Big Bazaar 3 & 4

Nikhil Naveen Alisha Charu Manveet

Question 3 • Do you think having a farm near Big Bazaar is a good idea? • Do you think this concept would be operationally viable? .

This can be attributed to the following factors: • Reduction in prices. • Low Inventory Carrying Cost. . • Reduced dependency on middlemen.Answer 3 • Having a farm near the place of sale is a VERY good idea. • Reduction in transportation cost. • Provision of fresh goods. • Low Inventory due to frequent deliveries.

and prices would vary. – In case of cities. – In case of semi urban areas which have agricultural land nearby.against the concept • The concept is not operationally viable in cities. – In cases like arid and semi arid places. – Increased costs due to requirement of farming land. product would not be as fresh. would not permit expansion of the exist. . favours decentralization and dispersal of industries to achieve overall development of the country. – Changes in Industrial Policy of the Government. it is viable. since agricultural land is far away. where agricultural practices are not viable.

Examples • (+ve) – Mandi GobindGarh (Wheat) – Sirhind (Flour) – Patiala (PoS) • (-ve) – Jodhpur. Rajasthan .

Question 4 • Biyani is targeting to occupy 60 percent of shelf space in his stores with in-house brands. Do you think it is a good idea? .

– Prices can be kept in control. • Market Capture. • Brand Recognition – increased visibility of Brand – lowered marketing. • Product Line Extension . advertising & promotion costs. – Quality is maintained. • Reduced dependency on external factors.Answer 4 (for) • Keeping in-house brands is a good idea as long as demands can be easily met.

maintenance etc. inventory. – Increased labor costs.Answer 4 (against) • Keeping in-house brands is not a good idea since it is an overhead for the Company – Increased overhead expenses for production. – Extra space needed to accommodate over and above existing brands. .

its brand image would be maintained since its an old player. • Loyalty of customers would also play a large part in its popularity. • It is a recognized & established brand in the Indian Market. • Even after entry of competitors. Food Bazaar etc is commendable for the Indian Economy. .Conclusion • The work Biyani is doing via Big Bazaar.

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