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We are pleased

to have this opportunity

to give our



fir -it text-book of this language. The opportunity has been sought for h)ng: lime and many have inquired regarding this very desirable adjunct

tu ou:r work. Anticipating a question or two which may be asked Ly some members. we will say that there a r e two reasons 'ovhythis language should he studied and at least pa rt~ai1y mastered by all members. Fi rst, there is. 110 great er step forward in the establishment and maintenance of an international brotherhood than an agreement in longue or means of expression, Uni.... sal conception of all laws, universal co-operation in their use, unity in .er purpose, unity in mind and unity iu expressi(Jn are the stepping stones to my st ic power and universal brotherhood. TIle teachings 0 f our Order and the Lies 0 f love and unselfish service unite us, and the ability to speak with au r brothers and sisre rs in a Ianguage wh ich each may understand (regardless of native tongue) win be the final Jink in the chain of unity.

The Second
{lTivatel}' speak

or write

for the language
UP0rl those

is that it enables


tu more


hearts, Not that the language itself wh en spoken pu hlic win not be understood ln parts by some, but when writtc n in our own secret alphabet (hereafter TC f erred to) or spoken quietly in places, wi U prevent th e uninitiated f rom comprehending ALL that may L~ passmg hetween Brothers and Sisters n f this Order.

ar e dearest to our openly and f redy in

THE ORIGIN OF THE LANGUAGE The language is an artificial. iIl"\'-Enled language. 1t s rOOl words have been taken from every tongue and in many cases modified, while there are
a few manufactured words. The need for such a univer sal language

was ~Pl)arent many yean. ago

and in 190 J a Delegation for the Adoption of art Auxiliary International Language wa.s founded in Europe and it eventually succeeded in receiving
and support of over three hundred fellowships and brotherhoods of Europe and the approval of I2S0 members 0 r Academies and Universities. At that time an artificial language called Esp{_'raulO and another caned R D were being cons idered as international Ianguages for the adhesion


by simply adding a final letter to the root. Thus.pecially in connection with this language. so easy to master and yet so rich en expression. tha t it wIU become a truly universal Ianguage for international cornmunieation. The principles of the language are simple to comprehend. an adverb or an ad] ective. even by ~hose unfamiliar with the Jaws of language or the rules of grammar. Always words in the dictionary as come nearest to the word you desire and then add ·prefix or suffix or both. while Ro 'has passed into oblivion. . There are a certain number of "Root" words in the dictionary (which is published in this book) and these words make possible hundreds of other words by simply adding to the "'00/. For. of the sentence rather than try to translate the actual word! or phrases. Hut the language committee of the above named ·~.:ret·eorrespondence. It is an entirely di fferent alphabet used for '. e. IS . to make just the shade of meaning you desire. one can soon speak 0r write man. By adding a prefix or suffix or both.. There are a few rules or laws which have "0 £. while' purposes. These show how any root in the dictionary can be made a noun. the use of the is so simple. Certainly this cannot be said of any other language. ad verbt adjective and even moods and tenses. C. to any "001 in the dictionary. a number of different words can be formed from the same root. The newer [anguage. appointed in T907 found that Esperanto with its accented letters and strange grammatical rules was worse than unsatisfactory. it i~ the most tirnple and easily memorjzed of all grammars. ror the English language contains many idioms which cannot he translated any language and convey the proper meaning.Europets linguist and scientists worked upon a scheme which culminated In the language now offered to our members.the purpose of adding to the root. alphabet gjven to our members in the First Degree Lectures in our Temples.x~s with definite meanings. ten minutes" study of the grammar one can take a printoed page 0 r the Jangage and pick out every noun (plural or singular) every verb. the grammar gives a number of p. which we will hereafter call the Rosaecrucian Language.efixe~ and sulfi. .tdegation. though This alphabet will not be published in ehese not solely for that language. As for the grammar. niter only a. with its arbitra ry roots and difficult rules was beyond uni versal use. a verb. THE SECRET ALPHABET. Esperanto is still in use by fi rms and individuals doing an inter'national business or conducting international correspondence. By memoriz::ing the prepositions given in the grammar and -add- in seek such root ing a few root words phrases without every day. J n putting sentences togl"ther one should translate th e idea. nor is it the alphabet used in the Second Degree Lectures.rceptiolls. THE PRINCIPLES OF THE LANGUAGE.x-especially with our Lodge and our members. The secret Rosaecrucian alphabet referred to in the preceding parag-raph! is NOT the secret R.Th eref ore a ne w language was decided upon and the most ernine nt of .

. of the present one. SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE. In the present issue there is one dictionary. '. Language root. etc. get (very short). or au in aught (very short).l. I like Eng] j sh i in ship. U like Engtish u in rule. I n another issue we will publish another dictionary. met. rude and duty (medium length) au-Hke ow in cow or ou in loud. Our members to be found at the end of the dictionary.. And every teller has always the same sound. But that alphabet is nol necessary to the study and mastership of the language and not necessary to the writing of it. One wi]] find the language n01 c. B C No silent letters in any word. The syllables are made by the ccnsonunts. keep iu mind that every letter is prnnounced There are no silent easily spoken. or more like ee in sheep (short). never like z. T same as English same English K L M N same as English same as English same as English :$ same as Engli sh W same as English X like ks in picks.ery rCYCUt. In speaking the language. In future issues some articles in the language will be puhlished fOf praetise reading. P All letters as Cllways pronounced afj CONSONA. C. C.NTS Q same as English Iike ts in bi ts o same as Eng 1ish F same as English G like g in go H same as English J like j in jam V like qu in quality R like r in very· S like s. containing English words with the proper R. eu=like "eh-oo" (no perfect equivalent in English) . E like English e in set. giving the R. are urged to begin speaking the simple phrases as explained or in other noting how the word is composed. in zone Y like y in yes. Be sure to read them and memorize some of them. in the grammar.-monographs) but will be given to each member by the Master of eacb Lodge at such time as the Imperator decrees. The accent 'shouM always be placed on tbe syllable befor» Jke Ja.. (very broad).5 THE SECOND DICTJONAUY. 'I . and a very complete lecture or conversation can be ca Tried on with no other roots than those found in this dictionary. Z like far. a. the syllables of a word are distinguished easily b)' THE ALPHABET given here. This dictionary will serve for translations.nd never on the Iast Jetter or syllable. the .swords. o like Engli~h 0 in go~ no. but very musical and susceptible of much expression. Language root word first with the equivalent English word after it. and you same as English The r should be slightly rolled or tritled VOWELS A like English a in father.. art. This will serve all practical purposes.r.

its numher or any other condition. vu (polite. They are to be. Examples. applying to I person) vi plural. Note: WhC'n the la precedes a word which begins with a vowel. This is rnvat'iable. I ·ha ve the book=::::::Mehavas la libro. the fi nal a of la is eliminated and a 15 put in its place. This is invariable. tUJ PRONOUNS you )'ou he (Famaliar 2nd person singular number) applying to 1 person.he J iI her they them we tlS J I li. adjectives and adverbs are to be added only a ftc: r all other suffixes have been added to> the root Vlords. libri::::::=hooks infanti-children.= (a) good book. In both c:a!!!lf!l f~:tf!t on the word "me" is used) . "pluva" would make it an adj ecti ve::::::rainy. added to the end of any root to make it a noun in the plural nuntber. "the" is the only article. meaning "words. NOUN-Slngulat "0" is always added to the root of any word to make it a noun in the si. J noun f I) r "word" meaning "a word. . a noun. as "il lektas plu bone'~== he reads better." These latter are always understood when the definite article "the" is NOT used. ADVERBS and AD) ECTIVES are comparable. Pluvo" is the noun fOT rain. Plural 'T' is. There is no indefinite article such as the English "a" and "an. applying nl to a number or collection of persons. bona tihro-. as Me ha vas . ADJECTJVES "a" is always added to the root of any word to make it an adjective regardless of the flatu re of the noun. libt~hook. alwaY3 the final terminations of all words . the adverb. This is also invariable. Exarnples : Bona is ~"Ood~h01U" is well. it they they one they 01 eli Masculine eli Feminine oli Neutral (collection of various people] ME and I." Libra means no di Jference between 8 . J Example. ( Notice that th e re . "Perfecto" is perfect.ngular Humber.. Examples: Patro=fathcr. singular.THE GRAMMAR ARTICLE the:::::la. and "vortn Iibro" would lie "word bock" or in other words. Examples: I have a book=Me havas libro. NOTE ESPECIALLY The above grammatical terminations for nOUIlS." "vorto" is the I you PERSONAL me." "Vorti' would he the plural noun. "Bona" would mean good. This is invariable. l'alumen to. a dictionary. "per Iecte' is perf ectly.:-. Vorta would mean the adjective sense of the word.. ADVERBS "e" is always added to a root word to make it an adverb. "vort" is the root word for "word .. applying to a number or cDnection persons. + or • him .

THE POSSESSIVE My PRONOUNS mane your his bert. aa tbeir·s Himself Iia. SUi singular number. to indicate masculine gendc-r. Aho il. and when they indicate nothing definite they end with "a .ue-iti 0' ti Note: You will see that when the above pronouns are used to indicate a ' definite thing they end with Ihe "d' termination of the "nouns'".). a definite thing. plural Suai.... meaning nothing definite. and 01 always indicate masculine. ~. RELATIVE AND INTERROGATIVE wbo-? what? qua (sing.UO PRONOUNS in any Question OT referring to a person which? . inter rogalion ) qui (11"ral number. 9' don) referring to things and not persons.j. eha. the list being complete. etc.i tllc. feminine 0[" neutral gender. olta.. ita. as do all adjectives. to indicate feminine gender. iU for instonce ~ 40IIs that clear to you ?U' This ends the pronouns.. when applying to one person. el.dar indicate neutral gender. to mean a definite thing. REFLEX be rself itsel f themselves his own ~er own ~t5 own PRONOUNS plural Sui. when applying to a number of people. in a question) . t DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS meaning this thing. the other word "that" (ito." Note: The word "that" (quo) given above is pot to be confused with. this-ico or this-s-ica or Ibis-ilea.t-Ht~ that=-elta co ca to ta that--olta these-s-ici or c..!Ita 0 r abiil. to indicate neutral gender. (his-tka th i:s--ol ca that-ito or tha t. iha. for the}' hel p to make understood The above should be thoroughly sentences clear and definite. for "quo" is to bt· t1IH~d only in questions. to indicate feminine gender. that? .. IQ mean an indefinite thing to indicate masculine gender. via.hat? which? whicb? what? who? referring to many or more than one person (neutral. singular number. lOur our's their } yours I 1 mea tua. J Sua. in any ques- . hom? qua-no To be used in sentences like: "That man whom you saw. when applied \ gt:nrraUy regardless of sex..

. and compound tenses in the active voi-ce: me eN aminta-I had loycd . All laws are invariable-no exceptions.. and e are added to roots to make nouns. Note ~ Use this ita. adverbs.1If If.. Come berel to be (tsar) The verb to be (esar) is u. The con] ugation of the verbs consists of tenses only" "person" and "number" being indicated only b. to give the correct mood and tense in Hfttenca like loll am convinced.ed to form all tenses in tI» Future Perfect==esos me esos aminta=I shall have loved "' Conditional=esul me" eolu. Mani (est"z sui f-Manilest yourself t Scribt" ito letrol Write that Ietter] Ven". -. future-o. . _.i. meaning that ItarJirif b.VERBS Note: The study of the verbs with the simple laws. Notieli! that in both eases. The letters following the a. i and 0 indicate the moods. (Nature manifestata-Nature heiDI manU es ted) past-jta having been (loY)ed.r aminta=I should have lo¥ed II wiU be. hike.aviq IaeeD permissioned. adjectives and. I have found. Me trovOII wm find. the ~uhjoecL This makes the grammar the most simple possible. the "i" indicates past and the ·'0'· indicates future.. to Jove [admirar-s-to admire. or I found) fulure----ol will or shall love (Me amO!i----1 will la¥e. These are added like the o. present.) future-ota about to be (hSv)ed.." ete. not used as an audliaiy.noticed that the verb to #tow i.hould (]ovt) he would (love) (leo lelro dah:ota-thil letter is dated. interesting part of the study. laws RiveD in the preceding paragraph) present=-anta having (lov Ied (Vua am. makes this a 'fer. CONDITIONAL . 10 Past Perfec:t~si. MOOD ico I~tro datus-this letter should be dated. armar-to love) to have loved (admirir-to have admired) (The accent on such words should be placed on the final art ir and or-) present---as palt-is love': me trovas-l find) have loved (me amis-I have loved.. Verbs are made by taking the root of the word from the dictionarJ and adding to the root certain final syllables as shown here. IMPERATIVE MOOD e.nta me----You having loved me' about to (love) (Natura manife3tonto---nature about to manifest) (Iov)ing (Me aman'a-! am loving) PASSIVE present=-ata PARTICIPLE being (Jov) ed.. permisitG-[~ h. I shall find) In the above wilt be: round the whole key to the moods and tenses. I love (me amas-I INDICATIVE MOOD ACTIVE PARTICIPLE (These past-inta future---onta are based on the. Me trovis.) he . (lie... -pa!lsi"ye-voice. the "a" indicate. a.. etc.." UtI is dated. INFINITE MOOD present--ar past----. viruetlt it Aauillg bee« ItJ't'd~ etc.

..elaho1J by mamal1# dis=-deno t e s .~lj feless.) which sbelter« 090. return) hen "+ya... Therefort by reference to the following lists of prefixes and suffixes one can quickly adopt any root (found in the dictionary) to meet the required shade of meaning' or exact rich as he "El esas pIN granda kam me'~She is taller Ih4" I.n retro-denotes bu. Of m~enotes List of Prefixes (Bo-p.oved~me esor amo~ Present I am loving=me e:SQsamontll Condirional min -kam::=les S----lhan I should be lol)'ed=me e~IlJ a 1l14ta COMPARATIVES plu -ka m-. as well as bJ adding the grammatical terminations given of the preceding pages. ette'J ( dan sadd . WORn BUILDING by using prefixes or suffixes before and after the roots. domacho. misunderstand] 0 {neutilav=uselees.J Complete List of Sulli...J ne-d enotes II~g(Jlio .d an hour" mlkJo.-· ajarJ-to half dose) ( m.. iny hovel) --ad t i. New or different words are easily made Complete l!O--r-..xes· ..rfrum~nt ~ .'.. InseNjo.i skomp renar ~-t.o'a Past Perfect I bad been loved=me esa... mal utila .) .tna1-- '0'" r= . amita Future Perfect I should he about to be .3epar mio..z:i~a. The dictionary of this language contains sufficient "roots" or root words for all ordinary purposes. -d ancilll ) -ai rhing made or ~"g (Ianajo--woolen stuff... ex=-denotee lor-mer ge---sudtes botb sexes mal-denotes the CQnlrdr.more--------than of -as max-d~most------of minime . ".. sendu beJ-without doubt} (parapluva..atro.f}1f}ts an "'HflJf)oI)rabJe WlNft( netam-kamcsuot tre=-very tam~kam=a:r--. predict) «( redicar==to say again) (retrosendart"-to send back.uw ti Qn.. If e q.ta Conditional I should have loved=me eSNJ aminlCl Passiv-e Participle Present I am ]ov~d-me tsa. -at:h ..» . iDKrtioo) (nacio~-natk. thing in:u:rtf"d.o-ex officer) in law) oppnsite idea hal] (g e-patrl.-tu scribble. re-s-denote s IIIIga.c-half lui) para-that (in.. all'. weakly ) ruis--d enol es W1' o n gl..iii.COMPOUND TENSES ~dillC! Partidple Past Perfect I bad loved=me esis amitttQ Future Perfect 1 shall have loved~mc: escr amo..-harm· (p1'"edicar~-to foretell. qMaJi~y" ' thing receiving the action. parents) ( f orte-st rongl y~ mal fort e._'" pre-s-denotes d1dt~ . 50 ··Me esas tam r icha kam W'==I am.kWDrd sen-e-devoid of~~ witho.-father (dis-jetas)-to throw a bout) (exoficero.-umbrella) (mihoro....

djectives) dua.pti~g 0/ '0 or having qMfJtill' . -{Semidol'-· Sernimte.dorlol (artjsto.b1oorn.~ . le ktenda. hf'rJO '11 chk/ good health) s~) ·SQ hOI' ed. professor. sudotifar. twice. (monetOt~small mountain (hill).. fa1l sleep. make (or send) a sleep) (ridlija:r~--to get rich. bestro. poUcestrat'chief of police) . VI:) ( ponca n o.. .3aelido -Isi..{)nd.c~PJQcte (inlruro:~-in_k well ~ motlu)'o.~mayor.. (the regular.._ pieactio" lure)·· -uy denotes ~(.c-eocialism -bt proles.v·h'ch bears (pomyerot-app!e tree) .c-Iorest.-.-purle)..sweat) (beHgart-to beautify. -ur manifesting the reJ1ill of some'(pilctar~-to .-~ena.act~". . duesma. -ot abou' to be tw become (Iektota~-about to. rcdat-re4~ re-dij:1t.tort urbano~--citj2e-n.-dollble.-pol ice man) (See estro below) (arbaro.hat 1. .ta"o. to fHQk~~ cause to be to beco mt!' 'U.teyo. oC"orJertt1g or ( 0 ri zar . tionary) Vo:rtaro~-a 01.'.-to which «(dtografero . that can be believed) (babilema. distributive! qlJa. l2..:opJ . four at a time. -em indined amateur f'ltlargemenl 'Q 0[' inleHSity (varmega. ur . Jimirar IQ die- like} quality ---eM thai can be (done) -eg .ized by full ado. (f:ratino.":.-talkti vious ) ve..if • -II -tJ pl"od"c~~ to secret. Saneso. h '( lnstruktive~-instructi -b: d eno t if' S ..-hot1Pluvego.-to ·-esk -.ropet-in fuors :.sister~ Patrino.-estr -et to b~gi.-~et. be ln health. -yer . sit down.'1 church. malvarmeta..'fU P P I_vi-lt~~. to secrete .. .-first. --on fraction: triona~-a third part.ft.---to bl U sh ) (brosiro~-brusb) . greenish) «(acebla~-feasible..must be read) amateur photograph.-eIrha. cho. fIHlIkt' .8e plac~ ~y -id lo~ . krcdebla.U -it ~it1 -ism . place for prayer) . dormigaf".sar~-to (dormeskar.:.-horsestable~ pregeyo.. quarona.-an member collt'cliofl of --ar -atr (sena.-· to perspire. etc . --·-a.. of.ulwe deg..-to gil d ) -ul -inrl fe·minine m·en' a~se~viug to quality or sell b« (llorifar~-to . quarter.paint: pjkturo. er) (sane. ... offspri"g /0 (ko!egestro.-.credible..-two (things) 12' -urn '..-downpouT) (spongatra~-5pongYt verdatra... sldeskar. dimifl. timulo~-acoward} and hi used as suffix when a·proper at (poroza.-to .m or doctrine (socialismo.-praisewartny) raelite) t ) artist} -oz has 110 definite meaning a -ODe seems impossible to find . to begin h) .. termination for aU a.- be -to..--en· -end which must be --er ( slnvenda. ordinal numbers: read) NUMERAL SUFFIXES .x-cool ) (kava. Envierna...-porous ) . a.. ---6p . multiplying: duopla.--coUege....-mother) (lau dinda.~p'rofessional -iv ('aN do or CC:UJ .dr.

