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School Supply List Year ____________

Paper clips Thumbtacks or magnets (bulletins) Note pads Pencils and pencil sharperner Pens - black, red, and blue Permant markers Colored markers Colored pencils / Crayons Tape Staples, stapler, and staple remover Large scissors Scissors for your students Ruler Masking tape Transparent tape Tape dispenser 3 hole punch Large colorful clips to use as page markers Timer Plain white zerox paper Colored paper (for lapbook creations) Writing paper (for students) Teachers notebook Completed lesson plans Dictionary Thesaurus Stickers for awards

Attendance Register Weekly Calendar Wall map or class map Globe Rubber bands In-box for completed assignments Library cards for each students Ink for printer and/or copier Compass Highlighters File folders (colored and/or plain) Class or family calendar for each month Needed forms for week/year Notebook binders Hole punch protectors Single hole punch Gold brads Wall putty/clips for hanging school projects Cardstock - White Notebook dividers Plastic paper protectors Math manipulatives Language manipulatives Index Cards - color and white Index card box - large for vocabulary Erasers Date stamp and stamp pad