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Mediterranean Houses 1

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Published by: Kanak Singh on Sep 06, 2011
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Mediterranean Houses

Portugal and Greece  Based on the climate in these areas Mediterranean style homes were built in a way that would provide relief from hot temperatures. Morocco. . including Spain. Italy. Influences for this style stem from a variety of countries in the Mediterranean.

tiled roofs Arches and columns Heavy wooden doors Stucco finishes on the exterior Interior courtyards Balconies Several large windows White or bright painted walls .SALIENT FEATURES Bright roofs – similar to Spanish missions Sloped.


 Mediterranean style interior design evokes the romance and cornucopia of smells.  The region's casual and friendly lifestyle is reflected in the relaxed design. . tastes and colors on the southern coast of Europe. rustic furniture and wall textures.  It's a colorful and pleasing design style that brings a touch of the Mediterranean to even the most northern home.

.  This region is known for its turquoise waters (hence. rough-cut stone and pine wood are all used liberally.Mediterranean Design Elements  Mediterranean style refers.  Nature is apparent in the architectural elements and furnishings in Mediterranean style. carefree and casual. emphasizing the colours and textures found in the surrounding landscape.  Terra cotta tiles. Mediterranean design is more similar to Tuscan design. sparkling sunlit days and vibrant produce and flowers. Greece and Italy.  Unlike formal Parisian drawing room style or dark Florentine or Madrileno design. the cote d'azur). These elements are mirrored in Mediterranean design. roughly. to the design style of the south of Spain.

earthenware vases and decorative containers atop a rustic foyer table are used. use iron mirrors. Mediterranean theme artwork. rustic statuary. . candle holders.The Mediterranean Foyer In Mediterranean style foyer.

iron hanging baskets and iron window baskets are commonly filled with Mediterranean herbs. A patio garden is an ideal location for growing cooking herbs as well as flowering plants for seasonal colour.MEDITERRANEAN PATIO AND TERRACE GARDENS Mediterranean gardens are sheltered. intimate spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Containers filled with lavender and rosemary offer an abundance of fragrances. Garden fountains cool the terrace in warmer months and outdoor fireplaces keep outdoor living spaces cosy on cool evenings. grasses and flowering annuals. . Large earthenware garden pots.

 The oversized Barcelona wall grille on the far wall compliments the iron railing between the arches. This arched terrace is the ideal spot for a morning or afternoon coffee. painted a bright salmon pink and decorated with ornamental iron there is no mistaking the Mediterranean design elements. .  Constructed with wide expansive arches.

. Mediterranean gardens. balustrades and ornate iron work. brightly collared urns and colourful tiles around a fireplace surround or water feature are decorating accents often found in Mediterranean gardens.  High walled courtyards are common and the entrance is often a grand portico enhanced with stone columns. muted terra cotta orange and even Mediterranean sea blue. orange or gold ceramic pots.Classic Mediterranean Hardscapes  A Mediterranean hardscape contains earth tone shades of terra cotta and gold. furnished and decorated for casual living and entertaining. Bright blue. Walls are stone or stucco and floors are natural stone pavers or sandstone.  Walls can be found painted matte white.  Occasional splashes of bright colour are used in the hardscape. terraces and patios are areas designed.


deep purple (aubergine) and cornflower yellow evoke the fields of flowers that cover the foothills. from lush forest green to light mint green.  Yellows. .The Colours of Mediterranean Style  Mediterranean colors are vibrant and earthy. just up from the coast. reflect the lush countryside.  Lavender.  Greens. oranges and deep reds mirror the spectacular seaside sunsets.

Mediterranean Kitchen Colours  Art and colour come to life in a blue Mediterranean kitchen with sculptured stucco ventilation hoods. tile counter tops and dramatic blue decorating combinations.  Kitchen islands and above kitchen cabinets are nesting places for Mediterranean style wall art. Unique accessories bring instant old world Mediterranean design to food preparation and serving areas. blue ceramic accents and copper decorating accessories. .


other water . Walls are customarily made of textured white plaster or stucco. in stark contrast to the white-washed stucco walls. and many European fountain homes or include a courtyard feature.  Water is another common Mediterranean design element.Textures and Fabrics  The textures of the Mediterranean are rough and earthy.  Floors are covered with roughly finished tile or plain pine planking. dark wooden ceiling beams are commonly used. Large. just like the colors.

Mediterranean kitchens are always open to neighbours and friends. such as a plank kitchen table. suitable for eight to twelve diners. these massive pieces can double as entertainment centres or linen closets.  Large. as are large pieces.  Casual Furniture in Warm Woods and Rich Dark Colors . armoires are common they were a necessity in 18th and 19th century homes that had no closets. usually pine.Furniture  Mediterranean-style furniture reflects the casual lifestyle and community of the Mediterranean.  In modern homes.  Light pine furniture is a signature of this design style.



either fresh. peppers and onions.  Door and furniture hardware are often made of rough-hewn iron. dried or simulated.  Flowers. are frequently found on table tops. .Accessories  Accessories in Mediterranean style interior design are also rustic and colourful. such as copper and iron cookware. mosaic tiles. colourful crockery and braids of garlic. taken from Spain's Islamic influences.  Smaller accessories are mostly useful items.  Additionally. add another source of colour to a Mediterranean room. countertops and even stuck in plaster as wall adornments.

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