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Step by Step Wire Jewelry Winter 2010

Step by Step Wire Jewelry Winter 2010

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Published by: aditza on Sep 07, 2011
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step by step

new designs!

make this


garnet vine necklace-

cascading crystal bib necklace
Discover 30+ HOT


WI~r'ER 2010 VOL. 5, NO.5
U.S. $5.99/CAN $7.99


new products
o 4 6






6pm~r~neNe{iloce ,by Mrn'Satoflores.
Phojo by Jim Laws~~.


off the wire

Pea Pod GQfri"ngs by 'lindsay BlJrKe of FusIQnBeqds:j:,qm

the real gems in jewelry making

getting the most from a jewelry class

101 trumpet bangle
Gorgeous holiday-colored in Viking knit. BY BETH HELBERG q;;>m





Pind thjs~ompleje pro[ed, free for a

151 braided silver bracelet
wire braid with a beaded focal clasp.

limited time




201 221

spine of the centipede
Crystals embedded


in chain moille.


lavender layers
Tri-colored linked chain,


S~ :t?jl.04 .


261 281

carnival bracelet A coiled showcase for

focol beads.

spira led fil i9 ree nec klace
Wrap delicate components

g ,Q)

for a lighrweight

Wheriier i(so (omplfrilent or utrnplainf,. weweltome all reuder responses. We conbe reothoo througho~r Web 5iie:www,siepbysrepwii.e.[om, bremo!1 ot sruviire@inter, weoVe.ClJm (type "Wjre comments infuesubjedline), or by SIloilrilo]11Qeur offices tit 300 Ch~sr:edlejd Pcr~wtty,;Suite 1 do, Malvern, PA 19355. Pleosa,Sllnd it Attn: Step by :SteJl. Wire·Jewelry. E"dilriiiolqu~slion}and (ornrn~nts Qnly,~eose.

neckpiece. BY SHARON HERR

311 341

0 tonnenbaum
Chain moille Christmas trees.


bundled links bracelet
Wrapped links with handmade and a crystal,

[urnp rings


381 391

wire works loopy sparkler bracelet
Jig"formed components


with Czech glass,


.421 angled 3-d earrings
Bend geometric


shapes and add crystals I


.461 garnet vine necklace
rinely twisted neckpiece.


501 2010 product preview


wire basics

641 5cminute


Copper top ring BY DeNISE PECK, Eoitofif'rchief

off the


The Yin Yang of Bling
Time was, not too long ago, Twas known here at work as the anti-bling gal. It's true. Show me a table of jewelry and I would go right for anything oxidized, tribal, or rustic. Sparkles no thanks. It wasn't always that way. Back in the early '90s when everyone W<'lS wearing armfuls of crystal elastic bracelets, I was right onboard. But then I got into gemstone beads, and then African trade beads, and then anything that looked ancient or unearthed. My colleague, Karen, on the other hand, has always been all about the bling. We knew that if any issue of OUI magazines appealed to both Karen and me that we'd done a good job at covering the bases. But, something's been happening lately. I'have found myself unable to resist the lure of those bead show booths piled high with the sparkling rainbow colors and delightful shapes of crystals! When I'm designing, I think to myself, a crystal would look good right here. And when Karen wears all her beautiful crystal creations, I covet them! Yes, I used to think, how many places do I go uihere crystals would be a:ppropriatc? Can you imagine? Now I trunk, where wouldn't you wear theml Maybe it's like fashion - just when you've gotten rid of all your long sweaters, they're back in full forcel I've just come fuJ] circle. This issue is filled with all sorts of wire designs accented . with crystals. It's a perfect combination. There's something so yin yang about the industrial look of the wire together with the glitter of the crystals. And, although you can wear these anywhere, anytime, they ate just SO right for the holiday season! If you haven't finished your holiday shopping, some of the simple designs herein can be whipped up in minutes. So get busy and get your blingon!

Edrrm·in{hiel D.n., Peck lit Dir~(l<>r Jomi.· a.Ii<ItJooI III Asscdot.1It Dini(tor Alhley Mdlhm. Assodote E($tor Sa'D E.RltlodlOO CIII'~btrlir)O Editor, J... w. Di<h~o, Cooni,FlIx As,;,lrI1ll1t Ilimdnr P1116.

LiIsS.Rogcilsl:i Ron•• SO""" Well....

~lilOOol i~~01 M"I. WIrir. O BUSINESS flirli!lrff rmifPyI.

&siOOlS & 0",m''''5 l/;JnDll" 0011• L Kroidmon • Il<1r"llng So"I", il<Jnugor llidlik f. Elm •. (610) 326·1211. e-'nll1 m<ira,o@IJInrwlI<JIIlI.eorn Web Silliness (le,clollnunliI<Jnnger lritio Gdowik OIfic.il<Jno9Dl KoiIrI... A.. Mcln1)'1' Auoool> !e"i'1l~e(Ierk D.bre K"l!1In EvonllkJrmgor KIn. hog,n EY",I[oooi!lncrrorJ,dy.fri~n E",,' Ptr:j!ct Mooo!Jllr Mo'!lll" I Kroll. E""IMOIk'ling CooridiootO! M.I""! Mod'Il."on

(910) 776·1471, ""'011 dl'l"le@inlrllweo'~.(ilfll

AdYllr1ising edl,·S~5 DJredCI M,rjly, C. Kop'''' M (817) 1il34613. 10' (970) 66'·a311 D,A.6, ... , I)OOIr;Simon GOll,md .rm..rlilinw I",,,,enlolill Mo,'" 1,_
Ad.-erli"ng RejJl:lenlatives morill",@lrtterwoo.-e.(cm

Iroo",tIQn Mrm",fI leott Tobin i\:I'<!fliling Da1illll" o.n~,Glomb . Pr""",ICII5 Oeslgrlrll Koron Doou\lorty Ad"ll1islng CoQrdloolnl Joy a,nl.diN /.Hlllflkke" iIeli~. M,ri. 6r.... ,,,...,WOIren

CEO Oayl.1!GI1

FOUl\rlel, (reolMI Oilli(fOr Pr..wenl

1in4. ligorl
IobJrllyn IobJr~hy


rr,!W.I~ Mml:ejn~ 60b Ka,lik VR )01" & MaI1elilrm )fephe, Kmg


VP, Prooodion Trisb foubion lIP, ]"hool"llV U H,11V IIP,Group P.irblilher. lit ond le ... lry Groop p,~j f'yIo

For q uesf on I regord In9 O~ r book P"rOB :1"', '! coli 1970) 669-7¢72
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or email books@inlerweove.com

M~11lI Uzllum iook PrOOudi" DPttJ Kmte, H~I.r

BOOK,$ Mlis •• r SlOp•• n K"",iu fliil1lfliliOiredcr Tlido Woddell

Sl.Jbsr:;rilJtions Order Line/Customer ServIce:. (866) 836.7665, stepbystapwlrejewell}'@palmcoastd.com. Cellers outside of the U.S. call (386) 246-3343. Manuscripts and phologr~ .r.lnvlted. For ..,j",,,,. g"l~elln..~ call (610) 232,573'J or .-mall BQran.11>C
lntelVleave.l:001, 'Subjocllincl "\lit¥.- Wrlters' Guldennes," Slop 8ySlap IWv """"'IISSN:11>O>-0039; U5l'S: 1123·541] is pOOr.,hed SPfIi>g, SUmm~ Pnl_, summor. Fall and Wln,"r 111Int"""""" Press. LLC. 2!l1 E. fOurth a, Ltr;orand. CO OO"1-56>S. Parlcdltala ~'~i4 eJ Lo",lana. co 0053B•• nd nddlllORDlmailing irtIi::.,. SUbO<:~["" SZI.95IOn, '1"" In rhe U.s.. 36.95/'0' ",or iI Canadn. ond 1;41 .9~'o"" "'., In IntemallOn"1 [BUrt""" detiv'r~ U.s. fund. ",,11. F'Oslrnasl" send addr"" <h""get! 10SlOpEly SilIp WIra JIlI"ieIry. _pIion S.r.!c ... PO Box 42!l235, 1'llIm Coast. I'l3214l"023lU:Onadl"" SaI.,.~merlIl«>. 40920050. Allium UM.II~I. C.~n i!ddro_1O IIJMnoo Torbram M. fIIs5I""'UIl!\. ONLAT IGa. COIl'l'fIgnr C 2009 In,.rw .. va Pross.LLC. All ~ r",,,",,,,d.R~11oo of t!1" .. p~d In_In ani nIIIflner J!ilhoul th& ",p,""".",rtion ""rrnl ssloo ot PubU,""r ~ ""lotlllttbld<ll!ll. Slap by S"'tJ IV"" ~is IJOIr03jlO!lSlbl,l", mamsrnpts. phalDT<lpll,.o, "'hor ,",IIlI"'.I. """!hili" ",tlled orrrot. unless A SVll8d. pror writterl8(Jeernem is m:"ecut!ld. All rTlIft_~, -photOgraphs. Or oI:1Jer mate(I:IIrubmtttoo win be COllClu~"'" presu""'" 1nbO f" pUNlcation unl"" .ocornpaoled 111• wrltlHn explanafioo olhorwl ... ooer; iic«plad 01Publ!,""" ","",n'li ~m.II'" ode pnJfJl'Jl1 liI,step by siep WIiH ...... n,: \\too hoo 11"00 unr:xrndltionarlQl1t " edit Of ctm;Jo maleli". All ",,".uscnpts. ,hO\lr!i"'llh,. or otHer matGri,I",_d Iy Publl"", will 00 paoU" rate """'11 d6lerminad 1111'ri~~hIlr unl.... '.~ ..prior w,illen !!iree ment I, Ob1lllneO.No _ani I, owed unlil and 11"11 wiirk~ pUQI:~11I!d. .... St!!PbySIriiJIW>e~. ooI~OIo",,,,yllal>ill!y;rI;Ir1gIrorn!DjiOJOro.omI_.iJrm~_ lained in 1hem~ ard_lih<Ud P"""'l<ldll1U~r. "W'iiltt\\ilh """",1n iIIIYtec",*", lrlftIma· tilr1, fDr_ SW by Slop Wl!JJo,""'Ymes not IIC"'""'i,.,d ItrlIJer d"""'ms 11~1..,.rmm.



Denise Peck, Editor in. chief


Crystals sold as AB {aurora borealis' have a permanent outside refleetive coati:ng that covers just half cf tile' cry:stal. Crystals SOld as AB2X have double tHe c:oatirtg and it covers the. entite crystal.






