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125105 3 Mayor Jom suggested that Finance Director Grady, Township Administrator Schmid, and Commissioner McDonough meet and outline a $1 million and $2 million capital budget. PUBLIC COMMENTS ‘Mayor Jom opened the public comments portion of the meeting and asked if there were any questions or ‘comments, rank Krause, 20 Pittsfield Street, discussed various applications submitted to the Zoning Board regarding cell phone towers. Discussed differences between towers and antennas. Recommended a review cof Chapter 136 as to separate requirements fet towers and antennas, Feels the Zoning Board needs legislative input to reduce the nurmber of applications being wubmited. ‘Township Attomey Renaud responded, stating that definitions and regulations for both towers and antennas are specified inthe ordinance, Also stated thatthe Township is limited in determining where towers can be located due to federal regulations. [Leo McMahon, Denman Road, discussed the costs associated with the Conservation Center operation, Feels some of the costs are overestimated, ‘earing no further comments, Mayor Jom closed the public comment partion of the meeting. (On motion of Deputy Mayor Aschenbach, seconded by Commissioner Darby and passed, the Township ‘Committee adopted the following resolution by rol cll vote: Resolution No, 2005-80.2: BE IT RESOLVED that the Township Committee will go into closed session to discuss a personnel aatter concerning health benefits issues, ad a contractual matter in connection with the Riverfront Redevelopment Project, the minutes of which will be released al some time in the future atthe discretion of the Towaship Committee, ‘Recorded vote: Ayes: Mayor Jorn, Deputy Mayor Aschenbach, Commissioners McDonough, Darby and Mease ‘Nays: None Abstained: None ‘Absent: None On motion of Commissioner Mease, seconded by Commissioner McDonough and passed, the ‘Township Committee retumed to open session at 8:40 PM. ‘The Township Committee moved to Council Chambers at 8:40 PM to conduct the Offical Meeting. ‘The Township Committee retuned to Room 108 to continue with the Workshop Meeting at 10:20 PM. ‘Third Round. the Council ble Hou: ‘Township Attomey Renaud discussed the letter ffom the Council of Affordable Housing regarding Third Round Rules of COAH, Stated that the Township must determine whether to pursue substantive certification fos affordable housing. Explained that substantive certification would obligate the Township to provide affordable housing. A plan would be required which must include the housing location, numberof units ec, and the plan must meet the requirements of all three rounds of affordable housing, Stated it-would be necessary for the Township to hire a consultant forthe development of such a plan, Further explained tht verification would exempt the Township from a Builders Remedy Lawsuit. Discussed the impact ofa Builders Retiedy Lawsuit. A resolution must be adopted by February 20, 2005 ifthe Township wishes to pursue substantive certification, Discussion ensued, ‘Commissioner Darby discussed her concems regarding a Builders Remedy Lawsuit, Feels the Township should pursue substantive certification. ‘Mayor Jorn, Deputy Mayor Ascheahach and Commissioner McDonough do not feel the Township should pursue certification. Commissioner Mease was undecided. ‘Township Committee consensus not to pursue substantive certification. ‘Union Couptv Community Development Revenue Sharing Block Grant Committee Discussion moved to closed session. On motion of Commissioner Darby, seconded by Deputy Mayor Ascheabach, the Township Committee retumed to closed session at 11:10 ‘The Minutes ofthe Special Workshop Meeting of the Township Committee of the Township of ‘Cranford, County of Union, State of New Jersey on February 3, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 108. ‘THIS MEETING IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE “OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT” AS ADEQUATE NOTICE OF THIS MEETING HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY FAXING A NOTICE OF THIS MEETING TO ‘THE CRANFORD CHRONICLE, THE CRANFORD EAGLE, AND THE STAR LEDGER, BY POSTING ‘SUCH MEETING NOTICE ON A BULLETIN BOARD IN THE TOWN HALL RESERVED FOR SUCH. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND THE FILING OF SAID NOTICE WITH THE TOWNSHIP CLERK OF CRANFORD. NO FORMAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AT THIS MEETING Present: Mayor George J. Jom. Deputy Mayor Daniel J. Aschenbach ‘Commissioner George T. McDonough Commissioner Ann E. Darby Commissioner W. Scott Mease Absent: None Also present were 20 members ofthe public. Robert Zullo was present represetting the Cranford Eagle ‘nd Lauren Trainor was present representing the Cranford Chronicle. RIVERFRONT REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT resentation by the S. Hekemian Group, LLC DMC Director Prunty introduced representatives from S, Hekemian Group as follows: Robert S. Powell, I. Peter Hekemian Gregory Troast Douglas Cohen, Esq. Eric Fang, ACA, of Ebrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn, Architects Bruce