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Departmental rep: CO X
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Let’s Face It. Kent Cox Can Help. But who But What Can
Uni’s good but it isn’t is this Cox chap anyway? Cox Do? Let me
perfect. explain…
Name: Neil Cox
Missing your family? DOB: 06/09/88 I will support the
Struggling financially? Or Course: Actuarial Science current anonymous
maybe you just think the Stage: 1st Year marking motion to help
world isn’t fair? Experience: Deputy Head Boy ensure that students aren’t
at a school researched by unfairly penalised
Well, apologies, but there is Cambridge University for the I believe we deserve the
very little I can do on those work it has performed on best possible education
fronts! The role of the developing the Student Voice and as such will take any
Departmental Rep is to Work Experience: Gap year concerns on lecturing
coordinate the activities of placement working for standards or preparation
the Course Reps and help multinational financial very seriously
ensure that issues raised by consultancy firm Deloitte & I would like to more
the Course Reps are being Touche student feedback on
noted, discussed and, where Hobbies: Team sports, lecturers so that
appropriate, acted upon by adventurous sports, drama, strengths and weaknesses
the relevant bodies. debate, hiking and camping can be identified and,

Favourite Lyrics: "I’m not thus, the learning
singing for the future, I'm not experience enhanced
dreaming of the past, I'm not I will hold regular
talking of the first time, I never consultations with
think about the last" - The Course Reps in order to
Pogues identify common areas of
I will provide feedback
to interested students
within IMSAS so that
they can see what
progress has been made
This election will use an online system. All fully registered students will receiveI an
willemail ballot
not act at their
on the email address. You can vote from 8am Monday 13th October until 4pmwhim Thursday 16 th
of an individual; I
You will receive an email from explaining how to cast your vote.
would like to see popular
support amongst IMSAS
students for the issue
under discussion