The Real Gems in Jewelry Making
As all artists know, sometimes creativity flows, and sometimes it's like trying to push the last brush-full of toothpaste out of a tube.

This was one of those toothpqste moments.

When I sat down to write this, I mulled over numerous topics all of which seemed fluffy and uninspired. Who wants to read that? And, equally important, I don't want to write it. All that changed when I received an email this morning from a: lad)' I bad not communicated with previously. She wrote to tell me how much we have in common - psychology careers, students of floral arranging, love of jewelry, and the loss of our mothers. Our similar life paths, and her sorrow at the recent loss of her mom, intensified my feelings for her. This brief, heartfelt encounter pointed out bow deeply I love our jewelry community. As I continue to pursue my passion for making jewelry, I know that it is my jewelry buddies who really give my life sparkle. These are just a few of the W;:lyS.

a lot of stories to share, as do my buddies. Like the time I drove 40 miles past our freeway turnoff deeply hypnotized in jewelry conversation.

Fun. Don't you think it is our joyful play with one another that cements the bond between us? I feel like 1 am a yotUlg girl again when I am with my jewelry friends. We laugh at the silliest things, and of course, often at ourselves, Sharing an addiction can also be fun (should I be saying this?). If you are a tool junkie, a bead addict, 01' a rabid collector of any kind you know the thrill of the hunt. And the hunt with friends is tribal and endlessly enjoyable. On the road jewelry shows and classes are especially delicious as are late nights in the hotel room talking jewelry and laughing about simply nothing. And, now that I am no longer young, I have

Discouragement Control. You know those dark moments when everything you make just has no zing, or worse yet, when you compare yourself to other designers and come up on the short end of the stick? If you have been making jewelry long enough you probably have experienced rejection: customers grumbling about your work, publishers rejecting your article, or judges denying you entrance into a juried show. In all these instances, our jewelry buddies will yank us out of the morass. Then, we move on. Another type of discouragement can erupt in learning new skills. We all know moments when a new skill puts our back to the wall (soldering for me) and how defeating. it can be. Friends will lend a hand or commiserate by cursing the torch, the wire, glass, or needle. Then, we move on. Challenge. You can count on your friends to keep your creative mind stimulated. Hungry for new skills, someone is always pressing the boundaries and leading the group out of their collective comfort zone. 'The clarion call to learn a new technique is irresistible. Challenge also comes from teachers endlessly honing their skills to bring new life to our work. Jewelry authors and publishers keep us from snoozing in our studios by plying us with. intriguing articles and images.


She teaches classes in her San Diego studio. Wlule fun acts as the cement in our relationships. " sign. From the exhilaration of mastering a new skill and the long list of ways our health can or public acceptance of our work. arthritis. these shared of loved ones. well. Gosh.g work. Thousands of miles ing. it makes all the smallest details with one another. " Challenge also comes from teachers endlessly skills to bring new life to our When you're a jeweler.com.Oh my. Karen Dougherty. sharing our life experiences acts as an epoxy. nine years my life has been enriched by I hate to be dreary. Marke ting Graphic Designer for Interweave. For everyday difficulties that drag us down. accompanied by support from our do not get in the way of our discussing jewelry community . Support also I do hope that your life is more joyhoning their comes when the needs aren't quite as dire. you don't have to settle for just one bonding agent. the difference in the world. economic hardships.. reach out and you too will could learn the publishing software In Defind the real gems in jewelry making. heart disease. There are other pits as well-loss flashes and weight gain. popped up and offered to help. Support. She flew across country to lend me a hand. and happ-enings deepen our friendships. one another. you get the point. I am still speechless. Visit her store at conniefox. Nina Graci. Connie Fox has been making jewelry for over 10 years.. to hot go awry. but. . She is also a frequent contributor to Jewelry Artist and Step by Step Beads. It is Sharing life experiences. Our passion for jewelry makfriend. ous and meaningful by connecting with r recall commenting in a Bead Fest Philaour jewelry community If you are new delphia class that I would write a book if I to our world. and at maior jewelry and bead events including Bead Fest Philadelphia. but life IS dreadful communicating online with my dear sometimes. what would we do without each other the shared day in and day out occurrences that reveal us to when the world sucks? Loss. I am not sure I like the image of being epoxied to my friends. 6 STEP BY STEPWIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 . cancel'.

Admit it. it helps them take down the barriers to enlarging their comfort zone. People who live in the area can commute. from bead shop back-room classrooms to wire TOP: Raben Danclk uses a variety of classiC and non-traditionel tools and materials to help Sludents find their own voice III art jewelry. Glory will soon follow. international conferences. and a popular jewelry-techniques teacher who has taught in a wide variety of venues. push your boundaries and test the materials while you have an expert to answer YOlfr questions. "I think the different kinds of venues can be generally separated into residential and non-residential. One of those notions is the hope that maybe they'll be "discovered. ABOVE: Ronna Barvas Weltman guides students in B personal exploration of polymer clay and wife at Bead Fest Philadelphia. I've found that if I articulate some of my students' unconscious notions. Robert Dancik is a well-respected artist and author. and try to minimize mistakes. bead stores and private craft centers are all venues which mostly target locals. Community art centers. they'll finally get to quit their day job. and which ones work best for you. or Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta. you're going to be very. Mexico. I tell my students that if I could give out an award at the end o£ the class for the most awful. 1£ you want to get the most out of your class. T gently remind them that it doesn't happen in jewelry classes. They laugh even more when [ suggest that their secret hope is that once they get discovered. "Then YOll have the somewhat newer phenomenon of festivals such as Bead Fest. consider the many options available in the instruction. 7 basics ol STEPBYSTEPWIRE." explains Dancik. and have lots of time to experiment. Once you've identified some of the more unrealistic notions about what you can get out of it. or the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. There is no creativity or learning withou. An increasingly popular niche is. COllegesand university extension programs. because whomever had made it had pushed themselves to test the materials out the most while a teache:r was there to answer their questions about it. all in one place. If you're busy worrying about how your work is going to look to your teacher and classmates. misshapen piece of jewelry produced in class Iwould. "Students can take classes with numerous teachers. where students can learn design and technique." he explains." Students may hope their teachers or classmates will not only recognize their talent. Then they totally get it.t mistakes. Residential facilities. Does that sound like it's a little too far outside of your comfort zone? It is for many people. and gets down to business. very careful.art facilities in exotic locales such as La Cascade in the South of France. we've all been guilty of thinking that. such as the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. but be blown away by their phenomenal artistry.COM . and Art and Soul. with plenty of opportunities to experience the local culture. Art Unraveled. can offer a more intensive experience.Getting the Most from a Jewelry Class BY RONNA SARVAS WELTMAN Whenever [ teach a jewelry techniques class.

The hard part is allowing yourself." Different venues offer advantages and challenges." The key to allowing yourself to tap into your own experience and voice in art is to understand that no matter how informative. precious metal day. helpful or even transfonnative a particular class is." Jewelry artist and teacher Loretta Lam agrees that empowering students to trust their own instincts is fundamental for transformational learning. I'm happiest when I'm experimenting and taking the materials beyond their aesthetic limits. the students often spend lots of time working in the studio without the teacher. whether it's a 90-minute seminar or a months-long intensive. it should always be viewed as a starting point rather than a culmination. When 1 take a class. I always turn to classmates who are sitting on either side of me and say. we have a tendency tolook outside of ourselves fat things like inspiration. "Techniques are not worth anything at all unless it allows you to express yourself better as an artist. " are not worth Techniques anything at all unless it allows you to express yourself better as an artist. "Don't worry about me or feel bad for me when you see the awful things I make in this class. Consider the selection of teachers. " Ronna Sarvas Weltman lives ion Bellevue. As a teacher. as a student. For some reason. they blend into a group mentality. I do my best to help my students understand I'm there to help them use my techniques as tools or inspiration to reach their own artistic goals. polymer clay. When you listen to your internal voice. "Because the studio is open 24 hours. Why is that? Because you'U be really ready to listen . and more focused on their individuality and their own ideas. materials and concepts being introduced to me. bone.more important -1use it as a springboard to examine where I go from there. ~ STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 8 . and that is often more easily accomplished in intensive workshops with extended studio hours. The energy becomes lifted as they Learnfrom each other. Intensive workshops. high quality semi-precious stones. your budget. and you can have a transformative experience.." says Dancik. your family life.. What she has discovered over the years is that sometimes fellow students are the key to becoming self-directed. they become more self-driven. your teacher's voice comes through to you even more clearly and powerfully. "The most important thing that 1 want students to understand from the get-go is that it's their class. and expertise. and can be found at ronnasarvasweltman. She uses sterling and fine silver. and . and he encourages students to tap into the realization of how rich their experiences are. Combine a gifted teacher and enthusiastic students with a studio." Usually they're comfortable with that. He notices that students often feel as it they need to get permission to express themselves artistically.Susan Lenart Kazmer leads students on a weak-long ert jewelry IIXplQratlon at La 'Oascade In thesou\t1 of Francs. Take as many classes as your budget and calendar will allow. withher husband and two sons. while others can rent a room in the hosting hotel or close by. Working in that intense situation.com. guidance. What makes a class successful for a student usuaUy has little to do with the venue. leather and found objects to craft artisan jewelry. Most important. Her work has been featured in a number of magazines. or time off work when exploring them. My sense is it's all right there for the taking. glass beads. 'But it works far two reasons: I use my time in the classroom to get a thorough understanding of the techniques. When they do that. listen to the voice within that guides your artistic journey. Trust me. They ultimately get much more out of it. usually include studios that are open around the clock. Lam also teaches ln a variety of venues and formats.. which last from several days to months and have on-site lodging. I'm a poster child for thinking there's no creativity without mistakes. Wash. and to learn.

and it always bothered me that judging the length of a Viking Knit piece was a best-guess situation.. aboUt 6' • Dar(( gr. 1~ • Allen key tl1ex wrencti). and this eliminated guesswork as to the length of my pieces. it also led to this bracelet design when I was playing with some samples for my Viking knit class..grawplate FIUSII cutters • Chain nose pfters • &!ntnose pllBrs fW Shapillg' loptf~~ 10 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Win~er 201 0 . With a few increases.12 • Light{JF88f13mm tMcon~ c~~.GorgelUI holiday-colored crystals woven in Viking knit. please see "Trichinopoly Chaimoork" by Kathleen Pierce in the Winter 2009 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry. or download theptoject at www. 3 • Red 4mm blCQllfl crystals.fllifJOG round sterling wi!'!. some shaping.. Indirectly. and with some crystaI bllng.interweavestore.la4') • 26 -. 4t'I'Im blcone i:ryStaIt. at least }j troy oil.'8bout Editor's note: This project requires a good working knowledge of Viking knit. To learn Viking knit..lEVEL 0 Q. this bangle was born! • 24-gauge rou!'l~ ~rn"" wIIW.g. y." ·.12 • D8fk red 6mm bfcone c~. SKJU. I found a way to draw my chain right up to within a Jh_" of my work on the Allen wrench.com.g 0 BY BE:rH HElBERG I hate wasting silver.

