) ) }

HOUlS! OF RI!:P'RESENTA 1'IV~S ~lntrodLloed by Reprcesentative Rufus 'B. ~Rodlriilgue2 and iRepresel1ltativ e Maximo e., Rodr~,guez:~Jlr.

IHouse Bill !No.. ~~~~


EXP.l..A!NA iFORY NiO'fl~ _ It l s fhe pol~cy ()Wlti,e State to promotB and improve the SOCii l and a economic we'!:!, being of pro batioliland parole W~)~kJ3fS,. tll.e-ir ~ iv~iinlg and! wOlik:iirmg cOrildr~i 8nd cHls terms' of em pToyment It s h,ali deve:l,op tne~r skillis and capaibHflti e's to ma"k€~h€'m m ore responsive to ttl e needs and problems of th~mr cHer:J!tsname!I,:y, the pmbationef$, parolees and pardonees, and better equi:p them in del iver~ng correction/rn~habi !it.alion servleesand proglrams and! ramai n in probation an ci parole work
j n and Parole cWorkers ar,eessentia~ elemsntsot our sOCiety. a nH!Y pm'['ect the public from crimes. They are responsib,lle tOelSS.iist exoffenc,ers to adjust to, ~ife in a fflee commun~ty andto prevent 'future crimlnal acts. Thlffl' work towards r:etumingl !Iaw offenders· to useful, produc:Uivellives .. 1ih~yarea~so officers otthe courts and are responsiblle for enf-or'Cing court. orders. IProb'aljlon and: Parole Workers deaJ with cnlm·[nalloff,endern, who may be [j,anger,o'usL The areas in whk::h th,ey worn: ms"y also be dalilgermJs, rlne~l assess me risk an off'ena'E!T may pcseto tne communUy, and how Ulat ris,k, s!hol!llid be contained. The of s,up€Nis~cm is to, reduce me Uikeliihood of fu rther offend ~ng, to ensure the. pro per puni.shment of ~)fifend'€lfS, to' rehabn~tatethe ,o,ffenaer baclk~nrothe community and tnus reduce Clr~me. Cons;ilaiering ~he ~mportanoe of PnJ.OaUOfl and! Parole Workers in our :soc~ety,ilt ls a~so equa~;~y importanll to protect their rl,ghtsanQr~o pr-ometeth eilr well being:.

rta~n Hmits of conditions.of Te. Jr .e .tl. (d) uCond it. unl'ess ths A context provides Q.ei the foUnwingterms shan beconstruedas foilliows: (a}"~IProbaUon and Palliole Wodr'J .FlFTEENTHi CONGRESS REPUBLIC OF THE PHIl.o.This Act shalll be known as tlhe Magna Carta for Probation and P:a)t'\ol.aII cr oorrec't!ior1lal: institution after he has served the minimum period of his plii!son sentence under th!s continued cust. the~r Ih/ing andl w! . :R. .f€W€!fS.NA C~RTAfOR W'ORKERS PiROBATIIO'N AND' PAROLE.11l9 oO'lIIditions. wrthhllce.drigue2: and RepresenitaUvQ Maxhlllo B.ff:e:nder from a pen. co Irlvijcted offender placed unci er of probatIon.odri'guez.and parole wade.a j SECTION 3 ...Definition . W SEC nON 2 lJectaration >ofP()ti:Cy~lhe Stslte shall promote alld ~mprove tile social and econorn ic weill beh19 of iPro>i:)iaUonand P'amie Workers.ana I Pa.n1l's.o·lfk:ers.ts f'or nt aw f '. from the pUr1l~:shm€ whict1~he ~ infHc.ody etthe and bsU'€requrp them in deiTlvering corr. Title .e teanni·ques. parole and con di~tolila~ pardon lby prov~ding him ln duv~:dual~..2)ed ~reatment pro.rdon sh aU refer to the exemption of alii irndMd ual!..IIPP'ENISS FIRST REGULAR SESSION ) )1 ) ~Introd:uClea by RepresentaUlie the pro'fession Ula:t promotes the correction and rrl9habilit:a~i. s used in this Act.the~s. the pro'ba~l!cmer' a.grams through the use of~nnovativ.t.f his release.paro:l:ees and pardon e. R. and terms of employment It sna:U devekl\p thea'rsk~lIs Glndcapabi lines to make thism more respofrsivs' to the needs and proi:Hems otthe ir die nts 1118 me~y..eand under conditions that permit his r€Hncarc€lra~i(~n ifr hie violates a con:d~tii·ona. ANACI PROV~DtNG FOR A iMAG. SECTION 1. (c) ~!Parole~' ghall~rererto thecondnlorel release of an o.on services and programs and remain in probanon .

