Summary I chose this article, appeared on The Careerist, because i considered it absolutely interesting and attractive.

This article deals with an entertaining subject: the Hildebrandt study of lawyer personality traits based on a sample of 2,000 lawyers. The main point of this particular study is that a typical lawyer's personality is excitable, overlycritical and insensitive. Larry Richard, a psychologist who conducted the research, describes the figure of the lawyer as poor on interpersonal sensitivity and closed in their minds, being cold and critical. The psycologist considers lawyers as sceptical person and in fact he says that when lawyers argue with him they do it in insensitive and rude way. Another important point made is that lawyers are considered unable to be under pressur despite having a stressful job. They pay attention to aesthetics and they love hedonism but the psycologist underlines that lawyers have boring flavors for clothes and are unable to have a good time. The report finds that lawyers prefer environments that are stylish, entertaining, and flexible but they choose as suggested by associates rather than partners. At this point we can said that the figure of the lawyer is an incredibile compromise of character flaws. I hope this article represents a simple provocation to jurist's cathegory, ofter represented as a caricature of human race. However i don't agree with psychologist's theory because i think that lawyers should have the same sensibility of psychologists. In fact they should get in touch with client's personality. It might be true to say that lawyers are sceptical person but i feel that they are only rational because they do an hard work that imposes them to do strict reasonings. In the end i think that nobody can judge a person from the work he does. In fact i chose to become a jurist but i consider myself a sensitive person who dreams of justice and help people.