gently wire basics at STEPBYSTEPWIRE. You should be able to have the drawn ends touch and still be able to remove your hand. As you work these stitches. Work one or two rounds to secure it. You may need to draw through one smaJler hole yet. loop. Carefully pull it back out. depending on your Wrist Size. Work two more normal stitches. Remove the work from the wrench. will feel when it is time to stop. 6 Work another two stitches as usual. going around every 8 This round increases the work from nine to 12 stitches. Add more knit and draw again if necessary wire. Repeat two more times. Remember flaring the work." You should now have seven loops around. Wrap it around your 4 to When your work Is the correct length. remove the temporary 5 The work will be increased from six stitches to nine stitches in wrist to check the measurement. and you should have nine loops total. and carefully bring the work through the first appropriate drawplate. then make a loop in the next rib. 3 . to gently push the stitches out. replace the work on the mandrel. make an increase in the next rib. You will now have eight loops around. Use scrapwire temporarily hold the ends together. work Viking knit as usual. This is an "increase. to add more length. You should have a total of nine stitches. Stop when it cannot be drawn further and pull it back out.gh the next hole with your work still on the mandrel. including the three new loops you made. this next round. Remove the work from the wrench. depending on the appearance of your work after the second draw. and make a loop 7 For the next round. use your non-dominant thumb to gently press the stitches out a bit. Work two stitches as usual. Keep the work as even as possible. because the work will grab the ma:ndrel. You 2 DraiN throu.COM 11 . wrench. work a loop In the next rib. Leave about 1 " of knitting stili around the hole on the until the drawplate is almost touching the end of the wrench.1 Work single Viking knit six~around until your piece measur~s about 5"-6". and begin a new wire about 5' long. Work (increase) in the next rib. and you will not be ablato advance the plate any further. three normal stitches. and double check that you have 12 stitches.

be afraid to really squeeze push the work out. Repeat this three more times. Alternately string four 15 Take the starting end of the knitting and feed it into the bell. Using the pointed end of bent nose pliers. coming back through as close to the leaves as posslble. both ends to snug the wires. and fold this tall down around the wire. Keep using your thumb 10 rile last round of increases will leave you with 16 stitches. Make the stitch in two separate motions: first pull the wire straight across the piece. flaring it into Work three normal stitches. work a loop in the next rib. as close to the first as possible. go back through BOTH ends of the bracelet. The picture shows this with a blue bead. cut a 4' length of 26g wire. elongating it slightly. your fingers are doing the work of the drawplate. File the end. and when the wire is snug. Repeat around the bell until all 16 crystals are secured. Since the work can no longer go through a drawplate because of the flare. Remove the scrap wire. and twist two times to secure. then finish making the loop. 3mm and 4mm crystals. and holds it In place. You may need to repeat compressing opening a few times to get the stitches evened out. make a loop wH:hthe crystals. and Carefully make the next stitch. opening it up and flaring It.9 to Work one normal round of 12 strtches. Do not the bell shape. and clip the 12 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 201 0 . 11 Gently compress all around the trumpet with your fingers. Using a hole next to where the wire came out. 14 For the holly. and leave a tail of about t/s'. push around the bell. and check that you 16 stitches. Do not dip the wire. the work. Use scrap wire to hold the piece together while you doubJe check the size. and slide it next to the last stitch made. have 12 Stretch the trumpet open again with your fingers. Make another leaf on each of the wire tails. being careful not to break the crystal. Center them on the wire. Clip the wire. Wrap the shorter wire under the leaves twice. Work one last round of 16 normal stitches. Pullan end closely. Bring each end of the holly wire through the bracelet so that it penetrates the starting end. 13 Pick up one 4mm crystal.

a piece worked in sfx~arsund h~s siX stitches.Fine .SoIlAexCompony.~.36 rom) . i:I'i_~tt Free Pn:. [<JIlIn".Medium .com.014"(0. Slide the crystal up to the leaves. she spends every free minu te either playing with wire or beads.mai}.reached at bethplease@g. For example.411mm) . 9 16 Use the other wire to pick up one 6mm • For these e_x(!jla[l_a~ions-. and clip wire close to the work. ~. . Wrap around entire assembly two times.024 Lengths: 30ft.0AlJ4A_"'1 nnovat'Ion Y"r/f7 O!1o/from GJ!fIJ!J.com Extreme'" Wire Is olso available In: Diameters: . and wrap the wire behind a leaf to secure.COM "" 13 . or frequenting her new second home-her local bead store. each time going behind a different leaf.024" (0.~' ~ Spool Length: 10rt(3m) Total Length: 30 It (9 m) Diameter Sets: . Repeat two more times. !'stitch~ reefers to the ioope9 portion of the wire and I'rib" refers to the straig'l'lt portion between loops. and six ribs.Heovy GoI_ ~Ing.)eclldaal ora cvdllaole·ot www.crystal.019" (0. Now hopelessly addicted. A "round" is workll'rg one. 50 ft & 500 ff Colors: 24k Gold 925 sterling Silver &Chompogne Toll Free Phone (866) 925-FLEX (3539) wire bcslcs ot STEPBYSTEPWIRE. Beth Helberg Metal allergies and a limited budget introduced Beth to the joys of jewelry making..014. stitCh in every stitqh DAet/me.61 mm) . She can be .019 & .

• Access_projectS ihstanttyto get going with wire right away • Master wire basics with everything you need to know about-wire. and tools • Work at your awn p~e: start and stop the lesson at your convenience Leatn h w to create_st~n.l NTERWEAVL . bracelets.ning earrings/.es from the downloadable video .Add strength and distinctive beauty to your designs with wire'techniqu.Alb .-metal$. pend~nts and more~all at ~dllr own computerl • Build en this foundation of techniques with your own ingenuity to make countlesspiece_5"! I fltr..

liIt~rS .broided sl vep bracelet Craft wire braid with a beaded fO(.ol dasp.@.COM 15 . Ro~ndnose pliers' • Plat nbsePlrets wire bosicso: STEPBYSTEPWIRE.@ ~ BY FRANCES HARPER The materials specified are enough for an 8" braid. If you braid really tightly. you will end up with a shorter braid" If YOll have a larger wrist. you could make the bracelet with a larger stone and a Wider knitting needle. packing the strands closer together. • FI4Sfi c. SKILL LEVEL ..

and hold the center underneath the use another method that holds the mandrel horizontally above the table. so that it ends the front. Bring the right end up between the first and second wires. Bring the right end up between the second and third wires. Repeat with the right end. Bend it over 7 Take the top left wire. and mark the centers by bending 3 Take the first piece of wire. Bend the right over so it crosses the left. Repeat with the top right wire. If necessary. Hold the center underneath the mandrel. them slightly with your fingers. Bring it up in the middle of the four wires on the right. or 2 Cut four 24" pieces of 20g wire. and pull it firmly around the back of the the top and down toward you. It will cross over two wires. and ends in the front. beneath the crossover of the first wire. and bend it over the mandrel and down toward you. up behind the other two wires. Bend the left end of the wire over the mandrel. and bring the left end up between the first and second wires. You have all the wires on the mandrel. Place the yogurt carton at the edge of the tab lie. 6 Take the last piece of wire. Bring the left end the mandrel.1 Push the mandrel through a yogurt carton as shown. 4 Take the second piece of wire and hold the center underneath 5 From here on. crossing the second and third wires. start with the left end. It will cross over the first and second wires. the wire must always cross over two wires. Take the third piece of wire. Bend it over the mandrel and down toward you. crossing the third wire and itself (fourth). and hold the center under the mandrel. pull on the four ends on each side until the wires are lying parallel and equally spaced. and down toward you. so the table does not get in the way of the wires as you work. Again. and bend it over the top and down toward you. as before. mandrel. 16 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 . over the top and down toward you. the second wire and itself (third). crossing two wires. mandrel. Bend rt over the mandrel and down toward you. so that it crosses over the first wire.

' silmply. needle. 10 11 B{:!nd the20g wire around the " . .. $~'&. 8 Repeat Step 7 until the wire has been oompletely To make the clasp. Toferrn hooks. sid_e61the bead.? for an a I~ bJald. position each new wrap below the existing cnes. more'.braided.y. You may find it quicker.Once you have eomoleted the first circle.bead. '.so they wadually enclose the back of the bead.' The length of t~@ br. Slide the braid off the mandrel. once yoU have the 'method mastered.fraii!1 seerr. wire basics of STEPBYSTEPWIRE. and wrap it around the other end of the clasp wire. let the wire end extend into t'he bead.l thiOker R/'JitJlflf) Bend the other end around in the same way. Ifcypu Use \.!¥ seC~i~n 1~§Jvihg(me longer wire eriQ. 9 • For a fleat braid. Wrap th51wire by first passing over ths.n€lr. QuSh it b. 17 .use. pass the 18g wife through the bead. Pinch the bend tight using flat hose pliers."l off the me_s:.tfI.. Trim the excess wire. and back 'over the top .l beliii 8lf the'other wire tips inw8rs so they W01J't snEi§. bend both ends ofthe clasp around the mandrel.s misshapen when y. Using the remaining 20g wire. Always use the top wire. first passing over the top.COM 12 Repeat on the?ther · 13 Oontinue.ou bra/d}he wke. and braid with your right hanc. and bend the enQ$ up into the back cif the weave. you wifl neelj 'to .Qead has been wrapped five or six times on eaoh side.top. You can temporarily slip·the braid off the mandrel to remove it from the yogurt Garton. until the . finiS'1 ooc'h m€7ve_t~at.by r~""iepsioning tRe wirs".Ifthe.fn. start each move. Continue from end to end of the . Hold the mandrel as shown in your left hand.'bit mes~. The given length i$p/~/llt. wra. to hold the mandrel insteaddi uSing the yogurt carton.beforfJ rtrdeJing the n~xt l:Jf]nd:.ack ante t'he mf. spacM Md ataoonsistemtan@1# .j rB~shaf)~ q@/?. anr..&a . • If the f!>.pe. then underneath. Watsh as ¥(. sidebf the bead.f!.ou h~ve b~t:1t it aroufilq your wri$t. If the bead hole is big enough for the wire to pass through twiCE!.)U.$ end to form a ICi@(p.l. then underneath.b~jnnlng ofthe braid . and trim the wire close to the bead.e! tos1r:aighten It. trnr. using round nose pILElfS.YCDu ISqve the wftes efJuallY.. and back over the top.Idwi/I depend Oll how! olosely )f. which altematss Qetweenleft and right. Bend the wire back against itself like a Mirpifl 1" from the end.p It around the bead wire close to the bead. ttil7.

