the morning. the big failures become so much easier to bear. when faced with a difficult situation. allowing safety in meditation. and the belief in yourself. Learn to live in the present. of longing for the mirror. in the fall. Samantha lives in the woods. Make a practice of spending a certain amount of time. they cannot be ignored. now. and JUST feeling the sensation of that particular morning. There will suddenly be a huge bloom of flowers. and of lost love. if I KNEW everything would work out?” Deep grief. if I BELIEVED that I was safe? How would I deal with this situation. Let go of the grief of not getting that raise last month. and sometimes she walks. the loss of someone close. is the same feeling that exists in everyday life. “How would I face this. that you will be OK to let down your guard. you don't rush around anymore. There is constant change. Allow yourself the feeling of safety. Begin to let go of the small grieves of everyday life. multiplied. Begin to see the fluidity of everyday life. Let go of the small failures. of believing in separation. become red or yellow.avoiding the present. Those feelings of separation. and then. the tree that yesterday was green. will within a day. and let peace in. Or. in daily life.

through the belief. or something better. When she enters her rocking chair. and instead of accepting "the thing itself". You want woman to take notice. you must begin the process of learning to think symbolically. when you wish for something in your conscious mind. communicates with the unconscious mind through symbols. Your beliefs are also symbols in your mind. of course. and meditate upon it. unconsciously she calls upon us. and the rest of the mind begins to work. For Samantha books mean knowledge. like an iceberg. realize that each and every thing in your life was a symbol at first. the waking mind. and looks at her books. provided. It responds to the underlying image. think. it responds to the symbol. Now in order to manifest something faster. In the room you are sitting in. and then became reality. the mind itself is much. it became a reality. what symbol comes to your mind? It is NOT the word peace. It is filled floor to ceiling with books. Then. that your beliefs DO NOT interfere in the process. and work of that individual. the symbol for that is your boss’s job. are symbols. Your waking self. sits at her computer. When you want something. first. what image comes to your mind. Your conscious waking mind is rather like the pinnacle of an iceberg. look around you. it was a symbol in your mind. Then. However. communicates a desire to the rest of the mind. ~ 48 ~ . your mind. it is some image of some sort. Let us say. In order to understand the idea of symbols. and it gives her great peace to write from us. a bright red Porsche. Every single thing was in someone's mind first. A building is first seen in the mind of an architect. Let us say that you long for recognition. so you devise a symbol for that. the conscious mind does not communicate with the power of the unconscious mind by simply telling it something. The symbol then becomes the office and the desk. existed as a symbol. Every object in your life is a symbol. There are various levels to an iceberg. just as there are various levels of the mind. Every thing that EVER existed. or something else. but they are NOT as effective as actual symbols. You envision sitting at his desk in his office. peace. and then attempts to manifest that.The Samantha Riordan Channels The Conscious and Unconscious Mind Section 16: 4/14/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved The Conscious and Unconscious Mind Your reality is created through the conscious minds communication with the unconscious mind. and it will come tremendously faster. The unconscious mind does not "respond" to the desire. The ego mind. Your conscious mind is what is seen. it is time now for knowledge. Before you "had" it. we think love. Samantha's office is in her library. much more then what is seen. A book is first in the mind of the author. in a place filled with books. let us say. Words for example. "what is the thing a symbol for?" For example. place the symbol within the conscious mind. For an idea. but. A light bulb was once a dream of Edison. you create a symbol for it.

you may be desiring security. after desire comes a symbol. and your conscious mind is the mind that can "allow" something to occur. Look at the spirituality behind it. The more negative you are in general. even something physical. touched into energy fields. your conscious mind. This also brings the process of manifestation faster. and anger that you are.But. At each and every point. is many times. your ego self. even before what is in the mind. the less energy your unconscious mind commands. part of being a "wizard". We have discussed this before. is learning to look at your desire. ~ 49 ~ . The unconscious mind is the mind that moves in the higher space. If you are single and desiring a home for example. In that way. breaking the beliefs that prevent you from having what you want in the first place. The unconscious mechanisms are much more difficult to explain. Desire is the first step to manifestation. as well. As well. in order to help bring about the needed resources to create what is necessary. The reasons you do NOT have this type of security. The unconscious mind as well. you would have it. a belief. The unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the one that uses the energy processes that bring the energy into the system to create what is needed. That is done by drawing the energy of that thing into your life. if you will. energy concepts. or love with a mate. Desire is the purpose of the ego. will many times have to begin the process of 'breaking" the blocks in the conscious mind. If your conscious mind where in a state needed to create what you wanted. and begins to "connect" to the "mass" reality. and therefore. you must bring it into reality. Now. the more filled with hatred. may actually be a desire to connect deeply. In order to create something. and what is necessary. Your conscious mind defines what is desired. the more energy it takes to create the positive spiral. Desire for something. desire for something spiritual underneath. Before the unconscious mind can manifest the house and the mate. and energy masses. there is the spiral of energy that is commanded through the unconscious mind. or this love with a mate. rage. or "block" something to occur. creates the symbol. and as a person. to create what is wanted. belief can stop the process of manifestation. it first must break the belief blocks that are in the conscious mind. you consciously create your own reality. exists for a reason. the slower it will take to manifest. because the conscious mind creates the symbol for itself. As well. instead of having the conscious mind do it for you. and finally there is manifestation. and then find a symbol for it. after the symbol comes faith. A desire for a house. And vice versus. and intimately with someone else. is the desire for something.

you become responsible for your money. Now. Money is NOT out there. and all alone. the "truth" is that underlying that frantic behaviour. Following that intuition is how the universe guides you. If there is lack of money. and the beliefs that prevent you from getting money. Many people need to act. When you allow your security outside of yourself. again. that your conscious mind is the one "in charge". rather like a care-taker. there is no fear. you will get a direct "response". and true security. you are flowing within the energy of the universe. But. To many people. You are not. you ~ 50 ~ . wait. By listening to those intuitions. lead to tremendous fear. Other people didn't' act at all. when you have money. or become frightened of a lawsuit that will take it all away from you. you will never have peace about money. when it comes to money. and that when you are following your path. grab. money is an expression of the flow of energy through you. simply. and gain resources. therefore. is the belief that money gives you security. have you been true to yourself all of these years? Very rarely have you even considered yourself. the universe becomes responsible. what can I do today to be true to myself. that you must provide for yourself. when you tune into it. and being most true to yourself. to "get" money. you conclude money is security. Basically. you become frightened of a huge tax bill. The second way is that money comes when you are on the "right" path. Money is when you are TRUE to yourself. and you have to fight long. Think back. there needs to be a certain balance to this. and then you can have true safety. and therefore money WILL come. in a sense responsible. to your intuition. that you WILL not feel that way. because when you do something just through the conscious mind. or go do XXXX. hard. go to the store. or loss. With this concept comes the idea. and the right manner. Now. As long as money is outside of you. But. you become a steward for money. Survival depends upon getting things. and painfully to get money. life is struggle getting money is struggle. the key is learning to listen. and there are times to wait. and usually does. and engage the energy of the universe. There are times to act. and money is seen as out there. that you are the primary one responsible. where you have to run. become frightened of a bad investment. Other times.The Samantha Riordan Channels Money and Purpose Section 17: 4/15/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Money and Purpose There are two ways of looking at money. once you view money as something that comes when you are true to yourself. and maybe. and ask yourself. to take this further. This can. So. Resources are limited and. First of all. and learning to act in the right time. you believe that when you have money. the universe responds. When you are poor. you are NEVER secure. there is the traditional male view of money. and live frantically for it. difficult to get a hold of. you are simply NOT being true to yourself. The universe provides for you. and are feeling frantic. the universe becomes responsible. In a sense. you are separated. the right place. because you believe that the money will be there for you. it will respond by telling you to. as in the traditional viewpoint. or the frantic feeling. When you tune into yourself. That money is actually energy from the universe. it’s your job to break through the blocks.

if you define yourself as your heart's desire. realize. great happiness. The first one that we described. you are that executive. you will lose that identity and become lost. your mortgage payment. and not quite the other. and the universe is the provider. how much money is in your bank account. You hang onto that identity. One of the biggest problems. that we see. When you are through. This is the space of time when most people falter. if you define yourself as. you will NOT make the needed money. and many of you may run from that. and it will only cause you great pain and hardship. then when you pursue your dreams. you KNOW that you can do great things as an executive. no matter what you do. even if you have to change your total outward identity. you will feel great peace. If. those interfere with being true to yourself. again. This is the space of time where there is tremendous pain. At this time. by having some other crises come to at the forefront. The exercise for tonight is to imagine what you would do if there were no limits in your life. that you can do great good. We must stress here that many of you. and go to school full-time. and what your job is. there is this space of time where you are not quite one. then. What kind of job would you have? What did you dream about as a child. if you do not act. However. indeed. indeed. the second. But. because. You need to take the risk to STOP being the secretary. what you are. Otherwise. that is probably your heart’s desire. and more. you link your identity to your bank account. it will act for you. The universe will allow you to be stagnate for only so long. if you operate out of the other belief system. you are acting out of the old belief system. giving you the needed courage to make the needed changes. even if you have to cut back on your income. for fifteen minutes let everything be possible. maybe as far as letting go of the job totally. and usually not much support from those around you. Let us say that you are this secretary and you need this schooling to become an executive. indeed. By using money. The only thing we can tell you. and probably unable to pursue your dream. you will find great pain. is that you are what your deepest dreams are. it may not come immediately. and long after it benefits you. a doctor. when. in your heart. When this happens. a secretary. DO things for the money. when you had no limits? If you didn't worry about money. because again. and the money will not flow. or XXXX. maybe you need more schooling. that you would be a great asset in doing them. But. You are what you do. you will KNOW that is. indeed. One of the biggest problems in changing an identity is letting go of an old one. money will stop flowing. Money flows through you. what would you do????? Let the images flow. When you base your identity upon your money and your job. as you go for your MBA. etc. you are an executive. is that people put their sense of identity into money. and that is what ~ 51 ~ . and then. as your identity. and when you stop being true to yourself. then what you are currently doing. If you are a secretary. you are not being true to yourself. and it means that you will be short on money for three years. You have to let go of one self in order to become the other self. You must let go of being a secretary. long after you need it. it can be frightening. you must follow your purpose. even if you peruse your dreams. and begin the process of becoming an executive. and long to be an executive. This can be difficult. the universe may decide to stop in and help you along by having you lose your job. and. that is closer to whom you are. then you must believe that. if you didn't have to worry about your child's college education. and also feel safe and serene. In some sense. how indeed you are a caretaker of the money. you tie into it. Or. you are a lawyer. maybe even take a tremendous cut in pay. However.begin to see more.

In the old should be doing. that is God's will for you. ~ 52 ~ . and now it is time to think about ways to make that happen in your life.

One strange part of the void is the feeling that you are stagnant when. and make a hasty decision as fast as possible. Let yourself "be". and the old has yet left. your unconscious mind is coming to grips with what is the next best place for you. NOT knowing what to do. or how hard you try. none of those possibilities have manifested. the void. in your life. indeed. or near the void. a space to explore the possibilities. many times. Do not put yourself down for waiting. usually. It is the state of possibility. The conscious mind. The conscious mind many times craves action. One symptom could be the need to sleep all the time.The Samantha Riordan Channels The Void Section 18: 4/16/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved The Void There are times. you will probably make poor decisions. many times. in every life. It seems to NEED to know what will happen next. as if you are walking around in a waking dream of sorts. everything seems to be falling apart at the seams. aches for. accompanied by a feeling that you are wading through a large pan of spaghetti. by making a decision. RUSH out. Many times. or near. that the new is determined. in the sense that you are ~ 53 ~ . for you are NOT being lazy. because. is the sign of a wizard. The void exists as space. in the void. If anything. and in its mind. Nothing seems real or "whole". you will feel lazy in the void. what SHOULD happen next. and new beginning starts. No matter what you do. It is the challenge of living in a state of endless possibilities. everything is NOT coming together. something to do. Indeed the ability to wait and sort through what needs to be done next. and YET wanting to do something. when you feel as if everything. It is there. is in a state of flux. The mistake is that you are NOT using the void wisely. there is nothing to hold unto. and in a sense nothingness. It is the state of transition and change with. simply to GET OUT OF THE VOID. The ability to live in. is part of the state of the void. The void is a frightening concept for many people. no conscious knowledge of what will occur at the end. The challenge of the void state is the ability to NOT make decisions to quickly. Let it know that action is taking place. but undetermined possibility. In the void the new has yet to come. to avoid the uncomfortable of it. Let yourself "be" lazy if you will. any decision. you are actually being very creative. It is very difficult for the conscious mind to NOT have something to hang onto. in that staging state of in-between. which is a sign that your unconscious mind is exploring different probable realities for you. comfortably. These times are. You also will feel NOT quite connected to reality. Many people GO into the void. and craves stability. because. It is in this time that you are in. longs for. is what has happened in the past.

it will fill you up. and thereby. You will feel constantly tired. and see it coming. and finding the right one that fits. ~ 54 ~ . is to help you make large changes in your life. the decision you make will. For within the void. for within this cave are the possibilities for your future. and see what needs to happen on that road. to get out of this place. be a decision made in error. you are fighting the best possible thing for yourself. It is the ‘wading through’ of new beliefs. a decision that. By fighting the void. there are no limits. When you are in the void. Then. You will find yourself making decisions that make sense. You WANT to do something. It is through these exercises that you being to explore the void. many times. in an active place to be. Many of you will feel at tremendous angst when you are in this state. Explore all the crannies. Many times. you may see another crevice of light. indeed. imagine a road taking you from where you are to there. It is. the next stop is to bring this unconscious material through into the conscious. and get out too quickly. in a sense. you will "see" have not been wise and may even harm you. what the best possible thing you would like to be doing. you will know what to do. and when you do that the angst. and easily. The way to do this is by thinking. Instead of floating around in the energy of the void. in your mind. a deep underlying restlessness. look into that one. designing a future framework. Again we tell you. Let it know that you are in the state of consideration and. It is looking at what is best for yourself. within the cave. think about your best possible life. of the void. and crevices. it is the calm before the storm of a dramatic new beginning. and frustration will leave you to a large extent. instead of wading through it. and allowing the unconscious to do all the work. later on down the line. You need to make peace with the void. and that there is a light somewhere within the cave that you are in. that you are in a cave. WORK consciously within the void. anything. go into the crevice with a light and "see" what possibility that is. now as you think of this life. to the extent that you believe you are NOT safe in the universe. If you "run" away from the void. as well as. or map for yourself. and you will find yourself leaving. The purpose.exploring possibilities. and things coming together well. Imagine if you will. When you are sure that you have found the best path. and yet you do NOT know what to do. without limiting your mind at all.

and information of any kind. for the seeds of that religion lie within the new age. a child looking in the mirror and making faces at themselves. that what is here and what is coming are good. This brings us to the question of morality. The means NEVER justify the ENDs. And then. and more. although those in the "old" ways live in a similar shrinking world through telepathy. underlying the convincing. If the form is in a Russian peasant. what was. in any form is valuable. Because of this. and others like him. generally have validity. Your minds need to catch up and surpass the technological knowledge that is occurring in your lives. and economies are learning that knowledge. there is in your society a terrific fear of change. The new age is taking seeds of the old. The world is. Rage and the Unabomber Section 19: 4/17/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Technology. when a message is related in a fearful manner. You can only temporarily use force to convince another. there are fanatics. You can never push your will upon another. and is changing even more radically. there are HUGE changes in your society. as you know it.The Samantha Riordan Channels Technology. That is where the next step is coming from. or an English aristocrat. When you reach the point of doing morally reprehensible things. with the coming of the millennia. Individuals who do not understand. What ~ 55 ~ . when violence is used. there is rage and resentment. it will never work. both families. in a sense. and the violence stems from underlying fear. what is needed is rapid adoption. the way that message is expressed is not healthy. and lends value to your societies. and right now. and lack of understanding of what is occurring in your society. since the beginning of time. since we have stated before that all fear is an illusion. This is the situation with the Unabomber. other the societal technological gods. If that form is in an Indian woman who lives in a hut. When an individual is frightened. there will also be more fanatics. individuals who wish to go backwards into. as well as society. so be it. at what point does ideology reach its limits? In other words. or a version of morality. and closer. Technology is becoming the great equalizer. you are acting out of ignorance and fear. A religion that utilizing what you know technological. is a religion that heals the spiritual. so be it. The world that you grew up in is radically different. There needs to be a new "religion". if you will. and that is NOT a good single value to live with. As well. But. There needs to be a way to incorporate values with technology. Here is an individual who truly senses a need for something to worship. As society moves closer. That is the rational of fanatics. and in that sense is the most dynamic of religions. Yet. or believe. does the end justify the means? The message of the Unabomber. and combining them with the new. As technology increases. to the millennium there will be more. Your older religions are HOLDING onto their dogmas. it uses violence to fight back. a fearful individual is an ignorant individual. This rapid technology is causing the breakdown of the family. As well. Currently the value is technology. as you know it. Can you actually convert another when you try to "force" him or her into it? We tell you NO. as well. fanatics. shrinking through technology. expresses that through violence. Rage and the Unabomber In your world. Technology has created a new world.

