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Annotated Bibliography Worksheet

1. Citation (ASA Style):

Moya, Jose C. 2005. “Immigrants and Associations: Global and Historical Perspective.”
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 31:833-864   

2. What is the primary research question or thesis of this article?

The primary thesis of this article addresses the use of various organizations to examine
agents that effect immigrants’ formal sociability.

3. What are the characteristics of the population studied? How many

people, ages, genders, race/ethnicity/nationality, professions, etc.?
How were these people selected?

The unit of analysis used in this study was organizations i.e. secret societies, credit
associations; mutual benefits societies, religious groups, hometown associations, and
political groups. The population studied consisted of European immigrants of the
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; as well as the Asian, Latin American, and
African immigrants that arrived in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

4. What research method(s) was employed by the researchers? Was

this appropriate for the population and the research question? Were
there limitations to this method?

The research method employed in this study was an examination of international

scholarly literature.

5. What were the primary findings of the research?

The primary finding of this research suggests that the growth of political administration
and business social security systems has suppressed the early immigrant organizations.
Furthermore, the research proposes that immigrant communities are short of mutual aid
societies. In addition it is hard to see the hometown associations’ formation and
membership in the immigrant communities.

6. Critique this article; discuss method, findings, analysis, writing style,

or other elements of the research project.
The article did not present the facts clear enough for me to fully grasp an understanding
of the primary research question. The methods in the research weren’t clear also, the only
research method that I seen employed were taken from international scholarly literature.
The researchers could have looked more in-depth to try to locate more personal accounts
of the organizations in the study.