Bend the braid around your wrist. and use chain nose pliers to wrap the end securely around an inner wire. WWw. leaving one wire from one side of the braid end 1" long. shorter.com Trim the other wire ends. 16 18 STEPBY STEPWIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 .synthasite. This will leave it with "spring" so the clasp will be under tension when the bracelet is latched shut. She has been designing jewelry for three years. and use round nose pliers to tuck them invisibly into the braid. unbraid any excess. Shape the bracelet so the opening is slightly wider than the length of the clasp. jubeadilation. Bend it with your fingers so the end is pushed into the braid. Trim all the wires the braid and pinch the hook closed. to become the catch loop. She can be contacted via her Web site. Her greatest joy is from sharing her designs with others through her workshops and kits. She is surprised by her own creativity and theorizes that her many years of thinking "outside the box" have transferred to her new interest. coming from a career in computer systems design. with the clasp on top to find the required length. ~ 14 Hook one end of the clasp through the beginning loop of 15 On the other end.Fronces Harper lives in the Sunshine Coast hinteiland of Australia.

·18-g&lg~ :W. The In<1terials listed ate fot a' 7" bracelet..g~ g BY LAUREN ANDERSEN One day while exhibiting ·21t jewelry show a customer asked a me ifIeould make her a chl:tin similar to the main on her husband's leather vest. 2 .li • "liloob)'8:stfand clasp Sterlil"l9:8.sIlver>tlJied seed beadS. 196 i 6ml"fl CqsI:!!Jli. .spine of the centipede Crystals embedded in chain moille.ting them down fue·c~nterofthe weave made the most sense.QtWj~ 20 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 . Thad tc? find a way to incorporate them into this bracelet.8" pleOO'bf sntt A~x® beading Wire.T'-LSwarovSlti ~e~ b~91nlnd~pphwe.Jmprings.crystels.1strand .2~ . I made a few bracelets without crystals. 2. but since I Iove. SKILL LEVEL . I came U"p with this design th·~t'€on:sjsts of two dwhlS linked to~ gether. Flo~.(ji4clear. with· adiindividual' chain eonsj$tin~ of altell)atihgJump ring rosebuds. 213 • SilVer-plated Scrlmps®.2 • 151' ~Iear.5tl'unIO $tei"lIilgjJ. But she wanted hers to be more feminine.

Add seed bead and crystals in this manner until you. 4 With an open ring. and With an open ring and scoop up the 2-ring mobis. 3 Complete another length of chain the same size as the first by repeating Steps 1-3. g wire basics ot STEPBYSTEPWIRE. Lauren was born and raised in Southern California and teaches chain maille classes both at bead and jewelry shows and privately. She can be reached at QTDesigns@yahoo. minus the length of the clasp. Take an open ring. Close the ring. Repeat on the other end with the second half of the clasp. Before closlnq. forming another mobis. Add a Scrimp® to the other end of the wire. With an open ring. Close the ring. add one closed ring. Thread a 15" bead and a crystal onto the wlre. 2 With an open ring. com. See her website TheChainMailleLady. you will have one ring. 1 Take one open Jump ring. Close the ring. This is the second chain.com. End by joining the last two single rings together. add a closed ring. and pick up the second single ring on the first chain and the second single ring of the second chaln. a single ring. Thread the wire underthe first ring in the "spine". Thread the wire through the next ring. She also has a radio show at blockheadradiolive. reach the end of the bracelet.add it to the paper clip. scoop up the first single ring of the first chain and the first single ring of the second chain. On the paper clip.COM 8 Add a Scrimp® 21 . Repeat Steps 2-3 until you reach the desired length of the bracelet. Do not let the chains flip or twist. Lauren Andersen has been weaving sterling and other metals into gorgeous chain maille for over four years. 5 6 Repeat linking the two chains together using only the single rings. 7 Connect one side of the clasp to to one end of the ~ding wire. This Is the first chain. and another s'ingle ring waiting to be made into a mobis. skip the first rnobis on each chain. the two single rings on one end of the bracelet. Close the ring. This is a two ring rnobis. Before closing the ring. and scoop up the first and second ring. Close the ring.com. scoop up the two single rings. followed by a rnobis.

is' s}jQZPn 22 STEP BY STEPWIRE JEWELRY Win~er 2010 .for a woven KunUhimo crystal bracelet.j1J.dhoped for.g 0 BY VANESS/( BLEVINS I was experimenting :with these 6mm .ed sterllitg.CW$t<il [0: nqs . until one (jay inspii:ation struck when I came.mp.1alI se£tion:o/ the itrape . SKl~l LML .fter tMUhey. across these twist. The finished brac'elet was not WHat I h<J.'~ not~: Fot the-step photlJ~. just sat around in my box. so Hook it apart. oiillll sl1. nugs.avender layers Tri-colorelllnked chain. 'Ei1iM. i'\.

wrapping them to the twisted rings on one end. Start the second row of crystals.on Row 1 by threading the first crystal with 1.. This rOw will ~ooklike it is dangling from the twisted rings. Attach the crystal to the twisted ring. Leave the other end open to be attached later. arid leaving the other end open until you get to the third row.wire (the example shows a longer wire if you wish to wrap more). 3 wire basic> at STEPBYSTEPWIRECOM 23 . Do not trim the excess. 00 not wrap: the other side of the last crystal. 1 Make wrap~ed loop links starting 2 Continue connecting middle crystals with wrapped loops with 1" pieces of wire (the example shows longer wires. to wrap more) to the twisted rings until you get to the last crystal in the row.

a local bead shop. After teaching herself many techniques by reading or trial and error. 24 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 20 I 0 . she began selling her creations. Wrap the first ring in the chain to the unfinished crystal on one side of Row 1 .ith a marker.. attach the lobster claw. open 4mm sterling rings to make closing the smaller rings a chain. and end with a twisted ring. Use a headpin to dangle this crystal from center ring of Row 9.g to the unfinished crystal on the other side of Vanessa Blevins has been crafty all her life. Wrap the first ring in the chain Row 1. wUc. ina row. and then moving to metalwork.net. . She is currently a teacher at On the Rocks. to join them all together as you go along. and use tRat'~pot each time you make thf? I@GJp. starting with stringing.4 Start the third row by wrapping the dangling second row crystals rings on the bottom. '''you hWVe. A triend introduced her to jewelry making. 5 Repeat Steps 3-4 three times. Wrap the crystals to twisted rings._tre(Jble maklMg them the $61me size' try marking the rpund nose pllefs w.e-tips is'mpc.Jftant f911this prqj$ot ttJi·tr"lakf. 6 Alternate 13 twisted rings and 13 to the twisted until you come to the last bead.1c<onsi~tentlysized wrr. Contact Vanessa at vlblevins@ bellsouth. and close the ring. • tt 7 Alternate 14 twisted rings and 13 sterling rings to make another chain. Enq with a 4mm sterling ring.f)p~ fQ(J)P"s.

9" • tQ"gauge_s~rling soft round wire. ph<. approxImately • 18mm x tomm lampwork beads. 2 • Ball silver fimm daisy sp'ac!lfS.com. 3 ·9mm>. Moon Beacti/@ from Micllaels..Qi1m pj~ . 4" (fur a mandrel) -1 B"gau~e ste~ling half hard wire...carnival bracelet A coiled show(ase for focal beads. miohaels. This is a great design for those lampwork beads that just need to be shown off. 2 • Bali silver ~mm beqds.jmi'ital GllJ$sb~ds by 8lue. synsr.00. The wrapping technique may look complicated. BaIt silver beadS from Sun's C[ysta/ & lJeaq·Supply. The bright colors are perfect as focal beads while using wire wrapping to playa supporting role. • SIlVer poliShing cloth RBSOO/'C. 7mm lan:ipwor!<bealla...g BY KAREN ECKEL I was drawn to these fun Carnival beads. $KIU LEVEL TOOLS" 5UPl!LlES • 16-ga~ge sterting half har:dwire.Metal file or nail file o.yJlm 1"..eS:L:amRWt!Jfk {'}. but it's quite simple.l 0 • Chain OO$e pliers • Round npse pliers • flush cutters . The bracelet can be made larger by simply wrapping the 20g wire seven more times for every ~" of additional length required.>/Q.4"bracelet.courtesy of'iI!e !?ulhor.ryptal. and by adding more I8-gauge wire for the bracelet base. 2 S' • Bali silver amm round beads. 'Pho/i} 01 flDi~ecI oIl 0/1. The following instructions are for a 63. o. 26 STEPBY ST~PWIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 .