and feeling a tremendous emptiness. When you realize that. that there is more to life then technology. As we have said before there is meaning in the simplest of events. What you must do is back off. and to change the mind. as you give understanding to yourself. Look into this ~ 56 ~ . we discussed above. the skinhead. and see the love underneath. you create a world where you have a message to learn. When you are raging at another. he perverted his message. When you find a message within yourself. and tells the skin head he is wrong. and the version of probably realities you live. and trying to "convert" you to their side WILL NEVER work. and believed that only the terrorism could he bring the message. the Jew very calmly listens to the rage of the skinhead and asks him a question or simply listens. Maybe you drew him into your reality to understand the ignorance of that world that created a holocaust. and learned to deeply communicate what was in his heart. that the ends cannot justify the means. Tonight’s exercise is to imagine. responding by getting even or by fighting back. because you create the ends that you must justify. as is all emotions. Then imagine yourself and this person in a circle of light. and he is sick etc. If he had NOT used violence. and ignorance. will only create more rage. You give understanding to others. it will just worsen the situation. and you can only do that through love. then and only then can you heal. When you are faced with ugliness. if you will. you accept your rage. and harmed both himself and many others. you want the loved one to understand you. or for another. what you must do is to find the living message underneath the rage filled actions and words. in this situation. the last thing you want is for the loved one to rage back. and find peace within yourself. Rage responding to rage. or opinion of another. and by seeking technology many people in your world have lost their center. All emotion is based upon love for the self. And by claiming that the end justified the means. have lost the ability to see meaning in their lives. there are reasons and meanings for choosing the Unabomber and his violent means. will learn THROUGH EXAMPLE. And. If the Unabomber would have used the pen. If you are the Jew. They are chasing the next new toy. who encountered the skinhead. for love is ALWAYS more powerful then rage. tells him that his view of reality is off. on the other hand. is reinforcing the belief of the skin head. Then. and heal the pain between the two of you. since each of you creates your own reality. You also create the means of the circumstances that you wish to change. when you see through the rage. and change a situation. instead of the bomb. as well. In fact RAGE is based upon love. Tells him that he has no validity. When you are raging at a loved one. For you teach best what you most need to learn. If. that life needs to have meaning. when you give love in the face of rage. and you create your own reality. his message would have reached an audience. and fights anger with anger. by shown through his action. and a message to teach. if you will. you can give a message to the world. What is happening is that the Jew. However. Let us use the example of a Jew who hears a skin head on the radio. you will realize. you are angry because something has come between you and the other. on the other side of the line. and shown through his can do is to teach and show another the better way. maybe you drew him into your reality to understand and forgive the rage in yourself. However. For whatever reason. But. lighted candles. for there is more to life than being the treadmill of technology. the Unabomber was ignorant. someone you are in conflict with. love responding to rage will create love. Love is the most powerful way to heal any situation. or the rage of another. There DOES indeed need to be meaning in your lives. Let us say that the Jew calls in. that the Jews are GOOD people.

and try to see it from their point of view. when you are ready embrace them.person’s eyes and "see" where the conflict is coming from. Then. and understand where the problems they are giving you are coming from. and sure enough you will find that you are embracing yourself. and sure enough you will find that the matter will resolve itself peacefully. Such is the way of love. Try to love the person causing the conflict. ~ 57 ~ . Understand their pain. and what part of you this conflict represents.

or otherwise. When you run way form yourself. Whatever the lightning was. for even a great wizard has a bad day. Do not run from these feelings. albeit a different life. who believe that you create your own reality. when you face the pain. You will see the belief that needs to be changed. that there is something taking care of you. Simply TRUST somehow that there was a reason. and when you lie upon your deathbed. for the life of you. and that after the feelings are felt. and then have a person you love die. after the pain has stopped gripping you. Do not hide from the energy that flows through you. that you are bad. and you begin to start living again. or to blame yourself. You will get through it and come through the other side. Or. FEEL them. and caring universe. Do not feel that there is something wrong with you. reason why such a thing would occur. But the difference between a wizard.The Samantha Riordan Channels Lightning Strikes Section 20: 4/18/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Lightning Strikes There will be times in life when something will hit you. simply feel what you need to feel. and you lose an awful and unjust lawsuit. But again. or the purpose that needs to be fulfilled. or some act of violence has been perpetrated against you. or you want to crawl in a hole. and to take care of you. Something will happen that is so painful that you cannot. when you are in shock. feel it. when you feel the most down. you will take the lesson with you. When you face the emotions. you may have been trying to make huge changes in your life. you may have been doing everything right. useful. and you face that pain with some sort of faith. you have been told that you have a terrible disease. you create your own reality. or even an incredibly bad day. that you have failed. that there is a good. When in the face of a crisis. the worst thing you can do is to hate yourself. you want to sit down and cry. YOU will move through it unscathed. You may have been working on beliefs. There maybe times in life when you have been struck with the proverbial lightning. or you may have been doing nothing at all. utterly. or maybe the same life. after the shock has worn off. simply move through it. It is at this time that the only thing that you can do to get yourself through the situation is to accept everything you are feeling. whatever the crisis. the anger. is the ability to stand in the face of the pain. and when you are hit. A wizard knows there is a lesson. You will learn the lesson. when you feel. you will at some point in time see the reasons for why this has occurred. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. for that energy exists to help you. the fear. understand it. The pain. where can you run? Nowhere here. you want to scream your head off. Then. That is the faith of a wizard. and the rage exist to help you get through this. we are stressing that many of you. ~ 58 ~ . and one who is not a wizard. abundant. even though it is hard to believe in anything. you go through bankruptcy. sideswiped. and KNOW that there is reason underneath. At these times. You cannot see any reason rational. that there is some purpose that you will come to understand.

you say to yourself. in times of crisis. for when you are a wizard. and reality. even when you just look for it halfway. But. if you seek such understanding. you are learning about the life force itself. When you do that. I will feel this and know that there is an end. knowing that you create your reality. the understanding will dawn on you in some unsuspecting moment. for then you lose even more power. know that at the bottom of that self-hatred is love. and we KNOW that she can find the strength to move through it. and you will understand. for Samantha. or others around you. it is hard to see anything at all. indeed. the world. you will encounter resistances within yourself. no matter how ugly the issue. You must. because when you are in pain. By challenging yourself and expanding your knowledge. Just because you are a wizard. find joy in my life. that you win. do not wonder why. I will feel this. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. and when your beliefs and purpose clash. and at times that resistance can be overwhelming. as well as challenge every tiny molecule in your life. and maybe even find joy within this very moment. and validate the life force within you. and you will find a way to transform all internal. and extremely ugly. Find the love in the self-hatred. you are alive from the force of love itself. Even when you are filled with self-hatred. You have weathered. learn the lesson. you have become more. for you must love yourself enough to hate yourself. Do not doubt that you have that ability. you are looking deeply in yourself. As well. disaster will strike. so that it may become ~ 59 ~ . and your anger. unlearn-able. After many moments and many seconds. the reasons. when you reject yourself. But. or when you are not living on purpose. does not mean that you are spared some difficulties in life. When you love yourself. that pain has deepened your heart. only get through it. because the loving universe is attempting to correct your course. and those resistances WILL come into play. unsolvable. moment by moment. Again we stress at this time. The lightning has struck her life twice this week. your rage. You will transform the situation right then. the situation and when there is nothing left of that situation for you to face. By doing that. it is when you find that love. and right there.When in the face of this incredible pain. I know that I am safe. This reading is a relatively personal one. Then you will begin to feel the tremendous love and acceptance that exists underneath all of reality. you may still have in the situation. and beaten. though. that we suggest you put up as a posting. you lose any power whatsoever. related to that. there are MORE difficulties in life. That love will be the force that transforms both you. and extremely ugly. believing in it. and second by second. or even a wizard in training. unsolvable. If you are alive. do not blame yourself. validate yourself. remember to love yourself and give love to each of yourselves. No matter how hard the lightning strikes. much less reasons. you change the reality you see. do not fail yourself for not initially understanding. And finally. and when you are learning of those forces. and will give you your center. Many times. and external issues. whatever you do. for when you blame them. and the situation. That love will give you strength. or that love. that fear has been conquered. there is purpose in each and every life. Again. and the laws that govern them. as each and every one of you can as well. yet. do not blame yourself. I will feel this. when the lightning strikes. for life stems from love. even though pain and loss are illusion. then you love the parts of yourself that in your mind seem untenable. then the situation beats you. and right now the reality looks untenable. validate what you do well. your pain.

May Love Be With Each Of You. whom you know can learn to walk. no matter how much it may seem like it. like that small child in pain. But. Have faith in yourself. and the pain will end and he will learn how to walk. Have compassion for yourself. ~ 60 ~ . know that the universe never abandons you. he is simply learning to walk. as you would a small child who scraped his knee and does not understand where the pain is coming from. Also.stronger and freer. and times of pain. especially in times of crisis. as you would that small child.

that if she applies it to her personal situations. a deep recognition of whom. you view things differently. Love is what the basis for existence is. When you are afraid you contract into yourself. it is. within you. lose the war. so try. Love. because in your lingo it assumes stasis. the force of nature. Perfect is a difficult concept. energy. and when you do that. Again. and I never needed to change a single iota about myself. she feels that loving. what would happen if I knew that I was loved. Samantha certainly feels that way. or lose whatever. love is the ability to trust. even my life. deeply. what if I knew that everything would. Love is the action that stems from the peace. and you can "see" what needs to be done. in my goodness? Who would I be then? That is love. that I was perfect. Love is considered a sign of weakness. when you think to yourself. Love occurs in that peace. Love is what occurs when you have that peace. to feel. and that I could never truly lose anything. how do you do that? Love is a force. It is the beginning of being in touch. because love is energy in motion. Ask yourselves. Instead. lose the fight. how would I act in this situation. to many in your society. each of you need to remember. When you apply a loving consciousness to any situation you create magic. magic cannot exist. or believe that you truly can. When you assume radical faith. Radical faith is the beginning. and what you are. Love is the force that makes the flowers grow. MAGIC occurs. Actually perfection is fluid. unconditional love. she would be taken advantage of. the force of life. you are unable to grow. Now each of you was created "perfectly" and is in a sense a perfect being. an overwhelming feeling of peace enters your consciousness. if I believed. Each of you is perfect in that sense. ~ 61 ~ .The Samantha Riordan Channels Love and Magic Section 21: 4/20/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Love and Magic: Love is the actual force of existence that creates magic. Love can overcome the laws of physics. flows through you. is considered the equivalent of being doormat. So. like E=mc2 is a force of nature. What do we mean by love anyway? Love has a bad reputation in your society. as well as magic. surrender is considered an act of weakness. it is perfect motion. if I weren't trying to deprive myself? How would I act. the next step is action. Indeed. ultimately. work out? What if I knew that I was sage. and to expand. Radical faith assumes passiveness. love is the next step beyond. and the trees turn green in the spring. and you are taken into a place of joy and motion. It is also the act of surrender. The ability to see through your heart center. it is the power of action that occurs from that peace. To surrender means that you lose. or to believe in that perfection. how would I react in this situation? When you act from that belief system. Actually. surrender is a way of opening up and accessing tremendous power within you. and many times can even avert the laws of physics. is a kind of trap. When you are afraid. and it is in the sphere of love that peace exists. The opposite of love is fear. After the peace.

Since you create your reality. which Samantha once saw in a writing class. or to change your consciousness about something. ~ 62 ~ . if you change your mind. it is to see something that was there before. and you create magic.There is a definition of magic. if you see what was there before. you change your world. since you create your life.

yet maintain the integrity of the self you currently have. and to open up so much. Initially. In many ways. only because. There are various forms of channelling. You are no longer a separate person. many people "hear" voices. and you believe that incarnate energies are evil? Like attracts like especially when it comes to channelling and you must find out what went "wrong' in ~ 63 ~ . You are taught by Christianity. then through Freud. that your unconscious mind is NOT something that you can trust. Channelling is very similar. take your the messages you receive with a "grain" of salt. there are levels to learning how to channel. If you should get a message like this. and simply listen. physically dead entities. it still has to contact you through your beliefs. and another entity joins with you. it is not quite as inactive as we are saying. Is it good advice to kill another person? Probably not. can enter with you. You open to the forces of energy. look at the channel as a great friend. This is the greatest fear in your society. this process is not quite a strange as it sounds. that another entity. Let us say. Channelling is an ability to "listen" deeply. So. in your mind. in your society. because you have to actively listen. you become one in a new and combined form. great artists are channels. To channel is to hear voices. you begin the process of channelling and you hear your first messages. giving you good advice. Great healers are channels. you have not learned to listen within. and create another form of energy. in your society. you open your mind up. great scientists. this is something that each of you can do. in Samantha's case. It is relatively rare. The process of channel is learning to clear out enough space. Now. even of course. and you become more then you were before. in essence your energies join and become a new form of energy. Indeed.The Samantha Riordan Channels Channelling Section 22: 4/21/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Channelling Let us talk about bit about the process of channelling. However. Now. In essence. When you love someone. A channel is someone who can open to the forces of the universe. it is simply hearing the voices in your mind. to let your energy join with another energy. you need as well to look at why you are getting this type of message? Is it because you believe that evil exists within your mind. and they tell you to kill someone. great writers. deeply your energy and their energy join and form another third energy. in fact that is a definition of psychosis. however. you are frightened of the voices within your mind. that you will hear voices who tell you to do "bad" things. so that you can hear better and better. and open up enough. and become one with them. the accuracy of what you hear is going to be relatively low. and contact you through your mental screen. You have to open up enough to hear the voices. and that you will hear "bad" things when you open your mind? Is it because the channelled entity is not necessarily a positive one. Now. it is the ability to love. When a voice contacts you. and either is the other person.

