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Flirting Formula

Flirting Formula


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Published by: galaxyflake on Sep 06, 2011
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There are many ways to communicate with people these days email, phone and
postal mail. While calling women is a great way to quickly get in touch with
them very often women don’t answer.

If a woman can track your number on her home phone or cell and she sees “6
missed calls”
on the display screen you can be sure you look like you’re trying
way too hard or even worse look like a stalker.

But won’t she call me back? Don’t count on it. Men are expected to take complete
charge in dating situations. Yes, that means calling and setting up dates with
women. Women only call back on very rare occasions.
E-mail is also a possible alternative. You can send an e-mail, ask a woman to”
catch up” then wait and wait and wait and wait some more. Although e-mail is
less intrusive and requires fewer guts, many people just never check their e-
mails. Depending on which country you live in, e-mail varies in popularity.
Even in countries where e-mail is popular most people set up e-mail accounts
and forget about them.

After all no form of communication is perfect. Phone, e-mail and snail mail
all have their advantages and disadvantages.

But there is another system for communicating with women that’s very effective.
This solution has the ease of e-mail but guarantees a much higher response rate.
I’m talking about cell phones or mobile phones.

Why cell phones?

You probably already use your cell phone everyday, using it to call everyone
including women. With a cell phone you can now send text messages
between phones instantly.

SMS, texting or text messaging, call it whatever you want. Being able to send text
messages between a woman and yourself allows for the innocence of an e-mail

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 69 www.FlirtingFormula.com

but the personal contact and efficiency of a call. You never know when, if ever, a
woman will check her e-mail. It could be 1 day or it could be 10 days after you
send the message. But you can guarantee a text message reaches its destination
almost instantly and will be read very soon.

Now you may be thinking: “But text messaging is crap because it takes forever to
set up a date, sending messages back and forth.” This is exactly why you’re not
sending text messages back and forth.

Instead, this simple strategy allows you to incorporate text messaging with
calling; the result being she’ll answer her phone almost 100% of the time.

The problem with calling is getting messages like “this phone is currently
switched off” or “leave a message and I’ll get back to you”, which she won’t
reply to.

So here’s the 4 steps you can take to always make her call back.

Step 1 – Have A Plan

Before you do anything you must already have a plan for your evening. You
need to know:

• When you’re available
• Where you’ll be going on the date
• What time you’re willing to meet up/pick her up

You don’t want to sit there thinking of a place to spend time together while
she’s waiting to do other things, these are decisions you need to make before the
text message. Women love a man that makes decisions and has a plan.

Step 2 – Sending The Message

Instead of calling, after getting her cell number simply send her a simple text.
This text doesn’t need to say anything about “catching up” or even hint at any
obvious intention you have to “see her again”. It simply says,

• Who you are
• How you met
• Casually asking how things are going.

It doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t need to be deep. There are four parts
to writing the simple message.

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 70 www.FlirtingFormula.com

Hey shorty, It’s Tim,
from the bookstore in
Greentown yesterday. How’s
things? What sort of trouble are
you getting into lately?

Hey shorty,

“Hey shorty” shows a high level of confidence, communicating that you’re so
comfortable around a woman you just met that you can even call her names to
communicate a sign of disinterest and proving your masculine independence.
Things like fatty or tubby won’t get you a positive response so stick to something
harmless and fun like the example illustrated above.

It’s Tim, from the bookstore in Greentown yesterday.

It’s important to define who you are in the first message. If she doesn’t recognize
you then she probably won’t reply. If she does reply it will be a confused “who is
this?” message, not the best way to start out. Of course make sure you’ve
exchanged names when you talked to her in person.

Also include the exact place you met her. For example saying “in the shopping
is too vague, she may have given her number out to 2 or even more guys in
that one place. It happens. Also include what day you met her. So be specific.

It’s Tim from the bookstore in Greentown yesterday.

Failure to be specific means sending more text messages until she finally
understands you’re not a stalker. In any case, it’s likely the woman won’t
remember you very well at all, unless you left a stunning impression on her. So
follow the guidelines above to make sure she knows who you are after just one

How’s things?

General comments usually exchanged by friends, implying you two already have
a connection.

What sort of trouble are you getting into lately?

This flirting technique vaguely implies she is a naughty girl. It implies sexual
activity in a fun and harmless way. Because the last sentence of a text is the most

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 71 www.FlirtingFormula.com

remembered part of a message, it becomes crucial to end the text message with a
question. Doing so reinforces her need to reply to your message.

Everything included in the text message above is a device to increase the
response of her sending a message back. This system will get a response 99% of
the time, assuming you flirted correctly during the first encounter and she
doesn’t have a boyfriend. It combines the advantages of both calling and sending
e-mails to increase your chances of success. So how long should you wait after
getting her number before you send the message?

The day after is the best time to text her. If you send a message the same day
you may freak her out by your eagerness. Sending a text message a week later
is too late because by then she’s probably long forgotten you. 1 or 2 days after
getting her number is the best time frame with which to work.

Step 3 – Wait For Reply

This is the easy part. Waiting for the woman to reply to your message. I say easy
because you don’t need to do anything but this step could drive a lot of men
insane. Not hearing from a woman for several hours would be hard for some

They may start to make judgments on what she thinks. “Why hasn’t she replied
yet?” They’ll start to pollute their minds with all sorts of ideas like:
• She doesn’t like me
• She probably deleted my text
• She thought I was boring

So how do you know what she thinks before she’s messaged you back? The
answer is to not care. “If you get a reply great! If not, no big deal.”

Don’t waste your time thinking about what she thinks. If you don’t get a reply
you can send another message 2 days later with the following text.

Hey (name), I’m going down to (date idea) soon u should come along.

Be completely calm, understanding and not annoyed that she didn’t text you
back from the first message and just wait for a reply patiently. Don’t get upset or
negatively emotional and never try to make women feel guilty, you’ll just come
across weak and insecure. If she still doesn’t reply you have two choices.

1. Call Her

There still could be legitimate reasons why she didn’t respond.

2. Move On

Flirting Formula

flirting secrets every guy must know

© Christopher Williamson 2005 72 www.FlirtingFormula.com

There are plenty of women out there, if one isn’t interested don’t get upset just
understand she wasn’t right for you or you need to continue working on your
flirting skills to improve your chances of success. She might have had a
boyfriend or it could have been a complicated time in her life. Women still give
out numbers when they have boyfriends but don’t tell men until they contact
them, strange isn’t it?

Step 4 – Call Her Upon Reply

Now here’s where the system works wonders. As soon as you get a reply from
the first message call her straight away, don’t wait. The minute you get a reply
to your phone you can be certain she has her phone on, in her hand and is very
likely to answer.

Of course she could be in a meeting or at the cinema when she replied, but in
most cases if she just messaged you she is available to talk. From here you can
talk for a few minutes simply to organize a “catch up”.

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