. (as. terminations of moods and tenses. Comments on the Use of Prefixes . IOOO~ mil. 0..l-two (the Dumber) aegun all lOt:" cirke t. as follows: 22~dn-dek-du [dudekdu ).ccntdekquar (one hundred. referring regarding lor reo nur· tala .. in order.eT· before (referring' to time . coneernlng. ~ or at (ref erring to a place or at a plaee) (used generally as a prefix} under. 100. 1:1 sep. sempre nam IJ anke this only such (to be used as an adjective) also to a thing or occasion). (See "do" above) (ref erring to a thing. 2 •. 4t quar .rg~ment or intensity) and we would hi!ve malvarmega~ meaning very £oJd..and ' we would.. ten and four"}. 5.qn. 114. etc.1 NUMERALS un. or Januaro uuesma mil novccnt dekok.. fOT~ to. twice ten two. or i or those of as. By adding the final a for an adjective one would say varma iorno for "warm day. For instance..P." By adding the prefix mal (meaning the opposite) we would have 1. about on if with over. by means of po t:n da de In by (after a passive verb) from of then. the dictionary "roor" word 'Vtlt'"1H means war-m.. then. (See po" and 1'0 above) 10. 8J ok . .~td-dek (tr idek).0 .-mH novcent dekok.therefore 13 on account . above through according to in succession. J8~~·-dckok (ten and eight) ~ ¢.-tricelltdekkin (three hundred. January 1. around..: !U. is and OJ or other. should he added AFTER suffixes have been added. dn j: J~ tri . '.an THE MOST IMPORTANT per pro pot PREPOSITIONS . (See po and nam bdow) fOT" at the cost of.sJighUy cod. we should add aha the suffix et (which is a dimunirive degree) ... e.~noydeksis (uio e tens and six).uaJvurma which would mean cOQI or cold. I .. I9I-a-JanU(l['O Iesma. occurrence "round.. have maloarmeta meaning that it was nol cold. 30. cent. The grammatical terminations of . ten and fi ve). not to person) always for (meaning because. 6~ sis. 10 apples for 5 cents) di do ."kin.. or three tens).) s o. . and Suffixes Care should be used to add the proper prefix or suffixes} always ha ving in mind the most exact shade of meani ng. On the other hand we may add the suffix eg (meaning enla... beneath between without for all nouns) duo.0 (the regular termination sen suh kontre ehe irtf'l' against . Jls. But should we desire to indicate that it is not cold but merely . dek .to.of . hut cool. 1918. !9I8..r tra pn + se about. Tens and hundreds are made hy joining the above..

. apud dum proxim and and (used for the sake of euphony) to.-amo"_ Examp]e. ACTIVE I am lov~ng~--me esas amania I had IOTed. Preseht: Past : •• .--.l7.." ...tion..I [oved. I am speaking.. upon the talA of tu:.estnt~ po. say a.. I did speak. o:r more explicitly.. amor Past: ir to have loved t ami.. I do speak." or when saying: UI am convlnced i~~ for the true sense in cadi ph rase is: it IuJvi"g bt'eH addr eseed...p eat. COMPOUNDS The most mllsical and elegant forms are given a!l fotlows: Conditional: I should have Ioved ... -me eSU9 aminta. ] ha ye seeDt-me esas Y Edi"IG-.' and I "ovi Kg btf!" (:oovinced. next in ordee during beside the n.. I speak.... [ should be speaking." "you know :" "Do you k:nowl~t) Present: as I love. amor Indicative Mood (indicates Of declares a thing..-me paroi..-me pa:rol1U Conditional ~ ACTIVE PARTICIPLE Future Present: Past: anta loving". me amos .st ~_rut ffl.: ing t-me esa s paro!' Of' it has been written (in the past)t-sk...-rne esis amint. manta iota having loved.d.rJrrifla.r Future teese : I would speak..d.~ami.. and 01 as grammatical terminations for the . or it is about to be w:rittelt (in the immediate "future'.bout a. letter.' ..ft In the same way one would.. or asks a que'i.." should be written: "Tale koneepfita ed dedikita..loved . nex t.-nae esu.: One should use ita when. = Future: 1 shall have lovedt-me esos amjuta Pa't~ I had lov~d..-me parolu Past tense : I shall speak.. ~ "I wrlte ... that it is beina written (now) . clos e by" besi de..... near. more"' tenses. as foUo •• : PASSIVE PARTIC[PLR Present: ala being. as explained...-me esis amiuta Ftiture ~ I shall be about to be lovedr=--me esos &mott'tA Condhional ~ I lhauJd have been loved. I have spoken. I shaU be speakjng~-me parolo...... ...~ dressed. translating the phrase = "It is a. Pre$ent tense._ . a:!llfollows. ma"tdOtt Presenl : Past: I am . me amis~ Future: oS ) win love...hI onta about to love.. Future: or to be loved..-ibitd.. ami. in/inile Mood (expresses aetlon in unHmited manner} Present = ar to rove..l""" Past: is.e ed ek a or ad.-amD'Q Past: ita having been loved.--amihl Future: ota about to be Joved. Tb UI the phrase ~ ~4S0 conceived and so dedicated.. bef 0 re FURTHER TREATMENT OF THE MOODS The following explanation of the moods is based.. 11W OI'Jl.- drib. I spoke.

-la puero elOI has been esos amata I shan have been lovedt-rne esos amita I shall be about to be loved...i~t.~ me esas amiia I am about to be 1oved* puero ais wi11 be lovoo.-me tsar amata I had been lo"ed~~me esar amita I should be loved.ed*-~. me esos amota is ioved la puero esas was puero esas had "been lovedtla puero esis will have hem lo.-me esua amata 1.o~dicjona1: ~~J[ Pn~t. have been IQyed. la puero eS05 i5 about to be lO'Vf:d.~ la puero esae J- amples ~ I am k>vedt-me esas amatl Ttle bo)' The hoy Th-e boy The boy The 00) The boy TIll' hoy amata amata amata amita amita amita amota l5 esas amota I was esis amata I had been loved~me esis amila I was about to be loved~~me esis arnota I shall be IOl'ed. Past! I am lovl'!d.PASSIVE r.

to accumulate. afektacar. transc (adv. adverse. pi enigar. advoka affable" afab!a to.. advertisemen t~ nkla mo.ceipt of.). cirke. and the ar of the infinitive mood should be changed. (v. access. adul tero to advance. affair. hor or ar. akurnular. to address (a lct ter} • to adhere.). adoptar. akuta. able to..' lo adapt. to abandon. r= arou nd). absolute... all. agnoskaT. f oll. 8ble t09 r= to add. skilful) habila. nar aco . adreso . to absolve" absolvar. feet) efekt [go. o= speech. across pagar . abdikar. . abateyo. absu rda. preci . Be. -mlnded. act (Theat). aborninar. avcnturo. . accord. accessory t ace so r'a. abroad. abbreviation. (= adult. acen to. abyss. to abut. abu nrla r. exhortar. stranjer-Iande. affinlty~ afineso. ache. abutar. akuzar. to act r= do work). -a do : (~ ef- nar. povo. . a dherar. abstrakt-lta. to accustom. abrejar. ~ Of one's own. to adminster. vantajo. story). kustu- absent. vole. doloro. to abuse" mis-uaar. accoun~ konto. Being.. abbey. avancar. trans ( pre p . .DICTIONARY SiI(1 words in this dictionary 113. to adjust~ ad -just igar. able. adversa. 10 abduct. ad r es izar. abreio. translata bando- accent. admirar. hy in fin. quest). a his mo. accident. above (prep. tra . dolorlgar. p r i. ) • through). ag-iva. adulto. ace ording to. vo1un tar. pas si v e) I al{ ti va... academy ~ akade mio. advantage. migar. Ilb~tract. to abstain. to abjure. acirlo. to abolish.ab sorbar. akorrlo . affection (= fond. aklamar. to ma tar. aeele- c= t6 akto.avizo to advise. to admi tl ad m is 1'.t bar to. to ac cept. to achleve. abolisar. acep tar.. affected. aettve. avrzar pn ricevo rlr. -ata. of t ag-o. to abhor . an e to make an adverb a plural noun. an a tCJ make an adjective. action agar. raptar.-·seto. to ab ~Hcate. accountant. accsar trans. add ~aclda.ness). ka pah Ia . accurate. to acqulre. konailo. actor. .'. afero. to abound. to admonish. aklia e com pan y" a kornpanar. super. . AU the root an (I to make a or an i to make er to indicate A A.. aj orna r. poval about concernin g). konsilar. 'adaptar. to acquit.lPI) . acidento. to Be. (::::: beyond). rat . advocate. . to adorn. absoluta. to ache. when the 'rcot IS used in other moods and ail tenses.' acute. adrninistrar. abstenar. -CTI1:L active (=:: (. to accede to (reto accelerate. preclea J • Justa. -adjoiningt ap nil. absurd. avizar.. to adjourn. to admire. arl-jun tar. '"l ornar. addreas. to acknowledge o= own up). afcciono. absolvar . a·dorat . aktoro. adventure. adultery. to adore. to acclaim. (~ .). a. aquirar . c= kontisto. abcr'tlon. d!sku. to adopt. Some verbs also have the termination of the infinitive· mood. pro. to accuse. An ~uch terminations mentioned above may be changed according to the use of the root.Ve Some final ending such as noun. an (not ed). advice. abs enta : ~ distrakt- to absorb . segun. to acclimatize. to H a ve (to). deed). .).Te. ahiurar.. pue. On· ~ of'. to abridge.

apple. prep. Fire. simila. to allow. ulu. to amputate. of although~ quankam. ar gumcntar. arena. air.. aspektar. aristocTatic~ ar isto- a['ca. arrno .am ambulance. alaal ve l alcohol. krata. alterar. en-tu teo always. arnuzar. aJnady~ ja. alegar . alkoho 10. avun-ruko.). sempr e. (for pla-t to agltate. ar hi tr ia la. apologYlI apofog'io.ngufo. to allege. a il a nima I. tiko. j 0 r no. ampl a. ula.dope (adv. anticipation. star-eskar. agrmio. agreement. • Itar. per misar. to appreciate. aloyar all right. aquala. s.). ainboso. amendment. ahead srra. sejejro. . a lejar. aludar. higueso ambu- appa['atuslI aparato. a It ru. rento. foro. alder. an] elo. a Isl e.) ~ apar te. a'fTl'\ c' par-t of bodj-) hrakyo. a ltar o. to appear. iraco.udar. ancient. amblguiey.r. arbortz(In pain t. '0 after afraid. alarrnar. (on) aplia agony. nulig-ar: anonymous1a non rma. all the (:=: who le) . ape stJ:e~ apos tolo. . agacar. avan. application to apply ceo etc. apricot. to analise. angora. I 0 arise. pose. irga-Ioke . de- ann-pi. around. to annoy.j. architecture.nother.( adj.. army. akor dar. among. demando. simyo . to afftict . ag4e. (0 Be (in all righU bon c ! to aJJude to.. ambush. akordo. . e. rabut o. (conj. alert.). alf orest.). aquatic. ed. a rkivo_ arclor. proxima. arrtici- (on an ac- to alloy. altogetner. ar-chbiahop.. a. rendev- (with to appraise. a r kitekto. to apologize apart (adj. irge. arirhmetlc.. apetj to. ka r. sumo.uity~ an t iqueso. all~ orrin-a. appoint nominar. inter. to arbitrate. iracar. irga. anal ogcso. car- trar. armco. ( adv . a rit rn cI IIlonct sola. kontre. t antiG. apclo ~ (c har ity. ale. afterwards. to aim at. analogy. agt:oto. ama teur'. anexajo . approximate. ilTl xiety. pos . agr. arm-chair . nvil. (prep. an irna 10. allke . fo. al"ter. arnputo amuse. appetite. anunanquish. alert a. meze.l-nger. vizar. (indeterminat e}. time) aT". and. porno. almost pr-eske.r'doro. po. a n annex. angle. to dop . age. ankro. angry. to affirm. a probar. arkarl e. aru-kdoto.ound. pr iz. anecdote. afternoon. pafilo. ad-avan. {use be- amid. emcndo. autiqua. antiq~ted. arcade. a. ep ikop o. 'health). dez~renla. to Bet fimar. (= seem] t scm blar . . arbitrary. amatoro. alms. arkitek turo. anyhew. any. ar eno. anarchy. la t e roo aldn to. flonu~ty.). to announce. areo . e mbusko. to Run. to alarm. to approve. U"'_!{O. pro. (adv. ante. anybody. mandar par dono vespero. i. anchor.). separ ita. H nything whatcve.. to alfeviaxe. pos ke . 17 ~. (to som eon e). agaln. axelo. ambicyo.. aero. inter. to ally. dar. (= look Iike}. count). + la tuta. anxious to. arch. agi ta r. 1anco. au mjzar. (== behind).. aplaudar. appeal (in Law). 4:!Jmono. to Be. ev o. DpC.. against. to animate. architect.l angoro. abr iko to. arbiapron. fcdcrar. a fi na.). Aprn~ npr ilo. 10 appointment UO¥ post). ang'el. ft ark aika. itere. a naliaar.naming time). alphabet. agent.rna n dclo. lint) Ior miko. (weapon}. -i. amasig • ar. to amass. ambition. r:irk~. anywhere. almond . to applaud.. etc.:JHa.heto. arike. aparar . tar. respon- alfowance . ample. anar kio. ago. alno.). ajila. amount. chef- to answer. a rko.. hicr o.. . archives. sa nesar. 10 armul. afirrnar.t. a d-voko. afliktar. also. Iure . taxar..

.313. b anero.. . to ask for. bachelor.10) . = SUP. ruaoza. venjar. a tenco.. baeen. automobile. pr-E"'P. eel ibo. kazerno. a tlaso athleelc. B to babble. atlas. marc han .I. attempt.. a bar long. kortico . bankbanner. . -bakar. vekigar. Iife}. auciouo. pakaro. aleo. assistance.. bark (of tree).. arlet-a. aside.. .. asahme d of~ to Be.. kombato. battalion. Quale. to bark (dog). r-e-. bak~. base ( basis). postur o. thin rolo -(music) fallfara. backbone.. retro-. kam. lig ilo. aleno . ar'to.I ttitude. standar. assurance (= fi nandar). sen-hara. balono. 18 panifisto. nuda. balance br iurn}. availablto . basket. to avert~ eskartar.. karn. asalatant. sava r.. barar. . asociar. awl. Iardo. tol- .tr. bapj ar. ar. supozar . backward9t Tetro. barko.. art. banko. mor tlg-into.). bail. cindro. barge . autumn . bear (tolerate). at (snmeone's house or place). to arrange. audaco. c= baron . 3S8.. bandajo.. awaret to. to attain. avalanche. co. (:::::::: scales). equilllralan- Attunemcnt auction Bale. -Ino. Be (of). a'P'sto.rreet. sako. srtizant mestieristo. so. autnr itato. barbara. ba!1 ( .a val an cho. to associate. dopa. arestar. tide. to Bel' vigitar. to assau1t. a.. aaist. au tuna. pro ke ~ (in eomparison)..avideso. atheist. as. barono. to bar. to aacer'taln. (indef.. che . bad .. to baptlse. abov- bare.ll ali nga r. barbarous" to bargain. asa ltar. back (of body). ar. (adj. autornobilo.. to assume (= sup. aranjar. knuelone. -. averag e (val u e ) • mezvalor o. c= to attract. yucixar. atakar. Intr ans. barrel r= cask). to avoid.. August. article (new spaper. autoro . assortar. as~ tam . axe.· yeo aspect. = of. a u x l I i a ry (adj. to attribute. aa . r= because). malbona. Infanteto.. balkon o. hcl pan to. kUl. asidua. astonar. banquet. faze. Kldney~ . harilo . bazaar. oukfino. konstatar. asekuro. man sar do. acenso. avaricious. a sn-o. a battle. to B-e. to attest. (::::::: dan ce) .. 0" health. authority. b. demandar.. urs-e. babitar. bullet).). pole) c= t st ango. evltar. basis.}. awake". bai:k (adv. to astcnlsh. attention. hakilo. bandage. to assort. teror iganta. artiklo. axo. assiduous. .. audacity. art eza. bear (anlmal). (on M bebin d). po. shamar. battier. ash(es). . balloon. bataliono. to authorize. augmentar. bath (the act). ballaat.. aspekto. to asselt. hcko. to banish .. avenue. asthma. bay (small gutf)~ go1feto. in condlrlon). bag. _ barracks. baggage. to await. arouse. assassln.. a teisto. to aspire ~ asp t rar. to a..~f atr ibu.. bat no.dar. asertar. balo ~ (c r t eke t ~ etc. baza. barge). artful. ales-tar. artillery" ar tiler!o. ba'laato.. barko. atraktar. beam.ttter'y~ baterio. balcony. arteslan. bay-tree .:.. provo. korbo. sokurso. baker. expektar. for. ash-tree . bald.pose). bean. ascent. valirla ~disponebla. avidityt . . exi lar. Ranke . baby.) t kun-venar. art ifico. festeno. to avenge. halon eto. esar . awful.).. anther. bananar banana band.· to augment. bazo. to assemble (v. gram mar). barelo. bankruptcy. (price). astmo. (commerce) t va rOo artifice. helpaota. to arrive" ad-venae.. trabo. dor- to Ilttack. fraxeno. attic. spino. avara. har moniumo. 010. ban k ( ::. lauro.: noun). atento. to attend (be pl'e9 ent at) . away. to atone for~ pen itencar.. beak. bazo. arI"OW~ flecho. .

Iibro-vend Isto. bill r= account) ~ fakturo. to bolt (door) •. bee. cirajo. beyond. bile r= gall)~ bilo. . bronao. komencar. to bet" pariar. naskar. sufi it o. ma.beard. bench zone. in t er. ko. bottom. boat . h rano. rompar. river-eta. bordo. ba telo.). (v. mixar. beast. bed-s heet. bridle. • brDw~ brovo. for.}. to box. before allan. ponto. 10 begin. faco. to bring. bloko.·bilianlo. 10 briaah. braceleto. (finance). korpo. veziko. nyako. . to blockade . [undo.rIsto. biscuit. bouquet. = fratror+ Ol\- . dop. bata:r. belt (all senses}.a rn en o. to bore born. Bexar. salutar. bolar. Ianta. infre. boikotar beIly~ vent eo. brocho. blind (ell rtain). to bela. (adj.--of pro. raptisto. berry. btokusar. erar. b Tlards . kontueo. beata. to bow. to bless" beridlkar. to beat. charnbro. bottle~ borelo. k) tplan- blua. bivakar. benko. e= srnajl piece)!. (cardboard).. rul- braces. to bite. pektoro. bran. block. to boom. ob- audaco. bodic e. bird. bishop. cpiskopo. r= pierce). Hgar. bronse. blouda. boycot. best. biblioteko. Iito.c~~I~to_ big~grosa. (materiaI1y) b~utifulf because. trahizar. gar suo blunt blue (adj. benevolence.. branch.. me ndikist-o. blouse. time)jp peceto. intrans. beneath.). ante. bond . boor. (seat). brake. L to be1iev~~ kredar. b!cycle. Iago. beosar' . to betray. bri- bread. pruntar~ both. ar.. behind (prep. br'ando.ed:i ct ion. bovo-karno. riklamar. birch (tree)" betulo. boiler. bor so. body. to break.l-Iau dar.:b en d j k o. ko-· ro bend . divenar. b :squi to. brandy. buxo. boo~ellert lfb. be~. to borrow. beer. pregar. blade. ask).. . bra ncho.rood over" kovbrook. oslo. 'kurteno.). trans.. to bloom:l florrfar. kaldrono. bciko . j ult r e. (by). flexar. bcd-eoorn. to b"'nefit neficar. boxar. to belong. efacar. border. liango. bieter. brava. I.. bluzo. blonde. bridge. beech. below (prep). ro become. to blot out. board(=plan besides. to bu1o. brilliant (adj. biero. bed. bourse . bookcase.). brave. to behave. to botch. k orsajo.. bona .). aparten- blissful. Iusbar. sub. to boil (T. to b. latun o. pau o. aiejar. bitumo. black (adj.) ~ nigra. volo. due. to. to bivouac. (books). fucther} ultre. brass. . to breakfast. (n] vi~ JO du. hero. bit b i n d.. blood. bi. brigand.. brnin. b~n. Ireno. bukcto. brokcr~ kurtajieto. beef. beside. max bona. spozo. klosho. brooch (jewel). spiracar. bon ~ to heaiege. bell oW's. blind b!asphemy. (garden) ~ dormo. to blowt suflar : ~ ene'a aese. apud. bracelet. between. r= der book. mor dar. br'una.'i. trans. hi tra. a bruise. dernandar. to beggar. .. bret '-. fanfaronar. bone.). bl acking (for boots) ~ bladder. pro ke. p]u Iar. briquette. bitumen. ad-portae.blas Ierno to blend. fra to. bruska. boteto. r'igIigaelono. 1it. (adj. ucelo. cer-ebro. Iibro.· hindar. hlinda. (::::: trunk) kofro. bridegroom. briketo.t uko. to boast. abelo. brother. bowlt box borar. Brother of the ar. bonbe- r= brusque). brick. dejunar breast. mun. barho. be-do. benefaction. . brown. br id o. (in (= (in space). best yo. to Be. boldneSI J better . birth~ nasko. to breathe.. bell. kondutar. boy:!' puero. to blame.

