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How to Start a Business Blog

How to Start a Business Blog

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Published by: jennyhodges on Oct 07, 2008
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Nearly all blogs have categories and/or tags as a means of organizing and

classifying blog content. Categories are high-level general classifications of

your blog’s content. Business blogs should have categories, and at some

point, you’ll need to decide what they are. Most business blogs seem to divide

their content into the following general categories:

• Company news and announcements
• Tips or information on specific product/service lines, with one category
for each particular product or service

• Customer success stories
• Relevant industry news and opinion

A business blog doesn’t need a lot of categories. Even for specific products or

services, you only would want categories for the ones that warrant it. When

you see what kind of traffic and comment activity your blog gets for certain

categories, you will have a greater understanding of how your business is

perceived. You can leverage your knowledge of that perception in the market

to strengthen and build on your position.

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Another reason to keep your initial list of categories small is to give it room to

grow over time. Significant events (for good or ill) may occur in the future and

might warrant their own categories. New products and services will go online

and might need their own categories. You really shouldn’t remove any

categories, but if you have to, make sure to have your web people redirect the

old addresses to relevant new ones. It’s very likely you’ll add some new

categories down the road.

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