However. Some of them are friendly. it is tremendously painful for the initial channel. why did you need. In Celtic society. one probable reality is all children will learn to be channels at an early age. then it wasn't good for you to hear it. until you have filtered out your channels. As well. IN past generations. Great channels became druidic priests. if you were to channel being a healer. When you shut off that channel you become alone again. It was believed that. and simply "shut" down the channel that doesn't work for you. a good channel will always respond. there are very few "negative" energies out "here". some of them malicious. These were the shamans. For example. to the person who is channelling it. to read about music. The druid rational was. this worked consistently better. channelled information is always necessary. Rather. and these are very few etc. or greater versus poorer channels. For example. and initially. so you do NOT repeat a negative experience with another channel. It is time for this ancient technology to come back. I do not think you are a healthy channel. ALL information was passed on this way. For example. Generally a long term channel is a "good" one for it takes our time as well as yours to become a channel and "negative" channels are not very patient. or very little written. the messages that you are being given. All information that ever existed still exists. it was better to learn to channel the information that you would need. do things work out better for you in your life? If not. In your time of information expansion. like losing a very good friend. when you needed it. that. fill you with a kind of joy. So. they will channel the great musicians. In the age we are moving into. It is rather like learning how to use the index in a library. that. for. If you wished to know more about history. or needed for another. and to some extent information overkill. information. To ~ 64 ~ . if you couldn't channel the information. then request a new entity to channel. so as to not repeat the negative process again. Written information was simply considered unnecessary and what is more possibly not good for all people. For example. There are 50 or 100 publications in your particular industry.” Again. However. A channel was a good way to get the exact information that you needed. “I request a new voice. In each time as well. Channelling is the learning to use the index. there were great oracle channels. a great sense of peace? When you follow the messages. channelled entities are rather like human entities. information that was valid for one was not valid. is different than time for you. and great music. like there are greater. you would channel information of the past.your broadcast. let us say that you need to keep up with what is going on in your industry. because time "here". and wisdom people. when a channel is "shut" off. some of them not so friendly. druids and wise women were taught to be channels. or poorer musicians writers etc. being able to channel is a way of cutting through the multitude of information that exists. Why bother to write anything down. One big problem with channelling is. or frightening. When you are ready to hear. it was known that. It is just a matter of learning how to access this information. and what good would it be. you are never alone. then they will channel healers. anytime you wish. In a sense. are they something that makes you feel "lighter". It is possible to channel. if a child's purpose is to become a musician. then look at what caused that particular channel to come to you. Each child will channel different entities that are part of their purpose. but more than likely all you have to do is simply say. When you are a channel. This may seem impossible. If the child's purpose is that of healer. that is one reason that Druid had no. Channelling is a skill that will be taught. this process may become very painful.

and looking at the psychological undercurrent of what is going on in the mind of the alcoholic. Channels do work with information that currently exists. It makes. He believed that he was the antiChrist and wanted people to worship him. you would be "told". He interpreted the opening to be evil. or resources. The healer would have taught this cousin how to clear through his psyche. if someone is suicidal and takes a drug to temporarily alleviate that depression. in its own right. read this particular publication. and therefore saw himself as the anti-Christ. they heal. But. This is very similar to shamanism. on such and such a page. as well as teaching them that there is force beyond themselves. and had to be committed. there was a cousin who heard voices. the most natural use of the mind. and understand the forces that he was dealing with. for example. It was meant to open him up and to re-evaluate his definition of god. They change the mental structures of the brain and distance the individual from the problem. He realized that he was channelling this awesome force. Drugs are good. that you can gain access too. Current healing methods of the mind are simply not very effective. He needed a healer who understood what was happening to him. Psychologically speaking. in that you can access information from the past. at least. In this sense. That was the accurate two percent. based upon our information. and even the future. the drugs taken to help in healing actually harm. she receives feedback in "her" world. Channelling like this is the ultimate way to wade through the tremendous amount of information that is currently flowing through your society. this particular page. you would be guided to the proper book. Your Alcoholics Anonymous knows this. will actually heal the mind. That means that 98% of everything he heard was inaccurate. and publications would be unnecessary. and then left untreated. In a sense. and useful. By attempting to heal the entire family. and you will find what you need. in your society. the present. It is. only prevents real healing and in fact prevents deep healing. there is simply so much of it in your world. "more credible" in her mind. has the basic components of shamanic practice. In the case of suicidal depression treated with drugs. As a channel. only mysticism of a sort. Women in your society suffer a great deal from depression. the depression will come back in an even worse state. also. which is effective and stops the depression. So. great alcoholism. Depression will begin. He was sensing that the universe had terrific forces. many times. Or. if we are telling her something on love that particular day. it will be something on love and.keep up with that kind of information is a full-time occupation. This validates for her what we are saying. or another desperate physical problem will occur. why do so many people hear voices and commit heinous crimes? Because. sure enough. Or. for SHORT term healing. can only ultimately be treated by teaching mysticism. the accuracy of his information of approximately 2 percent. Channelling is. It is not uncommon for us to tell Samantha to go and read XXXX. and indeed it is the most effective treatment for alcoholics known today. to take these drugs on a long term basis. and potentially he could have become a great channel. So. they do not hear the information well. the ultimate source of information. Many times. in a sense. and that it was more powerful then he understood. deeper suicidal ~ 65 ~ . eventually becomes something else. if you were skilled enough you would simply channel the exact information that you needed. However. what we tell her. It is the best library. We may tell her to go to her library and read XXXX on XXXX. that is information overkill. He was indeed channelling something. as well as psychosis. In Samantha's mate's family. or the proper place. Alcoholism for example. it will be the same type of information. And. It.

What a mother believes when she is pregnant will affect the child for the rest of its life. that is thirty years of practice. or are unhealthy. the temple that we asked you to put together. You may not even understand. how would that help. Channelling. to most effectively help and guide them. like car. A channel as well. Does it makes sense to you. like anything else. only mask. so it becomes a divorce. it was part of her purpose to channel at an early age. Breaking those beliefs is difficult indeed. at the age of 8. As well. in your mind. However. did I imagine it? Take it as your first channelled information. the power of that energy is frightening. as nothing else would. We recommend that. tree. and began writing her channelling down. Many times depression stems from extremely strong negative beliefs. Belief systems are passed down from generation. and guide her. or something. and did not understand what was happening to her. ~ 66 ~ . and learned her inner purpose. That is why. Beliefs are part of the DNA structure that you pass to your children. in her purpose. only then can she successfully combat her disease. an individual may very well be looking at negative beliefs that were passed to them through their DNA structure. As the entity enters into your temple. and LISTEN. and her own inner power. Lay there in the temple. As well. In depression. A depressive person will "see" the world through very dark eyes. Most depressive woman are terribly creative. did you feel "bad"? If you felt bad. earlier. In order to begin the process of learning to channel. They will give you methods. thoughts. and simply listen for fifteen minutes. a channel will give information in symbols. sit in a calm state. Beliefs like eyes are part of what you give your children. because she was learning to use her creative forces to channel. and ask for a healing channel. requires a great deal of practice. a depressed woman needs to find her mysticism. and do not understand how to use. do not SOLVE the problem. and negative beliefs are very strong. Samantha herself has suffered from severe depressions. use the information. why? If you felt good. if you will. again.depression. So. Instead. while being effective. Samantha was like a child prodigy when it comes to channelling. depression seems to be hereditary. and women are trained in your society to be frightened of power. She has been channelling for thirty years. how did you feel when you got the information? Did you feel happy. she would begin to see purpose in her life. or strange ideas. and sure enough her depression could be solved as soon as she realized that the universe would help her. Do not judge the information. Sure enough. ask them if they have an initial message for you. or divorce etc. especially initially. or ideas in a structured form when the individual is ready to "hear" them. you imagine of a circle of protection. take everything your channel says with a grain of salt. in such a way. and challenge the depressed person. The underlying depression is never dealt with. before you start. That would heal the depression. They may only say a word. A healthy channel will challenge you to look at those beliefs that are limiting to you. Imagine. who will guide you. or hinder your life? Sometimes. to generation. an entity will enter your temple. If the initially depressed woman began the process of channelling. In a sense. or drugs mask it. and only a positive entity can enter there. Your drugs. or white light. and then if it is not too risky. Do not ask yourself. or it becomes a mother who abuses her children. Samantha has been channelling since she was a child of 3 years of age. will challenge belief systems that are not healthy for an individual. why? Write down what the entity who entered your temple wore? What exactly did they say. Her accuracy rate is currently 93 percent. or focus the creative energy through themselves.

we will give Samantha clues in sections of three. Are they telling you that your car could be in trouble? Maybe you should check your brakes etc.. to "see" what they may be telling you.But. ~ 67 ~ .. For example.. try then. a friend will call her about their love life. and maybe. her daughter will talk to her about how much she loves her.. and then you must figure out the message. She will think. that is for the next section. channels will give you clues. Maybe you should have your car in for a tune-up? Maybe your mate’s car needs to be looked at? Many times as well.. Then you receive a coincidental message. or hear an idea love. then.

now when the phone rings you are upset because you may have to make someone happy. and an outward event "happens" along. there is another way of looking at something like this? What is suddenly causing these people to call? Are there more than usual? What seems to be the underlying issue at hand? You are beginning to take outward events. and what happens in the present effects the future. For example. because you DO create your own reality. with a new logic. let us say that you are down to your last dollar. the lack of medical insurance may be one way for you to look at whether you need medical insurance. what happens in the past effects the present. or heard from him in ten years. so you walk across the street. If A and B happen. then. In your world. However. then. and relate them internally? You are beginning to think synchronistically. let us say that you hate your job because you have to listen to people complain. That is a logical casual conclusion. decisions are made based upon thinking that. ~ 68 ~ . and sure enough it appears. C will happen. The first is when something internal happens.The Samantha Riordan Channels Coincidence Section 23: 4/22/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Coincidence Coincidence is the "new" form of logic. you were required. if you are attempting to be a wizard. But. Causality is a sequence of events that happen outside of yourselves. you "know' what to expect from them. let us say that you have a dream that you are seeing an old boyfriend. and what is happening now. Suddenly you lose your medical insurance just as you realize that you create your own reality. is "used" to describe why one event "rises" out of another event. and suddenly your medical insurance is stopped. In the past. WILL happen in the future. and then there is some outward manifestation. This is when you need an outward event. and sure enough you run into that very SAME BOYFRIEND. and if those events are mimics other events. In a causal universe this could be a frightening experience. In other words. therefore. and therefore. Because there is always the "risk" that an outside event will occur when you need medical insurance. and then you won’t' be able to afford it. For example. when you had the complaining part of your job. When you see that you create your reality. again. and you haven't seen. You need to think of them differently. the next day you go shopping. Another type of synchronistic event is when you need something. Let us say that you are a budding wizard. based upon a past event. Then. and sure enough you look down and "see" a fifty dollar bill. you need to move beyond "seeing" things casually and outside of yourself. and maybe a test of whether any insurance is needed in your life. So. There are two types of synchronistic events that occur. what has happened in the past. to make those people happy. For example. and reasoning. You are taking an external event and beginning to see how it relates to interior changes and experiences. For example. Observation. All events are believed to have a certain cause.

to create what it is that you want. actually. There is logic to this. For Samantha. However."LOGICALLY the two events do not seem to be related. Connective thinking if you will. and coincidences are "clues" to what those relationships are. each culture has certain symbols. a day of terrible trouble. when you use the rational mind to solve a problems logically. of knowledge and solutions. But when you begin to see that the internal. and begin to "look" into that message. coincidences are just that. you begin to have a symbolic alphabet. When you think synchronistically. you haven't gotten those phone calls for a long time. are directly related. to Samantha knowledge means books. you begin to see that what appears externally. to Samantha. use synchronicity as a guide in how to behave. you truly dislike getting phone calls complaining about products in your work. in Samantha's life. on a bench. At the park. What is meant by that? Couldn’t it be that you are coming close to changing beliefs that need to be looked at. with books. Tradition logic would say that those events have nothing to do with each other. For example. as well as. So. Species symbols are related to the Jungian idea of archetypes. When you look for things synchronistically. and when she 'gets" a book. When you view through traditional logic means. was a book. Let us say that. As well. and there she sat down on a bench. When she dreams of a book. you begin to look back at what happened to "make" it go wrong. you try to see how XXXX external event relates to YYY other external event. you simply use it differently. you begin to see great synchronicity occurring between events. as we stated above. They are external events that occur that have nothing to do with each other. maybe. you begin to look internally for ways to solve exterior events. Let us use the example above. you do NOT stop using your rational mind. Books are symbolic. in a day. when you are thinking symbolically. you try to rationally see how XXXX is a symbol. a message of the universe. instead of using "logic". and decided to go the park. It is the logic of decoding symbols. are interrelated. Next to her. She loves to have books around her. and suddenly. it means that there is a solution within it. how do you look at something symbolically? At one point. and what is inside of you internally. and writes these postings in a room that is filled. for in order to find ~ 69 ~ . floor to ceiling. To view things synchronistically you need to see that any type of coincidence is. you view them as occurring outside of yourself. How YYY external event related to YYY belief. three or four appear. walked away from her problems. and even each species. finally. books mean answers. Each person has a certain grouping of symbols that mean certain things to them. and how is the external events related to your internal reality? Logically. The book was directly related to the problems that she had "left" behind. You look for causes. Now. Now. we gave an exercise where you were to look at everything around you as a symbol for something else. or XXXX internal event. One day. and you look at exterior events as the process of something internal going on. if you will. there is a "big" problem. when you realize that the psyche is directly related to external events. She. Begin to decode these coincidental things and. and the external. the logic of looking into what something means in relation to the experience. she walked until she was tired. You look for a cause. it means that this dream is related to knowledge etc. For example. So. when something goes wrong. This always requires rational thinking. If you do this enough.

internally? If you are being sued because your dog did doo-doo on his lawn? Ask yourself what the doo-doo represents to you? Ask yourself what his lawn might mean. see them as part of an internal event. what that internal event represents and what it means? For example. so does Laura's mind. You create your reality. It is simply looking for. represent in your stage play? Each event in your life is LIKE a stage play. what does this lawsuit represent to me. and logistics manager. and ask them in your meditative mind. In Tennessee Williams show the glass menagerie. ask yourself what is it that is symbolically behind this lawsuit. or. what you lawn might mean to you? Begin to look at what all the external objects in the event represent. the star. ~ 70 ~ . but its underlying connections exist solely with symbols. and the look at how the drama is playing itself out. When those glass animals break. when Laura has a suitor. who is suing you over your doggy's doo-doo. How these objects are symbols. and instead of seeing them as outside of yourself. you must see a relationship. Instead of blaming that individual for suing you. Take all the elements of the problem. The universe is the producer. The exercise for today involves looking at an event in your life as a symbol. or the money man (energy provider). The symbol for those glass animals is Laura's fragile sanity. This type of thinking also involves "seeing" a relationship. In the Tennessee Williams play. What would the neighbour.a casual reason to an event. and what these symbols mean. Imagine your life as a stage play? What do the objects represent? And what do the characters represent. Let us say that you are being sued by a disgruntled individual over some small thing. and examining a different kind of relationship. You are the director. and the writer. it represents love to her. like in a stage play. It is a stage play that you play out in physical reality. Laura looks at glass animals on her shelf and feels a deep connection with them.

Does that mean we are saying. that. and bad. both go to a more hellish. that judgement is more the likely tainted. from our vantage point. than one who takes life. If someone is murdered. because you no longer "see" life. In order to commit the ~ 71 ~ . judgement itself is not valid. less powerful then they were before. To begin with. There is no one more fearful for his life. There are. It is "wrong" to kill. and needs tremendous love to heal. In other words. the concept of victim. So. Well. feel more powerless then he did before. for when you kill. A victim needs tremendous help. the history and the pain. if a woman walks with strength. and a morality of sorts. He views violence as power. NOT be raped. you must understand the belief's. That is why he must rape. and he "escapes" from this powerful high. that. This is temporary. A victim is in deep pain. Because you reacted. as something of "value". let us get back to the rough morality that we were discussing. what is wrong? Who is good. even. When you are forced. and the energy of "the victim". or wrong? First of all. in your mind. and painful. Should the murderer be prevented from causing another murder? A murderer. by your conscious experiences and conscious beliefs. you are already powerless. cannot murder. made another. An assassin lives in constant fear of begin assassinated. and walks with force. For a rapist must KNOW that he can overpower her. he does indeed. As well. You are "punished". However. He believes more in the powerless. so relevant. or your life. You are automatically punished. an act of violence. and even in that case. simply. you automatically place yourself in the world of crime. wrong. because he. something that is. He lives in constant fear of being overpowered. good. there is in a sense. in order to make a judgement. place.The Samantha Riordan Channels Morality Section 24: 4/23/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Morality What is right. that many times she will. When you create your own reality. and used your energy. of ALL the individuals involved. simply. a very general sense. When you "commit" a crime. is no longer. IN your society. again. initially. But. the murderer already is suffering. temporarily. It is the same for any violent crime. what then becomes right. a rapist sees power as. there are only lessons. to an even darker place of powerlessness. you would not rape. lessons to be learned. you automatically have less respect for life itself. there is no right and there is no wrong. as something that is precious. from a sense of hell. Your belief systems are deeply affected. he may feel powerful. By raping he places himself in an even more powerless world. who is so powerless. Rape is a fight to increase power. Who is there to blame? Well. who is bad? In your daily lives. the victim has no pain? That you should have no compassion for the victim? That she is as much to blame as the perpetrator. are placed in a deeper sense of hell. you darken your world. in your system of justice there are constant judgements of right. Now. in the wrong. when a rapist rapes. there is NO blame. unless he has a "willing victim". It is well known among your law enforcement agencies. For in order to truly understand something. A rapist doesn't understand that true power comes from within. although. otherwise. because you. isn't the murderer. That affects your life. yourself. or "bad". Is it wrong to rape? Rape is an attempt to gain power. to rape.

