Question 1



Frequency Group Causes of Delay 1 Delay payment problems Financial problems Delay in transfer the site to the contractor Delay of review and approving the design document by Owner Owner related Change others Owner lack of communication and coordination with other parties Slowness in decision making Conflicts between joint-ownership of the project Lack award and motivate for contractor to pass over the schedule Suspension of work by owner Projectrelated Timeline of contract is too short Legal disputes b/w various parts 2 3 4 5 1 2

Severity 3 4 5










.) project Type of project bidding and award (negotiation.Penalties of are not enough power to make sure the implement of process Type of construction contract (Turnkey.Contractor lack of comunication and coordination with other related parties Ineffective planning and scheduling Improper construction methods implemented by contractor Delays work caused by sub-contractor Inadequate contractor's work Poor qualification of the contractor's technical staff Delay in site mobilization Delay in approving major changes in the scope of work Inflexiable ConsultantPoor communication/coordination related Late in reviewing and approving design documents Conflict with design .) Poor experience by contractor Lack of capability by contractor Financial problems of contractor Conflict with other parties (owner. consultant. construction only. lowest bidder..sub-contractor…) Errors happen during the construction lead to the reworks Ineffective Management and supervision of contractor Contractor.

Lack of experience Mistake in design documents Delay in implement design process Lack of detail and unclear information in drawing Complexity of project design Designrelated Lack of experience by design Lack of capability by design Insufficient data collection and survey before design Misunderstanding with requirement of owner Poor technical and lack of advanced design soft wares Material scarce situation of market Rising price of material Changes type and specification of material during construction process Delay in material supplying and procurement Material Damaged and losses material in site during construction and EquipmentLate in selection of finishing materials due to availability of related many types in market Shortage of equipment Equipment breakdowns Inefficiency and low productivity of equipment Lack of high technology equipment .

..Low productivity of workers Laborrelated Unskilled workers Accident during construction Lack of labor Personal conflicts among workers Effects of hot weather to construction Effects of raining to external activities in construction Delays caused by act of god Externalrelated Social and culture effects Site conditions Change of law by government Delay service from external (ex: electrical. infrastructure. water…) Restriction of site location (traffic.) Delay in performing final inspection and certification by a third party .

:702039 .34406:52039                                                                                                                                                                                                         .4190.90/ .41/09.0//0838419.907..41...903800..8:553./438 3011.3.03/083/4.1./:73.3/488082.03.907.3/850.5..308950.943412.709 $479.3/./..0 89.-9-/083 38:11. .7.088 0.3/ 6:52039 .94341 3832.039/.41.907.709 #8357.9433/7..3.2.-941 70.3/574.0-01470/083 8:3/0789.8/:094.9..3/4574/:.32...90/ 2.943 .40.943412.32502039/083574.3 42509415740.94106:52039 .3/:3.943.907...:20398 0..9/083 083 70.3890/:73.41050703..943 574..0-/083 ..088 .04106:52039 6:52039-70.708 .3950832.0.089:.0/.43897:..3/8:7.0412.731472. .8.41050703..907.907..3/39706:702039414307 !44790.9.43897:.907.

43897:.98417.9:70  0.3/.:80/-.0732039 0.339409073..-47 !07843..-4.24347078 110.90/ $4.943418904..943.943 0.9.350714723 3.807.3041.9841490. 70.0174209073. .79   ..94147078 ..3/.97.43/9438 .8.43897:.90/ &380/47078 .4574/:.11.079 .943-.9.43897:.943 .90794.97/ 5...897:. 000..:9:700110..943 110..431.98.9083.-47 70.. 317.9414/ 9073.41.943 97...98 $90./039/:73.907                                                                                                                                              #0897.3850.

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