arl:lailextinct~ol1lof his criminall a conv~cted G.ortation Expenses . Superviising Probation elilid Paml.SO ns theirefore in writing.stan't RSig iQna~ Director. If th eofficer iDelli eves that there is and Parolle Worker shall not oetransfer1l'Cedaf . the o:fficerconcemed $!haU be infomlN1M:I of the f. (k) '~:Paro~e: alnel PiliObation . Provincial or City Pare le and Pr. who! ~riJ.ves:Ugate5 for~he Tna~ Court a.Ass~. (f)'~IProbatloner~ ~ person who ls placed under probaUon. Re!groiJiIal Dl rector.or 0) ~~PrQba. SEcnON 6..Adiministll'ation"refers €liiJJ'hler to the Gentra~ Offioe.R..a pulbU!c officer I~lke ttl e Admin~str8ltor. parol ee cr pardonee or does both fLHnct~ons! and peoormsoilher neces$allyarldre~aled duties and functions as dirrt90ted.Cov!erage! .ion andPa. Probation and Paro~e Offioerll (PPO I ) 8!oJdQlth~r ~ personne~.E condmons. OJ "Tflj:all Court'" . SellliicH"Prabatil0nand Pam.oba[tonQffice d~recte{lto conduct iIfIvesUg9![~Qn supervl sion referrals as the caee may be..r and Transp.s juri$CIiict~on over ~he case. Reg lanall 001:09.ecruiitment po:Ucy w. Deputy Administrato II.cer (SMPPO).e8.ith respect to '~he selection .tiol1l. Probation and IParoille Orif:cer il~1 (IPPO II ). Work:er" .ity ()if emp'llo. (i) '~P!rob. .ymenrt and $1!9curity of tenure shaH be 8ssuredltlls worker as prtQv~cledunder existing laws.rreifer to a prisoner who lis released on conditional! shaH pardon with paroil. SECTION 1. referral for probation· Of superviS!8S a pro bationer. rne f' O .tr'H3 Off€lllS€ ne has oommiUed resultl ng in the p.oroe r of the Trial Court granting probation.A Proba~ion shall be C~€'6Ullydefiined by the Pamleandi ProbaNon AdminflstraUon.except wilen made i11 'the~nterest of the service. SECTION 4. (h) '~Pardon:ee~~.~e Off~.e Officer (SPPO)..1l:ure of Otltcle ~ Stabil. (e)'i'Petli:l:iooer"- probatk~n.Recmitment ami Selection .refers to' the Regiona~ Trial Court (RTC) of the ProV1inc9!or C~:tyJMunicipa~Court. ChIef Probation and :Paroihe Offioer (CPPO). . inwhii1chcase. rransfe.and appollntmen~ of P:nnb8il:ionand Psrole Worke.s~gl1e'd. Te.efendant who files alii appncaUon for 'Ua'b~~:iity. Pam:~e SECTION'o._ Th~s Ac!t sliialUooveral1l Probali1onand! Worners employed in 1tile Parorls and Probanon Ad m:inistrat~Qn.

shall apply in clete.bation and par-ol!e'workers.The no rma II hours of wnrk of any probation and parole worker shaH not exceed .idiedi cfefense' in cass 'of' di'smi'ss 611 . (d) the light to appe. jinclusive of'Saturday. . SECTION 10.afegu. evailuaflon .orkers . Such ca reerand person lile:1development plan shall inciud.ti an of th e oharglesagains t or nlmor her.ation and parole worker may be required to render service beyond the normal eiglht (8) hours a day..rk. Prov.mpens..rmini:ng the salaries ·of prooatllonand SECTION 1.Hoursof WO.e prcvlstons 0 In meriit promotion. no tranater or maSSi:gnment shall be made three months before .any local or nanonal elections. peno rma nee.Where the exiglencies of the service so .ency ot his case. and (f) such other rig.rk. that.!Every probation and parole wo~ker shan ..ormal.atiorJ'_ Tile exiisting law on the salary scale .hts th.SiuggeStiOflS and incentlve award system SECTION justification for tile transfer or reassignment.egivEl rim. he/she may appeal! his/her case to the Civil Serviice Commlssion. N.. Co.In the absence of the duly approved Code of Ethics of Probation and to clearly designated authorities..exonera. .8'.ry procedure and .!~n-sellVioe' ~raining grantS. adequate t~ bei 1119 lven to me 9 the 'off&cer for f1e preparation of his detense.aUbe paid an add:i tro nal compensano n in acco rdancewlthexisting laws. Govemment if his/her transfer is fina~ly approved. any prob. Merit Promotio.n and Ca. uniform cereer and persormel development plan 6IJpplicable. S.ecessary tr. probaUo:n and parole w[)rkerdu ring the pend.2.sight (8) hours a day or forty (40) t1 oursa week.t a. J SECTION .shalH have: m (a) the . any elisei pli.of . SECTION 11 Overtime 'Wo.ansier or reassignment expenses of tile probation and parole worker shall be paid by S:ystem .il1formed in writing of the charg. which shall cause !hIslher transfer or reassiqnmerjt to be !held in abeyance.haH be the basis in determ]ning the Ethicall Standards Of iProbation and Parole W.ards in Disciplinary Procedures . (c) the light to (!'erend himself· and to be detended by a representative of his choice andVoF by hls organ j. government empioyees. requse.zaUon.o all probati an and parole workers. Code of Conduct. Sunday Of non \iVOrning hoUdays_ in such case. N. sh. No pubHcity sh!alll will ell sure fairness and impartiallity dUlilng proeeedlnqs. (b) '~heright to fuUaccess to ~heevidences of Ule case. the pr"O. RA 6713 ..lllsry act~on being taken agai ns. SECTION 10. t. ~e) 1lhe riight to reimbursement of reasonable expenses.The PPA shan prepare a. incurr:ed in hislih.s.enjay eq uitable' safeguards au each stage any di sciplin~. .right to be .

