Case analysis

Kramer Pharmaceuticals

Prepared by, Gyandip Pandia(54) Kshovan Guha(59) Nishant Kumar(65) Lalitendra sharma(61) Prabeen kr Singh(68)

2 .Key issues • Bob Marsh is being supervised by six different manager within twelve years. • Bob marsh is facing inconvenience in adjusting to the managers expectations. behavior and expectation. having different attitude.

• As the salesmanship job is better evaluated by customer response and sales turnover and most of the time bob performance is good on both of these parameter • Also the appraisal criteria is only on the observation of supervisor whereas client feedback is not considered 3 .

High Potential Problem Children Star performer ? Low Solid Citizens Performance High .

• He was also being evaluated by inexperience manager. performance he was not promoted which shows there is no carrier development. 5 .Possible reasons • In spite of his good experience.

6 . • Case of bob should be handled by experienced senior manager. • Recognition of his contribution to the organization / carrier growth. • Specific training program for marsh on planning and organizing.Suggestions • Origination like kramer pharmaceuticals should have standard method of performance appraisal.

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