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How to Start a Business Blog

How to Start a Business Blog

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Published by: jennyhodges on Oct 07, 2008
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Plugins, widgets, or gadgets… whatever you want to call ‘em, you can extend

or add extra functionality to your blog, often quite easily. Many blogs use

plugins, such as the bookmark/email post feature at the bottom of each post,

or the listing of recent comments in the sidebar. The contact form on my blog

is powered by a plugin. Your ability to subscribe to follow-up comments via

email when you leave a comment is also powered by a plugin. There are

plugins doing things that you can’t see, such as helping my posts and pages

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be more search optimized and fight spam comments. Nearly all such

extending functions are freely available. If you’re not a programmer, you could

never hope to have functionality like this in non-dynamic website. There are

free scripts for sites other than blogs, but the enormous selection and ease of

use of plugins or widgets is another factor that makes blogs an ideal choice

as a website platform. Extensibility makes your life as a content producer

easier and more fruitful.

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