lary Upon R:etirem. QccupaUonail: !llsk or thrsata of me shaH be compensated with hazard (P 1.000. In CelI.00) clothiing aU. and special privIHegl9 leave 6_$provided for under existing1 laws: Provided. PnJlvided" !if iiving quarters are notava~~ablewi~h~n the agency and the personnel has hi isiner resldenee outsideo1f Tlifty. Leave B. Pro b8!lk.iil:au[omatb7t~iy .er"S from service. Act SECTION High e5t Basic Sa.000.ent .diusfrom such 'Qovemment facmty. Wo rioters whl:olarre dri:r:ecUy cond uctl ng j rlvestiga!tion ana sup ervisiQfI work whi dhexposeci tlil€!m to danger. heishe sllaJllbe entitled toatleast TlJIJO Thousand Pe~Kls (P 2. pravis ~OI1lS~ the proba.N 14. the probation and pam!e workers s~a!~receive th. as the case ma~Y'bs.m and and Liv~I1I'QQuarters AU Q.wance ~.ous.. oommenci rig with the service after apiProi\la~of~h~ (d) CI.N ts. Alii proba:Uo'lfl ariJ:c! arole: p WQf'KerS who are ~ransferred to an other assignment due to. esc . One Thousen d Pesos (b) iH.ation frowln)uries..00) a monrn of housing aUowance. needed.. such as bUrt not Iiim~ted to maternity patemuly. vacation andsck leaves.ce ~ .ex~gency of fhe service shaH be enti tl ed to f.zard Pay ~.An probanon and perote work.Probaflon and Parole WOlikers shall be entitled to a ~I.efoUowing: (a) Hla. that upon sep. effident and merUtoriou s service rends red as celiiriie d by th e ch jet o·f Oiffice concerned.vH€:'9.1be comput.AH probation and pare le workers shal I be entitled to a mhl~mum aI' 'four Thousand Pesos (P" 4.ed on ~he basis of hi~ smer Ihi ghest sa lary 1 rooeNect SECTt().p8folework'e rs. be - . requi red under existing Other Bene'ftts . the . tnj uriesincurred whirl e i dOlngl o. (c) LiI)nlgev~ty Pay ~ A montn~y iongevity pay equ~valent to flve per centum (5%) of hislher latest monthly basic pay shan be paid to a probation and parolewo'rk'€wfof eV€lry five (5) yearsofcolfltinu.00) per month.Aside from rhe benefits reoelved as Iaws and executive orders. benefllW: and prl.e on and parole wor~er concerned shan file the necessary oampiajnt to the.a pro!baJ~~on and parole woffier sha.enefifs . Probation and Parole Work.Upon r.aratjon of the probation and parele w.Degranted an increase of one salary grad e high Sf than hislhe r basle sala ry and hislher ret!reme nt benefIts Sh81.000.ree housing. pay of at 1:east.ers sna n be protects dagiail1stwork~-ffiiated inj uries in accordenoe W!1~h the LsJborCode and C~vi Setv~c. Compens.w:h~ch 8Jmount sha.S e of viol~ti on of these.etirement. SECTION 13.(50) ki lometers I"a.n be adjusted as needed" (e) MedicaJ AI ~owa".vertime work sheal!1 presumed work connected.othing AJUowance. they shalil beentitJed: to aU aceumutated leave cr-edits wJtf1 pay" j SECTIo.owance annuan y .e rs shaH receive a min~mum of Five Hundred Pesos (P500"OO) medical allowance mo rlIthJy ~wh icnamo un! sihaH be adjusted as.Ileave.

