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Elemental- Personal Questionnaire

Elemental- Personal Questionnaire

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Published by: Maria Cecilia Alessandrini on Sep 06, 2011
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KIDS 5 Answer the following questionnaire 1) What is your name? 2) How old are you?

3) Where do you live? 4) Where are you from? 5) Do you go to school? 6) Do you work? 7) What is your favourite food? 8) What is your favourite colour? 9) What are your favourite clothes? 10) What is your favourite instrument? 11) What is your favourite place? Why? 12) What is your favourite animal? 13) What time do you get up? 14) What time does your sister/brother get up? 15) What time do you have for breakfast? 16) What do you have for breakfast? 17) What time do you have lunch? 18) What does your friend have for lunch? 19) What time do you have dinner? 20) What do you have for dinner? 21) Do you like English? Why? 22) Do you watch tv? 22) What kind of programmes do you watch? 23) When does your mother watch tv? 24) Do you like sports? 25) What is your favourite sport? Why? 26) Where do you play sports? 27) What have you got in your bedroom? 28) What is it like?

English or French? 52) What is the best subject at school? 54) Compare two sports. 49) Are you taller than your friend? 50) Who is the most intelligent in your class? 51) What is more interesting.29) Where are things situated? (describe it) 30) How many friends have you got? 31) Who is your best friend? 32) Has your friend got any pets? 33) How many pets has she/he got? 34) Are there pets in your house? 35) How many are there? 36) Has your father/ mother got a car? 37) What colour is it? 38) Can you drive? 39) Can you ride a bicycle? 40) What is your bicycle like? 41) What kind of music do you like? 42) When do you listen to music? 43) How often do you go shopping? 44) What do you usually buy? 45) How often does your mother go to the hairdresser´s? 46) Where is it situated? 47) What is Buenos Aires like? 48) Compare it to London. 56) What do you look like? 57) What does your mother look like? 58) What does your brother/ sister look like? 59) What does he/she do in her free time? 60) Where did you go on your last holidays? . 55) Compare two types of music.

61) What did you do yesterday? 62) Where were you last night? 63) Did you study for your last exam? 64) What time did you get this morning? 65) Where were your parents last week? 66) Were there computers fifty years ago? 67) Was there electricity fifty years ago? 68) What are you going to do to have a healthy life? 69) Describe an accident you had. 70) What are going to do on your next holidays? .

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