and that to have sex with another human being would cause them pain. When you "see" life as less precious. you live in a very difficult. is the "high" of encountering the life force. you hurt. mankind needs. your boss. let us get into the idea of harm. Man craves other human beings. is an offense. philosophy etc. it could also destroy the marriage. you live in a business world of "dog eat dog". or to committing violence.crime you must have suffered from some version of the crime itself. lives. about the life force. "Blood rush” is about facing the life force and seeing it in action. that. and energy. empty. if you live for your highest self. and live fast paced. finds it difficult to open their heart center. in a drastic form. Man cooperates much more then he commits violence. If you have been married for 10 years. Now. What this means is that there are many people who will be happy to tell you what you "owe" them. You begin to "loose" touch with your heart center. and you realize that you deeply love your mate. simply by learning more. You would do this naturally. An individual. you recreate the crime. because your marriage is. itself. You can accomplish that. However. Then. whatsoever. you do NOT owe to ~ 72 ~ . your husband. then indeed have the affair. in caves. Man craves family. Your ability to appreciate "the little things". Individuals. What your responsibilities "are". you DO NOT OWE any of these people anything. But. science. there would BE no such thing. is this serving my highest self? If it is. your daughter. and you feel the need to have an affair. rage. For your cities do exist. when you harm another. Your family will tell you. he would NOT be able to build cities at all. and more. game playing. To feel the force of nature run through you. then you will not do it. be true to your highest self. and stronger. Yet. An individual. Your must constantly be on watch against the other business person. If man were uncooperative. What you owe them. when this happens. as we have stated. Then. Whatever you do to another. what you owe it. world. What that means is that. and each of you would NOT harm another human. like this. for the best defence. and utterly. When you perpetrate the crime upon another. finds it difficult to love. your son. to be truly. dramatic. If you did that. Let us say. and the quality of your life "goes" down. it becomes stronger. There is in your society a belief in “blood rush”. what is actually craved is life rush. There would BE no social structure. that feeling is temporary. unto another. other humans. each of you would go for your dreams. you have art. As well. You live in a totally defensive posture. now. etc. Your government will tell you. and that violence is the "natural" course of existence. as in solitary. that. Your entire life is filled with anger. when you kill another. your wife. and thereby affects the quality of your life. affects your belief systems. and NOT do something. like this. and through. in your psyche. is to be true to you highest self. and your friend. Thereby. For example. There is an underlying belief that man is a predator. he would not be able to work in society. like these. you lose appreciation for life. in that concept. when you ask yourself that question. if man were truly predatory through. in all circumstances. for example. you owe it to them to follow your life purpose. Mankind IS primarily social. to seeing violence. and easily. you would "realize" that. you see life as less precious. and fulfill your deepest self. for you would know. what you owe them. Your ability to appreciate diminishes. We tell you. for they ignore their hearts. selfish in the most profound ways possible. have massive heart attacks. technology. ask yourself before you do it. you harm yourselves. and more. a belief that there is a rush to see a murder. and paranoid. you view your life as less precious. It engenders an even deeper craving later on in order to experience "blood rush”. what would occur is that you would simply live ALONE. There are in your world many "vampires". if you were truly utterly violent. It could save your marriage. The "high" of murder. affects your reality. and when they hurt. For. The highest morality is to.

That he is bringing. understanding and tolerance. to live in an empty marriage. the lines of right and wrong indeed become. judgements. As well. However. you must ask yourself why you have created them. these children began to "see". ideas. if I do XXX action. and what is wrong? When you owe to this question. that. preventing you form living your highest purpose. He does not "see" a way out. he knows that he will. move towards your purpose. he grew up with bullets going through is living room. deep. you will experience. and what beliefs they are representing. or at least. we will also tell you that to live true to your highest self. then you have behaved in a moral manner. tremendously. however. that was what he was born into. what you find to be moral. tremendous. can be a totally different expression of something.your mate. reality. a mission to take on. and fulfill. Because there was so little concern for money. We tell you. and what another finds to be moral. very possibly. As well. Now. there is not one good. if you follow without thinking them through. and fill your life with. These are very basic. deeply. the energy of that belief. and that creates. If there are many obligation in your life. almost. almost always. and violence. what energy am I giving to what belief. despair. of morality. he can't conceive of a way out. when you look at morality this way. gray. they are effective. you must live for something beyond yourself. Now. to enter into my world? If you answer yes to those questions. you must pay your bills. This is to some extent what began to occur in the 1960's. that is NOT true morality. then you don't allow for the expression of. and do I want that belief to affect my reality? Do I want energy. he has nothing to live for. and XXX is wrong. as much as. the gangs govern the "lower" class life. very simple. they felt a deep senselessness to it. does not realize that he is harming himself. are NOT easy to live with. die by the time he is 25 years old. you believe there is one right way to be. violence. If you do not have something that gives you life meaning. looking at that individual's beliefs. SOMETHING TO GIVE YOUR LIFE MEANING. tremendous. for many individuals. or there will be terrific pain. within themselves. and must move towards expressing some deep value. A life must mean something. It is much easier to have a "written" set of rules to follow. there is simply ignorance. So began a time of questioning. are very accepted. pain. But what the children of these "booming" parents discovered is that money. there is no right and there is no wrong. mean very little. It also creates. That is it. Most times. contributing to his own death. He believes. Now. When you believe in one good. and they breed tolerance. beyond itself. especially among the middle class. all he sees around him is death. Yet. That is ignorance. Prison is actually safer for him then his own world. something to fight for. and has no concept of safety. for they felt empty. and from each others. Maybe. the United States was living in a "booming" financial era. For example. tremendous. At that time. It is also. must work for something. However. It will also prevent of gaining needed depth in a life. and physical objects. This breeds. seeing that. they govern the middle class life. and physical needs were fulfilled. That tolerance is. no one structure. an era of questioning. in South LA. will have you reach that emptiness. For a member of gang. for it separates people from themselves. it is a list of shoulds. ask yourself. judgments. In essence. a very real. every individual alive. more. killing another gang member. probably. When you believe there is one right way to be. that there must be something more. You must find meaning in your life. needed in your society. painful shoulds. These ideas. That is the mark of ignorance. Because. They can actually fill you with tremendous emptiness. you must ask yourself what is right. death into his world and. unless you find within yourself an ideal to fulfill. It is much easier to say XXX is right. ~ 73 ~ . and very painful. So began the anti-war movement.

You must have 2. what should you do with a criminal? Well. he knows to STAY away from skunks in the future.You must keep a clean. saying I did this wrong. then. very limited. it simply forces the individual involved to focus their energy on the 'bad' thing.. more than likely... that are. then you must be tolerant to accept that culture. it is not done again. 2 times a week. This leads us to the concept of a natural guilt. or her. You must strive to better the. So.. If you are guilty of doing something "wrong" in the past. punishment recreates the negative. In fact. These are the "rules' of high society. will get you nowhere. house. if a wolf goes after a skunk and the skunk. then create an environment where he understands the value of life. Our next posting will be on power.. That is the purpose of natural guilt. a great many individuals. basically.. also. Each individual is. The most morally free class is the "high" class. An instinctive feeling. For example.. You must wear designer dresses. In fact. and recreates that "bad' situation in your reality. it is obvious to us.. Now. You wish someone to stop killing. it is NOT permanently to punish. I deserve to be punished etc. blaming yourself. it is an excuse not to take action. there are places. what good does it do to beat yourself up for it? It accomplishes nothing. it is simply the acceptance of a lesson. Among animals. But even then. a good person who. from someone of a different culture. This is not "guilt" as you understand. punishment rarely works. You must be respectable. That of course is a radical idea. ability to understand. The "bottom" line is that each individual lives to the best of his. You wish to stop someone from raping. worth millions.. deep within yourself. and what is wrong. if you are closing a business deal. unless you are caught. You must have sex. or idea. ~ 74 ~ .5 children. treat him with compassion. if something is done once. sprays him. Guilt exists to prevent you from redoing an action. because in order to make money. many times. physical. anything goes. However. within the high class. and indeed punishment is not a "natural" concept. All of these shoulds reflect beliefs about what is right. makes a number of mistakes. These beliefs also limit. and harm. You must drive the best car. that you should NOT DO THIS. and it doesn't 'work". Many times. then create an environment where he learns what true power is. lives of your family. there needs to be a wide range of acceptance. a basic guilt. or "bad' action. This is natural guilt. For example. That is all. You must wear the most expensive clothes you can afford. Etc.

intellectual. The crudest form of power is violence. That knowledge is limited. Being an entrepreneur taught her the limits of intellectual power. and lasts for the amount of time that the incident occurs. that power is fleeting. attempted to live solely in the intellect. "get your way" when you hold a gun on most people. physical power. A wizard does not use one form of knowledge over the other. He. another form of power. you come to believe in them. You must. is a trap. and spells things out on how things need to happen. always. feel as if you have empowered yourself. Also. For craving money. it is also limited in its power. The intellect attempts and plans. you "see" all of these forms of gaining power. A wizard USES both forms of knowledge. is that it is NOT the intellect. in great detail. what you can do. and many levels of power. It cannot force a bank to give you money. within you. knows when to use "book" knowledge. it cannot control enough elements to do what. through lies and trickery. protect that money. you run the risk of losing when another "finds" out about your plots. however. On television. knowledge that stems from reading and internal. and more. and many times the intellect can do much. and when you subscribe to it. The problem. also. ~ 75 ~ . and then it runs into many things. Your soap operas teach women manipulation. to achieve your goal. then you lose your ability to trust. or she. it is indeed possible to manipulate another. and combine it with intuitive knowledge. purely. indeed. teach men the power of violence. of the intellect. since she found that she could not use just the intellect to make her life work. what must be done? The intellect plans. it believes. How many people are manipulated and killed in just one seasons of primetime television? So many times you see these things. That of knowledge. It cannot "force" sales. The conscious. of course. However. because when the intellect is used purely in its own right. when you rape another. very temporary. to cope with her business enterprises to find. She began to channel more. that controls reality. a newer and burgeoning form. and manipulation. There is another form of power. Your cop shows. by itself.The Samantha Riordan Channels Power Section 25: 4/28/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Power Part of becoming a wizard is finding power. knowledge. You can. indeed. as do many of you. Let us say. When you put the intellect purely in charge. Mental manipulation is another form of power. Another form of outward power is money. you live in fear. This form is. But. many of them. In your society the burgeoning new power of knowledge is believed to be. purely. It cannot force an employee to do what needs to be done. You can only do. what you gain through lies. because then you live in fear of losing that money. trickery. there is an emptiness that occurs. You can. in great detail. needs to be done. or when you kill another. or intuitive. There are many forms of power. Now. As well. the natural power. needing money. After that. the intellect was never intended to "run" the whole show. mind can only go so far. Samantha for many years. you run a business the way that Samantha has. it is rather like cutting a child off from its mother. which leads to real power. utilizes. the intellect thrashes around looking for guidance. The intellect cannot force an investor to give money. it cannot control. and use. there are different types of knowledge.

they will then very rapidly begin to use the "lesser" form. and want an employee to do something for you. look at all I have sacrificed to pay your salary. or require. If you use money. To explain the pyramid of power. They will do. they may show up late to work. but many times they will also sabotage things underneath. when one form of power does not work for someone. and then let each person go about doing them. again there will be many. time. why this job needs to be done. however that is NOT what occurs. Manipulation is a better form then using purely money. You committed to this job. Or. ultimately. For example. in great detail. How much energy is expended to create the desired result? Physical violence or physical power requires the most intense energy. and will work to a certain extent. However. or I will do XXX. there is the intellect. your society first "saw" itself as a society of farmers. man will quickly "erupt". Look at all the breaks I have given you. and it is your responsibility. if he or she does XXXX for YYYY amount of times. uncontrollable. Basically. let us use the example for power as a pyramid. or manual. Interestingly enough. and they feel they are losing control of the situation. You owe me XXXX is the. you will soon discover that. when you know that you will NOT do that. If you do not do this. or her. which leaves many gaps). The intellect is better than all of these. or parameters. they will do EXACTLY what you tell them to do.One way to judge the value of a form of power is to see how much effort is needed to create what you want. You can sit down. while wizardry is at the top. labour to grow your food. You can also. I will cut your pay. elements that come into play. because it requests a great deal less energy than violently getting what you want each. and then run into trouble. It is better than the purely money situation. and really explain. by a few minutes. This will work for a while. a normally rational. and every. The next form of power is manipulation. JUST. here. You may get a good employee for six months. as well. Interestingly enough. However. you will STILL run into a certain amount of trouble. your societies have moved through the various power levels. Then comes.. You used physical. That they will do certain jobs for the money. time you needed a job done. manipulative act. you will send him. Like saying that you will send them to the Bahamas in six months. you will still run into many problems utilizing this method. No matter how specific your concepts. and you yourself getting nothing done. and physical violence is at the bottom. what needs to be done. You can also threaten the employee. when you don't produce. Let us say that you "bribe" an employee by telling him that.. how they basically need to be accomplished. That is why. You can lie to them about what you can do. when he doesn't get his way. For example.. Another form of manipulation is guilt. because there is an underlying resentment. The rational approach would be to "go up" the scale. to get XXXX accomplished. Another form is look at all I have done for you. do underhanded things. If you walked into their office and threatened with a gun each. where everything was done by ~ 76 ~ . Finally.. Let us say that you are a boss. you will expend considerably less amount of energy than going into an employee’s office and threatening them with a gun each time you want something done. industrial society. it is a carrot kind of manipulation. NO more. you could literally spend your entire time in their office issuing orders. it would take enormous amounts of energy to keep that employee working for you. the employee will "rebel" underneath. every day. then I will fire you. because it is relatively easy to run out of money. historically speaking (a least according to you written history. Money is a significantly better form of power. for the shortest payoff. A boss would use this to say. on a trip to the Bahamas. What the parameters of the job are. and every. which many businesses do.

utilizing money, to get people, to "get" the job done. The next step was manipulation, combined with intellect, with the informational society that you are moving into. But, already you are beginning to see the limits of that, at least some of you, are at the very limits of it. For example, there, again, is simply too much information to absorb. There is, simply, too much to "see" and understand. And, too many elements, and changes, that cannot be controlled. There is one rough definition of economics that says, "Economics is gaining power in a situation". This definition presupposes that resources are limited, and that all people crave power, based upon resources. However, the power of the wizard is very different. It is a power, first of all, that works in tandem with the universe. It requires less effort then all the other methods. Since we used the example of a business, let us think about how a wizard would run a business. First of all, when judging the validity of doing, or not doing a project, the wizard would ask, is it a betrayal of myself in any way? Because a wizard would know that if you betray yourself in anyway, then, the universe would find that unacceptable, and you will encounter problems with the project. Let us say that you do XXXX project purely for the money, ask yourself how will you use that money? Will you use that money to simply, do more projects to get more money, so that you can be a success? Or, will you use that money to help you accomplish your life's work? Then, ask yourself is there any way to accomplish my life's work without doing something specifically for the money. Do I have enough skills to go straight for my dream? Or, do I need to do something else in the meantime, for the money? Is there any way that this project can give me satisfaction? How much time will I buy, doing this project, to help me gain the skills that I need? The bottom line is; are you going for your dream? Are you working towards something that gives your life meaning? Many of you do things specifically for the money, but there is no meaning underneath them. You do things to buy a new car, because you think that car will give you respect, or to buy a better home, or to buy another trip to the Caribbean. These things although "fun" and pleasant, will not give you an underlying meaning to your life. Also, they are NOT working in tandem with the universe, because the universe requires that you attempt to fulfill your purpose, you are working against the universe, and when you do that, things go wrong. When you betray your higher purpose, you betray yourself; and when you betray yourself, you have misery, as well as, outward trouble. Let us say that you take on this project, or this job, and it is NOT a betrayal of yourself. But then something else goes wrong. When something is wrong, look first to yourself, then fix the underlying problem. Let us say that you are running this business, and an employee sabotages you. Ask yourself, what beliefs am I encountering here? What do I need to change, within myself, in order to fix this problem? After you have that answer, then deal effectively with the employee. But, never use blame when dealing with an employee, or in a professional situation. When you "blame" another, you simply create more trouble for yourself in the long run. You also take your power away from yourself. So, traditionally when an employee would sabotage you, you would immediately call them to task and maybe fire them. Instead look to yourself and say, what is being reflected here in myself? What am I doing there, or believing here? Is there a lesson here that I need to learn? Because you will find, even if you fire that employee, that what will happen next is that another employee will do something similar; if you do not "deal" with the underlying SELF issue. So, if one employee stole money from you and you fire them. Then, in a week, or a month or so, another employee steals equipment form you or sabotages a big deal etc.; what is the underlying reason for this? IT IS NOT JUST THAT EMPLOYEES FAULT. It is ultimately the job of a wizard in management, let us say, to create

