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About The Municipal & Industrial Waste Water.
1-It is the universal fact that some percentage of Municipal & Industrial water being waste, due to the poor maintenance .
2-The Municipal & Industrial waste water we can reuse for multipurpose like we can use that as a drinking water by doing treatment or we can use for irrigation purpose.

1-Reuse of wastewater by using water treatment method like Distilation, chlorination, Distilation,Reverse Osmosis, solid block content carbon Method.
2-Other process which are employed to treat water are by Lime softening,Stabalization, fluoridation e.t.c

Why need of reuse???
1- Water is the most needed substance on the earth for sustenance
of life. 2-Due to rapid expansion of population, accelerated industrial growth and enhanced agricultural production, there is ever increasing demand for fresh water. 3-Demand of fresh water (potable water) has increased from 1525litres / person/ day to 75-100 litres/person/day,

Method Used in reuse of water
 Precipitation & Sedimentation  Biological Treatment

 Media Filtration
 Membrane Filtration  Ion Exchange  Reverse Osmosis  Disinfection  Evaporation & Crystallization

Process Water Flow Diagram.

 Potable Water -Less than 550 ppm  Requirement-Domestic, Industries and Agriculture  Sources of Potable Water-Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Wells

etc.  Demand of Potable Water -15-25 litres / person / day (OLD) 100-125 litres / person / day (NEW)  Underground Saline Water-2,000 – 2,500 ppm  Sea Water-30,000 – 50,000 ppm

Detail About Some Method
Reverse Osmosis  Typical limit on waste brine is 70 to 80,000 ppm at 1000 psi feed pressure. Ion Exchange  Removes a wide range of cations and anions which make up TDS in water. Evaporation / Brine Concentrators  Typically falling film type as the used for scale prevention.  Pre-acidification can be used to minimize CaCO3 scale formation.

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