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Sault Ste. Marie Metis Census (1836)

Sault Ste. Marie Metis Census (1836)

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The March 28, 1836 Metis Census in Sault Ste. Marie and area.
The March 28, 1836 Metis Census in Sault Ste. Marie and area.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Sep 06, 2011
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Sault Ste.

Marie Metis Census of 1836 1836 March 28: The following is a census of a Metis person who resided at Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac, St. Ignace, and the Grand River Valley of southern Michigan. In addition to being related by blood to the Ottawa and Ojibwa who ceded land in the treaty, the mixed-blood person had to reside within the area ceded. Those persons not living in the area, or living in the area but not related by blood to the Ottawa and Chippewa ceding the land, are not listed:
Allore, Arnois, Ashman, Badeau, Bailley, Baird, Barry, Batchford, Bayard, Bazallette, Beaubien, Beauchamp, Beaudeau, Beauresau, Belonger, Bennet, Benois, Benwain, Edward Biddle, Sophia Biddle, Bingham, Blanchard, Boadwine, Boide, Bodre, Bongo, Bostwick, Bouchard, Bouresau, Bousha, Boushay, Boutwell, Boyd, Bradley, Brisbois, Burkhart, Charles Butterfield, Cadotte, Cameron, Campbell, Carbenau, Carow, Champaigne, Chapman, Charbeneau, Chebau, Cheveaux, Chindley, Chorrette, Clermont, Cloutier, Collins, Constin, Contwa, Elizabeth Cook, Corbin, Cotwin, Cowles, Cross, Crow, Curtiss, Daigno, Joseph Daily, Dauphiny, Davenport, Davis, Decotau, Desnoyer, Dingley, Dolly, Dousman, John A. Drew, Dubey, Ducamp, Dufault, Durette, Duverney, Edwards, Ely, Enos, Ermatinger, Farley, Farling, Felix, Fisher, Folsome, Fontaine, Frariot, Genereux, Gesson, Gibson, Gornor, Gothier, Goust, Graham, Grant, Graveaet, Gronda, Gullee, Augustin Hamblin (Hamelin) Jr, John Holiday, Mary Holiday, Hubert, Jackson, Jeaudron, Jellee, Jeroiux, Johnston, Jones, King, La Branche, La Butte, La Croix, La Fond, Joseph Lafrombois, La Guthrie, La Pierre, La Roc, La Sieur, Henry A. Levake, La Viritie, L'Amerandau, Lacoy, Lapelle, Lapine-Allore, Lasaw, William Lasley, Laudre, Lawrence, Le Cuyer, Le May, Lese, Lore, Louisignon, Lozon, Mallatt, Marcia, Daniel Marsac, Martin, Mataw, Maville, May, Mcclure, McDonald, McGulphin, McMurray, McNinch, Mero, Miniclear, Mitchell, Montrielle, George Moran, Louis Moran, Morris, Nichols, Nontroit, Nowlin, Oakes, Ojibway, Paladeau, Paspater, Paquin, Payan, Peck, Pelkey, Pelotte, Peltier, Perunet, Piquette, Plante, Poisson, Ponds, Razette, Read, Luther Rice, Rix Robinson, Rodd, Rolau, Romaine, Rosay, Rosseau, Rowland, Schermerhorn, Schoolcraft, Shaw, Leonard Slater, Smith, Snaickell, Sovay, Stevens, St. Onge, St. Pierre, Sulyar, Sylvester, Tanner, Taylor, Terdiff, Terrier, Thurston, Tromble, Troteschaud, Joseph Trotier, Trudell, Viencourt, Vincecount, Warren, Wells, Willard, G.D. Williams, Yarns.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

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