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110106 Mobile Capabilities

110106 Mobile Capabilities

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Published by Natalie Black

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Published by: Natalie Black on Sep 06, 2011
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The Experience AgencyTM

Social media facilitates connections, but it can also make life more complicated and fragmented.
January 31, 2011

• Brief Industry Overview

• How Ascentium is Uniquely Qualified
• The Work

Industry Overview

Mobile Impact Massive Unprecedented, stunning adoption rate for Mobile—more technological advancements in the next 10 years than in the previous 100…

Mobile Ubiquity a Certainty Mobile will overtake Desktop in less than 2 years… Tablet Superphone Smartphone Feature Cell .

any time.Revolution On the Horizon Network advancements creating market demand and pulling customers along the technology advancement curve. information can be accessed anywhere. Users “untethered” from Desktop toward the end of 3G advancements—now. Adoption Rate Time .

Our Unique Offering .

We are Uniquely Qualified We work with market-defining clients .

Our Mobile Advantage Because of those relationships. we understand the mobile ecosystem in a very unique way Operating System Service Providers Brands Device Manufacturers Network Infrastructures .

. We’re always on the pulse of what’s happening in mobile.Mobile Growth :: Internal/External Agency educated about mobile industry news—every day.

Mobile Solutions Mobile Capabilities • Mobile Strategic Services • Location Based Services • MMS Marketing • Mobile Search Services • SMS Marketing • Mobile Web Development • Mobile App Development • Near Field Communication (NFC) • Mobile Payment • Mobile Couponing • Mobile Analytics • Mobile Social • 2D Barcode (QR) Marketing Marketing Digital .

MMS/SMS Campaigns .

MMS Campaigns AT&T .

MMS Campaigns AT&T .

text “rock” to 12345.MMS Campaigns AT&T To start rocking. To see Guitar Hero in action. Text ROCK to 12345 .

To see Guitar Hero in action. Text ROCK to 12345 . Click to Download To start rocking. text “rock” to 12345.MMS Campaigns AT&T MMS Text.

ticket pre-sales. downloadable content and more • SMS messages directed to a mobile site for content and registration .SMS Campaigns Motorola House of Blues Mobile SMS • Motorola owners offered exclusive features .

SMS Campaigns AT&T and American Idol SMS • Teach less tech-savvy fans how to user the voting service • 80% increase in text messaging voting over prior season • More than 40% of voters had never sent a text message before .

2D Barcodes .

QR Code Direct Mailer AT&T / Papa John’s • Mailer prompted QR code software install • Coupon for Pizza when QR was shot • Print piece connected to mobile experience .

2D Barcode Strategy & Playbook Amway • Strategy for deployment on tag set to consider—internationally • Creation of a playbook to distribute to Amway sales force • Presentation showcased at Amway’s global executive summit .

Mobile Applications .

Mobile Operating Systems .

Mobile Application Electronic Arts • Allows users to post photos to Facebook • Facebook API integration and user authentication • Tagging of photos promotes viral loop • Application from Dante’s Inferno • Reached 500k monthly active users for campaign .

2 million tests .Mobile Application Cisco • Compare global speed test results on WiFi and cellular networks • Interactive mapping of results to pinpoint best location—users can benchmark and tweet results • Over 240k downloads and 1.

residential electric vehicle energy usage • Showcases and pushes offpeak energy usages • Integrates social/sharing component .Mobile Application Proof of Concept Itron • Effort to monitor personal.

Mobile Web/OS .

Mobile Web AT&T .

OS Design Microsoft Windows Mobile .

Mobile Web DaVita • Mobile web development • Quick access to News and Event information • Users can subscribe to updates via SMS • Access to “Life in the Village” social community .

Mobile Analytics .

Mobile Analytics WebTrends and Omniture Partnerships • Tracks and measures actual usage of the apps • Applicable to mobile web • Support for all major platforms • Integration into native apps via SDKs issued prior to build • Extends the life and evolution of a campaign due to providing insight via optimization .

etc. . and loyalty over time • User behavior reports • Location reports • Technical reports • Error reporting • User-defined reporting • System alerts.Mobile Analytics WebTrends and Omniture Partnerships – Insights Available • Usage. depth of engagement.

Mobile Search .

SEM in Mobile • Keyword research • Site SWOT analysis • Proven web methodologies applied to mobile • Multi-language support • SASO—Search and App Store Optimizatons .Mobile Search SEO.

and WP7 • Carrier • Time of day • Geography. geo-fencing • Countries • States • Metros • Radius. RIM.Mobile Search SEM Targeting • Operating system • Android. zip codes • Customized areas . webOS. iOS/iDevice.

Mobile QA .

.000 device configurations—we solve for that.Mobile Quality Assurance a Challenge More than 50.

Mobile Quality Assurance DeviceAnywhere Partnership • Testing platform services: • Handset • Mobile apps • WAP testing • Mobile software • Mobile websites • Mobile games • Shared network of over 2000 handsets and devices • Testing requirements need to be determined at project inception—may require purchase of physical handsets .

Thank You .

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