From: DonnaD. Halstead[mailto:dhalstead@dallascitizenscouncil.

org] Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 4:25 PM To: Domingo Garcia Cc: BillyRatcliff; Brooks Love; Ruth Morgan; Elizabeth FrankJones; Gary Griffith;Hollis Brashear; John M. Lozano; John P. Loza ; MarkHord ;; Stanley Mays; Tom Wood; Tolliver, Yasmin; McAninch,Barbara Subject:


1 appreciate your willingness to meet to discuss changes map CPlan16 but I ~unreluctant to do so outside the public forum. I am very concerned that we follow both the spirit and the letter of the Open Meetings Act, and I do not wish to risk being in violation of that Act. For the record, I am open to moditications which win reunite Lake Highlands and will be very happy to consider any such modifications at Thursday's meeting. Thanks. Donna

dha Istea d@>dallascitizenscou nci I.on~

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