choeolate. champio- (money). caution. . aklama r. button. channel. cabbage. cheek vango.censure.. -ball. ka roto. to chase. to cause. 20 . karakte ro. kandelo. koroj (place)t koreyo.verto.. furuiaisto. certainly. huklo. fasko. chapter (of book). celjb-a. chefo. {~efi~\r. cave. kelero. to chatter. chapel. krevar. bush. chamber. to buzz. kapitano.C!hillel. Rail wa.0. chiefly. butono. kajo.. da : (= before). kirnero. chic. ca. _ carpenter. ceUing~ plafono. character . chesnut rono. b rasiko. kabo. yuno.. chamois. cage. r= near}. zorgegar.igo. a c:hari tv. cheese. kanato. cabinet. car. kuglego. kauchue. kaskado. katalo go. cake. to bum . carrtage. eascade.. carcass. tapiso. champion. infanto. kahlo. chokolad. to cheat. kahrioleto. canal!O kanalo. buffet~ buf eto. bov- carfrldge. chair" stulo. t (animal). . ealendar. chika. kuko. buchisro. cherry. chapitr-o. certificate. cedo. charo. violoncelo. chemistry.. brular. ka feeyo. chain. chief. to. bullet. apoteko.y~ vagono . aferL busy. cable. caprice.. butter. jetar. ante. kaptita. chefur bo . charno. celulo. cesar. caterer. catarrh. kape 10. etn. kargar. cholce. okupata. apud. to ealculcete. candle. ea rica ture ~ ka r ika tucarnlval. caught. -I.9 h Le r. to . pak-veturo. care. vokar. to calumniate. burjono. chance. chin. Cab. car-rot. by (after passive means verb}. chasar. sed i r= except). cheap. cheBt~ pektoro. eellar. kartocho. camel. kambyar.bud. kontar.' to cheer. to carry. . cer tc. chaste. fr ornajo. cheque . . ka lku- caldron. babilar. to care for (=mind). kanoto. kaverno. c hanco. . tauro. povas. caUget kauzo. cession. butro. tranchar. chimney. to carbine. selekto. ka taro. to eease. bundle. kat-e. cheko. trom par. camp (the kampeyo. butcher. cerizo. c:emon~ kanoniko caoutchouc. karpencarpet. kateno. chasta. charmar. capital (town). cape (geog).cc rcmonyo certain r= sure) ~ certa. -mo. ease. castle:l kastelo. ti sto. kasto. chemis t" s aho p. place). kabine to. buckle.. to .. kap lta lo. to bury. ka lufo- cat. cello. J charlatan. chess. farmaciseo. kanono. komprar. a. tar. cardboard. kaz o. choir.511 rado. to call. centro. kemio. kasist-o. sepul tar. cimento. to buy. to burst. centre. -Ino. to carve (meat). kaprlco. cafe. (edible. cart. no.. of) c= pet.. card. canoe. bosketo business. to charm. karto. kar tono. chemist. kamelo. cert. . kadavro. chimera. caate. cannon. to chew. cbemise. catalogue. cement. shak-o. -camp outt tampar. capable. charade" . kameno. kar esar. por . kapabla. by to charge (a price). kamizo. kontanta. chanlar. cham bro . kaldrono. en p. . mal-kara. ma- tografilo. kasqu ko. ka p ta r. to east. captain. k a ri ta to. cize lar. menton o. to burden. tombeyo. to e apture. ceremonv. c:amera (photo). celibate. mniar. ecepte. preclpue chlld. can (verb)". .ka 1 ndaryo. (rnon ey). capitulate. cell. vcturo . kapta r. to change. Dispenalng.. kons trukhull. (. karabino. but. to chatlenge. . masfikar. tar. karnavedo.shar lata no. t ro. butterAY7 paplllono. cens urar. to caress. to catch. e calf calm kalma. e ash (payrnerrt). zorg-o. kuglo. . zumar. efektigar. to bulld. ceinetery.

kornpokompostar. ·circular r= notice}.Christmas. dgart s ig-arc. postular. a clasp. (:ondu. komen . . cirkulero. cirkuso. kofro. pura. in" en irar.. koleg'io. to conceal. komizo. coal. kon kluCOn J presar. color. (dog's). kornplezo. to concede" koncesconceited. clay. cod-fish. cirklo. Christ Kr-isto. to conceive. sarko. I' . hano. eonfidential. -isto. to conelliaee. z. komo. cloud. nuho. concert. to confide (a thing 6dar. kornuna. duktar . kon fitisto. to conclude. klubo. or ). (al1 senses) kferiko. komcomrade. to command. (= :set . kompacompartment. competition (in busi . clamor klame. dub. cif ro. vesto.. kornpato. chad c 10.kolos-a. konfesar.' column. to concern. . re-venar.. -atra. to commence. cocoa . kakao. cipher. gcnlo. to compress. obligar. cigarette. tar. kornplotar. to complot. kolicolleague. . kon o. to clip. college. to a person). cock (animal) . e ode. laudar. elder. kliento. Iation). -to ctose. to 'communicate. to combine.·. stauco. munikar. con cor d. kornbito come. kompoto. to collect. to compare. cOlnfort. commlsslon. varma. (ins tituj coffee. kcnceptar. t. circumstance. kerntype). condemn. eon fec tione r. to compose. konduto. moruo. clap. klirnato. -pot. to dance. complete. coke. to .s t! nscs). 10 compli-cate. eone. koler o. kompl imen tar. mantelo. coin. superba. koncer to. coffer.. koloro. koh:go. venar. -to civillse.). forcar. klaso. drapo. kernencar. kon- (person) ~ kon1i~. common. . eonductor to conduct. kompHkal'. comma. dotheKJ vest-i. ~o!os&al. ]0. komitato. kolcktar.· coat . o= compe]. coach. ·to tion). (:olony! kolonyo. circus. c ompa pan-o. kom for-to .-ala. to -commit. to comment.ct kondob ehavi- company. 'Com pass ion. . to confess . konkordo. t rnnchar. to commend.. klaspo.· kon'21 10 ra r. [ro. citadel. complaisance. class (aU . concession. church (buifding). kolonelo. .. fedecOhference~ konfero. clerk. close by. Iacar. etc. to compromise.cholera. komun- condition sta ndo. -aro. argilo. kompe'tenta.up circulate. kornika. ' citizen.~ chop (of mutton. back. competent. sigareto. apud. cloak. kafe-krucho. eklezyo.cirkon. climate. klozar. komerco. 10 compensate. communion. kornpensar. kouceso. kom- condolence. r= state) r= koudici- I S t ~P1t- n ion. pektar. citar. comical. kamarado. korupilar. kohamo. preg eyo . karb 0. cidr o. kolono. rond-irar. client.... konciliar. to comb. • 10. to cite. (for prize). to choose.lergyman. kafeo. t zar. aplaudar. kompanio. cirkular..' ·a cloth tuko. kompleta. korlexo. clock. to complle. doth ('wollen). kJikto. dear dean. coffin. kotIeto. cemmittee. ka roso. aro kurso. colonel. kencerC e t n in g (= abou t) pri. plendar. civitano. koko. ko . pr orrusar. ness). . 'Compote. kondamna r. circle.. to claim.).' a crash. komandar. konkuro... ar. komiso. horlo]o. fako. Kristnasko.· coast rivo. moneto. to complaln. to compliment. klara. gr impar. malcollar (man's}. dukt-anto. clan. selektar. coocor .. celar.. civiizar.climb. I nar. cold (adi.. commerce. to nar. confederaticn.

(= wheat). coquetry . to ceneplre. kenven- eenversatlon. denc-a.. konsistar. to contest. refutar. operar. cottOtt. COD. cramp. ete.. a crown. konzrcso. tiono. cousin (rnasc}.ate:. to contrlbute . gruo. oleuyo. to construct. krusto. to create t krea 1'. kustar. court (Law. be able) t pOVU:S. mixar. kon Ukontra- duro. to eonvert. kor seto Cosmic = kosmala. konsen to. krernaco. contusion. reptar. COl'pSC'. kostulllo. bovino. kruela . nento. korko. -ado. kupro. kritikat". kordono. so. to correct. to eorrespond~ kores· (roads. confus~dt konfuza. kon tr ibutar. durar. konciar. jo. koniesto 't:ong. to eorrtro].. kontuzo. consolation. cottonwool. koqua r. to cost. contract~ kontrato. po lita. cool. cranium. clone. contraband. convenient. erust. povis - t= would town I.o. to cnticize. to convoke. to conform. kr emo. kensakrar. to credit. eonventlon. a cril'p1e. contradlctlon. to crown. crime. kor alyo. corset.ratulate. konfirmto confiscate.tiDen~ contented. koncieneeneeleus.. eruef. cowardice)' mal-kurakrakar cradle. kontcnta. consult. tu la r. reptar. to corrupt. to co-operate. consent. banda. ar. kontredico. kranyc. cow. gar~ kada vro. cream. konsterna . kon- correct. to contsltute.. to crush . prescgar. crane (bird). konsiderar. cord. to Be. Cross kruco.. to korto . krono. to i- cry r= shout) kriar. konquestar. courier. kr iplo. amaso. co. to console. t usar. constant" kous tanta. to confute.. kuriero. -cons~ konsulo. r= destroy}. to contrast" -ala. to crack {v. kurtezar. convent. to cook. konsolo. king's) ~ kurto ~ . kon takto. contact. (fa od. crystat krista. to convey. konver .. konfis- to confinue. to eonsist. £rumento. kubo. krimino. crochet.. kredita. to creak. corrtinuatlon. coral. kotono. kopiar. kontr-a. b ersilo. krampo. korup tar. krocho. Water-~ kreso. knrekta. eostume. countyJ komto-Iand0. k on v e r- to covert kovrar. k 0 n te !J~ k ant pondar. conrus~ to contract. intrans. ko'topper (metal). nU3. ruro. t 22 . consume . congestion. ko nforkoninter- confront. lief) ~ konvinko. to constcru. frontar. to cruise" krrrzar. vato. monakeyo. kuzc. eons~quencet kenseconservation" konserv-o. to conslder. konkras- ccuple. eont r a r y. rar. confirm. to cough. Crossing traan tao crowd. cork. koketeso. to consecrate. transportar. cube. konstruktar. to congregate~ kongresar.. konflikto.) ~ convictlen -vokar.) krucumar. cordon. conquer. tar. cresa. kronizar. to copy. crecdt kredaj(ar)o. kun- (= be- to crawl. krakar. coura get ku raj o. komi titucar.). eonseienee. kontenar. konspiquo. kon traktar. contlnuous. kar. r= gra~ tar.. congregs. to to to cork tar. kontrolar. of. of land) ~ lando. = tra-ira r: = cruet.. court (a lady). country r= opp. kordo. konsolar. (a bottle) to creep. could (= was able). yektar. p 1'0- tar. e rese en t~ krcc e n to..r. cremation. a conRIe~ to to migar. konsomar. maf-varrneta. konsul- tom stopar. to eross.sumar. to C Dntemp]ate. r= yard). I etc. par o. courteous. kornoda. kOr'ekti~ to contaln. to count.

devota. dezer to. demons trar. diktar. cup. delibe- delighted". de Iika tao to Be. to damn. to digest. to declare. filyino. to demand. ne-aceptar. (:utle~ kotleto. dato. depositt depozar. euratersbip. Dec em bel' ~dec e m bro. surda . denial.. to dig~ piochar. . declension. departo. detiktantao to deliver (goods). dead. difficult.. delinquent. d estinar. dl:skriptar. kurato. krepuskolo. livrar. d eviac a r. den. denuncar. audacar. to cure (a person). rlbo. dikar. defio. cuirasst kuraso. to deserve" meeitar. to cull.. date (= time). curl. rnor tinta. despe rar.. r= daytime). kulto. to develop. cult. to deignll degnar. Iogar. ' custcme (duty). daily. reputar. customer. rraktar.cencl de C"t. reme dyo. danger" danj ero. deaf. deport. dekorar. 'dk:ct Iub-kub i. dec en t ~ dec-anta. dam (=dike)t digo. deck. to defend. ve nkar.. you. ferdeko. to dance... cure (::::::: remedy). to dam. to derive. g'ano. do- to cut. rar.. d10. a desert. to depresa~ depresar. decay.zar. cupboard. diferar. design. curve. trancbar. defective. mjenlar. to d evia te.. death morto. to defraud. to deJaYJ tar digar. daughter.. D daffodil. direct. reparar. mal-Iacila to diffuse. to decree. rekta. klien to.. to defy . dlmensiono. kurioaa. dcgradar. desertar. custom. to deceive. +o depart. profunda.h~ dimin 'J~ tal".. kurba lin eo. -oza. dige star. to deduce. day (. to dedicate. humidcta. digo. taso. negar. to demonstrate. dcktarar. to devour. ro dimIDi. rar . deparrar. to devastate. nego.. dew. to denounce.. deluge~ diluvyo. to deliberate. currant. to demolish. deportar. to defame. to dethrone. de krc tar. kultur-o. to defeat. to deal with (a subject). dependar. dt!nt1stQ. to despalr. dawn. atesta r. divorar. kolyar. determinar. Ioklo. marta r. dansar. dibocho. mattr oniza r. to de. debt debo. ? kad vu (fruit). to decide. fraudar. diamond. developar. -eso. delibcrar. postu1ar. to degr-ade. and dumb. Dcg-ree to dele late. desero. deep. roso. difetoza. cui tu r e . sal'. nudigar. desegno. . devoted.::-veloci pede) • velocipede. trompar. depose. c. erno. dash (=stroke). delicate. to denude. delicoza. to devise. to descrfbe. difuaar. to desire~ dczi rar. a current" flua. decidar. I did ( with verb) • me -is . Qclightful. lo dip~ trempar. dear (all senses. to debate.rture. to damag~j domajar. to dare. to determine. eurious. crisi& . dense. diliil'ent~ diUgen tao dimension . derivar..:::::24 hour s}. definar. 2J dinner. damnar. dedikar. difamar. . defensar. ste· ko. deduktar. to differ. deplorar. damp. mal-klara. dessert. dekado. krizo. mal-hen- decllne r= refuse). diablo. d ernoljsar. resanigar. to to to to to to denv. to deem. to cultivate. did . de ta lo. d evastar. narciso. . delegar. to dictate. dlneo. is? to die. demon. kultumansheto. to decorate. surdamuta . date-to. deplore . bra. to define. caro.cuff (= wristband).. se kar . defiance. jorno. depend. deklino. devil. ka . dark. to destine. defiar. dentist. to deform~ deformar. = grad o. d~pa. to desert. to decoy. debauchery. to!dC'stroy~d eatruktar detail. cyc:Je (:::=. kustumo. armoro. joyar. to curse. diamanto. dike. dernonon. dia t.

to eject.::: ternperarnen t). eklipsar.. elepbant~ e1efanto. elfort. dlshcnor. ' edition. duko. to a dot. slve. dock. embra. eko to eclipse. dlsflnct.C>'IlO•. elektro. to dis cern dicernar. tira r . clirine. saJ:" . editor. to dispatch.: . to ·edify! 'edtfikrtr.:ar. ~ dry. trublar. hump'. •• • I damo. drama. divorcer. dividar. electrldty. dea la~ to dive.w· (= pult).' dispatch. mlzerar.or.l EaS-t. earfhworrn. ado. drown hi':' elm. domi- ear]~ komto. to ellde. konvenar. to dispense with. eche. tt) drain. nar. dupe.('Ht-ot -uro. sen- doll. car. ne as . instruciono. -o. dogma to. Pasko. e dukar. draughts to roo to dissolve. (for do- ing ~ thing). to discourage. dre nar. punto. during: (pr ep. E Eacb. . to elit". to emanate" emanar. muta.? as? kad vu dung. . dish. ar. tcr o. distlng-a ta. elastic. to disavow. efacar. peno. (pictures) ~ de3egnarj (w~itet)~ (game}. mal-armiz ar. . o~o~' Bono. diseaset mal-saneso. to distribute" distributar. . duopla. ee::g. diversa. (person. to eat. d r: u n k . to Be in. mat- ' you . drum. to disorder. -1.. tn . to embalm.). elek ta r. down. e. a discourse.. to disarm. potdo. cherpar. tir-ke . to dtvl. elizionar. anasf in) o. eagle. vehar. rinegar. man jar.. guto. di skutar. dlstrlktc. to finga r.. dirty:. direct. be suit . discreet. pupc. . to rlrlve.of. do (before verb). -erneso.iar. (as a command) ~ He ez. . dfsponar. to drlnkt . to disturb. as. dupo. dramato.. diskurso. (y.. droll drola. embrace. earth.}. anguilo. e 1 emen to. ebb and :8ow~ marco. !t don't (before verb}. efficaciou'S~ to efikar. directions di rcktar. to elect. distE"ess. Easter. dia tingais h.. kurajigar . eel. tamburo. a discount . esto. to doubt.S r= attire).: . duolo. devo. easy. dum. to dye~ tintar..eso .. brodar. r » Be. duel. un od altra -. r edakt-anto te educate. disboncst~ . Ilzo. (=. 0 III b+iko. eithe . timar. to efface . sterko discipl~. mal-pure. quik. doko. . kubito.. dust~ polvo. dumb. .. to dred~e:~ dragar. depesho. ortma. dispen:c:. nacar. domeno. divert~ to Go. duck. elbow. dozo. dlrerse. . (!jrectly (=at once)". early (adj. ore:lo. cxpediar. either. drawlng-ronm. eiRht~ ok. to dispose (== prepare) ~ dispozar. .. -t dra. desegno. dose. dispute. ear. d nsho. -ehla. . doktoro. decensto dra{( tranar. dronar. asno. dregs. elastik-a •. . disiplt- . 1050. discuss. kala drawing. diskonto. elemen t. diskreta. frans.effect~ ·cfcktigar. tl vestaro. . d iI- dlstraction~ distrakto.drlnkar. em in en taro. dicjp!o. able). bal:zami- to embtotd. to dr=ad. d ranirar. dlstanee. e c o n o m y. .. district. donkeyt' door. dnbar. p ladego. ebony. sika. pJ~mjar. mal-henesta. dlsposition (c.. . to aparar. .' ej ("Jctar . to dominate. doctor.:- . dr\""f!. eleganta.). dit .. disto. duty. dlsputar. dogma. elegant. d·r awe r. to do (a thing) ~ facar . disappear. no. to disclpline. ulmo. drop. sen- mal-or di- double. eloquentr eloquenta. ta: -9 (garment). drug!lo dro~o. . frua. ditch.).. dog. eheno. r ad la.. douche. spar-o.. hundo. to. ebria. ·-honorigar. so1var. do to divorce.-' to dr-eRm~ 50n. sive .