~ 77 ~

an atmosphere that works smoothly. When you react in anger, you react badly, and create a poor atmosphere. Another law of power, if you will, is to love each, and every, situation that you face; instead of fighting it, instead of reacting AGAINST it. You accept it and look for the message to be gleaned from it. So, for example, let us say that you are this business person, and you are faced with sales, half what were expected. Instead of getting angry or getting fearful. You love this situation and say, there needs to be some radical changes here. As well, I need to evaluate whether I or my company are doing the "right" thing; fulfilling the purpose that we set out to do. Each company does have a purpose, or it would not be in business. Possibly that purpose it to make money for all involved; to create and provide more energy. That company will survive for a while possibly even successfully. However, a company that does not have an underlying purpose will NOT survive, on a long term basis. A company is an entity in its own right, and it needs purpose, as much as humans. Also, the people who work for it need meaning to their lives, and if that meaning is simply to make money, it will eventually, and possibly very quickly, become empty. However, imagine if you will that you work for a company that is attempting to educate children in a belief system, which you believe in. Then, that company becomes a mission, if you will. You will do everything you can for that, and so will its other employees, if they are on "fire" as well. When you use the power of love, you make sure that you are "on purpose"; as well you only work for a company that has the same purpose that you do. This lights a fire under you. Finally, if that company is in trouble, you, as a wizard, would recognize that the company may not, STILL, be on purpose, and help with its course correction, as well as, possibly, come up with ideas to help it change, and increase your power in the company. Increase your circle of influence... A crisis, many times, means that a course correction needs to take place. That is all; love the crisis, love the change, and the change will happen easier, and smoother, than before. Because then you are working within the laws of the universe. There is a need for each individual to "get" energy. Sometimes this energy is rather like a small child craving attention. When you encounter another human being, most of you attempt to get attention from them, and they attempt to get energy from you. Another thing a wizard would look for, in the above business example, is that there is a balance of energy going in and out. As well, a wizard would learn to provide energy for their employees, and tap into the universal energy instead of attempting to GET energy from their employees. Another way to look at this, is, that as wizard, you can tap into unlimited energy sources, and gain more energy then you have ever needed, or even wanted. You are no longer "trapped" in other people needs, feeling, or desires, for yourself. You no longer crave approval. This is something a wizard would do in each, and every, situation, not just a business one. He, or she, would attempt to get all of this energy from the universe, instead of from another individual. This creates a necessary detachment. It DOES not preclude love, but it does mean that you know that love will come from many places in the universe. This would prevent the above employees from manipulating you. It would also prevent you being manipulated in friendships, love relationship etc. Another lesson of a wizard is that you get what you give out. The law of attraction. So, when you are faced with angry people, look and see if that anger is a reflection of yourself, if not realize it is a lesson, or a test. And react with kindness or peace. It takes an amazing amount of peace to not react to anger, to NOT be drawn into another's rage. When you are truly enlightened, you realize that you ARE expected to ACT better then another, because you know more. That is the responsibility of knowledge. The idea of well, he did it first, or she did it first, so I can do the same thing, is not an

~ 78 ~

enlightened idea. As well, the related idea that "fair is fair". If someone blows up at me, and blames me; that I have the right to blow up at them, and blame them. There is no "fair"; there is only the reality that you have created. Many times people will attempt to "force" you into their energy. This is a move for power. An angry person will try to get you angry. A bitter person will try to make you bitter. When faced with anger, and you respond with anger; you have released your power into another. You keep your power by NOT being angry. You keep your power by not going into the energy of another. That is not to say that the other person "out to get you" more than likely they will NOT even realize that they are doing it. But, when one person is afraid, they want another to share that fear, or that anger, because they feel so alone. Another form of power is to trust you intuition. This is especially important when you are a wizard. The universe speaks to you through your intuition. And, many times, when you have a well trained intuition, you will simply KNOW something. There will be no traditional reason for this knowledge, but it will be something that you know, and that is all. You will know to do XXXX. You will know that XXX will occur, and can plan around it. Each of you has an intuition, although sometimes, it is more trained, or untrained. Basically, intuition requires tremendous trust. Let us say that you are working at a job from nine to five, and your intuition tells you at ten o clock that you must, leave the building, go outside, and cross the street. NOW, if you trust that intuition then you must find a way to go to your boss, and leave that building, and do it on FAITH and for no other reason. The more you follow your intuition, the more it will grow and the more accurately it will grow. A person, such as this, can take risks, as well; risks that are guided and he, or she, KNOWS that they will work. But, more on this for another posting. Imagine, if you will, having a boss that never blames you, that cannot be manipulated, that is never angry, no matter what happens, or what you do to them; also imagine this boss as one that never does anything that betray himself, or herself; this person reacts with peace and love in a crisis situation; not only that they come up with the idea on how to fix the crisis situation. Finally, this person seems to know about situations ahead of time and, many times, comes up with amazing knowledge, seeming, from nowhere. That person, or that individual, would have "true" power, because they would be truly respected. There circle of influence would grow, and grow quickly. A person described above would be, again, management position very quickly, even if they started on the lowest rung of the ladder. For each of you has power in your life. Let us call that your circle of influence. You have power with your mate, your creditors, your family, XXXX. When you "buy" into their vision, or visions, of you, then you lose that power. When you decide who, and what, you are, and that is valuable, then you automatically have more power in that circle. As well, your circle of influence will increase, for more people will automatically be drawn to you. If you are an employee, and you show amazingly calm at work, you always show up on time, you don't get angry etc. You will soon get a job with, either, another company who will hire you for a better position, or you will get a better position in your own company. You will then evaluate what is best for you to utilize that position. Being a wizard is the most effortless way of being powerful. When you react in the above manner, power will come to you, and you will wear it well, and comfortably, without fear, because you will KNOW that it comes from an unlimited source.

~ 79 ~

and explain that it needs to have faith. have negative emotions they simply KNOW how to handle them much more successfully than the average person. is to create greater happiness in your life. and LISTENED to. As well. if you will. Highly evolved people do not. ~ 80 ~ . for underlying ALL emotions is LOVE. as well as very immature. For if anger is dealt with initially. if you will. to NOT TRUST your instincts. Many of you believe. They acknowledge. It is the universe speaking through you. as we have stated earlier. and wish to leave him. Ask yourself then. because you have been taught through your society. and there is peace. IN fact. They are repressed instincts. Listen to the anger. First of all. or leave? Listen to your anger and you will find that underneath it. That is love for yourself. there is love. For example. Unhappiness is an internal path corrector if you will. listen to those feelings. or something that you don't like. way that you can fulfill your dreams. It will NOT see something until it has. They cause you to kill. So. versus. put upon the earth and into physical life. it is the will of the universe that you fulfill that purpose. or did the laundry for ten years. learning to listen to your instincts is probably the fastest. one of the biggest problems is learning what your instincts are. Instincts are 'bad". negative emotions. the angry self cannot see that. or your "thinking" desires. You feel unappreciated. they cause you to yell and to scream. your religions etc. Now. will be something that you don't want. that can "turn" on you. NOT. You are each. We tell you that those instincts that would have you kill another. At that time. and most profound. be it your belief. your beliefs about what your instincts are. and find peace.The Samantha Riordan Channels Instincts Section 26: 4/30/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Instincts Instinct is your key to the universe. is taking you off the path. repressed angers. Christians many of them talk of God's will. you must be patient with it. Listening to your instincts is the universe's way of telling you what to do. and to do things that you think are wrong and bad. If in your anger you find that you wish to divorce your husband because you can no longer stand to live with him. and you have been repressing that. for a purpose. because he has made you pick up his socks in the bedroom for ten years. So. is it better to stay with your husband and "do" something about the sock issue. you may find that anger is very impatient. Fulfilling that purpose is what will give you happiness. even though you are working towards something. those emotions. are small children within them. it dissipates. ask yourself. which is ignored. let us say that you have many repressed angers. and to you. Something. and decide to trust your instincts. It is only anger. The purpose of unhappiness is to align you with purpose and universal will. are not initial instincts. They recognize that their. that are coming back to haunt you. Well. maybe you are so angry with your husband. exactly. universal will or God's will exists to guide you to fulfill your purpose. The purpose of unhappiness. Learning to hear the universe. that need to be loved. There is this belief that "God's will". what it wants. when it first comes on. and love. telling you that you deserve something better. and become something violent. when you listen to it. what you are angry about. they love themselves NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE FEELING.

I hate what I am doing. Start with the little ones. As well as that art teacher in fifth grade. have you ever heard about a starving artist? Also. For example. these feelings are very persistent. if you listen to your emotions. As well. Now. As well. and what is coming back to you as repressed emotions. at just the right price. when you are feeling "trustful". you would have gotten something else. It is much safer for you to NOT attempt to become an artist. you will "come" back feeling much better and tremendous anger will be released. By doing this. You will find by following your instincts. so you decide to go in. indeed don't even try for. that he BECAME a murderer. but they instinct. As you are serving tea. Let us say that you are shopping on Saturday and you come to a shop that looks appealing. you may wish to invite your fear to enter the room. as a child. I hate my job. the above was a present. because they can't work things out between themselves. let us say that you are upset at your job. These instincts occur when you are NOT that attached to the outcome. what is an instinct or an impulse. It is because that person has repressed his anger. you are afraid to feel pain. You have all heard stories of murderers. What you need to do is. it is slight. and stronger. your pain. well. Then ask you anger. Things that you don't expect at all. what it has to say. we make 100. If you hadn't gotten that present. and weren't going to go in. at least initially. and then ask it what it wants. and killers. At this point. it may say that instead of being a lawyer. but in a soft way. because you heard it was too expensive. for years. and sure enough they will appear. the "safer" ones. because you are adding self-rejection into it. Love that fear and ask it what it intends to do about the situation? Tell them both that you are having trouble maintaining a balanced life. I hate my life. because he didn't' listen to it. has been built up so that you KNOW the difference between. It may say I want a new job. "little miracles" like this will occur. There is a "certain" difference in these feelings. and that you need them to work together. and listen to your instincts. I wish that I were dead. when you follow your instincts. Then. we STILL think you should follow your instinct. you don't like what you are doing. who is to say that we will even make it? What about. however. ~ 81 ~ .00 a year as a lawyer and we will be poor as artists. so those emotions become stronger. tell that anger that you love it. IT WILL TELL YOU. The anger becomes stronger. within five years. when you are in a state of peace. You may not come to a resolution at that initial tea. ON SALE. ask it. Initially it may begin by raging against what it is angry at. and sure enough there is a perfect present for your Mom's birthday. or an evening of discussion. what kind of job that it wants. but you have never entered. Then. Ask it. what about the fact that your mother told you. for small things. I hate doing this work. We suggest that you go to your temple. I hate this. Most of you are frightened by your instincts. invite your anger in for tea. things that you aren't really attached too. you begin to develop faith. You are afraid to feel anger.Many of you RUN away from your emotions. "sit" down and listen to those emotions. because you are repressing it. You have an extra fifteen minutes. Your anger begins by telling you. To think that you had been looking ALL day for that present. calm. it wants to be an artist. man would "do such a thing". This is the initial step in learning to listen to your instincts. they usually appear. Your fear may say to you. what needs to be done in order to get this job. Also. seem calm and placid on the outside. For example. The pain becomes stronger. you need both of them. who for whatever reason. His rage "just overcame" him. that you had no artistic talent. and see what happens. the temple of peace that we asked you to develop earlier on. They neighbours simply cannot believe that that nice. begin to look at the quality of feeling.000. as you are clearing out your emotions. You are afraid that you WILL become that person who murders ten people. yet they kill ten people. to clear out all of that emotion that.

its just your fears manifesting. and learn to trust yourselves. You must realize that this is the 'small" part of the ego that is talking. and going into the desert simply on an impulse. as well as. What about Joseph. to follow. it makes no "sense". we do not necessarily mean rich. totally. there is no safety when you live. Would you have the faith that he did. if you will. are the word of God. "it's not rational. you will find that they will attempt to expand your level of risk. he was thrown into a well hole by his brothers and sold into slavery. You must again sit down. who led a group of people into the desert for forty years. and then a friend will suggest it to you. Samantha uses. Many times these instinct and impulses will come through in different ways. is fear. There are many ways.. There is a story in the Bible about Moses. After all. as did his family. then. that you think you don't want. The ego wants to protect what you currently are. prophets for your own lives. that is part of its job. Initially. is to think of yourselves as prophets. she can assure herself that it isn't "just an impulse". and real security. by writing a fine piece of music. You must at this point. for all impulses exist for some reason.. or famous. you may find that you will dream of doing something. to touch upon greatness. selling your house. in spite of being sold into slavery. when you are "starting" out. Can you image in on an impulse. as many ways as there are people. quitting your job. that you will encounter. and impulses. the energy of instinct. He did all of that by trusting his impulses.As you develop these instincts. you are taking risk with this expansion. what about Noah. the self that exists to protect you and take care of you. If three incidents point a way to follow a certain instinct. but a true message from the universe. maybe. it is the store. whatever. what she terms. Although. It teaches you what to look for in a message from the universe. that ability to trust yourselves. no matter how difficult it may be. you will touch upon greatness. and opening up your life. "Not do this thing". This again is the "logic" of synchronicity. expects you’re to do the same as well. that God was watching over him. Again. will many times tell you to. in how you raise your children. to place an ad in the paper for a mate. That you are always safe etc. It is only within the universal source that you will find real safety. as well. the law of three. you will touch upon greatness. we do not necessarily agree with this. the word of God. For example. but only when you work in conjunction with the universe. in the world of the ego. Each of you has the potential to be great. Your "ego" self. later it may be a job to apply for. and the ark? On “impulse". in spite of his own brothers killing him? How many of you have that kind of faith. he built a huge ark and all of his neighbours thought he was crazy. tell your ego that by expanding ~ 82 ~ . do not blame yourself for having them. wasn't Noah a "simple:" farmer. it is a good rule of thumb. when you attempt to follow your impulses. as well as 'squander" the family fortune. Many times instincts or impulses will indeed upset the very fabric of your life. and accept it.. that is what she does. By great as well. and the forces of nature that flow through you? We are not "preaching" biblical stories here. Your impulses. Maybe. When you are frightened. Wasn't Joseph initially a slave? One thing. but as well. Or. if you follow your instincts. have tea with your fear. you are stretching yourself. and impulse that flow through you. having a strong instinct to do it. especially the "larger". Or. And the universal force which is always expanding. In this matter. whatever. learn to deal with it. However. based on "the word of God". or hate yourself for them. When you expand yourself by following your impulses. befriend that fear. ones. tell yourself that you are protected. He had to go through that derisions for twenty years. there is no safety in stagnation. as they did for Noah. that no matter what it looks like. what we are telling not fight it. more "dangerous". rational self.

yourself. so even though the safest thing at the time would be to stay with that safe corporate job. You may find that this business will make you more secure then you were before. Your instincts will guide upon this path of heart. you may find that you still love your husband. follow them. ~ 83 ~ . for that is truly what you are. and bring in more money. and grow into greatness. the path that is truest to your heart. the safest thing was that you start your own business. The ego lets you see the short term trees. You may also find that the business you were working for goes bankrupt in a one to two year period. you are safer. Maybe your impulse is to quit your job of ten years and start a business. In the process of doing this. the instinct let you see the long term forest. Maybe your impulse is to leave your husband of ten years. or in two years time you may find the love of your life. in "reality". To be moral is to follow your highest self. the path of love.

