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“We sell a Dream”.” .We do not sell a Car. and “we sell Experience with a car.

in 27countries/regions  Employees :3.000 people  3rd Largest Automobile Manufacturer . Japan  Annual Sales $120billion  Produces 5.8 Million vehicles per year  Has 53 overseas manufacturing companies. Tokyo.INTRODUCTION  Founded in 1937  Headquarters :Toyota City.16.

 Simultaneous launch in India.  The launch coincided with the phase out of the Qualis.TOYOTA INNOVA in India  A part of International/Innovative Multipurpose Vehicle (IMV)Project.  It is the first of its kind: Both goodness of Passenger car and MPV. . which is globally produced & procured. India would get the latest global Car.

ToyotaMotorCorporation Entered in a joint venture with KirloskarGroup.‡  Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM) aims to play a major role in the development of the automotive industry and the creation of employment opportunities.TOYOTA INNOVA in India  InIndia. .

direct mail.  Determining the communication objectives . personal selling. and public relations – to produce a unified customerfocused promotional message. Success of any IMC program depends critically on:  Identifying the members of an audience and understanding what they want. sales promotion.INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION  Coordination of all promotional activities – media advertising.

 Designing the communications  Selecting the communication channels  Establishing the total communications budget .

002 Corolla(629) Fortuner (990) Etios (5002) Liva (737) 990 629 Camry (9) .INNOVA SALES Sales(June 2011) Innova(4665) 737 4665 5.


provided they are communicated well to the desired sets of potential customers THREATS Problems of joint ventures with Kirloskar Motors Innova not being accepted in the Indian market as their existing product Qualis .STRENGTHS Capitalising on its communication focus of being one if its kind MPV+ sedan vehicle Product launched on an IMV( International Multi-purpose Vehicle) platform WEAKNESSES Not able to cater to a large chunk of market due to high price . and severe competition from the existing players SWOT OPPORTUNITIES Indian auto market ready to embrace global products.

 Designed keeping comfort in mind with spacious interior  Exterior includes fog lamps. 3D grills etc  Available in both petrol and diesel model  Available in 5-6 different colors . Product  The first product to be a mix of MPV and SUV  Accommodation capacity for 8 people  The Innova differs from the straight designs of Tata Sumo and Qualis and is instead more of a curved design. rear lamps.Marketing Mix 1.

2. II. Low Interest financing: mainly used in festive seasons. reduces monthly payments. . side steppers or other accessories. Longer payment terms: stretches loans over longer periods.  Priced between 8-12 lacs  Optional-feature pricing: Customers can order mud flaps.  Promotional Pricing: I. Price  The pricing was definitely competitive with the extra features and comfort which Toyota Innova has at its disposal.

4. Promotion  The brand ambassador: Aamir Khan Aamir Khan managed to carve a niche for himself among the superstars as well as changed his persona in tuned with the character he was playing in case of Innova  It is precisely this characteristic of this talented actor that is celebrated in the Innova advertisement .3. Place  Toyota Innova is available for distribution across the country through its dealership network and retail outlets.



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