sado. gar. embassy (mission) • ambasado. emisar. esprcso. [0 expect. vespt. rt~hkon tarar."af •. extra .: F facade. ecelanta. integra. export-a. fact. fame (:::::renown).).ploit . expartsa r. -aIO. t 0 Fee~ emocar. uz ar. - cxpr esur o expulsion. eventual. episode. ell ~ne. blanda. to extract. epic. cxpforar. extra. esmalto. exaggerate. Frako. to exchange. empire. yusta. epoeh. amuzar en ig1l1U to. to err. nar. Inje nioro. expert. even tuala. juar. eyet okulo. to estimate. esrimar. eVErybodYt omnu. fina r. event. to enlarge. facile. eskor to. to falsifylo falsar. evert u l-ternpe. to expand. famoza. emendar. eternal. to envy. to exile. cmbarasar. tuta . SUr exa- Fable" fab lo. feryo. to expense. ermncnr. expektar ek-pulsar. ecitar.. ) e cept-e. spenso. fa- faith. to endeavor. to entice. to expe rlment. evolue-o. to expel. exiatar. to erect. en vlop- don) exkusar. excelfenr.ty t encrg!o. richigar. d u-senca. p ena r. employer. epistolo. Falar. -atra. engineer enigma.. exato examine. to exist. expcr imentar. stuerilo. exter-n. suerlen- ex. sar. -0. expensive. c= ph ra- to extingulsh. hair~d. to escape. byar. en-irnr.. grabar. kara.)~ vetkar. exportar. mash ino. patron-o. exame=:. exp 1. exte nse so. t famous. to ensue. feino. suplikar. ext rcrna. zar. to employ (means). vakua. -or di nara . to enrich. eaperience. (v. faculty (all senses) ~ faklJltato. facto rv. equivocal.. tati. to end. erupt. explotar. to engender" geni ta r. epik-a. essence. ex. epnko. entf"ap~~z-o. exact . to explain. sat (e ). ext . C)l'C re-o. episele. to equal.}. evolution. emery. even to. to export. 1.). es enco. exercise. entuz iasmo. en er. establit. facila.. exhaustar. t. to explore. j evidenta. facyo. face. eyebrow. oneseU~ arnuze- entlre . ell nrnel. of! x c e P t (prep.Q. l to engage... dress. to envelope.). kons~qU!ar_ to enter. = to exclude. to explode. tr ans. exren sar. t"mpty. expreasion. familiar fa m Hi ara. intrans. eskapar. starigar. irnperyo. emperor. eruptar. to emigrate.. co. ex hor rar.:. express rrain. to faill faliar. cxe m plo. cxa k tao t().to amend. to cquiPt cquipar. to exhaust. er orar.. erudit-e. every. ek-yokar.. to embarrass. to entreat. Excommunicate j karn- eskluzar. (math. enthusiasm. . br ovo. faithfulll Jidda. n exterior. evil. cxckurar. fido. to expose. expozar . to faintt esvana r. to excavate. to expiate. (0 exkomunik. to fall . fair (rnarker). (=just). ornna. rrans. ar. eq ua Ia. error. enterprlze.) esteem. fa.o excuse.. epizodo. explozar. eroro. expiacar. extin- evident. cterna to evacuate. vakuigar. to exceed. Faculties fakulfacet. digizar. to excite. to embelllsh. - to exhibit. execute . to establish. to extend (v.(= par- to fade (v.. arnoza. farnilyo. emlnen tao to emit. IO. ex poaar 10 exhort.. ecesar. -0. extraordinary. imperyestro. memo eveninjr.ila r. fakto. ne- era r. la matbonajo.ka r. knve rt o. g rarrdijar enough. t. even (adv. envidyar. mo. to enjoy aar. to evoke. fabrikcyo.:f"O. se). f'n~ouJ1ter. f!!liry . family. to enounce. faccto. ek-pulao. ek-migrar. envelope. extraktar. example. enrraiar. cskavar. to embank. Examination rneno. to enamoured. to engrave. eminent. bel igar. taxar. cyelid* pa lpebr o. escort. emotion. exrrerne. erudiee.

par.n:lo felo. tis). fau:t. father. fish. flnid~ fluid-a. fix igar. -OZ3... t file (-. si m pl-anrna. a favor. fancy. to flood" i 11 unda r. f rarnaso- to fly. Harmel. (= no tar 'afloa t) ~ four. that}.t a ftl'rmentt givQ. (rent. kombatar. floor ~ (wo-rd. r= banquet)..). Jato. Ireemason. Iecundity. fraud. fennenferme~ti- flour.!.. fanatiko.:~r. to form .). field. Table. frOK9 rn no. fra.'ar. to forward (a 1etter. f nan co. ohlivyar. frr-nez lo. fr ostar. de.). arnik-o. forrnuta. manja]o. nut rar. honoraryo. tajo. foot (aU senses). s t ra njera . tar. nebulas. j fJagon~ Hakono. flarr o. fel"w to finish. tas tar i Rick. f ores to.). flosigar. farm . limilo. fiction fingo. Hea. s purno.A. Iesto . formo. traito. sequar. vulpo.. a. nUgar. one's Wily. no. to fetch . fit (adj. -lno. feather.). to flash.farewell. fertiJe9 f ruktoza. ftatar. inc eudio. (adj.udo. mar. fore. Iortreso. rilo. robo.. fift1tro· (arlthm. to f':J:rge. Iresha. for. r iriegar. far from (pr ep. to follow. fight. f"'aturc. fern. fl irtar. to f old. a fort. fatality. Iair o. to Ian. s tor y ).). . prc-dlcar.). foundation. to forswf. sefashion. eska- fencl'! (:::::::barrier). fire. prc-. so. to feel. flame. flavor. yo.. to £ri~hten. fulm inar. federation. t'J fix. t ferry~bo:tt. pramo. forc. Ieast. mento. HJ Iurce.).hrmar. forage. foggy. funda. I' - fekund e- flank. to found. adsendar. vcntizar. forfora (dvcr}t vado. fl!nee (snort). uucar. to. flanelo. fragile. fonnerly . fountain~ fonteno. fonda. to flirt. fIgure. ago. fr!end. ~ finn r= strcng). d~. February.. frivolity. libern ~ r= gra.. Ii!trar. etajo. frock. fixed. frost fros to. in order f1ng_.. modo. fluar. forcar. scryo.. fossil. Iorjar. to ferment. fiance" fianco. b ela. rornnebla. re'V~r. . pulco. patro. fuorto. Joraio. feed. to Hoat (~hc to Ree. c= par . f 0 rcig h. favoro. farrnajo. to forfrive~ pa rdonar. for keto. nutrlfooU1Ih. Iascinate. bato felt" fclto. Iond 9f~ to Be. to fear (v. fog~ nebulo. unar. to Hatter. qnar. foreat. f~rce (mcchan ). Aower~ floro. Influent . fr2nk (naive) naiva. fcrvora. sen tar. few" mal-multa. to find. pedo. to How. to filter.. faldar. flanko. fchruaro. first. Q uerar. to fastent ligar. crorrar. skermar. pug-no. fatigar. flat (adj. rnal-saia. musho. unesma. po. form (::::::: shape). cifro. fan tazio. formacar. frivoleso. a fanatic. to fo{et::I1. (house). to frequent.). palpar . for rnulo. flute" Anto. konvenantao a fit~ konvulso. trnna. fr ertua. film ( Dn 0 to ) ~ filmo. 6ve~ kin. . A ogar. pori (~ at the rate of). fas- to fill.) plata. an tc-. to fatigue. Ior tifikar.: V. festeno. gratis. to forget. frame (of· picture) ~ kadro. tero ro. fi sho. plcn iga r. fastar. nauzar. fortrt's~. Iixa. adyo.fingro. fervnr. plumo. from. finance. gras-a.(prefix). trovar. flag • . etc. fist. forward . fate. -0. fresh. (tool). fel ero. frequentar. fat to fast. It is.. folly~ foleso. frenzy. f~. Friday" vene rdio. farino. fork. fee. afefood. Resht karno. filiko. aRco. fnyht. to freezjfO. fre"'. til fef~nto fingar. foam. timar. fronto. fly (insect). fine r= pre tty ~ etc. far away. kulpo. olim. sapor o. Iacinar. for (nrcp. (hy t 0 u chi n g). trans. ono. Febro.. belcta.r. line). to flog. adavan. fugar. fostl 0 to fortify .

puerinn 0 tl o. to fulminate.mble> mon-pa- to go . p"~ltar. gar den o. kombusteblo. gl1. gr~dL'. fuzar. t g~ar f den t-r otaro. fun. gran d a.G'entle~ jent ila.~'1. g1aso. devis. grupo. (pre. grava. to govern . grave furious.funelHo. irar. n r pot-o. to g-Hdto or iz ar. hammer" martelo. gr ~ maso. kulpoza.. gnat . 21 .--p!a v) lud. 510"0. so.fruit.· hair. fury.Keneral (adj.awn). . catch. geometry. grain. green food). galanta. gratudo.ri) e...f. greedy. C'in~ jino. funny~ dro1a. g·randfather.. globo. r. j to fulfil. tom bo. ~ vunino.).. adyo. to gain. etc. grocer. konten ta. furrow. ~ 0 grimace. l)Ordego. to grow. group.r. g. gazo . goo-d -bye.. rni-. golue. gay. to growl. naztuko. salutar. to f!ppe y. to furneh (house). gall. ha Itar. bona. brava. ga]opar. grc]o. ( cor n. grease gras+o~ ajo.. g ulf. got (after ha ve. (soldier. guvernal'_ (t'ownjo robo. fauco . tastar. en t+r'.:ty. to grind (noise).a. gaya. oro. po dagr o. g-racyo. (a di. gilHfinwer. nono. g-1uo. moblaro. j golosh. fix). gla n do. half. gemt·gemo. to grope. tomb). Dco. han dkerc hicf.. grief. further (adv. gout. guarantee~ tia. gum (to :-nick wir h ). jerruo. g~nastiC8t ka- tiko. to g:rat~. snicisto. t. far. gazette~ j urnalo rala . C'ableto c-aiter. sulko. gtnt~eman . han die. habit (= cust oru ).-1ory. grilar. gurmando.). ganar.). gajo. ocnar. ultre. gaso. ka pro. har o . glove. glri' ty. fulrninar...). to givt':" dona r. gas t o.) fritar. g'ra tis. (of animal). grandijar. to P"'argl~~ ga. bilo. . glad1Yt v olunte. gu·Ilotine. geomc trio.. grape. g:rarnatiko_ g-r-d. alyo.). ba pt o-filyo. gulfo. «= £"arden. have. goss~P. rrauze. g r ima sar. gran o. J e= (adj). g lg a nto.). (11nnd . larret mansa rdo. ctc. gnat.d •. (prayer). shinko. gratitude. future. God. ham. garrison. to fry (v.. guest. Ilran(1". r-anto. a:a.. g-l3rge. garHc. gratis. (the material).. tereno.out. eva ni!'~"]YO. ga Icno. 10 gold. f!ap" hre cho.'osp~l. geniust gen io..loon.. godson. gland... funeral-o. genenerato. become . r. gm. goods~ vari. fuel.ele'.. to . germ. gramma:r. goose. gayeso. harar o. to gesticulate. not transfa te d). had.: .. garnisar. see acquire . plena. gurmanda.e1- gil hiD.'lue~ glu-agar. gUIJ (= cannon). griza. vitro girl. del) tkarno. ga:ran- to gimnasH gas. (i n rnou l11). amuzf cs'Io. . gu mo. G j ilftor o. getro. to guess. fu rioza. ghcar. divinar. jencro7. an_gallery" goaled o. j errni . to g-arnish.: . (0 funernl (::::: ceremony I. 1 grey (adj. gra toe g rc t o.. garnizono. mohliz-ar. ku to. frukto. etc. f"it-. g r 1 n car . to gl"ogrnpby ~geogta rio. e tc. a glutton. to g'a%e. gaHant (to latl'!'s). fur!o.'d. sulo . gin g-r. " girtnt. _gloryo. bad f with p-est partleiple) esis -inta. tri'otino. duouo . t grant exaucar. r aspar. to gnllop. fur. .: j!n~ ero. g~nerous. babilar." --. chaareno.): rnuc lar. ro P. gws (for itrin kingo). to grin. g estar... plenigar. f{oat. game (. to ~r:ll. gan s (if) ) o. e-J~be. ga. futl. (for buildIng. vit-ber o .rgarar. _ ge- to graduate. ground {::= ~r'li fl. furniture. to halt.. mane ho. avo. kustnmo.t. los good. don nco. verda. Wild.. krcskar. guidar. hail (meteor). rrar. furo gift. to ffuard* r-:}Td~lr. (officer).O"ttre~ kropo. gate.. goa h o. to germinate. gr'una r. ek-ir ar. to fuse.. to.. to e-llde..a('". pilo. get. v ildo. av ida : (for to grect ru tu ra.

hemo. idea" ideo fdentiea. elsa. hop(s). . hancho. (wilfully). plu-bonljar.. pr egnar.e. chasar. harpo. fdica. to Imita te. pe2oza. humane. h irnno.O. rn al-sana. in- hemp. to hope. Idiot!e. imajo. po. v-rava.. sen-partia. liary" not translated. to hypnotize. horror. hazard. to hear. (= home. handwriting. lo int:ite" ineltar. (on body). hay. huburop rnuro. esperar. irnuna.. impulse.). it. 28 . heap. -igar. harsh (voice). humble helmtt. to hide.. ( no ss essi VI!!). to lmpute.. of verb}. horn (of animals). hymn. kern- fribo. cielo. eve ntar. harneso. to impregnate!. to hurt. to harm. [rapa r. haaelmrt. importfance). varmeza. humi1a. haste. for. hoarse. herself (subject of heret. to illustrate. - vizar. (socially). Hi aive. puorto. ho now. humana. holiday~ vaknnco. leporo. horse.. harrow. me. how much? quante? however. hipokrito. lm pulso. - (as auxito oupht l. hike. to hum. impro- improve (v. to. harmony. hazardo. a valo.. c. hipnoti. heir. verb ) ~ ipsa. Icznr. imp etuou s ~ im pe tu 0to hennltto ermito. her (ace. hard. implicate. zumar. ice. chapclo.. imposeible. to harden" hardar. h'Ppn lo.1. (= meanwhile). to ignore. 11 un·· cent. to hlre. g rar. exchange trans. hare. hororo. el. to hew. h's. ne-posibla. to hunt. kavalo. pendar. audar. here. heart. tenar. head. how" qu:a]e.. glacyo. ilnatrar. harbor. horno. impedar.&a . hamako. to happ+n. h otelo. imp ll- to hiccup. hers. hour. horo. (obSUo hiRb~ aha. obsedata. ye. human.. ideal .sana. holly" Ul"xo. happy. to Be.n. flauar. imp lorar impor- importan- society) ~ to impose. hyglene. herb~ herbo. mal-rnola (= kar. hand. impu tar.~~ h erezio. (:=:::that is). sm. ill. Iuar. celar. Im itar. kanabo. humid. hardy . mcs tiero. many? to cer-igar. -lzar. impost" lmposto. en-kar . m is tifika:r. ject za. ince nso. to hit. hoko.Quante? host (in hosto. hole. an ideal. honor honoro. domo. -0. hero. talono. kordyo. hospits' hosp1talo. to hoist. hem. Le. kasko. h=redanto. riko1tar. heatJ vea rrn-eso. in ord-er te. house. hotel. h~l1. to !lesi tate. severe) ~ severa. hundred. to imprison. robusta. harness.hammock. See gram· mat): - to hoax. kapo. to help helpar. Incense. honey. S(!: I to ldle. to heal resanlgar i r esamjar. [rnpozar. lu-prenar. handleraft.~ar . heavy. het. impresar. noca r. hip.. hom-ala. en. heroo. h inar. hisar. he. h eaitar. hook. (= whether}. montcto. to hang. sua. id iota. ig-nor3t. to implore. to Maketo has-tar. to incarnate. husband. ()r she). in. holy" santa. Iluz iono. I. tr uo. havar. manuo. inaugurar. harmonia. historvo. to harvest. history. honest" honesta. to hold. ha t_. rauka. a hypocrite. SDO". tamen. sa ~ ilsa. heel. Impartal. haunted. vun do. ka va. akra. impulsar. to imagine. llluaicn. skribo. amaso. humlda. Important. hoot hufo. to hluder. 111 lelo. hakar. imagina['.. to have (= possess}. ldenta. IIig ie no. to impel. image. dume. por. heaven. immune. a hurt. herso. .. to arlo. healthy ( p -raon) . bumor t= wid. hungry. sa. imto Impress. feno . to inaugurate.. inferno. elsa. harp. devar. tao .

. sen-ku1p"l. to irritate. Roast. to Be. inundar.1ar. irrkluz ar. vice. intelH~entt inte llR"enta. dukt. injekto. in tr odncar. k ovar. to 1n~l'TUpt.(=eorr~cl'f' j{lstat to Inoculate. instinto to institute. to jump. inten co. to inlay... July. 29 . in ward. An. to incrust..-9IHloCD. fntet'mittront. int:tl"'ad of (pTep. Inn1 albcrJto. . to informar influar.r. in valida. in strukin stru- t. indu1ganta. kauchuko. interdiktar Intl"rest (taken in a th ~f\""" • . to join (v. maxilo. In- JOY. trans. to incubate. julio.. inst~n. inset t. independent. it. to krucho. in terrera. jurnalo. r eve nuo. Int-n~"" . joka.. ind uatrjo . j onglar. to . violacar.. journa. j u v eli~ to. inscr tar. tnitia ti v e (ac t. infer-ar. intimate. inflsmed. Junst. indiano. ernisar.. indite . n c-r ekta. karecro. inter- Interpret. insnltar. to injure. insolent. JU1!e.Tesu'S. Interrompar.-elo. intencar .. (Cnfringe. to indicate . irony" iro-n to to Instruce. Initiate (noun) induktmcmbro. instant. hedero. gur. inlcr uatar. to inh. to insist~ ins iatar. inform". to indorse . ·infal ibla...rval" int~!. dv. -ana. insular. infan terio. j a 11l7-:t. ill s pt-k tar'.). ro:tlgr-(~. iudikar. jariuaro. in quesf.. instrumen mento.. kruch o..ak- fuO" YUBta. to joke.. to Instal. inflar. pend-an inquest. rostaj o. ex. ivory. j~welt ju.. island. [ncorne.I. inlea to. in tr igar.t now l~ jml~. tar. jealou!I. pa['(1tteto. to Increase.. lrcn. ivoro. injekta. intensa. in dosar. invoice. JOYO. ins ti tucar. voyajo. - (=right.t. sattar. to Interdlct.g-) 1 in icatar: (a nerson). Its.pnt. intervalo: inter. fakturo.. inert. Invatid.jnclined~ in klina. to insult. individnal. J esu.. infantry. n e-deIndia-rubber. injection.. lnf amous.1 u'?=. to inflate..all. Internal. inst-ead (3. in sul-a. vice. na. Inslnuate. . interpre . tnten«:t~ j ntdekto. to isolate. ink. jargono. (= . to invite. konfjta]o. mit-artta. to inflict~ im poxar. Invadar. p". ill sckto.. ri). j uni~. ebrfl- to tao c= nua r..). interne. tar. vurrsto. (garment)" to mterfe re. Indiffer ent. in spite of. infinita. jutrta r. ins olen tao . aug.. izolar-. asekurnr.. Jaw. to infect. lnter tlon.). to intend (doing').nentar. to invent.. Iela- jerzeo. ivy. eraser) t efacilo. to. interesto.(:t. fero. Indeed. renta: indignation. to to interpMe~ 'P07. hr redar. inside. asakuro. in lerna. to lritar.. mnecent. JanuarY'. to insert. to issue. sa. indikar. 1eza r ~ no-car. inspirar. inoku . jersey Jelly (cookery).. to invade. J jam. Indulg ent. inlaid floor. insi- to intrigue. i.o. to inspect. invitar. jU!lt Inter . on rnnney) .tltercso~ r= a. t:it. intmor (adj. to include. "Were. joint. inkf'ustar .. in fektar. to ingenuit}:. (= J. to inj~~t . Insurance (finance). jug . iOUl'l!~". lnt . to insure. in iciar ~ Initiate (verb) :::::In- ln'[enio. For. indirect.natalar. jeweller.l. to in undate. inven tar. olsa.. sub ala. to intoxicat~. insulo...r. inter . in£ama.r1vantage~ and. in tim~ X 'ke-en~ akut:t.udl(e. to Introdnce. to iuo---1oe. infinite. to. 01.). in d ividuo. instance. inflarnar. to inspir-e. edlt ar. to initiate (= se t agoin. . ~argont ~ar I ~a~quett jaketo. [nko. in e r tao lnfallible. ~ury" jul'intarn. inferior. industry. momento. interpellate-to interna.