you send negative energy to that other. in love. is to go to that sister and say that. are more than the two alone. unresolved. after all. There is a law of love and you need to envision it as a triangle. The two together. because. you put them together and you become XYZ. help you. and see what. to clear out what you are worried about. sucking the energy from a person. In your society. let us say that you have a sister whom you deeply love. you are actually expressing your own fears about yourself. You are frightened that the sister may not be able to handle it. your husband ripped your throat out. Love creates. The two together. to all the unresolved pain. It is much better. filling her with fear. and yet. it can heal you both and make the relationship stronger. you are laying your pains. and by sharing your pain. to point out what could happen to her. when the SISTER is ready to hear. you are actually creating a Z that is filled with fear. the most loving thing that you can do. because the pain of divorce is unbearable. fears. go to the sister and warn her. as well. It touches. Go and see a good psychologist. and much more loving. the vampire of guilt and the vampire of worry. You have an obligation. harms the "Z" between you. The more loving thing to do would be to ask the other to. your society would say.The Samantha Riordan Channels The Law of Love Section 27: 5/01/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved The Law of Love When you worry about another. Tell of your worry. Now. You are NOT helping your sister by telling her all the things that can go wrong. issue you have about the issue that the loved one is facing. and angers at their door. who needs positive energy. in fact. Worry. that you have in YOUR divorce. What is REALLY going on is that. worries about yourself. Your sister's divorce is opening the doors. We have talked before about the vampire of obligation. This fills you will fear for the sister. YOU couldn't handle it. Now. When you worry about another. That is the creative force of love. or less. For example. something new. You are NOT helping your sister by worrying about her. and giving her bad energy. and you are filled with fear. also. You send them fear. for that is love. When you worry about another. there are. to look into your own fears. upon. You are. Worry is also a vampire. and bad things that have happened. all the ugly. You "remember" your divorce. again. Tell her to get a good divorce attorney that will rip his throat out. The Z is something wonderful. something that is both. ~ 84 ~ . There is XX and there is YY. and that sister is gong through a divorce. When you worry about the other. create something beyond what was there before. fear of what happened in your divorce. but your worries about another are more. unresolved. YOU needed a good divorce attorney. part of you. and talking it through. her divorce is opening all the. loving one another means worrying about that other. the creation of love and limits the one that it is worried about.

to force another to chance into that vision. Love needs space to explore. But. you cannot expect this to happen. A loved one cannot take your pain away. your pains. begin to. The loved one is to take care of you. is the hatred that she pours onto her child. the more that loved one is you. maybe. However. But. is to limit them. and. Take my pain away. maybe you shouldn't have. when you begin to place expectations upon the other. and now. and to heal yourself. To care for another means that energy is melded together. You begin to think of the other as you would think of yourself. and when the other sees himself through your eyes. Then. the closer your energy melding. Love of another can make you. better then you were before. If my mate goes out with friends then. you are facing your own insecurities. The child becomes the reflection of the hatred. When you limit the other. to expect them to become that vision. what about the dreams I have sacrificed? I have given up so much for them. but would never do to another child. look at what they are doing to me? Well. many times means: make me feel good about myself. love can create tremendous changes. is to take away their free-will. only you can do that. and see the great potential within them. what she will do to her own child. but. if THEY CHOOSE TO become. and she does to the child.The more you love another. get a job. and what they could be. expectations. It is the other's responsibility to bring in the money and clean out the car. become part of the vampire energy. then that is what needs to be done. in a sense happens to you. It is the other's responsibility to care for the children. This is because she is faced with her own self-hatred. Another CANNOT cure you. to expect another to do something. or go for his or her dreams. you stop loving them. the other one has to be fluid enough to let that happen. For. you see the Z. You create a Z together. NOW is the time to go for your dreams as well. because what will happen to my security? Love needs to be fluid to grow. If someone has done the laundry. he or she will no longer love me. Take my fear away. you limit them. to love yourself. This is why strangers treat others with more kindness then loved ones. and actually BECOMES more. and. "see" them as they currently are. When you attempt to limit another. for herself. it is because you are NOT appreciating yourself. for ten years. The other person CAN't make more money than you do. then so be it. A loved one will look at another one. When you break through your limits and see yourself through the eyes of the beloved. much. Love clears out limits. for all of your relationships. and no longer wants to do it. If the other one wants to go out with friends on Thursday night. If my mate changes jobs and goes for their dramas. what happens to them. Because there is the force of the Z. and their relationships are deeply troubled because of this. the Z is NOT responsible for "curing" you. The hatred that she feels. and issues is the BEST thing you can do. If another is NOT appreciating you. If the loved one wants to go for their dreams and quit their jobs. he sees something more. is that there is expectation of what the other should do. the other automatically changes. The other person CAN't change jobs. The stresses of daily love. why did you give up so much. that will cure them. intrude upon your visions of the loved one. That is why. It is the other's responsibility to clean the house. A mother can treat a child horribly. and fix you. ~ 85 ~ . Another misconception that you have of love is that the loved one is going to take your pain away. and the love changes. A loved one will look at another one. Many people long for a love that will take care of them. Appreciate me. One of the biggest mistakes in marriages that occur today. what she would to do herself. love makes you see yourself as something more then you were before.

within. If you are worried about another. Her mate would limit her. other person as you would yourself. it is possible to "see" in each other. as well. that if he tried to limit Samantha in her goals or dreams. When it becomes toxic. As well. One of the trouble spots is the problem of incredibly strong will. a fine meal. As well. so as to help the other face themselves. a mirror. secure in her relationship. you become. Samantha has reciprocated. in the mirror. But those trouble spots are what allow them to look into the mirror and grow. their marriage has been able to weather many. When a relationship becomes limiting. by doing these things you could. As well. you can begin to see from their point of view. it can become toxic. more. she felt. Go to the hall of mirrors. many. they both have incredibly strong wills. for she saw marriage as a trap. By allowing the other to grow. themselves. of that. Because of that. and you will find that you have more friends then you know what to do with. when. turn her into a "wife". You may even go so far as to walk into the image and become one with that person for a moment or so. you become more. ~ 86 ~ . If you wish to have good relationships in your life. when you look in the mirror. Trouble spots need to be looked at quickly. to tell you what it is that you need to resolve. yourself. and. And. storms. in fact like every marriage. The other in the mirror will respond to you. many times. That is not to say that they have a perfect marriage. every. attract a mate. that we have recommended to you before. of yourself. for many years. that is simply NOT possible. a movie. in Christianity. that you need to love each other. Samantha. they fight terribly. Learn to be your own best friend. which do not allow the other to manipulate them. finally. the MORE. someone in trouble.By being such a strong mirror for the other. the more. this time. hurt. However. then the negative energy needs to be cleared out. which allowed her to reach for more then she would have before. more. In fact. her mate realized. The. so he has never done anything but encourage her. Send yourself roses. better. Now. you actually hate yourself. treat yourself as you would want a lover to treat you. or dress up as you would for a date. they have many trouble spots. anger you are facing. the other becomes. you face your deeper self. If you wish for a lover. Treat yourself as you would a friend. very possibly. It is said many times. and the Z becomes more then it was before. see the other and ask the image. We recommend the following exercise. You are NOT loving them. you begin to see things through the eyes of the Z. and ended. upon her path. treat yourself out to night on the town. You are sending out the signals of love. they need to face themselves. Because. or what you are afraid to face. each of you grow. Samantha. as you would love yourself. you believe that you love someone else more than yourself. but instead of seeing another self. that he would lose her and love her less. absolutely refused to be married. they both grow. after much pain and much anger. or force them into anything. When you do this. would force her to be something else. By being married. The appreciation deepens. we do not believe that it is possible to love. profound. more. and the clearing out of past pains is. and by facing the deeper self and being allowed to change. realize that you are being toxic to that individual. Ask the image to tell you what pain. agreed to marry and found terrific freedom in the marriage. you must first have a good relationship.

We tell you that. Each person has their. is God compassion. or think that they are making a mistake and you know the better way. universal force. yourself. The entire need for being. that is not the enlightened thing to do.The Samantha Riordan Channels Enlightenment? Book 1 Section 28: 5/06/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Enlightenment? What is enlightenment? The new age movement many times uses this word. to be enlightened. In "reality". To be. what is the lesson they have chosen me. you may wish to ask yourself what lesson they are serving in your life. wish to be. and even though you may add a bit of light. what is the perfect idea of God to you? Is God caring. There are as many ways to enlightenment as there are individuals that walk upon the Earth. You will. there is one right ideal. We. at times. So. you. you. on your path. Instead of seeking to enlighten them with your way. yourself. To be. or think. you would do. who. you have the idea that one way is right and another way is wrong. Your. want God to be. what that other person is expressing is what you believe. What is the lesson I am to learn from this person. from our vantage point. Or you will say. Your idea of what works and what doesn't work. and then choose how that God would wish to be worshiped. is the "limit" of what you can do for that other. and the role I have taken on. Instead. reality as you have drawn them into yours. for another. there is something that you need to learn from EACH other. your. sit down and ask. there is. own. say to each other. the self that you. yourself. enlightened is to accept the other person. and follow that enlightenment. version of God is. Within each individual. Goddess. YOUR ideas. belief that there is one "right" answer. How can I be without judgement of another? In your society. suggest that. to teach? Ask yourself. more. truly. here or there. as INVALID for another person. "religion". because. and what lesson you are serving in their life. their lies a sense of value that they wish to express. our vantage point. their. each person you encounter in your life. Buddha etc. mostly. It is the conception of your highest values and ideals. are just that. there is a God or path for them. NEITHER. NO individual knows what is wrong for another. and worship that God. on their path. I am more enlightened then he or she is. again. To be enlightened is to "see" that you are gaining enlightenment for. the way that other people use. to view another. version of the highest ideals within. that is it. They may be just as valid or. have drawn you into. way of becoming close to God. as they are and do not try to change them. EXACTLY. What are the reasons that you both have chosen to cross each other's paths? Usually. for each individual. your. We suggest that you create a God for yourself. beliefs. values that they wish to fulfill in ~ 87 ~ . is God a good friend? God from. your. truly. think that they are better then you. is your highest version of self. enlightened is to be without judgement of another. to "get away" with judgementalism. of those things. is a mirror of. they. enlightened then another is impossible when you realize that. no right and no wrong. based upon. enlightenment. If there is any enlightened way. or need to look at in your life.

vision of God always underlies. idea of God evolves so does. in order to become a quality mother. God is a being of light that is. Samantha started life as a Catholic. your. you. relationship to. through the year. ~ 88 ~ . you. That God of. and through. came to earth. do this. And we use the word “highest” very loosely. your. The more someone believes in a God. Jesus. through. because. she began to realize that time spent with the children is more important than a clean floor. to you. Every year. God. you. As. tremendous. you. So. her idea of what was spiritual changed. may wish to "see" that how. deeper understanding or. your. you. to physical life. the more energy it has. it is the QUALITY of time spent. make it. your. in. YOUR.their life before they die. God is NOT just what. of motherhood. and sit among the trees. possibly as a young mother the individuals believed that being a mother was always having a clean house for her children to grow up in. Maybe. God the father. highest ideals and highest concepts EXISTS. you. AT one point. your. your. version of God. you. purpose. God initially would be a woman who always wore an apron. you. it is NOT only the time spent. God gives birth to. you. is also about. Each year these ideas evolve within her. and had a. As you give birth to. highest self and. the next year the mother realizes that. Your. and the Holy Spirit are powerful Gods. By highest we again mean. and how. she wished Enlightenment. learning about symbols. maker. idea of God changes so do. as. Maybe. your. becomes an entity. the God of motherhood always has vines of green in her hair to represent abundance. God. definition of God. your. You. need to understand spirituality. and so. The God of Susan is different from the God of Dawn. you. your. in its own right. must become a person who is quality. That is enlightenment. you. so that. idea of God and God tells. you. and ever understanding. one way. Then after a few years. your. Then. as much as. let us say that. As the years progressed. relationship to purpose. and how. these values. re-evaluate what God is. the more powerful a God it becomes. Your. are part of the purpose that. your. your. purpose becomes fulfilled. your. now. a bit more. learning to make a God is. mind. to go to the forest in the next year. Instead of learning about someone else's definition of God. and nature. relate to it. So. or the concepts you. to celebrate the New Year is to sit down and re-evaluate who God is. your. begin the New Year by looking at. ever loving. Anne. you. God is. another God. for example. change. Peter. sit under a great oak. These ideals. highest ideals. see God as something that is wonderfully maternal. your. you. Maybe. energy becomes real. because they are all part of. your. you. to you. highest self. that great oak "speaks" to. We suggest that religion needs to become a process of becoming a. your. you. are here to explore how to raise and create highly fulfilled human beings. religion needs to be about learning. say. value motherhood. have changed. highest self. your. Your God comes alive. God comes alive in the oak tree. came here to fill. belief. ever warm. Your. your. and becomes as real and as valid as any other God. or John. your. In the above example. also. As well. and so did her ideas. talking to. your. purpose and how it is to be best fulfilled. lowest self are actually very much the same. Then. relationship with God. and looked into becoming a nun. and then God becomes a woman who learns to find peace within herself. you. and had broom in her hand. with the universe. then possibly God became a woman who threw out the clock. visions of God express the ideals. to understand. Thomas.

God require rituals. God's laws and rules and. your. There is archetypal energy that is created. you. what rituals. Does. your. yourself? To enlighten another. yourself. you. ask. Buddha. life meaning. your. or. need other people to worship. does. God. many people believe in them. your. to be. God. then be powerful? What does it mean that. God is kind. and be kind as much as it is possible for. God allow. Now for worshipping. presence will reflect. than to simply SAY that character loves animals. you. you. your. Or is. your. you. you. and see the sunset? If. to give.because. to simply walk outside. you. are female and. the best form of worship is to also be kind. God is of the opposite sex? Do. learn to find God within. believe and to BE what. your. you. highest self. believe then to "preach" what. and NOT what you say. Likewise. God? Can. your. God is male. you. and uses. then to TELL readers something. meaning and if so. your. ask yourself how. would wish to worship. you simply act in conjunction with. your. and joy is a better way to worship? Does. your. get dressed up on a certain day and go to a certain place of honour? Or. you. God. Writers are taught that it is better to SHOW something that a character does. God believe that every single life is valuable. your. God a causal God? Must. to save a kitten up in tree. believe. you. can. One act of kindness is more powerful than ten preaches of kindness. your. Children do. That is the most "enlightened" approach ~ 89 ~ . when. and thereby enlighten others around you. your. For example. you. create. you. So if. God require sacrifice to give. it is much better to show what. it is better to show a character being late for work and mussing up their best business suit. your. As well as. does. what you do. your.