Repeat to make another coil.* in reverse for the second half of the bracelet. Slide the piece off of the mandrel. 7 Repeat * . make a simple loop for the eye of the clasp. 8mm Bali beaddaisy spacer. Start coiling the second layer. for artisan jewelry and supplies on Etsy and Artfire. * another 18mm x 1Omm glass bead. 4 End the second layer with three or four tight wraps on the mandrel to anchor it. and samples of her work can be seen at studi oonthehill. daisy spacer. file one end of both the 16g and 18g wires until smooth. 6 Karen Eckel is a self-taught jewelry artisan and instructor. Put the first coil made in Step 2 back on the 169 wire. . but this time. and repeat Steps 3-5. 5 Make a large simple loop at the filed end of the 18g wire with round nose pliers. daisy spacer. daisy spacer. Slide it off and clip the ends.COM 27 . hold it with your thumb against the 169 wire to anchor it.net. Coil the 20g wire around the 16g wire 50 times. and file the end. 8 Cut the end of the 189 wire at She has designed and handcrafted jewelry over the past 25 years. coil the remaining 209 wire three or four times around the 169 wire just before the long coil you made in Step 2. leave the coil onthe 16g wire. and the first double coil. She can be contacted at studioonthehtllacomcast.net. Slide it off. 9mm x 7mm glass bead. wire basics ot STEPBYSTEPWIRE. and cut and file the ends. Leaving a 1" tail. Make a swan or S-clasp (see Wire Basics) and attach. on top of the first leaving approximately l/S" between the coils. Trim the ends. "Thread a 6mm bead. To add the second layer of wire. cut a 2 W length 20g wire. She has two online stores. 18mm x10rnm glass bead. Slide the small coil so it sits snugly against the long coil. Using round nose pliers.J1 1 Polish the wire with the polishing 2 To make the first layer of wraps. Then add a daisy spacer. Using the metal file. 3 cloth. 5/8" beyond the last bead.

or pendant • 0000 steel wool ph~'" offirllohed C9!J[Ii.are.9l!'.Oll.1a~eWith 11 eair 0i jeans using.TOOLS '& SUPPUES .r~. Flat nose or chain nose. • 20<gaug{l hat! round wire.ded for soldering. It's fan(. 2 • Clasp 'Ibis "£awr fO~ ne.t~g all the"pi¢ces lo. flulhar.r edges ij.. 28 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winler 2010 . ut w(1)):~b~ jU. soldered fi1i~ but was made without all the I!qVipr:t:le!ltnee. pi_ by Jim !aw. TaEe the pieces at thE'! 9ute.st as b • Flush cutlers . the wire coUld 15e twisted to give a more spaFkl:y appeal or roci~ed to give an antique look..wa% inspired by. 20-gauge dead soft square wire.a lantpwotk Matt. 24" • 4mm OD jump dngs.'youltAy(: '~ty ho. 011alher pholo.l'1l!lke this ~~ace Y0~wantto' wear it aU the t¢(e.getbel'}Vh"Ue wrapphjg.ad dangle at J..evening ou_t.cik1.. Once Y. 12" • Be..pliers • Chain.y'en~~gh f9. 24' e • 6mm OD jump rings.y rJf Ih.

forming a loose spiral at each end of wire. and clean with 0000 steel wool. The angle should be approximately the same as the V in Step 1. Spiral until the two meet and the wke looks like a heart. Make a simple loop to the inside on each end 1 Straighten Cut a 5' piece of 20g square wire. The pieces should be mintl!" images of each other. 8 wire basics at STEPBYSTEPWIRECOM 29 . 6 Position the pieces made in Step 6 on both sides of the heart shape. Start from the center of the V and.' . Make sure all wrapping wires end 'on the back of the piece. and the piece from Step 4 below it. Continue to curl the loops inward using flat or chain nose pliers. ~ \ f the wire. One spiral should be a little larger. Leave a space in the center of the V of the frame. 3 Cut a 4' piece Of 209 $qu13J8 wire. as those will be placed toward the center of the piece. ) \ ). the heart form from Step 3 above it. to hang the pendent. work outward. Adjust the pieces as needed. and bend into a V at the center. Squeeze the wrapping wire firmly after each wrap. Leave a 14' tail. With round nose pliers../\ /' . turned toward the side to hold onto while starting the wraps. wrap both of first two pieces to the V frame with one wrap. _--- . 2 Continue to curl inward with flat nose or chain nose pliers to make large loose spirals. and bend it into another similar-angled V. Cut a 6%" piece of 20g square wire. and bend it into a wide V shape for the large frame. You can bend both at the same time to keep the pieces Identical. Curl the ends of the wire toward the center with round nose pliers until half of a loop is formed on each side. Place 10 wraps to show on each side..: ./' " ( '. bend both ends downward into half loops. 7 Using pieces from the 24" of 20g half round wire. 4 Place the V frame in the middle. 5 Cut two 4" pieces of 20g square wire. and bend them into opposite spirals forming an S shape.

~ 11 Attach Sharon Herr finds her wire wrapping passion to be relaxing and meditative. She can be contacted through the Web siteof her upstate New York bead store.corn. and polish. where she teaches classes in wire wrapping and other jewelry making techniques. 9 Wrap the remaining two pieces secured to frame to the spirals of the heart with small pieces of half round wire three times to show. 30 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 . This will make it easier to thread the wire through the loop without kinking. Use a 2" piece of half round wire to wrap outermost scrolls to frame. Squeeze the wire after each wrap. 10 Wrap the two pieces just the . and add the clasp to one side.Chains t~ the loops of frame With 4mm Jump rings.totheframe using three wraps to show for each connection. neat her home. She is often found stopped on the side of the road. Attach 6mm jump rings to the ends of both chains.lotusbeads. Each piece has two connections to the frame. Attach the bead dangle pendant to the center of the V frame using the bailor wrapped loop. Cut the chain into 6" pieces. Remove any scratches with 0000 steel wool. trying to capture the inspiration for her next project with a camera.

so the pattern holds its shape. SKILL LEVEL . Experiment with different Japanese patterns. and make super gifts! You can make a matching pair.g rings. Pre-close the small rings. or you can randomly place the colors on each tree. and weave the bi. and doesn't fall onto itself. This is a very simple Japanese 6-in-l pattern and can be done by pre-dosing one size and weaving the other.Chain m.aiUe Christmas trees. there are the odd spots where this gets very tight.9~ BY SHELLEY HUBBS These festive chain maille Christmas tree earrings are a great holiday addition to your jewelry collection.COM 31 . and it's easier to add-a couple single small rings into these spots. However. wire basics ot STEPBYSTEPV\IIRE. You can also use an individual tree as a pendant. but it is quite important to have the sizes right.

This ring will go through the orange pair and the peacock pair. the gold rings. and specialize in manufacturing top quality saw-cut jump rings. the peacock rings.com Add another large green ring going through the small green rings from Step 6. and orchid rings. ring through the red. and she designs tutorials and project kits. Add two small green rings. 6 Shelley Hubbs is a. Add four more small rings. Add another large green ring beside the other ring. Add four (two pairs) small colored rings. 4 As in Step 2. 3 For the third row you'll need eight pairs of colored small rings. attach one each to the two bottom middle rings. Put one large green ring through the yellow pair. instead add two orfour small rings as shown. Canadian chain maille artist. Add a large green ring to the fuchsia small rings added in Step 2. and the amber rings. Repeat Steps 1-8 for the other earring. Shelley and her husband Joseph own Metal Designz Canada. and add six small rings (three of the eight pairs). and add two small green rings. If you find that it's getting too tight to add rings at this point. Inc. gold. g 32 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Wi nter20 10 . 7 8 Finish the row by adding the large green ring through the small green rings. join the next large Add the last large green ring in this row.. and fuchsia rings. 5 Add another large ring through the small green pair added in Step 5. Take four large green rings and six small green rings. and add an earwlre. Shelley enjoys traveling to bead and craft shows to share her work with others. 11 2 Add a large green ring to the first two colored small rings added in Step 1. and the orange rings. and then add the last pair of rings individually. It will Join the amethyst and orange small rings. Add the last two small green rings. Add six small rings (three pairs). Add a large green ring to the green small rings 'in Step 1 . and add four small colored rings in pairs of like colors . Attach the third to the previous two acded. Add two green small rings. and add six small colored rings. Her background and degree in education form a natural bas for her to teach chain maille weaves. With three brown rings.Open one large yellow ring. Visit her Web site at metaldesignz.

TOOLS & SUPPLIES • 18-gauge round halt hard sterling wire. 14' for making 12mm jump rings (or purchased 12mm 00 jump rings) • 18-gauge haH hard hiM round sterling wire. 2 W • 20-gauge sterling silverround wire.all peen hammer • Bench block • Masking tape • Polishing cloth (optiona[) . 2 %" • Large wooden dowel or round 11mm mandrel • 8mmGrystalllzedTM~Swarovskl • Sharp ie fi ne tip marker • Round nose pliers • FI at nose p Hers • FI ush cutte rs ElemeJlts teardrop crystal • B.

Place round nose pliers at the tip of the wire bundle In the middle of the jaws of the round nose pliers. The loops wilJ sit slightly over the first wrap on each side. 8 wire bosks 01 STEPBYSTEPWIRE. There should be a jump ring on each end of the bracelet. and make a slight angled hook toward the back.e.4 " from the end of the wire. and set aside. 5 Remove the masking tape. }2" from the center of the Take a 1 1f2" length of 189 half round wire. and coli it 18g half round wire.COM 35 . and seven 1 1. Ensure that the all flat. Place three 1 " half round wres side by side. Make adjustments as needed. Repeat Steps 2-6 until you have a total of seven links. Cut eight jump rings from the coil. There should be two wraps on each side of the center mark. Be careful not to pull too tight or the three flat wires will slip over one another. 7 Connect the jump rings and links together.2" lengths of 3 Mark at bundl. and make a loop. 4 Plaoe the hook around the center mark on the bundle. 2 Cut 21 lengths at 1" each. so that they are flat next to each other. Remove them from the dowel. Place the flat nose pliers about 1. 6 Trim the wrap wire on the back. Place a small piece of masking tape on each end to hold them in place.sides of the wire are onthe same side.around the wooden dowel to form the jump rings. flat side of the wire. Turn It over and repeat on the other side. 1 Cut a 14" length of 189 round wire. and wrap four trnee to show. and clean off any residue with a polishing cloth.

wordpress. Terri Richards having a certification in Interior Design. using a range of stringing techniques and jewelry components • Expert instructions. led her to create from pieces that were damaged. she started with simple stringing and quickly stepped up to bead embroidery. She began working with wire over a year ago. Place the teardrop crystal on the wire. See more of her work by visiting terrifayejewelry. Completely self-taught.g. Her first beaded collar was honored as a finalist in the 2008 Fire Mountain Gems & Beads Contest. use round nose pliers to coil the wire until it meets the end of crystal bead. Starting from the end of the wire. plus the hottest and best products in the bead marketplace • A wide range of wireworking techniques to enhance your stringing projects 34~~~~c .t.. and needed to be reworked.9 end Cut one 1 W' piece of 20g wire and make a wrapped loop at one end using the widest part of the jaws of the round nose pliers.com or call (800) 782-1054 *I( not completBly satisfied keep your FREEissue and return t~e bill marked "cancel" and owe nothing. fashion-sawy bead designs sure to inspire you to create your own fabulous jewelry. eas ye.Q.com. Terri's heart always came back to her favorite hobby of collecting Vintage Jewelry. for $25 orlessl ITRlke 13 pr'cJoc. stringingmagazine. com or her blog at terrifayejewelry. 10 Make a simple hook (see Wire Basics). Attach to the one of the bracelet. 18 b~. Stringing magazine is chock-full of new.-rlnq. Attach the hook to the other end of the bracelet. Subscribe today and get a FREE TRIAL ISSUE! In each issue you'll find: • More how-to project designs than any other beading magazine. . This love for collecting.. 36 STEP BY STEP W1RE JEWELRY Wlnler 2010 .