lokizar. lcdro to leave. kne e. latin. lampo. tar·. a. to learn! ler nar.jt=mate. [aC~ r ~ (z:» tc 11 lies). klefar. Iackey. Iamp.} (. I Ia urel. par enteso. Iiter-atur o. diminntur. (of hair). proceso. kulte lo.: clothes).ti goeso. pre-star. to labor.) . apo-rar.. Iiterature. Iearne d. xiko. to lessen. . duktar. p-enuo. Ion q-a. laiko.}: ~. to kiss. lees. 1egencl.). probabla. (:::::::. knave.. mcrnbro.cerate. boo lightning. n -0. seruro. pct risar. tift (= elevator J~ Iong. L Labe1" ctikcto. pr izar. 10 let (.e cture ::::. s . shoe. to I au p:h. to Iodge. laHl_P) ~ faro.. j ligbthousct light. rncn+iem-a. Ir glon. lace. Fzo. in formez keep. know: Let me.. reno. lame. t 0 ~a.)~ posala. knight. koqueyo. Iokala.pono.. (v~ r. Iate Iexlcon. R'ctro. ciencoza. to Iike. I .. nnve. -i_ Ionely. urn to Jigh t (a acendar.. kitchen. r ejo kin toll· p. leg~ing. i 0 Ilc . Ievel. Iacerar. layman.i\dj. liu'~ (not much) to live. h.. Urn 1to. Ii~utellan t. minim-a -e. )igor to Jean. to lick. 1a ndo. Hn co. kushar.. 1.. law.10 ng eso. a f1t ko. to last. to loaf.::-:: piece). erc. kidney. lazy. Iolar. lay. mine. fr. Iadder. Jetter. a l(1ng time er). afable . pei~aj o. likely (adi. lego. lane'uage. linen (flax article). ~ Iike. folyo. 10. citrono. .:k-':j r.00.. Iegltilemon. knic kers. labyo. min. dent c l 0. Law == lcgo. Iiquida . (science). ealize. r. legala. pre-st aj o. IiqU~rI.. ·It. ». ien to. lead (metal). kind r= sort) ~sorto.). ludonar. aeryo. t). kernel" kerrro. konservar.. etc. . flanar. land (= country). [anco.d j skurao._ after. likelihood. Iaw-suic.). Iimb. to I. (. ridar. lock (for k~y). afahla. ch efo. lion. kil1~ m ortlga T". [ip.. VLVO. lclcfilo. loklo: (in loan. to knit. to lament. Iaika. ptumlead r= guide) ~ guidar . tr ikotar. to I~]"1-d. j lin a j 0 . Fal". leader. car. loc. Iak .. least. (c lot h)~ 1"000_ (by Iearning). konocar. lance. leaf. Iaxa. lodgin gs.. I . linden. lcnti1. fulmin-o. '''p''!:r. to hy (a thing). klavo. Iandscape. rigardar. Hqueur~ liquo roo Iiqui d (ad 1. to know (uy acqaintanco j. (adj. kisar. Iin guo. . to I"::"apJ salta r.:-:aJlow to he). n 0. l a s a r : (a house).licencar. slu »o. prohab!t:· so. recente.. Jatpr (adj. merrtiar. l~sst)n. ~ . bihl1()tt"ko. 'lobster.f e. lama. to]o. 1cgiono. to knead. Ia rico. sayar. Jist. vivar. loj evo.). Iisto. riv- to lie (position). less. tau roo acensilo. Iafo. for. Iic trran t ): life. pro prietaryo. Iasar. to lock (rloor. . Iasr (arlj. I"'gen do. (fOT legal. soja.. Loifge ::::: JOt o. fine. loin(s)~ lnmb-o. kindly.tongatempe. Iassitude. to 1isten~ auskultar. mal-mu1ta_ . tero. to lalm~h. kava lier o. Jasta. Httle~ poke. (of kcyboard}. to J:-F. tilyo.. to l yuro. to look (at). o. r~pro .).). league. Iarch (tree). Iemonade. t= similar) simila ad.. pantalone·· kn. rnal-labor ema. At. 2:org&1' . Iandlozd. kind (adj.l ti na. lake ~ J a g-o. links (cuff) lmt orri. lansar. 1. kargnr. Iitog-ra lar. t0 Java. rruga r. tar da. (adv.). Ia to . nivelo. king. to Il+hograph.tion o. litera. . durar. Iamentar. I skalo.. 1 o. )iberty~ Iiher eso . -t At~ ad-minime. h ornar do. knee. Ieather. ~. Iimonado.. aspek. to load. library.- Iately. Ie tro ~ (of alT)hahf!t). Iine. laco. to liquidate. linjo.. (==ground). Iimit.. I~.). lax.. laborar. Iath. serchar. length.

gru· melo.t~ manifestar. ta'. marb'e. mato. As a. marqin~ marjino. maxirno-a. martyr. meat. to make.~lnastD. marriage. love. acnco. sentence.) .po. lot (portion). minacar. io. to menace. trans. marine ~ rna rala. mnrsho. masajar.m. . pas tHo. nar. luggage" pakaro. mast. p [go...{::::::::: t en del'L basa. menclo- krar.'(ht f::::::: could h"'p~). M ~"tat ::::::::: Delamen . m. maniero. Matter == materyo. man~-r (= crib). mRnllo!d~ m•. . to lau ta. May (month). meeting. IIIagn c·to. to meditate.. mass r= quanti tY)t masn: (R.. li1o. d. lottc:ry... dod). o. (~. maxim. chaoco.. ar.. mallow (plant). lular. rnue- to mInd r= took af- 3l . masonar (v . to Do the (oF).. lute luxury.-rne7o: :midnight. mcdiat-esar. margarine. masdogo. to manifes. herbeyo. (ow.. M'C:lt~rial = matermastiff. medicine.. ladn. C. n. karno. mechanics.c'f''''be. meso. It does nOlt tnig-htv. [uck. marrajo. Hanar. mimar. maidservant. (adi.or. med e-clno :(-drug) mcdikamento.). mercury. fatcmatter. rnagn . rnarga- br ikar. m. r 0>1 in g. mad. to merit. mar-char. mu! tao map.. fo!a. to rrliprat .l1 meta. . pul ki. to march.'n1fl'"1"ar. lumoaa. kwn-v+no.k~7.. M~~io. ". ra~r. marko. n I""'P-tl renkontrar. mania. maximmn. c= metr.. rna lura. mature. VO.. tro. mat. magi. luxo to Iynch. meadow.. ml!':f:!I:l~~. trans. marmor-o. lump (:::::::. to massacre. mel odio. many. rrp. mayesto. ro love. OUTa. manjuTO. loto . to manoeuvre. masonry. maestro . to lounge. match (=: lucifer).. mjmtle .. linchar. P:Lto lull. mernbro. loud (voice).marto. !J"" '9. pcrdar. PCf'- teo mattress matraco. mahogany. rnaskar. mayor~ urbestro. mikroho. mayo. memoro. £acar. kr.. r w1ddJe. rna tervalo... m"tho .u ier o. amo. .c. do. ka na lvo.. amar. (r>crson). meaning. . mere. memory. r umlnous. rHrektar... MeCl::!=:~:lh.t . homaro.. ~:ty:1.v.. melkar. to Icse. mal- m1dfT... mapo. to mask.n. to mean. . mezur- tenera. material (8). t It'n~ta1"V_ mili tala.lo.. mate.. m esa lr"). mas l. virrrino. H machine. m oycno.' to m . master. opin ion- means. magpie. dume..1topta.raT". menage. Mar c h (mont h}. medal. to marry r= get marr ied) ~ mar iajar su ad. mekaniko.. mahogo- rrans. or ino.).. tala. rlno. se rVIStlno. sinl . manure" st erko. memb+r. p1.). (of the house). maTQ. malice... to meet madness. no. tlotenf:t. manejo.. aign ilikar . marden.... to med'ate. mcdalo. toya1a. m~gio.. Ioaenge. . (mus. loyal . to m1mtc.. to massage.rdonema. In kto. nokto-rner.. mas t o.n-mezo. ma U"r. mart rr-o. milk" m:"f (inltrum. fa- ar. lung. (the art)..t.:e-r. to mention. igar . a mark. marrnc-. rnajoro. mannto man ufacture. merciful.: merry l'" ""9 mere=r. (v..~rlta r. yala. meanwhile. Huto. mat ervo : of fa~t..)t to I1'Itlk (Y. vlre. fo1eso. mankind. majesty.J la. manner . meditar... vrar.lord. k . merkuryo. man (= human beintr). men t. may (Yerb). forsan ne Irnportns. major (army). matlce. flOVL1~.). admlnistrar. melody. h 0. male anl1h l. merer-riato. m ad am t siorino: (nol)le Iady). render}.)."0. rnnr o. to manag~. alumeto. measure. marmalade.ue3s~ mar:. rnan te lo. mash ino. lot rio. masa.. ainioro..

nest. mine (=of me). eroro. mal-fortuno. rnuaiko. to mow" falchar.. er orar. a mortal. muslin. anta. ~ (adj. N naked. mutual. word).}. mud. .. petul . mutton. nek. cctere. necktie. music. end of sentence). ministro. naturo. mnnato. mcnk. o. Make 3. minim-o. minute. neta. mod lay. much. 11e CI2Heso. nett (price. moreover. mateno. nasal . ncato. naval. mess. jurnalo. miracle. modest. mutiiar. mista ke. nasty. ciar. mankar. to mutilate. nek . motion. mist. murmumuscte. siorino. minto.. mornlnz. nlUSO. 10 miscarry. buso. mode. moral. to murmur. mustard. musk. to model. max. pr'o xirn e . mischlevous. bezonar. necessary.. mis te lo..t StoTinn. neck. muaeo. ar. Myo. rnonopolo monster. "( to modify ~mod lfikar. pa tr ino. need let aguol. Mind = ter) zorgar. negative. mint (plant).) j 341 .). modo. Mre. nail (of metat). mi s ion o. mouth. mea. m marokeno. rnorafo. rnolestar. mutua lao = mistlka.. nazala.. to mingle" mixar.). a varo. mosquito. mo roc co leather. ncar (pr~p. nation . next. neeeasiev. r). klovo.. populacho. misfortune. negro. nerve. autumobllo.. m ul~ dar. marsho. to . monarko. monako. to naviaate.. moist. neg-ala. kravato. minlster. mnvo.1 Sioro. MondaY"lI lundio. new:II nuva. Mias~ damzelo. mob. nOT. frianda. a never. mule. mis cry. d menro. proxim .(on finger) I i1a iva. maxime. fungo. motber. ni C e. reto. nav igar. n ego- bands). to moan. tar. mouse. to neglect. . naciono. devas. uugo. narrow. mal-prosper- the most". mon u~ mustardo. m 0 U n t~ mountain.min delamc nto. je mar. most .:misrik-o. no mo. SCQuEll1t-a -eO. model. modeata. mortivo. mar-ala. t psychol. multitude . moldoza.. to mix up" mixar. kar. ). my I mutono.fikar. car... busho-tuko. !dr. mor ter o. minute r= small) ~ rninuciala. to narrate. muahrocm. murder. nev o. moskito. to mock. n ecesa. rnuz o. mourriing. net. money" mcnoj Ccofn) to nephew. to moderate. movar. fango. na vala. mobile. . 11 U1. (ad v. to mlne. a neighbort uc glijar. monarch. mokar. mea. motor .tic . plu (before minimum. muse. to need (v. momen to. minute. molest.) ~ rnoor. naive. rnonstro.. museum. nauz o. newspaper. name. (person. m ulte. -a. afahla. trau roo la by 0- moustache. musko.y stery ~ m is te ryo. miraklo. to mould (= cast in missio n.negociate. a native. moment. r. kolo. 0 (at a m. sirnyo. to move. J 0 etc.) napldn . nerve". moneto. to miss. Deut er ~ on t!u t r . nlue mOOD:I luno. muslino.::in d uk- lcen-o. more. moti ve. e tc. to multiply ~ muhilllj . modem. minar. Il!onirey. r tar (archit. to misusta mis-uzar.. N eophyte tindo. mal-agr abla. barho. neither. mouldy (:::: musty) ~ monto. a moral. mort igo. o plaster. to mortifYt morti. monument. mu1teso.. I proxima.t e m pe.. humida. n egr-o. :::. mole (animal). nensea. modelo. talpa. nearly f=::: a lrnos nrcske. motive. monopoly. muskolo. mlstletoe. Iaudano. rnulo.. ahortar. nuda..::::. mirror" spegulo.o. a miser. nebul(et}o. nature. -a. mosko. moder . mode rna. Mystical -a. men to. must r= have to). . month. rnovcma. trans. nil zer o.). rna l-Iarj a. muff (for mufo.

owe •. eplnlen.-o~ pacific. pajo.. = only· (adv. to o'!lci11ate. nobla. no more. heart).. Qf (possession). optics. sur . nazo : : _. b~- . or orphan. orien to. opin iono. mendar . -. obstacle. edd: (number).. nosedar. ruttrn r. no] not nlc kcl.. oceano. nuda.. ) ~ 0 r g a n o . altra. time} . now . on-ce {. . Oak.te~ noml . nu-numei"o. pagi . zero. fie (p'aced. How.(t)£ book). - . night!' nokto. or. -ino. -0. Objective obyek . opresar. o omnIbu!!l~ omnibU90: on. nulu. barbotar. IIIa] -klara.. (= at present) . . konofficer (rnllit. ounce. n ul-ube.. to obtain. act). - •. proprA.0': ( of ~ ..taking. ~ar SUr not. trans..)"I 8\'~per. oar. naro!a.)to oppress. over t . or isrino . oraklo.- notorlous. ostrich. obyekto.nta. October.k. . (= cornordlnarv. m onakino. nor): -. obsfinacy. gerrituro. to ob~y . Bam) strigo. mnnd). to occur. j Or110~m(!!2:0... . nun ~ (in argu~ me nt) . owl. obUviQn~ obliyJ'"-<\ oats" ave-no.... odoran- nbtcnar. nur.:. offspring. nose. -. to. noble (by birth). malvu... none. (in numerous. nkupar. of rar. to order (xoods). P'lkigar.. deba f.' : to' 'operate. object.. upon At.). .. de. om leto. obscure. "." od.. occult. riO-: h cl .ins.. sitelo. number (~(']u~ . 1)a.. th. oleo. tar . ora nio. oral. obvious.boy•. strucho. (togcth~r). Orient. nnva . ost .r. offiee (place). nolse . yuna. . _' . odoriferous.niece~ of. -. . """vel romano.. to. ~hjekto . • ~Tonoun)t on. ren- ova 1a. orfan-a. pro. tran •. r= marlc of di. oUm.). .:10 Fore .. nut"q. : . Imperar. orator. orna men tt (music)! orjreno. nine. . eonee. obstaklo. optiko. operacar.proprletarvo. . to tiotiC"fI' r-: rnarkar.. opera..·.are YOU l' date).. obedyar... own. obscna. to Houris". oaten tG. Nous == sofesenci. 0 r n -0. ox .v) nom bro : (order). ofte.: . n la. btu Iso. peno. to dblile~·obtigar. pa. outside. nulu..· cvereoat. opozar: obs tino. okaxiono.n (of body .. nobody. opPo"ttune~: portuft&' 0 to open~ apertar. p own r= pos!lesd~ . neplu. Quik~ . orkestro. to obstruct.· mIL· F. official (adi. unlawful outl1n~" konturo. one" un: {indefinite QnlQ~ onyono.. ortgln. a to p. ne para. nulo. 6erv~m&. obse r var. often. obscene. pa-cketi! pak-o. . oficero. n:u't nuxo.' OUT. omisar.. Pt. oil. to occupy.· remilo. olivo. (prep. altre. 0 ktobro.. n-m1 tao nun. -- or. verb). otherwise.e (patlent)~ zorgar. D.n~mina. • pa-ns. :' oyster. obU ~ing. notora. ek. OW1l\g (pre P. avil:o. to oppose (Y. . oath .one to ·t:\.o~tr()•..). eso.). okul tn. Blow one's. unco. 'or. 1)11(.. oper e. tlotlce..a.i)~~~ 33' .. obicktar. rttnark ehla • oracle. noon. .' hoy. t1-:" . omelet.... quante evas? olive. unfoj e . ('oh i'l"ctif'ln. grand-eva.(v. r-. to offendto ofensar. queeko. oratoro. or-ange. tao contai ning )t: off pri . ordinara. to . obstruk- nar. etc. to 6bj~·ct.:. to observe. . noear.surtuto. orchestra. ema. occasion.. Pace.. ought~ ...Jf time.. -etOrt paD.juro. delikto. out of. bovo. ocean. ocilar.. pro. other. : : nothina. exoval. nike 10. even tar. . to off er. to ovt!rthrow. to note. nOll~ht. versar.. nula. oficlala. Ior. Qr~a. pain" doloro. North. . no one. mun- to. . .. owner.. to pad:to remburar ~ to paddte •. n6whel"oI!!~ .a. page:. NovemberI' novernbro. nude. . r= concerning). mal'tore..m! nu r old :(in ·years).. . tc"·. nordo.

parents. exekutar. paradox. pavement . meno. pasporto. penitence:l penite nco. nar. pedigree. to pianoforte.. parchment. peat. pen~ phrmo.r~ 'kolono.-a. pill. Pasko. pilaa'roo . paving . pavo. periitenco. palpar. palm. perhaps. pharmacy. pc o p I e .. pea-cock. gen ealogio. fodoro. pine" pino. patrolyo. to Be. k o r i d o r o . salcnefo. pin(:har . -eto. to Be. paradar. pavaro. rapecar.. pastor passport. to percuss. . borar... pedant. fantomo.• parr. p}U1atelYt filate]o. fono- a photograph.. P1KJ porko. physics. a lurnalo. forsan. pedeatal. pickles:I pikl L pie. to pilot. pe lrnele. pasar. dar. pedalo. perlod. parliament" :oarta- trar. akno... passenger. peach (fruit). phrase . phonQgrap~ grafio.. perga- pellett huleto. torfo. pa Iisade. paro. to persecuteI' persekutar. piktar . pearl. paroko. to patc:b . to pay.) • ananaso.). pa·rquet~ parqueto. to paint. ar. populo: (one. to pardon. r02. perIekta.. ar. to piece UP. perfidious. paroiHar. perfida. shelo. par-adox». phantom. . any· one). sudorifto perauade. farmacio. to pass. ge"'patri. patriarko. Passover. pasajan· 10. lular. pedlarl knlpor-tisto. perceptar.!-to parade. person) persono. para~oL parasaIn parcel. pell-mefl. to pa 1pitate. t party" partie. nar. palace.. patento. pala. o to paraly. palpitar. pension (old age). pensiono. pall saro. rurano. Physical pariah . pllotar. patriot. parailizo..zizar. pi. plone. patrjarch. per siatar. patr iot-a. to parody. partiano. (of hand). pi pro. parafizar. pet favorat -"O~ -in 0. to permit. pansy. past v-asint -a. pioneer. to ~erish~ perisar. paragrafa. (adj. to perceive. voyeto. to physic" dro. pineapple. penwig~ peruke. piTo. pe pper. to. (bote). piece. pagar. pacicnta. pan. par rikulara. pedanto.. pamfleto. ll passlon. paUeto. patrol . Frying. panseo. paper~pa pero . a pedal. to pause . passage (in house}. pasture" pastun::rD. paragraph.M . piano. 11~o~hilo. to pick (= gather)" kolyar. lO perform (musie) ~ perfect (adj.. pinee-nes. to perspire. per ma nar. persua- P-eace = paco. peticio . paviliono. a patierrt. panlc. patient. -0. . pamphlet. on.dumo. pizo. pa r to. pia. panelo.. pit::k-axe. pasiono. perfor .gcon. pardonar.ze.oni:ro. petition . pin (ordinary)" 10. piedeatafo. p:lnientol' pimento. perfume~ pa. parlor. pastryl kukajo. kravono.stone. pennanent pastoro. pink -atra. peasant". pas to. paraffine. paplo. ... pavono . palma. pe ne- rnento. piety. pet:tole:um petro 10. penance. permisar. dor lotar.. nazumo. pak-o. fikiko. paradise. peel. parasite. to penetrate.(. ner iodo. rapecar. pHt~ pes to. pencil. ·0. paraz ito. palaeo. pasee. parto:pre~ particulars. petticoatt petulanr. to pc. panel. perkutar. peco.papago. = fizikala. to partake . parko. pa per). to palpate. peculi. pa delo. kolombo. parafino. partridge perdriko. pi ke * pi kilo. pilb.. ping- to pinch. phiJosophYt frloxofio. p_ea. t t to pertain. pimple (= acne). polmo. de tali partisan.. fotografuro. pa niko. pieso. pcrsi· ko. pavifion. piluro. to pet . fraso. parallel" paralel-a . pauzar.:rsist . p ilgri mo. pap. [az arro.. pUc (=beap) amaso. pheasant. parrot:. pi l~rimage. pe- sub-jupo. park. pierce part. pale. to perforate. (on ship)" pasajo. t p'. res orta r (de).