e Deve1.r~min.e. ~c ttU:. dvH statu s. other profess~ons.rking eond itiicHilS. b. or punislhment ln the performance of h~s/heT'duties and responsibH~t~es.c:tivfi[y of ttl ls Act .l c:~h5ntel. dHents recewe qua iity services.n:d P.•. inti m ida non ha rassrnent. Huma.sourc.The PPA shaU conduct a periodic human resource development and management s. shaH be punish ad by a fine off'notless than Twenty Thousand Pesos (P 20.Provisions. restral n or coerce a ny Probati.aQ'e. to lnc~uoe.000. sem inars.haU promulgated within six (6) mon. sexual oriie'rlt:a.k. not ~nconsistel1t with any provlslon of this Law for the implementat~on otme Magna Carta for IP robation and Pami e Wo~kers. The rutes and regulations s. Join.. Protecticn fromd~sc.~onar growth and development SECTION 18. alrbM~rnry reassign ment Q r term~nauon from j service.Lhs tram the effe.experienoe 8.ers hl l Adequatefa.Regulatiions. Mechanisms for democrauc 00 nsultatio ns.ers to correct the. physical Ch.1iI formulate the neoessary rules and reglllaUons.mion. d. b.cil~ ~ties af~ci resources to ren der qual it)! rena bil.Act. c!Qnferences.'afO"eWorke'.on and Paro:lieWorker~n the d~sdharge of hisJher duties or sha n in any manna r com m~t any ectln violation of any of the pmvi.e~r work. OpportunIties for probation and: parole workers t.Vlls. d:isp 6irity vis~as.a.00) but not more Ulan Forty Thousand . Any person wno ShaH wHlful:ly interfere witih.i3itijol1l reason of sex. by poiiHca~ or reU9ious bellets.8racteristicsl Q isability or ettmicity. conventions COni~inu ~ng prol1essionai and s im i far actlvities as part 01F the~f 9 rowtn _ .mentiIJ9 corasl!Jllla!~TQ>n the Secretary with of Justice 'be SECTI'QN 2it Pfmal. OipportLH1itijes ]or contjnu~ng profess.orgarl~ze.tudy in~he foliOM/ing areas: a. S tam ng pa~e rns a rid standards of probation and parole work to ensure that the. SECTION 1'9.Rules ami . bUlt not Iimitsd to.ign~t~lin th.o'grow prQfs'sstolfiaHyand to deve lop the! r paten !ials and .s~ons of th~8.. d..ural Development and Chairperson oftne House Comm'iiUs'son Social Se'Nices shla. and e..itatior~se rviice c.li1o Parole Workers shall have tlhl€lfoUowl 119rfg hts: a. Upgrading of wCl. Protect~on from afllyform of interferenee.rsProbationa. The PPAin as weill as the Chiarperson ofU1e' Senate CQmm~ttee on Soc~a~ JusUoe Welfare and R. Imp'le. sense of worth and d.SECTION 17" Rights of the Probation .. c. e.rec~a~ss:lficationof pOS~t1 ansa ndsalaries (lrf p robaflon and parole work. upon oonviction.n Re.opment . or assist orglanizaUons or unions for lawfiJiI purposes.t~hat wiU prevent hislher from apply:ing professfrOna~ intervention for tt1e eltsnt's development. and f_ Anocat~onof funds for the participation of probatton and parole wor. Protection from any ac.

If any provision of thiis Act is G'€l'clared unconstitutional 'Or invaJid" the :remainder thereof not enected thereby sha II continue lin fu n fol"'oo an d in effect.whh:t~l are inconslstent w. amended or modjfi.Pesos (P 40..This Act . S.iith til is law are hereby repealed.etion orf the COUI rt.bifify Clause.hall take eff.on to the above mentioned penalties" may impose the additional penalty of disqualification to hold public office. the Gnu rt in add i\bj.ect fifteen (115) days after its publication in at least MO newspapersof genera.y.l ercuianon Approved.ECTION' 23'.00) or imprtsonrnent of' not more than one yElar. other ~ ssua nee s or parts ther. Separa.eof.Repealing Clause. . seCTION 22. If til. or botl1l at ~he diiscr. .s offender is a PIJ bUe offiei. rules and regu l'atJi ens.ed accordfng:l. SECTION 21.s.a i. 'ordinances.000. EHectivity . All laws.

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