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(from 1 to 10)
1.I wear specific clothes for the activities
2.I wash/shower myself and change clothes after the activity
3.I always start warming up before sport activities
4.When the activity is over, I take a few minutes to cool down
5.I do some activities at least twice a week
6.When doing sports I am aware of my personal limits and try
not to exceed them
7.I sleep at least 8 hours everyday
8.My matress is hard enough
9.When sitting I always lay my back against the chair´s back
10.I take care to keep my back straight while studying
11.When lifting weight I avoid positions that may do harm to my
12. I carry my back-pack well attached and having properly
allocated the books and any other relevant weight
13.- I do not smoke (if you don´t smoke at all, you score 10 *
14. I do not drink alcohol (if you don´t do it at all, you score 10 *
15. I try to have balanced meals
16. I have breakfast every morning
17. Do you usually feel stress? Do the jobs to be done or
expected results stress you?

2.- How healthy Would you say you are at this time?

3.- What aspects should you improve?

4.- State 4 or 5 aspects of your healthy habits that you wish to improve
and explain how you intend to do it

- If your score is under 20 points, your habits are not healthy. You
should try to improve them if you wish to be healthy in the future.
- If your store is between 21 and 33 points, you should try to improve
your habits or your health will probably tend to go worse rather than
- Scoring between 34 and 52 points means that your healthy habits
are quite right; keep on this way.
- If you have exceeded 52 points, you can be sure that you are doing
well and that you are setting the basis to enjoy physical and mental
health in the future