poten ta. politics. to pla&:iarlze:. p rogre- to problbit. .plac> (=~p~t). plume. pre-Iudlko. to presumf!.)~ pol(tj. prescription pomp. p'ua (rna th.. p]ea. -piezuro.. pomado. cede. do ~ - plant o. porcelano. to plough. "tan a. price. prince. to prevent.reBc. to. plumbizar. plajiar. afrankar.r:m. pr-:probably.ribe. po1ite. pudclo. ita. porcelain. prejudi~e (against). poto. pocket. me please wrlte. nun. popular. loko..ant~ plantar. po. to please. pruno. If you. pledar. prlnco. precise. ·pleag~. pork . to preserve. probab le. to plan" proyektar. -- pDlyglot. polisar. pozat . prmesii. prrva tao p rivileate. pla.. imprimar. plank. presentation.. power... to prepare. to plunget pIunjar. pleasure. portal.ant* a:ll"rab Ia. nlendo. prescnto.. to plumb. to plead.zorgo. profes loprOrHsor~ profesoro. poodle.01 untez skribar.tfonn pTatajo_ to play.. poeto. to prick. pre-rnatura. precious . plezar.[. poetiko.(o( metal). pole punto. mo.. a plain.. . praktlkar.R1DSO. pol iglot-a.n aj o. cipua. preen. . p osibla. laudar.r. poUtiko.time.z:e_ (r c: wa r d}..ture. preparar.' pregas. possible..3tO. popufara. to print. poet. profession. posto. to proSt by. (eating)~ pb. pit~ Ioso. to place .don mar. plus. DO VO.. programme. sar. porkor-karno). posturar. poezio. prjndpo. penacho. profane~ profana. to ~ (= dot.. to ponder .). po.pipe (smoldnp. nell plana. pleased. powder (toilet).ant. to preaide. -0. po sh o. pr~mitlve~ primhiva.. predika. t (legal)." ye-neno. to predict pre-dlcar. prefer ar. plurala. poster. private. pre- d['o. prcfana- no. por tre to. pistono. presknptar. pot. plaIn (adi. posture.. powerful. peeho. porch. precaution (s). pasforo. komploto. • srono. prlzento. car. problem.). afisho. plDO. por talo. polish. . papo. noemo. prison~ karcero. pla. to present r= gUt). poataEe.. rltzh ta r}.. . to praise. profitar prof~undt profunda. presentiment. tea.). plague. previous (adj. pit·at~. i donaco: At. to pluek" kotyar" plum.. praet'cal. var. tar. poniard. pr-oc:eed. (Ioug thin stick). ph1gar. slrnnlar. prid~ fiereso. prec 12 a.. t populaee9 populacho. pompo. to prelude! pre-Iudar. pesto.}. pomatum.. Judar. interdik- 35 . pretext. pontifiko. recept o. popla:r. to p01!. po. to . to profane. pi a. premature. to pour" v asar. ponderar.. prefixo. poor (in money}. (:= re- plan. kontenta. pikar. poison. pith (rna rr ow).. pollco. pontiff.ings myo. port r= harbor) ~ porto. 3 p10t. to pound pistor. meduto. prefiz. pretexto. pr esar. plate p'aslert to p1. plural. pl"ezidar." .rp}t pin. plush. planeto.. prczente. cipc). problemo. supozar. plusho. planko..}. police. poppy ~ pa P Itve ro. prakt-kala.}. simp1:. t .et . to prefer. precoza. _ principle.. point (!lla. prece- to preach. pnsedar. poniardo. plaint. p'. to practice. an . prnac. (VA t. stango. pregar. poetry.. afr ariko.. portrait. pu- prtl~e811 (way) ~ pro- proceduro. piston. .. priest. proklato produce·~ produk .!less.. c= pope. portion . nretexto. principal {adj... (:::::::::tuhe)~ tuba.1ako. poplo.. preface. (Reog. to prepay. p.pordono. mal-rleha. to p:ray.: pTi. to pose. to pretend (--shaw). pr'ezer- post (far tette rs) pretence. to press . potato" tee-porno.. poultry. r iyile j o . 9 pre- to proclaim . hanaro. P. progra~ to pro gress..

y-t:~riFe- raee . c ita r . Qulck~ rap! da . dono. quesriono. propagate.). knmpr. punisar.. kat yo. £rambo. prar. quanteso. tvo (Ji. shar latano. reccnta. r. pro- (comic cha rrmlchin e ]0_ punctual.:-at . qual]. to punish. tand l. relo..:-ndar.?nce) . to push. quaran(]ua]cso. purpuro. begin . . reaktar. rah:lo fl050_ :rag. . proverbo. pu lsa r. to rave.--on_ (clo- prose.Jo rain. I'age~r abyo.. .. provlslo nal.--ado. drola. . ' r-adiatc. qua ~o prove (by logic)1 prllvar. . proseper. dektamar. queer.<1 tlik. erc. to publish. rady-G. praporuon. rjbe lo. aT. t-o read. proverb. punch acrer}. suflar. projection~ projekto. question. kayo. 1"3. to reap.n kor o . rasmr. . quiet.. pr oye kto. kom- r= . to quibble . purrar. proprajo.oyo. ranCOT~ ra. . pro! ~ thes). psa1 m. repdma.. rafane to. to propose_. rcj ina. pum par. preface . pulsar. prosper_ prote5~ . rara. • korvo.thinp:). . razor. f era. purpose.ubliki· gar. to promise.). property. prnd enta pruda. . to. pupil (a l sc boot) ler nan to. ra t ifi ka r.recc recltar. r a bato. to. railwBl' Ie r-Pv. 'I' prooft pru .azi to. to prompt (thea t. raining I t ia. raven. : ' .to protest.... rabic. to quaah. queen. recite. pura. {:-. re·c~ipt~ q u ~ igo . me tar ~ out (light).o. to purchase. pro per • dec a nta. p!l1var-. ~t price o. to quote. propapropeller screw ) * helico. purigar . extinga.a project. akurata. vagon O. . QUa1Lty.. quieta. apogar. pulverigar. to prop up {v. . b kribar.).r.( pe. recepto.certcg'c! to ra tHy.. ra nca. pumice-s. :rapito da. •0 to protect.. mot ivo. to prosecute. pl'otektar: . pU%zle~ ~n~gmato.enar. atingar .· Q" .ar. nato. • l.-the. ' 10 q ualiiy:lo qualifik .rather. I rail. pluvas. to 'raise lift) ~ t en['['(age. to punfy. \}u·estirins quarter. gnt. pozar . editar. . a rebel. (e. raspberry.. proprieto peose'ri e. remparo. psa Imo. -. to provoke.tone. .. quarantine. quay. . ('abyo. ar. m erara. ravrsn . readily. tf".. to ar. to react. prudent.t.r~c~iv-e~ ri-c-evar... .r: a n 11: c= place) . protestant~· tanto. rash (~~eckless).. to . . reason . c= rapid. ' !i6 . to rake. ray (of light). pulp~ pulpo.: ravisar.' '0 . prompt!l quika. Iurfar. a~ orn. tar. . taryo. provokprudish. t eno. to pulverize... puppet. mario. protestar.. prcvlzar. purple:lO pure. ration. 5 kopo. rap-ida. (book. prov izonur. poddlngt ·pudingo. de Ii rar. pcrciono. .b" a _. to pulsate. . . . rampart. . . quarfero. rare. reala. kuro. nuncar. pur gar. to reeken.prom . dopa. 10 putt"e-fy. oft'. pub'ic~ publika~' pu~ bliko. volunte . prophet.~ radYifar. purni- to· r'age.. ..g. rat.(for: doing rebate.ze ..· . . . prozo. radi51l. propergat.: pr opoa ~ proprietor.t human). n tit Y:I quanto. to provide. ' reciprocalt reclpr oto to t irar.. I . put. co. pcrae- p~ospe~~ prcspekto. .~ korizar. ka. -providing tba~ Be province. to reb~kc-. . prov in co. ra spar'." . .shi fono. pupo. to promot~· Ph "nocar. r~U1J!O. rancid. prof eto.teto rasp. ncto. pr oud. prorrounce. to pur(e. kru da. to pump. running). to realize (=unde:rf!!'" rear.· {ecent. raso.· read y ~ p ron tao real. kad. r. reach. (= _to'. r ik oltar.: recipe). p. lektar. R Rabbit~ kunikfo..:" kalkular.. raw.ot On. quaL .

(T. tekto. memorar. to remember. asi de).Jiglon~ afejar. to recommend .) t rar. tin. rimarkar.. reon. rekorekordo. a request. to . to. restar. Irddle. rtst-ajo. to repeal. revoltar. r= remainder). to renounce. repub liko... to resolve. prego.' rem . rifo. vbyo .. to resemble . ri gre tar. rlch~· r icha.e = rozo... rcpetar. turnar. to reform. to refuse. re~alaf".. . inver review (publication) revuo. yuro. ripoe-ar.crftt)t re. rigidt .igid~. to refute. radiko.res·trict. rivero. revenue. to. .. a right . . ~de%-vous. al. robo. to I"eiterate. respiration . recenso. related to·. riprorepubli(:. to reproach. restrlkt- road. zen tar. 19ar. enijrmato. -lno. rezultar. robber. record (speed. (morally) ~ yusta. to ring. demando. to revolt. to . eskartar. reparar. rent. to repress. to reck. represar. konseouar. to . rest gnar. car. mendar. to Temind" memorito remit (aln).. to resist. re ducar. to remark. to report. regular. . to replace.. re-venar. to reside. to ridet ruba. to I"eswt. to roam" vagar. re-pulsar. r espon 9. Roue to ·reyenge . rid-in da. regards. rezervar. -. rite. sonar. refutnr. to reaign (a posiresigned.: .. Resign ~ de miaa r. f"ckrutar. e ar. rezolvar. intran!l.). vuo. responsible.. to requlre. ti. retretar. to re. to refine~ rafi nar.). robe. j usta .. rook. get up). lu-prcco.. r egu'[oza. nngo.. r espektar. pensar. dono. to revise .:b. ecollect... retraktar. rfbbem. . .:tr-. to redeem ..tive~ parent-a. to Deli'rezition). to restore (=mend). t-o repeat. char. rokajo. revolve roo to reward. 9"" I r en un. to relieve (= make restaurant. religyo. to retract. to rot. rcsrimento. roll (bread). to respect.. to retire. vicignr. to teblove r= push .. ref r'. ripozar. return r= come back). rakontar ar. room. to retreat. Ros. venjar. :L -regiStcf'. revolver. r evaneho.revizar. prt. r ifuzar. to. to relfsh~ savurar.' isar. dve las. simileto reserve.eshrn ent rOOM. sar. toof. pos tular. to reply. red..· to E'O~tlt. (of book). revolu- reference to reflect. to rest.rirno.1o.tura. detat~e. retretar. ripe~ ma. -regent. to regulate. rod.r. bersar. to reduce. rektoro. rende- revenue. restar. regento. r ipre- tbythm~ ritrno. . soni~ar. rice~ dzo.). raptlsto. revolution. river. reaistar. fruailcao. r ekouoca memo- r. Rosaeeruclan (never translated). regale. rula r. . to rise r=. - to n:ignt rejznar. In. ~a~ salu~ region. etc.. rcdcm tar. r i It h t (handaide). to Be" rela t ar. rem one! ~ r imorso. kavalkar. r eputar. re llektar. to repent. to. to revolve.ka no.ndo. son). paneto. reguliz-· a rela... Famo. remedyar. 37 akrucano.· r-ector..: (= COt~ r ecr). -ado. putrar. to regret. rezldar. to refer. to ron.it1. to repair. repcntar. ref erar.. rock. huf c to. r estorar :SUo . rib (anat. reed. .to. . to remain. Irioono. rewiion~ kun-venn. r ekomrheumatism. to Tnke. dex tra. li. re f re s h men ·t 8._ By.. -chambro. remedy. regi~ tro. Crucis = rO"z- .retail. root. to reuma- refu:ge~ to Take~ refuiar. spirac-o. to repose. rapoctar.repel. refor ma. kesto. reverae.. reda. rezfment . represe nt. to relate. rhyme . respondar. rldlculous. tismo. to. (finger~ ete.gar. . Ievar 8U~ to ·ri'lk~ r lskar. to rejoice. to recruit. region 0. (a bell). _- reparar... to repute. koncer nar. renown .' reefjo.i~. ve r _go: rOR"Ue. d emiaar. r'lvokar.· iterar.

sepre m- . to satisfy. Tuinar4 rule. sekretao Secret = sekretaie. er'udi to. sentiment. 10 sacrifice sakrjfi~ kar . . serial story. {person}. sauco. serpent. fleet. sendar.. sandalo. sa 1:: o. servar . to . .p. save salvar. I" uda. b ro. qu-erigar. ::::::: around). 3R Mamt: ehall (future in -os). ·8 off~ expe di ar. selo.:s:cnate.. sa kril~:go. sacr am ent. :IS kopo. foiyl':- sed en to.' second (adj. vendo. s e p. seciono. sovajo. Sabbath. {mus.}. savurar. sekre tarto secre te. put r a om. tum- sardine.. re j ala.. scandal . to search (for). •0 sen tence.: to ruah. skr'uoulo. sensual. sausage. . p(~lzaJO. ·8ofr- sandP. sutar. 2:0no. saloon. sad (peTBon). mo.}. ko nda m ... shirmar. (money). rutino. series. sabato. il'iccretary.erviette. Saturday. serv is tina. a81a tar.~iIJ. Bcen~~ certo. . rye~ aekalo. mo. satoeo. sa turigar. (prep.. sack. sekto. sexuo.). serperito. remar: ulto..6I~ or). BUXO. 88. sutur o. n~ polita. 1. ruse. to . t shame. rU::!'!o.ate. Bash (si]k1 etc. se~:ar. . self. 10 'Seduce. .. joyoza. yo. eskaldar.. secret (adi. . mariate. scheme (= plan). r= impolite). sclentlse. c s k om b ro.. S . gurar. nuanco. .. ga. scam. saldar several.. sarna. senti ndo. able}. sauce. sentence (-wise saying). rast~ rn s to. char. ape ne. se nat o. sigla T•. sukusar. severu.1 wpe formo. tono. TU'b bis to row. ornbro . mar is to. sekur a. scruple. f uar. row (= Iinc) { rango. to to to to ibi8viar salv-anto. seneuala. (natursel). aa par. school. a second .. to.. sailor. gar. sale.mento... salaryo. satino. saac"'" salad. to..say.vidar. dike. sece'on. saturndio. plura. iO sai1~nayigar. sekundo. . secure. 8 ekreear.. egoista. serious. to screen. to salute. . serge" serio. servant. to. senco . to satlate.1. raw· (tumult).· j- scene. :yuf-· scale . satln. routine".: to settle (an a c. sicrapar. -!!:ail~ :Scglo. 10 separate. . • h • de (darkness). skeptiko. . satire. to ruin. (wa~ te r . to scrape. rum . to seal up. prcdiko.). regulo. a sceptic. a· !creen~ skreno. seat (to sit on) ~sejo. kon tenfi- to saturate. nar. scar. season.1'Ia:r. ronda. aavage~ sova]a. e:sos. saintt san tat :6alary ~. scarce. rumor~ rumoro. round (adi. skrubo. diear. to eslect. scarf. sa tiro. lern eyo. screw . saw.). sclektar. to fiend. sel'geant. s ez ono.s ensibje r= reas onna r. (window). . Jor. sentry. IO'8Ccoad. to sew.. sen timento. bush-tuko. sub-taso. savor.ex. to sculptut'~ skultar. sekoD dM".SU. s ervo. sen ten co. spa rar . : &aD_ 2s'arlo..c. 10 see .::::::: Row). seducar. ser ioz a. sense (= meaning). teptember" bTO. ciencisto. sermon. sarurt- rude In rub. sa 10. shar po. cikatro. roy aJ. 841). . saja. fridoanr. Maid. fra- sardine. . shadow.skan dalo. . tene br o : (of . ipsa. to serve. . count). b. sa~ M sand.) t due 9· ma. maldensa. aaucee. sc pe. prccipitar· Russia . sa~ril e g:e. "Seven.." r ara. . selIc (adj.. 8C a rc ely. shall be.~ . rurno. rough. to shake . '0 Bell" vendar. scald. maJ-. socise to.: seaman. tQ sanctlon. "renee? den co. . • II'krasac·red. to run. s epa rar.. i6elfish. seJnrra . sea" mar o. ser vis to:i -.rotten. . gar. l rum. severe. seem • se mblar. salt.· sak ra. pr oyek to. leather:!. a saddle.. scratch. same. gratar.

storo. klarnar.i. IOUp~ dea1akorpo. Iar. SP1rO. navo. sister. Si·ster of the Order site. . ka.. c . situ-o •.) ~ sana. r a. in 'Roa. lon~. sirk tn (= shut k1o". :shield.. glata. t~-'e~ (i.nda. (= in sneft II. SUI.rlbl. sp"".ori" ~ 1: . rotar. to "8hughtrr."'.. to "'rnnl~t. . mio~. b rjkL~. . 1"'trt~tar.oldier . .. SOAp. rindetermi nate). maniko.1bar sharp. tn f':'el . snow."..·ovef'f"I~ ~O·. smell.. nr. t1~. kamizo. sr-no. • O""k (. • to 8ka. sonorous. shrub~ arbusto.... shultro. stenosrra- shQ~lghted. ·B"al' .- l!Iod~to. airurla. Sa-uth..f!' a.!'"~. to sing. t . maf- ·~tfl''I!'e. . .: spektr~ sneclmes. skt :tvo.t:!'n:t!o.. wav\. montr~l'. sorb. l1li1-11 fl'tuta. !I te rnutar.ner. shovar..UI. !Ili("~o. m~'·rapida. to @. J) . .gpmt':thlt'~ . single . ( person). to sml1~let kontrasnake. I . . fumar. aoiid.kirt.s. to ~hrink."'.:. . mal-b.. h~tldar.. a 81~v~.c:lmen... art 0 e:ra fi0.. 8t110.k.80W suvereno..:llk. sloro. 0. S1'1rh-d('1:1 laeseneo. (~'foups:).. flh:~:no.. to ~"ove. ski]fu~. ah oul d (:::::: om:rh t) .. (&- g. ~ '8l"ob . solicitar. shno to shoot. S nzo.. B usee.-rt (1<-.. 81im~. . shovetar. • .ci. (Quantity).. ·s.. snirmv.. to ~f'lkfro. (adi. t.D." li'. tIiI~fr""lfilcar.• Itt r. slate.. 1!!:1i. 8peUln dl sknrao. ~n~nr1f'!I". . f o1yo.erd. SIX. kel. :!d t'lt fJ T::t. sc-m . -if3r. o. CD. sp~tat. should-r. alr. sincere.ado. since (prl"'n 1. ~heJf. 0 n D. shi ldo. skin. . .. ar·~e7-0 •. sudo. !!I..te. Shekinah transl:\ ted). h'='l1de. kelku..1't. soldato .otder~!I!Ioldar. 1 81ni. in-c:h"yar. . Qlt (for to ~p. to about. btf"ro: -walle trotu. fI. odf'ro suoo. . small.. to shovel. (01 8U.. trans . rnutono. . fo t!'. !t!tko...h". il 0. . . butiko. to nance}. sonora... a"'!IIn't"'o.. c= becaU!lel. to sk-etr:bt skizar. p"l.hawl..j. e ("II:.. 6Pidpr~ to "'in _ nf"lca r.. to shelter.(inrdtermin~te).· aeida.1.. . seber. fat1fO.te."~.11:""10. . 8mith~ fl"'llf'". sinuous. tabula.. to to fIIpecttili... shoe). ~ookin:ct) . Blow._ntono.P. :0 shear~ tondae. h-oo..: (CQnj. pro ke. slarno. a sound. . situation • ofi~ shrph. sheet. shoe. akuta. h ahlla. sk~tar.)suolo. . . to (seed). adono. ke.. "milA''. to filn. ula : (= a litt'el. to shine.. sorb-veeo.omethnes ( kelka- to shock. u10. razar shave (oneself'" sincera. Bi~ve· Ic'"~h. m~l-v'l'a. nivo.. st"h-~~'f"~"O to shmU. BORe-rv.. tam: a. r men t ). roo . solemn. to ·8p-nd~ snl:"n!. sound 'fIioor. "hore~ rivo_ eh. ~evll" ~ (condiHonal mood).rJl- . soot.!ar. kan ta r.. ' 8ii'e. she. to '8. loll. masa- Boon. sty.. .tll. FD~'"dle. to mn'a. p 0 rei e (porcioa). to sllde. solyar. spccll"!'8t speco. shOt. fratlno. 'I!Ile~\re. tOo. ship. sp:!Ie~. shop." "'~::d. ~ "o·ce. seroer+o.. 1 . 1 8ky. sola._. 90tidara. si dar.. . ~plC:. ttl tlleep..far.~p-rtno. lIp~n"(:ht ~ p~n~ tn . senar8p'\r~r. Inflamar. to eolve (v. e. alkohnhio. (work).. sinuoza. 'k ( oers oms) SP":!f"e. S~ul !lliorr. to ft~h. por. sol ena. de-po.:" tn ~I'th.. ~. Jtlita r.. (nOt Iratino to sit. sore. e1. in d til" Sp:ltTO""~ pasr-ro. ~~J~nc"" sileneo. to sob. ml- "ole.. . to RoUcit.·Bon~ fi Ivo.. sheep. = + . to BIlL. trempar. . shirt. sovto.-eso..ln). e. to ·1IImll"'.Y ..ronka. . solidary. shalo." ttl. snec-ala.':\r. . a. a r i. lI"f'Ih.-o -ado. krar. spade.~~ ~t1h<:litcrib:tr. 901 ida. .body" someene. poke.tI1a't"... . foy~. ! ~omD~". fit-inar. Iitisto. dO'l"m ar. g.rthand. ka n to. 8pe~lt. to sl1('1w. sospl rar. ..1!i=tO. shell.r.. cielo. p1. shokar . rUZO?3..l ".. fuli?o. • 0 C.milL !!lImn 1~. sebra.

