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Choosing Your Event(s) PPT

Choosing Your Event(s) PPT

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Published by: Sue Peterson on Sep 07, 2011
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Choosing Your Event(s

Individual Events (IEs) versus Debate – What’s the Difference?

There are many options for style of speech and presentation.Individual Events – Why do them?: “Real-world” applications are strong. Other classes may crossover – CMST 131 will assign you similar speeches. You’re in charge – you decide what to talk about and how to talk about it. .

AKA Rhetorical Criticism (Rhet Crit). AKA Speech To Entertain (STE). Communication Analysis (CA). . Platform: Informative Persuasive After Dinner Speaking (ADS).Individual Events – What you can do Limited Preparation: Impromptu Extemporaneous Speaking.

Individual Events – What you can do Oral Interpretation Prose Poetry Dramatic Programmed Oral Interpretation (POI) Duo .

Debate – Why do it? It is extremely educational Critical Thinking skills Organizing skills Refutation and Rebuttal skills Competition Current Events awareness Challenge yourself and others Real-time response .

Topic this year = US relations with China . Topic this year = Arab Spring LD debate One-on-one policy debate. It is a good foundation. Much like CMST 255 if you took that class.Debate – What you can do Team Policy Debate Your text will focus on this type of debate. even if you end up doing Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Benefits/Challenges  Team Policy Learn to work with another in high-stress situations. You don’t have to work with someone else in high-stress situations. A little more innovative and fast-moving than LD. .  LD You don’t have to have a partner whose schedule fits yours. Must coordinate working time and tournament travel with a partner. Fun to share experience with someone else. A little slower talking and less innovative than team policy.

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