ERIC ELIAS-Seneca Falls. and I made the spirals With a torch and fine sliver.ted In rhe collecllng. 1. When the ship crested tile sand dune be. agate chips. wrapping. yet il was sand (wilh lIIe help of all those white crabs).PA Copper Sunrise Ipurchased a buckle factory and own a few thousand buckles.cqrnlsllOP·Php?user_id=6680497 . /I has square. ·and s smoky quartz. LORI ANDERSON-Eas!an. 2. ANGEUCA MmZKIN -Ashkelon. ti appeared 10 be sailing on the sea. You sassy Spirals MD Imade this necklace in response to customers who loved one I made for myself With HU6E.wi reWoJtk. PATRICIAZIRIN KRONHEIM-King of Prussia. Ifound lots of metal jewelry parts and bflgan to coordinate them with semi-precious stones and big beads This necklace is made with agare. I fell Ilove with /low mafleahle wire Is.vel)' over-tIle. 5.etsy./ore entering into the sea. MARY FLEMING-Raymond. tfJe buckle Chain was bam. to me that I could use rhe buckles as !ound art and voila. which gives it lhe 3-dimensional look. /I features yellow heltdor. The back is silver chain. Czech crysl1Jls seed beads and Beadsmith silver colored wire. 4.tOp! But people wanted something a bit less Wild The lampwork beads are oy Honey Beads accented cen see more of my buckle c/lain designs with SWaro'lSkl crystal. round. WA Treasures Cache Bracelet was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: AI Worlds End. The wire was designed to appesr as wavas upon the sea. and half-round wire from 18g to 26g. Israel Violet Sunset Aller a taking a wire and bead workshop. NY This piece is made of multiple types and gauges of soft sterling silver wire.com WM1( 2 3. beadrealm. All my pieces are inspired by my eight year old son who is so interer.b. polishing. One day II occurred. STEP [BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Wi nler 201 0 httpi/wWw. long spirals . and digging of crystals. The juxtaposition of the sand and a gallery of original designs sea inspired the design. blue aquamarine. ho/ding Ireasure within its depths.

. jaw pliers • 4R1m OD.andlump" rffio.oom.~artfq" ticwirB. pliefS• Flufib Clltters .CQM 39 . • Roun.~ thrnll· ~ W1ie~!AitJStW.$beails ttOh1 'tkadF~. CtijIln np!I6.loopy spa rkler brace et Jig-formed components with Czech glass.d.m. ~ SKILL LEVEL g.com" GI~. I realized that by lining them up in a flat square and linking them with beads.m IfIjB MtIurJt!IirjifBtTW ~ BQ.. ~ (JJ.g.J~f1iIiIfX.J(Jq. saves time and is great for making consistent shapes.6 • Silver plated Slide. J came across this bracelet design truly by accident. silver ~ jump 1'f~.tube' qI. 'fI~CDm: ' - ~4 wire bosits 01 STEPBYSTEPWIRE. 1'J. . PI~rs ~ ~r'I ~WIf8' fig 'lJi\fI nine small P~9ll!• ~m OZech firs polish beads. BY JACQUELINE TRERISE Making wire components on a jig is fun and easy.Om!. At the time I was creating a diagonal square to be used in a pall: of earrings. I could create this light and airy bracelet.

pull a length of wire. Form a simple loop. and the top peg. It will not lie flat at this point. Alternatively. 5 6 Working off ofthe spool. and thread on 24 beads. Use nine of the smallest pegs. 4 Remove the wire component from the jig . Repeat Steps 2-5 create six more components. Make a loop to fit comfortably over the center peg on the jig. 7 Lay a comoonent on the work surfaCe so that is sits square. and repeat 17 more times. Continuing through. Press the component gently between the jaws of the nylon jaw pliers to flatten. and the second peg from the top. 2 and around the side corner peg.. and exit between the top corner peg and the second peg on the opposite side. 3 Bend the wire downward Bend the wire' 'downward and around the second peg from the top. Slide one bead down. Grasp the end of a piece of wire about 1. Cut seven 6" pieces of wire. Continue around the peg to form a figure 8. Form loops on the remaining six beads so that one loop is at a 90" angle to the other (Group B). and form a simple loop on top of the bead. you can work right from the spool. This length will gJV8 you a bit of excess wire for handling as you loop around the pegs of the jig. and Elxit between Hl8 second peg from the top. Continue in this manner until you have looped around all the remaining pegs. making sure the loops are facing in the same direction (Group A). cross the wrss. Cut away the bead link. Slip the loop over the center peg with the tall exiting between the side corner peg. Attach an A link to each of the three loops down the side by opening a loop on the bead link. 8 40 STEP BY STEPWIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 .1 Set the jig on the work surface so that it sits square. Repeat to connect all A lihks and components. and arrange them In a diagonal square. Continue on the other side of the A links to attach another .4" down from the tips of the round nose pliers. Trim the excess wire. Attach and close It.component.

and is a member of the North Coast Artist's Cooperative.tips • Turning the jtg with your (iOn-dominant hana will help in guidlng the ovyiretbr€}!Jgh the Pf. She has worked and taught in a Localbead shop. wire work... attach one side of the clasp to the links.E"COM 41 . 9 Attach three B links to on~ end of the bracelet.fJS.w{fl' craat!3a sh@rier bre.~ueo • sterling Silver Take your chainmaille to th e next I eve 1.can be reached through her Web sites at www. .com.jacquiet. Keapin minfJ that tM siz. Pr-e_ssi"'B a finger of YPUf non-dominant hand against the previous: /00f) matJebn the jig wUl kffflf) it from . the local art gallery. and working with polymer clay and PMC. and is currently serving on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. USing the Jump rings.get'beads WIll create a longer braGe/et wf:lera . ~ Jacqueline Irerise resides in British Columbia.$:.etsy.l$ • Swarovskl • JAX Chemicals o • Books ~ecelve d FRU pair of pliers with cny $50 order enter code KAF 01 checkout wire basics at STEPBYSTEPWIR.you tum the next loop.ead. Lai.as smafler I:. lifting of( as. • TOOls 0°~ Be(1(. • Changing the be9.• FinQings • Vlnlag.cf3let. She. or email heratjtrerise@cilytel. Repeat on the other end of bracelet.ate maf/Y ejjfferent looks for this bracelet. .Nww. She enjoys off loom bead weaving.~Qf the PfJa~s"wi'lf cfil1ngf) the size of the -furaeefet.net ~ut.caor.wiJte.d~ carr Gf'@.jacquelinesjewelry.

nKI~skl S»J'!1e~ (. 2 • 'E8!\Y1riis • ctlalilllOM crift Wlnii PlIeiJ • BoImd nose.~!8rs • f\at Milt pliers !' Flush huttws 42 STEP BY STEPWIREJEWElRY Win~er 2010 . • 16-~auge sllver·pl8bidBeadSmlth :. 11 'WJ11C 19mm Grystalll.Bend geometric sha. I use Beadbmith silvercplated IB-gau.r:ystBIS (5556).pes and add crys'tals! SKILL LEVEL g.ge wire.g g BY LILIAN CHEN The key to this design is to work with the wire's natural curve out of the package.which comes in a coil in the package of about a 4" diameter.

wire basks (J! STEPBYSTEPWIRE. Make around the longer wire a couple of times. Ma.~ Grasp the wire just under where they cross with fiat nose pliers. This finishes the front side of the earring.. Grasp one wire about 2/1l" from the end. I 2 Rep. Adjust both shapes.. Trim. 3 Grasp the wire about 1W' from the first angle to 4 Thread the beads on both triangles.ke a 900 bend. wrap the shorter end of the wke make the second 900 bend.. a 90 0 horizontal bend on the other earri ng to form an identical triangle. Repeat for the other earring. Repeat with the other earring by grasping both earrings together-. 5 and J .CQM 43 . forming a triangle. mak[ng sure they cross at the same spot.eat Step 1 for the other eamng.1 Cut two 15" pieces of wire.

Repeat on the other earring. See her Etsy page at http://goldgatsby. and will offer a wire workshop on ~ Creative Cruise with CRYSTALLlZEDTM_Swarovski Elements. 9 Adjust the shapes on each earring. / l 6 Grasp the top of the triangle at about W' from the 7 Grasp the wire where it meets 8 ~ Make another 900 bend 1" from the angle you just made to wrap. She was a finalist in Bead and Dream Design contest in 2008. and is a frequent contributor to several beading magazines.com 44 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winler 2010 . Repeat for the other earring. the other earring. Trim. Repeat for form a triangle. Italy.. Repeat for the other earring. and the front. wrap. She has taught at several venues around the country. and a semi-finalist in Create Your Style Design contest. and one week wire workshop ill Cortana. 11 Place the earwires on the top bends. Lilian Chen is a bead and wire artist from California.etsy. 900 angle. so it comes down in the middle of the front shape. and make a horizontal bend to form a make a sharp vertical bend back. at the midpoint between ~ the wraps.=-"'-~ ((1\ ! .-~.com or contact her at lilian888crystals@yahoo. making sure they cross 10 Wrap the tail a couple times directly across from the first at the same spot. A member of Create Your Style with Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements Ambassador team.