strin~j f::tri~.. to SpOUI. re kta. rnalgre . to subscribe. subs tanco. spoon. 10 substitute. to st. to suffocate. S toe k . (::::::::= be (of ac- . [0 st. stag. to ka dro no . . statu-roo st atnto. steel" stalo.jon~r. steep.splte of. sta rue. SIlIrar. kufiero. t 0 strangle. strange. pn-uTbo. fiuffixt snfixa. suces- ar. ( m~ tal).). to !luffice. decar. spona spool. S111U'lRt. sn- proper). r imeno. pazo. srrict. c . nrin tempo . vapor o. stupid. :s~. departa e. konvenar: su-mor-tic-o. -40 near. str-ike. (:. to sueedar. to fltammer~ balbustamp). sputar. spurt s porn o. steamship". Dono. pa pcr isto. ~tilt~ stella...dl (cattle). In. ma kulo. superior flua. C~rYO. stick. to subvention. 8tone~ s to no :-.. tensar. bobino. to spittle. . to splash (water ).}. to suffer (pain ). to 'Slick. stature. bifstekn. su hto sub ti!a. . hastono. s tchar.). ar : t 0- square venreg o.!o. asfi xisuffrage. stra njruJar. abrupta. to summon.. subrnisar. abo no . steady~ sta bila.}. (::::::::he suitahle). splendidi splendida. etc. vapor-na- sponge. yo.litatllte. gll1'" ankorc . s reto. stall -Iar do.) ~es- (nan. stewed fruit. tran- qui lar ar. ar pa.). studento. squadron aquatl. stew. stalrcase. presar.· sundin.. v est a r o. ko.-trawberry. per). sprjcar. su- .). superfluous. t. to fitick (v. fendar. st ranja. SPISD. . to stay. (== succeed (:::::: b c- cious. subject. srarar . somer-o. standpoint.. standard· (=colors). yo. . st:::!t4 on t s tad on o. Forno. .. stomako. spontaneous. stink. to spoot spular.. stump.konyo. strap. strca r. fluo. tamp ~ Postage. esk- step to (i n wa Ikln go). s t epo. sfarch. s tr io. to. splen. stablo. stamp [with.~ hon a r a paper)1 SU. snhstisubtle. suit. s tr e- such. kompoto. straits (g-eog.. Elteak~ Beef. {'. to :!I:t!lrt. sukro. sum (=amoun t). MIn car. (rni lit. to a fl. stranaer. su~gcst. . plaudar.trike. ) . stomach. ·halta r .-:: qrrie t ). (at Jaw). . steppe.eal~ Jurtar. vencar. Thunder1 srurmo. to E-tuff. rigirla. still (adv. stratlo. ~trong~ farta. stagnaro stain . to squeeze. fi. (adj. stranded. substance.E tupida. suhlima.J). remburar. suskriptar ~ (to study. Pre- successful). e tc.Ive. sunflnwer. Iapido . malhonode. (= condit. suddenlY1 subit e. ~bl t. f on to. rata. bavar. p::dyo. Sunitay. sun. rezu mar.Inkstnrnpar. spot. 5 suburb.· J)TO~ ccs o: (of doth('s). suit suicide. quad- s roc k ( C ornm. Exchange. to stop (v. agar. sporto. tcmpc sto . spi oriar. stud (collar) t burono. s p r inK" . (season). maktlJo. sport. korrle to.Io Bum UP. eskalero. stumpo. .. sponj o. subscrlprion . a stream. post marko. etato. state (= statement stato. to ~pY. trans. hole. supe r- :(a d j-l. to submit (v. stufar. street. . sug{~~tat". stiff. srrik ta. summitt count. lI:ugar. summer. fluv~ to stretch. student. aspcrg:ar. sun-fl oro 10 sup. stopar. Ioko : (=stain). str an iero. sublime. . to sprinkle. < to spit .). spJito. Ftraw. vot-. epline. ( 0f w ate r ). sornito. stu dyar. to stitch.:1.. 10 steam. res tar. t (') st"ncl. int ran s. suno. ( to a pa- tucar. stove.. supear. to split. . stah. :!II straight . amelo. tal'. subyekto. tala. to Be. fol1ow).tylet stile. str-andar. coun try}. mo. storm.}. stork. Subjective = subycktala. sto-ryto rakonto. to stagnate.orJ)~ stando.YllTO. 'V id-punto. strl r.. risorto. ba~o. eskadro.ter. ta na.

sword.:::. t t~xt. (hir d). dol ca. t~ktik.ten. thing. per.. Th. 1 test\~ony".ran dar talk. prr-nar : (--carry). . tea tro.vo_ .. ta T"O. (~ at themselves.sustaln. to Be t eraT. gla. hI ke. sllabo. ca. rrpt.· rlrashar.(1 till (conl. '""'y. tr-:. gustilT. tide mareo... na r. to thnw. ' to SUpp':.(lient talen to. thin.. mal-gr osa. cellar. to.. teroro. gra. ta : (th1ng)~ ito.tudar. to suppress. tax impost}. rakon to. t. F:{. ~ . sure.W~U(\. to swim. bileto. natar. jur a r. thumb. thi( ft fu rtisto. r= thing: QUI tar .suspend~ suspcn.·rup. supr es- tart tariff. :flJn.. tact. thlck~ dika. g'Tafar. . suspect. tofhrow. rundo. teR'olD. supor tar. to tencfi. dar. sa- c= to aur'round. teniso. ln~ (= Tempt6 == temp to. p~nsat. mit. (sing. ~. feu it pie). than~ kam. svmpathy. taste.n. that (conl. tondrar.. to t . t throat: mrturo. throne. tasko . .:tr. ternso. -~ Root. tard a. taste (::::::: flavor). terr+-e. supper ~ supco. tell me. to te:fit~provar. suspck- tear" hum o. parolar.lrt surgeon. to' thrash. teologio . tender (or heart). telefora- to. t e e m s (~ condl . til r=i r ty"-spare m a. tltteao. hi:t!:. tile~ kare lo . t humoro. those (before noun) .Buperstition. irnposto. t o. (:::: who. (10. to t~~ea. intrans}... (adj.. to tele- telephone.o. .. testam~nt . tardy. par ke.woon. ce r tao to suppose. ita. ti~er.. torto.. to swear. Iuanto . ·!I?~I!. "I'est . ll. pulsar. ten de ncy. titket. tron D.}. tennis. to 'Sw~ll {v.· (by itgelf). ~.r. docar. rnal- to swallow. t emp er humor). .. . ke : (= in ord er that). a testo «.. sur prizsurface. to thank. tabe 10. 0 stlppiy (til irig}. lea. (lit.}: supoz ar. to te~r. tea. siropo . this.. lacernr to tlf'l~graph.. csvanar ..) . ~W2'. iuflar. minaethree. dek t('nan~..":fls on. ten.). these •.t ~ (= by rru~~. to'S urv ey t ex per t iza r. awn. tenor.i. . Hi.. to: q ua. 1i~ar. taak. to sweep.sar.l. klrurg llsto. balayar. ca. sustcnar. to. dika. t:lctks.. theology. that wed by noun). pe ra. renunar.. tieo. . to tie. port(l r. tarro. g'fOSa. to aurpzlae. tare tSPt r-ob inc to. Thursdav~ iov-dle. . teo.:. -pot. 9.. ternplo. the r e ~ lhe : --. ~I:_"bo. tra. :a. though. ta:q. Ia. Ii10•. tempest. R:fOSa Ii: n~r<). t""r1'ol-. to take (a.}..· to tickle. kaudo. texto. milo. tan. quankam. thing-l. 110ns). 1ig-to. third.. to s. (we tght).. sudoro. ~wannt es amo...i. tapestry. tape to.bro:' list). to throb. dorn Ct. m<lr. .toIoshold think. (pointiug) I yen. takto: tag'" (Iace l . which) ~ quo. to surr-ender. ten tar. thei["~ lia. kontar .. testamen . dic ez a me. supers- tallow. rend-nco. tent. sur faco. kozo. mul-fros the. thankful to Be . I pl e (building). === solyo.. suo poro. then theatre. tailor . tenera. thousand. tale. ~:~nable. kAndidon. glu·tal·. ~vsteml' aistemo. cit icl : (fol1o~ thf'Y. fig. to th"n'nder.) whicb): i' (plur.. taU. a r. r= tar-ifo. hi- to tell (a story). aimpatln. (noun). ternnesto.. provo. clrku- tar.). tendo.. ica. tekr ucho. (Y. jetar.ns. ·frl. talyoro. to c= em nwent... it . tim e ) ~ lor: (= there fore). cig-hO. teroro. tago. through. dankar. to swing . T T~ble~ ta. tart gudro. tries rna. terri 6 ed.. . teor lo. sweet. tll~ . thorn. car. tiH1at'.

dre sar. errtra- tomb~ tombo. to traverse. towel~ tualet-tuke. tro. to Go:> so· upper . anile. ya. trousera. (=box)t kofro ..).ho. arbor o. lumo. un lono. underweart Jinjo. uzurpar .). ad. kruda. obje-ct) . ar. prezar. ton (marit. t = to tonnent. treso. ~izar. uni ty~ uneso. tf'Bit. tost o. tuchar.. to transmit. Iantoo go. to trust . tinde. to tremble. tin-plate~ 1a do.(of dress. unigar. troplC:Io tropiko. tunelo. t up (= upstairs). usurp. fidar. trunko. rekta. trublar. se n k e .e= in order to). plugar. ple to. to trilnsfonn. rnorge. . milo. tres tie. mal-ar- versa. universal. to tolerate. titolo. tongue (anat. sub. trial (at . twiJiKht. triumpb. transversal. urgent. ce Iiba.' US~ ni. . to-day. komercar. to uphold. transit. uniform~ unifo"ma" unif ormo. minucio. ut ila. to unarm. c= also). sar. t UTO. ca-die.. to tryt provar. usal(-C. se .) til. arahjzo. trap. uno. under (prep. . ve fa. until (prr. transto transpose. f) trifie bagatelo. university. trunk (of tree). topic. r~gre~ reel.. utensil. tray. to tinge~ tintar . ur lar "0 . (=-::-too much). temo.. acensar.). to ~ tnrnar. t ra po. time~ tempo. 10 unify. sua t enar . anivcrse~ universe.. etc. to (direction. (= hour). n e-u t lla. (coni. toast. to translate.). jenar. treacle. tono. voyajar. trtepo. 'W('tnT-aro. to-nlght~ ca-nnkte. . a ff ic (vehicular. (at~ tire).~ tatoo unless" ne. werul (0 i . uncle. turo. tt train (Tailway)~ treno. t<. unklo. tran 2. t r e so. to trouble. U tipo.p. . shancelae. rnelaso.. uselesa. in: tree times) . tune!. tobacco. t rad iciano. uncooked. rranaio. kolorjzar. transmi- skribar. e1c. triumf- unmaerled. tradition. uzo. urensllo.. total (=:5um). trak tar. tirano. urho. union. pantalono. tormentar. to erot. tin (the metal). 1o . usury. . tnnne]. 10 use:~ uzar. ondifar un'ortunately. to trace. to duo type~ tipo. true. tree. unique unika. 42 troop. . to train. t ra m-. tumult~ tu mu lto. (e. trotar. to trade. typewrite!. nzuro. tualeto .. lone. tram-voj-o. triangle on Spiritual plane ::::::: ealatrid = top (=: summit). bordar. tra-irar. eo-morrow. tolerar. -ala. umbrelta. trasar.) ~ t uno.ay~maraide. title. portar. mizar. toot~ dento. urriver sit torr eo t. tiJ ke. foyo. s tram-car . tubet tubo. uflual~ ordinara. (=sin)) pekar. parapluvo. to upsct~ till. judiko. pozar. 5&' anaulo. tradu- £ormar. por. utenstlo. truly ~ vcre. stano.ento. to understan d. tress. tinklar. trema:r. tabako. to Be. supr~a. to undulate.rtifi co. terceto.). triangle triangulo.. together" kune. tri(:k~ a. to tranBgreS8~ viol a- trans- y)~ dl-me eo. use. umversaIa. treason. 1 toucb.. unit. tyrant. car. extir par. toilet. tower. kornto undertake. aryo. vestaro.: TW!:sd. ond-Iaar. t rae e (= trsc:'k)f tr aco. uproot. trio (mu8.). transparent. tortoise. horo. kar. prenar. to treat (a subject). krepuakoln twelve o·clock ( da- two. upright. triangle on Material plane man darrianzulo.- tired" fatigita. trimming. transtrans- ulcer" u let to. tortuCt. e- tI1imWBY.. town. to totter. [0 tranaport. traito. g. to travel. to tinkle. pre.

to vibrate. vO(. VIper. multe. to vary (v.(lnd'rect pezo.. warehouse~ magazie- walnut.. (':905. vio'ono. avet'tar. dOl: (sea)..'l vegetable. vejetar. vervo. mar- (for pleas- questton}. promenar .tUagca vilajo. legumo.stt'o. find vow . w . pezar : (so (=. vacuum. vana. wet . desptto' veryt tre.tllbularyt vert-are. "Widow ~ vidvino. (= not run). violacar. to whlstle slflar. 3.· :much (hefor e verb). roto. volun tar volunte. to want wish) dez irar. trans.. "I ell.. to vegetate. to watch . we.. to welcome. 1-a . waiter.QUO .). par1. to wnl~ volar. to veer Tound~ jit'ar. t. . vok-eso. ve 10. whatt quo. verve.e 1 a VIO It' • vajr-isto. esos -inta. vnlkann. to waah wasp. to wade. ~ek. t wall. to ·wager. when~ kande. veterinaro. Wednesday. nl. ncr) ~rnaniero. vakanco. watch no. vita. to weave~ texa. mal-forta. to Be. ri skar. -wa. vcta.)... . varnish.. watel'.. thing) . W. virtue" vcr tuo. finstrumeRt) . West . t ure}. ete. to violate. flogar.. hoelojeto. tar. Vibrations do. tuta. parek. vax-o • """'t yo-yo. volar. peruke. wagct sal aryo. much). whete~ ube..n" to waltz. slIrgeo. westo. vakuo. ·whole .e b 1 . vibrar. bon-veno. v~rb. vbtoro. a whlsper~ rnurmuro. va]o.nltor. weigh ar.. to vomit. valicl-ig- to value.V Vacant. various. vento. vine. vertical vertikala. to verify. w h e t h ~ r.r.r. k. vad-irar.. tomo..oza.z. intran$. valoro. to whip. (of person). who (sing).brai guatar. a vagrant. ~o venture . whalebone.. veget~rian"t ·vejetar . volame (of book).. wife~ spo:!!:1 no. vanguaro~ava n. to walk char. tre (hy itself).).. vovar. weight (of a. enoy- mar. verse. vein. qua. whale. virgin (5.u. vornar. (v. bone.... merkurdio.. will have -ed. (plur.) t virgino . wheel. voluntu10. diveraa. to vete. . i victory. (vOIS·O). vacinizar. wilIinR1Yt . ~a:rsono.. vulto. venko. Be.. whUe (conj.. ven]o. dum ke. to wln~ ganar .tndow. verso. velence. to wagte. q tlO-esp ru va. yenka. = . wart m i1ito. . volunteer. vlolin. willing . to warn. velurn... vespn.. wnd~ 50vaia. h 11 m ida. (=man- "" fenestro. .ear.ktimo. f. wai5t~ talyo.. sernano.. (v. ondego. victim. violcnto. vrpe ro.). will (= te:stame nt)r tf"S tamen to. vexed. .r. w tel- .. anto.). . muro. latrino.). vengeance. verba. valsar.. kenstatar. viata. well (adv. lavar. win be. bafeno. '9'Ulgar volcano. to visit. ponderar. vizitar. konsu- weapon~ armo. whlte~ blanka. ' valley .-e. ver no. qui.r~ koketeso. veino. laria. to vaccinate. vigitema.. =« warmt varma. taxar.. wide. awave (hair. varia. wijt. vase. . vast~ vasta. nuxo. o= rude. '9'anity value. to validate. vain {= Irulflesa). 0. a well t puteo. kad~ which (thing). wind.. do. visk. to vanquish.". waklrproof (adj.}.. velvet. mal-sparar. ar.a. to v~nti1atc~ ventilar. vis tar. vakan tao vaca tion. weary ~to Be. ViSCOU5t to wear out. barto. ~terinat'y~ vetcrinaral a . Yoice" voco vocation. vowet vokalo. C. veh-ilo. vehicle. to vise (passport) . weight of).). vault. vazo. wealth .11- r= spy). veto.. quo.. will (with verb)-{)9. vapor~ vapnro.richeso..xa am vigilant.

lnborjato.). mondo. skrihar. of tLe. kul tar. word~ vorto. which you think . to wound" vundar. %eI'O~zero. o] . virina. . jus tao alnc. b osko. kun. wint~rt vintro. Iuktar. Did:iona. in- va 10- yellow a fla va.houJd be a dde d 10 the Dictionary. to write. A. ore. senwltness. M.. you.). vu.nlt. Tbe (aft.uch words. (::. 0. dezirar. pagell of tLia (:opy are hl. with. to worry (v.~ITei!tiom.d. I VOfJUO. wise. wrinkle. (Cl dj.bed fro~ time to time in· CROMAA T. -us.) enoyar. warm.--·wo. saja.. tes to. yesterday" hier e. Iijmo . kindly 'Write to tpe Supreme Grand Secretary.. NOTICE TO· STUDENTS· OF THE LANGUAGE. yuga. Iupo. yakto. y yacht. iD If:t using the DiCtiona~~ .l"~ kor to. (al] senses). ran ta. you are unable 10 6nd ~rne ahsolutely 'DeCeSI!!I8r)i' word.}. worthy.ry :may be . to work. without (urep.. eo that add.. wood t wolf. wrong (adi. digna. to worship . to wipet vishar.t Z 2eal~ zdo.-d. to yawn~ ocitar. and they will be tnmsIa.: mal- tr ans.::treeland) {the matter}.ted and pubU. yes~ yes.. to wish. (plural) youngt yuna. or c. wing ala.ilio~1 wo . woman. ya. z inko. 306 WeIR" 48th Street~ gi"ing • ·iiQ.:. witt apri to.. to wrestle.. C.added in pen and ink hom· time: to time. wOCll~ la no. R. laborar. an kyoke. would.. worth world. year ~ yaro. to wonder astonesar. sulketo. yet (in time).winet vino. workman.

