Present Chemicals for Consumers : Traditional Medicine

Unani. Ayurveda. ancient Iranian medicine. Muti.Traditional medicine (also known as indigenous or folk medicine) comprises unscientific knowledge systems that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine. and other pseudomedical knowledge and practices all over the globe. Islamic medicine. traditional Chinese medicine. traditional Korean medicine. acupuncture. Ifá. Siddha medicine. Practices known as traditional medicines include herbal. . tradi tional African medicine.

In some Asian and African countri es. but adulteration or counterfeit herbs can also be a health hazard. . generating billions of dollars in sales. traditional medicine is often called complementary and alternative medicine. up to 80% of the population relies on traditional medicine for their primary health care needs. Herbal medicines can be very lucrative. When adopted outside of its traditional culture.

For preventing flu or asthma attacks .For reducing high blood pressure .Plant part as medicines Plant : Garlic Part of The plant : Corn .

Plant : Ginger Part of the plant used : Rhizome (horizontal underground stem) -For treating stomach pain due to wind -Supplying heat energy to keep the body warm -For preventing flu attack .

Plant : Aloe Vera Part of the plant used : Leaves -For treating itchy skin -For treating burns (scalding) on the skin .

Plant : Lemon (lime) Part of the plant used : Fruits -For treating boils or abscesses on the skin -For preventing flu attack -For treating skin disease .

Plant : Quinine Part of the plant used : Bark of Cinchona tree -For treating malaria -For preventing muscle cramps .

endurance and reducing fatigue .As a tonic to improve the overall health of human beings -For increasing energy .Plant : Ginseng Part of the plant used : Roots .

Plant : Tongkat Ali Part of the plant used : Roots .As a tonic for after birth and general health .

back pain and rheumatism Bear bile ( from bear gall bladder ) to treat illness ranging from liver can cer to haemorrhoids ( common name: piles) to conjunctivitis. Furthermore. many of these animals are endangered. This is because killing animals is cruel act .Animal part as medicine Sea horses >for treating respiratory disorders such as asthma and skin ailments Soft-shelled turtles – improve blood circulation Tiger bones >for curing joint pain and stiffness. The use of animals as medicine should be banned. .