If for example. unaware. energy system is "out of whack". What is the abyss? The abyss is the place. or even one musical sound. and feel amazingly bad. dreams. toxic beliefs within yourself. "bad" events will occur. and watching your parents LIVE out those beliefs. These toxic people reflect unresolved beliefs that. to that system. in conjunction with each other. as you grow older. your. and you KNOW it to be so wrong. outward events. you. The other way to resist toxic individuals is to learn. Past events that. There are. enter into their energy pattern. yet you KNOW that you are a virgin. you. A "toxic" friend gives. education. natural system it is relatively easy to recreate that energy system. You may notice that you walk away from a certain person. Toxic people affect your energy negatively. to some extent. your. within. create these events. your specific energy system. methods of doing this. if you will. energy system. and harmony will return. You are picking up on their energy. easily. How can another person give. is simply inheritance of society's accepted belief system. or interferes with. you inherit society's beliefs. Many times. your friends reinforce you. you. so some version of them comes back. drew such a person into. and what it "feels" like. Belief's that other people have given you. various. A toxic person changes. your. to. within. What does the egg SOUND like. and events. or harmony. through inherited DNA. giving you. you. You may want. your parents’ beliefs are paramount in. you. own energy is to first of all. in such a circumstance. that is populated with people. In fact. or low. haphazard. beliefs. and see the differing colors within it. When. you. you. Another way is to "see" that system. By learning. your. or self-doubt. By learning this system. or sense. your. that prevents. believe it to be. someone says to you. that. The way to feel. Much of the pain in the world is created through. natural system. and allowing it into your energy. energy pattern. rather. both. your. be effected by them. simply add the right colors. ~ 90 ~ . and become educated. A toxic belief is a belief that limits. that brings peace. BECAUSE it is. and they create their beliefs. Then. "you are a whore". you. pain. reality. and your soul. and feel "higher". the belief that they are operating from is totally "wrong". from going for. your. have about yourself and the world as. yourself. they cause you. drags it down. It is possible to encounter a toxic person and. life and you learn them. belief creation. your. your. have not healed. or you walk away from another person. vantage point. this becomes a relationship. that. that toxic belief is so OUT of your reality. and reinforces. NOT. As a child. haphazardly. your. you. When you encounter a person. on the path of becoming a wizard. Many times there is a musical tone. you can return it to this state. that you have yet overcome. state of greater becoming. You. from. envision an egg around. beliefs? Most people are. to "look" at why. your. Each energy center has a specific color and a specific "state" that is "seeable". As well. your. One is to realize. you. to have you face the abyss. it simply slides off your back. energy system. your. that their beliefs shape their reality.The Samantha Riordan Channels The Abyss Section 29: 5/07/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved The Abyss Within each individual lies an abyss. and they enter into.

only to find another mate. yourself. realize that they are unresolved issues within. dear friends. and then give them love and understanding. or to fight you and try to make you feel badly about yourself. within. are the one who is upsetting the apple cart. energy more. peaceful life is field with crises. They are many times people who have held strong places in. life. many times. when a life is as peaceful as that. again. are the one who is changing in ways. them. you. Many times. your. changing forces. You see those people. by their parents. with pain. Circumstances. Indeed. have had your entire lifetime. that represent certain beliefs. their reality. many. and stays with them. can you. ways. to look into themselves. even. encounter them. are threatening them. it is peaceful. lives like that exist as sort of vacation lives. will only give them MORE energy over. and that is frightening. or illness. must. but soon after that change. you. they actually REFLECT the real people in. other lives. the new job will be almost exactly like the old job. it is much easier to try to "reform" you from your new ways. and around them. unconscious harmful belief systems. Now. From the other's vantage point. Each of you have met them. but. They may lose a mate. you. world is filled with people who are filled with fear. A wizard is one ~ 91 ~ . then it is to change themselves. your. Many times they are energy remnants or even energy archetypes of the actual individual. from their vantage point. a set of beliefs that are given to a person. to change and "break-through". because every time. and visit this life. and see that threat. know them. bring peace to. most times. However. do not understand. grief. your. children. and many times. you. Who are these people? You. Suddenly. mate. Your. As you become a wizard. your own. and disaster. that they do not have the fluidity to change. Or. to become a wizard. you. where there is very little change. them. Suddenly. Instead. your. you. when they are too stressed out to face what is happening. again. face themselves in new ways. and the other lives come. means. will only sap. You. you. Being angry with them. but it DOES draw souls to them. begin to consciously create reality. For. and those people do not wish. because the person is SO set in their belief system. and. and most of them are unconscious. you. Vacation lives are. that change and growth is chaotic. your. you will find that the "old" ways will recreate themselves in their lives. you. your. you. your. the new house will look very similar to the old house and have the same furniture. you. most of the time. you. you. there are lives where very little occurs. your. it makes them question everything in them. For example. life around people who have also NOT been wizards. in their life. your. that they must face their reality. There may be a dramatic change every once in a while. That is because they are "set" in a certain set of beliefs. consciously do not wish to be. individuals who are having vacation lives. friends that. That is why they drew you into their reality. your. family. primarily their lives are the same from day-to-day. very strenuous. and there seem to be few changes in their lives. you. that have "given". you may suddenly become involved with any number of toxic people. life in the past. Again. must realize that. When you are bound upon the path of change and growth. your. abyss. fighting them. they. people who live their entire lives within the same mental space. in fact most people. There are. again. and over. long to stay within. and from year-to year. your reality. and understanding. in that life. they may sell their house and move to another state. Only through love.The abyss is the group of people inside of. If you haven't been a wizard. have built. soon. they. very peaceful. have had a number of other. Another individual cannot create another soul. You are making. that is how a vacation life is created. throughout their entire lifetime. your energy. must change. as. Welcome to the abyss. feel bad. after. The same circumstances in their lives recreate themselves over.

where. Many times. other than the parents. belief systems. many times. then those crisis would not have happened. So. however. As well. have those beliefs. teenage rebellion should be encouraged. indeed. are in a sense giving up. For example. a promiscuous father will give birth to a promiscuous daughter. part of doing the acceptable thing. every member of the family looks into the family abyss. an apprentice will try on different belief systems. it has become acceptable. mild. true legacies. so. the wizard changes the beliefs of the family. that many. childhood of beliefs to change. yourself. they. legacy. Many times apprentices are disowned. they. In times of old wizards. believe. This means that a crisis situation exists because that wizard is undergoing some sort of belief change. is part of the "same" thing. A wizard realizes that his beliefs change and shape the circumstances he encounters and anything in physical reality is simply a reflection of those beliefs. As well. push them into. or become black sheep. in your society. and well. in them.who welcomes change. Children. then. the only way that a family can cope with what ~ 92 ~ . However. by the teenager to attempt different belief systems. if the teenager is GIVEN room to grow. As well. mostly. Teenage rebellion is an attempt. The children will express the opposite. your. and ideas in a life-style. It usually takes about that long for a. A wizard as well goes about the process of consciously changing change in his or her life. to the family. Because of the differing belief systems. Parents. there will be peace. for it is within that rebellion.” It is because of this. deeply ingrained. Now. In fact. and give birth to the other. actually. come back into the family fold in their twenties. and handles change. easily. in training. with teenagers. a "safe". the parents. A religious mother will give birth to a cynical daughter. to the family. you. are questioned. and children. Once a wizard goes beyond these family beliefs. You are confronted by the deepest part of the abyss within. the teenager will reach a point. Stranglehold them if you will. and try different concepts. Seven years is what was expected 'to clear" those belief systems out. an entire questioning of the family. need to re-examine what. and given tremendous room to grow. Many of these life-styles will be extremely unacceptable. and the child recognizes this. that is indeed. most teenagers. old beliefs. which. When you give up the beliefs of your family. it is not that “out” of the family fold. in the process of becoming a wizard the family shuns the apprentice. again. in the abyss. out of love. no matter how rebellious. and rebelling against the legacy. are the strongest. societal form of the abyss. As well. The family will then grow together. They are given to children. like this. with the belief DNA from their parents. the family. also. Instead. teenage rebellion will often reflect a similar rebellion of the parents. is. The family even goes so far as to punish the apprentice for being so different. many families try to punish the child. many times. and the gift is that. what happens many times among parents. will the family find the crisis acceptable? “If only they would do what WE think is right. to be rebellious. to HAVE teenage rebellion. Interestingly enough. and give up the beliefs ingrained within your DNA. Childhood. people CANNOT become wizards. Crisis will follow these apprentices and. and how they are part of each other. will not understand the crisis. in "reality”. their. were expected to withstand seven years of turmoil. and dramatic changes in their lives. For families who have actual wizards being born among them. The rebellion will turn into a questioning. cannot go beyond the family system that was ingrained. that. are belief systems. as a teenager. the apprentice will probably live a radically different life than is accountable. We have covered opposites. Many times the wizard becomes something that gives tremendously back to the family. Teenage rebellion is. are being given the gift of having a potential wizard for a child. beliefs.

shutting down. and on. temple. In your society. are through. and want love and help from them. you. do not KNOW how to deal with. Then. In this way. psychological ills. Imagine. are undergoing. damp. There seems to be no way out of this cave. The water's movement cases reflection upon the water's edge. they will be shunned. you. have created this dark. if. Alcoholism is a way of killing. for the required seven years. ~ 93 ~ . talk to these others. if the pressure becomes too great for the apprentice we do suggest that. For they ARE struggling with the new beliefs. reflect upon what the abyss has told. You may wish to run away from them. dank. you. Indeed. icy. and stay there. forties or fifties. with the family members. in. and "see" the rightness. you. is to think to themselves that. your. you. in the trial that. if you fell ready to undertake it. even if it has been five years. you. That IS changing. to become a wizard. and on. you. for as long as you can. In the old societies. Alcoholism is many times inherited. the path of the wizard. the alcoholism. mostly. many times. However. the creativity within the soul of the individual. However. and that. walk along. As well. it is a legacy passed from one generation to the next. the cave is cold. and almost always what they are going through. hear the sound of water against a shore and look down. and dark. ask them what it is that. you. take upon themselves. After all. many times. when they are ready. that do not wish for. and the grandfather did it. dank place. if you will. directly. relations stop between the family members. become a wizard. We suggest at this point that. from coming forth. easier. someone who in a state of alcoholism. punishment of the family that prevents the creativity. that person will come back. and as you look into them. etc. currently. then come back. strong levels of creativity. the more severe the depression. We suggest that someone. or they will be told how they are wrong. talk to them. because soon money and financial gain will be. Soon. not overcome whatever was said and. the apprentice was taken away from the family. these alcoholics are unable to cope with the actual pain of cutting themselves off from the family in order to fulfill their creative potential. your. Instead. linked to creativity. yourself. you. However. In. realize that. It is expected that the outcast will reach a point. Many times. who is a state of depression. "see" the others within. potential wizards. imagine. when. All of this places. the others may not wish to talk to you. and realize that you are BY that shore. you. soon enough you will be there. the outcast will come back to the fold when they grow up. as. going into a cave.. they may even degrade you. Listen. We recommend for you this exercise. this is only temporarily. or shutting down. Suicide and depression are also symptoms. you. of highly creative individuals. there are many ills. they. the more severe the need to create. pressure upon the apprentice. one very prevalent ill is alcoholism. they are frightened of. yourself. yourself. Take for example. or is suicidal. and be safe. you. they think to themselves. of the other way. and reform. This makes it possible for the family member to avoid looking in the abyss. place of safety. alcoholics are immensely creative people. Your society has very little appreciation of creativity. until the apprentice is able to "cope". its feeling about the arts. even if the outcast is in their thirties. temporarily.the outcast member is doing. of the individuals. as. your society has more that. WILL NOT be understood. they will love their family. for. tremendous. the apprentice would not have the pressure of dealing with the family pain as well the apprentice would be "shaped". Call upon the power within. it is many times. successfully. in that the father did it.

A child loses ego. parents. let us say that you are a mother in a miserable marriage. To re-remember the newness in each moment. So for example. each of you is learning. It needs to open itself up. although not evolutions as you define it. parents and your parents choose you. Your child also shows. vulnerable self. responsibility is to be true to. you. first kiss. you. should be. Not only are. Many of you are called to move beyond what. preconceptions of what the world. Your parents choose you for the lessons. your. and that is what a child has to teach a parent. and whatever idea is. The child sees through beginner’s eyes. you. your. It is also why many times it is much easier to love. you. what does it mean to be a mother? First of all. your. evolution of ideas. and finding the eternity. the wonders of being a child. but. the changes that the child. born with. parents’ hair color. and review the life. purpose. is. in the moment. re-remember. The family called unto itself. have lived many lives. before you are born. because it can no longer bend to life. choose. A child will be born. you. you. are part of your parents’ purpose. Your child. and thought processes. That is. both into. That is the motion of life itself. many times. childhood. What are your responsibilities. there are no. then to love and know. your. choose them for the lessons they will teach. and know a stranger. to your child? Your. in that child. the call of purpose is NOT involved in non-family members. and yes each of. family. There only is. will teach the child to be true to itself. or religious family. into that family. Your child shows. the need to break the bonds of that religious system. will teach them. your. by having different ideas. your. your. your. and into the life of the child. Your child opens doors to yourself that need healing. and that is the ultimate lesson to bringing fulfillment. Now. are true to. Many of you are called to move beyond what. you. in each moment. nothing mirrors a soul. in a family. have just lived. sit down. will bring. the members of. This family needs to begin moving beyond their religious beliefs. yourself. you. life. Your parents are part of. you. as well. and it has been that ~ 94 ~ . and. the Spring Land. you. you. re-remember going to school for the first time. you.The Samantha Riordan Channels Motherhood/Parenting Section 30: 5/11/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Motherhood/Parenting What does it mean to be a parent. will be born into the child. to become something more. but. you. When your child is kissed for the first time. or few. life moves through idea processes. However. Life calls towards motion. there will be. ultimate. that will have all those religious beliefs within their DNA. you. When your child goes to school for the first time. you. are born with their belief systems. what is. most needed. your. you. your. you. For example. That is the wonder of a child. have learned in. and towards a form of evolution. in the moment. have been taught by. thereby bringing joy into life. yourself. why there is so much pain in families. you. you. in the Land Between Time. is still in pain. when the little one in. A child teaches that all is. Nothing is as miraculous as a child who is learning of the world. to re-remember the wonder of life itself. and. as we shall call it. parents’ eye color and. let us say that you come from a strong Catholic. like a child. You. for when.

is to look at the beliefs of their parents. that harmed you. is how marriage is. Ask them. your. life. children to sacrifice themselves to their children. you. or blame. give to them because. you. see. your. Give to. no longer love each other. and please. mother. to stay together for the children. It is better to teach your child that life is precious. why they did. are speaking to their soul spirits. Instead to love the child. healthy way to parent. if the mother is unhappy? An unhappy mother will breed. that is changing. To be truly selfish. They will tell. The. your. simply. for your child. to. but less interaction. you. and more fulfilled adults? Now. why they believed those beliefs. but many times you may not be ready for the clearing. Ask them. a ludicrous idea. stay in a loveless marriage. ancestors around. it is one of great power. Most of you will see that they. would you rather have had a childhood filled with more money. them. most. you. wish to leave. When. and then begin to see how those beliefs affected. if you will that you are back in the hall of mirrors. Then. for their children. although. as well. how those beliefs affected their lives. reality? Why were. father. and do much clearing. your. why. anywhere. we strongly recommend that you do ~ 95 ~ . to be "there" for the child. you. For. The love has been killed through. children from the center of. imagine all of. change the beliefs that are NOT healthy. may wish to ask. you. The same is true for a father. most. yourself. all that is required of him. heart. teach what they have been taught. parents for the mistakes that they caused in. or even. Most of them. your. your. unhappy children who will be unable to give to themselves. your. teaching you how to be happier. This exercise may take quite a long time. It is better to show your child that life is worth living. Sacrificing is not a healthy to teach a child. is the. if they wish to pass on that legacy. and do not give to them out of obligation. basically. The mother and father. Then. except this time. is the most moral. Imagine. To sacrifice yourself. did not know any better. and father etc. and to love yourself. Then. and more fulfilled parents. you. and ask. your. and less sacrifice. are through with that exercise. your. to forgive. is demanded of a father. Mothers. is from our vantage point. you. and healthy way to parent. if you need to stop. what is there for the child. responsible thing a parent can do. purpose in doing so. mistakes. We ask. your. We ask each of you. simply. because it is the "right" thing to do. that. your. your. that is.way for a long time. in a circle. You. your. in the midst of the above exercise. is that the legacy of belief that. If a father pays the bills. parent. your. and what was. choose that experience in. or happier. parents make. and their mother. and raise. when. born to that. through the generations. in the mirror lie. to be selfish. in your society. Obligation teaches a child that another is more important. love them. are expected to sacrifice. many. your. particular. if you. and do not push yourself into it. teach. Do not give to them. than they are. as well. They live out the beliefs of their parents. ask them. Ask them. In that particular case. and work backwards. and taking risks to finding a deep true love. whatever it is. and so is love. you. puts tremendous pain unto the child. potential children. It is meant to give great healing to the past. if you are not ready. children. teach. Finally. and your. To give up what is important to them. yourself. your. life. and a better house. Start with. highest self. It is important. bitterness. We recommend the following exercise. parents first. children that. you. to tell you what their beliefs are. and ask themselves. parents.

you. your. your. For. that love can be perverted. but the love. and made mistakes. that it is almost not recognizable. Then when. for. honour. In that love. you. so much. you. is STILL there. Yes. be free of the pain of. and reflect upon why. positive things. your. parents love their children more then they love can. will know. and only in that way. parents. feel ready. you. begin the exercise again. many times. you. teach. Finally. past. parents. that love can be perverted. and what they. you. In fact. a great many valuable. parents DO teach. needed to stop. your. Yes. and even though they may have been in terrific pain. ~ 96 ~ . and make peace with. because they did not know better. DID. all parents love their children.