Englebaugh, AIA, of Minno & Wasko, Architects and Planners ‘Brian Silbert of Siftert Realty and Management Company Mr. Powell discussed projests S. Hekemian Group has done in other municipalities, including Princeton and Englewood, ‘The 8. Hekemian Group presented the objectives ofits proposal, including: New pedestrian activity from downtown living; ‘© Diversity of use - residentis!, office and retail space; ‘© Improved access to the train station; ‘+ Open Space — Rahway River Greenway “The group thea presente the main components ofits propos: ‘© Residential mixea space including luxury condominiums, smaller rental sts and townhouses; Parking deck in center of block, sereend from street. + Reta fist loor/office space on second and third floors of Sou Avenue building ‘Mr. Powell also provided the governing body with a concept plan forthe Trait tran station parking lot, that consists ofa three-story stricture facing South Avenue containing residential “live-work units”, and a tree level parking garage with 255 space. Also, proposed a reconfigured plaza ané surface parking area ‘with upgraded landscape. Mr, Powell discussed the benefits of the plan to provide additional commuter parking spaces, additional ‘vitality tothe area and preserve the appropriate scale and density ofthe area, A discussion and question/answer period fllowed: “Mayor Jom seeking presentation to the residents Mr. Powell agrees and stated at he believes heres need fo several presentations to the public. Discussion was held as to potential relocation of residents living within the redevelopment area. Discussion was held as to density of the proposal andthe potential impact onthe area i. tac Dow. Mr. Powell stated that an independent traffic analysis would be pr February 3, 2005 2 ‘Mr, Powel stated that he did not feel a small hotel at this location would be financially successful and it was not ineluded inthe proposal. ‘Brian Silber, Sitber Realy, discossed the proportion of retail to residential as being adequately done in this projet. Anticipates upscale tenens similar to Cranford Crossing and will sek an anchor easse for the comer propery. Commissioner Darby discussed green building standards as possible consideration by developer. Mr. Powell indicated that green standards increase the construction costs by about double, but some elements could be reasonably implemented, ‘Mayor Jom questioned how school enrollment right be impacted. Mr. Powell estimated that there could ‘be 410 6 school-age children per 100 units. Hugh Welsh, Mansion Terrace, questioned replacement of commuter parking lot spaces, Mr. Powell responded thatthe parking deck will provide commuter parking spaces. Kathy Welsh, Mansion Terrace, questioned if there would be parking provided for access to the proposed park area along river. Mr. Powell responded that there could be short-term parking available inthe deck Charles Baniewicz, DMC Chairman, Hillerest Avenue, inquired as to the amount of green space between the development and the river. Mr. Powell responded that it was approximately 20 to 100 feet wide. Frank Krause, Pittsfield Street, inquired as to whether the size ofthe apartments were in compliance with township code. Attomey Renaud responded that the redevelopment zone has different zoning standards than the local Jand use ordinance, ‘There were no further public comments ‘Mayor Joma thanked Mr. Powell and representatives from The S, Hekemian Group for their presentation, ‘and asked fora brief recess, 8:30 PM - Presentation by Lincoln Property Company, DMC Director Prunty introduced representatives from Lincoln Property Company. ‘Anthony Ianuale, VP/Partner ‘Mark Gordon, Consultant on Transi-Oriented Development ‘Michael Saltzman, Principal, Newwork, Planners/Architects) ‘Matt Harding, President, Levin Management (Retail Consultant) ‘Neal Zimmerman, Esq., Partner, Waters McPherson McNeill Mr. Tanusle discussed an overview of the company and the various projects they have undertaken, including redevelopment in Montclair, New Jersey. Discussed his approach at looking atthe overall downtown and to seek balance between the north and the south sections. Discussed a focus on pedestrian connectivity and architectural flavor in the community. Mr, Ianuale and team discussed various aspects of theic proposal that consists ofa proposed hotel nesr the train station and s parking deck atthe NJ Transit parking lot area, The main structure isa wrap building with a parking deck in the center with mixed-use retail and residential component. Townhouses would transition tothe residential area on High Strect. Matt Harding, Levin Management Corporation, discussed the three-comer intersection concept of the potential retail space. Stated that no office space was planned, and that if the hotel was not wanted, that space could be used for a small office buildin. Discussion was held as to potetil PILOT program for the hotel project on NI Transit property. Discussion was held a to potential public amenity space on the roof of the deck. Discussion was held as to potential impact on school enrollment, Discussion was held as to feasibility and ssk involved in the proposed hotel.