1-5 • 7mrn·x 5mm marquis center"drUled gam~t Finely twisted neckpiece. andJ'Q1JcMaisaincrease the-length of the mainS if you prefer it longer.garnet vine necklace TOOLS & SUPPUES • 2fr-gauge dead soft wirll. stone USA. Pholo <51 Fmijh.g (5cm) BlY MAl SA'I"G-FL0RES This is an elegant design.garnet • Spring ring clasp • 3mm x 4mm flatllable chllin." (1-25cm) • 4mm jump ring~.g.6mm flat cabla'chain. i1" (280m) • Flat nose pliers • Round no$e ~liers • Flush cutters • Ruler • Gaggles th~ marqlJi!i. The supplies listed make up to an HI" adjustlhle n ~ lace. .'i!_p!8Ce eolfl~y. (212) bY Jim Ii""t..""f IHe . 011 o/her ph"l0~ 46 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 201 0 .f • 1..Gemstones from 447-5268..g. Resou(ce. SKILL LEVEL gems.great for special occasions.. 6 • 701m x ~mm flat teardrop."I/oO!.. 4' 1y..~" • Chain Inose. It's made wjtb two vines that grow Qut symmetci'ca1ly frem the center.pliers gem .". J6" without adjustments. 2 • smmx 4mm marquis center-drilled ~arnet gems. You can cho9se any center-drilled gemstpne in§teAd (..

e. and slide it down to the loop. bottom for the sixth.it aside. and bend the wire back wrapping it along the bottom side of the stone. This forms the stem of the vine between the gems. close the loop. Insert the end of one of the 1. the bottom wire for the fourth gem. Bend the wire back along one side of the gem. 7 After you insert and wrap the the shape of the stems between the gems to look like a vine. Insert a garnet gem on the top wire. twist the wires five times. and make a wrapped loop. and twist twice. but this time insert the gem on the bottom wire. Hold the gem with one hand. and wrap the wire three times. Repeat Step 5. Use flat nose pliers to hold the two wires. and slide it down. 5 You will begin to grow one side of the vine. and twist them 10 times.COM 47 . Repeat Step 2 on the opposite side. You can begin on either side. and begin a wrapped loop with the remaining wire. 1 Cut 1W of the 26g wire and put 2 Insert a small 6mm x 4mm marquis garnet on the outside wire of the set of wires.5W' pieces. Cut the remaining 4' of wire in half. Repeat this step with five more small gems. 4 Keep the two sets of wires separate. cut one of the wires. and with three of the large marquis gems each time alternating the wire (i. Cut any remaining wire to make it snug. Wrap it twice around the wire that holds the gem. Wrap the wire twice around the wire that holds the gem. Use round nose pliers to hold them at the center. Hold the two 2' wires together parallel to each other. 8 Use round nose pliers to curve wire basics ol STEPBYSTEPWIRE.). Make one full twist at a time. 6 . top wire for the fifth.6mm chains. and cut the 1 . etc. and Gross them once. use the top wire for the third gem. Grab just above the X (crossed wires) with flat nose pliers. top for the seventh. 3 Twist the two sets of wires one time. last large garnet gem.6mm chain into two .

She is tbe co-author of Wrapped in Gems. a book about gemstones and wire wrap techniques. 9 To begin to grow the vine on the the necklace with a jump ring. downloadable project and design guide. and at Henri Bendel trunk shows. and attach it on the wrapped loop in the center of the vine. She sells her jewelry at EDGE*nyNOHO.t"of the 26g wire and make a briolette wrap (See Wire Basics) on the fiat teardrop garnet gem. Sf! Mai Sato~Flore5 is a jewelry designer based in New York City.s. making sure to alternate the wire on which you string the stones.letp you: • Master 6 of Beading Daily's most popular designs • Skip the guessworkwith detailed tools & materials lists • Avoid do~overs with illu. Strengthen your skills and your designs with wirewrap ping .com. and twisting techniques in this FREE r6-page. 10 Attach the clasp to one end of 11 Use the 111. Mai can be contacted through her Web site at maiflores. Repeat Steps 7-8. this eBook will boost your wire strengths and !.opposite side. Attach the 2" of 3mm x 4mm chain as an extender chain to the other end with another jump ring. insert a small garnet gem on the bottom wire. Seigo.trated. and repeat what you did on the first vine with six small gems (not seven). coiling. No matter rour skill level. and three large gems. use the flat nose pliers to twist the two wires 10 times. step-br~step instructions \ 48 All for free! \ beadingdaiLYecom STEP BY STEP W1RE JEWELRY Winter 2010 .

. _-. INTERWEAVE.com . contempor:ar~ jewe1rx designs with I. Sharilyn Miller's new book Contemporary Copper jewel-fiY.CONTEMPORARY COPPER J&WELRY :'>' DISCOVER mE VERSATILITY OF COPPER Create one-of-a-kind.'l! ~\r. inteiweevestote.:. 'r..'. . - -_ 128 paa~s A~ailable now $7'2·95 ISBN: 978·1 ~5£i668~14i3·9 ~. r J... II wellppric'ed alternative -. l-(..to sliver. A collection of top jewelry artists have designed 17 STYLISH PROJECTS using copper.il!".

b9a<i.com ceramiC Toggl8$' frOm Mad Abl)yt Beads blere's a §reat" Unlql. BOO CbestartlalS Parkway.lrQc.alllrnormatlOn and high-$olutionphotoo to Sl.loads.cbm o~ as TrInk. images-in-stone. WWW. Wide selection available! WWI/V. Suite 100. (io~) 339~3319 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 201 0 . Need to learn how to stamp? A free tutorial on the Web site shows you how.sonoranbeads. Pfl 19355.galenabeads.s. Great ~Iecrtion of clasps and lampwork beads. Of snail m. Bla.)$$1 Trihkets by T rry t~ ul'lique square beoo' caps. perfect for bead crochet.lson at: sl'ic~dson@interweave. please visit the Web site for sellers near you. or go to www.beaducation. Bead Caps.ByT. rnarmo.l~d artlst>Sar.venetianbeadshop.re Bead caps Looking fo ~p'erfect ~ps to . other sh$pes aet the a)i. MaIVsm. personalize them by stamping design or a phrase right on ill Rings available in sizes 6-10. Beautiful blue inchiostro beads.tuctheWs1llreugheut the year. www.$W~ b'Y-T &qu.:tleecRt. and Morel Vintaj Natural Brass Co.mli.2010 Product Preview BY SARA RICHARDSON. there'q a shape and a stamp for everyone! Check out their sterling rings . Retail. great for bracelets! Frames and bezels are useful for pendant projects.ls. com. for earrihg§ anCl penc.jants 1hat' use 6mm and8mm (5601) cu. check out the pendants and beads from Rlverstone Bead Company..vintaj..nks. They have extensive lines of drilled beach stones. Associate Editor All Qhotos (except for feMaille Kits) by Jim LiBwson WHen inquiring ab0U! JI1I5too Itjl . and dichroic sparklers are also available. findings and beads In copper. Fused.. (480) 664-7093 Brass Bezels.eorn.§.com.Step by stBf) Wire JBW9If'/. please mBlitiorl you saw If in Step by step Wire Jewelry's 201 0 Pfoduct Rreviaw To SUbmit !.IZED~- flro •I» • 50 ~u1. coral. Unique brass clasps connect everything together. com. kumihima..riverstonebead. (650) 654-7791 bifads. shells. wood Ojlme beads. Bead caps are great for knitted wire or Viklng knit.QabI:>utbooP.be findings.Gontact asseclateeditor Sara Richari.J&cl8spl Mad About Beads offers I. Lampworked endcaps and cones are also available.G.ion with a new line of borosilicate beads featuring beach Images ." . Ceram. and :$Pira. mouthblown battuti beads. silver. a dlirect importer of Venetian beads.e $'I? -contemporary and c~. Wholesale only at www. has the quality brass findings you're looking for. www. scailops.Trlnkets. wRiiaa and I~pwoft:< Wire serves a§'the bar.cflowers.b£i SlJ~lflloaMoK Qm the wide selection· of vfn~g.com.. hearts.Ia RICbardsOO.£JiJ with ). and so much more. curved glass can be used as a pendant or in a bracelet. Great' Beaducalion Feeds the Need to Stamp Beaducalion Is the source 10 get one-ofa-kind stamps and stamping blanks. Venetian Glass Is Hot If you're looking for interesting Venetian glass.com.)s I'Tl$lde by sta. com. www. and Viking knitl There's so much more to explorel www. look no further than the VenetiaR Beaq Shop. (21 9) 939-2050 Beachy Borosilicate Beads and Endcaps Sana ran Beads expandslheir great select. made In sterlih€!. Check out their stamping blank comectors..JrlIQUe per&miq tQQ91e ciFasj. silk cords. and vermeil.<llur CRYSTAll. ~)s. New designs are constantly intr9PuceQ. (800) 439-3551 Riverstone Beads Add a Touch of Nature If you've ever wanted to add an earthy touch to your jewelry. and starfish.

50$4.glessaddictions. and Sassy Silkies. six colors and three different prints can now be yours! Great for adding just a simple touch of labric to your designs. are. PE. or other findings . filigree flowers.aqei!1 rTlany varieties of wood.. carnelian agate coin beads. beads. and novelty vintage chains. fairy ribbon and silky ribbon aYe available in over 30'0 colors in several diameters. end caps. satin strings. "FhiMrWoodland saries featurn.I!lom. com. perfect for stamping or adding a lauch of metal to your designs. resin. toggles. Prices rangetrom $2. Wholesale and retail.adadornments. www . tools and supplies. laser-exprEissIO(1S. Their special "Magic" line of strings and ribbons come in 12 different colors. Discs are aVi. ultra-thin stening clasps.. Wholesale only. com. tassles.0801 "!"~O Wide Selection at Bead Trust Whether they're gemstone beads.. w"lOcliana ooligHts. are nQw "vailable uriPlt) de~('. and nighttime insormla beads. Silk strings. cbaln.oorn. www. octal'll. sea creatures. WWW. k'nittad mesh both flat and round.com or (720) 628-6766).lilablein several sizes and prrces IQ fit your needs. Batik Beauties. vintage spacers and love knots..beadnust. include varlslte burnt agate' twisted ovals. wire basics at STEPBYSTEf'VVIRE. in two sizes.silkpaintingisfun. Findings can be inserted into the clay before baking to create focal beads. www. findings. (616) 396-0210 Get Addicted to These Beads Glass Addictions by Jennifer Cameron trans-forms molten glass into unlque functional. www. anniesarc. available in three sizes and 12 colors. textured beads.Everything's Vintage at AD Adornments Look no further if you need classic vintage findings. glass. now offers copper discs. WWW. round and marquise-shaped brass chain.com (For wholesale contact Ilamb@buttons.gns.onlJb1ra. tflat }lave OOoom~'v~ popular .onlhe site. Don't want to make your own? View her wide selection already mads.buttons.cOil1. Several techniques are used to create an eclectic mix of bead styles. bOOS. www. and components. the her~. The "As if by Magic" kit allows you to make at least eight nautilus style pendants. fiSh. 8eveial molt! <sN~1i:i9§rfI. www. (510) 540"5815 Copper Options· fro.com. Nothing says that better than her collections of ice cubes.40.6462 Krlstal Wick's Fabulous Fabric Beads Renowned artist KriStal Wick has teamed up with JHB to djstribute her unique fabric beads. Inc. aoorns. coin bracelets. (773)338-3818 Make Polymer Seashells Artist Annie Olson from Annie's Arc now has kits available to make your own unique polymer seashells to Incorporate into your jewelry.ccm.monsterslayer. earringS"and more. (SOO) '336.)ratlva ·toll$. laser engraveGI.[3nd all have p special carved deslgn. (530) 896-. Bead Trust has them! Several new products in their collection. . wholesale pricing available.s s. and h€i8ldlc imagety. all. (260) 515-5410 Painting is Fun is your source for colorful ribbons and' strings. beads. and pinSC0nesJ Crown yourself With. Nestor's funky resin stamped beads. Theuilderwrit!*serfeslnCludes cpmpPASAIS of eeaherees.m Monsterslayer MonsternI ayer.COM 51 . Find out about their designer discount program. and wearableart glass. AD Adornments has vintage necklaces/belts. See their Web site for more great metal. pendants. or Susan K. wrapped.lndanls. (505) 598-5322 New Collections at Nina Designs Nina DeSigns haS three new Golledti_ens. AI! silk is hgnd-COIOllEldand assorted. www.pi0 ~eJloo displaYiniJ ~ lrT]a~. and mermaids.ninildesi.com Eclectic Wooden Pendarits by LaserExpressions Laser~Efflf:aSSi6ns debuts lhrea unique wooden per dants .sl ~ummingbims. 'Sea shelis.