Kad vu vidl. ROSAB CRUCIS don). No. underpar- your Das? Ube 01 .thn'ko. . We NI.. yen. ree-aare'des. Rad YU kl>mpre-.• Kad va 8av.. tsah-dee'eh ~mQrr'- oQ. . Me pregas.I"o. ha vas J vu.•. Me trovi& Look' Atentt¥1 Zotge~f Yen! r: (ule). el ehs'as . Se plcza". Hi ve you seen? Here is. KUI\ plesuro.._. Me demandas par· AdpQrt~ •• row. voo ehs'as ~ . Yes. . thinK) ? Where is it? I don"t know. Ka.. 11esas. .. koh m-p ren-eb 'Ieh. t I 000. meh .u. With pleasure. Look out! Take care l [ shall (wi 11) ask for (sornethlna l shall (will) ask whether. h~re? To buy...l Yes ~ naw .You arc. kahd. qlJairte:z: ah meh.. t e 2: J. you have (got). to-lll"- Queres a me- Douez a' me_ Ca-die. zorrg'ez. ... me_ ..t all.. oob'eh ol es'as. kad~ . has (got).. . da w~nez ah meh. Please. she is. meb Danko.kad voo kohm .meb dahn'kaha. Kompren e ble. 1 have (got) ~ he have (got). I am.·~ kch . mo~ peb.. .· kahd voo hah 'vas. Me el . eel hah'vaba.el8.C (_M ENS PRONOUNCIAT[ONi ENGLISH . Of course.. meh bah'vahs. Tute ne. to sell I have found. they Are.s l' Me ne 8avss. dem-ahn'dos . ha· ·cS3S . u havas..S P E... .'.. lee p' Have you (got)? .. Seh plebsahs . mch .•" KOtnprar~ vend. .. ehs' :l!l. m e h deh-mahn"'':' dah"5 parr-don'o. Me koon eh-zoo'r ob..' kohm-prarr". . here are. eaaB •. meh neb sah'vas. Thank you. No." Fetch me.troY'"is. pren as.d vu ha. dono. Kad . Vu esas.kahd voo sah-va . kahd VOQ ehs'as. Bring me. pr eg'ahs. nee hah'vahs.? Rigardezt D. me h ehs'as . vOCJ hah'vahs.. You you. .h tneh. know (. Me havas.. Me que..•. ah t-ent"sez.vas? Kad vu ~sas? Kad 'esas hike •. (Qt1eFi:' Yes . Not a._l Me demandol mch quest-ee-ohu"os kahd. ahd-por [ '. G[ve me . To-day. too'tch neh. va"S. vehndarr~. Do you stand? I beg don. kahd eha'as hee.. kahd· voo veed'Is . Are you? I!I there ..

Ca . to-• ight~ When? Howl Why? B ecau Be••• ENG-LID ROSAE CRUCIS PRONUNCIATION Hiere. ofr'eh . Give me a. it is not raiD- ]n .No.g.. Sempre. Kad vu esaa fad· Kad vu fum. ha'Va8 u biIetii" dawn'ez ah rneh koov-airto. is IIfJOW~ the afterDoon.\ hari" kindek. tsah-nok' zee' ras. I a II t night.tandas? bawo'(ah) jorr·~no.50).. Hav-e you got th·e Ikkcts·i ]8 it raining? . Donez a me kuv·· . praw quaw . time? foUi (3. . poss dee-meh'ze.t.. 1nOc)"~o.tired? He is not tired. you pe. e: money? 1 have not mnc:::h. en"ae beh~Jah yet.~ Ofte. m e h dch-zee'rae deb . Nul-tem- Often i seldom. V'C. air'o ploo"vis. I. ka hd voo hah-~ 13 bil-eh'tee. blc:r. ess'as keen hor''ee. ese. me stahn'das tod· tch ·bawn'eh. paw keh. Good even ing.. tah'so (de h) teh'o. sern'pre h. esas jI me h deh-zeeras p1oo-m~0 ed ink'o. ne pluvas. IL nc esa:ji It ha!l betn . alat. e anokte . going ·bardeb nee'vos. mal-ofr'eh. It i.vespere . Me dez:irus plumo ed inko. to E us kin bon Tri. meh deh zeel-ral pose-maer'ko. . Always. . Ier'ro. How are you? I am quite weft . malofte. dek. eel neh ess'as fall:. PlUvis. I want a pen and Ink.Yesterday.. A cup of lea. erto.... It i... kahn'deh . . Kad vu havas mehe l4e ha.s five. (luate vu .. Half past eight... Never. Ten minute. · n. What is the. ok hor'ri e dOGo~no. . rsah-vesp air:leh P hee-air'eh. qunhl'eh. quah'Ie h voo atahn' das. Me dezir3s marko. Sis ho ri e quar~ . (luoh·n VOG air' e h vesp-ai r!eh.· tute bane. Q u"_ hoeo skree-barr' ~.o·dock. neb p]~dvae . Good day (moram g). want? . Bo- . m KR'd . This evening'. Me standa.llgee'tah. ·ta? &1 . Taso (de) teo . Ok !tori e duana. on"'. is fine. .. ree g-ee'tah. kahd ploo'va •.n envel- J want to write a Me de. Kande? Quale t Pro quo "I Pro k~. mal- ka bd \'00 h ah:V3li mollIno. post- Do you smoke? Are you .. skrib~ ar letro. perc. Kad pluvas? No... Pos di .s. What do.kah d voo ess'as fBhtec. ~ ~ vctp. Quon vu aczir-as? . BaJde nivoe. bawrr'{ah) vesp-air'o.. Quarter past six. ···Haye you got any no? ta. kahd voo foom'a. noolrem'peh. I want a stamp. n(a) vespero.. kwa'h hor'ro ~~S~* as.-.J'i~s. Bon(a) jorno... . leiter. meh neh· hab'Ya:f! . tr-ee horjri keens e e 6 horJri eh kwarrawJno. hee.

I desire that in your Official Correspondence you use this language whenever possible. 90 that . C. Brassard. dignity and secrecy in such • procedure. C. With all good wish:es· for P~ce Profound. B. M. . 'H. from our Order in Europe. Dear Brother r-i- December 20.>~ictiQna:rJ· in the fi rst issue of the new CROMAA T .SPECIMEN $M'I LETTER (For the Translation of this letter. This must come through' slow adoption of the work. see next Page) A.~ Supreme Grand Secretary. plans and methods. greater efficiency. Fraternally. .. SPENCER LEWIS . n. 1917.. I am greatly pleased to find that: the.. . K. _. and there is no reason why we should be less considerate of welt devised . . You have seen ·letters' from abroad. in which this language was used. Department of Publication has presented the language an_d. (Signed) .. eventually. and master the international language as a Rosaecrucian Language for conversation and communication between our Officers and Members . A. O~ R. Imperator. but th e time is not far' distant when we wilt find not on 'y. It 15 my desire to have all our Brothers and Sisters stud. all our Offida I Decrees and papers wi 11 be in this Ianguage. Therefore. but pleasure... Furthermore. .

omna nia oficerala dekreti et dokumen ti esos skrihata en ca. Grandioza Kara Fratro . Kun omna bone deziri pOT . . digneso et sekretulo en tala procedure.. . M. Ca venez per. . Decembro 2Oa~1917. B. (Sig) B. . Do me esar plezar grande trovar ke fa Departmento de Edito pr'iaentis la linguo et vorta-libro en Ia unesma numero de la nuva CROMAAT. + :- 01 esas mea dez iro havar ornna nia Irati et fratini studvar . A.. Fratale. R. et ibe esas ne motivo por n i esus min konsideranta de boneinjenir proyekti et metodi. O. K. linguo..SPECIMEN . C. A. R. Ultre me deziras en vua Oficeral a Kom unikaji vu uzar ca linguo kande posib!a. Paco Profunda.. sed . Vu vidir letri de altra-lande. sed la tempo esas ne fore distanta kande ni troves ne sur plu-granda efekemeso. adopto mal-rapide de 1a laboro. C. C. ~ et konquestar la internaciona Iinguo por konverso et komunikajo irrter nia Oficeri et Membri.Ii/I6 LETTER letter in to (The· following is a trans la tion of the foregoing the! new R. de rria loji en Europo en quo ea lingua uz ir. Language) Sekretaryo Supra. l Imperatoro. ~PENCER LEWIS .plezuro. eventuali. Brassard. por ke.

And carefully tend each flower. Soon cast their vicious seed o vet all of this fair gnrden. 49 . Dishonesty ~ and greed.urbru nf tIlt ~nul WRITTEN FOR THE CROMAAT By Lucy Robinson Grubh A priceless garden I possess. The petty weed of vanity. Which da ily takes its toll Of an my time and energy? 'Tis the garden of my soul. Of jealousy. Ayc~ even for a day I There's the grievous weed of envy.g for the light t Shan J allow these ugly weeds My garden to destroy? N 01 I shall now assert my will And a 11 my time employ [n crushing out these blighting weeds. I f allowed to grow and flourish •. I f I ncgl cct to nourish it. To pluck away unsightly weeds.mIlt Q1. . How soon the weeds will gather there. To guard each day) each hour. And quickly crush and blight The tiniest flower of vi rtue That is seekil1. purified and enriched. "Tis subject to my will. The grosser weeds of selfishness. And then the soil I'll till That. of fear. And flowers fade away. To woman 's heart so dear. What is this garden beautiful.

honesty. Mixed with plenty of courtesy. loyalty. One side 0 f the gate I "ll place A tan tree of aspiration-- A tree of noble grace. Great dusters of sincerity. And at the other side shalt grow Another sta tely tree-The staunch tree 0 f perseverance. No f ai rer flowers e' er grew" t I'Il have justice and tolerance Where prejudice was found. Lest weed s of bluntness grow. Some of sympathy too. I'll plant beds of unselfishness. Mine Ii11bathe in the sunlight of faifh And wondrous showers of Jove. I 'Il plant beds of humility With cheerfulness circled round. . To help and strengthen me. New beauty I sha II find each day In the garden of my Soul. A n gardens need the sun's bright rny~ And showers f rom above. fJ1 bravely strive as days go by And thus as ages roll.And then I JIl plant in this garden Flowers and fruit so rare) That I shall feel repaid each day For all my toil and care. Courage. A nd truth row after row. j PH border it with charity.

11 ~ .EE 51 :a:-sg. . Q It explains aU the T enns and Symbols of the Order. ~~e _. Q The Next Issue will be ready about February 10th. . .(If Speak to your Lodge Librarian a Other will be new and interesting Diagrams and Illustrations.IN THE NEXT ISSUE OF CROMAAT CI _'rh~ Next Issue of CROMAAT will contain a Complete MANUAL of the Order. _s==:se::"'a~ _.Officers. about joining the AMORe College Library. . c: There Articles will also prove helpful to our Members. Rules and Guides for Conduding the Wark. and many helpful Suggestions for Ma§tering the Intricacies of· Rosaecrucian Principles . for all Members and ...

000. It is impossible to localize.QUESTIONS AND AI\JSWERS (nlis department will receive and answer in each issue such qurstiQM as pertain to the teachings gillen in our Temples. Mind in man is in all of man. why cannot we find the location of mind in man? A. But the rate of vibrations as dealt with in the Ieotures refers to the number of vibrations per second radiating from matter.i. primrose Can you yellow r give me the number 0f vibrations per secon d which of the color prod uce upon tile retina of the eye the sense or impressioll A. there would be no doubt as 10 the Iocat ion or ~rescncc of the mind in man. One might say that. since consciousness is a Junction o r mifhJ an j" Q. which are not known today.t estahlish the presence of soul in every cell of the body.-r.ibrations is twelve and three-fourth miles per minute or over a. and then. no longer a. ho w ev .(X)(}. Q. T~ be more definite than this. my st try.tth~ explained. and theretore -mak e us fed ~~ th'OIl~. or in other words. This is caused by sufficient number of electron s and a toms and molecules being unit eo in one inch o f surface.t. Since we know the location of the brain in man's h-otiy. The velocity of vibrations is the same ill all sounds" velocity is meant the tate or speed with which they travel . will he impossible ulllt:. No.bou t ~t.1 a mile per second. limii~the mind in man f or mind is. ] f we hold that the soul is in the body it must be present in every cell. if this was the Lost Word~ the-It it is no longer 4'10$1/' Of in othe r word s. mind is IlJ the nervous system and therefore present in every part of the body.through if by space or matter. of such vibratory nature (number ) as to have within that inch a number of primary (spirit) vibrations equalling 44. The velocity of all sound ". Iocalized or separated as can the brain. since the nervous system is associated with some of the functions of mind. In the Fourth Degree Initiation 1 understood the Master to pronounce the Rosaecrucian Lost IWordt which most certainly gave forth But. Are t her e a 11y faa s a.. with such a principle established. limitless and cannot he mind is therefore present in every cell 0 f the per second.$factoQ answers are tiD' given in the Temple lectures before requesting us w er So here. 5JS~OOO~ooo.s~ we hn.elocity of vibrations. This number then radiates into space vibrations whkh impress the retina at a rate equal to the very large number as above.. please te1l me whether the rate of . Regarding the rates of vibrations given vi bration :firsl degree.~:bthe t'eaI use o f the word was truly "lost"? wonderful vihrations and no doubt will produce the rt. fourteen thousand or fourteen million per second ~ the difference will be Q. however. quarter . 52 ... MtWlbcrs will please make questions brief and be sure that complete or "sati. Fourteen vibrations per second will travel as rapidly through space as in the manifestation of the vibrations only. refers of the to the A.) Q. so far as SOUIHt vibrations in the lectures are concerned. attribute. One may also say that.

Thus we distinguish between our God and a God so nhstract. t hercf or e.\V!Q'rd' it. In what dc-g. the ~'O·l1" beautiful too.-: journey to a foreign city.:a. FOO ND word . But while' in i this '. on some j our ney in this·I~(~w to· -n sc it: 1t s 'meaning i's \oven J~o.anrl ad derl to ~he . seemed.. were work ve ry (""apidly~ begin he~inning Some of tl u:~ eighth Y011 to scpa rate of pass dr-n.. the.. . \V c ." in his prayers A. Tn H~ Eighth rlcu ree exper imcnt ·lo I was-able tt.atic ri ·.\.sl1_cb . i t was too great a risk' to take arrd ~'oP. In other wo rds. c 1nprr r-nt. the God which Rosa ecrucians know IJe. it·I S lost.. Have pat ieuce and make many such journeys while at horne and thereby add tu your development.t he fast to you. sha ll dC'g'r~c af ter: 1 he' F~~jl tt h .' the Fourth ·lJl'grcc J n it.. do we t each how tp cure anything unlcas it be th e sup erst iti ons of mart. so unknown and undefinable th at lIe carmot he a God 0 four conscious nes s or u nrle r . \Vhy does our Chaplain "Gnrl of our Hcart s..:the· urr.niany occasions and ~el.Jild th·OiJgh )yd·. OUT Order does not teach 110W tn cure disease.1nitiation 'one lei t 0T {} f that wo·r<f i s··explained' .w to.n1C" 'yOU \yj]] g~.~what the' others . However.011sci ousness vi s it foreign or distant I~bc-es.. To . r cured by treatments re of any kind. Disease is ne ..c with the ..y ..'. Disease j s a rcsu It of .. to a m )unal condition and the disease will disappear-s-not ' of IH~- 53 .re. 1t is 0 nc of the mos t wei rd and ins t ruct iv e practices of our'-work.t'f!j-'. an di ng a nd. for once ·appli{~d .CI ilc(l you r ie ~. Tbt?~.n that Ch:"imh~r.a5 thougb f oruottcu.e d Ol. Yot'f rlid Sf)'· w'Tjtc· it . lW '.. . It ceases to '·have a uy 1. WTO n.:e can the var nest student first practi cal principles o f curi ng disease? of the Order learn the A. . Pcrhnps at anorher l. 'I'hi» 15 in!{ in the work :. . ng Iitt le at l en l inn as though we were pri v Ueged members 0 f that others (111.some 'fundamental abnormal conditio».l te it he f (1 Lot you] ectcd state lent er cd with the others. t cannot llc a Gnd pf our love and our Hearts . l' S used 1"1)' ound v Hi r!. I· whi! e ot hers remain i~~ e eighth t11 to the foreign Temple th Tough eighth that it was the arid go [o r w a rr] acco r ding the (':g hth degree f CIt" thos e who r 1\1aster are to their degree where the degree of dcve'lnpmen t tests rnurrth s..Q. were admitted and A.. the God of our Consciousness. Change the abnormal condition the ·fllt any lnlrpnsc. nOT in fact. there was one chamber wh er e a few or o nr party J ~ with two others.saw along with the Mastcr : w h n ·.-Vi.understanding. You 'Iel:all~e some just developun doubted lr tol d many Q. was denied admittance and had to retu rn to my io w n T emple at OllCC. wr ite ' ifhe' word... yon win be grallted adH'i~~:nn to C'I!(n higher charnber s.nit ia ted t 11 is jrr eat mysti 'word seems to have he en lost by t he an . But you have ·betn· advised not to.. .e~iuns. always refer : ? to God we as "Our God·t or Because our God l to uc::-. tCJ pass throug·h t lre va rious chambers. t'~). on paper at any:' t. and view these cerernornes hastily. t r ujy lost .ed admittance Chamber was in progress there for which you were not rearly..C'fed cer emunies Q. 'N -e vC'tth elcss.-J('gree. 1::1: he God of our t the God of our. Be happy ill the fact that you ha-ve learned how to have your body' in one place while your mind and r. . "ci en 1 'rnys'l TC·S:~ th e in iti:.and h{~ know:.cnlldttcted . shou1d never 1a.. aTe rnplc where hcr were se vcr al bei~~: condu cted.wr onuly. known ness. :~I: w'iu: do<. to tl~. cut God is a God . again lest .i~d lo ohl i h~r. you members in the dc·.i1 ed who at tcmuts ' to use j~..l()l\·:et tit and ·lJecofn~s as.~Iy. Why was I thus den.LITts. ever.and therefore jll our consciousness and of OUT consciousHIC is of and in our Hearts.~ltlce. Thus ·it· ·is· ~. i. e. .~·ot use it righ·Uy. . 'k. use krlb\~n ~·jLh~t'.ke. a Urad. crossed it out and tT. You cannot tell when. the cc}sm~. likewise and "wor ship.Muster u-o-e!i pl6i~(.chance.i.jind in .· and in each all c ••• I •• ~~• •• ~ •• I I. project I myself with Temple.:'1:.a s tu . e s'l.'mi Han cc ? cnrnrnon €xr-cricl1c.el:' the' Lost Wo-rU and.. the word is lq.[he 1 .

you have in man Harmonium. By· establishing' Harmony.monJ in man as in the un iverse above an d abou t him. 111 a normal condition of the body the organs and pacts of any· treatment.and the minute blood cells or other cells.. : The body as a whole can have on1y . .:. a perfect normal condition. W e study ha.its presence dis rase and its mani festations as a principal study. This condition we call "Harrnonium. w~ would ha ve to hy anaiyzmg the . body.all lectures.: a Her tna1 nothing else counts. though you knew it not.(.h was cured . begin as do all other upon the treating If our system of helping of or attempting schools na lure to maintain of such a system to CU'Y'f! healthy . 111 the sixth degree you wil1 find some ~aW5 and pr iuciples wh ich win open the chamber you seek to enter. ~wo conditions-c-norrnal or abnormal Abnormality of the bodily condition can be due to but ·two fundamental causes. But disease itself i~ given little consideration 1.. each of which i~ easily modified and generally altered to bring about. as we say.4. and disease cannot exist.I. but : because nature removed the in the body. functions and energ'ies of the. have a balanced." and it comes.y us.bodit:~ depended diseases. cause sole cause for. harmonious relation. ot her prjnciples have been added at . constituting perf ect ha.. the body as a who1e). The first principles of this work were given to you ill the first degree. from a harmonious relation -0 i aH parts.I'ure oj 5.


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