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Prerana Speech

Prerana Speech

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Published by Piyush Saini

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Published by: Piyush Saini on Sep 07, 2011
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Harshad Good afternoon everybody.

Unlike on last month’s 8th I am not going to talk about IBS tough curriculum and evaluation. Yes but my last 1 year at IBS has become a very important part of my life which can’t be separated. I would like to introduce you all to the editorial team of PRERANA myself Harshad Kulkarni, Piyush Saini, Brijesh patel and Siddharth sheth. In this 1st e-newsletter of IBS Pune of which we got the opportunity to be a part of; we have made an effort to compile the beautiful memories we lived until now. The challenge we faced was to choose few drops from the ocean of memories. Prerana means motivation; the idea behind shifting from paper copy of newsletter to E-newsletter is to motivate GO GREEN concept which was also our theme in our Management fest Zeal. We wish u all best of luck for the next issue of this magazine. Thank you. Piyush Good Afternoon to all of you. IBS gave me the opportunity to study 1 semester in U.K; but the regret in my mind was I missed on many events. Through “PRERANA” I got the chance to taste the flavor of the events I missed. I.T has always been an key interest of mine

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