clasps.-. and has precise markings to ensure symmetry. (71 t~ 900-9100 feMallle BY KIta ~ p:lpular demand. qUality is ~eectl WMV.com.tieadbudQy. All pewter findings are lead-free.hd linkS'. and' suppfies. gold-plated and gunmetal.corn.com. (841) 891-5600 pro. corn.le9t elffic!ly how Y9l:l1e!' rt witb Ne. WI¥W.dtJnior has. Several design choices are available tor any artist.net. a pack of 24K Gold. and patinated for quality flndings. Now available in three diameters. (434) 941-6275 Useful Tooia trdm The Bead Buddy ~ Etched Copper Charms and Tags Artist Jenny Friske-Baer from Divine.222 -9939 EI'Wri9Ied Jump R~ the 'bright. Tierr8Cast Plated Pewte. AI) ring% are ~~e arid. variety of eat'S eye Go Green with Soft Flex@ Trios Soft Flex® Company introduces Tl10s Extreme.t all ~jer:s lheir t? Iirid wratd~il). More beads. And don't forget about their cool hinged bails now in two new nickelfree llnishes.. and Bails Alacarte ClaspsiWireLaCe® announce the addition 01 12mm WireLace® in six colors Also be sure to check out crystal nickelfree earwires in sterling.dMnesparkdesigns.mee.r Treasures TjetraCas! has new end cones. (866) 925-3539 wood With stertimg.aecertectasos. You can even flip through their oatarog onllnel Wholesale only..014 fine and . and precious metal plated. www. and other flndings in their collection.Rgel charms.wirewrapmandreis.~{qr W anlrwft'atlonal touch.tlerracast. 'Spir~1 tiiJiitqha. anq even crystal ~s.eom" (866) 867-5266 Wrapping Made Easy with Bezel FormTM EVer wanted to wrap a nice bezel for a beautiful cabochon? Bezel Form ™ can help with Its spacial mandrel kits! The standard engraved k~t shown comes with 36 hand held mandrels in the shapes and sizes of calibrated gemstones. and findings can be found inlheir great selection.corn.com. Spark Designs introduces a refined series Of copper lags and charms. kabeladesiqn. r~s In 1:). ask for TierraCast parts at your local bead store.Jro~ ~.are also making their Ii!lebLJt.019 medium and new . wide varietY of ~ co~sOlcirs CE!J1 00 p.!f'~ wi(j. (610) 459-5816 ~~ Btldljy ~ ys/uli lauadyj. New ooarms from Charm FactorY 1~IUde a st£ll'ling $f)gel wll'19$ ~ to go with a special line of 8. beads.ilie protective c§)atlng to p. and hearts. SoftRexCompany. (89.sign The filigree components offered at Kabela Design will tum your projects Into classlc works of art. Earwires. OOSiQJlllZed with '8 wise.w Wire La ce®. Several kits are available to meet your needs. See her complete collection chock-full of designs . .jlation. wirelace.com • . mineral. www. Tool Magic®.lrlflnitybeads. Accentuate any piece with chains set with prong-set Crystals. and has extreme abrasion reslstanC9. great for use in any projectl Beautiful! designs are placed on the copper and into an etch bath. hammered old copper and hammered pewter.teMaKlekitS. Lots of great things to check out! www.lls alfall~~.Slgn.l. Prices range from $4-$12..corn..ts' With hellilful toots. (541) 556-7063 Go Vintage with Kabela De.rms a. www. Bl.024 heavy. The wi~ is cadmium free and can be recycled. www. Bead BlJ9S Gamein \wo~es top!"eV$nt beads fltjn'1 SliQing Q. Thi. 925 Sterling Silver and Champagne Metallic Flex ™ Wire. Each aluminum mandrel is 5/8" thick with a matte ron-suo surface. WWW. made in the USA.2l. The wire is great to use with glass.. and are cleaned. sanded smooth. a speCial snap lock CJr1 tile bead bQiIItl-grGlil1for Kielsi www. beautiful jump rlrl9s to IrifWlilY~dS' feMalle Kits a:te 'rC-N available separ:$li( for sale! 'Several jurrlp. caps.www. com. Shapes include ovals. 52 -----' STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 2010 . oes}gJ'l Save h' tsQ! avqid ~ng holds ~ Its fOam Ins\. hlqh $rEI. rounds. www.e-~ iiifiriitY_ beads@yahOO. l¥l. (707) 887-2825 . Several designs are available.COOl.aAch out wlth a cool ~ce s[gn bI1~ ~ frdm laser erigr8\'ieO M6f1li Charms Galorel.and gl~ beads.eham'!fa~ry. and metal beads.

covered in a special plastic coating. WWV\'. Made of sterling silver. Good for adding a splash 01 color and' updating the vintage look. (117) 445-5155 wire boslcs 01 STEPBY$TEPWIRE. a set of three eggs are $6.sel www. So much more to. www. Creative addition for earrings and other projeots. From the oute saylngs to the offbeat images. are sure to create . com.ssactdesigns. (BliB) 424"6474 Lam pwo rked handmade glass headpins are made with sterling wire by Shannon Stevens. and HK gold. designed by Hol~Gage. pendants. and Magnetic Clasps Ezel Findings now offers palnt-plateo brass fillgree components. More antiqued silver pieces are also avaIlable. sizes are available. Ster:ling Findings by Rio Grande Rio Grande debuts a new patentpending Rio DexterityTM Argentium® magnetic oval clasp: Helps you pinch projects togefher with ease. flat squares.cbm. blaok rhodium. slices. Nestorls stamping nowl Shell and polycrilrcbeads ate now available with the same cool designS as her resin peces. Nestor Studios New Stamped Beads If you love her resin beadS. (707) 781-0808.. and turquoise bone chips. www. claps are plated with rhodium. www. Crass Act Hand-Dyed Silks Artists Fran Cey and Judy Solomon from Class Act Designs design these special hand-dyed silk ties just for you. natcreltoucbbeaos. precious and semi-precious stones and beads in bracelets or necklaces. close and retain full strength for secure oonnectlans.. crystal-cut "rocks". you can't miss th".8 stylish iinish lor prolacts like Vikjng knit and Kumihimo!. and a set af two leaves in a choioe of oolors are $6. Sswsral more colors and siyles to chooselrom. (800) 545·6566 Susan K.sunmomstudiosonline.oom.ccrn. New . Lockets.com. you'll always find beads that will sU. these are great lor projects with narrow ends. Silks sel off charms. Full-tempred so It reduces marring. sUnroomstudjos@aol. Flower headpins are $8 each.cam. cute butterflies.susanknestor.explore' www. adding color and' texture.cla. and it won't come apart! A long line of sterling round TemprRihgs™ are easy to. domed marble beads.(OM . Mor~ qualily1indings can be found on the Web site. Their brass lockets and magnetic.it your personality. Sunroom Studios Headpins These cute Argentium®. coral chip beaos.hollygage.Painted Filigree.com Omate End Caps from Gage Designs These antiqued pressed and domed rend caps.ezelfindings. Several.items include "eyes". you must check cut 'Nhat Susan K. www.riogrande. (352) 514-2398 New Natural Touch Resin and Bone Check out the resin and bone products at Natural Touch Beads. com. AV9ilabie in 121 colors.

54 STEP BY StEP WIRE JEWElRY Winter 2010 .

aom.Copper Top Ring SKILL LEVEL . 2.. 3 Pull the spacer back up the wires just enough to be able to thread the two ends over the sides of it. Pull the wires snugly so the spacer bead sits tightly against the fabricated bead.talliferous.iCreatlol1s NJ.C1Jm. 1 2 Leaving the wire on the mandrel.Jd:ennifeJionta. mu/ffcreiltfonsnj. pushing them all the way down against the wrapped shank. j elBy. Wrap both ends fully around the menorel five times.com Hold the center of the length of wire against the ring mandrel at 1. ~ 64 STEP BY STEP WIRE JEWELRY Winter 20 10 . pliers . me. one on each side of the bead. Editor-in-Chief TOOLS & SUPPUES • 2o.·gauge copper.4 size larger than the size you need.spacttr: MulJ. (or silver) Wir'$. and trim the wires closely. and down through the fabricated bead below it.g BY DENISE PECK.' CDpper wire:Meta/~ Ifferous. 4 Wrap each end snugly five times around the shank below the bead. and twis1 the ends once tightly against the mandrel._Ringmandrel Resources.5' • 25mm fabricated cOPller & silver bead • Smm sterling spacer bead • flush cutters • Chainnose. thread both ends of the wire through the fabricated bead and the spacer. FsbrlCjJted QI1.

.MoUllm/n W:!f.. orn/freecata log c Showf.~Friendly Service1t One FI.om ...r. 436 page Jewelry Maker"s Catalog of Best Sellers C:alI1_.2137 01 go online www.tma.. SIn. WillJSmfJ- Powder Springs" whlsker"srt.sslllg - the artwork of o. we supply everything elsel" Request ¥Qur F.1iremountaingems .ce 1973 our 0"004 Granu h.n. c1!1 "'1521-2373 AlJJ8JfiCa'r-':avonte Bead and Jewe'~yS-up:p/rCompany You supply the creativity.355.800..

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