The Power Supply For the BTS sites

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com _________________________________________________________________________________ The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. See the adjecent figure for understanding the role of BTS. More than 1.It provides higher digital voice quality and low cost alternatives to making calls such as text messaging. 2.l Tel: 9617220000 .6 billion people use GSM phones as of 2005. Website : www.GSM is an open standard .9611847775 E-mail: info@ghaddarmachinery.The Power Supply For the BTS sites Introduction to GSM GHADDAR Machinery Co.The availability of prepaid calling from mobile phone operators. and equipment for encrypting and decrypting communication with the Base Station Controller (BSC). antennas. the ability to deploy equipment from different vendor now is posible. The BTS or Base Transceiver Station The BTS contains the equipment for transmitting and receiving of radio signals (transceivers). 4. 3.ghaddarmachinery. which function is to handle the traffic and signalling between a mobile phone and the Network Switching Subsystem. The BTS with the BSC forms what we call Base Station Subsystem or BSS. 5. making GSM the dominant mobile phone system worldwide with about 70% of the world's market.It facilitates international roaming for the mobile phone operators.9611847770 Fax: 9617223322 . Page 1 of 4 . some of them are: 1.GSM was also the first to have SMS text messaging. The advantage of GSM over the predessors technologies are quite common.a.

Page 2 of 4 .ghaddarmachinery. However. these sites should be spread in every locations the vendor wants to have subscibers for his network. the topography of this area. The power supply of BTS site should be highly reliable and secure to keep the mobile phone of the subscribers working all the time.. around the city or in remote areas.9611847775 E-mail: info@ghaddarmachinery. Website : www.a. for the BTS site to work. it needs a supply of electric power in a range of 10 to 30kW. and number of subscribers. s.The Power Supply For the BTS sites The BTS site layout GHADDAR Machinery Co. the BTS sites may be located inside the city centre.l Tel: 9617220000 .9611847770 Fax: 9617223322 . this power is dependent on the area to be _________________________________________________________________________________ As long as the BTS is the final fixed body that the GSM signal pass before it gets to the mobile phone.

2. high coolant temperature. distribtion tranformer failure. _________________________________________________________________________________ As mentioned before.Quality of signal. switching problem. It is intresting to realize that the subscibers always select the telecom company that they decide to get their service from according several factors: 1. abcesnce of fuel. and many others). Hence. and sometimes abcesnt. or the small generator failed (this can be due to protection agaiast low oil pressure. availability of relaible and secure power supply is a determining factor. voltage instability or any other engine or alternator problem). low coolant level. These schemes are considered as the lowest reliable and secure supply. the BTS site needs a supply of electric power in a range of 10 to 30kW to work proberly.Covered area.l Tel: 9617220000 . signal for the mobile phone.9611847775 E-mail: info@ghaddarmachinery. Any failure in the supply of any BTS site will lead to loss of GSM signal in the surrounding area and accordingly complaints from the mobile phone subscibers located in that area. the adjecent schemes might be applied.Price. Page 3 of 4 .a.9611847770 Fax: 9617223322 . 4. over/under speed or voltage.The Power Supply For the BTS sites Electrical scheme of BTS site GHADDAR Machinery Co. If the Mains supply failed (this can be due to lightning strike.ghaddarmachinery. cable open or shorcircuit. Hence. neither of the these two scheme could be applied in reputable telecom company sites.Service. 3. since they apply only one power supply to energize the BTS. In some poor Website : www. because its application will lead to a weak.

Page 4 of 4 . the impotence of the site. 2. its location and the status of the mains supply should be studied carefully before selecting the best scheme for the BTS site. This scheme is applied where no mains supply is available as in some remote areas.ghaddarmachinery.Scheme 2 : The supply is from either of two generating sets where each of them will work periodically for 6 to 12 hours. 3.The Power Supply For the BTS sites Selection of the suitable electrical scheme GHADDAR Machinery Co.a.Scheme1: The supply is either from the Mains or the emergency generating set. This is the standard scheme that is applied in more than 90% of the applications. Website : www.9611847770 Fax: 9617223322 . Hence. s.Scheme 3 : The supply is from the Mains and two emergency generating sets.l Tel: 9617220000 .9611847775 E-mail: _________________________________________________________________________________ The following three electrical schemes should be applied according to the importance of the site. This scheme is applied in some extreme important sites or when the failure of the Mains is very common.

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