I. Other-Centered (1-13) II. Courageous (14-26) III. Judicious (weeks 27-39) IV.

Resourceful (40-52)

Week 35 from Allan Cox
Lean Into Clarity

Turn your pet ideas upside down. Call on a couple of creative friends. One may even jerk you up short, help you retain the best of you. Get clear! You, as many others, may think charisma is it. Not! Claim your true convictions. Pure stances have their own allure. Laugh as you lean. Then throw your head back. This is about joy. Make this your game. Your sights are clear. Keep it simple, like the man who invented the wing-nut— just a simple twist between your thumb and forefinger. Snug. Destiny calls. Remember, that’s revelation, and a crooked road. It will take turns and test you. You will be better off. Re-define patience as trusting the Divine Mystery. Willfulness is not your friend.





6. 7.

Photograph by Cher Cox

Appearances I thought I’d light a candle from the bottom. Never mind there was no oxygen, it worked! When it burned to the top there was this wide open cylinder below. I grabbed the fire hose from Engine Company #9, rammed it down the empty shaft and on this inferno of an August afternoon, sprayed it on all the Dalmatians within the 12 rings of the kingdom, and all was as glorious as if we were standing knee-deep in Rome’s Trevi Fountain. The tail wagging sent out cool breezes. The yiping enlivened the populace. Torpor was conquered. Charisma won again. The King was hanged. Join the conversation!

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