most of you. Many of them will do anything to gain power. Power-mongers live for power games. Each of you has a role that you play out. and because of that. you. have learned from. that they have. and on relationships. that. mostly. primarily. and more. and live in constant fear of losing the power. they are simply the replay of the same old dramas. This role is. They will blow up. expect others to care for them. do you find yourself always angry with someone. you. some of it. what you do want. a perpetrator. your. you are a victim of your boss. they will threaten. your. you are a victim if you do not have enough money for what you want. even though. When someone feels pain. The republicans are the scapegoats. psyche. you take that blame into yourself. if not all. your. a very primary one in your society. create a negative situation in your life. there must be. These people are filled with negative energies. you are a victim of people talking against you. ultimately. difference between the two political parties. and the democrats are the victims.The Samantha Riordan Channels Review Section 33: 5/16/96 (C) Copyright 1996 Samantha Riordan All rights reserved Review We have written on power. Power Monger That is the second role. as well. and live ~ 97 ~ . A person who subscribes to this drama will always be a victim of something. parents? You are also a victim of outward circumstances. Interestingly enough. feel that pain. Do you find yourself always taking care of others. but. is one of victim. attempt to manipulate those around you with guilt. When someone blames you. over a situation. and see the worst in every situation. the "evil ones". an unconsciousness part of. These are two primary roles in your society. or a power-monger. The problem with being the victim is that you have no power in your life. of. the 'bad" person who is to be responsible for the victim’s problems. you respond with anger. is it believed. truly considerable. and that is. Any personal authority. You use guilt and. the basic. also known as the scapegoat. have very little love in life. indeed. For every victim. are a "victim" of what. in society. but that is. They are constantly looking for more power. is actually. is usually the evil one. it is often very difficult to apply them in "real" life. to some extent. They are not "real". they are played out in your political spectrum. primarily. and because of that. When someone is angry with you. and do you find yourself always feeling guilty? There is any number of dramas that you can play out in your life. of control. and "fix" their problems. an art to them. we have underlined the basic concepts. Now. And many. being rude. you live constantly in fear and pain. However. an "evil one'. you are a victim if your car breaks down by the side of the road. many of them fall into five basic categories: Victim The first one. those lines seem to blur more. IN your society. primarily. relationships fall into this role playing.

in some form. debate. You could call these people. she found that she was. Currently. because they threaten the academic power structure. a game of power. are the basic games of interaction. He will attempt to gain power by blowing up. again. and also. almost everyone there is an intellectual. in that. usually. Many times. and. highly. is frowned upon in your society. love it. intellectual. and the escapist is a victim. in the years in between. This escapism. far from the crowd. or maybe. and these are rare indeed. mostly. and trying to make them new. the underlying issue. primarily. Each of you plays into these games. that is why there are so many petty politics among academics. you spend your ~ 98 ~ . stifled. For. very empty roles. In a sense you never enter reality. this is.for mental games. Escapist There are the independents from all of the above. The problem with all of these is. I am smarter. and have little. role. or do not know. The power-monger is the victim of what he cannot control. all the time. They spend their lives trying to tell others. she was a respected intellectual. The problem with escapism is that you cannot escape from yourself. being rude. 80 percent another. they are escapists. what to do. You will find. they are indeed escaping. primarily. or even if there is one. Samantha. All of these roles preclude living a happy life. dissatisfied with all of them. And most of you spend your entire lives living. When a power-monger is losing control. why truly new ideas are. Intellectual Another. living with the underlying victimhood. and live for. she became a highly successful businesswoman. the intellectual is the one with all the answers. "get away" from them. and escapist. this is how Samantha lives. because it is another chance to show mental superiority. and a very fine one. and many times. simply. and how to do it. among these four. or from your life. or were acceptable to her. is causing problems in her life. to some extent. Now. for many years. and then. was a victim of her background. is that of intellectual. like the rest of life it is. many times. and they spend most of their lives attempting to be better than the other academics. There underlying fear is that they are ordinary. But. what the next role is. not. there are actually many more victims then power-mongers. power-monger. You may be ten percent one. or refusal. and pain that it brings. escapists. he cannot escape from life. to some extent all of these games create victims. None of these roles worked. with five percent of the other two thrown in for good measure. or no. he will do anything that he can to get it back. Many of them have already played out the above roles and cannot conceive. then you. have a whole cacophony of victims to play from. they are living out old ideas. the intellectual is a victim of the better intellectual. and. However. Verbal sparring. They pontificate. Life will inevitably come back. They live isolated existences. indeed. threatening. just taking a break. to haunt you. powermongers surround themselves by victims. a primary role. will blow up. The intellectual lives in very small. among academia. These individuals are so sick of society games that they. Many times. and simply hurting the people around him. fear of when he. in one of these roles. and played power monger. They believe. better then someone else. is an art form. That is the role. desire to interact with other people. or she. and better. she now refuses to play out any one of them. Victims will live in fear of the power-monger. you can simply name: victim. that they are "Out of your control". who can cut down someone.

level that they create their own reality. that person CANNOT give you. over something. If you find yourself thinking that. You can also misinterpret an event. there are various levels of awareness. If you are doing any of the above things. If only this person would "see" things my way. you are engaging in a drama. possibly. for little reason. Also. or her. then they would know that I deserve this. within his. If you find yourself deliberately setting out to hurt another. and following your own dreams. or her. you are worthless. How do you know if you are engaged in a drama? When you are having an argument that feels out of control. The fifth personality simply lives. However. uncomfortable. you are living out either your own drama. When you seem. role. the people who DO NOT BUY into the above dramas. if they thought I was worth XXXX. if someone were to scream at you. For example. for some other reason. Another person is NEVER obligated to give you anything. really. by that person's accusations. desires. For example. Now. no apparent reason. they would give that to me. there must be something. one out of every 1000 people. When you are spending all of your time thinking about another person. you're a chair. For another cannot ever hurt you. When you are angry or upset with another person. lives aware. that needs to be looked at. instead of thinking of yourself. I would say that. and they do not give it to you. 'that person hurt me’. in your society. and profound. Or. until. you KNOW that you are NOT a chair. you are engaging in a drama. When you think to yourself. and that these dramas which they drew into their reality are possibly tests. they hurt me. then they would be acceptable to me. You can only be hurt by unresolved issues. and they "deserve it". but again. let us say that you want something from someone. You live unconsciously. and intuitions. skin. off center with another person. Wizard The fifth personality no longer plays. and you wonder why you are acting in such a manner. even the idea that I deserve XXXX. even. or you are angry. out of control. is an aware personality. are the wizards. almost always. When emotions are running extremely high. and give it to me. and you wonder if you are worthless. then indeed you can be "hurt by that person". or that person's. if that person says. They realize on a deep. ~ 99 ~ . You are playing victim when. and rarely plays games. if only this person would "see" that I am right. THEY DO NOT PLAYOUT THE DRAMAS. if they loved me. what you require. in yourself. possibly. because you "are angry". then you are hurt. maybe. any. really. If only this person would "grow".life playing games with others who will play the counter role. that doesn't seem to call for that level of emotion. and unresolved ideas. comfortably. This of course makes others around him. When you feel. as well. the fifth person finds others of awareness. angry with your boss. and thereby you are not affected. you are asking the impossible from your mate. You say. never really aware of what is going on around you. they can look through the dramas that people are attempting to engage them in.

or that you are limited. So. and that. You see. but many of you are living such an unconscious life. opposite. Many of you learn control dramas from your parents. a power-monger will give birth to a victim. and energy are limited. co-dependency is agreeing to play out. automatically. ask yourself if finding a better way to resolve the issues could be the answer. what you need. your boss. dramas stem from a belief that. or primarily the other. but you WILL engage in all the above dramas. or her. but want to stay faithful to you mate. or want.Co-dependency is a buzz word. as you want? Are there some unresolved angers. and begin to find a way to get what you need. and the fights are unresolved. What is it that you are really requiring? Do you want more of the mate's love? Do you want more of the mate's affection? Do you equate sex with love. something. and you WON’t get. a wizard will KNOW that he. The Wizard’s Way Let us talk about the fifth way. if you feel you are not getting. or require. issues that you both simply do not talk about? Sex is energy. the wizard will NOT require something from another. that you HAVE looked underneath. learn certain patterns in your childhood. let us take some everyday examples: a mate does not give you enough sex. From our vantage point. the wizard's way. that is a very simplistic way of defining a control drama. as much. or she. Therefore. Let us say. but you absolutely MUST have this thing. What if. that life is limited. You need someone to give you something. Or again. why you need this thing. try and get it from another. Again. and what it represents to you. Because. you will modify it. what you could be doing that is upsetting your mate. and have for generations. you will. and you are learning a lesson. Ask yourself. in your society. that they do not want to have sex with you. Then. and have a predisposition towards one. because you cannot provide it for yourself. and thereby. Do you treat your mate lovingly every time you see them? Or. within your marriage. We have covered some of this information before. get it. many times. so much. automatically. it is because YOUR belief system is engaged. The belief that resources are limited. and. if you find you have looked at all of these. and feel you need to be loved more? Look again at what the underlying need is. most. or communicating better could be the answer. everyone in society engages in these dramas. Therefore. Again. you will. do you fight a lot. You believe that person have to provide XXXX for you. and pains. to some extent. you can be "primarily" one. Again. you need to CHANGE the belief that you cannot have what you want. may. ask yourself what you are learning for this lack? What is it that you ~ 100 ~ . and so is the wizard. based upon your childhood. find other ways to fill this need. use all of the above dramas. IT is a symbol. simply. resources. and that the universe is limitless. all of you. initiate one of the above dramas. want. many times. creates his. and if you don't. But. does not have in the budget for you. or require. and a great many ways to find what you need. in a business sense. you KNOW that you need something that. First of all. control dramas with your parents. or you play out the. first and foremost. or encourage another's drama. it can be a very small amount of the time. and see if there is another way to fulfill it. Instead. and still NEED more sex. because you cannot give it to yourself. what you need. First of all. ask yourself. and blocked energy can cause lack of sex. what lack does it symbolize? For. You. your lack opens a great many doors. reality. permeate your society. of relating. ask yourself if there is any other way to fill this need? Ask yourself if what you really want is respect? Ask yourself if what you really want is support for your work? Then. related to your purpose. if you need. or the other. if you fight a lot. at some point in time. and living your life away in dramas. even though you are born into a drama. For example. that it is important to reiterate it. you are at the mercy of events. However.

sure enough. and when that happens. "rational" reason to play out a drama. within each system and within each belief system. HE did it to me. you learn it. and better ways. who do I blame besides myself? You BLAME no one. actually be a need to have others respect your work. or means. Fairness is. Or maybe. or gaining. and you go back to your boss and ask again. as we have stated before. or another fashion. you may say. or the universe would not be giving it. and NOT attempt to get the answer through an outside source. when you do not get what you want.worth into having power. Always. to gain energy. Self-blame is a version of victim. of operating. take responsibility to look for the underlying reason. you begin to hate yourself. and not try and get it through other means. if I create my own reality.are getting. to find another way. his quality of life automatically goes down when he does not respect life. And. It is a "good". there simply is NOT a way to get what you want. possibly. from this lack? Within. and. and you boss consistently turns you down. Every lack is the universes way of teaching you to look at something differently. every frustration. negative energy around a situation. there is only what is created in your reality. When you have done that. this is a lesson that. But. we have GONE through all of this before. from someone else. you MUST accept this. for they are there to place you into higher forms of energy. of responding. Again. victimization siltation in your life. Release a block in an energy and. ask yourself why you created this boss. we ARE not SAYING that you should BLAME yourself. may. Second of all. look to find it in another way. you look for the message. most of you. and then you create. because he is alive. that isn't fair. we have explored that issue. this underlying belief in fairness. Find the lesson and. A power-monger lives in deep fear of losing his power. Justice What about justice. But. but it needs repeating. you may ask? Again. or modify your energy. ask yourself if you respect your work? Do you believe in your work? Lacks are blessings in disguise. is to look for the lesson. and what beliefs it represents. you must first TAKE RESPONSBILITY for what you have created. and the underlying need. you must believe this. Do you mean that I should just let that person off the hook and blame myself? First of all. there is no fairness. need to learn. and you still cannot get what you want. for. have not even begun to truly ~ 101 ~ . and move closer to your purpose. you. and over. Now one of the biggest underlying reasons why many of you do not do this is. and I created this thing that I do not like. and therefore loses the ability to appreciate life. including yourself. There is automatic justice. what you DO need. a murdered person has a reason for being murdered. Your need for a piece of equipment. or look at another way to gain money for your needs. become self-employed? Every lack. all else will come your way. need to realize that. what you want will come to you many times fold. even more. When you blame yourself. The "response-able" way. you. even more. sure enough. and then you might realize it is time to get. you. it is just another drama you are buying into. it needs looking at again. he lives a miserable existence. But first. for then you create. the lesson. there lies the answer to your lack. Then. A killer loses respect for life when he kills. IS a blessing in disguise. look for the underlying symbol. and. When you blame yourself. The universe does not always produce to your specified requests. he many times warps his self. automatic punishment. as well. and. then. an excuse to crawl into a drama. If you run into continued lack. or lack of fairness. over. it is just another drama. He is withholding XXXX or YYYY. again. and again. and get another job. many times.

what the best possible course is. his victimization belief is "truer". the more of a victim you are. what about the victim? The victim needs to reexamine there beliefs. a rapist does need to be taken off the streets. Every time you act on a negative belief. you are actually wasting your energy to heal yourself. or her. and child abuse come from. therefore. and wrong? Again. that belief only becomes. and begin to rethink what happened. therefore my belief in victimization is "true". A rape victim confronting a rapist can. and when you punish the other. and gain another’s energy through these dramas. and unfairness. and possibly even learn from each other. What about good. many times. must. The way to rehabilitate a criminal is to teach him to change his beliefs. your societal beliefs are so strong in right and wrong. and about power. or she. many times. When you believe in good versus evil.understand. The rapist believes that much more in victimization. that person is a victim of me. victimizing another. So. because you. of that belief. and someone else is wrong. it just becomes that much stronger. by showing him a better way. you believe in evil and. Maybe. A rape victim may be able to regain his. and no evil. good and evil. and be taught about the ways of power as well. punish the other. you can say to yourself. there is no good. should you take a stand against injustice? Should you take a stand when someone wrongs you? Again. ASK yourself what the lesson is. that much. But. What caused him to rape? You see. When you convince another to buy into your belief system. When you rape another. and be given tremendous love. are limiting your own power. you are unfair to yourself. The stronger the belief. and evil? What about right. and then decide from there. then you are playing a version of the power-monger. the rapist and the victim need to be brought together to face each other. compassion. to find your own power. then they will continue to believe in victimization. that you create your own reality. and treat them poorly. or her. and once a rape victim tells a rapist what happened to him. A victim. was raped. and becomes even more of a victim in his own life. and "see" through. and mostly KNOW. and societal wrongs? Should a rapist go unpunished? Well. stronger. May All Be Well With Each of You ~ 102 ~ . power in this fashion. So try to remember. What about societal rights. and then believes in victimization. the rapist may begin to understand what he did wrong. even more. and why after he. that is the beginning of being a wizard. lives that much more in fear of being victimized. When you are right. be the most healing experience of all. That is where rape. well. that you do not give yourselves the freedom to empower yourselves. there is only ignorance. A rapist needs to understand about love. but what kind of jail should a rapist be put into? If you put a rapist in a place filled with other rapists. So he gets away with it? He NEVER gets away with it. violence. whatever situation you create. When you believe in fairness.

This would include all the currently unposted. for we will tell her. so they perpetuate these belief systems. by me Aurelius] an intro of sorts. and energy systems. worlds. to the book that will. There are six more books at this point: the first is a wizard interpretation of current events. Each of these books is approximately thirty to forty postings. on dreams. to the best of his ability. books. and Samantha can refuse to write any of them. information on Atlantis. with some editing. how to "see" them and utilize them in your life. She may simply wish to begin with the first posting. on Purpose. because of the posting 4/intro thing. and additions. WE suggest. ~ 103 ~ . probable. Samantha will KNOW what changes. and it upset her. and this is the end of it. or possible. She writes them. Samantha needs to read the book. make. probable. and other states of consciousness. the reader "think" through the postings in more detail. and additions need to be made. but they are currently. the way that events are currently interpreted. The sixth book on energy. She needs to add posting 29 [To be posted as Section 28. As well as other. interpretation of dreams. Expansions on the current exercises in this book. There is no order to these books. she could begin the book with the letter she wrote on her history. First of all.The conglomeration of these postings. she has NOT read any number of the postings. The bottom line here is that. is through traditional belief systems. that she has refused to post it. she can begin book with posting 4 [Samantha's posting 4 was actually posted under the title "Introduction". A second book. We will add these for her. this is something she is not done. Or. The fifth book on "God". as she reads it. and possibly other exercises. in fact. so much. The changes and additions will remain unposted. and her mate edits them. Secondly. She also needs to rewrite the posting. as she reads the book for the first time. if she wishes. she DID read that one. A third book on "our" version of history. to one of the letters she has received. and added when she reads the book. that she add certain questions. A fourth book just of wizardry exercises. that we will tell Samantha of. and other worlds. is a book in its own right.a] to the book.

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